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  1. Merciless Medic

    Private/Closed Annual Almia Tournament (RP)

    (For the Discussion Thread and how the place is structured, here it is: Annual Almia Tournament.) @Takumeme666420, @Kibago, @vaultie, @Eis, @Ninian, @Top_Smug_, @Mr.Glaceon, @Ry_Burst, @Sukoku The sun rose over the horizon, lighting up the region of Almia down below. Usually, the region was a...
  2. Merciless Medic

    Private/Closed Annual Almia Tournament (Discussion)

    Welcome to the Annual Almia Tournament In celebration of the Liberation of the Tower held North of Peril Cliffs of the Almia Region, the people of this peaceful region decided to make a tournament to allow humans and Pokémon from across the globe to come together and either participate in...
  3. prince~

    Ask to Join Pokéblades: Zerdion Royal RP

    (Disscussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokeblades-zerdion-royale-sign-upsups.18753/#post-577916) Hello knights who receive this letter, I am William Bonnet III and I invite you too the region of Zerdion and to fight in the grand pokéblade royal, an event where knights go head to...
  4. FrouFrou

    Ask to Join Bone'd (Mystery RP - 15+)

    (Sign-up thread is right here!) Starter: The day was disagreeable at Nacrene. It was a clammy sort of day; a storm coming, perhaps, but the skies were clear and the sun blazed down, making it a rather uncomfortable day that was only symbolic if you wanted to get punched in the teeth. As the...
  5. prince~

    Open Pokéblades: Zerdion Royale Sign UpsUps

    (RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokeblades-zerdion-royal-rp.18759/) Hello! Welcome to another on of my RPs! Well I guess I should explain the concept of this RP. So pretty much in this region the aether waves flow in a very violent and weird way, causing pokemon to turn into weapons...
  6. FrouFrou

    Open Bone'd (Mystery RP - SIGNUPS OPEN)

    (RP Thread is here. As of 15/3/2018, signups are open!) After a break-in, the Nacrene Museum in Unova is left in absolute panic. A valuable bone - yes, that bone - has been taken! And several highly valuable rocks! And... one of the night guards, admittedly, but the bone-! Worse yet, it seems...
  7. prince~

    Open Danganronpa V200: Unchained Murder (Discussion)

    Hello and welcome! I will be adding the whole introduction letter and shit in the real RP. Now that's that been cleared up, here are the rules. Next will the Character Sheet. Then Canon characters available, and then the dead or alive list, and finally the student list. Follow basic Pokecharms...
  8. Shiny Blue Gardevoir

    Open Corp-spiracy (15+)

    Comuerto Corporation seems like a perfectly innocent company that produces canned food for pokemon, right? Wrong. Six months ago, everyone who bought the food for their pokemon; trainer, coordinator, performer, or otherwise, was afflicted with a horrible illness, which produced rabies-like...