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Your Weirdest PKMN

So I received a shiny yveltal through trade, and I call him The ALL Powerful BACON BIRD!!!!!!! Pretty weird, right? What's your weirdest Pokemon?
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I don't know if it counts as my weirdest Pokemon (as I'm not sure which that would be), but my oddest named Pokemon was my shiny Ponyta named Pudding. Pudding, who was given to me years ago by our lovely resident shiny hunter at the time, was named after a running joke that I had with my friend @Ruko.

Now she's a majestic Rapidash! :D Named Pudding.
I remember on my first Omega Ruby playthrough I looked for an hour specifically for a male Ralts. Once I got one, I named him 'Sir Lady'. I always imagined him having a moustache, monocle and top hat. Like a sir.
For some reason I have a Caterpie named mom. I got it over wonder trade and there is no context whatsoever with it. Its kind of glorious.
Weeeeell let's see:
- In White I had a Patrat named Pvt. Ryan
- In Y I named a Phione "Manaphy" Mwuhahaha
- In Platinum I had a Graveler called Dwayne J
- And in Alpha Saphire I named my Exploud "FUSRODAH"

Soooo yeah. Pokemon for jokers.
I'm not sure what counts as weird or not, but I've had some interesting Pokemon through trades. I once received a Chespin that named after a certain body part. I also had a Wurmple that was named Renob. I was thinking about evolving it and trading it back as a Dustox, but once I evolved it, it became a Beautify.
From the GTS, I got a shiny male Fennekin with the nickname 'Smokin Bud' made me laugh.
Never mine, I thought it was funny - in the GTS while searching for fun for Fennekin, found one for trade, a female with the nickname "I'm a Boy" (couldn't stop laughing for almost an hour)
I got a Skorupi in a Wonder Trade named D. 5IVs so it was good for breeding. I took it to the day care and they said "We will raise your D for a while". Made me laugh pretty hard. :D

It's evolution itself is a weird Pokemon. I don't know how I feel about it's design... It's just weird to me. So I made another (female) Skorupi and named it Georgia. The thing is boss on my competitive team.
I got a butterfree named Cat, and a Dragonite named Thunder that knows the move thunder, and last, but not least.......... a Zapdos named Leo XD Not a clue why I named him Leo, though.
I was playing a browser game and expected my starter[a cyndaquil] to be a male and it ended up being female,so i named it Riza insted of Roy.
on another browser game i have a rapidash named Tranquilaze,i have no idea why i chose that name but i oddly ended up doing perfect tranquill calls after that.
My weirdest Pokémon is a gastly I caught and I named him Rick gastly and then a i gave him a everstone and leveled him up to level 100 so he’s forever a gastly.