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    Open Star Wars: Episode 12: The New Jedi

    Please Fill out a form. Plus, in this, your are on the Light Side (The Revival) Or the Dark side (Order of Death) And you can check out planets like Hoth, Yavin 4, Felucia, Mon Cala, Coruscant, Mandalore, Teth, Kashyyyk, Endor, Takodana, Jakku, Naboo, Geonosis, Tatooine (Soon to be blown by the...
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    Private/Closed Poke College

    "Bye! See you next year!" Said the girl as she handed out forums for the next year. "Bye everyone! The bus is here!" Said Jonny to all his friends. He hopped on the bus. "Let's go, bus driver!" Yelled Jonny! THE END! Don't miss part two coming out soon!
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    Open Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

    Hannah got back on Yavin. Her ship hid in a crater, because there were millions of troopers. "Be quiet, Gorn!" Whined a trooper. Hannah climbed out of the crater, and was almost shot by a rocket. The rocket blew up the ship! "Oh!" Screamed a trooper. "A soldier. Get her!" A trooper got her in...
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    Open Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

    Gokk saw Novian just a few feet away from him. "Novian, the Emperor must see you now. Get on the ship or I will have to execute you immediately." He said in a dark voice. He went over to HK-97. "You, the droid. We Won't be needing you causing anymore trouble. Get on the ship." He ordered.
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    Open Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

    "Here we are, Coruscant!" Hannah yelled out at the crowd. Many Aliens and Humans walked around the streets. "Stay close." Said the Pilot "The Sith and troopers may be here." But, before the pilot could speak anymore, a trooper shot the pilot down. Hannah moved quickly and shot the troopers...
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    Open Thing with Wings (Mothman Story)

    Lance glanced at his watch. "Where the hell is Alec?" He asked himself. He tried calling. "Where are you, man!" Lance screamed into his phone. No answer. Lance tried tracking Alec's phone, and saw that he was in the forest. "Oh god." Stammered Lance. Lance looked at the text, and it said that he...
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    Open Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

    Name: Lonk Merano (Darth Gokk) Age:32 Race: Human Role: Sith Appearance: Dark hair in the center of the head, one stitched eye, black jacket, black pants and boots Personality: Evil, Mean, Liar, bully Gender: Male Homeworld: Mustafar Skills: Melee, acrobatics Role: Apprentice Weapon: Red...
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    Open Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

    Name/ Hannah Solo Age: 20 Race: Human Role: Smuggler (Later a rebel) Appearance: Leather clothes, long, brown hair that covers one eye, goggles. Personality: Cool, Sarcastic, Funny Gender: Female Home world: Coruscant Skills:Gunning Role: General Hannah ran to the ship. "Goodbye, suckers!" She...
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    Open Thing with Wings (Mothman Story)

    One thing, there will be no profiles, but pick a name April 21st, 2011, Point Pleasant "Hey man, did that girl text you?" Asked Mark. "Not yet. But hopefully soon." Said Dan. They were driving late at night, going to some friends party. "Look, there's the creepy forest!" Make yelled. "We...
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    Ask to Join Creatures and Monsters RP

    Motha was alone in the forest, listening to the birds chirping along with the breeze. Gosh, what is wrong with the other creatures, he thought. As a bird flew bye, Motha slashed it at the neck. He ate the bones and all, and looked around. A wolf was looking around for prey. "Get away stupid!"...
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    Open High School RP

    Josh walked up to the rusty gate. He never saw a place like this before. His old school was a big dump, all because of Bobby santinez, and his gang. They always messed the place up. Well, time to go in, Josh thought. He would make new friends, and hopefully not lose any like he did in his last...
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    Ask to Join Creatures and Monsters RP *DISCUSSION THREAD*

    Ok, so I am doing a monster that's not on the list, but is a cryptid. Name:Motha Gender:Male Age:50 Weight: *OPTIONAL* Height:10 feet 2 inches Race: Mothmen Species:Monster Clan: Feura Appearance: Giant, Black beast with wings, red eyes Personality: Lone wolf, likes to be alone
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    Open Gotham Roleplay

    Thomas Elliot stood at the door, waiting for the kid to open it up. He stood for a hour, and had to move. He went down the sidewalk and smashed a car window. "Hey, you!" The man in the car screamed. "Get away, old fool." Thomas had his identity on, which was bandages around his head. Thomas...
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    knight with the spade (shovel knight RP)

    Danger Knight Alignment: order of no quarter Personality: Dangerous and mean, Lethal Weapon: Bombs Danger Knight hung down from the tree, ready to attack. He used one of his bombs to make a hole for a trap, and he was waiting. Suddenly, something came and fell into the trap! Danger Knight...
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    Ask to Join Angel High (Superhero) RP

    "Yea.. I'm fine. Thank you very much." Senji said as he watched the kids settle down after the accident. The girl Senji was looking at smiled happily, and then she sat down. Senji sat back down, listening to some Imagine Dragons gleamfully. The girl next to him just sighed as Senji snickered at...