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Private/Closed Bootleg Bros: Brawl

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
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Unadulterated Chaos.

No one had expected this large of consequences to come from someone’s wish, especially one coming from that of a hero.

The Central Nexus alone remained in the void that was once held the Bootleg Brothers Melee tournament. It fidgeted and sparked, unable to grant so many wishes at a time.








The Central Nexus whirred to life, energy forming around it. Suddenly, a massive force of suction began to emit from it. The walls of reality began to buckle, world being torn out from the fabric of reality!

The previous members of the Bootleg bros tournament were warped in to participate. As Land masses collided, several contestants were lost in the sheer impact. The cores of planets baked the atmosphere of some worlds while continents of some broke apart upon impacting others. Cities, and oceans met and fell as other land masses overlapped them. As the rubble of countless worlds began to pile up, it slowly made the foundation for others to set roots.

Parts of cities hung on by a thread, parts of other cities colliding and smashing into each other. Soon enough a large stockpile of city began to take shape, cementing itself due to how fused together it was.

Other land masses began to appear as their nearby segments began to break apart. The land of Mondstadt falling from the sky, landing right under the floating Nexus. Many many other segments of worlds began to mix in to the melting pot of the multiverse around them, angel island being the last one to arrive, floating with a bit more grace than the other landings.

The swirling and pulling came to a halt, the nexus emitting some kind of oozing energy field for itself. It seemed like it was needing to recharge after what it had just done.

How many of the competitors survived their landings were unknown. How many worlds remained were also unknown. However, one thing was for certain.

It was time for a sequel.

Bootleg Brothers: BRAWL


Previously Manu456Alola
"...Even I don’t know what’s going to happen next!”

Gunvolt woke up abruptly, pain going along his body from his impact with the ground. His eyes were greeted with a blue sky, much different than what he'd last seen right before...

He quickly sat up, ignoring his pain. The wish. What in the world happened? Where was everyone? His mind was filled with questions, and he began looking around for any of the people that took part in the tournament. He was in the middle of a grassy field, the breeze carrying the scent of dandelions. It was rather peaceful, but he still felt like something had gone terribly wrong, like he wasn't supposed to be there.

"GV... where are we?" Joule's voice echoed, curious as to why they ended up in a seemingly empty field.

Of course, Gunvolt didn't know the answer. He spotted the Central Nexus up into the air in the distance, wondering just what his wish had caused. He got up and began to walk around to explore these plains and figure out where the others in the tournament were, while asking himself the same question over and over...

What went wrong?

In the middle of a mostly desolate city were the remains of a large tank, its large round 'head' detached from the main body and its legs destroyed. In front of it stood a young man with white hair, wearing white and black armor with red highlights. He had barely gotten rid of the machine, saved at the last second by his partner.

"Thanks, Lola. You bailed me out." Copen said, a floating white and red sphere with blank yellow eyes hovering back to him. It had dealt the finishing blow to the tank, its detached head resembling the much smaller robot.

"Heh heh! There's no way some faker can show up the real deal!" Lola replied energetically, doing a couple laps around the white haired teen. Several smaller robots followed, all orbiting around Copen in unison. "That thing said they were going all over the world, right? When they find out about this, we're gonna have more company..."

"Then our only choice is to go on the offensive." The teen already came up with a plan. "Let's get back to Kohaku and the others." He began walking toward the hideout provided to him. Lola followed suit, the other robots- or P-Bits as Copen called them- right behind her.

Suddenly, cracks in reality began forming, slowly surrounding parts of the city. Eventually, the air itself seemed to tear apart in several places, sucking up everything in their vicinity. One of these tears in reality formed right in front of the duo, threatening to pull them in.

"...no!" Was all Copen said, trying to counteract the vacuum's strength by boosting himself away from it via dashes, bright blue flames coming out of his boots. Its strength was too strong, however, and Copen and Lola were quickly cast into the void.


The two were launched towards a rock wall, smashing into it with at high speed. Sparks flew out from Copen's suit and Lola's body as they both fell to the ground, the P-Bits crashing into it right after. Lola was the first to recover from the impact, slowly hovering up to check the area. The surroundings caught her attention, flying over to Copen and bumping into him several times. "Boss! You might want to see this!" She exclaimed, and Copen slowly got up to check what Lola was talking about.

The teen and his partner were located on a mountain, several smaller and bigger ones around them. Neither of them had really seen such things in a very long time, so it was certainly shocking to be suddenly thrown into one. This caused the two to think about what had happened not too long ago.

"So we've been transported somewhere else, far away from the city. Question is, who's behind this?" He looked around, mountains upon mountains surrounding them, spotting some fields far away. Lola looked around as well, looking for any traces of a Septima to no avail.

Checking his gear, it seemed his suit's Prevasion subroutine was non-functional. Strange, the impact from earlier certainly couldn't have caused that. What was going on here?

"Let's check the area. See if we can find a way home." With that, he jumped off the edge, slowly making his way down the mountain.

In the middle of an exuberant green cavern covered in diverse vegetation, the Knight sat down on a bench. It had traveled far and wide across all of Hallownest, unraveling some of the kingdom's many secrets. Its journey was about to come to an end, having taken down the three Dreamers and unlocked the Temple of the Black Egg. It didn't know exactly what awaited in there, but it was clear the infection's source came from there. After resting for a bit and taking some notes on its map, it got up and was about to set out for the Forgotten Crossroads, when...

A hole opened on the ground out of nowhere, sucking in its surroundings with great force. Being so close to it when it formed left the Knight with little chance to escape, being sucked in almost immediately.


The Knight was launched into the ground with great force, though it didn't feel any pain. It got up to see where it ended up, now located at the top of a canyon, looking up to face the sun. It was strange to see such a light source, though it quickly got back to figuring out where it was. Clearly not in Hallownest anymore, it began to walk around and explore this new place, taking out its map to slowly chart the canyon, possibly bump into someone else as it explored.
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"That's not enough."

A blue haired girl awoke with a gasp. What happened? Last thing she remembered... she was finally winning, she had just killed the Dream King...nightmare king, whatever.
Same thing, really.

So WHY was the world still here? Killing the final Overseer was supposed to end this world, that's what the whole POINT of the quest was!
...Only explanation iss that this is a new world...so what is THIS place??

Ah, she decided, remembering names is important. The girl was named Audrey Redheart, otherwise known back 'home' as the Hero, chosen by the goddess Eya to end the Overseer's...though that time seemed to have passed, maybe. Hopefully not, she needed SOMETHING going for her.

She looked around at this...place, noticing two items of hers in the ground; Her scarf, and...the sword. Without hesitation, she picked up both. Perhaps her duty was not quite done yet. Next, she looked around. A nice, pleasant field. Felt good, like it should. Still, she couldn't help but get the horrid feeling that something was off, so she continued her search, ignoring the searing burns of her previous fight with that...stupid Bard, and that witch. Ugh.
Lucky for her, she didn't have to ponder on those nobodies for long, as she saw a weird blond guy(being Gunvolt). Given her usual nature, it was a relief she was stomping over.

"Hey?! What's this place?!" She immeadiantly began demanding answers, not even noticing the central nexus in the semi-background.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“What’s happening?!”

The four swords links were shaken up as the ground beneath them began to crumble. The fair haired protagonists cringed as they struggled to keep hold of a three trunk. The force got stronger and stronger and the seconds felt like hours.

“I can’t hold on...!” Red cried.

Blue grit his teeth. “Me neither...!”

Soon enough, all four of them were yanked from the tree at the same time! They fell into the rift, each one hitting different piece of debris, the debris beginning to form continents of their own. Soon enough, they found themselves in their own precarious situations.....



Red rubbed his head, having hit a rather unforgiving rock on the way down. brushing the dust off his tunic, the crimson wearing boy looked up. He was in some kind of Wasteland. Dead trees and black dirt. Not a single soul in sight.

“Uhm...hello? ...Blue? Green? Vio?”

His voice echoed through the empty battlefield. No response. He was all alone. The disappointed boy hung his head.



Vio found himself in similar circumstances. Having found himself trapped in a dense forest, the level headed of the quartet began to comprise a plan.

“Alright...so the four of us are indeed separated. So the first thing to do is know where we are. So I need a vantage point.”

Vio looked up, spotting the trees above as a good natural use. Perfect.


Green had lodged his sword into the ground as his foothold progressed, nestling itself firmly onto the map. Opening his eyes, the green adventurer found himself on top of a large mountain, his sword implanted on the tallest portion.

“This is bad, I need to find the others. Where even am I?”

He then began to see something in the sky. Something large...turning red. Was it...burning?


“Rrrrgh! Get outta my way!”

Blue swung his sword violently, smashing vines and roots and the like that got in his way. He was high up in the clouds on something funky. A floating ruin? He didn’t know. Didn’t care. All he wanted to know was how to leave this dump of a vacation spot.


Mondstadt Plains

“So a local bard has stolen a few apples from the local store...again?? Why make this a commission? At least for me...I want to go adventuring, not a glorified milk run.”

Bennett, the unlucky adventurer walked through the plains, hoping to find clues as to where this ‘bard’ had went. As he went on about his way, the sky began to warp. The boy had no time to react before the entire land split apart. The city and plains being ripped from each other. The ground shook as it felt like it was falling.

“Waaaah! What’s going on?! The ONE time I get out!”

To make things worse, the hill he was walking on collapsed, the boy tripping as he tumbled down. Turns out that hill overlooked a creek...lined with sharp stone. The boy cried out.

“This is just my luuuuuuck!”


The boy had become a trophy upon hitting the rocks headfirst in the creek. Water trickled down his trophy as the base of it had a soft golden glow to it.


Previously Manu456Alola
Gunvolt - Mondstadt Plains

Gunvolt's thoughts were interrupted by someone calling out to him. He turned to face the blue haired girl stomping up to him, seemed like someone had a short fuse. He put his hands up in front of him to signify he wasn't a threat, speaking up when the girl got close.

"Whoa there, calm down, I'm just as confused as you are, alright? I don't know where we are either, but I think I know what's behind it." He turned to face the Central Nexus in the distance, pointing at it for Audrey to see. "See that thing far away? Put simply, it's some sort of wish granting device. There was this tournament... the winner would be able to get a wish granted." He paused for a moment, still wondering if all that chaos a while ago was really his fault.

"I won, and asked for all good people in the tournament to get their wish granted. Something went wrong, but I don't know exactly what. I just remember things being destroyed, a large crack in the sky..." He sighed, he couldn't remember much else. He turned towards Audrey again, shrugging.

"Whatever went wrong, it brought us here. That's all I know." He concluded. Seeing as the blue haired girl was confused too, it was clear she wasn't from this world either. Joule materialized in front of him, flying around Audrey and examining her sword closely.

"I'm Gunvolt, by the way. Friends call me GV. How about you? See anything unusual before ending up here?"
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Blanka was having a good day. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, the arapaima were delicious and the jaguars were really relaxed today. Aside from one overly brave caiman, no predators had decided to attack him and that caiman wouldn't attack him either after he was finished with it. Its body was probably feeding a different predator by now. It sounded ruthless and it was, but life was not easy in the Amazon rainforest. Every day was a struggle to survive and even the smallest fish around here was dangerous, yet he didn't want to live anywhere else. He was the king of the jungle and anyone who wanted to challenge that title would get shocked, battered, beaten, bitten and roughed up. Blanka laid down on his back, his green arms behind his head and his stomach full of fish. Life was good, and nothing could possibly go wrong. Or atleast, that was what he thought. As his feet were dangling in the river, a whirlpool appeared out of nowhere and began sucking in the surroundings. The violent water pelted the shoreline and combined with Blanka's weight, caused it to collapse. The electricity user fell into the water, getting sucked up in the whirlpool. Then, as sudden as the whirlpool came, it disappeared with a arapaima carcass left as the only witness.


Blanka landed facedown on grass. Grass? He wasn't dead! But where was he? The human/beast crouched instinctively, looking around in distrust and fear. The grass was purple and the trees were red, this was not a forest he was used to. His green skin would in fact be an obvious sign for any attackers, he had to get to safety. With a hunched back and knuckles on the ground, he ran away into the forest like an electrical green gorilla.


Life was calm at Vivosaur Island. The birds were singing, the flowers were blooming. On days like these, kids like Hunter should be taking a trip to the beach, but instead he was inside. Whilst most adults would nag him about going outside and change out of those eye-assaulting clothes, the people at Vivosaur Island didn't mind it. After all, he took down Bartholomew Bullwort and his horrifying Frigisaurus and Level-Up Battles were about to start. The kid needed all the preparation he could get. Blowing on the rock in front of him, Hunter drilled bits of rock away as he cleaned a fossil rock. "Be careful, BEEP!" KL-34N cried out as Hunter sneezed during cleaning. Thankfully, the fossil was not damaged. "A perfect fossil! Congratulations! BEEP!" The robot placed a blue medal in an opening and revealed a Kronosaurus fossil missing its front flippers. "Commence integration." The flippers were attached to the fossil, finishing it. The fossil lowered down into the ground and KL-34N gave Hunter the medal back. "Alright, all four pieces! Bye now!" Hunter exclaimed in joy as he ran away, leaving the robot alone again.

As soon as the boy stepped outside of the Fossil Center, a crack appeared in front of him in the sky. He looked at it confused before it split open and sucked him in, leaving no trace behind of the boy.


The crack spat Hunter out in a mountainous area, unlike any he'd seen before. Checking himself and his equipment for injuries, the boy could safely say that his radar, fossil case, pickaxe, Dino Medals and himself were perfectly fine. With nothing else to do and a healthy dose of curiosity in his blood, Hunter began looking for fossils with his radar. Surely there had to be something around?


"Don't you have homework?"

"Already finished it."

"Hmm, that's true. You never had the guts to do that."

"You know Mom would be sad if I didn't do my homework and I don't like making people sad."

"Wuss. Also you forgot to wear that scarf your mom got you."

"I don't need it, I'm not cold."

"Kid, you're gonna be fighting some big threat soon with a cold. Mark my words."

Geo Stelar was sitting by himself, looking at the stars at Vista Point. Or rather, it looked like he was alone. At his side was a being made entirely of electro-magnetic waves called Omega-Xis who was only visible with Geo's Visualizer and when he was in a Visible Zone. Together, they made a formidable duo called Megaman that saved the world from destruction twice already. Any normal kid would be incredibly proud with those achievements, but not Geo. Aside from his closest friends, no one knew what his secret identity was and he wanted to keep it that way. All that he wanted to do was watch the stars and relax.

But fate decided that it was not going to let that happen as a rift opened in front of the boy and the alien and sucked the two of them in before spitting them out in a creek. "Owwwww, what was that?" Geo whined as he rubbed his forehead.

"A trap, no doubt. But who would do that?" Omega-Xis looked around and spotted a golden statue in the creek. "This is not good, Geo."

In spite of Mega's warnings, Geo slowly walked over and reached out to touch the trophy. What was the worst that could happen if he did? "Geo, you don't even know if there is a wavehole! You fool!" Mega yelled at his partner, a voice without a body to anyone without the ability to see EM-waves.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
Undyne & Papyrus
"Oh. Hell. Yes."

Captain of the Royal Guard, Hero of Monsters, Undyne stood in shock, her eyes widening as she stared in awe before her. Papyrus and Alphys both stood outside of her house, presenting her with a gift. A twelve foot long sword, just like that guy from the anime she watched with Alphys. It was a perfect replica. So big. So intimidating.
"D-do you... like it?" Alphys asked nervously. "Like it? I LOVE IT!" Undyne bellowed, wrapping an arm around both Alphys and Papyrus, pulling them into a very vice-gripped hug that left them both sputtering. When she let go, Alphys was blushing heavily as she stuttered out incoherent words to Undyne, who barely noticed, gawking at the sword.
"OH, UNDYNE. THERE'S ONE TEENY LITTLE DETAIL WE NEGLECTED TO MENTION." Papyrus included, and Undyne raised a brow, hoping there were more swords. "U-um... you'll need to be careful with it. I-It's uh... foam..."
"Oh." Undyne replied, finally grabbing the sword by its handle and lifting it into the air. It was incredibly light, and a poke against the blade confirmed that it was indeed foam. Her excitement ebbed away, but she smiled anyway, grinning down at Alphys. "That's okay! I love it anyway!"

Alphys beamed as Papyrus cleared his throat. "SO, ER- UNDYNE, YOU WERE GOING TO CONTINUE MY BATTLE TRAINING TODAY?"
Undyne felt a tinge of guilt as Papyrus brought it up. She still hadn't brought up her recent decision to him. The decision to cease his combat training and teach him something- anything else. Sure, he was strong. Hell, he even beat her at arm wrestling. At least until she actually started trying and nearly broke his arm. Still, he was way tougher than most monsters. The only problem was... his kindness. Sure, it wasn't a negative trait, but kindness wasn't very valuable on the field of battle. Against an enemy that wants nothing more than to kill you, kindness will always fail. He's too innocent. Too gentle. Too sweet. Too kind. He was dedicated too, which made this so hard for her to tell him. He'd be heartbroken if she told him he didn't have what it takes to become a true royal guardsman. If he was just a bit more like... her, or just more practical, then he was perfect material for the guard. Aside from Asgore and herself, she was certain Papyrus had the potential to be the third strongest monster in the underground.

It all just had to do with that sweet innocence of his. He'd get crushed to tiny bits in a real fight, all because he'd try befriending the enemy instead of capturing, or worse, killing them. Before the fish monster could reply, Alphys spoke up. "Stop b-by the lab later. I think I found some new anime that we haven't seen yet."
"Will do!" Undyne replied, waving as Alphys left, before she was finally forced to give Papyrus her full attention, who was grinning anxiously at her. "Look, Papyrus... I was thinking we should... try a different kind of lesson today."
"Right, well... you ever cooked before?" She asked, and Papyrus pondered on that for a moment. "HM... WELL, THERE WAS THIS ONE TIME I ACCIDENTALLY BURNT SANS SOME WATER."
Undyne blinked. "You burnt-" Better not to question it. "Nevermind. I'm going to teach you how to cook today. And how to cook AMAZING pasta. Spaghetti, specifically."

However, several minutes into the lesson (during which they both somehow managed to redecorate her ceiling with tomato paste), they were interrupted by a rumbling. At first, it went unnoticed. The underground was situated under a volcano, minor earthquakes weren't uncommon. But then the rumbling became more frequent. Increased in intensity. Became impossible to ignore. The whole house was shaking, forcing Papyrus to accidently drop the box of dry noodles, which spilled out onto the floor. "UNDYNE? WHAT'S HAPPENING? IS THIS WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE THIS CLOSE TO A LIVE METTATON PERFORMANCE?"
"No, I don't know what's happening!" Undyne yelled back, the rumbling having grown so loud she could barely hear the usually loud skeleton. "Maybe we should-" She was interrupted as the ceiling suddenly came crashing down over their heads.

Undyne opened her eyes, slowly at first, before they widened in surprise. She was in the air, falling. She was... in the... air. "THE SURFACE!?" She cried, looking up to see a blue sky. It was... wow. And that warmth on her skin, what was that!? It felt so nice! But she was snapped back to reality as she remembered she was falling. Looking down, she found she was descending upon a city of some sort. It was... strange. It was like a mesh of different things, different styles, all combined. Almost as though whoever designed the city couldn't decide on a certain look. Some buildings looked like what she'd expected, having seen them in anime's. Then there were other buildings with neon lights, and strange technological designs to them, not to mention the strangely shaped, futuristic buildings that also took precedence.

Without much time to wonder about what was going on, the Captain summoned a spear, and imitated something she'd seen once on an anime. As she neared the ground, she aimed her trajectory to go right along the side of a skyscraper, which she jammed her spear inside. However, the force was more than she'd anticipated, and her spear was yanked out of her arms, nearly taking her arms out of her sockets, too. While this had somewhat slowed her down, she started to feel a sense of panic, and tried the tactic again, this time summoning a spear in either hand and ramming them through the glass. Her fall slowed to a stop after she tore through several floors. A look down told her she was only a few feet off the ground. Wow, that was... really close. Her spears disappeared as she landed deftly on her feet. Looking up, Undyne assessed the damage, before dusting her hands in satisfaction. "Now that's how-" Her voice caught in her throat as she looked to her left and saw a person staring back at her in a mixture of fear and confusion. Undyne's look in return was more of shock.

Humans. She tore her eyes from the woman to look around and saw dozens upon dozens- no, even hundreds of humans. Only a few were staring at her, but all seemed confused, looking around, a lot of them calling out names.
This was too much. She couldn't take on a hundred humans at once! How unfair was this? She took off at a sprint, trying to avoid every human she could as she looked for a place, somewhere, anywhere that she could hide and figure out her next move.


Icy wind razed through the air, a blanket of snow accompanying each gust. Barely a foot in any direction could be seen, the lack of visual increased by the night sky that went unseen above. In the dark snowstorm that ravaged the lands, a man sat on his knees, his hands joined at his waist. He sat upon a stone walkway, statues rising up into the sky on either side of him. Ancestors. Guides. Examples.
The last of the cryomancers meditated, the deathly cold temperatures beset upon him being paid no mind. He breathed in through his nose, before slowly letting it out of his mouth, the mist that drifted from his lips immediately tugged away by the strong winds. Hours must have gone by, the night lengthening, before the storm subsided into a gentle breeze, pleasant snowflakes drifting down to lay on the ground. Yet, Grandmaster Kuai Liang remained seated, ever vigilante in his meditation.

He was waiting. Now that the storm was gone, it was only a matter of-
Sub-Zero spun to his feet, a wall of ice erupting behind him in time to catch a spear-head, which became lodged in the ice. Attached to the bladed projectile was a chain, and at the other end of the chain stood the last of the Shirai Ryu, a spirit of vengeance, pain, and suffering. Hanzo Hasashi. Scorpion.
Despite Sub-Zero attempts to convince his rival that he had nothing to do with the death of Hanzo's family, no progress had been made in establishing a non-hostile relationship between the two. After all, Kuia Liang didn't have the proof he needed to convince Scorpion otherwise. Time and again, the two found themselves in conflict. Sub-Zero's older brother, Bi-Han, had initially killed Scorpion, who was brought back by Quan Chi and murdered Bi-Han in revenge. It was then that Kuai Liang took the mantle of Sub-Zero from his brother, who himself was resurrected as the evil servant known as Noob Saibot.
Since then, Sub-Zero and Scorpion had clashed endlessly, never truly winning any encounter. They were evenly matched, after all. Yet today, Kuia Liang had the strangest feeling that this clash would end badly for one of them. Personally, he wished that it would not be Hanzo's undoing. Despite their rivalry, Sub-Zero did not wish death upon his opponent. Only that he may one day discover the truth, and seek redemption.

"You will not escape me this time, Sub-Zero." Scorpion's voice hissed out from beneath his mask, his pale eyes glaring daggers at the ice wall that had blocked his initial strike. With a tug, he yanked his kunai out of the ice, the chain retracting back into his arm. The wall of ice lowered, dissipating as Sub-Zero turned to face his opponent. "I have never fled you, Scorpion." He replied, a sword made of crystalized ice materializing in his hand. "You have never won."
"That changes now." Scorpion stated, and in a flash of fire, he disappeared, before rematerializing behind Sub-Zero, brandishing his own blade- a katana, which he proceeded to slash at the cryomancer with, who brought his blade over his shoulder, the two weapons clashing before Sub-Zero kicked his leg out behind him, Scorpion stepping to the side as he lowered his mask, opening his mouth. A torrent of fire was blasted at Kuai Liang, who leaped back, raising his arms defensively, summoning a blast of ice to counter the flames, which locked against one another until both attacks ceased, and the clashing of swords resumed.

It was almost like a dance. A dance the two had performed countless times before. They'd take turns going on the offensive, pushing their opponent back further, before getting pushed back on the defensive. Having fought one another for so long, they knew each other's moves. Tricks. Strategies. But a grasp of their own abilities allowed them to evenly match themselves, never landing a single successful hit on the other.
Letting out a roar of frustration, Scorpion disappeared in another flash of fire, appearing in the air above, where he landed on one of the statues before he lunged with his leg at the head. The stone split, and the head shattered, only for the shards to be launched down at Sub-Zero with an accompanying blast of fire. A wall of ice separated the two again, catching the projectiles, only for it to shatter as Scorpion smashed through it and launched of flurry of blows against the cryomancer, who was barely able to keep up on the defensive.
Just as a blade was about to land, threatening to decapitate the Lin Kuei warrior, it suddenly became lodged in a sculpture of ice that perfectly mimicked Kuai Liang's appearance. The moment the katana struck the ice, the sculpture shattered, and Scorpion became engulfed in ice, freezing him to the spot, before he was broken out by Sub-Zero's fist slamming into his gut, launching him several meters away, where he swept back up to his feet. "Get over here!" He shouted, thrusting out his arm, his kunai launching out of his arm. The cryomancer acted too slowly, the kunai stabbing into his chest, lodging there, allowing for Scorpion to yank Sub-Zero into the air with a great tug straight at him, where he spun about, slamming his boot into Kuia Liang's stomach, knocking him back and dislodging the kunai.

Scorpion swung with his katana, attempting another decapitation, but was foiled once more as Sub-Zero suddenly sank into the gound, his whole body turning into ice, before he erupted out of the earth behind Scorpion, swinging his ice sword, Scorpion managing to block the attack. And again, they continued their charade of swordplay, dueling at the entrance to the Lin Kuei temple.
Suddenly, their entire world joined their conflict. The ground began to split, magma spitting up into the freezing air. The statues around them crashed to the ground, shattering apart.
Their battle halted as the two regained their balance, Sub-Zero looking toward Hanzo in shock. "Is this your doing?" He demanded. Scorpion didn't reply, instead lashing out against Kuai Liang once more, their swords connecting in the air. Then, the air around them began to split. Tears appeared in the sky itself as the entire ground began to shift and disconnect. Scorpion didn't allow Sub-Zero to take this in as the two dueled, trying to gain the upperhand over one another as the world around them was torn apart.
A sudden explosion of magma erupted between the two, a massive fissure splitting the ground. As the distance between them lengthened, Scorpion let out a war cry, and leaped into the air, a trail of fire following him, projecting him further. Seeing no alternatives, Sub-Zero did the same, a trail of ice and snow behind him. In the air, the two connected their blades once again before they began to fall into the fissure, which opened still into a pit of hell. Scorpion's foot knocked Kuai Liang's ice sword out of his hand, so in retaliation, the cryomancer slammed his elbow into the inner part of Scorpion's forearm, his grip on his katana relinquishing, allowing Sub-Zero to swat it aside.

Ignoring their weapons, abilities, and their fall, the two began connected punches and kicks, letting it out against each other as they continued to fall. The red light beneath them began to glow brighter and brighter, nearly blinding them, before-

With a cry, Sub-Zero found himself hurtling through the sky, making a beeline for ash-covered earth. He had no time to take in his surroundings or to figure out what had happened to Scorpion as he stuck out his arms, and began materiailizing a path of ice in front of him, catching him as he regained himself. Using this, he was able to slide safely down to the ground, where he stumbled to a stop, nearly racing head-first into a raging fire.
The Grandmaster took a moment, catching his breath before he looked about. Destruction was all he could see. Not like the kind he'd just left behind. This place had seen war, not natural phenomena. Craters pocked the land from explosions, an entire forest burnt to embers, the ground made entirely of several inches of hot ash. The sky hung clouded and gray above, leaving Sub-Zero to wonder what had happened, and if this all had been Scorpion's doing in his vain attempts at vengeance for something Sub-Zero did not commit.


Master Chief
Eidocide in its truest form. Entire planets blackened to a crisp, all to wipe out a single species for simply existing. He'd seen countless friends and allies die. He'd grown numb to the pain and loss. That didn't mean it still didn't hurt. He could still remember his mother. His real mother. Calling to him to come home from the beach. He'd been so young. So innocent. Unaware of the endless trials the future held. It was the only memory he still had of her. She was dead now. That whole planet was. Nothing survived the glassing.

Then there was his second mother. He was aware that she initially wasn't supposed to be such a figure, but it was unavoidable. When one kidnaps dozens of young children, they're going to look for those kinds of figures, even if they didn't get the love and nourishment they craved. Halsey had been like a mother to all of them. Mendez, like a father. The two of them had molded John and the others into true soldiers. The best of the best. He hadn't heard of their status in a while. Halsey was presumed dead, same as Mendez. Doubtful, though. They were tough.
He could remember making friends. Samuel, Kelly, Linda, Fred... he could remember the day Samuel had died. That fleeting look back to see his best friend holding off a pack of aliens to set off a nuke that would destroy the alien ship. John had lost friends before that. The augmentation... the training... it all took its toll. Their numbers dwindled until they were finally ready. Their numbers only continued to dwindle when the war started. How many other Spartans were left?

His mother's smile flashed before him. Then it was Halsey's. Then... it was Cortana's. Spartans were built for war. Built to sustain extensive physical, mental, and emotional strain. But the war had been going on for so long, now. Over twenty years... it took its toll, even on a Spartan. The trauma one experienced was less than that of a normal person, for obvious reasons, but it still wasn't easy to deal with. He'd lost countless hours of sleep, unable to shut his eyes. Even when he did manage to sleep, he'd wake to find himself already out of bed, breathing heavily, ready to kill the nearest person to him.
Cortana had been a crutch for him. Their bond had begun not even a year ago, but it had strengthened. It wasn't like the bond he had with the other Spartans. Their comradery, loyalty, and understanding went unmatched. It wasn't like with Halsey and Mendez. Cortana may have been the striking image of a blue-coated Halsey in her youth, but she was much different. She might have been an AI, disposable in the eyes of ONI and the UNSC, but she meant something to him. He cared about her. He'd regretted having to abandon her on High Charity, but he'd gone back for her. He'd saved her. He was there to protect her. She was his responsibility, after all.
But he couldn't shake the feeling there was more to it than that. The attachment he felt toward the AI was something he'd never felt toward anyone else before.

It was her voice the brought him back. She said his name, the words leaving her artificial lips, stirring his mind. It sounded urgent. His mind was foggy, but he tried to power through it. She needed him. He needed her. His eyes opened, but he could only make out blurry shapes at first as her voice came in clearer and clearer. "John."
'John'. She rarely said his true name. When she did, it was important. He willed his senses to adjust as he found his voice. "Cortana." He responded, and he thought he heard a sigh of relief from her. "Chief, get up. It's important."
He only nodded as his cryopod door hissed before flipping open, his vision clearing. He could make out the cryo chamber they were in, as well as her. She stood on the pedestal she'd been when he'd gone under. She was staring at him, her eyes betraying worry. She didn't need to say it, he could tell this was important. "How long was I out?"
"Not long." She replied. "Three months and eleven days."
The Master Chief shook his head, clearing the fog out as he focused his senses. "Status?"
"I- don't know." The AI admitted, making the Spartan look toward her, his head cocking slightly to the side in confusion. "A strange wave of energy has been bombarding Forward Unto Dawn for an hour now. It doesn't match any known signatures, and it has no known point of origin."
"What do you need me to do?" Chief asked. Cortana smirked, clearly enjoying his usual attitude. "The Dawn's forwarding sensors are offline, and it needs a manual reboot to return to operational capacity. That's where you come in."
The Spartan nodded, pulling the AI chip out of the pedestal. As he did this, her holographic form vanished, and he inserted the chip into the back of his helmet, upon doing so immediately integrated her into his systems. "I'll mark the position with a nav point. Good to see you, John."

Chief didn't reply to this as he immediately floated out of the cryo chamber, the zero gravity environment still as present as ever. Cortana needn't hear him reply, anyway. She knew the feeling was mutual. Instead, they were nearly halfway there before he spoke. "What are the energy waves doing?"
"I could be wrong, but they seem to be drawing a gravity well of some kind. Not in any particular direction, either. It's... difficult to describe. Beyond any type of technology I've ever seen." She answered. John frowned. That wasn't a lot to go on. He reached the end of the ship. Or at least, the end of this half. The blast from Halo's destruction had ripped the Forward Unto Dawn in two. The Arbiter had been in the front half, and hopefully had made it back to Earth in one piece.
Open space could be seen, including a full view of the Milky Way galaxy. They were a long way away from home...

He grasped some of the broken metal, using it to swing himself about to reach the top of the ship, before he slammed his boots against the hull, which magnetically attached, and he began to walk along the surface, nearing the nav point. "Uh oh." Cortana's voice split the silence. "What is it?" Chief asked, but she didn't need to answer. Space seemed to split apart before their very eyes, cracking like a spider web before it broke like glass, and immediately, he felt an immense tug on his body, the white light beyond the broken space generating a massive gravity well. "Lock your armor!" Cortana yelled urgently. It only took a thought for this action to take place as Chief's body went rigid once he'd crouched low to the hull, his armor locking, his shields flickering as the entire back-end of the Dawn was drawn toward the bright light.
"Readings are off the charts! Same energy as before, but stronger. Chief, hold onto something. The signature is akin to a slipspace rupture!"

The blinding light swallowed them whole... before suddenly, they were spit out. He could see again, but unfortunately, it wasn't a comforting sight. They were hurtling through the atmosphere of a planet, the space craft turning into a flaming ball of metal that hurtled through the air, bits and pieces flying off as it went.
"Brace for impact!" Cortana cried, a mountain range coming into view, before the Spartan felt his whole body jolt, and everything went black...


His eyes fluttered open. He was staring up at a burning hunk of metal. His left arm felt sore, and according to his HUD, his suit was administering BioFoam along his left arm and his legs. "Oh good." Cortana spoke once John started to sit up. "Isn't this the third time we've gone through this? We crash, you black out, I say your name until you get up... Plan on doing it again any time soon?"
"I'll let you know if I do." Chief answered, getting to his feet, glancing down at his arm to find a bit of shrapnel stuck just under the armor in his skin. He grabbed it and tore it out, tossing the bloodied bit of metal aside as more BioFoam was administered to his body. Hopefully he could find actual medical supplements soon, considering BioFoam was a temporary treatment.

"Where are we?" He asked, glancing around at his surroundings. The ruins of the Forward Unto Dawn sat about them, small fires in every direction. Daylight struck them, however, as ahead was a massive hole in the hull of the ship, presumably where they'd entered from. His HUD displayed a wind current coming from it with low temperatures. The mountain range they'd crashed into... this must be it. "No idea, we're nowhere on any map." Cortana replied. "But if there's any locals, we certainly made quite an entrance on them."
Chief didn't reply as he jogged toward the hole, leaping up to grab the side, and climbed out, finding a rather spectacular view. Not the mountain range, nor the sky, but the strange, massive object floating in the sky in the distance. "What... is that..." Cortana wondered aloud as Chief stared at it for a few moments, before hopping off the ship's hull, snow flying in every direction as he landed on solid ground. More parts of the ship surrounded them, all burning, but some appearing more intact than others. "It's not of Forerunner origin."
"Whatever it is, it's probably dangerous." Chief stated. "So that means there's probably somebody who wants it." The AI pointed out as Chief nodded, leaping down to another part of the smoldering ship, finding a few scattered weapons, which he immediately began to collect. "Well, our break was fun while it lasted." Cortana sighed. "But I guess I can't keep you out of the action forever."

Equipped with a bubble shield, an MA5C Assault Rifle, and an M6D Magnum, the Master Chief began to descend the mountain, nearing the base before he found yet another part of the ship that had landed here. "Huh. Warthogs really are more durable than people give them credit for." Cortana stated as Chief's eyes landed on what appeared to be a fully functioning Warthog. He descended to it, flipping it onto its wheels, his HUD scanning it. Fully functional. Minor exterior damage. The turret was missing, but he didn't need it.
The Spartan climbed into the driver's seat, revving the Warthog to life.

With that, they were on their way, the all-terrain Warthog bumping along the mountain range as it went, powering through the snow and slopes, only nearly tipping over a few times. "So what happens if we meet someone you can't shoot to death?" Cortana asked. John was silent for several moments, before responding.

"Figure I'll just shoot some more."


The Dragonborn
What was there to do for heroes when there was no conflict left to solve? No guilds left to join? No kingdoms left that needed your support? The Dragonborn found himself... bored. He'd slain every bandit, ended the Skyrim civil war, slain Alduin the world-eater, controlled every guild in the province, and even had his own fan club. But he'd done everything. There was nothing left for him to do, and he suddenly understood how the ebony warrior had felt. Ah, yes. He remembered the ebony warrior. A battle-hardened veteran who'd claimed to have done everything. His accomplishments weren't on the level of that of the Dragonborn, and he had fallen to the Dovahkiin's axe, but still. He was more relatable now than ever before.

The Dragonborn found himself stomping through the marshes south of Solitude, having heard of something new. Yes, that's right. New. A new challenge, perhaps? A new ally? A new dungeon? He'd even settle for a new book, as he'd read through every other one he'd come across. It had been years, nearly two decades, since he'd slain Alduin and saved the world. He'd ended the civil war not too long after by aiding Ulfric Stormcloak in his rebellion against the Empire.
Obviously the next threat was the Thalmor. Especially since the Dragonborn had kicked Elenwyn out of Skyrim. But that was just too much for him to face, even with the whole of Skyrim at his back. So everyone just bid their time, gathering their strength. The way things were looking, this war wouldn't even take place in his lifetime.

Unless, of course, he decided to become a vampire permanently, as Serana had suggested when he'd expressed his frustrations to her. That reminded him, he needed to go pay her a visit at Castle Dawnguard soon, it had been a while since they'd last spoken, and was always one of the more interesting and entertaining of peoples in Skyrim.
His thoughts were interrupted by a strange cry. It sounded... like an elk. Yet at the same time, it wasn't. It made that same kind of whistle-like shout that the animals made, but this one sounded very wrong. Distorted, or perhaps like some kind of cruel imitation of the real thing. The sound sent chills down his spine, and he wasn't even sure why. He'd fought Daedric Princes and lived, for crying out loud. Truth be told, he wasn't even scared, but his body seemed to be trying to convince him otherwise, which only confused him.

It wasn't until he saw it. The being making the sound. Just beyond a hill, he saw a pair of antlers. Silently, the Dragonborn drew his bow, notching a dwarven arrow as he took aim. The head raised, and he frowned. The elk's face looked sunken and malnourished, yet at the same time it looked like it was melting, but stopped and maintain that partially melted look. Its snout was stained in crimson blood.
By the Nine. This wasn't an ordinary beast. It was an Old God, one of those that the Forsworn followed. The way they wore elk skulls into battle... this was one of their deities.
A smile crossed the Dragonborn's lips, which could barely be seen beneath his mane of grizzled gray facial hair. This would definitely make for a great new story. He slid the dwarven arrow away, now pulling out something far more lethal to such creatures. Sun-arrows dipped in Serana's blood. He had yet to meet a mythical creature that this couldn't harm. With his defenses ready, he began to slowly approach the Old God, before it suddenly stood, looking directly at him. He'd through the beast stood about the same size as any man or maybe an elk, but this creature was massive. It was bipedal, its body just as malnourished, sunken, and somewhat melted as its face. Its limbs were long, with massive claws stained just as its snout. It must have been at least fifteen feet tall. The Dragonborn was beginning to doubt that its head would fit in his living room. Maybe if he got rid of the ceiling and connected the living room to the attic...

His attention returned to the present again as the Old God made its terrifying call, which seemed to strike his very soul. He still didn't feel scared, but it was almost as though this creature was trying to make him afraid in some supernatural way. Like a tiny voice in the back of his head was urging him to run. He ignored it.
The arrow flew, and plunged into the Old God's chest- dead center. It let out an ear-piercing roar that rattled the Dragonborn's bones, the creature stumbling back, clearly in pain. Another arrow flew, sticking into its collar bone. Another roar. Another arrow.
This was boring.

Seeing that this strategy was far too easy and convenient, the Dragonborn tucked his bow away, grabbing his hand axe from his belt. This should be more fun. With a cry for battle that harkened back to the Nords of old, the Dragonborn charged forward, and took a leaping jump. The Old God made to swipe him out of the air, but was interrupted by a simple word.
"FUS!" A blast of vocal power slmmed into the Old God, forcing it to stumble back again as the Dragonborn lodged his axe in its neck, nearly cleaving it clean off. He yanked the axe out, making to strike once again, but its clawed hand wrapped around his middle, and flung him aside. He crashed into a pool of muddy water, submerging for a moment only to burst out, now covered in mud and water, and charged once again at the Old God, who let out a screech as it made for him.

It had only been a few minutes after, and the Dragonborn found himself sitting on a muddy hill, staring down at the half-submerged body of the Old God, its severed head lying on the ground beside him, thick black ooze leaking out of the base of its neck. That... hadn't been the battle he'd been expecting. He'd barely even been hurt during it, and the Old Gods were supposed to be a force to reckon with.
Oh well. He could always talk it up to be a bit more than it was, give the Old God a little more credit.
However, as he started to carry the head through the marsh, he encountered a problem. His leg was suddenly stuck while wading through the shallows. He tugged, but his leg remained stuck. He tried to move the other, only to find it immobile as well. That was when he started to sink.
"No..." He grunted, tugging harder, to no avail. The water around him began to rapidly swirl into a whirlpool, sucking him down further and faster. He tried a multitude of different shouts to aid his situation, but nothing good resulted of it. In an act of desperation, he even called upon one of his dragon allies, but it was too late. The last to sink beneath the surface was his free hand, which was clawing for the surface before it too disappeared from view...

And suddenly, the Dragonborn found himself sputtering, coughing up water as he laid on the ground, the warm sun casting its glow down upon him. Before he even opened his eyes, he knew he wasn't anywhere in Skyrim. The air was too dry. The ground was too warm. The smells in the air were of dirt. He wiped his eyes before opening them to find he was lying on red soil. He was in... a canyon of some kind. The sky was a clear baby blue, and the earth around was all browns and reds. It reminded him of the pictures he'd seen of southern Elsweyr. Except there were less Khajiit here, it seemed. He couldn't see a single breathing creature in sight. Obviously that didn't mean there weren't any. Slowly, the Dovahkiin rose to his feet, still dripping with water and mud as he straightened his iron helmet, and noticed the severed head of the Old God beside him. He grabbed it by the antlers and started to walk. After all, what else could he do? Sure he had his questions, but there was no one to answer them. His best guess was that his slaying of the Old God had somehow brought him here. Besides, stranger things had happened. This was just another adventure. But deep down, he did feel rather excited. It had been decades since he'd had a good adventure. Maybe this would be one to remember.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Location: Mountains
Name: Green

Green watched as the burning object grew bigger...it was a giant ship, a chunk of one anyway...going straight for him! The green hero ran as quick as his legs would take him. The ship crashed into the side of the mountain just in time for him to avoid it’s consequences. Holding onto a Boulder as the mountain shook from the crash, he sighed into relief as the tremors eventually subsided.

“Phew that was a close one.”

The swordsman examined the wreckage, noticing just how big the ship was. Whoever drove it must have been one heck of a sailor. Maybe there were survivors inside? As he walked up to investigate this, he heard a nearby whirring sound. Sounded like a rudder had just cranked up, a really loud one.

Following the sound, the young adventurer saw a robot by the looks of it...riding on horseback of another robot? Seeing as it was the only one around for miles, Green called out to him.

“Hey! You! Over here!!”

He waved his hands to try and get the robot’s attention. Maybe he and the machine could share resources and plan ahead. If he was lucky...maybe it knew more about this situation than he did.



A dark swirling figure arose from the ground on Angel Island. The enormity donned it’s dark clothing and piercing red eyes. Shadow link had returned.

“Eheh, it be quite a while since I’ve been able to set foot on solid ground. I don’t know how I got back here, but I’m not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Stretching his legs and arms with his revitalized body, the shadow demon looked up, watching a cloud pass by a mere hundred feet away.

“High up? Now that’s strange...I gotta see what’s going on.”

That’s when he shifted to a gaseous state, flying into the air. Upon getting a high enough vantage point, he could see he was in fact isolated atop a massive floating temple of some kind. His front have materialized while his lower half kept him sustained in flight.

“Now ain’t this a kicker?” He snickered. “So its a brand new world eh? Looks like a brand new world to have my fun in too!”
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic began to clap as Gunvolt was announced the winner of the tournament. He also began to get excited about the boy's wish. It was for everyone with a good heart to be granted a wish of their own. He was about to cheer, but something seemed wrong. The Nexus began to overload and chaos ensued. Sonic looked to his side and saw someone be turned into a pile of blue candy. "What the?!" He said and began to run, only to run into someone, although, again, he couldn't identify who because of all the chaos. He was about to ask what was going on, but they turned into a giant cake. "Wha-" He began to say, but then he was consumed by pure darkness.

Sonic's eyes slowly opened as he looked down to see the ground, coming towards him at high speed. He began to panic, but then saw a small valley in between two hills. He threw a large line of rings in the direction of one of the hills and used Light Speed Dash, moving towards it at high speed. He then tucked in his legs then jumped off of the hill and towards the other one. He did the same thing on that one, repeating this process a few times, each leap aimed slightly diagonally so he kept getting closer to the ground. After a few seconds, he was on the ground. He looked around himself. There were many green plains and hills, along with a massive castle in the center of it all. "Where am I?" He ran around the area, leaving a blue trail where he went. He stopped at the top of a considerably large hill. "What happened to the tournament?" He looked around once more, seeing many different areas in the distance, each one more unique than the last. "Where is everybody?"

Gengar the Gengar
Gengar was floating throughout a dark and dimly lit street in Saffron City, looking for trainers to terrorize. He hated trainers, stealing his friends, his species, all for the sake of pitting them against each other for their own entertainment and satisfaction. It was unforgivable. He then noticed a young boy walking down the street, Pokeball in hand. He seemed to be around 16. Perfect. Gengar chuckled mischievously and sank into the ground. He traveled through it and then jumped out in front of the boy. The boy screamed and dropped his Pokeball, then scurried away into an alleyway. Gengar laughed then picked up the Pokeball. He let out the pokemon who was in it, a Raticate. He then crushed the Pokeball with his powers, reducing it to an unrecognizable metal speck. This meant that the Raticate was now free, as there was no Pokeball keeping it contained. The Raticate scurried off, running into the same alleyway that the boy went into. Some slightly disturbing sounds were heard, that sounded like crunching or biting, but Gengar thought nothing of it. Suddenly, a large rift appeared in front of Gengar. "Gar?!" He said in surprise, then tried to warp away by stepping into a shadow. However, he simply appeared right back where he started, stepping out of the same shadow when he didn't mean to. "Gengar?" He said in confusion, then, to his surprise, was sucked up by the rift.

Gengar was spat out of the rift, this time in a different location. He was in the air, but this didn't concern him. He simply flew down to the ground safely. He looked around. The area he was in lacked wildlife and was on fire in some places. There were dead trees everywhere, and even some skeletons. Overall, it was his kind of place, although he wondered how he got here.

Aegislash the Sword Boi
Aegislash was in the middle of a fight against a rather hostile Machamp in an alleyway in Lumiose City. The Machamp came at him with a Fire Punch, which Aegislash simply blocked with a King’s Shield. Aegislash began to glow, a sign of his now increased power. He changed back to Sword Form quickly and used Sacred Sword, slicing the Machamp across the face, doing major damage and causing it to go flying into a wall due to the sheer amount of force behind the attack, leaving a large crater. The Machamp was knocked out and slowly slid off the wall. Aegislash switched back to Shield Form, the glow leaving him, as the battle was over. Suddenly, a portal appeared beneath him, and he was sucked into it.

He was spat out of the portal from the sky, and was falling quickly. However, this wasn’t much of a problem, as he could fly. He flew downwards safely, but decided to stay in the air, just in case. He was in a ravine of sorts, nobody around him as far as he could tell. “Aegi....” Aegislash said quietly.

Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles was relaxing on Angel Island, guarding the Master Emerald, as usual. He then closed his eyes for a moment, and the next thing he knew, something felt off. He got up and climbed up a nearby tree and looked around, and gasped. Below the island were many strange areas, one of which he recognized, but all the others were completely new. “WHAT THE?!”


Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Masaru Daimon
Location: Urban District

Before he knew it, the young warrior of Hope was flung into the rift in the sky over the tournament area, flailing his arms about. Just what was happening?! What kinda wish was this?!

He found himself exiting another rift, sliding down what appeared to be a skyscraper cocked sideways. The lil’ ultimate slid down it until it dumped him onto the main road. He groaned, shaking his head.

“Ugh...heck of a dumb wish...huh?”

looking up, he noticed that the city he found himself in was...quite the city. Several guiding styles mashed together. Some bit cartoonish while others were utopian. He also found some that reminded him of home...in fact...they WERE from home! Towa city!

“Wha- so this is back home???”

Location: Angel Island


Blue heard an annoyingly coarse voice yell nearby. Cutting through some more vines, he passed through an archway, leading to a lush garden. In the garden a red creature stood atop a tree, looking peeved. Something about him didn’t set right with Blue. He could have been the one that caused him and the others to be separated!

“Hey, you! Guy in the red!” He called over. “What game you playin’, huh? You messin’ with me?!”


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
The Dragonborn - Rivet Ravine
He'd been heading in one direction, which seemed fairly endless, before he stopped, and turned to look the other way. How had he not noticed it before? Perhaps it had been shielded from view by a butte or something of the sort. A strange, glowing, almost majestic artifact hung in the air, far far away. He almost felt a pull to it. Not the kind of pull to fear the Old God had inflicted, but more so, a call. A call to adventure. With a smirk, the Dovahkiin decided that this was what the call was, and started to retrace his steps, now moving in the direction of the great artifact.

However, he finally managed to encounter someone- or rather something, on his trek. As he rounded a corner in the ravine, he found himself face-to-face with a strange creature. More accurately, face-to-knee, this thing was incredibly small. It had a strange, skull-like head with two simple horns jutting up, and two hollow eyes. Aside from that, it held no other facial features. No nose. No mouth.
As for the rest of its attire, it was draped in some kind of grey, torn cloth, two tiny black legs jutting out just barely underneath. A noticeable blade stuck out from under his cloth. A tiny blade.
The Dragonborn stared at the impish creature for several moments, silently cocking his head to one side, then the other. The creature said and did nothing. Perhaps it wasn't hostile.
Plus, he found its tiny sword amusingly adorable.

Confidently, the Dragonborn bent his knees as he crouched to nearly get eye-level with the little beastie. After several more moments of silence, he stuck his arm out, and poked the creature in its belly.


Master Chief - The Mountains
"One moment." Cortana's voice interrupted John's thoughts as they rounded past a row of closely-grown trees. "I'm picking up heat signatures in and around this valley. Could be locals."
"Or trouble." The Spartan replied wisely as he slowed the Warthog to a stop, his audio-receptors picking up a voice. Someone calling out. "I'm gonna say local. You?" Cortana asked as a nav point appeared on his HUD, isolating the source of the calls. Chief turned his head to see some short figure off in the distance, dressed in green garbs. "I say a lost kid." He replied, climbing out of the Warthog and staring off at the kid, before motioning to him.

"What about the other signatures?" Chief asked as the kid seemed to understand this message and began making his way into the valley. "Spread out and isolated, but still there." She answered. "Thinking of picking up more strays?"
"I'm thinking us being here isn't a coincidence." He stated, glancing about the surrounding pines through the snowy canopy for any signs of danger, vigilant as always.

@Shen: King of the Mist

Sub-Zero - Ravaged Battlefield
He had seen the strange construct in the distance, but did not pursue it. Not yet, at least. There had to be some reason as to why he was here. Perhaps this was some elaborate scheme made by Quan Chi, or even a resurrected Shang Tsung. Anything was truly a possibility, and he was expecting Scorpion, or worse, Bi-Han, to make an appearance. But none did. As he sat on the ashen earth, hands joined at his waist in meditation, he suddenly heard a peculiar sound. He raised a brow before opening his eyes to see... an odd being not too far off. It didn't seem to have noticed him yet. It had a rounded body, with small limbs, and it went it turned around, he could see its rather grotesque facial features.

The Lin Kuei Grandmaster rose to his feet, eyes narrowing as he stared at this creature. "Surely, you are an abomination. The work of Quan Chi, no doubt." He spoke, forcibly calling this being's attention to him. "You disgust me, but you do not frighten me. Quan Chi's attempts at silencing me will continue to fail, monster. I suggest you return to your master, else suffer the bite of my cold."
He wasn't even certain this creature could understand a word he was saying, but if Quan Chi, or somebody of his caliber were listening, he'd at least let them know. Otherwise he was just stupidly talking to an animal. A very ugly animal.

@Captain Pokémon
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Location: Mountains

Green was glad to see that the machine listened to what he had to say, running toward the bipedal creature. He read something in English...’117’ on the chest plate of the machine. If it was written in English, maybe it could understand English? Upon getting close enough to speak with the robot, Green cleared his throat, taking the civil approach.

“I’m shocked to see anyone else here, let alone that flashy entrance you made.” Green half joked, gesturing toward Chief’s ship. “So I take it you are the captain? What’s your name?”



Previously turnt3chGodh34d
Master Chief - The Mountains
The kid barely reached the super soldier's waist. He was wearing, as noted before, a green-centric attire. A phrygian cap decorated his head, blonde hair jutting out underneath. He was wearing a tunic, with a lighter green under garment beneath, with grey pants and brown boots, worn from time and use. A small sword was holstered in a scabbard on the boy's back, and a shield hung on his right arm bearing a unique symbol.

When the kid mentioned the Forward Unto Dawn, Chief glanced back at it, taking in full what the damage looked like. It appeared that it had smashed half of the mountain into bits, and caused a few avalanches here or there. It was probably fortunate that this kid was still alive and well, given how close to the crash he might have been, though the Spartan wasn't aware of how long he was out.
The kid then assumed that the soldier was the captain of the now retired vessel, and asked for a name. John stared at him for a moment, before answering. "Master Chief Petty Officer, John-117." He introduced. Seeing the kid process this with a frown, he added; "Just call me Chief."

"He seems cute. We should keep him." Cortana teased jokingly, though her words were only heard by the Spartan, who didn't respond to her.

@Shen: King of the Mist

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Location: Mountains

The robot was rather...imposing of a figure. The size and reflective nature of it’s high tech armor gave him the feel that this thing was made for battle. When they responded they spoke in the voice of a deep voice man, and not in some technobabble. This surprised the young eleven boy, their momentary surprise shifting to one of relief. It was good to know they were with someone else instead of something else.

“Ah, well chief it’s good to meet you, my name is Li-“ he caught himself, still not quite used to his new name. “Erm...Green.”

He extended his hand out to shake his newfound acquaintance’s, figuring it being the first natural step to showing a friendly greeting.



Previously Kid_Nukas
The tournament was over. Bowie was a little upset that it was all coming to an end, but he was glad he had gotten to meet Masaru and his other friends there. Plus Blob seemed to have really enjoyed the experience, he was sad it was all coming to a halt... until he heard Gunvolt's wish. He didn't even have time to be excited about him getting his wish granted as the world around them started to break. His emotions were overtaken by fear as he and Blob were sucked up by a crack in the sky. Everything happened in an instant. He pulled Blob into a vice grip not daring to let go. He knew whatever was in store for them, they'd face together. In an instant they were gone.

The pair reappeared high in the sky over what looked to be a land riddled with inconsistencies. He was slightly in shock and it took him a second to process what was happening before he realized that he was falling, and fast. He rummaged through his bag, any number of Blob's transformations would do. He pulled out a pear jelly bean and fed it to Blob, immediately transforming him into what seemed to be a thin sheet that Bowie quickly hooked onto his bag. Blob's transformation caught the wind and their descent slowed, the parachute clearly doing its job. He had fallen almost half the way to the ground, if he had taken much longer, he might've ended up flatter than Blob was currently.

Bowie took a second to look around at the world as he fell. He recognized some buildings from his home city, but others seemed completely foreign to him. He looked and saw a large gash in one of the skyscrapers nearby, who knows what could've caused that. He then looked down and saw Masaru on the ground below. He drifted down to the ground beside him and embraced him, glad to see he was alive and well. "MASARU!"

High in the skies above the cities, Tails had been flying his invention, The Cyclone. He was quite proud of the technological accomplishment of it, he was sure it would help Sonic take down Eggman once and for all... that was if he could find Sonic. Sonic had disappeared not long ago along with Eggman and Metal Sonic. He wasn't sure what happened to any of them, so he was hoping to pick something up on the Cyclone's radar. He was sure it was part of Eggman's latest plot, but he just wasn't sure how he'd managed to pull it off. He wasn't able to contemplate for long, however, as the Cyclone felt a sudden force start to pull it in. It seemed to be a crack in the sky. Tails tried to steer the cyclone away, pushing it to its very limits before the system started to overload. The Cyclone, however, was not winning this battle and it was pulled through the crack in the sky.

The Cyclone, along with Tails, reappeared in the sky above a crazy city. He was surprised to see that he was still alive and he took a second to get his bearings. The city seemed to be a hodgepodge of different designs and architects, something Tails would never let slide. He couldn't lament about the design long though since the Cyclone had used most of its power trying to escape the whole. He had to make an emergency landing and brought the Cyclone down forcefully. He narrowly dodged buildings and skyscrapers and found a place to land, people scattered around to make way for the metal machine. He touched down and sat there, stunned by the sudden change in scenery. This was going to be a bit of a problem.

It was a beautiful day in the plains of Monstadt. It'd been peaceful there ever since the world Traveler had helped purify Dvalin. There wasn't much to do except eat, drink, and sing, all of which were favored pastimes of a certain Bard who currently found himself in the shade of a giant tree, the symbol of Monstadt's hero. He sat there in the shade eating some apples he acquired from some very willing donators from Monstadt. He felt like he could relax there forever... That was when chaos erupted.

The first thing he noticed was the change in the winds. Something stirred them and made them start to swirl in ways not normal. He got up from his position and the ground started to shake. Everything seemed wrong. He summoned the wind to make a strong updraft, sending him high into the sky so that he might get a better vantage point. What he saw was atrocious. Monstadt had been ripped right out of the plains, the plains now being surrounded by worlds he was unable to recognize. He felt it as well, he could no longer sense Dvalin's presence, nor that of the people of Monstadt. They seemed to be gone without a trace. He would need to get to the bottom of this.

Venti spotted something gold on the ground in a creek not too far away and decided to glide over to it, the wind current fading behind him. As he got closer he noticed someone... peculiar near it. Venti could tell immediately he was not of the same world. He decided to be cautiously optimistic, and he put on the face of the noble Bard to replace that of the Archon. He landed and approached as he was about to touch the trophy. "GreetingsTraveler. What brings you to the great plains of Monstadt this fine morning?" Venti looked down and saw that the trophy seemed to be that of a familiar adventurer. It was certainly a resident of Monstadt. Had this kid done this to him? Venti decided to wait it out and see, but he was ready to summon his bow at a moment's notice should it be necessary.

"Here you are ma'am, have to say your bag was pretty hard to find. I got in a fight with all kinds of monsters while looking for it... not that they were any match for me of course!" A boy with a yellow scarf was returning a bag to an old lady who'd lost it. It took him a bit longer than he'd like to find it, getting lost in areas he doesn't even know how he got to almost three times. He couldn't give up though, after all the first vow of his knight's code told him to always help someone in need... So really it was just another normal day for Reize Seatlan. At least, it seemed normal until a crack appeared in the sky. Before he could even register what was going on, he was transported to another world.

Reize reappeared in the skies above a broken city. The buildings were all rundown or destroyed and it seemed mostly deserted. "What the– Oh shoot!" He realized he was falling at great speeds toward the ground. He wrapped his hand around his pendant and summoned the power inside. A geyser erupted out of the ground below him and caught him in the air, allowing him safe passage to the ground. Once down he took a look at his surroundings. There were very few people and they seemed just as unsure of what was going on. "Woah, where am I? This is... This is AWESOME! A new adventure waiting to be told, starring Reize Seatlan! This is sure to be amazing!" With that he started to jot down in his notebook what had happened so far, excited for the adventures ahead.

Bandana Dee
Bandana Dee was pulled through the rift in the sky along with everyone else in the stands. He was unsure of what happened to his friends, but he didn't have time to think about that as he realized he was high above a jungle and falling fast. He summoned his spear and started spinning to slow his descent. It was successful to an extent, but as he slowed, a branch knocked the spear out of his hands and he fell the rest of the way flat on his face.

Dee got up and looked around. the area seemed strange, unlike anywhere he'd seen on Planet Popstar. He searched around, no sign of anyone he knew. He started to tremble, but he readjusted his Bandana and started to explore. After all, he was a highly respected Waddle Dee, what would people say if he looked like he was scared of being alone. He moved slowly, his vision darting around constantly. "Hello? Anyone out there?" He was prepared to summon his spear at a moment's notice, ready for a fight.


Previously Deathstalker62
Returning to life time and again since the ancient middle ages, the evil lord Dracula has driven people to terror.

Each time Dracula returned from the dead, the Belmont clan fought him in shadows, wielding the holy whip.

Through their efforts, humanity avoided darkness, securing prosperity. But early in the 19th century, having lost their ability to resist the darkness, those in positions of power at the time began to search for new ways to counter Dracula.

Our organization, Ecclesia, was born then as one of those countermeasures. Many organizations were established with the same goal, and day after day they conducted their studies diligently, but each was dissolved when they failed to produce satisfactory results.

But that was when Barlowe, the leader of Ecclesia, finally made a surprising breakthrough that could stand up against Dracula.

However, it was soon to be discovered by his top disciple that was me, Albus, that Barlowe has gone mad, possessed by Dracula's Influence over the Dominus Glyphs. Barlowe had planned to use my sister, Shanoa, to use her as a sacrifice to break the seal holding back Dracula. While I managed to stop the old master, Barlowe sacrificed himself to break the seal that kept the Vampire Lord at bay. It was up to my duty to hunt down Dracula and seal him again, with the power of his own magic; The Dominus Glyphs.

The Hunt took a lengthful journey, many scars that had luckily healed, and much patience, but in the end, I overcame Dracula's power using a portion of his own, and sealed him for good, for however long that would last. I've returned to Ecclesia, and continued studying these glyphs, aswell as the Dominus Trio, to further try to find efficient methods of taking down Dracula quickly should he rise again...

Albus, having sealed two of the three Dominus glyphs away into safe places in Ecclesia, had gone back to studying the effects of the one Dominus Glyph he kept: Dominus Agony. A magic that shrouds the user in Dracula's magic, boosting one's physical and mental prowess beyond superhuman. Originally, it drained the life of one quickly aswell as one's magic, though Albus tinkered with the glyph for months, managing to patch out the life drain completely and reducing the mana drain a bit aswell. However, today, Albus was interrupted from his research with a strange sensation. It felt like a strong type of magic quickly veiled the entirety of the Ecclesia Chapel, yet then it was just as quickly over as it began, and Ecclesia felt more.. empty. Albus had suspicions, and called out to his sister Shanoa. Confirming his suspicions, there was no answer as his voice echoed throughout Ecclesia.

The researcher ran through the chapel at a quick pace, heading out the doors of Ecclesia and into the open. More evidence confirming his suspicions appeared as the landscape was not the same: it was all much more.. green and peaceful than Albus remembered. Well, the Researcher only had one thing to do now.. and that was to find out what was going on here. Albus took off running, leaving Ecclesia behind. He could always teleport back to it after all, no reason to leave it guarded. Not that he had a method on doing so without staying back anyway.


Daroach and his crew were aboard his blimp-like airship, just sailing in the skies of Planet Popstar. However, as Daroach looked on to the lands below, things started.. changing. It was like he had just entered some kind of portal, or something was changing the landscape itself. Whatever it was, Daroach was... actually not just curious about it, but also hyped! New land meant new treasure, and new treasure meant more for the taking for the Squeaks! Daroach called over Doc to guide the airship over a mountainous area and leave it there, as the Mouse Bandit and his crew of tiny squeaks left the blimp, jumping onto the land below!.. that is, when Doc lowered the blimp enough for it to not be a severe fall. And with the last of his crew, that being Spinny and Storo (And Doc once he managed to land the blimp safely) following him out of it, the crew dispersed, spreading out across the mountains. While each of his subordinates went with an army of Squeaks, Daroach went by himself, flying over the mountains in search of either a being with valuable-looking gear on them or a large cave to explore for treasure. Daroach knew about the newbie, and though he did not know where he currently was, Daroach felt like the new guy could handle himself. Daroach just hoped the newbie wouldn't hog all the treasure he found..


Tac, the infamous Cat Thief, had actually been doing some scouting for the Squeaks; he was new to their team after all, and had to prove himself worthy of being a Squeak, which involved finding and bringing back a great treasure. Of course, finding Treasure tends to be difficult in Dreamland when either a dangerous being already owned it, or it is near unfindable, either from being long forgotten of its location or just generally being a pain to reach. Still though, Tac didn't give up this task. After all, it was the first time he finally found a group that actually agreed with his methods of.. 'borrowing' things from people. Even though Tac already stole a bunch of Dreamland Inhabitants and kept them inside his bag, they weren't exactly treasure. One thing that Tac found however was some kind of wormhole swarm opening up around him as he ran through Candy Mountain. They all seemed to tear the place apart, and while not paying attention, Tac accidentally ran right through one. With the velocity it sucked him up with, Tac was launched out the other end, flying through the air, bouncing on the grass below and finally coming to a grinding halt. While the Cat Thief endured worse, it certainly caught him off-guard. Tac got up and dusted himself off, taking up his green bag again and looking around. This new location didn't look all too familiar, however, just like the Squeaks, Tac was more excited, for the same reason. New lands meant more opportunities of theft- ..err, Treasure Hunting! Yes. Hunting Treasures. And nothing else. Confident in finding new valuable things, Tac took off running again, keeping an eye out for valuable-looking things. ..regardless if they were on a being or not.
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Geo jumped when Venti suddenly talked to him. "H-Hi sir, I'm not t-too sure. I just kind of...ended up here?" He laughed awkwardly and knew Mega was facepalming behind him. "W-what did you call this place? Mondstadt? I haven't heard of that place, is it in Electopia?" He didn't know the boy, but he didn't seem hostile. There was no harm in trying to get to know what was going on, right?

"Geo, Geo, Geo. I told you it was a trap, and yet you try to make friends with this kid?! What if he has an FM-ian helping him? There are no waveholes around, remember? You can't even fight physically without me helping you." Omega-Xis berated Geo, whisper-yelling at the boy for being so careless. Something felt off about this kid, there was some unknown power in his possession. This better not be another Solo kid, he was enough trouble when we had waveholes at our disposal.

"Let's not resort to violence, okay? I didn't do anything to warrant an attack." Geo whispered back at Mega as he put on his Visualizer. There were no wave roads around and no waveholes. No waveholes meant no Megaman and no Megaman meant no defense should they get attacked. They were royally screwed, and the fact that he was next to a golden statue of what was clearly a human didn't make him any less suspicious. God, he hoped that he would get out of this without a fight.


Hunter looked up as he heard a loud crash, what was that? Did someone get hurt? He had to find out, thankfullly there was a pretty obvious smokestack to mark the location or rather locations of the crash. Whatever went down must have broke up in pieces. "Coatlus! Up, up and away!" Grabbing a green Dino Medal, the boy threw it on the ground. An absolutely massive pterosaur erupted from the medal. It had white and green skin on its back and wings whilst its stomach and the bottom of the wings were black. It had a blade-like yellow beak and green feathers that transitioned into blue on its head and back. "Alright buddy, time to investigate a crash site!" As the boy hopped on the back of the Azhdarchid, it let out a shrill cry and set off with a powerful push. "Alright, now we're cooking with beans!" He exclaimed as the excitement of flying got to him. The rush didn't last long though, as Coatlus had arrived at the crash site. There was no one around and a bitter feeling churned in the stomach of the fossil fighter. Was he too late? A shriek from Coatlus snapped him out of his thoughts, the reptile found tire tracks. "Nice find girl, let's go!" Making a turn towards the tire tracks, the duo spotted the source of the tracks. A car of some description, a man or machine, a kid and something he didn't quite recognize. "Let's go down Coatlus, maybe they know what happened." Pressing his knees in the back of the flying reptile, it landed and kicked up some snow. "Hey everyone, that's quite the wreckage up there. Everyone okay?"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Masaru looked through the faces of the crowd... not one person he recognized. Most of them were just slimy filthy demons...except one. This one face worked it’s way through the crowd, leaping at him and wrapping him in a hug.


“Wha-WOAH! Bowie!” Masaru responded in shock, falling over from the hug, letting out a laugh. “I didn’t expect YOU to be here with me!”

He grinned, glad there was some bit of normalcy in the new chaotic reality. That’s when he spotted something in the corner of his eye...a kid wearing a monokuma mask...one of his subjects? Before he could say anything, the kid ran off in a hurry. If the Monokuma kids were here...could that mean...?


Vio had made it to the top of the tree, scribbling down his take on the land. It is true that it was a strange new world he found himself in, but one must adapt to overcome the obstacles. Writing down the last part of his rough map, he peered down at it.

“Alright...so I appear to be in this jungle section. I should most likely gather any resources I can before heading out somewhere populated. Maybe they would know where the others are...”

He then pocketed the map, carefully making his way down the tree.
Audrey Redheart
Mondstadt Plains

Audrey gave a little Hmph at most of what Gunvolt said, not believing this stuff about a tournament. Then, she heard about the wish granting device.

"Wait..." She pointed her thumb at the Central Nexus. "That thing grants wishes?! That sounds stupid." She expressed her thoughts. "And why'd you choose such a weird wish?! Most people aren't good, you know." She flicked her hair back, before quickly pulling it back forward as she noticed a scratch on her cheek. She needed to cover that, she decided. "And those who are good have the dumbest wishes..." She added. "Oh, Name's Audrey Redheart, by the way. Otherwise known as the Hero!" She introduced herself with a bit of flair by holding her sword up to the sky. "Had just finished my quest, killed the big final boss looking thing, you know, the usual, when there was a flash of light, and...well, next thing I knew, I was here." She claimed(A blatant lie, that flash of light had been expected from killing the dream king), putting her sword down and shrugging. "Now...uh...what's this...thing that's looking at me weird?" She asked, gesturing to Joule, pulling her sword away from Joule out of a lack of trust, letting the large blade scratch against the ground. She didn't trust this kind of Technology, it seemed, as she even gave a small growl at Joule.


Previously Manu456Alola
Gunvolt - Mondstadt Plains

"I know the whole thing's hard to believe, but take my word for it. And the wish didn't seem that bad. Getting good people their wish granted would only mean good, right? But I guess wishes never turn out well..." He sighed before listening to Audrey's story. "Just popped up here, huh?" He muttered, now being more sure of the fact that the Nexus caused them to end up there.

Joule backed off as Audrey addressed her, neither her or Gunvolt expecting the blue haired girl to be able to see the deceased Adept. Gunvolt chuckled as Joule flew back over to him, hovering over his shoulder.

"This right here is my friend Joule. Only those with certain abilities are able to see and hear her, so consider yourself lucky to be able to do so."

"It's nice to be able to talk to someone besides GV for once!" She said while waving at Audrey.

Copen - Mountains

Already near the base of the mountain where the teen and his helper were dropped on, Lola's systems picked up intense heat readings from high up, looking up to see a chunk of what was probably a spaceship crashing down in flames. Copen also noticed it once it came closer, part of the sky turning red as the burning ship came down and crashed into the side of a nearby mountain. Snow flew out everywhere as the two stood silent, Copen speaking up as the snow began to clear, revealing the ship's remains.

"Lola, you picking up any survivors over there?" He asked as he dropped down to head towards the crash site.

"Seems like there's two people over there, Boss. A third is heading towards the ship too, I wouldn't be surprised if that caught everyone's attention." She replied, following Copen as blue flames burst from his boots for him to land safely.

"Let's go check. Someone might need help." He jumped as his boots propelled him towards the crash site, trying to get there as fast as possible.

Once he got close, he heard a machine whirring nearby. He looked down to see a man in a cybernetic suit riding some sort of vehicle, getting off to talk to a kid wearing a green tunic. The tire tracks indicated the armored man came from the crash site, though he didn't seem too injured. Right then, a kid riding a winged dinosaur landed near the two. Given how everyone looks so different, do they come from different worlds or something? Is such a thing even possible? He thought, landing safely near the small group and walking over to them.

"Nobody badly injured? That was one hell of a crash."

The Knight - Rivet Ravine

Having explored a decent chunk of the canyon for a good while, the Knight was making good progress on its map. It wasn't the most detailed, but it'd do nicely for now. Putting the map away for the time being, it was about to check a nearby mine when it bumped into someone. It stared at the man curiously, his attire unlike anything ever seen in Hallownest. In fact, he wasn't even a bug! The man, who towered over the Vessel, seemed just as curious and crouched to meet it at eye level, if the holes in the bug's shell could be considered eyes.

The strange looking man stuck his arm out and poked the Knight's belly, void particles covering his finger momentarily before disappearing. The Knight returned the gesture by taking out its nail and poking at the man's leg, well, the armor covering it.
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Previously Kid_Nukas
Venti - Plains of Monstadt
Venti was not surprised by the boy's lack of knowledge regarding the city of freedom, it just proved he was from a different world like he had initially thought. Lumine had been the same way when she first arrived, but this one seemed different from her. He did not have the archon's blessing such as she did, and there was a strange presence around him. He wouldn't clue the boy in that he knew any of this however as he wasn't ready to let him know he was more than just the bard he appeared to be.

"You don't know of Monstadt? The City in which many call The City of Freedom, the Crown of the North, the Romantic City of Pastorals. Monstadt is the land protected by the Archon of Anemo himself. Why I'd be more than willing to sing you a song all about its glory... for the price of an apple of course. We are currently standing in the Great Plains of Monstadt, the jewel of Teyvat. You've truly never heard of it? I must say you must've come from pretty far to be this lost. So traveler, might I ask what that on the ground behind you is?

Bowie - Urban District
"Well of course I'm here, we both got blown through that weird portal thing when it appeared, although I'm not entirely sure where 'here' is. I recognize some buildings from back home, but this is clearly not my home town..." Bowie scratched his head a little, slightly nervous about the situation they were in. They were surrounded by strangers, most of which he was quite certain Masaru would do something bad to if he had his way. That said, he was still glad to be here with a familiar face, someone to talk to, even if he wasn't sure what lied ahead.

Bandana Dee - Jungle
Dee was searching around frantically, making sure no monsters would try and jump out and eat him. It was important that he stay on his guard at all times after all. He walked slowly and eventually he heard something coming from a nearby tree. It could've been anything, a wild animal, a monster, some other horrible thing that would think he looked as delicious as a bunch of cake. He didn't waste a second. He summoned a spear and threw it right at the base of the tree, hopefully scaring off whatever beast might dare to try and mess with the spear toting Waddle Dee.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Location: Urban District

“Yeah, I was about to say this looks an awful lot like my stomping ground too, except uh...not.”

That’s when a faint sound was heard in the distance. A revving of an engine. Masaru turned towards the direction of the sound, as did many bystanders. A ship seemed to fly above the buildings around, one that vaguely resembled that of a cruiseliner. The sight of this ship made a grin spread across Masaru’s face.

“Whooooo! I knew it!” Masaru pounded his fists in the air. “Bowie, meet the Grand Headquarters of the Warriors of Hope!”


Name: Vio
Location: Jungle

Vio was steadily making his way down the tree, currently formulating some kind of plan. That’s when a spear hit a few feet from where he was going to slide down. This took the purple wearing adventurer my surprise. Natives? Drawing his sword as he touched ground, he prepared for resistance.

“Show yourself.” He commanded to the treeline, prepared to strike back if an attack was made
"N-no, can't say I have. I know Echo Ridge, AMAKEN, Time Square, Dream Island, Wilshire Hills, Grizzly Peak, Loch Mess, Whazzap and the Bermuda Maze. Mondstadt is a new place for me, sorry." Geo apologized to Venti, letting the many different names fly over his head. There was no way he could remember all that, so why even bother?

Mega huffed and flew over towards Venti, noticing that he had a lyre and no Star Carrier. If he was correct in his assessment, the boy was no threat to them. There were no weapons and whilst Harp Note used a lyre, that was with the FM-ian Lyra. A part of the tension left Omega-Xis' body, but it was not completely gone until they found a wavehole. Flying back to Geo, he whispered in the boy's ear. "No weapons visible, only a lyre. Do stay careful."

Geo flicked his Visualizer up with his thumb, giving Mega a subtle message of confirmation before stepping aside so that Venti could see the statue. "To be honest, I have no clue. It just...was there when I came here. Maybe you might know what it is? Is it like some kind of artefact of Mondstadt?" Leaning forward, the boy touched the golden statue.
Gengar looked to the side and saw a man rise to his feet. A rather unfriendly man at that. He called him an abomination and..the work of Quan Chi? What? Who was that? The man also said Gengar did not frighten him, which was his whole thing, frightening humans. Gengar’s grin quite literally flipped upside down and he narrowed his eyes into a frown. He then seemingly disappeared without a trace. (Yeah, apparently Gengar can turn invisible, so, that’s cool, but I think I’ll either time limit this, or have it end if he is touched by anyone in any way, or if he’s hit by an attack. Or maybe some sort of combination of all of them.)

Suddenly, a dark blob was thrown at Sub-Zero seemingly out of nowhere. (Shadow Ball) This blob was very fast moving and would probably knock Sub-Zero back a bit along with doing damage if he was hit.

Knuckles the Echidna (who needs therapy)
“Hey, you!”
Knuckles heard a pissed of, almost child like, voice nearby. He noticed someone cutting through some vines, and saw that whoever had yelled, was, in fact, a child. He was wearing mostly blue with a strange hat. He looked like he had stepped right out of a medieval video game.
“I’m not playing any games! Are you messing with me?!” Knuckles said angrily. He leapt down from the tree and landed in front of Blue. “What?! You wanna rumble?!” He said, pounding his fists together.
@Shen: King of the Mist

Jevil was floating around his little freedom, grinning and laughing as usual. Those foolish darkners! Didn’t they know they were all imprisoned inside, while he, Jevil, was the only one who was free?! It was amusing how idiotic they were! Then, the second strangest thing happened. A rift appeared behind Jevil. “A rift? Ooh hee hee! But where, where does it lead? Does it lead back to imprisonment, imprisonment! Or does it lead to even greater freedom, freedom!” Jevil didn’t have time to think it over, however, as he was forcibly sucked into the rift.”WHEEEEEEE!”

Jevil then appeared in a place he unfortunately recognized. The Field of Hopes and Dreams. Did this mean he was imprisoned once again?! Jevil didn’t know. There were no bars in sight, though. And there was a bright sky above. Jevil flew upwards and saw many places that he did not recognize. He flew back down to the ground and simply sat there for a bit, not knowing what to do.

(Decided not to write for my villains until later. Also, tell me if I missed any interactions.)
Audrey Redheart
Mondstadt Plains

Audrey rolled her eyes.
"Well OF COURSE I'm lucky to see her." She mocked. "I'm the HERO, for cripes sake, of course I'd be lucky enough for that!" She added. Seems someone had quite the ego, just like another self-claimed Hero... "Anyway, so...I'm just gonna assume my quest finished, which means I have no reason to go home. So unless that thing," She, once again, pointed her thumb at the Central Nexus. "Is gonna cause, like, the multiverse or something to collapse, I'm good with staying here." She claimed.

"...Speaking of which, why does this field look like it was ripped out of something?" She pondered. "...If that thing did it, I'm gonna be mad." She admitted, swinging her sword around her in boredom. "Ack, no point in asking. You probably have no idea, I can tell." She laughed, before looking to Joule.

"So...you're dead, huh? Must suck. Guess you got lucky, having people to talk to anyway." She noted in her head. "Your friend here seems kinda...uh...boring, not gonna lie. Do you EVER get bored of him?" She then asked the deceased Adept, still swinging her sword around her back.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Blue & Shadow Link
Location: Angel Island.

Blue growled as knuckles got all in his face. Okay. That’s it. He didn’t care if the red bozo was behind this or not, just wanted to pound his face in! Blue put away his sword and took out a large looking hammer, snarling his lips.

“Oh you wanna go rat boy?! I’m gonna mess you up so bad your mama won’t recognize you!”

Blue wasn’t just gonna wait around for knuckles to strike first, he charged in headlong, swinging his hammer for a blunt strike to his face.

Meanwhile, Shadow link watched on, laughing from a distant pillar as he ate some grapes he picked off of a vine.

“Ha! Not even five minutes here and he’s already started a fight! Ah, it’s good to be back.”


Previously Kid_Nukas
Venti - Plains of Monstadt
Venti wanted to trust the boy. He didn't seem to have any ill intent, but he was certainly from an entirely different world, one perhaps even more remote than Lumine had. It was bizarre. Clearly, something was wrong, but he didn't believe it had anything to do with the boy in front of him. He was likely just a victim of fate and circumstance. He decided to take a closer look at the gold object near them. It looked strikingly similar to that of the adventurer who tried to reprimand him for his apples that were so generously given to him... It was quite unsettling.

"Well, I can't quite say that the design looks to be like anything of Teyvat origin. It looks almost as out of place as you do my friend. Well... I would say that if the figure itself didn't look so similar. In fact, I've had my own share of encounters with the precise adventurer it seems to be modeled after. Say traveler, would you mind helping me lift it up to stand upright so that I might get a better look at the artistry? I don't quite know of anything this intricate in Monstadt, but I might get a better feel of where it derived from, should I get a better look."

Venti out his foot on the base of the trophy, hoping to get more leverage that way. He then put his arms around the chest of the trophy and started to try and lift, making very minimal progress with his seeming lack of upper arm strength.

Bowie - Urban District
Bowie looked awestruck at the ship flying through the sky, it was quite amazing to look at after all, he had never seen anything like it. "That's your base? That's so COOL! And here I thought my treehouse was the coolest base in town, you have a flying ship! I can't wait to meet your friends, how do you suppose we get up there? I mean, Blob can fly us up if need be, I still have quite the supply of Jellybeans after all."

Bandana Dee - Jungle
Bandana Dee observed as what seemed to be a human (As he had learned from the tournament before) appeared from the tree above, not a monster like he had originally thought. He came out into the open sighing of relief. "Oh thank god you're just a human... I mean, of course, a human. How are you young human, I am Bandana Dee, head of King Dedede's royal guard and good friend of the Hero of Popstar. I am pleased to see you are unharmed by the monsters and wild animals of this jungle. A lesser Dee, or man, might be scared of the creepy... scary... monsters that lurk here, but not I of course..." He hoped his brave front was holding up, he didn't want anyone's image of the proud Waddle Dee Order of Popstar to be tainted by him.
"O-Oh, sure. No problem at all." Geo quickly agreed with the request for help, though his way of dealing with the statue was a bit more effective than Venti's. Of course, having a friendly alien with them helped a lot. "One, two, three, heave!" Geo attempted to lift the statue by its shoulders whilst Mega attempted to push down on the base so that it would flip up. "Once more, heave!" The statue was heavy as anything, probably because it was pure gold. "Who...even puts a statue down here? It is so...out of the way!" The eleven year old tried his best to lift the statue up, but he was so much weaker without the persona of Megaman at his disposal.

"Come on, you golden jerk! Move!" Omega-Xis hissed in a whisper as he slammed a fist on the base of the statue, fed up already. Where was a wavehole when you needed them, or one of those fancy cranes? He looked at Venti for a second before shaking his head. This human was not compatible with his wavelength, completely unlike Geo.


Previously mallard
The Knight had returned from the field to present his stolen flower with the pain he has collected tirelessly. This time, as always, the flower absorbed the pain, but still rejected the knight with a blackened heart. The Knight had barely any time to pity himself, as the ground began to rumble. It seemed to be much harder to stand for a few moments, but when he looked between the burnt boards of his "home," he realized he was high above an alien world. And the world was magnifying from his viewpoint. They were falling, him and his flower. The Knight braced for impact, he knew the flower could protect itself, and WHAM. The Knight rose moments after the impact and kicked away some fresh gravel. He picked up his blade and looked outward at strange purple grass and new red trees. Half of the already burnt down house was now destroyed, and the stone floor was in several pieces. The flower was the only thing in the room in one piece besides the armor-clad person. The aforementioned person stepped outside the house, and realized that in this strange place, he would need to somewhat hide the flower. The Knight fell a tree, and chopping off its branches, used the red foliage to cover where the place had been destroyed. Now, the mission was same as always, harvest pain from other creatures.
Location: Field of Hopes and Dreams

Kilton scooped up some Chuchu jellies he had just harvested. He grinned as he took them back to his shop, Chuchu jellies had a variety of uses, all of which he hadn't discovered yet. Snapping him out of his trance was a shout from atop a hill. "Kilton, you shady fiend, I have found you!" It was a former Hylian soldier that was too insistant on continuing his duties in the aftermath of the Great Calamity. He usually hung around Akkala Stable, but he would be on the hunt for "shady" folks, more specifically Kilton, often. "I'm bringing you in!" As he drew his blade, Kilton squealed. The small grey man dropped the jellies and ran over to his shop, but as he did, the ground snapped in two and folded upwards, knocking the escapee back. The fold in the ground sucked him closer, and everything went white as the salesman entered the crack in the ground. When he regained his vision, he was high above a land unknown to him. He panicked for many moments, screaming for a while, but did regain his composure soon enough. When nearing the ground, he pulled out two Octorok balloons, drastically reducing his momentum until to a near stop. He let go, and fell a few feet to the ground. He looked around at what appeared to be many destroyed homes. He hoped to find a way back, since he would miss Bokoblins. In the meantime, the shop owner was to explore.
Location: Destroyed Urban Area

Napstablook was lying on the ground near a waterfall, feeling like garbage. Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and the underground area split in two, the split appearing near where the ghost was. The side that Napstablook wasn't on fell away, revealing a swirling mess of other realities. The whirlpool of universes pulled Napstablook in, and he reacted with "...Oh," before being pulled in, the pull spinning his form in every which way. After a flash of light, the ghoul found himself high in the sky. He fell for a while, until he landed on his face at the bottom of a ravine, sliding several feet. He continued to lay down and feel like garbage.
Location: Rivet Ravine

Kragg was rolling down the wall, doing normal patrols when the wall began shudder. Kragg stopped his roll, and now that he was standing he noticed that his own body felt lighter. The ground around the wall tore up, and both the wall and its defenders fell upwards. Surrounded by the sky, the barrier fell the other way. But- the realm looked different. There were definitely similarities to his own world, but it was different. Kragg could not brainstorm much beyond that, due to his lack of intellect, imagination, and time as the wall crashed through the jungle canopy and into the floor. Although the wall was damaged due to the fall, the other Wall Runners could patch it up to peak condition. From atop the wall, Kragg could see a building not unlike the Fire Capital. Having no agreement with the residents of this vegetated area, the Earth's Bastion curled into a ball and launched himself by summoning a pillar of rock from the wall. He landed on an outside wall of the giant building. He would need to find a way to get back to the forest he swore to protect, before either an enemy invades it or the forest swallows the land yet again.
Location: Garreg Mach Monestary

The Venusaur roared angrily, but Psyduck stood his ground. "What a dumb Psyduck," The human behind the green giant mused, "Ah, well, he must want to die. Solar beam!" In response, the flower on the back of the Venusaur began to glow as it absorbed sunlight. There was an opportunity to attack, and Psyduck took it. His hand started to glow, he would use brick break to beat this sucker. This trainer tried to mess with his friends, but Psyduck had already been training for thirty minutes. The duck pokemon narrowed his eyes and grinned, he would teach this loser a lesson. Raising his glowing hand, Psyduck ran forward, screaming. He would pour all of his power into this attack, it was for his friends, he would stop any and all trainers that attacked them. He tripped on a pebble and his hand hit the ground, making a shallow pothole. Psyduck looked up, and the Venusaur was about to unleash its attack. "Go!" The trainer shouted. As the pokemon began to unleash the beam, the ground fell beneath it and the trainer. The solar beam soared into the sky, and the hole stopped at the pothole Psyduck had made. Psyduck peered over the edge to see a swirl of light, and then he looked at his hand. At that moment, the ledge he was on shifted, and then fell. He fell into a jungle, falling through leaves and smacking into a vine hanging from two branches, one of which snapping and sending Psyduck swinging as he grabbed on. The other supporting branch broke and Psyduck let go, hurtling towards the floor, screaming "DUUUUUUUCK-!" He landed on his back in a mud puddle and slid until he bonked on a large tree. He seemed to have been somewhat cushioned by hard orb shaped things(rare candies). The duck smelled them, and they smelled good. Naturally, he stuffed it in his mouth. Immediately, he felt more powerful. Looking around to make sure he was in no immediate danger(of getting judged for what he was about to do), and he saw a familiar red backside belonging to his former enemy(Waddle Dee). Dee didn't seem to see him, so Psyduck took this opportunity to stuff his face with candy while glaring angrily at the spearman.
Location: Jungle


Previously Manu456Alola
Gunvolt - Mondstadt Plains

Well, someone's a bit full of herself... Gunvolt thought, listening to Audrey's talk about her journey being done and the Central Nexus ending the multiverse.

"Well, you're right about neither of us knowing much about this place. That device though, it'll be really dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Everything in the tournament fell apart in a matter of seconds. Think I'll try taking a closer look at it soon." He sighed looking over towards the distant Nexus and ignoring Audrey's comments about him being boring. Joule sure didn't, though.

"Don't you dare say that about GV! He's amazing, cool and really strong! No wonder he ended up winning the tournament!" She replied angrily, pouting. Being very close to Gunvolt, she couldn't stand someone saying bad things about him.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Location: Mondstadt Plains

As Venti touched his foot in the base of the trophy, a small twinkle was seen coming from it. It’s when he was started to put pressure on it as leverage on the trophy did the base started to shine a golden glow. With a flash of light, the trophy had disappeared and was replaced with a young boy. The boy, lacking any balance, fell to the ground with a *Wump!*

“Ouch...” Bennett shook his head, trying to come to his senses. “What a fall if it could knock me out like that...”

After realizing he was alive and well, he found himself between two boys. He blinked, wondering what context he found himself in and how long he was knocked out.

“Uhhh woah, okay. Don’t worry guys I’m fine! Really! No need to get so close!” he held his hands out as he shakily got to his feet. “...What? looks like you’ve see a ghost!”


Masaru Daimon
Urban District

“Yup! The one and only Base!” Masaru puffed his chest out proudly upon the excited reaction from Bowie. “Us Warriors of hope like to fly above our battlefield, acting as a shining beacon to kids everywhere!”

After Bowie offered a means to get up to the ship, Masaru blinked, realizing a terrible oversight. How could he get up normally? Not like he had Mark Guyver to call upon, right? Unless the Master Hand’s magic still applied.

“Wait, so Blob here can fly us all the way up?” Masaru asked in disbelief. “Well then what are we waitin’ for?! Let’s go!”


Location: Jungle

Vio was prepared for any monster that would have lunged a spear, one of Ganon’s minions in as case. What he wasn’t prepare for was a small puff ball to waddle in. It didn’t look like it had a opposable thumbs let alone the strength to chuck a spear. What made things even weirder was that it began to talk...without a mouth.

As he listened to what the little warrior had to say, he began to ease a bit as he realized the tender demeanor that creature had. But he was careful not to completely drop his guard.

“Well no offense taken little Dee. I’m known as Vio, hero of hyrule.” He introduced himself, leaving out the other three in the equation. “Say dee, this King and nation you seem to represent...they wouldn’t happen to be nearby would they? Perhaps we can get some answers to just what is going on.”
"Ah!" Geo jumped back as Bennett returned to his fleshy form. "We might as well have, we just saw a statue turn into you. Are you okay?" The boy asked the former statue, that couldn't have been a pleasant experience for him. It sure wasn't for them, and even without his Visualizer he knew Mega was watching with an agape jaw.

As predicted, Omega-Xis' jaw had dropped as he looked at the boy that appeared from the statue. "What the heck? This kid just went from statue to human? Geo, are you seeing this?" The alien whispered in shock, keeping two red eyes on Bennett in case that he would become a statue again.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Location: Mondstadt Plains

“Huh? A statue? ...Turn into me? What are you talkin’ about?”

From what the boy was describing, it sounded like someone had shapeshifter into him? Some statue? It didn’t make any sense to him, so the boy dusted himself off, fixing his goggles firmly to his head.

“I’m fine, no bruise that can’t heal. ...Hey, what are you doin’ hanging around the apple snatching bard?”

Did they play some kind of trick on him? He knew the Bard...Ventus or something was known to be a little bit of a rascal in the city. So he wouldn’t put it past him to have done something questionable.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
Master Chief - The Mountains
"Scratch cute, he's adorable."
Chief ignored Cortana's remark as he returned the handshake, having to stoop over to do so. He could recall learning from Mendez about proper military handshakes, which had resulted in a lot of broken hands that day. Fortunately, the Spartan understood his own strength enough to give the kid, Green as he had quite obviously provided aside from the 'Li' he'd began with, a comfortable enough handshake.

With that out of the way, he returned to his full height, before Cortana spoke again. "Large heat signature, Chief. Check the skies." The Spartan wordlessly acknowledged her by pulling his assault rifle off his back and aiming it upward, scanning the skies. "Try your left." Cortana advised, and when he did, he saw some strange massive bird floating down upon the wreckage of the now distant Forward Unto Dawn.
Then it took to the air again, making a beeline for them. "Amazing, that's Quetzalcoatlus, or at least the early 2000's equivalent of one."
Chief took aim, but Cortana's words halted him. "No. Another signature on its back. It has a rider."
John maintained his rifle on the great beast as it descended, before it crashed down onto the snow. On the large bird's back sat... another kid. This one had unusually spiky hair, blue in color. He wore a plain red t-shirt, alongside a pair of baggy jeans and red boots. He asked if they were okay, and Chief lowered his rifle as Cortana was silent for a moment, and then a third kid approached them, falling from the sky and walking casually over to them as though teens soaring through the sky was a fairly average occurrence.

"Hm. You're good with kids, right?" Cortana asked, humor tinging her voice as the Spartan looked over every individual present. Having seen and experienced the things he had, a part of him thought of these kids as nothing but hindrances or distractions. But a much larger part of him knew just how dangerous children could be. Give a kid the right training, the right equipment, the right motive... he could recall nearly killing two trained Marines with his friends when they'd only been eight. He hadn't done it on a whim. The men were hostile, so he reacted accordingly. Moral of the story; don't underestimate kids.
"They could know something we don't." The AI reminded John, who slowly slid his assault rifle back over his shoulder, where it magnetically attached to his back with a resounding 'click'. "We're operational." He answered. "Is this planet under UNSC jurisdiction?"

@Shen: King of the Mist @ArmedBlue @DarkHydraT

The Dragonborn - Rivet Ravine
He laughed as his gesture of curiosity was returned with an equal one, the little creature taking out its weapon to poke his shin guard in return. This little beast he liked. Slowly, he stood back up, still staring down at the little thing, before glancing about to see if there was anyone or anything else around. Upon seeing nothing, he returned his attention to the creature. "You're a funny little monster. Where are you headed?"

Even if it couldn't understand him, he didn't really care. He'd often talk to his dogs and horses just the same, regardless that they were unable to respond in a way he could understand.


Sub-Zero - Ravaged Battlefield
It vanished. Perhaps it had understood-
A swirling ball of dark energy seemed to conjure itself in the air, hurtling its way toward him from the side, something his trained eyes managed to catch at the edge of his vision. Ice immediately appeared beneath his feet as he suddenly slid backward, the ball of shadows swirling past him and striking a burnt tree stripped of its leaves and bark by the past flames. The ball erupted, and severed the trunk, forcing the remains of the once-proud tree to fall to the ground.

A quick scan of his surroundings confirmed one thing. His opponent was invisible. The Lin Kuei warrior almost scoffed at this as he raised a foot and stomped on the ground. The ashen earth for several meters in every direction was transformed into ice as he spread his legs, and raised his arms, using the fighting style of Shotokan, a style all too familiar for him, but far from his only knowledge of battle.
"I have faced and defeated unseen opponents greater than you, abomination." He informed the empty air around him. "I implore you to do your worst."

@Captain Pokémon

Undyne - Urban District
Oh, this had to be a new low. An embarrassingly new low. Especially considering she didn't HAVE lows. Undyne found herself pacing in an underground parking lot of some kind somewhere within this jungle gym of a city, having finally found a spot that was free of humans. Her being on the surface was not going at all as she'd always imagined it. She'd always dreamed of Asgore getting that last SOUL, and with her by his side, he'd absorb the SOULs, become God, shatter the barrier, and lay waste to the humans who had wronged them. She would be by his side the whole way, forever loyal to her king.
Yet here she was, completely alone in a massive human city, hiding like some sort of coward.
"No." She growled to herself. "You are NOT a coward. You're UNDYNE. CAPTAIN of the ROYAL GUARD!" She laughed as she said this, before a voice interrupted her. "Hello? Is someone here?"
She whirled about to see a rather pudgy human male wandering around down from the second level. Immediately, a glowing blue spear slammed into the ground at his feet, and he took off at a run, slipping and falling all the way. It was kind of funny. She felt a little better.
"Where was I..." The Captain muttered, before she could hear a resounding rumble, the ground slightly shaking.
Action! Maybe something that she could finally focus her frustrations on!

Undyne dashed up the driveway to the second level before sprinting outside, her spear at the ready. Every human she could see was staring up at the sky, pointing. She followed their gaze, and saw it. Some massive kind of ship.
Just like in that one anime.
"Ohmygodthat'ssocool." Her spear disappeared as she covered her mouth in excitement.
FOCUS, Undyne.
She needed a disguise. A way to hide herself among this mess of humans. Walk among them, and learn what was going on. Why she was here. And what she needed to do next. That clothing store nearby seemed like the perfect place.

Papyrus - Urban Ruins
Reize could suddenly feel somebody's breath on his neck. It was confirmed that this was indeed a person, as a shrill voice right in his ear suddenly shouted; "WOWIE! YOU TAKE NOTES ON YOUR ADVENTURES? I SHOULD TAKE NOTES ABOUT TAKING NOTES! NYEH HEH HEH!"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Location: Mountains

Green was shook Chief’s hand eagerly as they found comfort in the fact that they’ve found a potential ally here in unfamiliar territory. Speaking of the unfamiliar, two new people were drawn in, most likely investigating the crash as he was. One rode a flashy dinosaur looking creature and another cautiously approached with similar high tech armor to chief’s.

“Well, I don’t know much about this UNCC, but I’m sure one of these two know. One of them look like they have futuristic armor like you. Maybe we should ask them?”

Green cleared his throat, approaching both Copen and Hunter, careful not to get too close to the beak of the bird.

“Hey, you guys wouldn’t happen to know the ‘UNCC’ would you?”


Location: Ravaged Battlefield

Red heard them first signs of life since his arrival. Sounded like there was action in the distance. Cautious to approach, the timid boy creeped up near a trench that was dug out, peeking up to see a ghost fighting what appeared to be some kind of ninja? Spheres of energy blasted around the ninjas as red ducked behind the trench.

Something tells me they aren’t good guys...!
Apple snatching bard? Did this kid mean the green kid? He had to, there was no one else around. "I got....lost and ran into him after finding a golden statue that looked just like you right where you are standing. It sounds very weird when I say it out loud, but it is the truth!" Geo scratched the back of his head as he prepared to run away. There were two kids that knew each other against him and an alien that could not wave change with him, the odds were not in his favor. Given how easily the former statue shrugged off the potential existance of bruises, he probably got into fights quite often. Mega stuck close to Geo, preparing to forcefully take over should it be needed. "Stay on guard Geo, this could go south fast."


Hunter looked at Master Chief with awe. "Wow sir, you are tall! You must have eaten a lot of vegetables when you were young." The boy complimented the marine as the Quetzalcoatlus returned to its Dino Medal and got put back in Hunter's case. Something told him that he should be as nice as possible, and it probably was the gun that was at eye height. At the mention of the UNSC, he tilted his head. 'UNSC? I don't think I've heard that before, are you also an alien? Did you meet King Dynal? You don't look like a dinaurian though, and neither do you two." Hunter looked at both Green and Copen. "What happened to that ship by the way? Did the engines fail?"
Audrey Redheart
Mondstadt Plains

Audrey rolled shook her head at Gunvolt, choosing to ignore Joule's statement.
"So...just destroy it, right? We work to that, no one bad gets their hands on it!" She claimed, shrugging as if she didn't care if it caused the place to collapse by destroying it, because she was making one thing clear: immediate victories were better than ones that would take a while, at least to her.

But, she paused.
No, don't sound like the bad guy. You are NOT the bad guy, Audrey!
That's what she told herself in her mind anyway.
"I mean, unless it'll destroy whatever's left of wherever everyone around here came from." She quickly said. "Or this place." She added.

Not that there's much left of home...hopefully. I couldn't have failed, right? I did finish off nightmare king, after all... Ugh hopefully that Bard didn't mess everything up.
She shuddered at her own thoughts.
"So...mind if I go with you to go check on it?" She feigned innocence as she asked Gunvolt this. "Sorry for calling you boring, I've had a tough day." She wasn't entirely lying, she was having a bad day. "Besides, you'll need a Hero like me if something attacks you, no?" She pointed out, pointing her blade to the sky. If one looked close enough, there appeared to be some kind of energy building up in it, and some sparks were fizzing off the tip of the blade.


Previously Kid_Nukas
Venti - Plains of Monstadt
It was not often that Venti found himself at a loss for words. He was a traveling bard after all. He had a song for almost every occasion, but this was unlike anything he's experienced in Teyvat. Was it the Geo Archon? No, Morax was a peaceful archon, he wouldn't do something like this all the way out in Monstadt. Not to mention that it might even be beyond his abilities. Venti suspected a powerful force must be at play, even more powerful than those of the Archons stronger than himself. Whatever the case, he might start to seem suspicious if he let the conversation go on without him for much longer.

"Who me? Well, I had no idea of the crimes this traveler had committed. Stealing apples is quite a shameful act after all. Is this the same person you always seem to be looking for whenever we run into each other? Well I guess it doesn't quite matter what this fiend might have done in the past, he helped me resurrect you from your petrified state, so I believe he must be a good person at heart. You should never judge someone solely based on the apples they steal after all. Instead you should know them by the song in their hearts... or how much wine they can keep down."

Bowie - Urban District
Bowie gave a nod of approval before he fed Blob a root beer jellybean. Blob quickly turned into a rocket hovering a few inches off the ground waiting for the pair to hop on. "I've never actually tried seating two people before, so this might be a little bumpy. You think you can handle it Blob?" Blob flew around in a circle signifying he was positive he could. "Alright then! After you Masaru.

Tails - Urban District
Tails looked up and marveled at the piece of Machinery above him. It was a flying ship that must have taken ages to make. The very fact that it was flying was impressive to begin with, but who knows what they specced it out with to compliment that. It made him think about his own Cyclone and how low power it had, and how much attention it gathered. He was quite used to humans at this point, so he was a bit confused as to why everyone was staring at him as if he had just been turned into a cyborg by Eggman. He decided it best to find a place to charge up the Cyclone and take cover for a little while. Using the last bit of power it had, he rolled the cyclone into a parking garage, the same one he saw a peculiar fish girl come out of.

Once he parked the Cyclone, he got out and decided it would be a good idea to find that fish girl. As the only non-human around, she was bound to be in about the same bind he was in currently. He flew out of the parking garage and down the street at high speeds to catch up to her. "Umm excuse me ma'am, but do you have any idea where we are or what seems to be going on?"

Reize - Urban Ruins
Reize practically jumped from where he was sitting, not noticing the tall skeleton before. He quickly stood up on his toes ready for the confrontation. "What the... Stand back monster! I am Reize, adventurer extraordinaire! I have heard many tails of skeletons who seek to do dastardly things to villages and innocent people! Are you the cause of this mass destruction? If so, I have no choice but to fight you in order to bring justice to them. Don't think I am intimidated by your power should that be the case of course. Knight's Code 17th Vow: No matter how mountainous the adversary, standing your ground is key!" Reize was prepared to show this skeleton who was boss, he'd dealt with forces of the undead before and they were no cake walk to be sure. He would of course, let the skeleton make his case before attacking, however.

Bandana Dee - Jungle
Dee let his proud stature go at the Vio's mention of being a hero. "You're a hero! That's so cool! You must've done some pretty amazing stuff to get rewarded such a high title! I hope to be regarded as a hero some day, I know I'm up to the task! About King Dedede... no, I haven't seen him for a while. I was just drinking some apple juice when I was suddenly whisked away to this tournament. Then a lot of awesome and crazy stuff happened and I ended up here. It was quite an adventure, but I am starting to miss home a bit..."

Dee's recollection of Dreamland faded when he heard munching from behind him. He turned around and saw The Duck his old opponent from the tournament. "Psyduck!" He ran over to the duck, hoping to have a touching reunion despite the way things ended between them when last they spoke.


Previously Manu456Alola
Gunvolt - Mondstadt Plains

Joule just disappeared as Audrey ignored her, not wanting to waste time arguing with her.

"Yeah, destroying it might not be the best idea. We don't even know what would happen, and it'd be best if we don't get blown up for acting recklessly, y'know?" He replied, chuckling as he turned to face Audrey. "Feel free to tag along, I got a feeling you'll help out if something comes up. The more the merrier, right?" He said, motioning for the blue haired girl to follow as he began walking towards the faraway Central Nexus. He just hoped he could fix whatever went wrong...

Copen - Mountains

Copen gave a sigh of relief when he heard everyone was alright, before shaking his head at the armored man's question. "I'm afraid I don't know what you're referring to either. Judging by your gear and the fact you came from a spaceship, it must be some sort of space agency, correct?" He asked the green soldier.

Meanwhile, Lola flew around the group, taking a closer look at everyone. A kid with a green tunic and a sword, another kid with poor fashion sense accompanied by a dinosaur, and the tall soldier with green armor and a rifle. Once her little inspection was complete, she flew back over to Copen.

"Man, it really looks like we're from wayyy different times, doesn't it?" She concluded.

The Knight - Rivet Ravine

The bug put its nail on its back again as the man looked around before asking where it was headed. It gave the equivalent of a shrug with its little Void limbs, pulling out its map of the part of the area it explored, which was rolled up inside its cloak. It decided to show it to the human, opening it and holding it as high as it could for him to grab. It was fairly small given how it was made for bugs, and it had a few drawings of the nearby mines, marked with golden Token Markers as places to possibly find treasure.
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Previously mallard
Psyduck was surprised when Dee spotted him, not to mention when the puffball ran at the duck. He jumped back to try to get ready for the approach, but was unable to clear a large root behind him and tumbled back into a puddle. He struggled and got up, and snapped into a fighting pose, hands glowing with Brick Break. He looked behind the bandana-ed menace, to see a human. The duck pokemon had got it! The spear-wielding sphere was being controlled by a human all along. Not that it gave Psyduck any sympathy for Dee, but he despised humans even more than his former foe. He prepared a Confuse Ray in the event of the human coming closer.
@Nukas @Shen: King of the Mist