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  1. kurokōdōra

    Charmander napping in the rain.

  2. A

    Pokémon Live Action Fan Film Trailer + Giveaway

    A team of many hardcore Pokemon Fans put this project together and I would like to share the trailer with this community. There is also a free Pokemon Giveaway at the end. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. TurtleGaming

    Open Adventure in the Kanto Region

    OOC: If you want to join, go to the discussion and fill out the form http://pokecharms.com/threads/adventure-in-the-kanto-region-discussion.14252/ BIC: Hayden walked out of his house, on his way to Professor Oak's lab. When he got to the lab, he was greeted by Professor Oak, who offered him one...
  4. TurtleGaming

    Open Adventure in the Kanto Region - Discussion

    Hey guys, this is my first RP I've ever made! The concept is fairly simple; lots of teens from Pallet town are beginning their adventure in the Indigo League Challenge, and Professor Oak is providing Pokemon to anyone who wants one! To join, fill out the following form: Name: Gender: Age...