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  1. Socordiasomnia

    A Gijinka Story Nuzlocke Question (I want your opinions!)

    So, I've been really curious about something for a while now! I'm currently doing a Gijinka Storylocke challenge fanfiction for Pokemon Sun and I'm having a ton of fun with it, but there's times where I wonder if the world of the plot has any holes in it. For example, I've decided that the...
  2. AmphyDragon

    Unsure about migrating a Pokemon fic series

    Hello. So, I have a Pokemon fanfic I'm unsure about migrating here. I started writing it years ago, specifically around the time X/Y came out and continued on until I started writing the sequel - which is an adaption of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon with some headcanons and centered around an OC. Both...
  3. CongenitalSarcasm

    Dark's Art Stop (Requests welcome!)

    Open to requests! May take a few weeks. Open to art and writing Art: Prompt, theme, etc. Please send references if there's an OC involved Writing: Ships? Au? Agast, Fluff, etc? Thank you!
  4. Shrine


    Me and a few other memebers of Pokecharms, (@Peridot!!!, @Il Fantasma, @Mewtwofan259...) have noticed the extreme lack of appreciation for writing, and how it constantly is overshadowed by artwork. Well, lucky for you, this discussion should hopefully raise appreciation for writing! Here's...
  5. Splashfur

    Let's promote Pokécharms writing!

    We promote Pokécharms writing by not posting art from June 4 to june 10! Only writing! If you join, write #writeforaweek on your profile! Maybe even on your profile picture! Anyway, this is so Pokécharms writers can get more likes. I mean, it's just unreal comparing likes writers get to likes...
  6. ChungHa

    The Grand Festival! : Discussion

    [[ Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-grand-festival.16144/ ]] Hey guys! Basically, I am creating a roleplay called "The Grand Festival!", which is, if you have basic knowledge on Pokemon, is the largest and most extravagant final Pokemon Contest of the year, where any Coordinator that...
  7. BonslyJuice

    Open The Writers in the Dark Discussion

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to set up a nice RP, so I have an idea. How about we gather together a bunch of writers? ^^ In this RP, you will be a writer among many, all working on whatever your area of expertise is. However, the title is Writers in the Dark. You'll have a special secret that makes...
  8. Zamcio

    Chingling corner - PokéSongs

    Hello PokéCharmers! I've got an idea which in my humble opinion sounds great (I hope it will sound physically as well). Let's warm up our brain cells and create something funny, creative and entertaining! Let's make some PokéSongs! The goal is simple - we create parodies of popular songs in...