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Open 1 on 1 Battle


I'm looking for a Pokemon battle with my character, Boris. Be forewarned; he has been approved of being capable of mega evolving his Tyranitar. For this reason, it would be most preferable for the opposing trainer to also be within possession of a mega, though by no means is it a set requirement.

If this is of interest to anyone, please notify me either here or through a private message. We can work out a workable plot as to how the battle may have come to be afterwards (although, I imagine it'll be instigated through a casual circumstance).

More on Boris: http://pokecharms.com/works/professor-boris.22733/ (Professor Boris)
I'm always up for battling to improve my strategic writing skills and further develop my characters. If someone has already been chosen to battle Boris, I'm more that happy to battle with anyone else if he/she wants.