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character development

  1. SharkWithClawz

    Open Waiting For A Challange.

    (This Rp takes place in Johto. Anyone may join but please no legendary Pokemon and make sure you follow Pokecharms Rp rules found here. Also please try to make replies one paragraph at the least.) Anthos woke up with a start. It had been a few months since he had defeated the Pokemon League in...
  2. SharkWithClawz

    Private/Closed The Elite Rp signup/discussion

    "There were four trainers, masters in their own right, who longed for something more. They wanted to be greater and take their Pokemon to the limit. So they decided to make a league of their own in a place where dreams came true and heroes were born. They were The Elite." This Rp will, as...
  3. Quevedo

    Ask to Join "A Casual Adventure" Discussion - looking for 1-2 players!

    Hello there! Thank you for clicking on my thread. I am looking for one or two mature role players interested in participating in a casual Pokémon adventure. Instead of your normal more elaborated adventure with legendary encounters and lots of fighting I would like to play out a journey that is...
  4. Gracidea

    Private/Closed A Quest of the Heart! (Adventure Roleplay, Two Slots Open)

    To All Able Pokémon Trainers: Please Help! I am a Pokémon breeder, and have recently lost a dear arcanine to a sudden and unexpected illness. His partner has fallen into a deep sleep caused by her heartbreak, and nothing has been able to wake her. She grows weaker with each passing day, and I...
  5. Gracidea

    Private/Closed A Quest of the Heart!

    A balmy summer breeze was crawling over Laverre City, carrying with it the scent of flowers and pungent forest detritus. Bright sunlight was beaming down upon a little stone cottage overgrown with vines and cheerful blooms, creating what one would think was a perfectly happy scene - especially...