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Arts of the one bad with titles (working title)


Previously PrincessPika~chan

"From Zero"


...Didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but nonetheless.
The first of my series of "anime scene recreated by Bandori characters" is a drawing of a character in a (slightly simplified) collab outfit – surely an easy starting point 'cause no need for designing the outfit/hairstyle myself – and it's Rinko's collab outfit, which is so precious to me~
Oh and it's Rem's birthday sooo...~

Scene is from:
Episode 18 of Re:Zero season 1.

Rinko Shirokane as Rem (because collab outfit)


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the leader and vocalist of the second best band in existence and best of the series, who's full name is very long, Feli~

"Ah, thank you so much! This is so great! Ah, I don't suppose there's anything left for me to help with in the kitchen is there?"
"...! Uhm..."
"Daimon's got it all under control! You should just relax okay? It's your birthday after all."

Yup, the second of this series of ARGONAVIS birthday fanart posts, this time for the character who used to be my second favourite for the longest time, 'cause he leads the gothic regal Chuunibyou flower band, as I describe it~
I prepped this waaaay too far in advance though. I saved this picture on the 7th...~
Anyway. I decided, for whatever reason, that the high-school characters would have five balloons in the corner, the first-year university students would have three, and the third-year university students and working adults would have two.
No idea what I'll do for Shu (middle school) or Ryo (second-year university). But based on Ryo being best boy and my current plan for the twins I'll be drawing a lot of balloons in June...~
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Now today's the day I regret doing this thing where I draw birthday fanart for every character the birthday of the annoying flirt, Miyuki Sakaigawa.

"Haha, thanks guys. This is a great party. How about we head out for bit this evening?"
"That sounds nice~ But isn't there..."
"We have band practise this evening, so it'll have to be after... and if you fixate on that too much you might not get to go out at all."

...I don't have much else to say. Just how do I shade clothes.
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the... the trombonist, Aoi Wakakusa~

"You guys...! This is so great, you even actually kept it surprise this time! ...You didn't do anything stupid did you?"
"Huh? Why'd you think that?"
"Yeah! We just had to throw a super-mega-awesome party for ya', y'know!"

...Yeah that was too difficult to come up with an intro line. Proof I barely care about Fuurai.
Also I'm now, finally, adding those mini-conversations I've been meaning to add~ They've been added retroactively too~


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of none other than the cute and adorable main character, Ren Nanahoshi~!

"Ah, everyone...! I... I don't know what say..."
"That's fine! Just sing as much as you want! It's your day so do whatever you want! And then the–"
"Yuu! That's supposed to be a surprise! Haha... well, anything you want to do today, just say it and we'll help out however we can. Ah, but we won't tell you the surprise!"

He is cute~


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Dammit why'd I decide to detail all her cards too it took me all afternoon but hey at least I can share this, watch that final episode and get back to more important things, like gifing nine episodes of an anime in under 24 hours.
ahem As I promised twelve weeks ago, art of the best character from the D-series of Cardfight to celebrate the final episode of will+Dress s2 airing~

The scenario I envision in this picture is this: Mirei's spread out her deck on the porch, waiting for her right-hand to come and go through some new cards with her. While waiting, she grabbed one of the cards and held it close to her chest. And she's just heard her right-hand finally show up~
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the far too busy and hard-working guitarist of the best band in the series, Tomoru Kurokawa~

"Ah, right, it's my birthday... I didn't get any sleep last night so I forgot..."
"...I was right, the best present would be to let him get sleep right after dinner."
"Yeah, you can rest up if you want to. Don't push yourself too hard 'kay?"

So, at the start of the month, when I was working relentlessly on the Mirei and Ren pictures, I was like "Oh I hope the next ARGO birthday isn't on the 5th or something." I check and heaved a sigh of relief at yay, it's the 12th. But I also kinda went "Heh, would've been funny if it was earlier. 'Cause I'd be working almost as hard as Tomoru on all these pictures."

Then I forgot to start the drawing until the 10th and procrastinated for a couple hours yesterday so I only finished this today and spent way too long glued to my computer screen anyway...~
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the bassist of the main band, Wataru Matoba~

"Oh come on, it's not like it's much of a surpri– ah, wait this is– this is amazing!"
"Haha, told you it was gonna be a surprise! Now come on, as you can see, we've got tons of sweets for you so dig in!'"
"...Some of these were handmade by yours truly. I think the only difference would be that they aren't as sickeningly sweet."

...The face still looks wrong. I picked a hard expression to try and draw...

On the bright side, I finally remembered the way did the balloons first time, I think~
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Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of this bubbly always, always cheery vocalist, Fuuta Kaminoshima.

"Ahhh! This really is the best! Ya'll the bestest! C'mon, group hug! Ah, I know what I wanna go do first–"
"Ha, never change, Fuuta. That energy's what makes you you."
"Yeah. It's your boundless and wild energy that keeps us going and having as much fun as we do."

Well, two out of three of my least favourite characters done... the only one who remains is him. I like the solution I've planned out for the twins' picture...

Anyways. I feel like I'm getting much-needed experience drawing shirt collars and shading clothes through these drawings.
...Anyone got any ideas as to why Fuuta has a winged cat on his hoodie though?


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the drummer of the best band in the series, Daimon Kusunoki~

"Ah, you really went to all this trouble huh? Heh... thanks."
"Fufu, it's only natural. You've helped out a lot, a fanciful party with a one-of-a-kind cake is natural!"
"Feli-san hasn't told anyone exactly what flavour the cake is... but visually at least I think you'd like it, Daimon-san."

shrug Don't have much else to say.

Next up is... ohhh boy... yeah... no matter how many times I look upon the screenshot of my first ever all perfect, I feel like the week leading up to the 16th will definitely make up most of the time in my entire life I have and will ever look at pictures of that character... eh, doesn't matter.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Aichi is best~


Yup, three version of the same picture and the lineart from the paper portion~

It's Aichi's birthday so... I cut down on the time I'd have to prepare for the next birthday drawing I'd scheduled myself by drawing a picture of him~

Yes some parts are kind scuffed but... I did do this in only five days, spending basically every moment I could on my computer working on it, especially for the second version...~

Fun fact: I used cloud brushes not only for the clouds in the background of the second version, but also for the trees and the glowy effect on the combined version~


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the quiet, precious guitarist and secondary vocalist with a brilliant voice, Haruka Nijo~

"Huh? What's up with this? These colours... no, there's no way it's just for me..."
"Actually that is the idea, Haruka-kun. This party is indeed just for you."
"Yeah yeah! Mine'll be in the evening, so this afternoon's all about you, Aniki!"
"Gh–, get off of me–! ...I don't care anyway. I hate parties... just leave me alone."
"Hm, as I expected. Well, what should we tell the guests?"
"...Well, if the person the party's for isn't showing, that alone's not a real reason to cancel it, is it?"

...Oh, yeah. And his twin.

Before anyone says anything this is literally the first time I've tried side-on-perspective since I started considering myself a competent artist.
I was tempted to just get rid of the lineart I made for him 'cause I somehow still couldn't get the pose right even with rotation... but I put too much effort in and I didn't want it to go to waste...


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the cool and pretty Chuunibyou-y bassist, Ryo Akebono~!

"Ah, a party? For me... that means I've been able to make you all happy right?"
"Of course! You can even make Nayuta happy... right, Nayuta?"
"...Tch. Why did you drag me out here for this? If we can all gather here then we're going to practice."

...The airhead me forgot to add the red stripe on his top before merging the layers and saving the final image and I only realised last night... but eh, I was able to fix it~

Yes the balloons are less shiny but c'mon there's twenty of them. I ain't doing forty tiny glow spots...~

Ryo is best~ Chuunibyou is best~


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the "wild," pro-gamer guitarist, Jun Suzaki~

"Eh? A party... but... something's going to go wrong I can tell..."
"Don't worry, we've taken almost every possible measure to make sure that nothing will go wrong! ...Though maybe I tired myself out a bit too much for that..."
"I mean there are a few exceptionally unlikely things that could go wrong but... yes, it should be fine. It's your birthday so don't worry too much, alright?"

I was initially intending to do that thing where the hair goes transparent as it falls in front of the eyes, but then I decided instead to just place the shading layers for the eyes above the hair, 'cause it gives a neat, kinda similar(?) effect~

There was one thing I forgot to do in the lineart but I didn't notice until I was colouring that part so I said to myself "screw it, it's too late to fix it." but really that doesn't matter.
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Previously PrincessPika~chan


Misaki Goto.png

Today's the birthday of... the drummer of the cheery band, Misaki Goto~

"Ah, another party just like always huh? Thanks guys! I guess it's a little late for me to prep some food huh?"
"Yup, I already made it all myself, so you can just relax and enjoy yourself!"
"Mm. I saw, he made lots of different things and a lot of each... a lot of Sara Udon..."

...I get it's probably a common name and that it is gender-neutral, but sheesh at least three out of the four Bushiroad series I care about have a character called Misaki.
Considering how many Love Live characters there are, there's bound to be someone called Misaki in there, too... I'll double check D4DJ...

Also I am... really not proud of this piece. I hate his hair. It didn't help I drew this guy who wears a freakin' headband with his head at an angle. I am so smart...
Also a couple other things bug me, too.

Also, though I think it's just a thing that happens with all Fuurai members, I don't like the mini-conversation I wrote much...~
...Though actually no, the two I did before were alright...


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the leader of the main band of the series, Yuuto Goryo~

"Ah, this party– this looks so fun, thanks guys!"
"To be honest, we didn't plan for it to be such a big party at first, but everyone kind of just got caught up in it..."
"That just goes to show how important our band is, right? Happy birthday and thank you, Yuuto! Thanks for starting this amazing band."

I dunno what to say. Just that the colouring took surprisingly little time...~
...Maybe I shouldn't have forgotten to change the settings on that brush for the highlights on his hair...

Anyway, now that I've posted this, time for me to start rewatching ARGONAVIS~


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of... uhm... the guitarist of the really bright and cheery band, Yamato Tsubaki~

-Mini-conversation will be edited in later, characters included may change-

Pretty late today, unlike normal where I post around midday-2pm (by my timezone). But I was away from my computer until like.... just past 5pm sooo...~

The colouring took surprisingly little time, but I came to the realisation it's because of his hat. His hat blocks out most of the finicky clumps of hair that increase the time taken to draw.
...Also maybe the lack of pose complexity. Like there's even less than in Yuuto's, which also took surprisingly little time. Whereas ones I distinctly remember took me an entire day to colour were Feli and Aoi, I think. Maybe Fuuta, too, looking at it–


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's the birthday of the cold, powerful vocalist of the second-best band in the series, Nayuta Asahi~

"Tch, worthless nonsense. Instead of preparing this stupid party, why didn't you just practice more?"
"Don't look at me! It was Miyuki-san and Ryo-san who had this idea. I tried to practice but they just wouldn't let me!"
"I also couldn't dissuade them. In any case, you can just ignore this party, but you can't ignore the shop-bought feast those two have prepared."

Why do I keep drawing the necks so goddamn stupidly long– ...Though maybe here I just drew the shirt too low...?

Anyway, yeah. Nayuta is cool~ I think the speed of my colouring may just be tied to practice, now, honestly...~
Aaaany day now...


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today's... sigh the birthday of yet another guy I don't actually care much about, Kouhei Hayasaka~

-Mini-conversation will be edited in later, characters included may change-

I tried something new with the shading in a few places, making it so that the shadow from something above isn't always right next to the thing that's casting it.
I think it works~ I'll probably gradually do that more and more.

Hah. I can't wait to see all 24 drawings side-by-side to see how my style might have changed in a year~


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today is the birthday of... the leader of the second best band, I guess, Kenta Satozuka~

"Ah, a party? You really didn't need to go to all this effort. There's a lot we all have to, even today, individually and as a band... but thanks."
"...Surely there's not so much you have to do you can't relax at all, right...?"
"Tch, that attitude's why you're still so crap, isn't it... come on. Practice."

Can't say I have much to comment on. Glasses are difficult to draw.
I also still do not understand wearing a coat like that and that is also difficult.


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today is the birthday of this cute little devil, Shu Ujigawa~

"Ah, a party huh...? Well, I don' mind it... if ya'll let me keep it interestin', that is."
"Please don't frighten the guests too much though, Shu-kun! Save that for tomorrow, okay?"
"...Yeah, like the brat's gonna listen... ugh two parties in a row what a pain..."

...I don't have much else to say.
Just, I guess... I have been considering drawing Reiji and Tadaomi's drawings right after Banri's, so I have time for properr Christmas and New Year's drawings. 'Cause like... Reiji's birthday is the 26th and Tadaomi's is the 4th haha...~


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Hoshino Halloween Party...~

halloween pixel art.png

...Hold I just now (as in, while uploading the image) realised both pixel arts I've made lately(-ish) have been fanarts of two different series by the same person celebrating annual fixed-date holidays.

Anyway. Yeah I cannot imagine a Haloween party at the Hoshinos' would go any differently to this...~ Ruby getting all excited, decorating the place, dressing up in costumes... and forcing Aqua into going along with it by any means necessary~

When I got to the background I... kinda didn't know what to do but shrug


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today is the birthday of the keyboardist of the main band, Rio Kikyo~

"Ah, I thought you'd plan something like this. Thanks."
"...Well, at least the surprise wasn't ruined by someone blabbing... ahh... nothing that can be done, huh."
"Oh come on, don't worry about that! The surprise is only a tiny part of the party. The whole party's not a waste, unless you keep worrying about that tiny little issue!"

Idiot me kinda somehow forgot I usually use the main/base skin tone as the lightest of the three shades I use but shrug

I really like the shading on the clothes, but not so much the hair...


Previously PrincessPika~chan



Today is the birthday of the elegant bassist and the crossdressing member of the V-kei band, Koharu Mitsurugi~

"Hah, thanks guys. This looks like a great party!"
"My, another year passed in the blink of an eye... ah, I suppose that is only natural. Ah, Daimon prepared dinner today... he made quite a lot, so it's a tad surprising he didn't need any help."
"Yes, well... what can I say? Koharu, I hope you like it."

I picked the worst way to do the blue on his jacket.