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1. you can talk in 1st person
2. you can only use Pokemon in the Alolan Pokedex http://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/alolapokedex.shtml (Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon - Alola Pokédex - Alola Pokédex)
3. to fight the champion or any other RPers use:
http://pokemonshowdown.com/ (Pokémon Showdown! battle simulator)
4. no Legendaries or UBs
5. start with 2 non evolved Pokemon (from Alolan dex only)
6. keep it PG-13
7. make a character with these features:
-Crush: (can be changed later)
-Fav Pokémon:
-Trainer Class:
-Other: (Misc. features)
8. Make a trainer card for your character

Here's my character:
-Age: 56
-Name: Steve Anderson
-Gender: Male
-Hometown: Malie City
-Appearance: tattered worn clothing, red toque,
-Personality: Smart, Selfish, Deceitful, Cunning, Rude
-Crush: No one
-Fav Pokémon: Lugia
-Goal: Travel through an Ultra Wormhole
-Trainer Class: Scientist
-Other: Speaks in an Irish accent.
-Pokémon: Mudbray and Grubbin.

P.S my pokemon showdon name is "lordbezard"

OOC: can someone please tell me how to put my trainer card into the post.
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Name: jayden
Appearance:trainer card show

A-ah hello there.... I'm Akagami, and a bit new and was hoping for helpful pointers and how to work this whole RP thing.... sorry if I did this wrong.....
Name: Akagami
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hometown: Pallet Town
Appearance: Long dark brown hair, gray cotton jacket, white t-shirt, black jeans, gray sandals
Personality: Shy, kinda tsundere, intelligent, spontaneous
Starter: Mimikyu
Nickname: Aka (pronounced Ah-kah)
Crush: None
Fav Pokemon: Mimikyu
Goal: Become a great scholar and musician
Trainer Class: Furisode Girl
Other: Pokeflute expert
Pokemon: Cleffa, Mimikyu


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Seeing how this thread contained no RP content whatsoever, it has been moved to the Discussion board. Read the rules, and when you actually start RPing, start a thread and link it to that one. Keep this one for character bios and the like - but posts made in the RP forums must contain in-character posts.
Hi there. Is this roleplay still open as i'm very much interested in joining! :)

-Age: 22

-Name: Molly Reed

-Gender: Female

-Hometown: Hau'Oli City

-Appearance: Platinum Blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes and creamy coloured skin. Though she always looks lost in thought, she is usually dressed appropraitely for the work in pale colours such as baby blue or pastel pink. Her most favoured choice of clothing however is a white shirt, brown coloured pencil skirt and a baby blue jacket that finishes at her knees. If she is out doing field work, her hair will be tied up into a romantic tuck and she wears a white floral print shirt and a knee length pleated pastel pink skirt with matching sneakers.

-Personality: If Molly was to be described like a pokemon, she would be timid in nature with the ability klutz. She has the patience and perseverance but has a tendency to get so involved in her work that time is quickly forgotten, becoming notorious amongst her friends for being late for meet up

-Crush: (can be changed later)Though she'll never say it out loud, her childhood friend Kukui. (OOC : I can change this for the RP if need be)

-Fav Pokémon: Mimikyu

-Goal: To become a Professor through her extensive research ofalternately coloured pokemon - also better known as shiny pokemon. She also has plans to make a line of teas that are both beneficial to pokemon and humans.

-Trainer Class: Travelling Lady

-Pokemon : lvl 18 Rowlet - Nickame : Pippin
Nature : Docile
Moveset : Leafage, Peck, Astonish, Growl
Personality : Pippin is an incredibly friendly pokemon who spends most of his time perched upon Mollys shoulder. Whilst Molly knows he should have evolved by now, he himself chose not to - though Molly suspects this to be because he didn't want to surrender his perching spot..

- Pokemon : lvl 13 Happiny - Nickname : Lulu
Nature : Bold
Moveset : Pound, Charm, Refresh, Sweet Kiss
Personality : Despite being small, Naani has a habit of coming out of her pokeball with an attitude, wanting to fight and get stronger, her small size bothering her as she wants to be able to protect her trainer.

(OOC : As for the 8th part, i'm not entirely sure how to make a pokemon trainer card)