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  1. Killerbunny the god

    Ask to Join Super-Mafia (Discussion)

    A few years back, humans started developing superpowers as a sort of mutation. Either by accident or by random. You are one of those humans. Those without powers saw those with powers as threats but slowly began to tolerate them as not many bad people used their powers for evil. Atleast not in...
  2. GalacticDeg

    Roleplay Idea?

    I don't think I can post this as a full Discussion yet, but I really want to do something like this. A group of characters wake up on a spaceship. As they look through the window of wherever they are on the large spaceship, they notice they're flying through space. The colour of the sky is a...
  3. GalacticDeg

    Private/Closed Seven Together

    DISCUSSION: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seven-together-discussion.19768/ Jayden Chambers stepped out of Professor Oak's helicopter, holding his bag and looked around. The location was a flower-covered field, and in the close distance, a town. The town was probably Nuvema Town. The helicopter...
  4. GalacticDeg

    Ask to Join Seven Together (Discussion)

    ROLEPLAY: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seven-together.19795/ STORYLINE Seven trainers are sent by each Professor to Unova's Nuvema Town. (B2W2 Pokemon) The Professors have spotted something odd there in Unova. What it is, they don't know. What they do know, is that the thing needs to be...
  5. limebird444

    Open The Evil Squad (I’m Trying Okay)

    Well hello there fine person. This is my first Role-Play here so, Don’t judge me too hard if it’s horrible. This is a story about an evil team squad by the name of The Pluto’s. They’re goal? World Domination. But right now they are just a traveling group of bandits and thieves. Roles: Leader...
  6. FrostCrispz

    Open EVICT: Villainy School.

    EVICT: Education of the Villainous, Insane, Corrupted, and Treacherous Dear _________, Welcome to Evict, the worlds only school dedicated completely to the teachings of Evil. Before I get any further, this is a concealed document. Do not show this to anybody. Now back to Introductions. I am the...
  7. Pokemon Fanfiction Novels

    Alignment Chart: Self-Perception Vs Others' Perception

    S'up. So, do you know how there are all these various quizzes that you can take that tell you what character you are on certain video games, shows, and movies? When you're meeting new people on forum boards for the first time, I suppose displaying quiz results is somewhat helpful when...
  8. PokeMario

    Your Favorite Evil Team?

    My favorite evil team is Team Galactic. Tell me yours in the comments.
  9. ToddyB2016

    Heavenly High School (Rated R)

    Story - The gods of the world now formed a council and are the rulers of the Holy Collective. An organization that rules over the world. The pantheons mixed and now their are new gods abusing their power. They made a school for the new gods Heavenly High. World - It is a high tech high magic...
  10. KonfidentKurusu


    In this roleplay you join as a pokemon of one of the members of the villainous teams below: Team Rocket Team Aqua Team Magma Team Galactic Team Plasma Team Flare And you are trying to stop the other teams from reaching their goals you get a gun of your choice and you have to unite together but...