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(This Rp takes place in Johto. Anyone may join but please no legendary Pokemon and make sure you follow Pokecharms Rp rules found here. Also please try to make replies one paragraph at the least.)

Anthos woke up with a start. It had been a few months since he had defeated the Pokemon League in Johto.
It was quite the effort but in the end he got to shake hands with his childhood hero Lance. In the weeks that followed his victory Anthos took some time off and visited his father and sister in New Bark Town. His Pokemon enjoyed their time back at their home just as much as he did.

Hitmonlee and Tyranitar were especially happy to help train with his sitsers Pokemon. She was well on her way to challenging the Leauge herself. She had three badges under her belt and despite not having a starter Pokemon had and excellent team of Pokemon by her side.

After a month of relaxing Anthos hit the road once more looking for some strong trainers to face off against. He had little luck finding anyone one his level in Jhoto. The Gym leaders were to busy with challengers to face him and he wouldn't want to keep trainers from their goals.

Now Anthos found himself in Olivine City, entertaining stubborn trainers in over their heads with some friendly battles. He only ever had to use one Pokemon and even with a type disadvantage he usually won with ease. His Tylphlosion, nicknamed Zuko, enjoyed Olivine City too. Zuko was very competitive so all the challangers excited him.

Unfortunately Anthos wanted more. He wanted a real challenge, something to look forward to. Was Johto out of challenges? Or were thing just getting started for Anthos and Zuko?
Now what is it like to be a trainer who just goes with the flow?
No one but Bailey knows. He trains his pokemon and battles and just has fun doing it.
But even the happy-go-lucky trainer knew that today he'd have to be serious.

Today, he takes on the Pokemon League Champion of Johto. He knew this was his moment to shine. He had all six pokeballs clipped to his belt. He unzipped his hoodie and walked up the steps, looking for the champion. "Is anyone here?"

When there was no answer, Bailey tilted his head in confusion. "Hello?!" He screamed again. Still dead silence. He let out all six of his spectacular Pokemon so they can relax and wait for the champion to arrive.

After a while, he headed out to Ollivine City, where he knew he could get some extra training in before his fight against the champion.

(https://pokecharms.com/trainer-cards/bailey-grant.452944/ Johto Team)
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"Alright Zuko hit em with a focus punch!" Anthos commanded his Typloshion.

The badger like Pokemon growled and the flames on it's back shot up. The Pokemon flew forward and with a clenched fist and a determined look on his face as he launched his attack at his friend. Zuko loved battling, and no battle was a proper one without his trainer Anthos having his back. Hopefully his spirit's would lift.

The small crowd gathered around Anthos and his Pokemon watched with anticipation as he made his Tyranitar battle it out one on one. It was a normal occurrence for the Johto Champion to spend his day's on the beach of Ollivine City and swim. It was a rare treat to see him battle. Most trainners that were watching took mental notes or began to wonder if they should have their Pokemon team battle against one another.

Tyranitar let out a roar as Zuko's fist collided with an energy barrier that stopped his attack completely. Tyranitar was no one's punching bag especially not Zuko's. After using protect Tyranitar smiled and let out a powerful hyper beam beam attack. Zuko was to close to doge it completely. The attack hit left side sending the Pokemon spiraling into the sand face first.

"Come on Zuko. We'll get him next time." Anthos reassured his partner. Zuko got back up ready for a counter attack.
Bailey emerged from the crown, his Marowak going insane at the sight of Tyranitar. "Momo, calm down." She looked back and nodded.

Bailey is used to commotion. He knew that usually trainers would come to stay here, but it was rare for a trainer to actually battle here. The only time someone would battle here would be if they were recruiting or if they were a champion.
"Can you believe the champion came here?" Asked one lady to her husband.
"Wow...He is so strong!" Said a little child.

Bailey listened to their comments before realizing that this was the champion. He knew that it'd be time for this. He quickly returned Momo to her pokeball and stepped up. "Excuse me!" He shouted to Anthos.
Zuko an Tyranitar ragged on sending attacks back and forth. Flamethrower from Zuko, a shadow claw from Tyranitar. Each Pokemon was showing off their strength. Zuko charged forward beginning to roll into a flame wheel attack while Tyranitar braced himself for the counter attack. That's when a voice shouted and pierced the air. Everyone else fell silent as Zuko gracefully hopped out of his flame wheel state and landed softly next to Tyranitar staring over at the crowd.

Anthos turned to face Bailey. Another challenger perhaps? It was not usual to be presented with a challenger or two every now and then. Most sought to challenge the Johto champion and take his title. Although Anthos had made it into the hall of fame there was a reason he wasn't hanging around with the Elite Four. He looked at Bailey, sizing him up and then waved his Pokemon over to him.

"Here for a battle I'm guessing?" Anthos said with a small grin, "Well let's see em' how many badges do you have? I should probably know that before we start."
He nodded at him. He quickly drew out his Trainer Card with all eight badges stamped to it. "I am Bailey Liam Grant. An aspiring pokemon trainer. And I, challenge you. I want to get a feel for the way you fight so, I'd like a one vs one." He looked at him.

He knew Anthos was the champion. He already knew what he needed to know. He just needs to find his fighting style. If he wants to prove his worth, he's gotta fight for it. And fighting is just what he had in mind. "Or are you afraid of a little challenge."

A smirk tugged his lips right as those words left. Many gasps were heard.
"Afraid? I've been waiting for someone to who has more than two badges to come and give me a run for my money." His excitement sat like a fuse waiting to be lit.

If this Bailey really had won all eight badges then he was sure to put up a spectacular fight. All judgment and enthusiasm would be reserved for the actual battle. Getting excited over nothing was starting to bore Anthos so he'd want to get started soon. He returned Tyranitar and Zuko to their pokeballs after using some full restores on them.

"So you want to use all six then? Battle till we drop?" Anthos asked taking a great ball off of his belt.
"Let's just go for a one vs one. See how the other battles."
He already had a plan on who to go for.
"Alright, I choose you Heracles!"

He threw the Ultra Ball that contained Heracross. The pokemon looked up at Anthos. He turned back to his trainer. "Hera?" Bailey nodded. "Yeah. He does seem strong. But we've taken on more scarier things."
Heracross was an interesting choice. Definitely a bold move after seeing that Anthos and had a Typloshion and a Tyranitar. He'd gotten a sneak peak of how they fought though. Anthos owed Bailey some variety at least. His hand moved to a another Pokeball on his belt. He threw it in the air as light poured down next to him eventually forming itself into a Hitmonlee.

Anthos caught the pokeball and nodded at his opponent. Hitmonlee vs Herracoss. It was an all round even match up. Both trainners would have to use pure skill and rely less on type advantages. Hitmonlee had been raring for a good fight he seemed looked at Heracross and assumed his classic fighting stance with both fists raised and a leg raised. The Pokemon held perfect balance.

"Let's begin then. Hitmonlee, show our opponent what we got!" Anthos smiled as Hitmonlee leapt considerably high into the air and shot one of his spring like legs straight down at Herracross.
"Heracles, let's wow our opponent." The two stayed in sync, both crossing their arms at the exact same time.
If we are going up against a fighting type, let's not hesitate to surprise him.

Everyone backed up slowly. "This is gonna be good." Said a woman. Soon the crowd were cheering on Athos. "They have no idea what I'm capable of..." He whispered.

"Alright Heracles, let's make the first move. Run at your foe with a Megahorn!" The Heracross nodded, his horn glowing white. His feet dug into the dirt, before charging at Hitmonlee. "But aim for the legs!!!" Heracross nodded.
Seeing Bailey's first command brought a sense of relief to Anthos. He had some sense of strategy, that was good. As Heracross rushed forward Hitmonlees foot came down delivering a powerful kick straight to the opposing Pokemons horn. Both attacks seemed to cancel each other out. Hitmonlee twisted it's body mid air and landed on the opposite foot right behind the now slightly off balance Heracross.

"Hit em' with a low sweep!" Hitmonlee quickly coruched down and kicked in a sweeping motion extending his legs to compensate for the distance between himself and Heracross.
As Pj woke up to another day, he went to look more challenges, he still remembers clearly the Kalos league, he was extremely close to winning. As his Greninja, which he had a strong bond that lead to a special transformation tried to unleash his Water Shuriken, which would have given the final hit, Greninja froze for a moment, costing them the match since their opponent was able to unleash a deadly moonblast dealing the decisive KO. Pj was never mad with his pokemon, they just agreed that they would become the best by challenging the very best from other regions, and that 1 day the would return to the pokemon league and become the Champion of Kalos once and for all. But the next pokemon league was in a long time from now. He needed to concentrate on his training. He went with his partner Glaceon, which had a rare color variation like most of his pokemon.

Then he went to the airport to go to Johto, he would arrive there in 2 hours. When he got there, he bought some stuff to prepare for his battle, and checked out his pokemon and let them stretch a bit. "Oh guys were finally here! To get more challenges! To train!" Pj kept on doing battle chants and saying he would win the pokemon league. Then he got some directions to Olivine city and went there with his Flygon, the place where the strong trainer was said to be...

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"Distance...That isn't fair. Heh." He pointed upwards. Heracles nods and followed his Trainer's odd order. Heracross jumped into the air, launching himself up with Megahorn. He then did a few spins. "Alright, go for a move that NEVER misses. Aerial Ace!" Heracross's hands and feet glowed white as he "flew" to Hitmonlee and delivered a Super Effective Move.
Name: Claire Reynolds
Gender: F
Age: 15
Appearance: Claire is tall for a girl her age, with pale skin and freckles dotting her face. She has pale blue eyes and hair that has been dyed a pastel purple. The girl wears a baby blue tank top under a black and gray flannel, white denim shorts, black and white knee-high socks, and black combat boots. Her backpack is pastel pink and is decorsted with assorted buttons and patches. Claire also wears several necklaces and bracelets, the most notable being her tattoo choker(look it up).
Team: Typhlosion(Addie, F, Eruption, Earthquake, Reversal, Thunderpunch), Alolan Raichu(Sunny, M, Psychic, Protect, Thunderbolt, Brick Break)
Lycanroc Midday Form(Bella, F, Accelerock, Fire Fang, Earth Power, Iron Tail)
Dartrix(Pidge, F, Giga Drain, Sky Attack, Confuse Ray, Roost)
Espeon(Ethan, M, Confusion, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam)
Ampharos(Eva, F, Discharge, Power Gem, Zap Cannon, Fire Punch)
Backstory: Claire originally lived in Johto, but her family moved to the Alola region. She returned to her home region and earned all of her Badges(which are among the things attatched to her bag), meeting Bailey somewhere along the way and befriending him.
Personality: Bailey can be a bit forgetful at times and may act childish sometimes, but she is also self-conscious, especially around close friends. She is also incredibly loyal, and if her friends or Pokemon are hurt or in danger, she won't hesitate to try to help, even if it means fighting someone herself. Her outlook on life is, "If it looks fun and won't get me killed, I'm in."
Goals: Bailey isn't looking to take on the Elite Four and Champion yet, and if she does, it'll just be for fun.
Hometown: Mahogany Town, Johto


Claire was in the crowd, watching the battle. She didn't want to be a nuisance, but at the same time, she knew that guy that was challenging the Champion!! She'd met Bailey on her journey, but had to separate shortly afterward. Claire decided that a wave would be okay. If he noticed, it wouldn't be too distracting or anything like that. Yeah, just don't look too terribly stupid, she thought, smiling and giving a wave as Heracross went in for the attack.
Hitmonlee's eyes widened as Heracross smashed into him delivering a devastating blow. The Pokemon exploded into a cloud of white smoke. The crowd gasped at the sight of Hitmonlee seemingly being destroyed. Anthos smiled as his Pokemon appeared behind Heracross delivering a series of spinning blaze kicks.

That was a close call and a reason why Anthos loved Hitmonlee. He always knew when to get himself out of trouble yet was very obedient when he needed to be. He was perfectly balanced. If Hitmonlee had not scarified a quarter of it's strength to create substitute then it would've taken a lot more damage.

Anthos was beginning to form a grin on his face. Bailey was good. he knew how to make a Pokemon even more of a threat by using move types to his advantage. He also clearly had an understanding of the moves his Pokemon knew. Arial Ace was a move that always hit. Hitmonlee must have anticipated another Megahorn before creating his substitute. Anthos was sure Hitmonlee was happy to have not been hit.
Heracross looked hurt. Badly hurt. "Hera!" He said, ready to continue. "No Heracles. Come back." He said softly.

The crowd went dead silent. "What?!" A boy said. They all started yelling at him. Bailey held his head low and returned Heracross. "I'll see you at the league, Champion. Be ready for all six of my pokemon." He held back tears as he moved through the angry crowed.
Anthos looked at Heracross expeting him to stand up and come back with a counter attack. His expression went from anticipation to shock when he saw Bailey withdraw his Pokemon. Anthos did the same quickly returning Hitmonlee and following Bailey. The crow seemed to be in an uproar but that barely mattered to Anthos. What had happened?

He was sure that Hitmonlee didn't go to rough on Heracross yet it seemed hurt and Bailey had a different demeanor. Anthos pushed through the crowd trying to get the trainners attention.

"Wait up! Bailey I'm sorry. I swear we meant no harm to you or your partner." Anthos pleaded.
"No it's my fault. I-I have never been a trainer who likes watching my pokemon hurt. When I see that, I get scared and try to quit. I managed to beat the Elite Four without breaking down but going against the champion? That's a whole different story. Champions are the strongest there can be." He said, sighing a bit. "I'm sorry."
Claire wasn't one of the people booing Bailey. She fought her way through the crowd, their displeasure almost a tangible thing. "Would you shut up?" she exclaimed into the sea of people, "He was worried about his Pokemon! Hey!" Claire shouted the last word when she finally caught up with him. "Long time no see, huh?" The girl then went in for a hug to try to cheer Bailey up.
He looked up. "Claire? By Arceus...I haven't seen you in a while." He accepted her hug. Pretty soon, a pokeball opened and out came Raichu, who gripped her leg and hugged it. "Rai Rai!!!" He giggled. "Wow. Where have you been? Oh! Meet the champion, Anthos." He pointed at the champion of the league.
Claire smiled down at the Raichu hugging her leg, then looked up at Bailey. "Actually, Alola," she said. "My brothers are out starting Island Challenges now--like fighting Gyms, but different--and my parents now live that much farther apart." She turned her attention to Anthos. "You're the guy who beat Lance? That got out pretty far, he'd been Champion for a while. Congrats," she said, completely forgetting any kind of introduction.

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"Everyone knows everyone." He laughed a bit. He turned to Anthos. "Like I said. I'm sorry. I'm just going to head home and train some more. Maybe I can get the stomach to watch my team take some damage." He starts walking home, yawning as he did so. He'd look at his PokeDex. "Ooh I got a Typloshion Entry!!"
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