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Ask to Join An absolutely original Galar journey


Previously Gamingfan2
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Mongolia sighed. "Of course he did. That boy always goes off without thinking. No matter, he was going to bring out a table stacked with endorsements, in his usual flashy way. Sonia?""Got it." the professor assistant saluted, rushing back into the house and coming out with a table. Endorsements were stacked neatly in piles on it. "Excuse me trainers! It appears Leon has left prematurely without giving out the actual endorsements. what a surprise. Please come over and obtain one."
Akira breathed a sigh of relief and was overjoyed when he got his endorsement. "Thanks, Mr. Leon said Akira as he picked up a Pokeball to a pokemon called Scorbunny. Soon after Sonia and Professor Magnolia gave out the letters of endorsement and Akira got everything he needed to go. "Wow, I can't wait to participate in this year's gym challenge, but first things first..." said Akira as he pulled out his Rotom phone. "Let's see, the opening ceremony in Motostoke's tomorrow so if I want to be on time I better make it to Motostoke by tonight," said Akira to himself. While Akira was looking at his phone he failed to notice his best friend Castor being attracted to a certain Lucario's paws that smelled faintly of honey. Akira only noticed when the Munchlax was already sniffing the Lucario and very close to licking it. Akira luckily returned that because he didn't want castor to probably get punched in the face. "I'm so sorry. Castor has a great sense of smell but if he catches a whiff of food and that's all he can think about." said Akira to the teen in a blue hoodie who Akira assumed was the Lucario's trainer. (@Gamingfan )
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Gregory smiled and gave a slow clap to the battlers before he turned to see Leon do something similar and suggest that he endorsed everyone. But as he left not knowing which way to go or not given everyone their endorsements which was left to Sonia, he couldn't help but chuckle. "I guess even champions have their flaws, am I right guys?" Gregory asked as he went to collect his endorsement, but instead of heading off, he decided to wait until any other interesting people left, Grookey and Rookidee both rested on either of his shoulders and looked around. They were in no rush to start their journey, so they figured it would be a good time to make friends... even though he had a bit of anxiety on saying the first word in a conversation.
John loudly sighed as he saw another queue forming. His Pawniard folded its arms and shook its head in sheer boredom. Sobble was resting in a Pokéball. Sobble was the only Pokemon that battled. He went up against a really young kid who only had a Scorbunny, so he was at a pretty big advantage, even without Pawniard, so he went easy on the kid and only used Sobble. But the kid ended up being better at battling then John initially thought, because it ended up being pretty down to the wire, even if he still defeated the young person.

"Ugh... surely there's a way easier way for this to work, right? Like we could just get a letter in the mail or something..." John said to himself as he saw the person in front of him look back in confusion.
"Thank you, ma'am," David said before giving the woman a smile and grabbing an endorsement from the nearby table. Placing Gumbo on his head and Grookey on his shoulder, he wondered what to do next. Well, he hasn't come up with a nickname for Grookey yet, and seeing as most of the newly endorsed trainers are still here, he was in no rush to leave.

"I'll call you... Pineapple!" The newly named Grookey chattered in response. David pat Pineapple on the head before smiling back at his partner. Her enthusiasm was infectious.

Considering leaving for Motostoke immediately, he stopped himself. This is the kind of thing you'd normally do in a group, right? He felt like he should find a partner to travel with him, at least until the opening ceremony. Looking around the area, He took particular notice to a boy with a Rookidee and a Grookey. He'd made quite a few first impressions today, hopefully he won't mess this one up.

"Um, excuse me? I just saw you grab your endorsement, you must be a Pokemon trainer too, right?" David said to the boy, his Pokemon curiously sizing him up. "I'm, uh, looking for someone to accompany me to Motostoke." He sighed internally. Hopefully he didn't come off too strong...

@Red Gallade
Gregory immediately smiled as he noticed someone walk up to greet him. "Hey there! Yes, I am a Pokemon trainer, easily told by the fact that I have a starter with me." He said as he petted Grookey's head. "And it's nice to see I ain't the only one who likes to go green." He added as he looked at David's Grookey just as his own did, clearly happy to see another of her kind. "My name's Gregory from Turffield, but you can call me Greg. These are my pals, Grookey and Rookidee." He said as he lightly gestured to the Pokemon on his shoulders who both gave a little noise in greeting.
David, relieved that his first impression went well, began to introduce himself. "Well, I'm David, and these two are Gumbo and Pineapple." Gumbo responded with an indifferent grunt, while Pineapple waved to her fellow Grookey. "I'm from Postwick, it's a small town not too far from here."

As he introduced himself, he considered telling Greg why exactly he wanted someone to come with him to Motostoke. It's not just because he felt like it, it's because he was scared of going into the city by himself. David had always had a fear of getting lost, and while Postwick and Wedgehurst were small enough to be easily navigated, Motostoke was huge. He'd be terrified of not being able to find his way over to the stadium. Even thinking about it now had him quivering a bit.

Snapping himself out of it, David continued his conversation with Greg. "You're, uh, probably heading to Motostoke too, right? That's where they're holding the opening ceremony."
"Most likely, I need to get my kit for when we take on the Gyms... even then, I'm a flamboyant dude who'll likely keep this coat with the uniform; If Gordie can pull off a stylish look with his uniform, why can't I?" Gregory asked while Rookidee gave an agreeing nod, Grookey simply kept her eyes on Pineapple. "Who knows what kind of Pokemon we encounter, I hope we find some really strong ones." He said with a confident look on his face as he began to slowly walk away from Magnolia's house to start his journey, his pace was slow so that David or anyone else could catch up.
Following Greg, David started getting excited again. "Speaking of Pokemon, there's a certain one I'm looking for. Have you heard of Sizzlipede? It's a rare Pokemon found near Motostoke." The look in his eyes shows he's really interested in finding this Sizzlipede. "It's fire and bug type, so it's strong against the grass-type Pokemon in the first Gym, and it fits perfectly into my current team, and it's really cool-looking, and... I'm rambling again aren't I?"

David looked down awkwardly. "...Sorry, I, uh, get like that sometimes. Anyways, I plan to have Sizzlipede be the first Pokemon I catch on my journey. I learned of it while researching the Galar Gym Challenge a few weeks ago and I really like it." He gave a somewhat awkward smile to Greg, hoping his rambling didn't weird him out.