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Ask to Join Atimal Academy - Norwind Region


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Greetings Reader

If you are reading this you have been accepted into the Ozzio Region's most prestigious academy. In this academy you will be taught by Pokémon master's from across the world to form our youth into the brightest of the bunch.

Here you will learn Pokémon battling, performance, science among other things so you can be exited to pursue your Pokémon dreams.

But be careful, if your grades drop below anything but the highest mark's, you risk... Expulsion.

Good luck dear reader we all hope you the very best.

Sincerely - The Principle.

Welcome all to a brand new Pokémon academy experience. This is most defiantly a normal academy, no secrets or anything that the school is hiding from you. Why would that be the case. Anyway, this will function like any other Roleplaying academy. All the information is below so read up.

- Normal Pokécharms rules apply, go to https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-role-play-rules.9451/ to read those if you haven't.
- Min 2 paragraph long posts.
- Regular posting. (Three times a week at minimum)
- Got anything on and need some time off that's fine. (Tell me prior to event if possible please)
- Romance allowed. (Keep in mind they are still in high school)
- Gore allowed. (Not too much)
- Please start with 1-3 Pokémon un-evolved with max 1 Pokémon that does to evolve. (you will have opportunities later to catch more Pokémon)
- Put "I Am" Somewhere in you bio so I know you read the rules.
- Will add more rules when I think of them.
- Once a day finishes please don't post until I put a post in the RP. This will give some people who are behind a bit of time to catch up to the others. (Note If someone is away or hasn't posted in a while I'll move on without them)

Age (13-16):
Backstory (Optional):
Goals (What do you want to be, trainer, performer, gym leader ect.):
Sexuality (Optional):
Pokémon (Only Pokémon and nickname needed if at all):

Timetable - (The first day will be a Sunday with an orientation special kinda thingy btw.)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday - Pokémon battling, Sporting Fields. Pokémon Science, Classroom. Pokémon Performing, Theatre.
Tuesday/Thursday - Cooking, Classroom. Maths and Science, Classroom. English and Humanities, Classroom.
Lunch will be between 2nd and 3rd lessons.

Teachers -
Pokémon Battling Teacher, Mr Misturu.
Pokémon Science Teacher, Mr Takeshi.
Pokémon Performance Teacher, Mrs Haruka.
Cooking Teacher, Mrs Williams.
Maths, English, Science, Humanities Teacher, Mrs Johns.
Other Teacher, Put "A Chicken" In your bio somewhere.

Atimal Academy is the most prestigious academy in all of Norwind and beyond. Surrounded by wilderness this academy sits alone wth only a single road in and out. This academy is comprised of many buildings such as the school where inside classes will be held, the theatre and art rooms and the sporting fields. Seperate to these other areas is a small town-like area where students and teachers can shop, battle, relax and do whatever you so please.

The dormitories are also held in this area, each dormitory has seperate bedroom's and bathrooms with a small communal living space each starred with 2 random students. The Greenhouse is the last of the buildings where Pokémon from every habitat can live, students will be allowed to enter but this place can be dangerous will The Pokémon here being wild creatures.

Overall this academy if the perfect place for the creme of the crop of students from ages 13-16 to learn and grow and become the best of the best. Atimal Academy is the... Perfect place.
Put "Sandwich." Somewhere in your bio.

I just wanted to mention this RP will be in a series of RP's called the Norwind region, they will all be connected so when this one inevitably dies I'll post the next one in the series. What you do in the Animal Academy will effect future RP's in this series.

That's it for now, enjoy :).
((I’m a simple person. I see a BFDI avatar, I click.))
Name: Soriah Leis
Age (13-16): 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: A pale skinned girl with long (dyed) lilac hair. She wears a slightly oversized green shirt and turquoise miniskirt, plus lime knee-length socks and shoes.
Personality: Soriah is a very down-to-earth girl who deeply respects nature and everything it has to hold.
Backstory (Optional):
Goals (What do you want to be, trainer, performer, gym leader ect.): Performer
Sexuality (Optional): Bi
Pokémon (Only Pokémon and nickname needed if at all): Jade (Snivy), Potato (Shroomish).
Other: I Am A Chicken Sandwich
Hmmm, I think I'll bite and join this RP, question is which character shall I (re)make for it, hopefully posting here means I can have a spot reserved for when a character comes to mind.

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Name: Neon Daimon
Age (13-16): 14
Gender: Male
Personality: He's pretty chill, And he likes learning. But when he is training or battling, He becomes serious and wont hold back even to a friend.
Backstory (Optional):
Goals (What do you want to be, trainer, performer, gym leader ect.): Gym Leader
Sexuality (Optional): Straight
Pokémon (Only Pokémon and nickname needed if at all): Murkrow (Male), Eevee (Male)
Other: I Am A Chicken Sandwich
name: juniper whitlock
age: 16
gender: female
appearance: standing at 5'4, juniper is overwhelmingly average in terms of build. not scrawny, not fully developed, just a slim figure with a bit of curve to her. her skin is tattered with freckles and marks, and can just barely hold a tan. as her name suggests, her hair is very fair in color (or lack thereof), a sort of whitish-gold that splays out in messy curls at her shoulders. her eyes are a deep brown, and her lips are typically pursed into a tiny frown. she can typically be found in a light beige turtleneck and some sort of baggy, black pants.
personality: never one to hold back, juniper has a short of brash nature to her, and is always the one to speak up when she feels she is being wronged, and sometimes isn't aware of other people's feelings very well. regardless to her somewhat-aggressive nature and tendency to bicker, her headstrong demeanor leaves her fiercely loyal to those she cares about. and while her means of showing affection might be in friendly arm punches that are just a bit too hard, it's clear that she means well.
backstory: juniper was raised in a rowdy home with her father and two older brothers. learning to act quick and without guilt (okay, that sounds intense. she just always got first servings and would never budge from her seat), she's developed into a quick-witted, snarky thing.
goals: not one to toil on the future, juniper doesn't seem to have any aspirations just yet, much to her parents' disappointment.
sexuality: also not one to entertain relationships.
pokémon: finnley (finn): growlithe [M] & jericho: phantump [M]
other: are you the man who killed my chicken sandwich?! i am!
also, quick question: where do you stand on swearing? obviously i'd be dialing it down quite a lot, but juniper's a fairly... eloquent character and i want to know how much quick-witted censoring i'll be doing.
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Have we read the other spoilers or have you found the loophole that technically its not a rule to put in A chicken or sandwich?

Swearing is fine, but like not too much or too bad, no racist/sexist/homophobic swears.
ah. see, i saw the chickens and the sandwiches in the other forms, and i was sittin there like, "hm,,."
reread and edited B))
and of course, definitely nothing extreme, just the occasional outburst.
One more question before I decide to make a bio: Are we allowed to have shinies? Because I was hoping to give my char one either at the start or just gets lucky and finds one.
Name: Athena Skye
Age (13-16): 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Two dark brown, long fluffy pigtails (think Emma from Pokemon X and Y). She's light skinned, and 5'2'. She's average in all of her body. Not, skinny, but not plump. Not athletic, but not twiggy. Her casual outfit is a long sleeve purple blouse, a brown skirt, and dark brown loafers (in colder months). In warmer months she wears a dark blue tank top and jean shorts with pink sneakers
Personality: Pretty laid back for the most part. Likes napping. Can and will fall asleep anywhere. As a result, she doesn't have that much of a work ethic and gets distracted pretty easily
Backstory (Optional): Athena's parents are very busy. One is a lawyer, the other is a doctor. Naturally, Athena grew to be very smart, but her parents aren't around much. She spends the majority of the time with relatives, and when she was old enough, she was sent to this academy
Goals (What do you want to be, trainer, performer, gym leader ect.): Trainer
Sexuality (Optional): Pan
Pokémon (Only Pokémon and nickname needed if at all): Medea the Misdreavus
Other: Her favorite book is "I am a Wolf, who likes to eat chicken sandwhiches
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Name: Alex Hawk
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Alex has dark brown hair that she wears in a ponytail, hazel eyes and lightly tanned skin. She wears t-shirts under a black leather jacket, faded blue jeans and black sneakers.
Personality: Alex is kind hearted and caring and supportive of her friends. However, she can be very stubborn. She doesn’t like backing down from a fight, even if she doesn’t have a chance of winning.
Backstory (Optional): TBD
Goals: To become a Major League Ground-Type Gym Leader in the Galar Region
Sexuality (Optional): Straight
Pokémon: Mudkip, Gible
Other: Sandwich A Chicken I Am
Name: Brian Killian
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brian stands at 5'10" with relatively Pale skin, bright hot Pink eyes and smooth medium Dark blue grayish hair that goes down to the level of his chin, his facial expressions always shows him with a friendly smile. He wears a closed Black jacket, Purple pants, White shoes and a White fedora.
Personality: Brian is kind and friendly, trying to behave a bit like a gentleman, especially toward women. He has a good sense of humor and rarely gets angry... although when he does, he can be very cruel and terrifying. He also cares deeply for his Pokemon as if they were his own children and would do anything to protect them. He also chose to train with only Psychic types like his father who was a gifted fortune teller.
Backstory: Born in Unova between a Female Pokemon Veteran and a gifted Fortune Teller with great Psychic abilities to see the future that his family had for generations. Brian unfortunately didn't posses his father's gift, but he and his mother raised him well nonetheless. As Brian's childhood went by, they began to realize that he was a lot more like his mother; Someone who loved Pokemon and battling with them considering how often Brian battled with his mother's Arcanine. One day he was gifted a Pokemon egg which soon hatched into the Ralts that became his first partner Pokemon. His father ended up having a vision that involved Brian 'reaching a new height', so Brian decided to travel the world and train to live up to his father's prediction... but first, he had school to take care of.
Goals: Gym Leader
Sexuality: Straight
Pokémon: Ralts (M), Gothita (F)
Other: Feel free to take your time reading his backstory. ;)


Previously LizardWarrior
Well indeed I must say you are accepted and the backstory was quite indubitable and I am very intrigued in the backstory and development of this character. Wow what a character, I must say he has a quite unique personality and has a very descriptive character appearance and even without the use of an image is much indeed a show of true greatness.
Well indeed I must say you are accepted and the backstory was quite indubitable and I am very intrigued in the backstory and development of this character. Wow what a character, I must say he has a quite unique personality and has a very descriptive character appearance and even without the use of an image is much indeed a show of true greatness.
Thank you for the kind words. (And the word hidden in it.)
personally i think 6 is enough. by the looks of it, i think traction on this site is kinda slowing down, and people can always join while its ongoing, yeah?


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Wait I totally forgot me own baby to add :0

Name: Hoshi Okuda
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Goals: Pokémon Photographer.
Personality: Hoshi is quiet and polite she can sometimes become shy and reserved. Often she is oblivious to or blocks out hurtful comments. Although she can be quiet she is determined in her battling and strives to always improve. She can become determined to the point of risking her health with not doing anything but reaching her goal. Often she appears lost in thought and is sometimes unable to interpret social cues which leads to her small amount of social interaction and friends. Despite this she cares for her Pokémon and the people around herald truly tries her best.
Swablu - (Female)
Eevee - (Male)
Riolu - (Female)
Other: I didn't read the rules.

I'm working on the post will finish it when I wake up. :)
An Academy seems like a good way to welcome a newcomer like me. And I'd be very thankful if you'd let me join this epic-looking RP.

Name: Rocky
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Grey Jacket, Maroon Shirt with a Cinderace on it, black slim pants, goggles, black, medium length hair, orange and navy sneakers.
Goals: Becoming a Champion, Inspiring Others.
Pokemon: Scorbunny (Male), Tailow (Female)
Other: I am a smol Chiken Sandwich.
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Name: Kai Iwata
Gender: Male
Appearance: His skin tone is sun kissed due to growing up in Alola. He stands 5'4, athletic build, blue tooth headphone around his neck, black joggers, oversize shirt, and brown eyes.
Goal: trainer
Personality: Kai is naturally super optimistic and caring toward everyone. He is bad when it comes to romance due to his nature of being dense as a rock. When he is in battle the personality will change to be more focused-oriented.
Backstory (Optional): Tbd
Sexuality: Heterosexual (straight)
Pokémon (Only Pokémon and nickname needed if at all): Riolu (male), Litten (male),
Other: I tried my best, can I have my chicken sandwich
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Here is my profile.
Name: William Pocket
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has black hair and a silver and gold eye. He usually wears a polo and a backpack with jeans. He wears sneakers or flip-flops, depending on the occasion. Sometimes though, he wears a full red and black jester outfit.
Personality: He is a smart young extrovert who likes to read. He is also very funny when he tells jokes. But in battle, he becomes a strong trainer, whose Pokemon love him and will obey him.
Backstory (Optional): He once was a snob who demanded attention and gifts from everyone. It was until he saved a poor boy's life from a speeding truck that he finally figured out the truth. That incident taught him that you should be generous and nice to all. So he decided to go to Atimal Academy to start being nice and kind to all.
Goals (What do you want to be, trainer, performer, gym leader ect.): He wants to be both a trainer and a performer.
Sexuality (Optional): Straight
Pokémon (Only Pokémon and nickname needed if at all): Kadabra, Skrelp, Froakie
Other: He is also a good playwright as his first play, The Wise Jester, was heavily praised. He also has Heterochromia, explaining his different color eyes.

I am a Chicken Sandwich (I read the rules)
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wait what about the rules? i remember the rules going like this- Please start with 1-3 Pokémon un-evolved with max 1 Pokémon that does to evolve. (you will have opportunities later to catch more Pokémon)