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Private/Closed A darker version of your typical super hero school RP

Where/When should we start?

  • Right in the beginning where the Characters haven't gone through the mutation

  • Right after the mutation?

  • Few weeks or even a month after the mutation experiment

Results are only viewable after voting.
Welcome! You have been accepted to Meadow Academy for talented children. Here we will help you achieve things thought impossible for us humans. We will give you special opportunities that can't be found anywhere else. We hope that you will accept our invitation to our wonderful school.

-Eugene Walker, The Headmaster of Meadow Academy

So yeah. This is my attempt at creating my own RP with the help of @Clite of Dragonbow (who will be the co-host).
The plot to this RP is basically that a school your character starts their first day at a school they thought to be normal, but when they arrive there for their first school day they suddenly wake up in a strange room and learn that they have received powers and discover that "Meadow Academy" wasn't what was promised and is actually a experimentation facility to give ordinary people not-so-ordinary abilities. They got their power via an experiment by the "School" to get their power. If you haven't noticed from the title of this discussion thread and from the quick run through of the plot, this is a darker take on the popular Super hero school RP.
Note: The world where this RP is taking place in is similar to our own (taking place somewhere in the year 202X), which mean that flying around and shooting fireballs from your armpit is only thought to exist in the world of fantasy.

Now the Rules:
-Normal Pokecharm rules (you can click this link if you haven't read it yet https://pokecharms.com/threads/general-role-play-rules.123/)
-If you want something specific to happen between your char and someone else's char (for example romance, backstory overlap, winning a competition, etc.) please discuss privately.
-Keep romance and violence PG+13.
-Swearing is allowed, but don't go overboard.
-Write a minimum of 5 sentences in your RP posts and try to use proper grammar
-No OPness! None of the characters (aka students) have had powers before. Please keep that in mind for the beginning part of the RP.
-Put "Beep Boop" somewhere in your Character Bio so I know you've read the rules.
-Maximum of one character per RPer. There are 8 spots (including me and Clite of dragonbow)in total in this RP.
-Please try to be somewhat active and please inform us of any long absences that you know of.
-You'll get immediately reported if you bunny other RPers characters. You may control the teachers/lad researchers, but keep in mind that me and Clite of dragonbow are still in main control of them.
-One power per Character, have a short explanation and some kind of a limitation!

Character sheet:
Name: (Both first and last)
Code name/Experiment name: (A nick name for their mutation experiment) (Also optional)
Sexuality: (optional)
Age: (Preferably around 14-17)
Appearance: (Detailed please)
Backstory (optional):

Name: (Both first and last) Jaiden Summers

Code name/Experiment name: (A nick name for their mutating experiment) (Also optional)
shell shield

Gender: Female

sexuality: (Optional) Bisexual

Age: (Preferably around 14-17) 15

Appearance: (Detailed please) Jaiden is 5'1 feet or 152 cm tall with an average build, though she has a rather flat chest. Her skin is dark brown with a few old scars here and there on her legs as evidence of being a lot outside. She has black really curly hair reaching just about her shoulders. Jaiden usually wears her hair in two buns, which looks like two fluff balls attached to her head and has few hair strands hanging loose from the buns. Jaiden has a round face shape with yellow colored eyes and a button nose. Even if her ears are visible Jaiden doesn't have any piercing in them. Jaiden usually wears a purple, over-sized hoodie with a big white stripe on the middle of it. She usually hides her hands in the sleeves of the big purple hoodie, mostly because the sleeves of the hoodie are particularly big . Under the hoodie she usually wears a plain black t-shirt. With hoodie (and t-shirt under it) Jaiden wears light grey sweatpants and a pair of dark gray sneakers.
Mutant school Char.png

Personality: Jaiden is open minded and she's usually quite positive, though she is sarcastic by nature. Jaiden might not be the most ”book smart” person in the world, but she's still quite clever with her common sense. She is quite a curious and a mischievous individual, often resulting into her going to places she shouldn't go or getting into trouble just in general. Jaiden is a bit impatient, usually starting to do things of her own if something is starting to take too long to her liking or she just thinks that something is too boring.

Powers: (Maximum is 1 and please have a short explanation and at least some limitations) Force field creation/manipulation.
The subject can create different shapes like spheres, cubes, squares, circles etc. Can be used both offensively and defensibly, but is mostly used defensively. Can also have other various uses. Needs concentration and a visual connection to maintain the force field. The subjects body may be used to help control the movement of (for example) a force field circle, but is otherwise controlled mentally.

Backstory: (optional) N/A

Other: Beep Boop

Jaiden Summers (Me)
Ian Simons (@The Alright Attorney)
Kiarei Risa (@KeenKitsune)
Thomas Heartstorm (@Clite of Dragonbow)
Tyler Lightfoot (@Riverrunner)
Alison "Allie" Silverstone (@EeviumZ)
Franklin "Frank" Lorne (@El Spazzino)
Maxi Lowell (@Hallowed)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or Clite of Dragonbow.

There is a problem that me and Clite of Dragonbow have and that is where the RP should start. I've made poll where you can vote on a option that you think is the most suitable and we'll pick the one that got the most votes.

People who wanted to get pinged:
@Captain Cardboard
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The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Name: Ian Simons

Code name/Experiment name: Metal

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Ian is fairly standard in his stature, standing at around 6 feet, and being in okay shape. He's by no means a super model or circus strong man, but he's not over weight either. His hair is black, cut short and swept to the side of his face, with brown eyes. He usually wears a pull over sweater and black jeans with converse sneakers.

Personality: Ian can be described as your typical nerd. He loves video games, movies, television, you name it, he loves it. And hes not afraid to show this knowledge off, and will spout off various little geeky facts left and right. Hes usually in a positive mood, but can get overwhelmed when a lot is thrown at him, and usually tries to avoid confrontation. However, if provoked he will do whatever he can to help those he trusts.

Powers: Ian was given the power to make his body become a strong greyish-black metal, unseen by man. It makes him strong and durable, but slows his speed. He can choose if he wants specific body parts to shift, like his arms and legs. Alongside this, he can shift said parts into weapons. The more his body is covered, the more energy it takes out of him, and if he hasn't been well fed or rested, he can easily faint after using his abilities.

Backstory: Will go over in more detail through out RP

Other: Beep Boop
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Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Name: Kiarei Risa
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Code name/Experiment name: Ms. Voodoo
Age: (Preferably around 14-17) 15
Appearance: (Detailed please) Kiarei has long, straight, black hair that covers most of her back. She has slight bangs that are longer on the left side and will sometimes cover her left eye. Her eyes are, contrasting to her black hair and her pale complexion, a warm amber. For a girl her age, she is of average height around 5'5. However, she has a skinny/fragile look to her. She, a believer that beauty is pain, would prefer to wear skirts, boots, and a tight top. In the warmer seasons, she will usually wear ankle boots, though in colder seasons she will often wear knee-high boots.
Personality: When Kiarei finds something she likes, it takes a lot for her change out of her comfort zone. She believes that if something hasn't failed her yet, then it won't ever and will continue believing so until proven wrong. She is stubborn at times when asked to change or bossed around, but when she's tired she ends up agreeing more easily. She is observative and at times will lack words to say. She may be awkward at times since she always preferred her dolls over social interaction. However, she never means to be rude if she does seem so.
Voodoo: Kiarei, if she posses a part of the victim (be it a possession of theirs, a lock of hair, or a drop of blood, etc.) can infuse it with one of her dolls. However, she finds it easiest to do when she has a larger quantity. She can then cause paralyzation with needles. She can also inflict a sense of pain, though there is no actual damage done. As she is very new to her power, she has to make a new doll for every person she voodoos and she can only maintain three of them at a time so far. While she is in contact with her dolls or is channeling her power, a shadow-like substance envelopes her arms and slowly spreads to the rest of her body. It provides slight protection and allows her hands to move slightly faster.
Backstory (optional): Ever since she was a little girl, Kiarei had a fascination with dolls. When it was her birthday or Christmas, she would always ask for them. Her mother had two acupuncture dolls that she kept in the house, one masculine one feminine. Sometimes, Kiarei would peak into the room and observe her mother with the needle in her hand. Even though the acupuncture doll looked different from the dolls she was used to, she was still curious. Finally, when she was left alone she decided to mimic what she had seen her mother do. Since her parents expected her to work in the medical field, she had basic knowledge of the human body. Since then, she prided herself on learning more, but never lost her interest in dolls.
Other: Beep Boop, Kiarei is ambidextrous
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Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
@IDKWhatUserNameToDo Alright, I edited the bio ^-^, At her current state, she can't control someone's movements. But in the future when she gets better control over her power, she will be able to control her victim's movements, she'll gradually be able to control more dolls at a time, and she will also be able to inflict physical damage.
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Name: (Both first and last) Thomas Heartstorm

Code name/Experiment name: (A nick name for their mutating experiment) (Also optional) Azure Bolt

Gender: Male

sexuality: (Optional) Straight

Age: (Preferably around 14-17) 14, soon 15

Appearance: (Detailed please) Thomas is a teen around 164 centimeters high and with slender build. He has straight, dark blonde hair with light blonde elements and sky-blue eyes. He has quite pale skin and he has something like a wing mark on his back. He usually wears blue hoodie and white shirt under it. He also wears black jeans and blue trainers. He wears glasses, but he needs to use eye contacts on the missions.
Personality: Thomas is a serious, straight-laced and compassionate youth. He dislikes giving other people pain and is disgusted with factility actions.

On the battlefield, he tends to be merciless to his enemies and hides his emotions behind a placid facade, however he does display remorse for his actions when he is forced to kill and will often try to reason with his combatants to avoid the possibility of their deaths. While normally serious, he can sometimes be relaxed and really good friend to have.

While he is highly intelligent for his age, he is a bit dense when it comes to the subject of women and he falls in love really easily.

(File 02- Boltstriker) Electricity Creation, Manipulation. Has many uses in fight and outside it. Power is still surrounded with mystery.. (And Thomas didn't learn yet, how to use it properly)

Backstory: (optional) Revealed in Rp.

Other: Beep Boop

(Added in a flash and may edit it to add some details)
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Name: Maxi Lowell
Code name/Experiment name: Forbidden
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 15
Appearance: Maxi’s appearance is nothing special, standing at 5’7” and weighing 146 Ibs, the boy has a slightly above-average build for his age. Additionally, Maxi displays a light bronze skin tone, disheveled spiky dark-brown hair that reaches a bit past his ears and a pair of almost orange, light brown eyes.
Maxi can almost certainly be seen wearing his favorite zipped black bubble jacket, along with a plain tee (which is usually white) underneath. He also wears a loose, silver chain necklace that rests idly over his chest and is equipped with a pair of dark grey jeans plus brown and white sneakers.
Personality: Maxi favors loyalty over anything else, his respect is built on the deeds, friendliness or help that he receives from other people. He is a mostly reserved kid that doesn’t break out much, unless he trusts or likes the said person he’s associating himself with. Though, it’s difficult for him to accept somebody who has “betrayed” him before, causing Maxi to give them the cold shoulder most of the time. Despite this however, he’s previously been known to make rash decisions when he’s engaged in a fight or threatening situation. Maxi has little-to-no desire to become a leader, instead he only wishes to please those he deems his friends, which in turn made him good with carrying out tasks.
Silhound- Maxi has the ability to transform into a 6-foot even, practically a silhouette and seemingly made of shadows hound resembling the body structure of a doberman, with his necklace now tightly secured around his neck. The only differences being that his transformation sports a longer tail and bearing two orange horizontal slits as eyes. In this form, Maxi boasts heightened confidence and abilities (mainly strength, endurance and slightly speed) plus those of a hound such as scent tracking. Although he prefers to fight using his pitch black claws and fangs. It is noted that as of right now, his abilities aren't as refined as they could be and still have room for improvement. Finally, it seems as if the only way to currently trigger his transformation, is to receive a sufficient amount of pain beforehand.
Backstory (optional): Can be expanded upon later.
Other: Beep boop. Some say the way Maxi acts now, is completely different to how he used to.


Previously El Spazzino
I used a random word generator for this power, thought it'd be an interesting concept; anyways, heres my character Mr. or Miss. Nametodo.
Name: Franklin 'Frank' Lorme
Code name/Experiment name: Coupon Mailman
Gender: Male
Sexuality: N/A n crap
Age: 14
Appearance: Franklin stands at 4'11, being short, mostly standing upright, having thick, short, slick brown hair and has the 3/4 part of it kind of sticks up and curves like Ram horns, somehow. Additionally, he has medium-skin, dark blue eyes and some freckles. He wears dark-brown, fluffy, and soft coat and the collar is white. He wears striped pants that look just like and colored like ram horns.
Personality: Frank is energetic most of the times, being swift and agile, and as a character RPG character, their dexterity would be high. He's a goofball, y'know? He tries to do trickery, which may or may not work. He can be cunning at times, and very used to running away from foes. He's very graceful in his steps, even though he does look like some sort of fool. He's very sneaky.

Leaflet allows Franklin to summon little pamphlets made of leaves. Inside these pamphlets are powers that he can distribute. These types of powers he can distribute with ease is spirit-rams, healing when opened, and leaf-whirlwinds. The other ones require more energy, (i.e fire, earth, water). The more powerful Franklin grows, the more things Leaflet can distribute. When he activates one of these, say, leaf-whirlwinds, the leaf that summoned it will crumble to ashes, and healing will turn into butterflies. When using fire, the leaf gets lit on fire, etc.
Backstory (optional): Will be expanded later.
Other: Beebeebeep boop.
@Hallowed accepted

@El Spazzino you are accepted, but I want to check that I understood your character's powers correctly. So with the leaflets that he summons can be a healing one and/or an Elemental one and as he gets better with his powers he can unlock more kinds of leaflets. Does his power have any limitations?

EDIT: All of the eight spots are taken, so now we need to wait for those who haven't made their character sheet yet.
I'm closing the sign up for the RP for now, but I'll reopen it if we happen to lose RPers along the wsy
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Previously El Spazzino
I’d say the limit would be anything godly such as time, portals, and I bet everything else besides periodic elements or minerals and crap.
Name: Tyler Lightfoot
Code name/Experiment name: Mimic
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 15
Appearance: Tyler stands at a modest 5’7”, with a build that’s a bit on the smaller side for someone his age. His skin is a deep beige hue, a darker birthmark running down the left side of his neck. Framing his heart-shaped face is a mess of dark brown hair parted roughly in the middle that stops just below his ears. He’s usually seen wearing a serene smile on his face, although such expression doesn’t quite extend beyond the frames of his glasses to his amber eyes.
However, due to his ability, his appearance can change drastically at the drop of a hat. (At least, once he learns what he’s doing).
Tyler can usually be seen wearing a white pullover sweatshirt emblazoned with a fox’s face. Along with it, he typically wears grey cloth sneakers and a pair of black sweatpants, although he occasionally swaps out the sweatpants for a pair of blue jeans. His black-brimmed glasses are prescription, but he frequently forgets to wear them (thankfully, his eyesight isn’t too terrible).
Personality: Tyler typically comes across as friendly and easygoing, if a bit blunt at times. He tries his best to act as a mediator to avoid conflict within the group, although he could stand to take some of his own advice and quit stirring up trouble. Despite his lackadaisical exterior, Tyler is driven primarily by whatever is on his own agenda at the moment. Whether that be something as simple as helping out a friend with some work or as dangerous and complicated as escaping the facility, if he sees an opportunity he’s going to take it well-near immediately. He’s extremely spontaneous in his decisions, acting according to interest regardless of potential consequences (or basic reasoning).
Powers: Tyler is able to change aspects of his appearance to match those of people he has seen.
  • As his ability actually changes the structure of his body as opposed to being illusory in nature, it does not require concentration to upkeep. Due to this, transformations can be painful. This can range from a slight pinch for subtle alterations of the tissue, to the pain of rapidly breaking and re-forming bones for more dramatic changes to the skeleton.
  • He is unable to shape shift away any damage caused to his body. If he were to be slashed on the cheek or lose a finger to frostbite, the cheek slash and the severed finger would be apparent no matter who he mimicked.
  • Needless to say, he’s not very good at this as of right now. As he improves with using his ability, he’d feasibly be able to become a 1:1 replica of another person.
Backstory: To be explored within the RP.
Other: Beep boop, I’m here for some… soup?
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@Riverrunner Accepted

@El Spazzino
If I understood you correctly, the weakness Seems a bit too Op. I'd suggest that the leaflets are a bit weaker in the beginning with three functions available from the get-go (for example healing and two elements, it's your choose). If this is alright for you.
So, (like I mentioned in a previous post) about all of the spots in this RP are taken (as of right now), so I'll probably start making the RP thread soon.
I'd like to remind people who haven't voted yet, to vote on the poll (so I know what the starting point is going to be).
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Everyone has voted for their preferred and the result is the the first option (AKA Right in the beginning where the Characters haven't gone through the mutation)

I'm going to start making the RP thread now, but I'm not sure when it'll be done (hopefully tomorrow or the day after that).

Also @EeviumZ not to pressure you or anything, but when are you going to post your character bio?


Previously EeviumZ
oop sorry, got caught up in direct hype and forgot

Name: Alison "Allie" Silverstone
Code name/Experiment name: Cobalt-00
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight. (She's uninterested at the moment.)
Age: 15
Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'5, she has long blue hair and brown eyes. She takes on a slim stature, with a small scar on her right arm from a scuffle at a young age. I don't know if clothing is going to change at this "school", so i won't list it here.
Personality: Bright and bold, she's filled to the brim with charisma and happiness. Though she's a bit awkward, she loves social contact and can sometimes be a bit too eager. She always wants to help - even to a fault - and has an unmatched determination. However, she tends to be rash and doesn't think things through.
- Cryokinesis: She is capable of generating and manipulating ice. Her body is always cold, but withstands very little heat.
Other: Her active power is heavily tied to her emotions. She will often unintentionally use them in times of fear, anger, distress, or extreme joy. (I'm not going to use her subconscious state for this RP, as that was tied into her backstory, which doesn't apply here.)
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Now we are at the "right after getting powers" point and there each one of you will make only one post after my post in the RP before I time skip to the next day.
Also the rooms that the characters wake up in are the "Dorms". There's one room for each person, which means there won't be any roommates.

I also wanted to mention that the Deputy Headmaster and the Headmaster are only for me and Clite to control (Clite being the deputy headmaster and me being the headmaster), but as previously mentioned in the rules all of you can control the other faculty of the school to a certain extent.


Previously El Spazzino
I typed it out and posted it, but for some reason it's gone now. Maybe its just my computer? If it's there, then maybe its just me.
I mean it's basically that you're character waits for the door to open and then get escorted to the big white room. If your character isn't wearing appropriate clothing for exercise then the guard gives clothes to the character to change into and that's basically it (I think)
Also, I wanted to give a quick explanation on how this tests is going to work. There are five different categories to the test (Agility/Durability, strength, acrobatics, accuracy and flexibility/stiffness). The system for this (and for possible future things like this) we are going to have one post per character per category. I hope I explained this well enough, but go ahead and ask me or Clite if there's anything unclear.

Edit: I also want to make it clear that in this test the students aren't allowed to use their powers. Also if you didn't get the chance to post yet, don't worry. There's going still going to be a chance at the start of this test
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So, I've partially revealed the headmaster and I thought that I should probably post the Bio here so that you can get a better grasp of what kind of a character our dear headmaster is. Clite is going to do the same with his Deputy headmaster character, Vitalio, who was already had his premier earlier in the RP.

But without further ado:
Name: (Both first and last) Derick Harwell (Eugene Walker was just a fake name)
Code name/Experiment name: N/A
Gender: Male
Sexuality: (optional) No need to specify really..
Age: 38

Appearance: (Detailed please) Derick stands with a height of 5.7 feet (or about 174 cm). He has a thin and lanky body. He has wavy light brown hair which is a bit long (as for considered most male hairstyles), as it halfway his neck. He has a round face with brown eyes, pointed nose, anchor goatee, and two birth marks on his face (one right under his left eye and one on his left cheek). He usually wears a light blue collar shirt with black pants and usually a white lab coat.

Personality: Derick is extremely charismatic and quite smart in both street and book smart category. He keeps up a cool and collected personality, but can put up any facade if needed. In actuality he's really manipulative in thanks to his charismatic personality. He often seemingly bend people to his will to get what he wants out of them. Some people say that he started to develop a twisted personality right when he started with his little project (AKA the facility).

Powers: Connect
It's a telekinetic power that allows him to both speak and read the subjects mind, but there's a catch. The deeper connection (or more he knows about the person he's going to use his powers on) more he can speak and see inside of the persons head. In the start he seems like a whisper in the back of your head (and he can't read your mind), but the more he knows about you and the deeper the relationship (no matter if positive or negative) the more he can say and see. He has about a 49 feet (or 15 m) radius where he doesn't need to have a visual connection to use his powers on someone, but he usually prefers to have a visual connection as it has no limit (other than he has to see the person to use his powers)
Note!: I decided to let you guys see his power, so that you may get a better grasp of what he is capable of and yea, but remember even if you know about this detail, your character doesn't know about this for the time being.

Backstory (optional): [REDACTED]

Other: N/A
Deputy Headmaster:

Name: (Both first and last): Vitalio Kilabadai

Code name/Experiment name: N/A

Gender: Male

sexuality: Aromantic

Age: 27

Appearance: Vitalio is a young adult with shoulder-length Black hair and a pair of blue visor-like glasses that (Data expunged).

He usually wears white jacket, blue jeans and black trainers.

During missions, He wears a black armoured long coat with blue highlights and arm armour. He also sports white trousers with black highlights over his inner thighs and groin, and black boots with glowing blue highlights.

Personality: He play a role of a teacher that doesn't know much about experiments and he tries to make students believe that he is their ally. He even have false bomb on his neck, to help them believe that he is forced to do this.

As the Deputy Headmaster generally keeps an aloof, professional demeanour about him, at least during lessons and missions. He takes his duties, and those of others, extremely seriously, and has very little patience when it comes to those who disobey him. When someone refuse to join him, he just shoots him and goes about his way.

Very passionate about achieving School goals, this can lead him to take seemingly cold-hearted decisions, such as ordering to kill entire team of scientists, just because there is a possibility of traitor among them.

(data expunged)

Powers: (data expunged)

Backstory: [Redacted]

Other: Vitalio is said that he is the one that made supremacy AI, called Xavarthel that protects secret data files about experiments.
I just wanted to ask you all if you want to still go through the whole physical test thing or if we should do the next one (which is acrobatics and I'm planning on to make it an obstacle course) and then time-skip through the rest for the characters to have some lunch/"Free-time" and some proper interactions with each other.

After that I was planning to have just a simple power test for the characters to go through. For the most part it's just that the facility is checking that their experimentation worked. I'll go more in on detail later. Then after that I don't really know what should happen next and that's why I'm asking you guys what should happen next after that. Me and Clite do have stuff planned, but most of it is for later on down the RP.