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Open Bone'd (Mystery RP - SIGNUPS OPEN)

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Name: Jean Février
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Position, if human: Freelance Fashion Photographer
Appearance: Standing at 5'10", Jean does his best to look both neat and fashionable, while still holding a carefree "I woke up like this" vibe. Neutral in skin tone, his body is actually quite lanky, with some muscle in the right places. He weighs a healthy 133 lbs. Sporting dark blue eyes, Jean's bushy shoulder-length brown curls are normally pulled back into a ponytail, though he may also sport a man-bun on occasion as well. Due to the hot weather at the start of the RP, he decided to wear a simple, pale lavender-colored dress shirt (leaving the first few buttons unbuttoned for a relaxed effect), with dark gray dress pants and loafers. He wears a rather plain-looking necklace of a rough-cut rose quartz on a silver chain gifted to him by his mother at all times.
Personality: While Jean can be extremely clever, his intelligence is occasionally overshadowed by over-passionate and rash decisions. He's also naturally extroverted and is fairly confident due to his advantage-harvesting background. That also means, however, Jean tends to focus on himself more than other people, and has a hard time figuring out people's motives on his own unless they are quite obvious. He can be brutally honest at times, and even quite sassy if given a reason to be. While he tries to keep a reasonable amount of distrust between himself and others, as per his job photographing and sharing close-knit knowledge about some of the leading fashion icons, as a people-person, he can't help but reveal a little too much to others from time to time. This is gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. While he's not the best at reading people, he is good at calming them down when they are in a heavy emotional state. He is also quite the confident bluffer. Jean has a weakness for cute things and good food, and is low-key salty at his relationship status of "single-at-over-thirty". He holds a love for his Pokemon, his job, and his romantic fantasy novels.
Backstory: Coming from a rather wealthy family from Lumiose City, Kalos, with his father running one of the top corporate and commercial banking companies in Kalos, and his mother being a former Kalos Queen turned model, Jean had it easy as far as physical living was concerned. However, with his parents undergoing a divorce at a tender age, his mother over-spoiling him until she seemingly pushed him away out of guilt, and his father only remembering he existed whenever his grades dropped below a 95, he grew up rather detached from the emotional concept of family. While his familial relations have gotten better over time, they still are not perfect, but they are as good as they are ever going to get. Never going on a Pokemon journey of his own, most of his Pokemon were either given to him or caught after he was already working as a photographer. After high school, he double-majored in business and photography, and went on to intern and work for his mother's photographer's company. He eventually broke off from the company over financial concerns and has gone on to work as an ever-popular freelancer in the field. The majority of his success as a freelance photographer comes from his pre-existing wealth and his ability to network. At the start of the RP, Jean has just finished a photoshoot at a convention in Castelia City, and decided to take a short vacation while in the foreign region. However, after witnessing a really odd detail in the events surrounding the happenings in Nacrene City, he has come to the museum in search of a familiar stranger.
Name: Spritz
Gender: Female
Species: Aromatisse, Fairy
Ability: Aroma Veil
Ball: Love Ball
Nature: Quirky
Characteristic: Scatters things often
Move List:
-Sweet Kiss
-Gyro Ball
-Dazzling Gleam

Name: Prince
Gender: Male
Species: Roserade, Grass/Poison
Ability: Poison Point
Ball: Luxury Ball
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: A little quick tempered
Move List:
-Petal Dance
-Grass Whistle
-Poison Jab
-Giga Drain

Name: Mage
Gender: Male
Species: Meowstic, Psychic
Ability: Keen Eye
Ball: Luxury Ball
Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Highly curious
Move List:

Name: Knight
Gender: Male
Species: Aegislash, Steel/Ghost
Ability: No Guard
Ball: Luxury Ball
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Strongly defiant
Move List:
-King's Shield
-Shadow Ball
-Iron Head
-Sacred Sword

Name: Minstrel
Gender: Female
Species: Vanilluxe, Ice
Ability: Ice Body
Ball: Luxury Ball
Nature: Bashful
Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown
Move List:
-Hidden Power (Bug)
-Ice Beam

Name: Beast
Gender: Male
Species: Sliggoo, Dragon
Ability: Sap Sipper
Ball: Luxury Ball
Nature: Relaxed
Characteristic: Sturdy body
Move List:
-Dragon Breath
-Body Slam
-Muddy Water
-Dragon Pulse
Other info: Jean hates/fears clowns with a passion and Barbaracle always make him feel anxious. He is rather good at math, despite his claims of how much he hates the subject. He also has an amazing credit score. Though he is just the photographer, he also dabbles in some fashion design, and has inspired a few hits of his own. He is a god-awful cook, but doesn't want to face it. He doesn't drink often for personal reasons, and if he does, he always quits after one glass as he refuses to get drunk.
Jean took a seat, eyes on his father. Now in his early forties, Jules' slicked back blond hair had turned mostly gray, and some wrinkles were beginning to show, though they were hard to see due to the lack of light. Dressed professionally in suit and tie, he didn't look out of place inside Le Flambusard. However, Jean could tell that Jules was slightly uncomfortable. He replied to his father with a clear voice. "Yes sir. Well, there was a small delay, but-"

"Good," Jules interrupted. He opened his mouth to say something among the lines of how long he had been waiting at the restaurant, but held his tongue. Now was not the time to be nitpicking. Taking a deep breath, he chose his words carefully. Talking to his son had always been harder than talking to any of his coworkers. "I... want to congratulate you. About your college. Despite me only paying for half of your finances and taking away your card, you've managed to keep up with your college payments on your own. Some restaurant job, is it? And, I've also looked over. the grades you sent me. You could do still do better, but they're not bad." Jean's grades were all above a 90, but the son tried to ignore that fact and listen closely, eyebrows scrunched in confused concentration.

Jules continued on. "While I still wish you'd choose something more practical- like your psychology friend here," he glanced to Miel, before continuing on. "You're clearly determined about this. And you've worked hard. I know I underestimated your abilities... To be honest," his clear blue eyes flicked over Jean's frame for a moment, betraying some gentle longing. Jules had to take another breath to continue on with his statement from before. "You remind me a lot of your mother," he choked. Jules' eyes flicked away from Jean's face and into the darkness behind him, trying his best to regain his composure. "I remember you listing this restaurant as one of your favorites. Order whatever you'd like. I'll pay."

Jean's stiff eyes seem to melt as he heard his father carry on, his throat turning tight. His father never said it directly, but Jean understood the message behind his words: I'm proud of you, son. For some reason, his eyes decided that that would be a good time to water, and his chest hurt a little when he heard his father say 'mother'. Though he sent emails about his grades, financials, and overall wellbeing to his father once every other week, Jean hadn't actually seen his father since that time at Luvendale. He had come to expect the normal calculative cold greeting he always got from him. So what was this? What had his father been thinking about while he's been gone. Nodding by the end of it, Jean tried to think of what to say in reply. His voice came out somewhat shaky, despite his best efforts to retain his own composure. "I- thank you. Thank you- I just- it was Lilligant's Garden. Thank you-"

"Stop blabbering," Jules interrupted once more, though his tone had weakened somewhat. "You're going to embarrass us all." He rose his glass to his lips. If he had any more to add to what he was saying before, the words were swallowed with the water he drank. When he set the water down, he turned to Miel once more, changing the topic swiftly. "When Jean said he was bringing a friend, I had hoped it would be you. Psychology Boy, or- what's your name again? You've been too silent."

*insert every other Team Skull line here, ya numbskull*
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Oh my god :D heyyyy, Miel and Jean, back at it again XD

Duuude, are we gonna have them still be dating, or should we just kind of have them break off to further their careers a little bit more until they should start dating again? XD
just as a little heads up to everyone here- some stuff came up and its 99% likely that Test Candidate won't be replying anymore or coming back online. just figured i'd throw that out there incase anyone planned on interacting with his character, cause if you do you won't be getting a response.
I would like to keep playing, but @Occidentali's Karma hasn't been on for quite some time and I had my character talk with him :/ I got done with the brunt of my homework, so I'll be able to RP more often now. I'll change my post, so I don't end up perpetually stuck waiting for a response.
And I'm stuck with @vaultie atm, haha. If it turns out it's just us that want to/can go on, I may reboot from the start - we're pretty early into the plot, so shouldn't be too annoying.

On the other hand, I'd kinda sorta really rather not reboot, because I got a legendary app okayed for an upcoming RP, and once the capture fic has been approved then I'll want to kick that off.
i feel really bad for not replying as much as i shouldve, school and mental health are kinda whats on my mind atm. still, i really would love to keep going, reboot or not. i guess it'd be up to me then to make the next post and kinda "revive" it? the main thing im worried about is if theres too much filler or not, but i'll make an actual attempt to reply now since it looks like everyone else wants to pick things back up.
It's alright. I'm going through school as well and had to take a month break from RPs to catch up and I started to RP right before finals (oh dear god). If you need to talk about anything, I'm here for you. FrouFrou and I are both here for you. And it's alright if it's a filler. At least there is something.