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Type Lockout: A New Type of Challenge Approaches!

I hope this is original. If not, oh well!

You've all heard of the Nuzlocke, and all of its variations. This... Is not that at all.

I am about to introduce you to a special concept I made called...

Type Lockout

How do you play? Glad you asked.

See this wheel? Give it a spin!

What type did you get? Ground? Dragon? Steel? Great, now write it down.

Aaaaaand presto! You can't use that type for the whole run! Oh, and only one of each type on your team!

What's that? You lost all the starter types? Well you need a starter... I know! Spin the wheel again, and you can pick any starter you want!

Playing in a game where certain types don't exist? Just remove them from the wheel, and you get less spins for that game.

The amount of times you spin it affects the difficulty of the challenge. Now have fun!

Short and sweet version:
-General Rules:
-Spin the wheel. Write down the results.
-Minimum difficulty: Spin 4 times, 14 types left
-Recommended difficulty: Spin 8 times, 10 types left
-Maximum difficulty: Spin 12 times, 6 types left
-You can only have ONE of each type on your team.
-IF Fire, Grass and Water are all locked, you can freely pick your starter. Spin for an additional type to lock.
--When possible, this extends to the secondary types of the starters' evolutions.
--If, for some reason, you DON'T want to pick a starter, just drop it in a box as soon as you can.
-If a Pokémon has two types, it counts towards BOTH types.
-If a Pokémon evolves into another type, it counts towards that type as well.
-If a Pokémon LOSES a type as it evolves, it does not count towards that type.

--This is so Eevee can be used if you KNOW what to evolve it into.

-Game-Specific Rules:
-In Pokémon Yellow and Let's Go! Pikachu: Electric is always unlocked. Remove it from the wheel, but don't subtract total spins.
-In Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee: Normal is always unlocked. Remove it from the wheel, but don't subtract total spins.
-In games before Generation 6: Remove Fairy from the wheel. Subtract 1 from the total spins.

-In Generation 1 games: Remove Steel and Dark from the wheel. Subtract 2 from the total spins.

-Optional Rules
-BONUS TYPELOCKE MODE: Apply Nuzlocke rules

If you have any questions, let me know! I'd be happy to answer.
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Cáscara Olas

Previously IExistToo
I'm defiantly gonna give this a shot but I should say that the links just sent me to a renting service site xD. Anyway I'll. let you know how it pans out but I'm gonna do 8 types without nuzlocke rules in Pokémon X (T'was my first game)

Cáscara Olas

Previously IExistToo
Just realised that, although I might do without legendaries. Also I'm planning to start it later so if you want I can keep updating you. :)
I think Torchic because I usually pick he other two. Also because Swampert would be banned with that secondary ground typing.
Edit: I almost picked Torchic before realizing Blaziken is part fighting.
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I thought this was a typelocke thing that I was doing (where you have to use a specific type or types throughout the whole run) and then I realized it is the exact opposite of this. XD I may do this on one of my Pokemon games. Not sure which.
Welp, I'm gonna play through Pokemon White with the recommended difficulty and no nuzlocke rules, and the types I am locked out of are:


So I can't use the Wild Pokemon near the beginning and the ones in the forest, and I also technically can't choose Snivy or Tepig since I won't be able to use it when it evolves.
Oshawott it is! Not overly upset about it, I just wish I could have a new option, since I always choose Oshawott.
Maximum difficulty on White. LET'S GO!!!

I'm locked out of Steel, Psychic, Water (bye Oshawott), Ghost, Ice, Electric (mmmm poor Zekrom...), Fighting (bye Tepig), Poison, Fire, Ground, and Flying.

I can only use Normal, Grass (yay, Snivy), Rock, Bug, Dragon, and Dark. Alright, a team of Serperior, Druddigon, Watchog/Stoutland, Boldore, Liepard, and uhhhh.. Is there a Bug-Type I can use? There's Leavanny (I already have a Grass-Type, so no), Scolipede (but that's Poison, so no), Crustle (I already have a Rock-Type, so no), Karrablast, Shelmet, and Durant (but that's Steel, so no). Jeeez...... and I can't trade them, so which do I choose? XD
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Previously RisingGarchomps
Okay guys, check this out. I span the wheel to find out what types I would have, I think this is a very interesting idea by the way. I put on the hardest difficulty rules. 12 times. 6 types left. This is brutal, especially in certain generations. The rule where you cant use a Pokémon with banned secondary typing is probably the most brutal because it means especially in the lower generations where there wasn't much of a variety of Pokémon with one type, they are all gone, cutting off most options.

Here are the types BANNED for me:


This adds so much more difficulty because I now cannot use my starter Pokemon. I have to rely on early route pokemon, but Bug is gone. Luckily, I didnt get poison or Normal removed. That means i'm left with:


I then randomized the generation to find out what game i'll playing should I do this. I got generation 1. Yep, basically the hardest game to do this format in with only these types. There isn't a lot of good ones out there and it looks like i'll be relying on Normal pokemon at the start of the game like Rattata with the occasional Mankey thrown in there. At least I can go and get a Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee should I go to the fighting dojo in Saffron. The Electric type does open up an opportunity. I could potentially take Pikachu as my electric type and go for Pokémon Yellow. However, that Pikachu doesn't evolve and there are better pure electric types in the game I believe. One major issue is how many typings in gen 1 also came with another typing. For instance, most rock types were also ground e.g. Geodude and Onix. As a result, I have made it further harder on myself in that I can't use ANY rock types as pure rock did not exist in this generation. You've got to thank later generations like gen 2 and 5 for mixing it up a bit and introducing this concept with mons like Sudowoodo and the Roggenrola line.

List of Pokémon I can use:

Ekans Line
Grimer Line
Koffing Line
Mankey Line
Machop Line
Pikachu Line
Voltorb Line
Jolteon (and Eevee, i'm assuming I can have one or the other and then have the other type they share, this is a tough one)
Abra Line
Drowzee Line
(Mewtwo is postgame)
Rattata Line
Meowth Line

A lot of normal types to choose from compared to the rest. You can see that before this occurred it was already very limiting. I plan to do a nuzlocke to make this EVEN harder. And I don't normally finish a pokemon game...wish me luck.
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Friendly reminder: If you're locked out of all the starters, you get to choose one, and you get to choose which available type(s) to replace it's type(s) with. This is much more common on harder difficulties, but always possible.

However, if you WANT to keep the types and not use a starter, just drop it off at a box as soon as you can.
Alternatively, you could use the Universal Pokemon Randomiser to change the Pokemon to a non Fire/Water/Grass type Pokemon.

This seems interesting, especially because I have a copy of Platinum lying around somewhere...

Aight, here's the results:
Ice (and nothing of value was lost)
Poison (and nothing of value was lost)
Dragon (and nothing of value was- OH WAIT HOLY-)
Ground (This means trouble. Volkner could be a wall here.)
Dark (noooo... Houndoom... Murkrow.... Umbreon....)
Grass (Welp we can yeet Turtwig out the window...)
Fire (And there goes Chimchar... guess I'll have to pick Piplup)
Rock (sad Roark noises)
Water (wait WHAT? Welp, time for the Universal randomiser...)
Steel (nooooo Bronzong... :( )
Bug (eh...)

So the remaining types are: Fighting, Psychic, Flying, Electric, Ghost and Normal.

Fighting will be a good Physical types throughout the run, and Psychic will prove to be useful, too. Ghost is an excellent type, having some crucial immunities. Flying, Electric and Normal are OK types. I'm glad the wheel didn't take away Flying, too, because then my options for Fly would be very limited. HMs are OK, as far as I'm concerned.

To have a full team of 6, my whole team must be compromised of pure types (i.e no secondary types), which I see being a problem. I'll also use the Universal Pokemon Randomiser to make trade evolutions evolve at Level 37, since I'm going to be having a few of those.

As for my starter, I'll just use the Universal Pokemon Randomiser to make my starter a Flying... oh wait. There are no pure Flying types in Gen 4. Welp, at least I have Normal, so... I'll make an unspoken rule that I can use a pure Normal type on my team too. Because the Normal part in a Normal/Flying type technically does nothing because Normal is only weak to Fighting and Flying resists Fighting. Could see myself using a Ghost type starter, since those are cool, but then I would probably flop against the early route Normal types unless I grind my brains out. I'm probably going to pick an Electric or Normal type.

Two more rules, I can't use items in battle (held items are allowed) and I can't catch more than 6 Pokemon. Ever. Gift Pokemon instantly get released.

Wish me luck...
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So, I felt like this mattered enough to bypass the double post rules.

I'm currently up to the 6th gym, and so far, no one has died yet. Here's my team:

Windows XP (Porygon-Z), LVL 45, Ability: Download
- Signal Beam
- Nasty Plot
- Discharge
- Recover

Einstein (Alakazam), LVL 44, Ability: Synchronise
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Recover
- Calm Mind

Mufasa (Luxray), LVL 42, Ability: Intimidate
- Thunder Fang
- Crunch
- Swagger
- Roar

Aphrodite (Togekiss), LVL 39, Ability: Serene Grace
- Aura Sphere
- Air Slash
- Ancient Power
- Metronome

The Rock (Machamp), LVL 41, Ability: No Guard
- Cross Chop
- Focus Energy
- Earthquake
- Foresight

Reaper (Dusknoir), LVL 36, Ability: Pressure
- Ice Punch
- Fire Punch
- Shadow Punch
- Will-O-Wisp

No one died yet, but that's not to say I didn't have close calls...

- Right at the very start, I nearly lost Mufasa to a Lass's Bidoof because I misclicked like an idiot and she got a crit. He hung on on 1 HP though. Absolute trooper.
- Fantina had me worried for a while, because she crit 2 Magical Leafs with Mismagius on Windows XP. He hung on on 4 HP.
- Einstein almost died to Fantina's Duskull.

Some cool things that happened:
- I got a female Togekiss with Serene Grace first try. Togekiss has a 87.5 to 12.5 gender ratio, so this was pretty rare.
- I messed around with Aphrodite's Metronome in the first route on wild Pokemon for fun, and I got Hyper Beam and Roar of Time. I love Metronome.
- My Duskull got PokeRus! I have no idea how, but apparently it's rarer that a shiny.
- I caught Einstein first try. Catching an Abra first try is always rewarding.

And now the Gym Leaders...
- Roark: Roark was a pushover. I swept his entire team with Windows XP. Mostly because I overleveled, though.
- Gardenia: Gardenia was also a pushover. Einstein made quick work of her team.
- Fantina: Fantina had me very worried, though. She crit Windows with Mismagius 2 times in a row, and crit Mufasa when I switched out. She also nearly killed Einstein with yet another critical Shadow Sneak from Duskull.
- Maylene: Maylene went about as easy as you'd expect. Einstein swept her whole team, except Lucario, which I sent out The Rock to deal with.
- Wake: Wake was easy as. Mufasa took out Gyarados and Floatzel, and Einstein took care of Quagsire.
- Byron: Doing Byron right now. It'll probably be a sweep with The Rock, if I give him some more levels. Or I could use Einstein or Windows against his physically defensive team.

Wish me more luck...
So, since I have a team of 5 (hypothetically) and no Bug-Type yet, am I forced to use Karrablast or Shelmet? The other Pokemon's secondary types are the types I can't use due to the wheel or Pokemon I have. Is it alright if there is a duplicate Rock-Type so I can have Crustle, or a Bug/Fire-Type for Volcarona, even if the Fire-Type is locked out?