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Nothing special this time just another bibi doodle i forgot to upload lol.
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1. Hurray!!! I FINALLY finished up her entire roster. Skeledirge and Ribombee are always on her team but the rest of em swap in and out of rotation.

2. Haven't gotten to draw too much because work has been absolutely KILLER lately. I feel like Larry.

3. Wanna hear my playlist thoughts? No? Too bad, I'm doing it anyways~ In general there's a lot of tracks from children's anime and video games, and I promise that's not just me being a turbo nerd, generally speaking I wanted the vibe to be lighthearted and sorta evocative of being in your early to mid teens and such, so that was a purposeful choice.

Bling bang bang born is just a super fun and bouncy track and its boastful lyrics work super well for her in the beginning of her story where she has next to no doubts about her abilities.
Standout lyrics: (Like....the entirety of the first verse lmao).
"Before I show them my true ability
My enemies run away without using their capability
Raising the bar makes me vеry happy
Cause I'm outstanding, absolutely at No. 1
As always, I upgrade mysеlf every day (Bling, bling, bling)
Don’t need anyone’s support cause I'm icier than your ice (Icy)
Might seem useless at first, but still, I'm very happy
I’m crazed…My crew is fed up
Blessed with great family and friends (Happy)
I'm illegally invincible, so guys, let me be in charge (Bang-bang-bang)
You won't find them in any textbooks or drill books
My words are a curse with truly BAD looks, listen"

Zoom zoom serves a very similar purpose, it's also the track I think is probably most reflective of what Bibi's actual taste in music would probably be like since she's a pretty modern girl, I think the trendier more contemporary sound of k-pop/hyperpop is more in line with her interests even if I tend to associate her more with like, mid 2000's j-pop/j-rock.
Standout lyrics: honestly the whole song just fits!
"You know I'm not afraid to go
Jump straight into the storm
Sit back, enjoy the ride (Ok, ok)
I don't care what they say
I want it all for me
Can't stop me
Let 'em all know that
I'm ready to take it on"

Heart to Heart off of the original pretty cure OST might feel a tad out of place here being a love song in a character whose story doesn't have a ton of romance going on, but the lower energy compared to the previous two tracks makes moving into the 4th one a little smoother I think? The almost Spanish sorta influence is a little nod to the fact that she's Paldean, and she is definitely a bit of a romantic so it's not too out of place character wise. I like the vocals of the German version of this song a bit better but the JP version feels cheesier and therefor more Bibi-ish.
Standout lyrics:
"heart to heart
My chest is almost bursting as I search for you
heart to heart
To keep wishing is to keep our dream alive
This is the world that transcends darkness and light"

Watashi wa Zutto Egao datta shi Asa no Uranai datte Warukunai Kitto Kyou mo Daijoubu Yoi Ichinichi ni Narimasu you ni. Oh Haniwa, I like your stuff but your titles are a beast.....There's no actual English TL for this song available unfortunately but going off my rough knowledge of JP and machine TL it's roughly "I've always been happy and my morning horoscope wasn't bad, surely, today will be fine too. I hope today will be good." The Haniwa tracks I like can be described as "pleasantly suffocating" at least in my opinion, and this one's no different. It's got a super distinct sense of pretending everything is going to be fine when it's not, which I think is great to convey that Bibi copes really unhealthily with her feelings of powerlessness/loneliness before she gets set straight. Plus the chanting is kinda reminiscent of the Area Zero OST! And uh....I'm sure you can guess what the scream reminds me of.
Standout lyrics: 2:45 - 3:23
"Let's stop telling such sad stories! I've always been happy. Even today I'm still smiling. Just yesterday, we all had a celebration party! There's not a single thing making me sad. There's not a single thing I'm lacking!
That's right! Let's gather together again tomorrow and have a party just like this! It will surely be a fun party!
I've always been happy and my morning horoscope wasn't bad, surely, today will be fine too. I hope today will be good"

No One Lives Forever, well, this one's all in the title. Grappling with death and her own mortality but after the comparatively calm piece before it we're kicking up the energy again. Rather than cheery though it's more frantic than anything, since post Area Zero Bibi is all nerves, like a rubber band ready to snap at any second, flinching at sudden movements like a scared animal.
Standout lyrics:
"I'm clever as can be
And I'm very quick
But don't forget
We've only got so many tricks
No one lives forever"

Dead! is continuing on with the mood set by the track before it, you'd honestly think there'd be MORE black parade tracks on this list given it's an album about being diagnosed with cancer and she's already had to struggle with being incredibly ill early in life. There's a lot of emotions I think are captured well in this track, the sort of fearful incredulity you feel when some horrible piece of news hits you, all the contemplation about what people are going to say about you when you're gone, realizing that you've only got so much time to live your life and regretting all the things you haven't done before it all gets cut short. All that juicy stuff without getting any less noisy than the song prior!
Standout lyrics:
"Have you heard the news that you're dead?
No one ever had much nice to say, I
Think they never liked you anyway
Oh, take me from the hospital bed
Wouldn't it be grand? It ain't exactly what you planned
And wouldn't it be great if we were dead?"

Storyteller is perhaps the least thematically/lyrically relevant but it's honestly just such a great track to imagine someone picking themselves up from a low point to. I've brought it up before as a potential "VS" theme for Bibi since I think the tone captures the vibe of someone looking back on past mistakes and forging a new path forward.
Standout lyrics:
"Ooh! What's so worth nothing
Ooh! What's worth a bad thing
There is no need for sorrow
Great songs will never die"

Extras, conversely, maybe has the least Bibi-ish sound, the metal screaming is a little too discordant, the chorus is a wee bit too soft, but the lyrics are just very her.
Standout lyrics:
"I stumble many times
I might get hurt
But I keep on running
Who'd walk out on the street
Bothered about
Bumps in the road?
I'm scared of the laughter but
I love to laugh myself
Hear the words I only like
So let's smile and laugh"

Shining star brings us back to the soft and cheesy with another pretty cure OST lol. A song from a series about a pair of characters who have to fight together works well since the climax of Bibi's story/character arc revolves around her teaming up with Carmine and then Kieran to take down Terapagos. It's a cute and triumphant piece and super nostalgic to me.
Standout lyrics:
"You know no matter how strong you are a day will come that stops you in your tracks
I love you because you'll fight through endless uncertainty
When you feel you can't move, go forward with unwavering courage"

And finally, Prove is here, and like bling bang bang born, no one lives forever, and storyteller it's another track I've brought up before. Rather than prove herself in the eyes of other people, by the time her story's about wrapped up her main concern is proving to herself that she can do better as a person rather than just as a trainer lol.
Standout lyrics:
"One step at a time
No matter how long it takes
I will make the climb
Learn from the mistakes I’ve made

When times are looking tough
I will be looking up to you
I found a better life
That’ll be the one that I choose"

so I really wanted to limit that playlist to 10 songs, but if you want some bonus tracks......

Macaroni is just the kind of oldschool j-pop that I would soundtrack a softer moment featuring Bibi to, all warm and fuzzy like how she gets with her friends
Standout lyrics:
"Even if it comes to an end someday
until then I want to protect you
I want to be forever in this kind feeling
how long can we spend huddled close together?"

As for plastic girl by capsule, see above.
Standout lyrics:
"Ah, I fall in love even though I’m plastic.
Even my manicure is his favorite color
But I’m not any good at choosing what words to say in conversation,
la la la, my heart short circuits"

Thank you!! is another song I think Bibi herself might actually enjoy and it's a good post-character-development type song.
Standout lyrics:
"Nobody can go on living just on their own
We each take care of one another
And talk it over when we misunderstand each other
I wanna throw my head back and laugh together"

May you alone be happy was an alternative pick to track 4 as another Haniwa track but geez, this one's a little TOO miserable, and very very low energy and toned down despite the edgier lyrics.
Standout lyrics:
"Now’s the time for transformation, because our enemies are right before our eyes, anDEATHHHHHHHH beside our eyes are our friends given in to the Four Noble Truths."
"We’re invincible, we’ve got nothing to be afraid of!”
Eyaaay! We’re rooting for you! You’re everyone’s hero.
Hey. You were serious, right?"
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But let's be serious nobody came here to read all that. Here's some more old doodles and such, one of these days I promise you I'll sit down and dig through my folders and post everything that's collecting dust in there.

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Wow. That's amazing! Bibi's Ribombee looks awesome. I wish I could animate.
Thanks a million! It's never EVER too late to pick up new skills, I myself am just learning (ok, well, relearning, i learned the very basics of animation in middle school but I'm a whole adult with a job now, so i'm honestly back at square one) if you've got an art program that runs on your computer I assure you, you totally CAN animate! Things like time restraints and life struggles always get in the way of creativity but my sincere hope is that you never give up on making stuff you love, it's intimidating to try new things, but very worth it.

here's an older doodle! this one was for the prompt "draw your OCs birthday party" ft bibi, the area zero crew, and kitakami siblings all watching a movie

these were some attempts to replicate the gen 1-3 artstyle


and a little relationship chart i doodled to explain what her relationships are generally like