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If you wann join, dm me.
Everything is allowed! Swearing, Romance, Shinies, Megas, Z-crystals (if you've been to alola), exept owning legendaries!

If you wanna own a fakemon, talk to me about it.
If you wanna have a legendary apear (but not be captured) , talk to me about it.

This roleplay takes place in August 2016, that means after every pokemon game (so far), in Kanto. Since its in 2016, and Team Rocket was disbanded in 1996, and Neo Rocket was disbanded in 2000, there isnt any Team Rocket in this roleplay.

A sheet for what you need to do to make a character:

Region of origin:

I'm not going to make that, people will have to find out on their own in the rp (not that its gonna be that hard)
A guy is riding around on a Gogoat, suddenly, Officer Jenny stopped him, and he had to get off. "Gah, what did i do this time, Jenny?"
"You were going above the speed limit."
"Oh COME on. By how much?"
"One kilometer."
"Are you fucking kidding me." He grabbed the fine she handed to him, and was about to ride off again, but then hears a "Help!". He turns around to inspect it, and a woman is being robbed.
"HEY! What do you think you're doing?!" Jenny yelled at the robber, "Oh when i'm gonna get you-" she said while angrily marching over to the robber, before being stopped.
"Huh?" she said confused.
"I got this." The guy with the Gogoat said while marching over to the robber.

The robber, being properly 5 years older than him, was struggling holding back a laugh, meanwhile, the woman managed to escape since the robber was distracted. "HUH?!" the thief said angrily.
"Look what you just did kid! She escaped! Ohhhh i am going to destroy you for that." he said, talking big game. The Gogoat guy did a smug smile, and sent out a Cyndaquil, as the robber sent out a Koffin and a Rattata. "Gogoat! Leaf blade! Cyndaquil! Lava plume!" he said quickly, as his Pokemon did his bidding. Both of the thief's Pokemon fainted with only one of the Gogoat Guy's pokemon's attacks. The thief quickly retrieved his Pokemon and ran. People were about to cheer for the Gogoat guy, but he was already on his Gogoat, riding away again. He was gone in about half a minute.
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Name: Asra Mikaela Jones (Ra for short)
Age: 13
Appearance: Has a chin length maroon hair, amber eyes, pale complexion, slim built and short height. Wears a shiny umbreon hoodie, white turtleneck sweater, black shorts, tights, maroon boots and gloves. She will change clothes in the story but that's what she mostly wear. She also has a dark green Decidueye logo headphones, red shaded muffler, a camera and a belt bag similar to May colored maroon.
Pokémon: (Shiny) Froakie «Poseidon»
Riolu «Galahad»
Rockruff «Thanatos»
Region of Origin: Alola
Personality: She mostly appears as a young girl with a passion on photography. She's quite eccentric and the amount of energy she carried astonished others around her. This tied into her curiosity, as she is willing to do almost anything for a scoop or a photo, well not anything. She's also a chocoholic or sweetaholic, might be the reason why she has an incredible amount of energy.
(OOC: I cant take you seriously with that pic... But its awesome!)
As Ra and Thanatos zoomed through the path they had finally found something interesting. She grabbed her camera as she whistled for Thanatos to stop since she was being pulled by him while she was on her roller skate for a better transportation and a daily walk/run for Thanatos. She skated to the scene her camera ready and her Rockruff standing guard in case the thief decided to eliminate any evidence of his crime.

She awed as the Gogoat guy defeated the thief with his other Pokémon, a Cyndaquil from the looks of it. She took pictures of the battle, and was eyeing the guy on the Gogoat, she got out of the way when the thief run towards her direction. The thief, much to her relief, didnt seem to have much time since he didnt bothered grabbing her camera. She turn back only to saw that the guy was on his Gogoat and already dashing away. She gasped as she grabbed Thanatos leash "Thanatos zoom, zoom!" He barked as he run after the guy on the Gogoat.
The guy keeps on riding, until he is stopped later down the path.
"Oh, what now."
"Hi! Were you the person back in Veridian City?" The person stopping him said. "...depends on who's askin.." The gogoat guy answered tilting his head to the right, still looking at the person who stopped him with a sceptical look.
""The person who's askin'.." Is just a person wanting to battle."
"oohhhhh okay, yeah i'll battle you."
"YAYAEYAYEAYEYAYEYAYYEAYEYYEYABEGHIEBFGIUEBGVYET/&EY(T&/(E/B%T€(Y#/F". They're about to duke it out, but suddenly, something comes running past them. "huh?". It's a Poliwag! ..beeeeeeeeing helplessly chased by two Bellsprouts.. "two seconds!" the Gogoat guy says, running after it. Eventually he caught up to the Poli and Bells. He only found a beaten up Poliwag though, and no Bellsprouts.
"Grrrrrrrr," he said while his blood was boiling. He walked back to the trainer wanting to battle, holding the Poliwag in his hands.

"Sorry, can't battle right now, i've got to help this poliwag."
"Oh come on, that's just a stupid little poliwag, it doesn't matter!"
"Dude. This is a poliwag. That got beat up. By bellsprouts. It was helpless."
"It doesn't matter i said!!" said the jerk who wanted to battle, as he was about to slap the Poliwag out of GogoatGuy's hands, and onto the ground. In the last milisecond before he slapped it out, Gogoat came running and tackled the guy so hard, he blasted off like Team Rocket. "Good job Gogoat. Let's get this lil Poli to the Pokemon Center. The closest is properly Veridian city, the one we just came from. Let's go." They charged right down the same path Asra was walking up along.

They charged right by her.
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Thanatos stopped causing Ra to stop as well, she gasped as the guy on the Gogoat dash pass them carrying a Poliwag. Thanatos made a move to run after them but Ra stopped him "Nah, let him be, I'm kinda hungry. Time to head back home." Ra said as Thanatos change course towards Route one.
Some time later, Gogoat guy comes dashing right by Asra on his Gogoat again, this time with a more determined face, and a Poliwhirl sitting in his bag, peeking out and hitting the air.
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Name: Dylan Moonstone
Age: 15
Appearance: Cheek length curly ginger hair. deep green eyes, very pale, skinny tall build, blue plaid jacket, white t-shirt, black jeans with tears at the knees, white ankle length socks, black converse's, black fingerless gloves. Has a pair of black framed rectangular glasses. Has a dark brown messenger bag strapped over his left shoulder.
Pokemon: Cubone (Male)
Totodile (Male)
(That's all I'm going to give me for now, I would go for shiny Greninja but... someone already has shiny Froakie.)
Region of origin: Sinnoh
Personality: Acts shy around new people but is very talkative, very smart but sucks at battles. He is always wanting to learn more and loves pokemon more than anything. He often gets involved into problems and isn't the biggest fan of other humans. He eats a lot and often puts others before him. A pretty forgetful guy, which is usually not good.

(Uh by the way, i never did story form, I've always done script and i have only roleplayed with my friends so this is my first time online roleplaying, sorry if i am not good.)

Dylan carried Cubone on his shoulders through the Viridian Forest, confused as to where to go. "Well, this is it I guess Cubone. We're lost and have no map, you think I'd be prepared... But I forgot the map at home, I can't even find the exit. But at least we get to see bug types!" He smiled nervously as he took the time to look around. The Cubone on his shoulders had fallen asleep due to boredom.

(I hope that wasn't horrid... XD sorry.)
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(well, its my first time too, so you don't have to worry lol)
A guy comes rushing right by Dylan, riding on a Gogoat with a Poliwhirl in his bag, which was one like Calem and Serena had. "We're going to teach those Bellsprouts, huh Poli?" the guy said confidently to the Poliwhirl in his bag. "POL," the Poliwhirl replied.

Later down the road, the Gogoat, Gogoat Guy, and Poliwhirl stopped. They had found the two Bellsprouts from earlier. The Poliwhirl jumped right out of the guy's bag, and down in front of the Bellsprouts who had bullied him. "Poli! Focus punch!" the trainer said to his new Poliwhirl, as it begin focusing and charging his power. The Bellsprouts looked in fear and regret, and soon enough, Poli had charged its power, and punched them both, blasting them off like Team Rocket.

"Nice job, Poli," the trainer said to his Poliwhirl, hugging it tightly, before putting it back in his bag, and jumping on his Gogoat to ride off on adventures again.
(this is what Gogoat Guy looks like, btw)


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(Oh cool XD)
Dylan stared in awe as he saw the mysterious person ride off. "Cubone, bone!" his Cubone yelled as he hit him in the head with his bone. "Ah! Stop that! You want me to go after him?"
"Even though he may be a murderer?"
"Bone Cubone!"
"Your right! he may know the exit! HEY SIR or... was it a girl? PERSON WAIT!" he ran after them with the Cubone still on his shoulders.
The guy stops up. "Huh? Oh, hello there, what do you need sir?" Now that the guy has stopped up, Dylan can verify *his* gender.
The Gogoat looks curiously at him, and the Poliwhirl in his bag is asleep.
(Yeah yeah i got it XD)

He stopped and took a minute to catch his breathe, he looked up at the man, then his Gogoat, then his Poliwhirl. "Uh... I need... um..." he quietly mumbled. His Cubone hit him on the head to make him speak up. "OW! I need directions to the next town, Pewter City I think it is."
I'd walk into the route and see this happen then id say "umm are you guys okay or did i miss something?" they'd then notice my badge on my shirt that says Kanto Region Champion.
I'd then say, "Oh forgot to mention im the champion of the Kanto Region im a Dragon type trainer like my friend Lance.""oh, and my names Blade" I'd say.
(Practically no sheet like Lettuce? Dang it you may want to get that created... Cus i don't know what he would want ya to do.)

Dylan and Cubone turned to them slowly. "Dragons? I like dragons! My favorite pokemon is a dragon type! He's in my PC! Honestly though, I like bug types!" The Cubone cringed, having to listen to his trainer talk about his likes for the 40,000 time.
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(Im gonna be joining in)
Name: Colton Treaty
Age: 16
Appearence: Tall and slender. Wears dark glasses and blue under shirt. Has pokeballs strapped under white over shirt. Has a permanent scar across his head from saving the gible, now gabite.
Pokemon: Infernape (H.A. iron fist) Glaceon, Mudsdale (shiny) gabite.
Region of origin: Sinnoh
Personality: Laid back and care free. Cares more for pokemon than his own safety. Vary hardcore battler.
Colton was walking with Glaceon. He came acrossed the accident. "Hey Jenny, you need any help?" "No, but a trainer came on a gogoat just helped. He went off that way. Could you thank him for me?" "Sure." Colton said. He threw out Mudsdale, and raced into the direction of where she pointed. He found him soon, with a few people, so he waited, Glaceon on hos shoulder.
(ehh il do my sheet now just so yall know)
Name: Blade Wolfe
Appearance:Tall & Slender with black hair red eyes a burgundy hoodie and blue jeans
has a strap across his chest in a x like shape that has 6 pokeballs and a scar across his
left eye and his chest from a wild Salamence
Pokemon: Charizard (Mega X if allowed), Salamence (With Salamencite), Garchomp (Garchompite), Flygon (Dragon Fang), Noivern (Dragon
Gem), and Dragonite (Dragonium Z)
Origin Region: Kanto
Personality: Smart but Laid back kinda guy. Cares for all of his pokemon rather than his safety to the point of
his own death.Very Skilled and Strategic Battler.
(OOC: No one will. Sorry I haven't been posting for some reason I didn't get any alerts. And @bladeruins12348 read the rules because this rp will get shut down if you kept writing in first person. Sorry again but I have to leave this rp.)


Previously 5DigitNeb
(lol well I don't think you can start being champion [makes no fricking sense for champion to appear out of nowhere in my opinion] also you can at maximum have only 1 mega and that's only if a staff member approves, if you do want one well... just check the rules)
Name: Chris Jackson
Appearence: Black hoodie; dirty blonde hair; tannish skin; medium height; skinny; black rectangular glasses; black jeans; black sneakers; white t-shirt
Pokemon: Bulbasaur; Pidgey
Region of origin: kanto

also yea read the rules cuz you broke a LOT
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(Should avoid it or use it? Anyways having monotype is kind of fine, I would use mono bug if i wanted. but it's a shame when someone gets fairy or ice and they decide to battle)
Name: Daria Miali
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearence: Long dark hair sits at her waist even in it's high pony-tail, it's slick and straight. Very tanned skin wrapped around a slender, somewhat muscular build. Bright yellow eyes fit her freckled expression.
Pokemon: Shiny Rufflet, Glalie, Stoutland, Musharna
Region of origin: Unova
Personality: Daria is cocky and energetic, she rarely thinks of the consequences before doing things. Daria hates nothing more than being doubted, and she will take up any challenge including unspoken ones.
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welp i changed up my team and decided to just start over heres my new bio)
Name: Blade Wolfe
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short Spiky black hair with a red and a black eye as well wearing a black shirt with a open zipper red jacket and brown pants with red sneakers
Pokemon: Charizard (Lvl. 62), Lucario (Lvl. 60), Gengar (Lvl. 61), Electivire (Lvl. 62), Torterra (Lvl. 61), and Greninja (Lvl. 60) (non-battle bond form)
Personality: Laid back but smart type of guy. He is a very strategic battler.
(We still share same pokemon likes it seems XD)

Dylan adjusted his messenger bag and saw the exit. "Ah, nevermind, sorry for taking your time, i'll be going!" He ran out the forest. "AH! Finally... It's been too long.


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