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    Ask to Join Wild Worlds Collide rp

    Jade dozed as he watched the alleyway, before yelping as a large wet drop of water hit him square on his head. He looked up and rolled his eyes at the clouds who had begun to release their content of rain. "Great. Looks like more dumpster diving for me tonight." He sighed, jumping off the fire...
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    Ask to Join Wild Worlds Collide rp

    Jade slinked through an alley jumping on to a trash can, and then on to a fire escape. He then reclined on the rail. He watched below for mice or other rodents he could eat for dinner. Hopefully he wouldn't have to go hunting through trash cans again. Although finding a bowl of milk would be...
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    Open Wild Worlds Collide Discussion

    Name: Jade Species: Cat Gender: male Animal's home country/ territory on Earth: USA Age: 20 Personality: Adventurous, Quiet, Sarcastic, Calm (most of the time)
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    Clean-up On Aisle 2

    Aisle three. The last place Hate honestly wanted to be. There were too many icons of cute and cuddly surrounding him. But when you're a wizard on a budget and were running out of supplies for rituals, needs must. He sighed before starting to toss in different sized stuffed animals into his...
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    Stone Cold: A Dresden Files Rp

    Harry Dresden - Wizard Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigation. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable rates. No love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment. Professional Wizard Harry Dresden has never had a lot money, and the monsters, freaks and nightmares have seemed to have taken a...
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    Let's Learn to Role Play!

    If it is alright with everyone I don't mind grabbing Treecko.
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    Let's Learn to Role Play!

    "You have brought this upon yourselves," Nix said, standing in front of the soldiers that crowded his house, "You have taken from me what I have claimed as mine and that which was under my protection, you have brought war to that which I have called home and that which my family has called...
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    Let's Learn to Role Play!

    I'm up for Hoenn, but what do you mean by example?
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    Let's Learn to Role Play!

    Hey Rex, sounds like fun. I'm up for the first one.
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    Death of Eterna City or Fossil Moon?

    One question, this is open to anyone? If so then I vote for Death of Eterna City.
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    Pokécharms Story Writing Month 2013

    I'd be happy to give it a shot hopefully this will help with my insperation shortage. Good luck everyone!
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    Creative Writing Shorts

    Alright, here's the first of the shorts stories I will be having to come up with for creative writing, hope you enjoy --------------------------------------------- Darkling Darkness surrounded Natar as he stepped backward, allowing his back to press against the corner created by the two...
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    When Nitros attempts to be a poet

    Well this is pretty straight forward every once in a while I feel the urge to try to be poetic and when I do I'll post them on here for everyone's consideration. Ok, on to the first poem. To the darkness To the darkness we are bound In the shadows we are crowned From us the Light doth flee...
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    The Faroese Region Cronicles

    Chapter 4: The Hatching Egg and the Burning Flames Part 1 “Alright, Mark, we need you to focus and remember anything you can from after you left the S.S. Kyogre,” Detective Brian said, handing me a foam cup. I took the cup and mumbled something incoherent. I tried to remember, I honestly did...
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    Wake the fuck up (US Election 2012)

    Yes, so many ways, yes. This is what the United States needs, and if I remember US history I & II this is the way it was done before television became involved with our politics, or just about.