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  1. The Dark Fairy

    Ask to Join Pokehuman Encounters 4: One more try

    In the middle of the Alola Region, chaos has begun as some begin to morph into Pokémon Human hybrids. It’s unknown how this has happened, and how one might transform, causing many to isolate themselves or leave the region, though not for long as travel in and out of the region was swiftly banned...
  2. Rowan Tree

    Ask to Join Laboratory of Hybrids (Character Sign-Ups and Discussion)

    In this RP we are all in a laboratory trying to escape and we are all human and pokemon hybrids. The rules are: 1. No God Mode 2. No legendary or mystical nor any mega evolution hybrids. 3. Post in story-format only and must be at lease one paragraph long. a. (EX: Character woke up in the...
  3. The Dark Fairy

    Private/Closed Pokehuman encounters reboot

    The old thread kind of died, but we are still not giving up! The legacy of Pokehuman encounters will live on! Honestly I did not know how influtely my thread would be at the beginning, but it has grown into something worth redoing and trying to continue, especially as some peoples first or near...
  4. aurivee_

    Private/Closed Pokehuman Encounters Reboot - Discussion

    Hello Pokecharmers! IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am the co-host of this RP. Any and all questions should be directed at @Eliiiscool or myself, @EeviumZ. RP THREAD: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokehuman-encounters-reboot.21324/ CURRENT ACCEPTED USERS: STORYLINE: It was simply a normal day in Kalos...
  5. Yamper

    Ask to Join The Transformation Trauma|:| A Pokemon RP Discussion.

    Welcome, one and all, to my Rp Yeah we all get the drift. It's a Pokehuman Rp. I'm doing slots for this one. I'm going to tag a few people who might be interested: @EmoKitty21 @EeviumZ, @Altari_owl @LunarSilvally @RenzFlintrock @PlayfulFox47 @zodiac_queen @Red Gallade I am going to allow people...
  6. UmbreonEevee

    Ask to Join PokéHuman Forest

    You live in the PokéHuman Forest where Pokémon and PokéHumans live. PokéHumans are Pokémon in a human form. There is a great danger amiss and Pokémon trainers and Hunters are beginning to come and capture the Pokémon. They haven’t discovered any PokéHumans yet but they are trying to find each...