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Abandoned by original fanfic collab team. Please help.

As the title of the thread states, the team for my fanfic, Pokémon: Neon Opal Version, seems to have abandoned me, leaving me to work on it alone. Both members were supporting authors, but they never contributed any written content to the fic back when I was trying to post it on Fanfiction.net over a year ago. One of the authors also doubled as an artist for the Fakemon in the story, but no matter how much I try, he's not helping, even though he claims he'll get to drawing eventually. I can't wait for "eventually", and I can't write this all by myself, for it's a huge undertaking.

So, I'm asking for the help of others on this site, both sprite artists and authors, anyone who'd be willing to lend a hand and be given credit for their assistance. If you require compensation for your time, I'm unemployed, so I can't offer money, but if you play the Gen 6 games, I happen to have some Pokémon in my PC in Alpha Sapphire that don't see any use because they're extras from when I was breeding Pokémon for a competitive team (this includes a female Anorith with Swift Swim, its hidden ability). I may be able to provide other forms of compensation for you expending some of your time to help me, but please note that, at least for the time being, money is off the table (for now, anyway. I have others who I can obtain money from if necessary, but I can't pay large sums of money (large being above $20, seeing as I'm flat broke)).

However, anyone who helps out will be given the data I have stored in online documents about the non canon region the fic takes place in, as well as any info I have that isn't stored anywhere but in my head. I promise to make this worth your time if you help me out.

Thank you all in advance.