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Open Pokemon Outcasts; Kanto (Discussion)

So, uh, kinda wanted to
make an rp where it's okay to use weird OCs! Lesbian, Gay? No problem! Trans? Crossdresser? I don't mind! Just do whatever you want, because at this point, It's the theme of the rp!!!
You are different, and looked oddly upon for it. Sometimes, you are even
frowned upon for it. You find a small area in Viridian Forest wit a camp, drawn there by fate. Many other outcasts arrive before you, and you all band together... to take on the Kanto League.
1:All regular Pokecharms rules.
3:Keep it PG. Or PG13. Just... don't go sexual or overgore.
4:Have fun.
Gender(Specify if trans.):
My Bio:
Name:Alex Ruby (Tells people to call him Joy)
Appearance:Alex(Joy) is a very young looking male, looking like he would be 15, not 18. He has tannish skin and green eyes. He sometimes wears a brown hood and brown pants, concealing himself. (More appearance revealed in backstory)
Personality:He's mostly very tom-girlish, but still has masculine mannerisms. He's very friendly, but shy, and likes to have fun with friends and battle. He also knows a lot about medicine.
Backstory:Alex was orphaned as a kid, and was put up for adoption. He was adopted by a Nurse Joy in a small forest not marked on any map. He learned much from her, and always liked healing and doing medicine. He had his hair dyed pink and styled like a Nurse Joy at around 11. At 17, he decided to take over for Nurse Joy for a day, so he took one of the outfits and put it on. People who came in looked at him weirdly. On his 18th B-Day, he took off into the woods on his own, feeling rejected every time he filled in. Normally, he wears the Nurse Joy outfit, but only because he spends most of his time alone...
Pokémon:Happiny(Glass), And Tyrouge(Uno).
Other:If you didn't guess, he wears the nurse joy outfit, so he's technically a crossdresser.

Uhhhh, that's my weird OC. Uhhhh... so... yeah. Let's try to get two people and start the rp.
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Previously ThatOnePerson
Here’s my bio finally!

Name: Lumo Williams
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Says he’s bisexual but he’s actually gay.
Appearance: Lumo is a tall kid with fair skin short, black hair, and has dark blue eyes. He usually wears a brown vest with a black undershirt and some jeans. He also wears black sneakers.
Personality: He is a pretty shy kid, but if he gets to know you enough he’ll open up to you more. He used to be really bubbly but now he isn’t. Learn why in backstory.
Backstory: Lumo lived at home with his mom and dad in Hoenn and went to school. When he was 13, he realized he was gay and told his friends. Then, his friends told the whole school, and he eventually started to get bullied and made fun of. Fortunately, him and his parents moved away to Kanto and now Lumo can start over, but he still is scared that he might get bullied again.
Pokemon: A female Eevee named Eve, and an Pokemon Egg
Other: Nothing really..

Just a warning, I haven’t RPed here in a while, so if I’m doing anything wrong just tell me!
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