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help wanted

  1. Artisan-Cybersmith

    (HeartGold/SoulSilver) Moveset for technician Ambipom during main story

    Greetings! I require assistance in deciding on an moveset for my technician Ambipom. Currently I got... Strength (For overworld and battle usage) Double-Hit (Heard it was good for Technician Ambipom and benefit from STAB) Shadow Claw (Emergency Move in case my Scizor and Houndoom goes down...
  2. Chunky Ramen

    Characters wanted for a mediocre MHA FF (Still Accepting)

    This thread is still accepting major characters. SO. It's an AU. Not much else to say. Just different characters and where I waited until last night to make an actual debut with the AU. As for the plot line, it loosely follows the anime. And no, the main character does not have One for All, if...
  3. SweetAndScary

    Charater Designer/Ideas

    Ok...I'm really trying to make a GREAT STORY...But I still don't have enough Ideas for some of the characters and places they could go.....If you would like to help...That would be nice...and indeed very helpful.... *<_CHARACTER LIST_>* Human/pokemon Daren: Ohmae(abra) Adi: Hex(evee) (MY...
  4. MelodyMay

    Creating a fakemon region! Artist and/or creative partners needed.

    Hello, everyone :) My name is Melody and I am seeking partners to help me create a new fakemon region. This region will be used mainly for roleplays but possibly even fanfictions and a ROM hack if I can find a coder. But above all, this is just a project for fun :D I am mainly looking for an...
  5. L

    How to Make a Sprite for the Trainer Card Maker?: Answered!

    Hello! I'm brand a brand new member, although I've been using the trainer card maker for a while. I was wondering if there was any maker for the custom trainer sprites I've seen or are they just made and then uploaded. I would really appreciate the help! Thank you so very much~!
  6. Salintra Champion Jason

    Abandoned by original fanfic collab team. Please help.

    As the title of the thread states, the team for my fanfic, Pokémon: Neon Opal Version, seems to have abandoned me, leaving me to work on it alone. Both members were supporting authors, but they never contributed any written content to the fic back when I was trying to post it on Fanfiction.net...
  7. sonicdash759

    Fanfic help

    If you go to my page, you'll see Pokemon Beya. I'm a bit self concious as to my ability so...please give me some feedback. What looks good? What can I change? Also What about Nicole? Is she Mary Sue? Does she have flaws? Is she alright? Please help me out here...