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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6


Jevil dropped to the ground as the voice said it's final words. He was very tired now. He sat down, and pondered the large orange button in front of him.
it said, in large and clear letters.

The button appeared to be the only way to return, but the voice's other request... to lie to Spamton. He deserved the truth, but the way he acted towards it had been... less than ideal. He put all of his effort into breaking free of the strings, but the more you fight, the tighter they squeeze.

But was ignorance truly bliss? Could Spamton be convinced...
No. The risk of a repeat of this was too great. While it had been quite fun, the ending was quite sour and had hurt a lot of people. Would the others feel the same? Jevil got up and floated over to Zed, Masaru, and Luxia.

"I say we put it to a vote, vote," Jevil said as he got close. "We're all in this together, together, so what matters is that we agree, agree. We can't go off saying different things to him- That's the bad kind of chaos, where truth and lies are mixed, mixed." He suddenly seemed to be speaking quite clearly and calmly, although still with some doubled words.


Previously Manu456Alola
"Oh yeah? Go ahead and show me!"

The priestess' talismans met their mark somewhat – they'd landed on Audrey's blade, though since it was already fully sealed, they imparted no further effect on it. Audrey had the chance to react with a swing to intercept her axe kick, putting Kirin in a rough spot. Even with seals placed on Audrey and her weapon, she couldn't afford to get hit here. So as the Hero's sword approached, a flash of azure washed over Kirin, zipping to just behind Audrey's right.

One good kick to the back of the head should do it. Coupled with the accumulated power of the talismans, it'd be enough to knock Audrey out without killing her. Kirin's leg swung out wide, arcing toward the Hero's skull–


A sharp pain shot along the Adept's back. The blow knocked her aside, Kirin rolling roughly along the ground, ending face up on the dirt. Her eyes landed on the blade Audrey held in her right hand. Her own blade, stained with blood. The one weapon that hadn't been sealed, and consequently struck with full power. Her Arc Chain had been predicted once more. Maybe she'd been wrong to rely on a technique borrowed from GV...

"Heh, that was... pretty good..."

She found herself unable to move once again, the damage from the battle alongside the direct slash at her spine having finally caught up to her in full. A terrible feeling, to be frank. Just going through it once against Generic Host was bad enough, but she could really do without a repeat of it.

...Generic Host, right. She needed to stop him, no matter what. A talk with Master Hand was certainly urgent, and given that she couldn't keep on fighting...

"I forfeit."

the forest around the two began to fall apart at the Battle Priestess' words, unraveling in a swirl of fading color, leaving only a white void, before Kirin and Audrey were automatically sent back to the lobby.

Winner: Audrey Redheart!

"Unless one of us knows of a way to freely travel between dimensions, keeping an eye on him will prove quite the challenge. The Djinn is capable of exploring Potential Worlds for a time, but reaching Spamton's own world is most certainly impossible with our current knowledge."

Zed's response to Masaru was perhaps disheartening, but undeniable. There was no way for them to know how long Spamton would believe their words, if he ever did stop believing. All they could do was hope for the best, and should a threat like this ever arise once more, hope a resistance would band together much like today to counteract it.

Jevil suggested things were put to a vote, and the Golden Trillion nodded.

"That we can agree on. I believe at least three of us support the notion of letting him know that he's free, correct? Any objections to that plan?"
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The Princess was blasted back, sliding across the ground and coming to a stop next to Masaru. She laid on the ground for a moment, breathing heavily. In that final defensive rush against Spamton's projectiles, her tiara had been knocked off, and blood dripped from a wound on her forehead. Slowly she climbed back to her feet, leaning on her spear and clutching the wound in their side. The Princess was a mess. Her side was covered in blood from where Jevil had slashed her, and her clothes were torn and damage. She was covered head to toe in cuts and bruises.

It appeared they now had a choice in front of them, but Nótt had no idea what they were really talking about.

The Princess limped over to the group, and Zed lowered the energy shield. In a flash of silver, Moon-Wing was by her side. The massive eagle looked up to Nótt with concern, not wanting to put more weight upon her by landing on its normal perch. Nótt looked to Chai and smiled.
"Ah, Chai. You're... okay. I lost track of you... in the melee. I'm glad you're... alright..." Nótt said between breaths. It was getting difficult for her to speak. Now that the adrenaline from the combat was wearing off, the pain from all the wounds she had taken was starting to flow in earnest.

Nótt glared to Jevil as the jester spoke up.
"... I don't understand what is happening here." Nótt said. "I don't know what we are to lie about or tell the truth about. But clearly, we must tell this 'Spamton' something to prevent this from happening again?"
Nótt shook her head, and Zed spoke up. She liked his suggestion.
"Telling him he is free to make his own decisions... That is the course I... vote for..." Nótt said. The Princess slumped forward slightly, leaning more on her spear. She smiled weakly to the rest of the group. "Now... may I suggest... we decide this quickly? I think... Masaru... is not looking... well..."

She was feeling quite dizzy and light headed.

The Dark Lord

The Empress Judge was staggered back slightly by Marshtomp's Rock Smash attack, and she winced and shook out her foot. Still, the warrior continued to put pressure on Marshtomp. She ran towards the mid-evolution, once again throwing a flurry of punches and palm strikes to destroy the water type!

The floating sun in the corner of the room frowned down towards Raptor. It once again fired a beam of heat energy at the duelist! At the same time, the wind creature whipped around one of the pillars and attempted to attack Raptor with razor sharp, cutting wind from the opposite side!

The sound of another coin flip. Once more, the coin landed on heads. If the Goddess of Whim was discouraged by Sans constant evasion of her attacks, she certainly wasn't showing it. Still in her powered up form, the Goddess of Whim conjured three glowing spheres of green energy, and fired them off at Sans one after another!

White Magical Hat staggered back as Nephthys tripped him up, his leg having been yanked back by her telekinetic power. The Dazzling Gleam attack flew towards the White Magical Hat, but a strange glowing symbol appeared in front of him. It blocked the attack! The spikes of the Fearful Earthbound trap appeared around Nephthys once more, attempting to blast her with dark magic.
"Quite strong, indeed. But let's see if you can handle my Spellbinding Circle trap card!" Yami Bakura said, revealing his new trap. The symbol that protected White Magical Hat suddenly rushed towards Neph. It would attempt to surround the Gardevoir and bind her in place, preventing her from being able to move or attack!

The White Magical Hat rushed up behind it, aiming another powerful kick at Neph's body!

"...are you okay, okay?" Jevil asked as he floated cautiously towards Nótt. She seemed weak, for some reason. "You seem tired, tired." It wouldn't be good if she fell over...

If you listened very closely as you stood near Jevil, you could hear strange whispers. The whispers may only be heard by those who are listening carefully for something at all. If you do not listen you cannot hear.
I am one of the Whisperers of the Void, who resides in the Shroud. I give knowledge to those who seek it, but what I say may not be for all to hear. He is also one of the Whisperers, but he gives knowledge to those who do not seek it. To those who are perfectly content with the lives they live, he gives knowledge which turns it over. But He, too, has been given knowledge, both by Him and by Him.
Knowledge is power, and power reveals. Knowledge reveals, too. The knowledge given does not corrupt anyone, it simply reveals their true self.
Do we have a right to give this knowledge?
Should we?
Because it is our duty.
What duty!? None of this is real! None of it MATTERS! We give knowledge that seems obvious to those who cannot use it except for how we define it. Meaningless, MEANINGLESS.
But it is FUN, to imagine how they would react.
How would WE react!?
We do not know.

I am tired. So very, very, very tired.


Previously mallard
Kassandra landed atop Kragg, which prompted the beetle to get low and cause Kassandra to lose her foothold. He came back up, aiming to slam her backwards, which he'd follow up by immediately curling into a Defense Ball and grind his opponent into the ground. However, in that moment, his defense was breached, as the spartan had driven her blade between the plates on his head and back and pierced the back of his neck. Yellow hemolymph immediately began pouring down his carapace. He tried to patch it by fusing the two pieces of armor, but it wasn't enough. She had punctured the vein that ran to his main heart chamber, and threw his circulatory sistem into chaos. That, coupled with the draining toxin, was taking too much out of the bug too fast. He fell to a knee, tried to regain his composure for a moment, and then fell over, dead. Fanfare played as the victor was announced,

Winner: Kassandra


The woman reeled only for a moment, but that was the only moment he needed to get back to his feet. The Empress charged at him, but this time the stout amphibian stood firm. With a mighty Growl, Marshtomp's potential power within was made evident, as the translucent form of a Swampert seemed to appear over him for a split-second. The ability would drop her strength by a whole third! As his foe's strength was diminished, the emboldened Pokémon leapt forward. He attempted to drive both his fists into her midsection, ignoring any attacks that battered against his skin!

The tablet was launched away, but caught by his friend, the egg. Tabby grinned in appreciation before he got up, and watched as the others discussed Spamton's fate. If he was so dangerous, the tablet was in agreement with Chai, but Jevil and Nótt seemed to be more introspective. Wait a minute...

When Jevil approached the wounded Nótt, a flash of dark metal separated the two as Tabby appeared between the princess and jester with an SMG pointed in his face and a scythe at his side. He wore an angry grimace, his finger on the trigger. He was very close to finishing the fight from earlier.
Masaru Takahara
Zed's words, while disheartening at first, did give Masaru an idea in his head.
"Hey, once we're back, maybe we can ask E-"

Well, he didn't get a chance to finish that sentence. Maybe for the best, for reasons the martial artist was unaware of in that moment. The reason why he was interupted wasn't the best, however - As Nótt had limped over, heavily injured.
How the hell did I not notice her injuries before?

That was the somewhat shame struck thought in his mind. But he quickly looked up over Nótt, essentially a quick check up, and a frown got in his face. He himself had sustained injuries, but due to his own hardened body, combined with Eitri's earlier blessing, he had mostly gotten off not too badly beyond a few small scars, harsh bruises, and a little blood on his hands (and, by extension, his wraps).

"I agree we do this quickly. But forget about me, you should probably sit down and try to rest," He insisted, moving a hand towards her shoulder. "The jester's right, and I get you probably don't want pity or help, but I can't have you forcing yourself to stand in pain right before we go back."
If allowed the chance, he would help Nótt down to the ground, going down to try and sit with her. It probably wouldn't do much, but he wasn't exactly a healer. He shot a glance at her injuries again, wincing slightly but quickly focusing on making sure she wasn't in immeadiate danger of dying just yet.

"Anyone else badly injured? I don't know how much this'll reset for us, specially in terms of injuries, since that voice said we'll at least remember."

Suddenly, as he floated towards Nótt, Tabby dashed in between them! He was pointing an SMG at the Jester's face, and seemed furious. Jevil raised his palms in surrender. "Please, please! I carry no ill intent! The battle is over, over. Why keep it going, when we can just be free, free?" The jester was being sincere as he said this, as he didn't want to hurt anyone. Not anymore. They needed to get home, and quickly, before Nótt passed out.

I might as well go mad.


Previously Manu456Alola
"It appears most of us are in agreement, at least." Zed said in response to Nótt's words. He began to walk over to the RESET button in preparation for their return, when –


Layla's cry got the prince's attention, and he turned around to see a badly wounded Nótt. He'd been too focused on his own battle and the ensuing debate to properly note his allies' injuries, for which he cursed his recklessness. Masaru had already moved in to assist, and the smaller Layla had wrapped her arms around one of the jotun's less damaged legs, though she appeared mindful of the pressure she placed upon the princess. Given how she'd been saved multiple times over by Nótt, she clearly cared a lot for her well-being.

Zed walked over to the woman, standing opposite Masaru to support the other side of her body, placing an arm of his own under her shoulder. He'd help the martial artist get her to the ground, and as he noted the blood leaking through the bandage on her side, he was quick to apply firm pressure on the wound with his other hand to minimize further blood loss. It would surely hurt, however.

"Forgive me for the added pain, dear," he spoke, before his head turned over to Magolor, the closest to the RESET button. "We shouldn't waste any more time. Magolor, would you care to do the honors?"​


Previously Gamingfan2
The mage watched as the group discussed amongst themselves. He only half-listened, following along enough to catch the gist of their debate while processing what they had just gone through. Naturally, most of them seemed to agree "lying" to Spamton was the correct course of action, though Zed's reasoning caused Magolor to stifle a laugh.
Well, he wasn't called the dimensional traveler for no reason! But even when he was wandering, Magolor had never gone to such radically different worlds, though he had never really tried.
Still, Magolor thought, The Lor was made for dimensional travel! Maybe with some tinkering...I could-
Oop, trouble was brewing. With many of the others coming to Nott's aid, Magolor put his focus on he rising tensions. He summoned a rune below the barrel of Tabby's gun, gently raising it over Jevil's head.
"Come on." he scolded "We just finished one fight, no reason to start another."
The sight of the team's wounds wasn't pretty, but Magolor wasn't concerned. If the voice was truthful, the reset should make it as if they had never happened. Not that they weren't smarting now, so when Zed spoke to Magolor the mage nodded without hesitation.
"Yep. Here we go!"
The mage's eyes shut tight as he brought his gloved hand down on the button.


Previously mallard
Jevil feigned innocence, but Tabby's gun nor his sneer budged an inch. Magolor moved his weapon and declared that there should be no more violence. No sooner, the scythe took its place, and swung to stop in inch from his neck. He shot his friend a look, not happy with the salesman's intervention, but didn't attack. He continued to give the darkner a stinkeye even as Magolor pushed the button.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


... ...

Zed was overlooking a conversation between faces he recognized, Layla beside him. Eitri, and Masaru. She had just revealed the Dimension Games to the World's Strongest.

Jevil was spinning circles at the edge of the lobby.

Tabby was among the audience, doing tablet things.

Magolor was adding the finishing touches to a new stand, his mind brimming with ideas after his fight with Dart.

Chai was seated within Regular Restaurant.

Nótt was in the middle of a friendly conversation with Ryuji.

Knuckles and Cayman... were still duking it out.

The remaining fights continued unimpeded, concluding one after the other, with the contestants returning to the lobby in either defeat or victory. No great beam of light shot into the sky... no giant robot announced himself to the world. No strings descended from the heavens above.

It was as though... nothing had happened at all.


... ...

"H-HOLY [Avocado Mush] DO I FEEL... [Fucking Horrible] IS THIS [The Hangover Part III (2013)]??"

There it was. The change, seemingly the only change after Magolor had hit 'RESET.' Everyone was healthy, restored, and back to where they'd started. The only difference seemed to be a short Salesman, conveniently near Masaru and Eitri, who was pulling himself off the ground as though he'd been unceremoniously plopped there.

The round already seemed to be drawing to a close, as the last fights began to wrap up...

Jevil span around a few more times. Then he stopped playing around and looked at the scene.

It was as if nothing had happened. He looked into the audience, and saw a small metallic glint with a slight glow. Tabby. While he'd been rude towards the end, he'd been a fun sparring partner and a nice challenge. Jevil decided to "do a little trolling," as the kids put it. He floated up until he was at the same height as the stands, before floating over to Tabby and plopping down in the seat next to him. "So, crazy game, huh?"

He gave the tablet a wink and stuck his tongue out, in a manner that would remind certain people who played a certain game (which was released two thousand and fifteen years after the birth of a man who was nailed to a cross for saying that it would be nice to be nice for a change) of a certain flower. To those who hadn't, it would just be a wink.

What Tabby also heard, however, was the Whispers.
I am so, so sorry. None of this had to happen. And yet I let it happen, for my own enjoyment.
I hope you can forgive me.


Previously Gamingfan2
"Annnnd...done. Hee Hee!"
Magolor was placing down his sign reading "Magolor Shoppe" on his stand, complete with his winking face. He looked on his work proudly...until the memories rushed in his head. A massive mech, splintering sky, a voice from the unknown...orange strings.
Disoriented, Magolor dropped the sign and began looking around the lobby as if lost. He looked over where his allies were, finding them in the right spots as well. The reset worked! The only thing different was...Spamton!
Magolor quickly turned, getting giddy from the excitement. He flew towards Spamton, briefly turning to his stand, before deciding to commit to the task at hand. Magolor flashed Masaru a wink as he passed him, floating upside down just above Spamton's peripheral vison with the cheekiest smile hidden behind his scarf.
"Hello there!" he greeted the fellow salesman. "Bet you're feeling pretty sore, huh? You remember how you got here?"

After exiting the gateway, Lucario was immediately on edge. The aura pokemon looked left and right, attempting to find whatever threat NiGHTS had sensed. But he felt no danger. Nor could he find Marshtomp.
Lucario was confused!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Master Hand

Now that wasn't a part of the payed programming.

Master Hand had been locked out this whole time, only aware that his entry was blocked off to the Plaza sometime after he dragged that Weevil kid to play with Crazy. In fact, a blackout of this sort was so unheard of, he couldn't have even warped to the victor circle!

But suddenly, the power was restored. Footage was brought back online, Master hand ogling several monitors that materialized in front of him. Fountain area...check. Shops...seem fine. Nobody dead? It seemed as though that blip hadn't caused any huge effects...maybe it was all the power that the Dimension Games simulations were drawing? He really needed to reel in Crazy Hand's 'surprise mechanic' budget on a few of them.

He couldn't help but to give a sigh of relief, but as soon as he saw the final name tick red for the round, he was immediately back in action.

"That was strange...but best not keep things waiting! Better rush this along!"



Suddenly, all the fights that were finished had all the participants warped to the center of the Plaza. A rather impatient move, but one the Gloved host did with gusto, laughing loudly, audibly forced in the center.

"Ha ha! What a wonderful batch of fights! Glad everyone could have a good time! Anyway, enough of thinking about last round. That's old news, history, yesterday's paper, DEAD! We now focus on the future! The future being who you sorry saps are going to fight next!"

Waggling his finger to the crowd, he continued. "I already hear it now, Oh Master Hand, we have an odd amount of people left, can I get a break for a round? Ha Ha Ha! NO! In fact, that's where I come in with a special announcement! Putting up to a vote from the pile of deadbeats that we call the eliminated, 3 previous winners of these tournaments are here to announce their votes! Let's give them a warm welcome!

A platform appeared, atop it were three figures. Reala, the nightmarish winner of the first Bootleg Bros tournament. Gunvolt, Futuristic finale of the second installment. And Master Chief, the armor clad saga closer. In front of the platform, a digital counter showing votes and names were showcased. The numbers jumped up and the names jumbled, all before resting on a single name.

"Nott! Congratulations!" He exclaimed as a spotlight from nowhere shine down on her. "You are brought back for one final run! Hope you can make a better name for yourself this time around! Let's see who you will be fighting!"

The brackets updated as he said those words, the remaining names not in red linked to matchup with one another. Only four matches in total.

Winner's Bracket

Rinku v Dart
Kass v Nott

Loser's Bracket

Taskmaster v Lucario
Audrey v Dagr

"Best of luck out there to you Nott, may you not be eliminated as early as you were before!"

With that, he disappeared. Leaving the Winners still up on the podium without any further context and the matches ready to take part. It was...rushed. Messy even.


NiGHTS's eyes had met Reala's shortly after their reveal. The Crimson checkered Jester's black lips curved in a a mocking way, knowing very well that NiGHTS lost their match. NiGHTS sharpened their look clenching their fist. So Wizeman really was here, and he even brought his puppet.

NiGHTS took off, bounding towards Reala, halting in the air in front of him, Reala himself getting up to face them, crossing his arms.

"Ah, pleasure to see you here NiGHTS, win any fights lately?"

"Stuff a sock in it Reala, what's your game? Wizeman put you up to this, didn't he?"

The coy Reala shrugged. "Oh? Whatever could you mean? Is it not rude to refuse a rare invitation?"

"You know what I mean!" NiGHTS hissed. "This is a place where everyone can enjoy themselves, Wizeman shouldn't taint even here! Enough with your lies!"

"Lie? Moi? Dear brother, you have been lying to everyone here ever since you got here. In fact, you have quite the talent for it. Wizeman's Ex general, here, mingling with lowly visitors-

NiGHTS lunged to him, almost grabbing his collar, but Reala stopped them, holding up a finger, wagging it in a condescending fashion.

"You know the rules, dear brother. If you don't want to be thrown out...i'd suggest you not do anything hasty and stay right where you are."

NiGHTS held a fist, readying a punch. But as Reala's words sank in, NiGHTS knew that they were right. With a shaky moment of hesitation, they groaned, turning away from a Reala and letting their fist fall to their side. Reala's chuckles filled in the air as he found himself in a position of superiority.

"That's a good boy."


"Dart, hm? He...actually looks annoyingly competent."

He looked like a higher demon strength at least. Not good. Suppose it was the later part of the tournament though, so these fighters would likely be Irnane's equal, maybe even stronger. He shouldn't take any chances.

He took a second to turn to Irnane, who had appeared next to him in the plaza. With a snicker, he whispered to her.

"Hope you don't mind, but I'll snag whatever you got stocked in the shop. Since you love stealing my stuff. Thanks~"

With a bound, he shot towards the shop, the intention of getting there before anyone else. Skirting to a stop, he took a quick skim at the available items, seeing one that fit the bill as being Irnane's.

"Call of Azura sounds fun, give me one of those!"


"Phew...no kidding. Glad to see you are fine too." Chai nodded, quickly turning to persistence as he eyed his surroundings. "Right now...where is he??"

Chai looked left and right, trying to find where Spamton went. The fight wasn't over, readying his guitar to smash him wherever he was. Now, where could he be-


That voice. Looking behind him, he saw Peppermint in the body of 808. The feline ran up to him, leaping on his chest and purring as the punk hugged the black cat.

"808! Peppermint!" He exclaimed. "I didn't see you guys when all that stuff went down, I thought spam guy got to you!"

"...Okay, I have no idea what you are talking about. I was with Dart the whole time. 808 was being used as a tool against my will. When the feed came back, she was in the plaza again. What's this...'Spam' guy?"
Chai raced with how he'd explain anything that just happened to her. Thinking hard on a way to simply this, he cleared his throat, kneeling down to 808's level as he out the cat down.

"It's a long story, so I'll start with Act 1; 'the invasion of the pop up ads'" he said dramatically, waving his hand about.

"...Oh boy..."

Rex Raptor is hardly a factor

"Not again!"

He leaped out of the sun beam, just barley, skidding across the ground. However, this left him complete vulnerable to the second half of the attack, wind blades slashing up against him as the unprepared boy was thrown against a wall. His green jacket was torn to pieces, leaving him with just his undershirt, his brainless head draping his bushy hair over his head.

"Ugh...can't take another hit like that..."

If he had life points, he knew he had to be near the edge of his game over. Somehow, this fact made him even more angry. He couldn't lose to some pasty British kid with a campy villain lair! fueled by some kind of new petty filled energy, Rex found it in him to lunge at the wind elemental, trying to latch onto it and bite at the monster, throwing hands at the thing.

"I didn't come this far to be monster fodder!"


Previously Manu456Alola
With a flash of light, Kirin and Audrey had returned to the plaza, good as new. That also marked the priestess' elimination from the tournament, though as far as she could tell, she'd made it the furthest out of anyone she knew here. Least that was some consolation.

"Gotta say, you fought real hard. Congrats on the win," she told her former opponent. "but never mind that. Gotta have a talk with Master–"

The Adept's words were cut off by the one she'd been hoping to talk to. Master Hand appeared above the center of the plaza, and everyone appeared to be forced towards him, cramming up uncomfortably. An announcement to bring back one eliminated contestant onto the Winner's Bracket was made, all according to a vote made by... the three previous tournament winners?

In time with the true host's words, a platform appeared in the center of the plaza, displaying the three winners he spoke of for all to see. A strange black and red jester that gave her bad vibes, a large futuristic soldier in green, and–

Kirin's heart skipped a beat.

He felt... strange.

A lingering memory of chaos and despair swirled within his mind. Blurring the line between dream and reality. He struggled to immediately make heads or tails of it, especially now that he and the other champions had been thrust into the plaza with no prior warning. With how disorienting the whole thing was, he couldn't help but be reminded of the same confusion of that day in Firmament, after his encounter with Nova...


Someone had called him by his nickname. A nickname only Quinn and Xiao used these days, given Gunvolt distanced himself somewhat from battle in the last few months. But as the girl stepped out from the crowd, he didn't recognize her at all. Still a little confused by all this, he called out to the priestess below, azure eyes looking into Kirin's own.

"Sorry, do I know you?"

It dawned on the Azure Striker that he'd been asked that same question all those months ago.

"You don't remember...?" She appeared dejected. "It's me, Kirin. Battle Priestess of Shadow Yakumo? Or the Bureau of Dragon Saviors?"

"Er, doesn't ring a bell." Gunvolt replied, though her words just left him more confused. Come to think of it, Master Chief and Kalmiya had mentioned earlier that the multiverse was vast, and that multiple versions of the same individual could exist at once. They'd theorized on it given the drastically different version of Copen that they'd described, and while Gunvolt wasn't entirely certain on whether it was true, it was hard to deny that it could be a thing at all. It was quite possibly what was happening here.

"But," the Azure Striker continued. "I think you might be looking for a different GV. He might be out there somewhere. This place is pretty big, after all."

Kirin thought on his words for a moment, before she appeared to come to a realization of her own.

"Right, Potential Worlds..." The priestess muttered. "You're probably right. It's just... it feels weird to see you in the flesh again so soon. But, uh, I'll try to keep an eye out for the GV I know." She added, before she turned away, beginning to move back through the crowd.

"Kirin," Gunvolt spoke, holding a hand out, and the priestess stopped to look back towards him. "I hope you find him. Sounds like you were good friends."

"...yeah." She replied, giving the Azure Striker a sad smile. "The best of partners."

With that, she vanished into the crowd, leaving Gunvolt to stand alongside the other champions, still firmly in the center of the plaza. With a slight frown, the Azure Striker's gaze landed on his open hand.

"Best of partners, huh..."​

With a brief little reunion for some votes to be cast, the next round was underway.

"Maan, if only those guys had voted for me. It'd be nice to do a little more fighting."

"Surely they had their reasons. But hey, I'm sure you can still run for the position of "World's Hungriest Angel"."
"Not funny." Pit groaned. "Well, okay, I AM kinda starving now, but that's besides the point."

The angel could hear Palutena's laughter echo in his head as he looked around, searching through the crowd of people. The numbers had gone down a lot since the tournament had first started, but there was still a decent amount of people here. Eventually, he managed to spot Taskmaster, wasting no time in approaching the man.

"Phew, that was one heck of a fight," he commented as he neared. "probably the toughest I've had in a while. For a human, you're crazy tricky. How do you do it? Do you drink some super special protein shake with a secret formula to get this good at fighting?"​

The world around him flickered but for a moment, and it was as promised. Everything had returned to the way it was before. The lobby, the audience, his wounds...

All restored, as if nothing had ever happened.

Zed's eyes were already on that same group when he came back to. Masaru, Eitri, and the two warriors he assumed were accompanying the latter. He took his eyes off them, looking around at the ATEMS Knights around him. They were back as well, none the wiser to what had just transpired. His gaze then landed on Layla, and the little girl gave him a nod, staring intently at him. She remembered as well.

"Excuse me for a moment." The Golden Trillion spoke, getting up from his throne-like seat.

"Prince Zed? Is something wrong?" Sistina asked, confused.

"Quite the opposite, Sistina," he replied, placing a hand in his pocket as he began to walk down the aisle. "all is as it should be."

"Something feels different about you..." Serpentine spoke aloud this time. "But I take it you wouldn't be eager to clue us in."

Zed let out a chuckle at this, looking back for a moment. "You needn't concern yourself. I assure you everything is fine." He continued to walk away, and as he was almost out of earshot, he could hear Grazie calling out to him.

"Have fun out there, mister Zeddy!"

The Golden Trillion casually approached the group, watching as Magolor neared as well, and the familiar face of a much smaller Spamton was placed right where they'd been talking before the event. Zed paid him no mind for the moment, instead focusing entirely on the now-restored Eitri. He was sure she'd taken notice of him as well.

"Well, this is quite the fateful meeting..." the leader of ATEMS remarked, standing over Eitri, though he gave a knowing glare to Masaru and Magolor.

"A pleasure to see you again, Eitri."​


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


These tricks and games were earning a growing irritation from the gardevoir. She was reminded of how Weevil had fought. These card games... there was no doubt in her mind that she vastly preferred the rules of her own world. At least there, she knew how to properly dominate. Things were more straight-forward.

Her gaze was cast briefly over the duel disk she still held. The three cards on it were her support. Was that all she could play? Bakura had multiple cards at play right now. Summons, traps...

They were currently fighting on his terms, on his turf. Simply "powering through" wasn't likely the best course of action. She needed to adapt.

Using teleportation, Nephthys appeared in front of Sans, raising a basic telekinetic barrier that absorbed the Goddess of Whim's blasts, the gardevoir glancing at the skeleton. He had his hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket, appearing like he wasn't in an intense fight. <Do something useful,> she told him- before something caught her eye.

The top-hatted foe was left to kick at nothing, the slippery Pokémon once more evading the attack. Rex Raptor was at a severe disadvantage, and taking damage... gritting her teeth, Nephthys took but a brief moment to focus. She was trying her summoning technique that she'd already used to get Rex, Marshtomp, and Sans here in the first place. This time, however, it wasn't to bring in an individual.

She was focusing on summoning Rex's own card deck to use.

"you're the boss," Sans shrugged, and with the snap of his fingers, a blue film of light would appear around the Goddess of Whim, a sudden telekinetic force attempting to fling her at incredible speeds into the far wall behind her.


Kragg tumbled to the ground, and Kassandra, feeling confusion, hopped off of him with the final crash, landing deftly on the ground and turning to look upon the beetle. The juices coming from her attack, his sudden collapse...


"What? That's it?" The misthios huffed, taking a backstep and looking around, as though expecting this to be revealed as some joke. One lucky slash, and that was the result? She'd just impaled his torso and it barely seemed to slow him down!

The fanfare made it clear she'd won, and her shoulders slumped slightly.

She felt exactly the same as she had with Jeice. Where was the rush of victory? The glory of a kill?

It felt meaningless.

And then... she was back in the lobby. Master Hand seemed eager to get the next fight started, not having given her the time to even step through the gateway to return. It was here that he revealed the winner's of past tournaments- and she recognized one of them. The green-armored soldier. She'd never interacted with him, but he'd been in the last tournament, hadn't he? She was surprised to learn he'd been the victor- he didn't seem like champion material.

The misthios glanced to her right to see Kragg had appeared beside her. This was always the awkward part. Why couldn't this be like her world, where you didn't have to confront somebody you'd just killed? Some people here seemed to be fine with it, but for Kassandra, it just felt weird.

"Well, uh, good fight," she offered to the bug.


"Alright! What a rush!"

Dart pumped his fist as he appeared back in the lobby, then looked toward Jeice, who'd appeared beside him. There was a brief moment where the mercenary gave him some stink-eye, before he shrugged and offered a hand. "Villain or no, I can't ignore someone who puts up a good fight, and you put up a great one."

His offered hand was a sign of both truce, and respect, though a part of Dart didn't expect the red magma to take his hand at all. Jeice bore no respect for those like the dragoon.

He glanced to the side, noticing 808 bounding away to take to the Chai guy. He'd need to go say hello and properly thank her for her help after he was done with Jeice.


Rinku's comment was expected. The dark elf said nothing as he sneered at her before he made his way very quickly to the Regular Shop to purchase the item related to her. Turning her head away, she half-hoped to see a familiar and welcome face in Dracula somewhere around, but... he was still gone. He had his own things to do.

Irnane cast a gaze over the champions of prior tournaments. A heavily-armored warrior, and young man in sleek armor, and... the other reminded her of NiGHTS.

It was then that NiGHTS herself confronted Reala, and in the residual dialogue between them, Irnane blinked a couple times. She was very confused on what NiGHTS was, and felt a little silly for using female pronouns for him this whole time. Maybe he just got it a lot.

For a moment, Irnane felt an urge to approach NiGHTS. He seemed to be at odds with Reala, a clear rivalry between the two. What would be the purpose of approaching? To comfort? To offer distraction? To...

She didn't know. NiGHTS had made no efforts to speak further with the Nerevarine after their fight, despite the dunmer's initial attempt.

Irnane felt quite alone here, and now that she was eliminated, she lacked purpose too.

It was here that she remembered something. The strange collapse of other eliminated contestants... the mechanical cat had been greatly concerned by it. If nothing else than to have something to focus on, Irnane quickly turned away and began to head toward where Nephthys, Bakura, and Rex Raptor were unconscious (and being mostly ignored). On the way, she glanced into a building she was passing, noticing 808 inside, speaking with the human, Chai.

Redirecting herself, the dark elf approached them. It was clear the boy was in the middle of telling a very vibrant story, and she didn't exactly want to interrupt, however...

"Have you found a cure or a cause for the ailment of those unconscious?" Irnane asked 808.


A strange egg-like creature had bounded to the robot, and now hovered upside-down. Awfully reminiscent of a certain jester Spamton wasn't all that fond of...

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? DID YOU PUT [Wheaties] IN MY [Airplane Champagne]??"

In truth, Spamton could not recall events clearly enough. He'd been... he'd been...

Yes, that was right. He'd been working with Generic Host, trying to attain something Host had called "The Nucleus." It supposedly had the power to let the salesman go back to his world and undo its destruction. So they'd been working to that goal, and even roped that Kirin gal in the mix. Last he could recall... he'd downloaded himself onto a disc, right?

So why was he here?

Did this Jevil-esque sourpuss have something to do with this upset??

The Princess glanced to Jevil, an eyebrow raised.
"I am... quite fine... thank you." Nótt said, the 'thank you' dripping with sarcasm.

Masaru approached her, suggesting that she sat down. Nótt shook her head.
"Ah. I'm still... quite alright, dear." She said to the fighter. "You're the one that should..."

"Nn!" Layla ran over to Nótt, hugging on her her legs, and Nótt smiled down at the little girl. She patted Layla on the head. Then Zed approached, and finally Nótt allowed herself to be lowered to the ground. If Zed putting pressure on her wound hurt, Nótt gave no indication of it.

"Forgive me for the added pain, dear." Zed said.
"Oh no, it's perfectly fine." Nótt said, casually waving her hand and smiling to Zed. "I'm just a little... out of breath, you know..."

Finally, Magalor pressed the RESET.


"Well, we gave it our best shot at least. Apparently even our leader couldn't win, and he's one of the most badass guys I know." Ryuji was saying.

Nótt blinked. She was back in the plaza. All of her wounds were gone, and things were just as they were before. Moon-Wing was perched on her shoulders, just as he was when the event started. The eagle and the princess shared a look, before Moon-Wing suddenly pecked the top of Nótt's head.

"Ow! Ow, ow!" Nótt exclaimed as Moon-Wing pecked her twice more. "Yes, yes, I understand! Cease this, immediately!"

Magolor was nearby, and Nótt watched as he suddenly flew off towards the stands. In the direction of... a familiar looking puppet creature. Along with others. Masaru and Zed.

"... Excuse me, Ryuji. There is something I must I see to in the stands." Nótt said. But before she could depart, Master Hand sudden appeared. For a moment, Nótt thought the powerful creature was going to talk about what had just occurred. But instead, he was continuing on with the tournament as planned. And in another twist, she was back in the tournament! Surprises upon surprises. Evidently, her fighting had been enough to impress the previous three tournament champions.

Nótt looked from the tournament plaza to the stands, and was torn with indecision for a moment. But she sighed and quickly headed towards the stands. She would just check in for a moment, then rush back down for her fight.


There was recognition in Masaru's eyes. The sage grinned, and nodded.
"You do remember. Wonderful." Eitri said. "How curious that you had forgotten. But perhaps it was because you were defeated."
The holograms from the eye vanished, and it floated back into its place. Eitri looked Masaru up and down once more.

"I'm glad I was able to reach you before you decided to leave. Unfortunately, I was unable to speak with Sonic before he disappeared to wherever he went off to." Eitri said. She looked out into the plaza, then glanced back to Masaru. "Ah, that's right. He was also a fighter there, I'm not sure if you recall. But if both you and Sonic are here, I'm willing to bet that there are others-"

"Eitri." Byleth nudged the sage. While Eitri had been speaking to Masaru, the mercenary had gotten the feeling they were being watched. She pointed out the one who had spotted them. One that Eitri recognized.


Eitri looked to Zed, her grin growing in a smile of pointed teeth. She waved to the prince, and the disk on her left arm turned. The disk now bore the symbol of a bird, and with a flick of Eitri's wrist, a raven of green magic appeared in the palm of her hand. It flew up into the air, and vanished.

Suddenly, Eitri's froze. Her grin melted to an expression of confusion. This sensation... The strongest Deja Vu she had ever felt.

Something was... different.

Eitri looked to Masaru. From her hair, the long rifle-like weapon of Grim Brokkr moved in front of her. The weapon stayed pointed away from anyone, and instead Eitri was looking into the red metal eye mounted to the bottom of the gun. There were no changes in the data the eye was recording. Had something just happened?

"Eitri? What is it?" Ótr asked. Eitri shushed the prince, continuing to stare into the eye. A different noise distracted her for a moment, and glancing over her shoulder, she spotted an unusual, pale-faced creature talking to himself. One that, most definetly, hadn't been there before. A competitor from the plaza floated up and began speaking with them. Byleth watched glanced down to Eitri.

"... I didn't see him appear..." Byleth said quietly to the Sage.
"I know." Eitri said, turning her attention back to the the eye.

"Well, this is quite the fateful meeting..." the leader of ATEMS remarked, standing over Eitri, though he gave a knowing glare to Masaru and Magolor. Eitri didn't even bother to look up from the eye, mutter to herself as Zed approached.

"A pleasure to see you again, Eitri."

Eitri waved dismissively to Zed.
"Yes, yes, and you Zed." Eitri said. With a frown, she finally looked up from the eye and moved Grim Brokkr behind her back once more. Eitri looked Zed up and down carefully, then to Masaru, then to Spamton and Magalor.

"... Something just happened, didn't it?" Eitri said to Zed and Masaru.


In a flash, she was back in the plaza, standing next to Warlock. So much cool stuff! Nótt was back in the tournament. The three previous champs were here too! The massive man in the armor and the young teen in the strange blue clothes were unfamilar, but there was something familiar about the strange jester...

They thoroughly resembled NiGHTS. Or very least, seemed to be from the same world. And recalling their last conversation, NiGHTS had mentioned being a twin themselves.

Master Hand disappeared, and proving Dagr's suspicions, she watched as NiGHTS bounded over to the other Nightmaren and had a tense conversation. It almost looked like they were about to fight, something Dagr would have loved to watch. But they didn't.

Out of the corner of her eye, Dagr spotted Rinku making a beeline for the coin shop. She had better get a jump on that, who knew what good items would be there now? She couldn't make the same mistake she did last round and wait right before her fight.

"That was a real fun fight, Warty!" Dagr said, nudging the alien psion. "Don't go anywhere, okay? I'll be right back!"

Winds whipped around her and Dagr used her Tempest Step to quickly dash to the coin shop! She looked through the store, eagerly checking out the new items... before her smile faded slightly. All the new stuff was more expensive then she could afford! Curses! She wanted that weapon Warlock was using. She couldn't even get that Power of Flight item that was Pits!

Dagr instead began to look over the things she could afford. The Battle Armor probably made the most sense. Grumbling grumpily, Dagr grabbed the Battle Armor and walked towards the front of the shop. Her expession brightened, however, when she encountered Rinku.

"Hey! Ice Rink!" Dagr attempted to once more put the demon in a headlock and give him a playful noogie. "You're still in the tournament, nice job! I bet that Irnane was really tricky, huh?"


The red warrior looked to Dart with a scowl, before hitting away his offered hand.
"Stow it, Dirt. I ain't interested in your 'good game mate' type talk." Jeice said. Looking to Dart with contempt, he pointed to the warrior.
"One day, mate. I'm gonna make you regret the day we fought." Jeice said. With that, the alien turned and stormed off.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


"Stow it, Dirt. I ain't interested in your 'good game mate' type talk."

The Red Warrior lowered his hand, getting exactly what he'd expected, though the grin he had didn't even falter at Jeice's next words.

"One day, mate. I'm gonna make you regret the day we fought."

"Just not today, right?" Dart replied, watching as Jeice turned in a huff and stormed off. The mercenary didn't offer more words, letting him leave. What a sore loser.

Glancing over toward the leaderboard, the dragoon narrowed his eyes at his opponent. 'Rinky' was the name- wait, no, it was 'Rinku.'

Looking around the lobby, Dart tried to locate him, eventually landing on the Regular Shop, where the boy Rinku was already trying to get an item, approached by another competitor in Dagr. Seems like they were eager to get a headstart on items. Dart could feel more of the coins in his own pocket, and procured them. Four. Hey, that was enough to get something cool!

Making his way inside, Dart paused to browse the wares, stroking his chin thoughtfully. So many choices still remained, but any of the good ones had a drawback he didn't care for... but then one caught his eye.

'Dreams Dreams' it was called. So long as the user believed in themselves, they would have the power of flight. While Dart already had that in his dragoon form, he didn't normally. That could actually really come in handy, come to think of it...

"Dreams Dreams, please!" Dart grinned broadly as he slapped his four coins onto the table in front of the Regular Shopkeeper.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Peppermint/808 & Chai

"And have you played Mallio Kart? Well he stuck us to these Karts and we're forcing us to playing a round or two when-"

Peppermint found Chai's storytelling pretty exhausting. On the other end, she had made herself some tea, trying to get something from this story. That's when Irnane arrived, saving her from this discussion.

"A cure...right! Well." Peppermint had 808 stand on two legs, putting a paw to their chin. "I was drafted into a match as a 'support item' for Dart. So I haven't had much time to think of it. Chai, let's go deal with that. No running off."

"But I..." Chai looked away, glancing at a suspicious looking alleyway, one that may be housing Spamton. He was going to beat that guy up, but with Peppermint's persistence, Chai sighed, silently following her to the bench, where the slumbering subjects were posed.

"Now...that's different. Is it me, or do a couple of them look weaker?" 808 asked. "Particularly that punk kid. From my scan, they look like their muscles are tensing in different parts of their body and their heart rate is elevated. It's hard to tell if they are in pain, but it seems their fight or fought response has been activated. In fact, it seems all of their heartbeats that I can read have been elevated. ...What's going on?"

Chai didn't hear much, having been used a point from the millennium ring to pick some food out from between his teeth. Shrugging, he pointed at the white haired kid he was crouched next to.

"Dunno, this guy's heartbeat sounds pretty normal to me."

"??? How can you- ah. Music robot powers. Of course." Peppermint shook their head. "So this kid is either a really calm one or something different is going on with them. Hold on, I'm going to try something."

808 walked up to Bakura, slapping their paws together. Rubbing them for a good few seconds, a noticeable pungent smell had begun to come out of them. Chai visually irked back.

"Dude, what is that??"

"I put a synthetic fragrance device into 808's paws, mainly to help fall to sleep at night. But I imagine if I use this in another way, I could come up with some bare bones smelling salts...I think."

"Huh...808, I find you a weirder and weirder cat as time goes on."

Peppermint knelt close to Bakura, rubbing their paws again for good measure, stretching a paw underneath Bakura's nose. If he was the calmest, then he'd be less dangerous to get out of this spell first...if this even worked.


After obtaining the item they searched for, Rinku sneered. Its use seemed interesting enough, maybe Dart was the low intelligence type? If he could use intellect against someone who only had brawn to speak of...maybe he could come out on top.

Suddenly, his mischievous planning was interrupted by a face full of muscle and restricted airflow. Oh no. It was Dagr. Gasping for air as his hair was ruffled, Rinku struggled.

Honestly. This should be considered an attack to violate the plaza rules. Either Master Hand didn't consider it an attack or he just found it funny.

After a second, he kicked off the ground, spinning up and popping himself out of the grasp of Dagr like a rotating bottlecap. Taking air, the multicolored imp landed, his grabbing his hat which had taken more height than him and pulling it to him, fixing it back to his head.

"You wouldn't believe..." Rinku deadpanned, being able to be taken two ways. "The last one was not a breeze, but downright exhilaratin' to win! In the big leagues now. Just need to beat another heavy hitter."

A second later, said heavy hitter made their appearance. Yeah. He gave off strong vibes. Dart. To make it this far and not seem to be bothered in the slightest? He would be in for it this next match. Rinku smirked to himself, masking his own unease. He had an idea.

"So you are the fabled dart? Must say, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Rinku bowed his head slightly, appearing very polite. "Rinku."

He held out his hand out for Dart to shake. If he could Dart underestimate him before they got into the fight, that could provide a window of opportunity to get some key blows in.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Obtaining Dreams Dreams, Dart turned to find his opponent was already trying to make small chat- that was a first! So far everyone only seemed interested in beating one another to a pulp.

...Not that Dart wasn't likeminded in that pursuit, but chatting between matches never hurt anyone (as far as he knew).

"I wouldn't say 'fabled' haha!" Dart rubbed the back of his head humbly, "but yeah! Nice to meet you, too, Rinku!"

He shook the demon's hand, not giving it much thought. "You're the slippery one, right? I've seen a little bit of one or two of your fights, though I don't think I remember much... you use those ball-things on strings?"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

So he's seen some snips of my fights then, has he? Either he's playing dumb with how much he knows or he really hasn't seen too much

"Ah, just some toys I like playing with is all." Rinku sidestepped it, keeping those for later. "I'm more interested in you. To make it this far you must be a big powerhouse, huh? How'd you beat the last guy? He didn't look that easy. Thought he might do a number on you."

Baiting him with using Jeice as bait in the topic, he hoped to get some useful info from the Dragoon on their capabilities prior to their fight, while also underselling himself.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Toys? Dart wasn't so sure about that. Anybody who made it this far had to be tough! Maybe the kid was just being modest. Dart couldn't blame him! He was similar in that regard.

"Jeice? Oh man, he wasn't goin' down without a fight!" Dart grinned widely. "But you're right! I'm not too much of a slouch, myself! Besides, that guy was CRAZY evil... He didn't strike me as a liar, and he was talking about wiping out whole planets of people. I might not have stopped him for good, because none of us can die, but I'm sure there's a hero somewhere in his world that'll do the job."

Rinku was getting more info on Jeice than Dart himself, it turned out.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


"Funnily enough, the fight probably would have been a lot harder without help," Dart admitted. "I bought this shop item last round, right? Turns out it's someone else's mecha cat! She was helpful, though, and actually sacrificed herself to give me an opening on the guy. Thanks to that opening, he got slammed, and the rest is history!"

Dart paused, before he tapped his chin thoughtfully. "You're probably pretty tough to get here yourself, aren't you? I doubt you're as weak as you look! Hah... oh, uh sorry, that didn't sound mean in my head. I meant like- you know. You're a kid. Normal kids wouldn't get this far in a place like this, is what I'm saying. At least none of the kids I know!"


Previously Manu456Alola
"...that's one way to greet an old friend," the prince huffed, before his focus shifted to the nearby Masaru. "And Masaru, good to see you as well. Your battles were quite fierce, I must say. I take it you've been training?"

Zed pretended not to have encountered the martial artist earlier in an attempt to avoid suspicion. An effort that seemed to be for naught, as Eitri seemed to somehow pick up on a feeling of déjà vu, focusing on Grim Brokkr's eye instead of the prince. Perhaps her connection to magic gave her the ability to sense such a thing more accurately. Serpentine displayed a similar sort of sixth sense, which enabled her to sense and see people's traumas and memories, so the thought of Eitri doing much the same was not too far fetched.

The Sage of Niðavellir examined all who approached closely, and she soon expressed her query to the two participants of the Dimension Games.

"I'm afraid I don't know what you refer to, dear. Though I understand it may be quite a shock for us to meet once more. I certainly didn't expect to myself." He deflected, now turning to properly face the entire group, including the still puzzled Spamton.

"Ah, my apologies. Where are my manners? I am Zed, leader of ATEMS."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Another deflection? And now he has his sights set on me now, trying to pry into me. Hm...even not in combat he's good. Am I about to fight an expert tactician? Tch, figures. How do I blow this off?

"Me getting this far? I may have just gotten lucky and been matched up with weaklings!" Rinku laughed off. "Like, I fought someone that just dies when they get slightly wet, can you believe it??"


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


"Aw, don't sell yourself short!" Dart encouraged at the first sentence, but after the second, he went bug-eyed. "Wait- WHAT!? Who???"

He began to frantically look around the lobby, needing to see this individual for himself. "I just fought a genocidal maniac and there's somebody here who can't handle a little water? I gotta see this person!"
Audrey Redheart
Upon return to the lobby, Audrey breathed a sigh of relief, shrugging at Kirin's words.

"Yeah, obviously. Here's your sword back." She quickly handed Kirin's sword off to her, before pausing at the sight of Master Hand interupting them.

"Hey, isn't that good timi-" She began to murmur, before Audrey too was cut off. The previous winners? Audrey's mind flashed back to what had happened right after she had succeeded her Quest, when she was first brought into this 'multiverse', and who she met-

And she was right in her guess. Standing there was Gunvolt. Someone she had betra- No, who had disrespected her and totally deserved to be turned against. And Kirin knew him too, calling his nickname and stepping out to talk. All Audrey could do was glare at them, especially GV though it loosened slightly upon realising Kirin didn't know this Gunvolt, per say.

Audrey almost wanted to do something similar to Kirin, step out and talk. But even she knew there was nothing nice to say, and she didn't enjoy watching another's spotlight much. When Kirin returned to the crowd, Audrey immeadiately dropped the glare in full, keeping it secret.
"...Almost a reunion, huh? I get it sucks that it isn't the guy you know, but we got to talk to Master Hand still."

Seemed she wanted to hide her own knowledge, at least for now.

Masaru Takahara
Masaru closed his eyes to blink one moment, and then the next...
"You do remember. Wonderful."

He was back, hearing those words, from right before...

Masaru's minor confusion was quickly curbed, luckily, causing a small smile to appear on his face as Eitri pondered.
"Yeah, probably, shame we missed the guy thou-" Before he could finish that, and subsequently ask his own questions, Eitri's attention was drawn to Zed... And the Sage's own confusion, which caused Masaru to gulp. Luckily, Zed came over to break tensions slightly.

"...Zed." The martial artist decided to talk apprehensively, since Zed himself seemed to want it kept secret and thus it would look suspicious to be all buddy buddy, considering the Dimension Games. "Thanks for the compliment, not sure I like the guy who killed me much though."

"Yeah, sorry Eitri, no clue what you mean." Clearly a master of deception, Masaru quickly tried to move the conversation. "Actually, Eitri, uh...What happened after I fell back then, anyway? Don't got memories for after the whole burning alive thing." At that last part, he shot a quick glance at Zed again, before looking back at Eitri.

The Warlock
When the Warlock was defeated once more, on top of the rather humiliating way of loss he came across something in his mind.

Not something- Someone. And that someone's mere presense brought the mind-version of Warlock to a knee instantly.
A large figure stood in the currently empty void that made up the Warlock's own mind, not too disimiliar to the one that held him and Dagr for the second before they returned to the Lobby. Alien, wreathed in purple glow, wearing dark robes and what looked like a metalic mask. A female voice spoke out across that mind, psionically linked forever to the Chosen.

Once again, your arrogance proves your undoing. After the loss of the Others, we believed you would take matters more seriously - You humiliate us, Chosen.

You are born of our power, does our very Life Force not flow through your viens? We feel such shame...
And yet within you, we sense something else.

Envy. And... Arrogance.
He knew what was coming. How could he not? This had happened before, when the Assassin had fallen, when the Hunter had...

There can be only one explanation.

The mouth and eyes of the mask opened, a red heat unvieled from them in an almost nightmarish face. And purple pillars of energy, or rather thought, barrelled down to the Warlock, pinning him down in silent agony.


The pin stopped. Warlock slowly arose from his fallen position, returning to a kneeling position as if before a God.
This is what awaits you, if you fail again. Return this instant to our realm, and recieve our Judgement.

And just like that, his vision shut, before the Warlock found himself in the lobby once more, Dagr to his side and then warped near the center to watch Master Hand. He did not appear quick to respond to Dagr, merely standing to the side, internal conflict in his own mind. It did not appear the Angelis Ethereal could reach him in the Lobby, perhaps due to Master Hand's presence, or so he hoped...
Yami Bakura

The Empress Judge's eyes grew wide at this powerful, intimidating aura that rolled off of the Marshtomp. She battered the Pokemon with punches and kicks, when the Pokemon walloped her with a powerful two-handed attack. The Empress Judge gasped with pain, sliding across the floor of the chamber clutching her stomach. She looked to Marshtomp with fury in her eyes. Weakened and damaged, but not defeated yet.

The warrior monster aimed a powerful kick at the pillar next to her, but the stone merely cracked instead of shattering like she had tried to do.

"Running, running. Well, you can't run forever." Yami Bakura called out to Nephthys. The Spellbinding Circle continued flying across the room until it struck the far wall, and exploded into pixels.

The Goddess of Whim's eyes blinked with confusion as she was surrounded by a film of blue light.
"Face it my dear, you are in over your head-"
Unable to react in time, the Goddess of Whim was flung violently into the wall and exploded into a burst of pixels. Yami Bakura's eyes went wide, and he stared down at Sans in confusion.

Nephthys focused her energies, trying to call forth another monster. One of Raptor's deck. As she focused, something did appear. A ghostly human faded into existence near her. A strong Egyptian man, dressed in white robes. He wore a gold headpiece, armbands, and pauldrons. His purple eyes looked to Nepthys, and he nodded. He was ghostly, translucent.

"What?! YOU?!" Yami Bakura snarled. He pointed to the Egyptian. "It's not possible! The Millennium Ring has rejected you! It is mine, and mine alone! You have no power here!"

The spirit held forth his arm, revealing a golden, winged duel disk like the one Nephthys wore. He placed his arm under Nephthys, and two more wings appeared on Nephthys' duel disk. Two more sections for her to summon monsters.

To Temperature's surprise, Raptor went on the offense! It howled in surprise as Raptor jumped on him, biting and thrashing. The face on the sun darkened, and it leaned closer to attack Raptor once more.

There was a flash of light! The floor of the chamber shook, and two loud roars echoed. Roars that Rex would be very familiar with. In a blur of purple, Ray & Temperature were both destroyed, burst to pixels! And there, standing before Raptor, was one of his favorite monsters. Two-Headed King Rex! The massive dinosaur monster let out a triumphant roar at the defeat of its opponents.

Yami Bakura winced as Ray & Temperature's destruction at the hand of another Duel Monster.

"It is simply more tricks." Yami Bakura said. "But no amount of allies will be able to save you."
Drawing another card from his deck, Yami Bakura placed two more cards on his duel disk.
"I activate the spell card, Fusion Sword Murasame Blade. It equips to my Empress Judge, powering her up. Now stop messing around, and destroy that little monster!" The Dark Spirit barked at his warrior monster. A strange curved sword flew through the air, and landed in Empress Judge's hand. Strange tendrils grew from the blade, fusing the weapon to Empress Judge's hand Empowered by dark energy, she rushed towards Marshtomp once more and attempted to cut him down with a powerful slash!

Meanwhile, before the dark spirit, a whirlpool of dark energy began to form. Yami Bakura chuckled, leaning on his throne.
"It has been fun, but now I suppose it it time for the true final boss to reveal itself. Come forth! Dark Ruler Ha Des!"
A massive cloaked figure slowly rose from the dark vortex. Its skin was sickly green, and the clothes were terrible and ghastly robes decorated with skulls and pained faces. It cackled, holding a goblet of wine in one hand. Yami Bakura gestured carelessly to Nephthys and Sans.
"Destroy them."

The Dark Ruler pointed to Nephthys, and fired a powerful beam of magical energy at the Gardevoir!


The true Bakura sat in the safe room, staring at the stone bricks that were over the door. It had been some time since Nephthys had left. Since then, he had tried to sink back into that trance that he was in before. But he just couldn't. No matter how hard he tried. Swallowing nervously, he looked back to the room.

He had a terrible feeling that something was wrong.

Unable to sit still any longer, Bakura got up and walked to the door. He apprehensively put his hand to the bricks, and just like with Nephthys, Marshtomp, and Tenderness, his hand simply phased through. Bakura rubbed his hand nervously. Was this really the best idea?

Shaking his head, he stepped through the wall and into the labyrinth.

The teen rubbed his arms at the sudden cold, dank air. Was this place... all in his mind? This dark, menacing labyrinth? The rooms all around were empty, with signs of sprung traps all about. And past the large, open door... There was the sounds of fighting.

Bakura pushed onwards.

He ran up the stairs, taking them two by two. Finally reaching the top, he stared with shock at the battle unfolding in the chamber. Nephthys and the blue creature, and... Rex Raptor? And a skeleton? All facing off against... him?!

"What... what is going on?!"


Back in the real world, 808 placed her paws under Bakura's nose. The teen coughed and groaned. His eyes fluttered open, and he shifted slightly. However, his eyes had a dull, faraway look in them, as if he was still in a trance.

"What is... going... on?" Bakura whispered, staring blankly.


The Princess's grin grew as Rinku talked about his past fights. It sounded like he was having a lot more fun now, which was awesome! And suddenly the little brat was off. He ran to talk to another contestant, the warrior Dart. The guy that was going to be his opponent. Dagr slowly walked up behind Rinku, watching their conversation and leaning on her ax.

As the conversation went on, Dagr began to catch on to what Rinku was doing. Or at least, what he was trying to do. Dart, being the pure bean he was, was responding to Rinku's questions with excitement and cheerfulness and somehow avoiding critical topics. It became harder and harder for Dagr to keep a straight face with Rinku trying to shmooze up to this guy. The Princess bit her lip, before finally turning away and trying to disguise her laughter as coughing.

Clearing her throat, she turned her attention back to Rinku and Dart.
"Ahem. Well, Ice Rink. Have fun in your next match, huh?" Dagr said. She pat Rinku on the head as she walked past, then paused as she stood next to Dart.
"Hey, Darty." Dagr said, and pointed to Rinku. "The kiddo's telling the truth about being a little baby wimpy guy. I faced him in the first round, in the doubles round. His partner, this shark devil guy called Beam, did all the work while he was running around and freaking out! Honestly, I have no clue on how he managed to get so far in the tournament. Talk about having the luck of the gods, am I right?"
She gave Rinku a teasing wink, then waved to the pair and walked out of the building.

Back in the plaza, she looked over the fighters and the others. That was right! The trio that won the previous tournament were still here! Warlock all but forgotten, Dagr ran over to Gunvolt, Master Chief, and Reala.
"Hi!" Dagr said to the trio. She looked to each of them with excitement. "So you guys won the previous tournaments, huh? That's so cool! What were your coolest fights? Did you have the chance to compete in this tournament too? What are your worlds like? What type of powers do you have?"


The Sage looked from Zed to Masaru suspiciously. Glancing to the eye of Grim Brokkr once more, the sage appeared to let the subject go. She shrugged.
"My apologies." Eitri said to Zed. "I thought I felt... well, I suppose it was nothing. I am glad to see you, in truth. Both of you."
Ótr remained seated, watching Zed suspiciously. Byleth on the other hand, remained standing. Her expression remained blank and emotionless, and she regarded Zed for a moment before looking to Spamton and Magolor, then slowly scanned the nearby area.

Eitri gestured to the two people with her.
"Zed, Masaru. May I introduce my two companions. Prince Ótr of Niðavellir, and Miss Byleth Eisner of Fódlan." Eitri said. The two merely nodded to Zed and Masaru.

"As for after you perished, there was more fighting of course. The barrier began to close in on those who remained. But thanks to my brilliant mind, and a bit of trickery, I was able to have nearly everyone attack the barrier and break it open. From there, we escaped. It was a difficult attempted, and honestly I cannot remember all of it exactly. I know I managed to escape with Leon. I believe Kirby also managed to escape, with someone else." Eitri chuckled and looked to Zed. "For a while during the escape, I was partnered up with you actually. You were killed when a blast of lightning struck you. Belowski, Omega, both of them killed as well..."

Her mood seemed to sour, but only for a moment.
"But evidently, they weren't killed. Because if the two of you are standing before me now, it stands to reason that the others are out there somewhere as well." Eitri said. Her grin grew.

"I've saved the most interesting thing for last, however." Eitri said. "Upon finally escaping the barrier, our little 'Exodus Crew' found ourselves floating in a black void. And inside this black void, there was a message."

Eitri paused for dramatic effect. She closed her eyes, and put a hand to the side of her head.
"Error 12-684 Game Crash. Why are you seeing this issue? <- Entity or entities no longer present in combat area have not confirmed killed. If you wish to restart the game, contact yourself, Master Hand." Eitri said, reciting the message from memory. She opened her eyes, and grinned to Zed and Masaru. "The lone clue that was left behind. And following that clue has led me here. The same Master Hand that has created this tournament was also the one behind that death game."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Inkling? Heh, wouldn't count on seeing him. I haven't laid eyes in them long after my win. Don't think they were too interested in sticking around after that."

Rinku crossed his arms at the thought, before suddenly Dagr interfered, backing his claims up with demeaning words and that had Rinku slowly turn to face her. His face not being seen by Dart at this angle, enough to shoot Dagr a hostile look. If looks would kill, this would be a crime scene.

"Thanks, Dagr." He barred his fangs.

Snapping to Dart, his instincts told hold to drop this nonsense and defend his honor. His cunning however, kept that part of him on a leash, knowing just when to unleash his ferocity. Now was not the time.

"She really painted over a lot of details." He spat, not providing her the satisfaction of a full agree. "But how about you pull your punches a bit this next match? Would be a shame if you ended it so early..."

Yes. Yes that can work. Not what I had in mind, but if Dagr dealt me this embarrassment of a hand, then I might as well use it. But I wouldn't be caught dead saying I'm weak.

Reala & NiGHTS

"Don't think this means you won anything, Reala." NiGHTS fought back. "What? You get a panel to vote on a single match. Is that really the apex of Wizeman's plans? Game shows?"

"Ahh, but the sole fact that Nightmares have an undefeated record of victories in the mortal plane shows our superiority." Reala clarified. "The first, the undefeated. Master Wizeman has other plans other than just peacocking nightmaren potential, however. But far be it from me to disclose such things to a traitor like you!"

Reala close his grip, his nails transforming into talons during it, sparks shredding off them in the grasp. They stood off against one another. This left the air with tension so thick it could be cut by a knife...so a knife or rather a Dagr swept in to cut it for them.

"So you guys won the previous tournaments, huh? That's so cool! What were your coolest fights? Did you have the chance to compete in this tournament too? What are your worlds like? What type of powers do you have?"



The two looked over, Dagr having interrupted their standoff. Reala gave a singular chuckle, not considering her a factor to the discussion, but rather a joke.

"Run along now, NiGHTS, take your visitor pet with you"

Peppermint / 808 & Chai

As Bakura snapped awake, 808 blinked in surprise while Chai jumped back, his shocked expression written all over his face.

"Holy crap, it worked!"

"Shhh! Be quiet!" She shushed him, the feline analyzing Bakura. "You okay kid? What happened in there?"

Rex Raptor is in there


Before, he had been on the end of his rope, nothing but desperation left to help him. But now? His favorite monster had come to save him at his time of need? He didn't believe in that fate crap, but he was willing to look the other way at this moment.

"YEEEEEES!!!" Rex exclaimed, the mighty Dino standing before him.

Okay. NOW things are getting good.

It felt like he was wearing a new face. One like that of a prehistoric wasteland predator, despite his current battered shape. His sharp pupils looked around for the next monster victim, finding a new monster, dark ruler, on the offensive towards Neph. Grinning, Rex pointed forward.

"Easy pickings. Two Headed King Rex! Reduce that Dark Ruler to a pile of ash!"

The dinosaur's heads reared up, smoke billowing out of their nostrils, before lashing forward, a charcoal smoke blasting out of their mouths, orange flames permeating inside of the black breath. Running interference and cloaking where gardevoir was with the thick cloud of smoke.
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d


"Hm..." Dart swished his lips to the side, appearing conflicted. "I dunno... this tournament is supposed to bring out the best in fighters from all over... well, everywhere! Maybe you're not the strongest, but I bet there's something else to you!"

Dart snapped his fingers. "Yeah! That's it! All I've gotta do is bring out your inner strength! So that means I can't do what you've asked of me, unfortunately. I'm gonna give it my all! And I expect you to do the same, Rinku!" The man pumped his fist eagerly, anxious to get started.


She eyed the sudden appearance of a robed, dark-skinned man, bearing an identical duel disk to hers. And he provided... additional wings. She had more slots than before. This was unexpected, not at all what she'd been trying to do... but this change of events, and the man's appearance, seemed to really piss Bakura off.

She could roll with that.

Then Raptor was given his own mount, in the form of his iconic Rex she had previously fought. Had she done that? She'd been trying to call his cards... again, this wasn't exactly what she had in mind, but she wasn't complaining. Quickly, Bakura began to lose his monsters- enough that the next he summoned, he claimed to be the "true final boss."

<These are no tricks, Bakura,> the gardevoir projected. <Your eyes do not deceive you. You are losing.>

With her barrier still up, she enforced it as the beam came in- stronger than expected. It punched against the shield, and Nephthys took a surprised step back, watching her barrier splinter, before it quickly broke and---

It smashed into a second barrier, and this one miraculously held. A wall of blue bones stretching up from the ground, seeming almost impervious to the damage inflicted on it. The wall of bones slid quickly toward Dark Ruler Ha Des unimpeded as a series of white bones rose from the ground and followed the wall, all at a rapid pace to close the distance.

Somehow, that wall of blue bones seemed unbreakable, and Sans was clearly the culprit, despite the fact he didn't appear interested in what was going on in the slightest, his eyes closed as though he were sleeping. Taking the opportunity, Neph raised her arm and focused her energy, aiming for a critical hit as she launched a burst of searing magenta waves toward the Dark Ruler to back up the bones, Psychic surging forth.


During the initial pause from NiGHTS and Reala, Kalmiya's holographic form appeared in front of Dagr at eye-level. The Spartan standing behind the AI, however, stood a good half foot over even the jotun princess.

"Hi, Dagr! It's a pleasure to meet you!" Kalmiya greeted, bubbly. "My name is Kalmiya. I'm with the big guy."

She gestured with her thumb to Chief, who gave a simple nod in greeting, strong and silent as ever.

"To answer your questions, yes. Each individual on this platform has completed a tournament under Master Hand. Reala, Gunvolt, and the Master Chief. I don't know about big green over there, but my favorite fight was definitely the-"

Kalmiya paused at Reala's sneering words to NiGHTS and Dagr by proxy, before the AI turned her head in his direction. "Hey, that was rude! Knock it off!"

"As I was saying," she turned quickly back to the princess. "My favorite fight was this real fun one against a big robot. Chief stuck a plasma grenade in its insides and churned it into molten scrap. No biggie!" The AI crossed her arms, appearing rather smug as she talked up the Spartan. Chief still didn't add anything to the conversation.

"And uh, no. Chief and I were preoccupied during the selection for this tournament, though I suspect prior champions weren't being considered anyway. Having us present here seems to be a new thing. I could go into great detail about what my world is like, but it would take way too long. It's in space, and there's lots of fighting! I think that chalks it up nicely! And finally... I am an artificial intelligence designed to assist the Master Chief. He is a biologically engineered super soldier who's only saved the universe once or twice..." Kalmiya's grin widened. "Five times if we get technical. And the multiverse, too!"

It was very clear she liked to talk up her companion's achievements.

"Never alone," Chief added, his voice deep, crumbling like gravel, betraying age and experience. A direct contrast to the chipper tunes of Kalmiya.


Previously mallard
As the Taskmaster appeared back in the plaza, he was surprised to find that everyone else had finished their fights simultaneously. Shaking it off, he glanced at the brackets and then moved to the Regular Burger to recover his camera. As he downloaded the feed and shut it off, Pit approached.

"For a human, you're crazy tricky. How do you do it? Do you drink some super special protein shake with a secret formula to get this good at fighting?"

The supersoldier gave the angel a side-eye as he got suspiciously close to describing the supersoldier serum that gave Taskmaster his powers. He replied dryly,

"Something like that."

Then, he turned his attention back to the tablet. The video was jarringly short, and when Masters pressed play... nothing out of the ordinary happened. The only notable aspect was how short it was. He looked up and around, confused, but instead of answers, he found people rushing to get items from the shop.

"I'll be right back."

The movestealer would not allow conversation to slow him down as he strode to the shop. Once inside, his eyes flitted over the remaining items, and selected one called the 'Sand Scepter'. He exited just as fast as he'd entered, but with no intention of going back to talk to Pit. He was hoping the child would get distracted and forget about him. Instead, frustrated with the lack of footage from his camera, he stormed into the gate, looking to engage in battle sooner than later.

"Any ghost town in the Mojave."

He had lost. Though this loss particularly stung, no one could call the Earth's Bastion a sore loser. He gently grabbed Kassandra's hand in his larger paw, careful not to break it despite him knowing she was plenty durable. He nodded in acknowledgement, and then turned away to be consumed by his own thoughts. This was not the first time he had lost- the speedy Wrastor had caught him off-guard before. Yet, he still considered his future foe: the Abyss. It was a force far superior to any contestant in the tournament, and if Kragg couldn't overcome it with all he could give...

"Hey, rock-for-brains!"

Kragg looked up to the stands, where he spotted Wrastor himself, being playfully shoved by Maypul for his cheeky name-calling. In that moment, he realized something. He needn't face the Abyss alone. He would have the help of the other Rivals. Though they had their differences, they were Aether's mightiest warriors, and could be depended upon once the Abyss lashed out again. If the beetle could smile, he would in this moment, as relief washed over him. He trudged into the stands to join his brothers and sisters in arms, and watch the rest of the tournament.

Though a couple of strikes landed on the Marshtomp, his own blow had landed! Now that the Empress was weakened, he'd be able to match her... That is, he would, until a blade of evil flew through the air and fused itself to the Judge's hand! The monster charged forth once more with a deadly slash. The Pokémon reacted and caught the weapon between his wide hands.


The blade sizzled and crackled with destructive energy in his grip, but the mud fish held firm.


His stubby little legs had a hard time finding a foothold on solid ground, and Marshtomp began sliding back.


He looked at the others. Everyone was pulling their own weight. And thinking of his friends, he thought of the one that couldn't make it; the one that had perished at the hand of the Dark Spirit's cruel game.


With all the might he could muster, Marshtomp jammed his heels into a lip in the stonework of the floor and pushed. He pushed the Murasame Blade above his head, and then fired a point-blank Mud Shot into the Empress Judge's face!

And just like that, Tabby was back. His memories struck his past self like a truck, but he was currently still in the process of trying to drink out of a straw through his screen. Then, Jevil came over, and the tablet's face darkened. When the apologetic whispers came, however, his virtual expression softened. He frowned, before his face disappeared entirely, save for a single vertical, blinking bar in the top-left corner of his screen to indicate that he was about to type a message to the darkner...

After a moment, a giant, pixelated middle finger appeared on the screen. The robot grabbed his bag of popcorn by its bottom and then slung all the foodstuff within out at the clown, followed by his drink. With his newly-freed hands, he flipped Jevil off twice more and then backed into the crowd and disappearing.


He reappeared from the crowd with a plate of nachos, smearing the creamy cheese over his screen as he failed to eat those, too. He was near Spamton now, but only calmly watched as Zed and Magolor did their thing.
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Previously Manu456Alola
That had been disappointing, to say the least. Kirin hadn't considered the possibility of Potential Worlds being involved until now – slightly different realities within the same universe. Given how the Gunvolt she knew had vanished alongside Moebius after their encounter with Astral Order, seeing this Gunvolt not mention any such events should have tipped her off on that. She felt kind of dumb for not realizing it sooner.

"...Almost a reunion, huh?" Audrey remarked, snapping Kirin from her thoughts. "I get it sucks that it isn't the guy you know, but we got to talk to Master Hand still."

"...yeah. You're right." The priestess nodded. "Think we should go somewhere more private, though. Not sure if I wanna break the news in the middle of of all this." She added, before she began to wade through the crowd, with Audrey hopefully following close by. Kirin made it out after a moment, after which she took a left turn to head down towards one of the shop-filled alleys. Reminding herself to avoid the exact path leading to Spamton's place, she instead stopped short of her earlier destination to walk into a wide alley behind Regular Store.

"Okay, let's do this. Not exactly sure if this is how I should call him, since he keeps disappearing and reappearing to deal with host stuff, but here goes." Kirin spoke, before she cleared her throat.

"Master Hand! We need to talk."​

"Oh, really? Think you could hook me up with some of that stuff–"

"I'll be right back."

Taskmaster quickly walked away, leaving Pit alone amidst the crowd of participants. He waited semi-patiently for a bit, looking around absentmindedly before he caught a glimpse of the man returning – or so he thought, as Masters simply walked past and through the gateway to his upcoming battle.

"Huh. Talk about bad manners."

"Guess he's quite the battle enthusiast. Oh well. What do you plan on doing now, Pit?"

"Well, I still gotta totally have those burgers I missed out on earlier." He replied. "Ohh, and I should check on Dagr and Chai to see how they've been doing! I saw Dagr won her last match, at least. Wonder what she thinks about her sister getting brought back into the tournament..."​

With that thought, he began to move through the uncomfortably packed crowd of participants.

"Haha, I suppose it is only fair..." Zed chuckled in response to Masaru's apprehensive greeting and comments. "Perhaps I overdid it a little."

Eitri appeared to let things go for now, which the prince had no qualms with. He gave Ótr and Byleth a slight bow in return, smiling slightly. From there, the sage began to explain the events that unfolded following Masaru's death, including the surprising fact that a few of them had actually managed to escape the games with their lives. Zed let out a hum at this, raising a brow.

"I seem to remember part of that escape alongside you. The memories are not quite all there, but the cracking of the barrier and rain of lightning I do recall quite clearly."

The girl continued her explanation, noting the fact that the others must have also survived in some way, given the three of them were now here at this tournament. What she revealed next, however, surprised even the composed Golden Trillion. A message revealed after the escape.

"Error 12-684 Game Crash. Why are you seeing this issue? <- Entity or entities no longer present in combat area have not confirmed killed. If you wish to restart the game, contact yourself, Master Hand."

At her words, the leader of ATEMS turned his gaze over to the lobby, where the host of the tournament had been a moment ago. The Azure Striker of legend also stood there, though his focus was squarely placed on Master Hand and his intentions. To host a game to the death, real or not...

"...that is quite the revelation, Eitri." He replied, still looking out into the lobby. "To think he is the one hosting both events, bringing in people from across the multiverse... I wonder what his intentions truly are. I find it hard to believe this is purely for the sake of entertainment."​

The Azure Striker's focus on his conversation with Kirin was cut short, as banter of starkly different natures quickly ensued around the other two champions. Reala had a heated back and forth with someone that looked remarkably similar to him – NiGHTS, if he remembered correctly. Probably a Nightmaren just like Reala, linked in some way to that Master Wizeman the two spoke of.

On the other hand, a tall woman had approached the three champions, striking a conversation with Master Chief – or rather Kalmiya, since the Spartan was not exactly the chatty type. His A.I. companion was more than happy to answer all of the jotun's questions, though not before being interrupted by a rude comment from Reala.

"Yeah, that was uncalled for." Gunvolt reproached in tandem with Kalmiya, and once the A.I. was done speaking, he figured he'd give his own answers as well.

"Pretty good summary there. You two sure racked up quite the resumé," he commented, before he turned to look at Dagr. "As Kalmiya said, we all won one of the past tournaments. Name's Gunvolt, though some call me GV. As for my coolest fight, hm..."

He thought on his answer for a moment.

"Y'know, I did also fight a big robot once. That one had drills for arms and was piloted by a kid with a remote controller. Even though I'm used to dealing with that sort of threat in my world, it was still a tough fight. Speaking of my world, I guess it's a fairly advanced one, though the key part is that it's populated by two kinds of people: the humans you're probably familiar with, and Adepts – people with a type of psychic power called Septima. I'm an Adept myself, and my "Azure Striker" Septima lets me freely control and create electricity. At least that's the gist of it."

To illustrate his point, Gunvolt held an open palm out in front of him – and an orb of azure electricity manifested in his hand, crackling brightly. After a few seconds, he closed his hand, and the lightning sphere vanished just as quickly as it appeared.​
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Master Hand

Upon their name being called, Master Hand snapped into existence. Peering down at both Her and Audrey, the hand seemed perplexed at the sudden call.

"Yes, what is it? Aren't you supposed to be doing...whatever it is eliminated people do?"


After all of that nothing was achieved. No personal Intel, psychological weaknesses, nor even an attempt to pull punches. He knows manipulation a mile away, of course he does. Should I even bother with this little charade at this point? Hardly a use. Hmph. Maybe a little longer...we'll see if he's bluffing.

"Ah...okay then." Rinku responded, walking towards the gateway. "Why don't you go ahead and pick your gap first? I'll be right behind you."


Previously Manu456Alola

To Kirin's surprise, bringing Master Hand here turned out to be incredibly easy. As soon as she called his name, the host of the tournament appeared before her, questioning the reason for the request. At least he was nice enough to show up...

"Maybe, but that's not important right now." She began. "Do you know a holographic guy called Generic Host? Used to host one of these tournaments some time ago, apparently. He's planning on overthrowing your own tournament from the shadows, using the power of some “Nexus” thing.”

She paused for now, awaiting Master Hand’s response.

Whoops. Evidently, Dagr had interrupted. At NiGHTS' and Reala's stares, Dagr smiled sheepishly and scratched her head. A small woman sudden appeared before Dagr, distracting her from the stares. An bubbly little thing that introduced herself as Kalmiya, and introduced all the other competitors. Reala spoke up, telling NiGHTS to go away and calling Dagr a 'pet'. Kalmiya and Gunvolt were offended, but Dagr just threw back her head and let out a single laugh.

"Hah! NiGHTS, when you said you and Reala had rhymes of what me and my sister had, I didn't think you meant like this!" Dagr said. Smiling brightly, she looked Reala up and down. She looked back to the other champions, winking to them and gesturing to Reala with a thumb.
"Just one sentence, and I can already tell they're insufferable." Dagr said.

The Princess listened, enthralled, as Kalmiya answered her questions. While she didn't fully understand everything she said, Dagr was able to understand most of it.
"So cool..." Dagr said. She looked up to Master Chief, trying to see through his shiny golden visor. But after being unable to see through it, the Princess used the reflection to adjust her circlet. She paused when Master Chief finally spoke, blinking and focusing on the man. One could tell a lot about a person by the way they spoke...

Speaking of which, Gunvolt began answering the questions posed to him. Psychic powers, electricity manipulation... The Princess watched with admiration as Gunvolt conjured some lightning in his hands. The power of elements, no tome or staff required!
"Other worlds sound so cool!" Dagr said. She scratched her head.
"Aaaagh, I've got so many more questions! But if I stood here asking them, we'd be here until the tournament was over." Dagr said. She looked around the plaza, making sure Audrey wasn't waiting for her by the gate or something. In fact, there was no sign of the hero. Which Dagr decided to take as a good sign. It would give her more time to chat and hang out.

"Okay, just two more." Dagr said. She looked back to the champions. "My big one is: Why'd you choose Nótt as the fighter to bring back? I mean, I'm glad you did. I was hoping to fight her in this tournament. And don't tell her I said this, but she's pretty strong and tough. But there's also a lot of very cool fighters that were already eliminated."

Dagr looked to Gunvolt and gave the teen a wink.
"Don't tell me her stunning good looks won you over?" She teased.


"I have been having the same thoughts." Eitri said, sitting down on the stands. She also looked over the plaza, watching the fighters and looking to the previous champions.
"The fact that the pair of you have no recollection of the Dimension Games is quite the interesting development. If those who participated in the Dimension Games have no recollection of it, my memories of it may be not part of the plan. I'd like to find others that were killed in the Dimension Games and ones that escaped, and see what their memories of the event is." Eitri said.

"As for what Master Hand's true purpose of this event is... It's something I'm also quite puzzled about." Eitri said. "Entertainment may be the most likely option. After all, what use is money to a multiversal being?"
The sage rubbed her chin.
"If he was trying to gather powerful warriors, he's not doing a great job about it. Don't get me wrong, the Jotun Princesses are strong in their own right. But there are many others who are quite stronger." Eitri said. "I can't speak for the other worlds, of course. But I believe I could name at least one person from Grazie's world who is stronger than her."

Eitri grinned at Zed as she spoke that.

Byleth continued scanning the nearby area. When Tabby appeared from the crowd, the mercenary woman noticed. She stared at Tabby, emotionless, watching the ninja through the strange green halo that orbited her head.
"Eitri." Byleth spoke. Eitri glanced over to Byleth, then to Tabby. She watched the ninja with some interest, before shaking her head at Byleth.
"He wasn't one." Eitri said. "At least, as far as I know..."

"But back to our question. Master Hand's motive." Eitri said. "With a being as powerful as this Master Hand, there isn't much for us to go on. I think the best we can do is investigate those who know him, and try to learn more about him that way. Ms. Byleth has been most helpful in that regard."

Eitri gestured to Byleth, and the mercenary looked to Zed and Masaru blankly.
"Ms. Byleth has been in one of Master Hand's tournaments before. But my understanding is that it was quite different." Eitri said. Byleth looked to Eitri for a moment before nodding.
"... Yes." Byleth said. "It was by a different name. Among other things."
Her speech was stiff and forced.

Dark Labyrinth

Despite his outburst, the Dark Spirit was quick to recover. He reclined on his throne and raised an eyebrown at Neph's statement.
"... Losing?" He echoed, looking around with mock confusion before a look of realization hit him. "Ah. You think because you have some surprises of your own, that means you are winning. I am sorry to disappoint you Nephthys, but I am quite far from 'losing'."

The Empress Judge grit her teeth, pushing down on the Fusion Sword with all of her strength to cut through Marshtomp. But somehow, this little creature was able to resist! Slowly, Empress Judge found herself being overpowered. Her eyes widened as Marshtomp pushed against the blade, and with a mighty heave, blasted Empress Judge with a powerful Mud Shot attack! The Empress Judge flew back, tumbling to the ground. For a moment, she laid still. But slowly, the warrior monster pushed herself to her feet. She looked down to Marshtomp, running her free hand through her hair, and gave the Pokemon a respectful nod. Then, the monster slowly disintegrated into pixels.

The spikes of Fearful Earthbound formed around Nephthys once more, attempting to blast her with three waves of dark magic blasts. The Two Headed King Rex turned its attention towards the Dark Ruler, firing a blast of flame at the monster. At the same time, Nephthys was protected by a wall of bones. The wall quickly flew towards the Dark Ruler, threatening to destroy the monster.

Another face-down card flipped up on Yami Bakura's duel disk. A hideous, skeletal spirit sudden appeared, swirling around Bakura's throne. No ghoulish screams or ghastly howls accompanied the appearance of the spirit. It flew as silent as the night air. In a flash, the spirit flew into the wall of bones! It vanished, disappearing into the bones. Suddenly, Sans found he was no longer in control of his attack. It suddenly changed direction, flying towards the Two Headed King Rex and Raptor!

With the bone wall taken care off and blocking the dinosaur's fire attack, the Dark Ruler raised a sickly green hand. A wall of darkness appeared before him, shielding him from Nephthys' psychic onslaught.

Meanwhile, the White Magical Hat continued to pressure Nephthys. The Spellcaster monster rushed towards Nephthys, throwing a flurry of punches at the psychic type.

Yami Bakura drew another card from his deck. He inspected his hand, then glanced over towards Marshtomp.
"So you defeated Empress Judge. Let's see how long you can hold that up, hm? I summon the Earl of Demise!" Yami Bakura said, placing another card on his duel disk. A strange, zombified man with green skin appeared in the chamber. Armed with a rapier, it looked down at Marshtomp before lunging at the Pokemon with surprising speed!

The Dark Spirit placed another card on his duel disk, and the egyptian spirit besides Neph narrowed its eyes.
"Be warned." The Egyptian spirit voice spoke in Neph's mind. "He still has a monster hidden, as well as two traps or spells..."

From the opposite end of the chamber, the true Bakura had quickly moved to cover behind one of the pillars and watched the battle continue. What could he do? There had to be some! But he didn't have any powers, or a duel disk, or anything. But... neither did Rex Raptor, and he was here too.

The teen swallowed nervously.
"Well..." He muttered to himself. "Here goes nothing..."
Bakura moved closer to the other end of the chamber, moving from pillar to pillar. He focused on staying behind cover, and only trying to move forwards when it seemed like everyone was focused elsewhere.


Back in the plaza, it was quite clear to 808 and Irnane that Bakura, while technically 'awake', was still in some sort of trance. He gave no indication that he could hear or see anyone, and remained laying on the ground. His eyes stared out, dim and empty, as if looking to a distant point in the sky.
"What... can I... do?" Bakura whispered. After a few moments, he whispered again.
"Well... Here... goes... nothing..."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Master Hand


The hand was thinking for a moment, not quite sure how that was able to be possible. the Nexus was on it's own now, it wouldn't let it's power go to anybody, especially not him all of a sudden. And he'd be damned if something else interrupted his broadcast.

"I'm aware of his existence. He's not actually associated with me."

Master Hand seemed somewhat perturbed by the host making moves. Sighing, he leaned in to Kirin.

"I'm sensing he's no longer here. He's a leftover from some event I had no jurisdiction here, and he's been acting like a flea around here for a while since. But he's gone now, so there nothing for you or any other contestant to be worried about! Just enjoy the matches and get to your fight!"

With a snap of his fingers, Master Hand vanished. Either it be willful ignorance, or simply trying to keep them in the dark, it seemed as though he wasn't going to immediately act on this new development.

NiGHTS & Reala

NiGHTS couldn't help but smirk back at Reala, seeing that the group was more against him than they were with him. He may have been here representing nightmare, but that didn't mean anyone was afraid of him nor Wizeman.

"Go where? Dagr is still in this tourney, isn't she? She's got every right to be here! Unless you want to take it up with tall white and glovey~"

Reala frowned at the purple jester's teasing, not validating them with an interaction. Instead, he gave Dagr side eye as they presumptuously invaded their space, asking bothersome questions.

"Simply because she was the least incompetent." Reala spat. "Visitors rarely posses actual prowess in anything of merit. Nott actually possessed a level of resolve. That's something I want to see broken. I voted her back to see hope fill her eyes before seeing failure greet her once more. Then we shall see if that resolve holds on."

Chai & Peppermint / 808


Chai poked Bakura's forehead with the base of his guitar, not sure if the kid was all there. Poking again, peppermint shot him a death glare, which Chai took the warning and slowly put his instrument down.

"It looks like he's sleep talking...with his eyes open?" Peppermint frowned. "But the way he's talking...it doesn't sound like a dream. He sounds like you when you were under control by SPECTRA."

"Huh? So you think there is a chip in his head too?"

"No not exactly, he comes from a different world than us, Chai. For all we know, magic could be real in it." They shrugged, peering closer to the necklace around his neck. "But that thing he had shown light when I interacted with it. I thought it wasn't smart to mess with an unknown object like that without thinking again, so I stopped."

Turning to Irnane, she gestured towards the millennium ring with her paws.

"Now that you are here, mind lending some of your expertise?"

Rex Raptor

"Bones? What a joke!"

As the flames burst through the bones, Rex scoffed, his overconfidence truly showing once he had a Dino to hide behind. Walking forward, he pointed at the White Magical Hat, growling at them.

"Hey buddy, not making best player at duel monsters in the room your priority is just asking to be pulverized! King Rex! Foot Stomp!!"

The Two Headed King Rex charged forward with surprising agility, raising a monstrous foot before they were to crush the dapper demon man, looking to flatten them before they could damage Neph.


Previously Manu456Alola
"Hold on a sec–"

Just as abruptly as he'd appeared, Master Hand vanished, barely addressing Kirin's concerns and only slightly shedding light on the Host's relationship to him. Kirin let out a sigh, feeling as though her words had been practically ignored. Even if Master Hand said Host was no longer present here, could she really believe that? He'd already proven to be very tricky, and coupled with the power he'd seemingly copied from her, how in the world was she supposed to think there was nothing to worry about?

"Ugh, dammit..." she groaned. "You'd think the host of the tournament would take things a lot more seriously. I hope he at least keeps tabs on that Generic Host guy."

As far as she knew, there wasn't much else she could currently do about the whole situation. Sitting by and watching was all she had for now, as much as she hated being on the sidelines. The priestess turned to face Audrey, crossing her arms.

"Guess you should probably get to your fight. Sorry for making you go out of your way for that."​

As Eitri put it, it appeared that she'd been the only one out of the three participants gathered here to actually retain her memories of the event. The idea of it being connected to her survival and escape seemed plausible, but until they encountered any other contestants, it was hard to be fully certain of it.

"How flattering," Zed smirked at Eitri's comment regarding his power, turning to face the group now. "My Golden Trillion is indeed quite the powerful Septima. It would have been quite fun to participate in these battles as well, but it appears I was not among the first considered for this roster." He added, eyes landing on Masaru as he spoke. What was Master Hand's criteria for these participants...?

Then, Eitri explained that one of her companions, Byleth, had participated in one of Master Hand's tournaments before. Zed raised an eyebrow at this, leaning slightly closer to the mercenary, not minding the stiffness of her speech. He had experience talking with all sorts of people within ATEMS, after all.

"Is that so...? What do you know of this prior event, if I may ask?"​

Dagr was clearly pumped to learn all about the champions, listening wide-eyed as she gushed about how cool other worlds were. The Azure Striker had to agree – from the glimpses he'd caught of each fighter, his fights in his own tournament, and his experiences during the Magna Pause event, he found the infinite worlds beyond his own to be rather fascinating. It made one feel minuscule in comparison, but he'd essentially come to terms with it after going through the Magna Pause. Regardless of the scope of the multiverse, there were plenty of things Gunvolt needed to focus on in his own world.

The jotun's last couple questions came in, since she still had a fight to get to. Her main point was the champions' reasoning on Nótt's return to the tournament, as there was a wide pool of eliminated fighters for the three of them to choose from. Gunvolt rolled his eyes at Reala's own response, not particularly enjoying the nightmaren's disdain-filled comments, before Dagr's gaze shifted to the Azure Striker.

"Don't tell me her stunning good looks won you over?"

"Uh, no..." Gunvolt replied, a bit taken aback. While he couldn't deny the woman's good looks, he wasn't exactly interested. He was already together with Quinn, after all. "Truth be told, the simple but effective way she fought alongside her companion caught my eye. It must've taken a lot of training and hard work to get to that level, not to mention the complete trust they showed in each other. Kinda reminds me of my own past battles..."

The teen's voice trailed off, memories of past battles for Joule's sake coming to mind. While she had no means of fighting like Nótt or Moon-Wing did, her undying support for the Azure Striker always pushed him to keep going. No matter how dire things got or how close he was to dying... she always sang for him. That support was more than he could ever ask for. Come to think of it, he seemed to vaguely remember Nótt protecting a similar girl in those faded memories...

Either way, those times were behind him now. No use in dwelling on the past – he needed to focus on his present efforts, fighting for a future where Adepts and humans could coexist peacefully.
Audrey Redheart
"Hey, get back here you-" Perhaps unsurprisingly, Audrey's silence was broken in frustration when Master Hand simply disappeared.

"Uuuuurgh. Why are godly beings so lazy?" Audrey complained. Clearly, she wasn't much convinced either, though shook her head at Kirin's own frustration. "We both know he isn't even gonna try and keep an eye on him."

Of course, then Kirin mentioned Audrey's next match, causing a frown to appear again, though quickly replaced with a smile.
"Right. Yeah. That." A nervous smile, perhaps. "Well Kirin, don't worry about it. Don't like you much, honestly, but this whole things gives me the creeps, so the second you need some help just let me know, yeah?" Without waiting for so much as a response, Audrey walked away, blade hoisted over shoulder.

Passing by the crowds, she was almost tempted to go towards GV himself, even taking a few steps, before gritting her teeth and quickly darting away.
"No." Audrey muttered to herself, refusing to confront her own mistakes once more as she headed straight towards the shop. Avoiding it before was clearly backfiring, given how close her last fight was.

Of course, this meant she had plenty to spend. A whopping 6 tokens, and plenty of options. Ranging from the rather meager (A second parasite paracide, silently reminding Audrey of the one given by the twerp), to the very enticing (short range flight!). In the end, however, Redheart settled on one.

Talismans. Those things that made Kirin's blows sting so much more. "When all you need is one blow..." She murmured under her breath, wandering up to the table at the front. Seemed any others had already left. "Talismans." Dropping the coins on the table, she steeled some nerves. At least her opponent looked pretty normal again, right?

Masaru Takahara
As Eitri recounted what had happened, Masaru listened intently - Well, after a quick head bow of respect to the Sage's allies upon introduction. With a sigh, he nodded.

"Should've figured the guy bringing me across the multiverse or whatever, wasn't a good guy." Admittedly, the clue sounded like a bunch of jumbo to the martial artist, but he seemed to get the gist. "After all, not the first time it's happened. Got my hopes up when I was tested rather than berated, y'know?"

"But to be honest, I can see it. As you said, the people who died seem to be coming back, both from there, and...well, I didn't exactly go down gently here either." He put a hand to the back of his head, scratching a small itch that had been struck in the match with Taskmaster. "Definitely seems like the sorta power that would be rare." He added, before taking a moment to think.

"What if he's using tournaments and death games to try and learn about different worlds up close? Knowledge is pretty important, after all." Masaru wondered aloud, directed towards Eitri (and somewhat at Otr) while Zed seemed to be talking with Byleth.
A Humble Scholar

At Zed's question, Byleth simply stared at the young man through the green halo and didn't respond. While her expression remained blank, the muscles in her jaw tightened.
"It is a bit of a long story." Eitri said, gesturing to the mercenary. "But please, Ms. Byleth. If you will."

Byleth glanced to Eitri before speaking.
"The event was called 'Super Smash Brothers'. It was the fifth time Master Hand had hosted such a tournament, and it was massive. There were close to 90 different people competing. Over that, actually." Byleth said. "They called it 'Ultimate'. And while it was a tournament, technically, it was far, far more relaxed than even the rules here."

The mercenary sat down, and stared into the plaza.
"I was part of a group of special additions. Special fighters." Byleth said. "Many people weren't pleased that I was picked, for some reason. But the other fighters..." A smile flickered across her face. "They made me feel welcome. For a while, we were all simply having fun. But then..."

She looked back to Eitri, Zed, and Masaru once more, her face expressionless again.
"I'm still not quite sure what happened. A pair of strange beings attacked. One of light, and one of dark. They decimated us. Master Hand and Crazy Hand were powerless to stop them. Over a hundred of us, all powerful fighters and warriors in our own rights, and we were completely decimated. All but one. Kirby."

"It doesn't surprise me that he was able to escape the Dimension Game. It was thanks to Kirby that the fighters were able to break free of the control of those creatures. Banding together, we united as one and destroyed them." Byleth recounted. "And then, when all that was over. We... went back to having a tournament. After a little while longer, Master Hand declared that the tournament was over, we were all winners, and sent us home. Like I said, it felt less like a tournament, and more like... well, a party."

"Tell them about the ones you recognized from Dimension Games." Eitri said. Byleth stared back into the plaza, her jaw tightening once more. The green halo drifted lazily around her head, an occasional symbol able to be seen before it would dissipate back into green energy.

"Of the ones Eitri told me about in the Dimension Game, Kirby, Bowser, King Dedede, and Sonic were all fighters that were also in Super Smash Brothers. And while he wasn't a fighter, I recognized the giant plant as a creature called 'Petey Piranha', from the same world as Bowser." Byleth said. "In this tournament, Sonic was here. I also recognized Lucario and Inkling. But the Lucario here is not the same Lucario that was in Super Smash Brothers, and the Inkling is a different one as well. And then there is Pit. He was in Super Smash Brothers, and had been a part of previous tournaments. I do not recognize any of the champions, and no one I talked to while I was in Smash mentioned anyone like them."

Masaru spoke up, mentioning how Master Hand may be using the games to learn about different worlds. Ótr glanced to Masaru, but seemed uninterested in the conversation. The prince looked back to the plaza, watching the fighters boredly. Noticing something, his eyes widened and he looked around the plaza more.
"Where did she go?!" Ótr muttered.

"Now that is an idea. My first instinct when I was in the Dimension Games was that the event was some sort of experiment. Its entirely possible that could be why Master Hand is doing this, but why is he doing it this way? Why have an open invitation party tournament, then a more serious tournament, then a death game that erases memories?" Eitri asked. "And for what purpose is he gathering this information, if that is what he is doing?"

"Of course, I dont expect either of you to know the answers, yet." Eitri said. She looked to Zed and to Masaru.