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  1. PokeStorm

    Ask to Join Journey through Johto, and much more

    The adventure starts in the small town of New Bark Town with a guy named Dimrill and a couple of friends, which is the first 5 people to post on the thread. DO NOT POST IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THE FIRST FIVE PLEASE! We will be traveling the reigon of Johto collecting gym badges and probably going...
  2. BeautifulLettuceThe5thSr.

    Ask to Join An Adventure in Kanto

    If you wann join, dm me. Everything is allowed! Swearing, Romance, Shinies, Megas, Z-crystals (if you've been to alola), exept owning legendaries! If you wanna own a fakemon, talk to me about it. If you wanna have a legendary apear (but not be captured) , talk to me about it. This roleplay...
  3. StardustSpeedway

    Open Pokèhigh school RP

    A highschool made for pokmon you will take classes to help improve yourself and your skills as well as daily training and since the school isn't near civilization homes for the students that attend the school Rules: No ledgendary,mythical,ub,or mega pokemon You can learn attacks that your...