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kanto league

  1. Jayblade

    Ask to Join Adventures in the Kanto region! (Discussion)

    The Kanto region! A beautiful stretch of land and sea, with a wide array of Pokemon to choose from. And on this very day trainers will be allowed to begin earning their gym badges. Once trainers earn all eight of these badges they will be able to compete in The Indigo League! The Indigo...
  2. Cryronn the Mudkip

    Open Pokemon Outcasts; Kanto (Discussion)

    So, uh, kinda wanted to make an rp where it's okay to use weird OCs! Lesbian, Gay? No problem! Trans? Crossdresser? I don't mind! Just do whatever you want, because at this point, It's the theme of the rp!!! Outcasts. You are different, and looked oddly upon for it. Sometimes, you are even...