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Creating a fakemon region! Artist and/or creative partners needed.

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Hello, everyone :) My name is Melody and I am seeking partners to help me create a new fakemon region. This region will be used mainly for roleplays but possibly even fanfictions and a ROM hack if I can find a coder. But above all, this is just a project for fun :D I am mainly looking for an artist as my boyfriend, who is helping me with this as well, and myself cannot draw. However, I wouldn't mind a third person I bounce ideas off of.

I don't have a name for the region yet, but I do have an idea for the beginning stages of the starters. This will be a full region with gyms, an elite four, an "evil" team (or at least a group with a corrupt leader like the Aether Foundation was with Lusamine). I plan for the pokedex to have around 155-175 pokemon.

If you're an artist, please include a sample of your work. I apologize beforehand, but I am not in a position to pay commission; at least, not for an entire pokemon region. As I said, this is a project for fun above all else and the artist working with us will have to be doing this for their own entertainment. Please message me if you are willing.

A creative partner will be just that, a partner that can help us flesh out fakemon, create design ideas, and all the stats and what nt that would bring the pokemon to life should I find a coder as well as give roleplayers and fanfiction authors an idea for the kind of pokemon they're dealing with. I already have a creative partner in my boyfriend so we only need one or two more. Please message me if interested.
While I do not have any samples of recent artwork of mine yet, I would certainly like to help. I can draw humanoids pretty decently, and I can completely understand if my style will need to be tweaked a bit, since it's more on the cartoony side of the spectrum. I can also work as a creative partner, having a couple of Fakemon ideas myself from my own half-abandoned project. I'll get to work posting the aforementioned artwork and give you the links, though I will warn you, I don't have the resources to create halfway decent digital art and thus draw traditionally.

Here are a few links to some of my works! I hope you'll have me as part of your team!

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I would be interested in helping out, though I will only work on Fakémon and trainer designs as I am quite busy at the moment in my life and those would be the easiest for me to draw.

Here's an example of a drawing I did 2 months ago
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