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Arts of the one bad with titles (working title)


Previously PrincessPika~chan
I'll make an outline of all the works I'll be keeping, double check I've still got the files, upload them elsewhere, post them here and link the work names to the posts with them in, for organisation's sake.

Table of contents:
-BanG Dream art​
-Anime scenes recreated by Bandori characters:​
-MHA art​
-Pokemon art​
-Evilious Chronicles art​
-Misc. fanart​
-Parody Performance​
-yet untitled band/idol story​
-The Silver Heart of Power​
-Akarna Beasts​
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Posted for Rinko's birthday (October 17th) back in 2020~

Original work description:
Not too special, but I did only have about half a day soo...
Happy Birthday Rinko~

Also, please never ask me to do a geometric design on clothes. It's too intimidating. I didn't even try this time because the design on Rinko's Autumn/Winter overdress is way, way more complex than Nezuko's kimono.

Edit: Ah crap of course. Charms hates imagebb... hold on...
Okay looks like I'll be using Imgur.
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Posted for Kaoru's birthday (February 28th) in 2021~

Original work description:
I think I'll use this art style for all birthday drawings.
Though, maybe not with banners with somewhat complex kanji...

Present-day comments:
I didn't keep that art style up for any other drawings, did I?
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Posted for Ran's Birthday (April 10th) in 2021~

Original work description:
Dumb title because lack of word-y creativity.
It's Ran's birthday. So Moca sent her a parcel via bread balloons.


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Posted for Yukina's birthday (October 26th) in 2021~

Original work description:
...This couldn't have been just half an hour or so. 40 minutes? No way... I mean, it is a quick doodle but still...

Anyways, here's a quick birthday doodle of Yukina– catgirl style!


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Cheery Farewell~


Posted January 31st 2022, following the closure of AAside...

Original work description:
Ugh my titling skills–
*sigh* To say I'm not entirely proud of this is a bit of an understatement... I thought this artstyle would be really cute but...
Anyways, who designs a main character with such difficult-to-draw hair...? So frickin' curly it was so hard, but still kinda fun, to draw...

Present day comments:
I still don't like this art style.
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Previously PrincessPika~chan

Rem and Ram~


Original posted as a late birthday drawing for Rem and Ram (February 2nd) back in 2020.

Original work description:
I wish I had known earlier yesterday that it was Rem and Ram's birthday, buuut who cares if it's only a day late?
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Previously PrincessPika~chan

Prepare for the chibi attack...


Originally posted on September 9th in 2020.

Original work description:
More practice in this chibi-like art style.
This time with the cutest demon girl ever, Nezuko~

It would've took five hours more at least if I'd done the full kimono design... still cute regardless~

Present day comments:
I'm honestly surprised I didn't draw a ton of chibis and/or Demon Slayer fanart around this time.
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Previously PrincessPika~chan


Originally posted for Rem's birthday (February 2nd) in 2022.

Original work description:
Rem's birthday today~!
I decided to try digitally colouring some traditional art which I drew out of boredom.
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Previously PrincessPika~chan

Cute Fire Bunny


Originally posted February 27th 2019.

Original work description:
This Pokemon is so cuowtwei! I mean look at it, it's just so adworabwlew and cuowtwei!

Anyways, I tried out a new art style, quite an easy one, to be honest, and it looks as adorable as it is adorable.

Present day comments:
This became my third most-liked work, as I recall.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Manga-style drawing


Originally posted on July 17th in 2020.

Original work description:
Maaaaybe I went over the top with the effects, but who cares~

Michaela is cute. Her hair is easy to do, but a pain to do well, especially when you start the drawing with one of her pigtails and not her face.


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Originally posted on September 20th in 2020.

Original work description:
Honestly I dunno what happened.
I drew an arm, then a rough figure, then I thought it looked like Banica somehow. So I drew Banica.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Some fiction outfits make no sense...


Originally posted on September 26th in 2020.

Original work description:
This is one of them.
Like seriously is that button up by the collar just for decoration or...?

Anyways, next up is... probably gonna be Gumina or Allen.

Present day comments:
I'm not proud of the head, but the posing–


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Some traditional art for a change



Originally posted on October 20th in 2020.

Original work description:
My favourite drawing here has to be Germaine's, then again I drew her literally just now, months after the others.
Also I learnt that Sharpies aren't easy to blend into one colour when I started these... :D~

Anyways... I think these each took about... ten-twenty minutes? Not sure.
I've also got another months old traditional drawing from this series which I'll post soon~
...Hate my camera quality though so I might not.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

The proper drawing of the bubbly singer~


Originally posted on December 7th in 2021.

Original work description:
This time, with her hair clips and the full, updated school uniform~
...Wait I forgot the school crest on the pocket-

"Ah yeah, how could I forget? It's kinda odd, huh? Well, anyway, looks like you're the last one to reach that milestone, huh?"

Part of the description of the other drawing of her that I'm not proud of enough to move:
A third-year high-school student and (eventual) leader and vocalist of a six-member rock band, consisting of all people in her year; five girls, including herself, and one guy.
She took up singing because of Roselia, but she didn't think of starting a band until one of her friends recommended they form one for the school festival.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Arrogant Band Leader


Originally posted on January 3rd in 2022.

Original work description:
Don't ask what I was thinking when I came up with his outfit. I don't know.

Anyway, this is a 15-year-old American guy who attends the Japanese branch of an international school, or something. He's incredibly smart, which is likely the source of his arrogant nature. He believes his band is better than the rival one set up in his school by virtue of his presence in it. He loves maths and coding, though he doesn't want people to know he's into web design too much.
He's the lead guitarist of his band.

Present day comments:
A couple things I forgot to mention. One, his hair's dyed. And two, he is far from the main character in this story, yet was the second one I drew. I haven't uploaded the first drawing 'cause it's... really bad.


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Originally posted on January 2nd 2020 and February 8th 2021.

Original work descriptions:
'The scales covering an Akarna-ya's body are so smooth there is no chance anything, not even a tiny bug, could enter in-between its scales. Meeting an Akarna-ya is the closest anyone can possibly come to meeting one of the Akarna themselves, as Akarna-ya borrow power directly from the "truest" Akarna, the Akarna of Light.
'The musical talent of an Akarna-ya is unmatched, as their songs can sound anywhere, even if the Akarna-ya itself is not present. Strangely, the Akarna-ya's arms radiate light magic passively, even when it's asleep.'

'Most scaled creatures have stronger magic the smoother the scales, however that isn't the case with the Akarna-nu, as they draw their power directly from the Akarna of Darkness.
'Masters of imitation, the Akarna-nu often mimic other creature sounds to distract foes in combat. Despite it's immense strength and dark powers, Akarna-nu are herbivores, much to many people's surprise.'
'This is the weakest of the creatures bearing power derived from one of the three main Akarna, due to both rough scales and, like most, indirectly receiving its power. Being the closest tied to the Akarna of Balance, the Akarna-me know that a balance between good and bad actions will always be kept, so rarely interfere.
'The Akarna-me frequently wave their tail tips, which creates vibrations that are barely perceivable to human ears. No-one knows why, in part due to the creature's elusiveness'

Present day comments:
I'm surprisingly proud of these.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Onoto and Young Hope


Originally posted on April 2nd in 2021.

Original work description:
*sigh* It took a bit over a day to draw these two, the in-game versions of the two main characters of this story.
I don't really like the highlight style I used for Onoto's eyes and I still don't know how to draw fringe-less hair well, but I'd say she looks pretty nice~
Then there's 'Young Hope,' who... I don't know what to say. She was fun but tiring to draw.


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Originally posted on December 26th in 2021.

Present day comments:
I ran a quick poll and both votes were for her being an MHA character so... yeah~
I also only now realised a typo I made in the file name... haha... so embarrassing...~
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Previously PrincessPika~chan

Idol Outfit


Originally posted on November 6th in 2021.

Original work description:
*sigh* Why do I design things I will never use? It's pretty, at least.
The red would be a different colour for each member of the unit that uses this outfit that will probably never exist.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Another Idol Outfit


Originally posted on December 9th 2021.

Original work description:
This one looks way cooler than the last.
I had a randomly generated design prompt again. This one was basically "Chinese-inspired outfit with beads, a choker and a skirt that's part-shorts."
The key parts, at the start and end of that summary, made me think of a single-slitted qipao, so I based it of my faint memories of outfits like that.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

A Chuunibyou Idol


Originally posted on December 24th in 2021.

Original work description:
I accidentally made her casual outfit look so much more like a stage costume. Whoops.

Anyways, I was looking at this idol generator and I got a really cool concept so... I drew her!
A Chuunibyou from America, she moved to Japan when she was young and currently is a first-year high schooler living with her four older siblings. Despite being a Chuunibyou, she's an introvert. She loves doing magic tricks that add to her Chuunibyou-ness. She loves drawing clothing ideas, but the costume designer and the leader of her idol unit don't like most of what she comes up with.
At home, she drops her Chuunibyou persona, unless doing magic tricks, and is, perhaps surprisingly, very reliable, though a little slow at doing some chores.
Her birthday is July 14th.

...Oh c'mon what am I going to use all this info for? Why did I write down my interpretations of some of the things in that generator?


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Mini art dump...


Originally posted on October 6th 2021.

Original work description:
Sigh, I forgot what the guy's deal is, I think he has grass powers or something...

The girl's an ordinary, bird-loving high-schooler, from a different country to where she lives now, who lives alone with all her birds~ I really like her hair.

And then ice cream.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

"I see..."


Originally posted on August 6th in 2021.

Original work description:
No idea on this character's name or gender but I really like this design~
Someone really kind, with a thin, but always gentle smile.

Any name suggestions are appreciated.

Present day comments:
...Why does the 6th seem to be my favourite day for uploading stuff?


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Bouncy Crystal~


Originally posted on July 7th in 2021.

Original work description:
Been meaning to draw finish a drawing of Ruriko since the first RP but...~

I forgot the chest highlights-
Eh, that's usually where I mess up. It looks good enough, anyways.

Present day comments:
To those wondering why I put this under 'Misc' not 'MHA fanart,' that's because she's a character of my own creation, so it doesn't seem like true 'fanart' to me~ I could (and probably should) make a section for my RP characters, though...


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Flower Vase


Originally posted on June 22nd in 2019.

Present day comments:
As I was uploading this, I came across such a random name – 'Flowerline Tulip.'
I now have to check what the hell that picture is...~


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Halloween Tree


Originally posted on October 3rd in 2019.

Original work description:
That moon is giving of an... odd light...

And yes, I am getting into the Halloween spirit *ba-dum-tisssss* a little early, but considering how late I was with the sprites last year, I think I need to get a head start on this stuff.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Giant Rock


Originally posted on November 6th (sigh) in 2019.

Original work description:
I was bored, noticed some pixel art tutorials/tips that I bookmarked and drew this.

Don't ask why there's an explosion next to the rock/mountain/boulder/whatever or the fact that there are flowers, grasses and a tree that are disproportionately big. I have no idea to either of those facts.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

How times have changed


Originally posted on March 11th 2020.

Present day comments:
This became my most liked work, as I recall. My most liked actual drawing was 'Cute Fire Bunny,' I think~


Previously PrincessPika~chan

(Mini?) Art Dump...


Originally posted on April 21st 2021.

Original work description:
First two are both a character of mine, third and fourth are completely random, fifth is a colour palette challenge and sixth is... it was supposed to be a snow globe but it looks more like a magic door~


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Tsuyu, Leap!


Originally posted as a late birthday drawing for Tsuyu (February 12th) back in 2020~

Original work description:
Casual reminder that I can't consistently draw decent-looking hands for the life of me.
Also a reminder that Tsuyu's birthday was yesterday~

Present day comments:
I saved moving this for last because of a small superstition from last time I uploaded this...


Previously PrincessPika~chan



It's been... a month. A month since I started this show. A month since I decided to draw him.
And I finally got around to the drawing.
Sketched the pose in like 20 minutes on paper and then spent most of the afternoon and evening yesterday and good hour or two at least today working on drawing it on my computer.

Don't ask about the background.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

"Did I hear that right?"


...I resolved to draw this when I finished the last anime I used for an anime watching challenge... in May...
It's been a month and a week and I didn't even put in as much detail as I wanted to--

Anyways, this was inspired by an actual scene from the anime~ I may have made him look a bit too cute but shrug
2/4 completed. Next up is... oh that should be easy~ It'll be done in another two and a half months~


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Nayuta doodles~



Whew... I drew these yesterday but, because of procrastination, forgot to send to my computer and redraw until the middle of the afternoon...

#1 -- Nayuta standing on a poorly-drawn sofa to stand above his bandmates (reminder Ryo is tied second tallest character and Miyuki is the tallest, at 182cm and 183cm respectively)

#2 -- Nayuta sitting at a chair, probably working on a new song, when Nyankotarou shows up and distracts him.

#3 -- Obvious what this one is...~ In the middle of a performance.

#4 -- Nayuta reluctantly celebrating his birthday. Because, y'know... it's his birthday today~ 12th of September~


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Pretty Mage~



Rinko's birthday today~! Here's a drawing of her game avatar to celebrate – drawn in one afternoon, probably around two and a half hours, to be precise (but not accurate...~)
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



The crowd cheered as the duo walked on stage.

Yuki spoke up first, “Good evening, everyone. We’re Re:vale.”

Momo hopped up, arms in the air and a wide grin on his face, “I’ve got something special to tell you all today!”

Yuki sighed, looking over at Momo, “They can’t hear it if you don’t have your microphone next to your mouth.”

The crowd laughed and Momo made a slightly surprised expression, before returning to his usual smile. “Ah! You’re right.” he flung his right arm over Yuki’s shoulders, “What would I ever do without youuu~?” he turned to the crowd and let out a small laugh, before bringing his left arm, holding the microphone, down to his face. “Anyway. You guys know what today is, right? It’s the birthday of the one and only–” Momo lifted his right arm off of Yuki’s shoulders, “Me!” he pointed down at himself with right hand, “And so, today’s show is a Momo-themed extravaganza! You know that stall outside that was selling peach tarts? That’s part of the festivities too!”

Yuki smiled at Momo, before turning back to face the crowd. “Well, let’s all celebrate Momo’s birthday together! Our first song is–”

“Wait wait!” Momo cut in, having turned to face Yuki, “Let me do that!”

Yuki sighed, a smile on his face, “Alright then. Go ahead.”

Momo’s smile widened, before turning back to the crowd. “Our first song is SILVER SKY!”

Amidst a loud applause, the duo walked of stage and headed back to the greenroom. In there, laid out on the centre table, was a large pie, surrounded by paper plates and bottles of Momo’s beloved peach-and-apple drink. Off to the side, their manager, Rinto, was clearing some space on one of the make-up desks for a wine cooler.

Momo looked at the spread with widened eyes and mouth, before turning to Yuki with a smile.

“Happy birthday, Momo.” Yuki said, smiling back at Momo and lightly patting his shoulder.

With that, Rinto noticed their presence. “Ah! Good work out there today! Honestly I am still a bit surprised you wanted to do a show on your birthday, Momo-kun, but...”

“I mean there’s no better way to spend a birthday then doing what you love with the people you love, right?” Momo cheered, flinging his arms around Yuki.

“Yeah, yeah...” Yuki looked away, though he was still smiling.

Rinto cleared his throat, “It appears the audience is asking for an encore, so I think–”

“Yup, it’s fine, I can wait!” Momo cut in, turning to leave, but before he did, he turned back, “Oh, Okarin! Go ask them to all come back here too, okay?”

“Huh?” Yuki looked a little confused.

“You invited all our kouhai here right?” Momo leaned forward.

“Ah, right. Yeah, I did.” Yuki sighed, “I was planning on inviting them to your party, but since you decided your party would be a show... naturally I got them tickets.” he cleared his throat and neatened his hair a bit, “Come on; let’s not keep our fans waiting.”

The two returned to the stage, amidst even louder applause than when they first stepped up.

In the end, they performed five more songs as encores. As they returned to their greenroom again, Momo yawned.

“Ahhhhh... so tired...!” he mumbled.

“Come on, you’ve still got your party to go to.”

“Oh yeah...” Momo muttered, “Well maybe I won’t fall asweep there...” he yawned again.

Yuki sighed, opening the door to the greenroom and gently pushing Momo in ahead of him.

“Happy birthday Momo-san!”

“Happy birthday, Momorin.”

“Happy birthday Momo-kun!”

There came the echoes of 10... no, 12 voices. In addition to the crowd, several chairs had been set up.

Momo jumped in shock, “Huh? Ban-san and Manekko-chan, you came too?!”

“Well, of course I’d also invite Ban.” Yuki stated, very matter-of-factly. “But...”

Tsumugi cleared her throat, “Well, I was going to be driving all of IDOLiSH7 here, but I didn’t particularly want to wait outside for the whole time and I also didn’t want to bother you, Yuki-san, by asking for another ticket, so I got one myself. I hope you don’t mind.”

Yuki nodded, “I se–”

“Alright kids! Let’s all figure out how to make Yuki’s birthday the best possible party!” Momo cheered, jumping up and down.

“...I see. Well, it’s up to Momo if you can stay and I think he’s fine with it.” Yuki finished. “...Speaking of which, it’s hard to believe he was yawning just a moment ago... honestly.” he sighed, muttering to himself as he looked over at the excitedly bouncing around Momo.

Gaku smiled, “That’s the ever-kind Tsumugi for you. Honestly, I’m a little jealous of I7, because of that. Sure, our manager’s really nice too but... she’s not at that same level of kindness, you know? Haha,” he laughed. Tenn, who was standing next him, started to glare at him. Feeling the increase in tension, Ryuunosuke squeezed in between the two.

“Hey, this looks like it’ll be one amazing party!” he cheered, catching Momo’s attention.

“Yup! Everyone, feel free to grab as many bottles of juice as you want!” Momo cheered, grabbing one of the bottles and opening it.

“We also have champagne and beer, if any of you old enough would prefer.” Yuki added, walking over to the cooler where they were stored. He reached for a can of beer, but someone grabbed hold of it before he could. Yuki looked up to see who. Yamato had already turned his back to Yuki and, as if he’d been unaware Yuki was even there, casually walked off, a small psst sound indicating he’d opened the can.

Yuki stayed staring at him for a while, a look of mild annoyance on his face, his head tilted over his shoulder. After a while like that, he sighed, grabbed another can and walked off.

Everyone began to chat amongst themselves. In that chatter and laughter, Sogo walked up to Momo.

“Um, excuse me, Momo-san but... that pie is sort of like a birthday cake, right?” he asked, tilting his head slightly towards the table.

“Oh, yeah, I’m pretty sure! You hungry?”

“Oh, no I’m not. And there’s no need to rush the party, even if I were.” Sogo shook his head, “But, thank you for telling me,” he bowed at an almost 90 degree angle, before standing back up and walking over to Tamaki.

Momo watched the interaction between the duo – Sogo said something to Tamaki, who looked a little mad. Ah, perhaps it was like that then.

Momo slammed the bottle he was holding on the table and yelled “Alright! Let the pie-cutting commence!”

At that, the chatter stopped and everyone’s attention focused back on Momo. Sogo jumped a bit, stumbling over his words a little as he spoke too quickly, reiterating his earlier statement on rushing the party. However, Momo payed no attention to him and continued talking.

“Hm, but fifteen slices isn’t easy to cut evenly... I know, sixteen and we play a game to decide who gets the extra slice!” he said, the cake slice in hand. He then cut the pie evenly, grabbed one slice and placed it on one of the paper plates – the only one that wasn’t plain, having “Momo” written on it in a bold, bright pink font. He grabbed the plate and a fork and flopped into the nearest chair. “Everyone help yourselves!”

With that, Tamaki slowly edged closer to the table, looking at Sogo, who sighed and walked over to the table. Sogo served himself and Tamaki each a slice of the pie. Gaku walked up to the table and held out his hand for the slice, which Sogo quickly handed over. As Gaku placed his slice on to the plate, he bumped into Tsumugi.

“Ah, if I may I could–” Gaku spoke hurriedly, a slight blush on his face, as he pointed at the pie.

“Oh no, no need I can get it myself.” Tsumugi smiled, waving her hands in front of her face.

As that conversation was going on, Momo cut through a large part of his slice with his fork and stuffed his face. When he swallowed that mouthful, he cheered out “Delicious! It’s peach and apple right?!”

Yuki nodded, as he was handed the slice. “I asked the guy running the stall outside if he could make a jumbo sized pie and well” he shrugged, “Turns out he could.”

“Ahhh~! Yuki, you’re the best! I love you!” Momo cheered, mouth full with more pie.

“Yeah yeah.” Yuki said, a small smile on his face, as he walked over to Momo and sat in a chair next to him.
It's the birthday of the cute member of Re:vale today, Momo~!
I initially planned to just caption it with a couple lines of dialogue... which turned into a skit... which turned into that story~

Anyway, the picture took about 2.5-3 days in total, maybe. One afternoon for the paper sketch, half an afternoon to a full after noon for relining and and entire day for colouring and the background.
I wanted the background to be more... detailed than this. But I only had like ten more minutes so... better to be mediocre than unfinished, right?
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Yup~ It's now the birthday of the more serious member of Re:vale, Yuki~
I made it so the two pictures (mostly) seamlessly fit together next to one another...~ Because while on their own, they may be far from my favourite characters, as a group they are the best~ ...Or something~

Yes, I forgot his scarf. His outfit was already complicated enough.

Nest drawing will be posted on the 14th of January~ (I hope)


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Kaguya pixel art~

Kaguya Pixel Art~.png

A stupid mistake caused all the mountains of effort I put into a banner reading "Happy Birthday Kaguya" to go to waste, but nonetheless.
Happy New Year's everyone~ And yeah, Kaguya's birthday too~!


Previously PrincessPika~chan



...I am still impressed at how good the card backs look–
Ya' can't tell the logo was legible but had to be shrunk down to an illegible size, though. I put way too much effort there.

I still need to work on shading.

Oh, and the point~ I drew this for today because today's the day that the new season of Cardfight starts! Well, in my timezone it technically started yesterday but shrug I'm starting it today~
Yes yes the new season doesn't have Aichi in it but Aichi is better than any and all of the Dress series characters and nothing can change my mind.
Art of the best Dress series character will come celebrating the final episode, probably.


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the pretty, younger guitarist of the second best band in the series, Reon Misono~

"Haha, you guys really didn't need to do all this... thanks though."
"Ah, it's a really special day, though. At least you're happy."
"Yeah, what Ryo-chin said. Come on, the party's barely started!"

Putting aside how he is kinda pretty and how he's funny when his bandmates constantly annoy him – making him one of my favourites – I drew this 'cause I decided... I'd draw a picture for every birthday of an ARGONAVIS character for this year (and going slightly into next year)
Since each drawing takes up half a page in my sketchbook and I don't want an empty half page when I'm done, I'm not 100% sure what I'll do for the twins. I'll decide once I've done whoevers' birthday is right before.
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