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  1. Kaleb Advent

    Type Lockout: A New Type of Challenge Approaches!

    I hope this is original. If not, oh well! You've all heard of the Nuzlocke, and all of its variations. This... Is not that at all. I am about to introduce you to a special concept I made called... Type Lockout How do you play? Glad you asked. See this wheel? Give it a spin! What type did...
  2. Alternate_Mystery

    Ask to Join The Island Challenge Discussion

    Being a excellent and popular show, "The Island Challenge" is renowned for its large prize, chance for people to grow, and even more possibilities. So, it's a lucky coincidence you've been invited for this season! Note we're human in this. What it is Not like the Alola Island Challenge, there's...
  3. BurbleBurble

    Private/Closed At the Mercy of Maiestas

    If you are interested in joining, please submit a bio here, in the discussion thread Current Approved Players: Me (Obviously) @Barefoot_Kittens @Altari_owl @Sciencewars @EndirReaver @Keybored @Merciless Medic @PKMN Trainer Crimson @Baron-777 ----- Pokémon battles. A staple of humanity. No...
  4. BurbleBurble

    Private/Closed At the Mercy of Maiestas, the Corporate Region

    The Role Play Thread can be found here. Pokémon battles are a staple of humanity. For the longest time, Pokémon battle has been a sport for all. Of course, professional Pokémon battling is a much different beast. Most every region has a league system of sorts, or some sort of replacement, such...
  5. SharkWithClawz

    Open Waiting For A Challange.

    (This Rp takes place in Johto. Anyone may join but please no legendary Pokemon and make sure you follow Pokecharms Rp rules found here. Also please try to make replies one paragraph at the least.) Anthos woke up with a start. It had been a few months since he had defeated the Pokemon League in...
  6. EspeonTheBest

    Private/Closed On the Ocean's Wings [Discussion]

    "The Ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul" - Robert Wyland Alola is one, if not the most, mysterious regions of the Pokémon world, and for good reason. No gyms, a league that's years in the making, variations that couldn't be found anywhere...
  7. Orange Book

    Open 1 on 1 Battle

    I'm looking for a Pokemon battle with my character, Boris. Be forewarned; he has been approved of being capable of mega evolving his Tyranitar. For this reason, it would be most preferable for the opposing trainer to also be within possession of a mega, though by no means is it a set...
  8. Orange Book

    Open Edgefield Town Gym [Kalos Gym Battle Role-Play]

    Here is a custom made Gym within a custom made city of the Kalos region for trainers to challenge. More information shall be provided below. Please note that this page is listed as Ask to Join. If this is of any interest to you, please contact Orange Book. Gym Leader Name: Nicole...