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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6


Previously Manu456Alola
"What in the world...?"

As vision returned to the prince, he found himself locked in place within a go-kart adorned with golden flame decals and ATEMS' logo. Its exterior seemed to shine brightly, embedded with various jewelry, and the steering wheel resembled that of a sports car. Much as the prince tried to lift himself off with his Septima, he could not leave the kart at all. Just like before, Spamton had the ability to bend the rules to his will by placing restrictions on others. Not to mention, he'd been able to seemingly reverse all damage inflicted upon himself, though the salesman claimed to want to have some more fun. Perhaps that emotion could serve as opportunity.

As the mechanical giant spoke, Zed's eyes landed on the unconscious Layla and Moon-Wing, separated from the race. Even Luxia seemed to have been incapacitated, as her song had stopped playing, and the prince could no longer feel the influence of her Septima. As it stood, he and the rest of the Decoding Survivors were completely at Spamton's mercy.

"Much as it pains me to say it," the leader of ATEMS called out to his now-established teammates. "we have no means of fighting back right now. We must merely play by his rules."

The lights were almost done blinking, and Zed revved his engine.

"I do not intend to lose. For Layla's sake!"

As the first light blinked, marking the beginning of the race, Zed put the pedal to the metal. This vehicle was inconceivably inferior to the cars he was accustomed to as leader of his country, but he'd have to make do. As he began to pick up speed, the Golden Trillion aimed to slip past Chai on the outside!​
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Previously Gamingfan2
And just like that, the static teen was down!
Magolor flashed his own thumbs up at Masaru.
"Back atcha, big guy!" he cheered, before turning towards the origin of this mess. "Now for you-uh...what?"
Something blinded the egg, and a moment later, he found himself sitting into a little kart , on what looked to be a racetrack. Magolor's kart looked to be a small recreation of the Lor Starcutter, only with six wheels instead of oars, and his winking face in place of the star on the mast. Magolor attempted to lift himself out of the vehicle, but to no avail. It was like his levitation level was reset!
"Come on.." he muttered under his breath, but there wasn't much else to do but listen to Spamton.
So he was in a team now? With Zed and Masaru, racing to save Layla. Magolor had no personal investment in either her or the bird kept prisoner, but the vague threat Spamton made against them both made Magolor shoot a disapproving look at the corrupt salesman.
"Takes one to know one, jerk."
In the brief seconds before the race began, Magolor looked down at his controls. Instead of the average pedals and steering wheel, the former being impossible for him to use anyway, there was a setup similar to the Lor, with buttons on a holographic keyboard. Magolor tentatively hovered his hand over one.
"Here goes nothing..." he said, pressing down in time with the first light.
The engine roared to life, and he was off! The Mini Lor, which he just named, zoomed forward, passing Tabby on the way.
"Hee Hee! Sorry!" Magolor laughed . "But I don't lose races, including this one!"
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Chai was over his stunning long enough to hear the odd pointy nose monologue before the terrain changed. Next thing he knew, he was stuck in a kart. They couldn't escape from their seat! They just couldn't get out of it, no matter how they fought it.

"Aw crud, so I'm stuck in a car. This sounds like an unnecessary mini game..."

...since when did he conform to these things? Since that guy was keen on them playing his game, he just wasn't going to play. Either way it would give Spamton the engagement he wanted. Crossing his arms, he just looked up at the robot salesman.

"I've seen crazy people try to force their way on others dude. I ain't about that life. If you think I'm gonna play a game for someone to die, think again bird boy."

A flash of light! Nótt suddenly found herself sitting a saddle of an unusual horse. It was a spectral, translucent being, a horse of white and blue. Its bridle and saddle was decorated with designs of the moon and stars, and its reins were a silver cord. Blue stars floated around the beast, but whether it was spirit or hologram, it was difficult to tell. What was more unusual was the second form around the horse and princess. It was a kart, a large Jeep-like vehicle with stars and moon decorations. It was transparent, but as Nótt reached out and touched it, she could feel it was sold. The others were in the same situation she was in. It was a race.

Nótt quickly looked towards the voice of Spamton as he mentioned Dagr. A quick scan around quickly brought relief. Dagr wasn't here. It was just Spamton, trying to get on her nerves by mentioning her sister.

"Pay close attention, my primitively-maligned malady, and you might bear witness to what is affectionally referred to as... a 'pro-gamer move.'" Nótt blinked, looking back to the new voice. A bird-person, a child by the looks of it. And one who seemed nearly frozen to death. Nótt returned his smile with one of her own.
"Well dear, I'm afraid that will be impossible. I only pay attention to the people in front of me. I have no intention of letting you pass me." Nótt said to Berdly.

And then, the worst twist. The fates of Layla and Moon-Wing hung in balance. Nótt smiled slightly, her expression remaining the pinnacle of calm and elegance, despite the pain of her wounded side. On the inside, her mind raced. Her closest companion, or an innocent child. A terrible choice to make.

The race began.

"HYA!" Nótt urged her horse on! With a strange mix of a whinny and an engine revving, her horse-kart took off! Her kart nearly struck Chai's, as the young man failed to start the race. Nótt couldn't afford to focus on that. No. She had to focus on overtaking those in front of her. For a moment, she considered attacking with her lance. Not a good idea. Fighting against each other would only give this creature that trapped them an even bigger advantage.

Reaching a turn, Nótt urged her horse on once more, attempting to overtake Masaru's kart on the inside of the turn!

Dark Labyrinth

While Rex tried not to show it, Tenderness sensed as he emotionally softened. The duel monster gave the boy a caring smile, chirping softly. It floated closer to Raptor, attempting to gently land on the teen's shoulder. It continued giving off a calming, pleasant aura.

In the screaming room, Nephthys reached out further with her senses. Yes, there was a connection. A thin, invisible strand of energy stretched out of stone key carving, connecting it to Tenderness. There was definitely some connection between the carving and the Duel Monster. As for the source of the key, it was still hidden from her senses.
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Previously mallard
The Taskmaster was warned of the incoming whirlwind thanks to MODOK's shop item and dove for the wall. The winds picked up just as he snagged a vine that snaked up the wall in his hand. The other went to detach his cape, which was already being sucked into the gale. The wind tugged on the supersoldier's body as well, threatening to rip the vine he held right off the wall.

After a moment, his foe came to capitalize on the hampered mobility, but the only purchase Pit's weapon saw would be blasting through the metal wall where Taskmaster had been a second earlier. He kicked off the wall and let the bluster carry him as he conjured his bow. He hit the wall pretty hard, and fell to the ground while drawing his arrow. Flat against the ground he notched and then fired an explosive arrow at the angel's feet!

Kassandra rode the beetle's upswing to boost herself into the air. Her feet left the ground as Kragg's began to step, and so the Wallrunner leaned into his movement to his head forward again. The blade of Arachne nicked the armor, and festered in the rock. The afflicted area was quickly quarantined and crumbled into dust, while a cluster of rocky spikes shot out from the Rival's back intending to skewer the woman while she was above him. However, she had kicked off of his back out of their range, and a spinning backhand had fell short as well.

Facing her down again, he paused. His opponent continued to wait on his approach. The spartan's tactic was a simple one, yet difficult to get past. She wanted Kragg to initiate melee so that she had the opportunity to respond accordingly. It would easily spell doom for a lesser warrior, but the beetle had been a Wallrunner long enough to know that it was always best to engage on one's own terms when fighting. So, instead of approaching again, he closed his eyes, spoke to the Earth.., and the Earth replied.

The ground all along the arena began to rumble as it moved towards Kragg. The rock beneath his feet swelled, and the stone walls on either side of them sloughed off to reveal their skeletons of Isu metal. The ground beneath Kassandra wouldn't rise for her, but instead wash over her legs like a lapping tide, layer by layer in a casual attempt to restrict her movement. With how defensively she had been playing, she was clearly wary of the Earth's Bastion to some degree, so the he was curious as to what her response would be to him consolidating his power- if any at all.

Tabby the Go-Karting Tablet?!?!
Galacta Knight perished, and although it was not by his hand, he wasn't mad at this. After getting one kill, he had resigned himself to help the others clean up the rest. Tabby gave the tall woman a giddy thumbs up... and then watched as a familiar scythe carved into her side. The robot's eyes practically bulged out of his screen at the sudden wound. His shock shifted to anger. He had unfinished business with that stupid jester, first hitting him and then one of his new friends? He was gonna...

freeze in space.

Spamton went on his spiel, which the tablet listened to about half of before he was transported to a new city, and he all but tuned out the puppet after that as he instead chose to inspect the surrounding area he was in... and his new sweet ride. It was coated in thick steel plating, but was still small enough to be considered nimble. The back was home to a large booster engine, and its front bore a slightly larger tablet screen that matched its driver's! The vehicle was styled after the Mecha-TBY, which Tabby had ridden to New Earth... and crashed in the middle of Brawl.

Spamton held hostages, but Tabby, perhaps naively, didn't fret much. His plan was to win the race, save the hostages, and then kick the puppet's ass. From his coat he produced a cowboy hat that was placed atop his head. He took out his second pair of sunglasses and put those on as well as he grimaced like an action hero. The countdown came and went, and the race was on. The robot put the pedal to the metal... but it was the brake pedal, because he did not know how to drive. By the time he found the right pedal, Magolor was passing him.

" >:0 "

The roboninja quickly flung a kunai at the back of his friend's vehicle, which was likely to embed in the wood if the mage didn't block it. The cable would stretch for a moment before it rubberbanded the two, which slowed the egg but allowed the bot to accelerate especially fast! He also engaged his Dash Chip, which allowed both him and his vehicle to lurch forward for some additional distance. With all of this combined, he was trying to quickly take back the lead.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


As it stood, most seemed willingly to play the game. Zed, Magolor, Nótt, and Tabby (and possibly Masaru) were very quick to take off (the tablet with a momentary hiccup). Knuckles had seemingly disappeared, leaving only Chai, who put his foot down- except the problem was, he wasn't putting it down on any pedals.

In a flash, Spamton NEO appeared over him, dangling in the air.

He paused, appearing to be thinking for a moment, before he snapped his fingers. "LOOKS LIKE JEVIL'S [Clowning Around] [Sooner Than Later!] YOU'LL GET FLATTENED IF YOU DON'T [Move It! Move It!]"

It was entirely unclear if Spamton was willingly not forcing Chai to drive... or if, despite his display of power so far, he apparently couldn't. The telltale rumbles of something sounding very chaotic could be heard from behind Chai.

Meanwhile, the other four (maybe five) were quick to tap into their competitive side- aided by a motivation in some cases. The initial stretch of road they soared down was quickly leading to several twists and turns around alleyways within Cyber City, with spinning teacup rides to be used either as obstacles, or tools to boost karts into the air. After the zigzagging alleys, they would be funneled toward a giant Spamton head, its mouth open wide, leading into a downward spiral before it opened up below the city into a seemingly abandoned mine, complete with tracks and rogue mine carts, vines hanging from the ceiling to ensnare and confuse the racers.

Berdly seemed to focus in on Nótt as he zipped right behind her in her antics, before he stood up in his kart- something the others had already realized they couldn't do. Brandishing a greenish-blue axe, he let out a loud laugh (but it went unheard, drowned out by the wind in everyone's ears, similar to his following dialogue).

"Get ready to pay attention, my voluptuous vagabond," (he had no idea what that meant) "For this is what I warned you of!"

Reeling back his axe, he hurled it forward, and it seemed to split into about a dozen or so, flipping through the air wildly as they dipped down and appeared to hone in roughly on Nótt's kart as Berdly picked up speed.


...Well, at the very least it was confirmed.

Again, it was not a difficult choice to make, given the monsters couldn't be killed conventionally, they just returned to their cards, projections of them.

It would be like ripping off a band-aid.

Without warning, a telekinetic grip would suddenly reach for Tenderness as Nephthys emerged from the room, one hand raised, before she brought up the other, and attempted to rip the monster in half and explode it into particles. She wanted to be quick with it in an attempt to 1) prevent Bakura from possibly pulling some trick and 2) prevent a possible response from Tenderness, as the gardevoir had no idea if attacking it would provoke some kind of change or the likes. Better to end it as quickly as possible.


Earth churned like water as it washed through the local arena on Lesbos. The misthios cast a downward glance to see it was sifting between and around her legs in an earthen tide. This creature was as close to Gaia as they came, she concluded, taking a few steps back, the dirt failing to slow her down by much thanks to the red stone.

The dirt gradually gave way as more and more of it was pulled away, leaving only the bare Isu metal beneath. Metal that Kragg didn't seem capable of manipulating at all, as Kassandra had originally theorized.

She had five charges built up now thanks to her recent attempts, no progress made towards a sixth. Getting rid of the trident and the stinger, Kassandra once more opted for the Bow of Artemis, simultaneously sliding the Helmet of Ares over her head. While the red stone prevented an increase in physical strength, the helmet provided more than that, encouraging growth in her speed and endurance as well. Knowing the stone also strengthened her weapons, Kassandra aimed upward and fired a single arrow, consuming two charges of adrenaline for it.

Supernaturally, a hail of arrows began to rain down upon Kragg, each one punching like one of his own fists. Dozens of them sailed toward him, and thanks to the power of the Bow of Artemis, they all curved in the air to close in specifically on the bug. The arrows were a consistent force, enduring for several long seconds. Any arrows that touched Kragg himself, hitting non-lethally, would induce a momentary stunning effect for 3 seconds. This was the Might of Artemis power.
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Broken Tenderness

With Rex feeling better, Tenderness turned its attention back to her friend Marshtomp. But before the duel monster could do anything, it suddenly found itself in a telekinetic grip! It let out a startled chirp, struggling in mid-air but unable to move! Nephthys emerged from the room, and the duel monster let out a pained shriek as it was torn in half by the Pokemon's psychic power. One half of the duel monster disintegrated into pixels immediately, while the other half fell to the ground with a dull thump. It's wings flapped weakly on the ground, and it looked up to Marshtomp. Its eyes were brimming with fear, pain, and betrayal.

"Br... Bri..." Tenderness gasped out, tears falling from its eye. "...Why...?"

Then, it disintegrated into pixels and vanished.

Instantly, any pain, exhaustion, and negative feelings Tenderness had been nullifying flooded back to those it was assisting.

In the screaming door room, there was the sound of chimes. A key emerged from the stone carving, floating to the center of the room and bobbing in the air.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor

"Annnnd there's the surprise!" Rex cringed, his pain washing back over his body. "Totally didn't call this one at all, not at all. Knew it was too cute looking to be any good."

He snarled, banging his head a couple times to focus on a new pain, snapping himself out of it. Stomping to his feet, he marched over towards the center of the room, grumbling. He still treated tenderness as a duel monster rather than a living creature, after all, since all of this was just an elaborate game. One he didn't intend on playing much longer.

After he'd snatch the key he'd all but shove it into the remaining slot, at least where he thought it was. If it turned out to be a fake, he was going to freak.


"Oh yeah? I'd like to see it, scam bot."

Chai called the bluff, but readying his hand just in case he was dead wrong. Since his kart was metal, he was betting his magnetic properties would be able to resonate with the kart? Sending him out of the way to another surface if he were to magnetize it.

"Yeah, that's what I thought! Isn't so fun when your game isn't getting played, is it?"

Thinking he found a loophole, he stuck his tongue out of his mouth, thinking, or rather hoping he was untouchable.


Previously Manu456Alola

His mighty Upperdash Arm smashed through the wall with little trouble, though it had failed to take Taskmaster down with it. Pit skid along the ground on the other side, the overgrown roots and vines helping him come to a stop a little quicker. He whirled around, reaching for the Skull Mask again.

"Man, you're still super slippery," He commented, grasping the mask firmly as flames began to swirl about him. "but I bet you're running out of tricks–"


An explosion suddenly went off at his feet, setting the angel ablaze, Pit letting out a shout. He kept his footing thanks to the mask's effects, but it was clear it did basically nothing for his defense. The blast faded, and Pit winced, dropping to a knee, his clothing and hair aflame. That surge of power from before surged within him, but the pain was ringing out just as loud. He couldn't keep this up any longer.

"Hang in there, Pit!"
"Ngh... One... more... try...!"

The Upperdash Arm was swapped out, and in its place appeared the EZ Cannon once more. Taking aim with what strength he could muster, Pit fired one last charge shot – aimed to ricochet off a slant in the nearby wall, soaring just shy of the ceiling, before dropping down behind Taskmaster, where it would unleash its explosive charge viciously.

"Go get 'em, Pit! Give it everything you've got!"

Wings shining blue as the Power of Flight was cast upon him, Pit took off towards Taskmaster's position after the explosion. His EZ Cannon didn't have melee power as crazy high as an Arm, but it could still do sizable damage. With the extra power of the Skull Mask and his speed, he was going to punch through any obstacle in his way to finish off Taskmaster!​

Chai had no qualms with giving up his position, allowing Zed to claim third place. Magolor had slipped into first, Tabby using some of his own tricks to slingshot himself forward and take back the lead. The prince would rather prevent that from happening.

As they progressed further into the twisting and turning racetrack, Zed extended one of his arms. Golden birds quickly began to shoot out, curving towards the cable connecting the kunai to either kart to burn it apart and hopefully limit its use. The Adept had little time to evaluate its effectiveness, as the winding road had brought the racers into a section blocked by spinning teacup rides. He swerved out of the way of each one, his speed dropping a little at the maneuvers, before the track entered a downward spiral, and they entered a mine of some sort. The incoming mine carts would prove to be a hassle, but Zed's gaze instead landed on the vines hanging from the ceiling.

"This shall not stop me!"

Golden light gathered behind his kart, and in a flash of light, a burning phoenix wing akin to the prince's own appeared. It flapped once, taking the kart to the air – and at the zenith of its jump, flames burst from Zed's vehicle, performing a short boost in speed not too dissimilar from his Rostrum Charge. The vines in his way burnt to ash, his vehicle gliding down to the ground thanks to the wing. His goal? To soar over both Tabby and Magolor just before he landed back down, bypassing the rogue mine carts to claim the lead for himself!​


Previously Gamingfan2
Magolor and Mini Lor
The mage giggled with glee as he took the lead. This was awesome, and it gave him a great idea of another attraction to his park! But a sudden thunk snapped him from pondering it any further. The mage glanced behind himself to see a kunai embedded into his kart, and quickly pieced together Tabby's move.
"Clever machine." thought Magolor as he pressed a button. As he got pulled back, the right wing of the Mini Lor detached from the body and boomeranged around it, snapping the cable between the two before reattaching to the kart. But Tabby still got a solid boost, and his dash chip allowed him to get a lead on Magolor...but only just.
The egg was intent on regaining it, swerving between the teapots, and even destroying a few through the Mini Lor' star shooter. As the racers zoomed, the scenery changed to a mineshaft, complete with minecarts and vines. Magolor hovered his hand over the same button, but with the minecarts in the way...
It was then Zed soared in from above, burning brightly like a sun. The mage's eyes sparkled just as bright when Magolor got an idea to ensure his victory.
"No hard feelings about this, okay?" he said, both to the Tabby and Zed as he pressed a certain input.
The mast on the Mini Lor suddenly billowed forward, then blasted out a potent whirlwind right behind Zed! Though disorienting, the attack was meant to blow the Golden Trillion even further forward and fan his flames, burning more vines to a crisp!
With those out of the way, Magolor drifted in and out between the minecarts, looking for any chance for a speed boost. Even if it was a team win, being first meant serious bragging rights. And marketing potential!

Chai was entirely wrong. Spamton wasn't bluffing at all!

Jevil didn't know what had happened- one moment, he had been chaotically bouncing around the lobby, headed straight for Layla, but the next moment he was above some strange racetrack in a very clearly non-scythe shape. Whatever, he would make the most of it.

The poorly-worded and incredibly chaotic threat was backed up by Jevil seemingly plunging his arm into the fabric of reality (We do not have time to explain what this means), and pulling out a guitar similar in fashion to Chai's own! Jevil tried to play it, managed to strike a single harsh chord, before giving up and simply spinning around with it outstretched, before throwing the damn thing directly at Chai's head!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


The guitarist groaned, recognizing the voice as the whackjob that attacked him earlier. Turning around, he was met with Jevil, brandishing a guitar bit too dissimilar to his own before he flung right at him!

...Said guitar seemed to come apart mid air however as Chai raised his, the scrap from that guitar assembling itself right over Chai's weapon, bolstering it's size and strength.

"Thanks for the upgrade, clowny." He smirked. "But I had enough of you and this joke of a game maker. Vivo la revolution! ...I think that's how it's said? Ha!!"

Prongs extended out from the from the front of the scrap metal instrument as Chai readied to blast Jevil out of the sky with it.

"Harmonic Beam!"

With a blast of vibrant energy, the beam fired off with a strum on the 'strings' of the guitar. The Sonic charged beam would zap Jevil before maneuvering to hit Spamton as well

Jevil blinked.

"That wasn't how that was supposed to go!" He quickly shouted before flying upward in order to avoid the beam. Evidently, a guitar was not the way to go. So, Jevil had a new idea, based on a routine he had been planning to show the King before learning the truth. With some effort, Jevil summoned a large magic drum and strapped it to his chest, before summoning an oversized drumstick in each hand.

"Let's have some fun, fun, maybe form a band of chaos, chaos!" Jevil asked Chai, before not waiting for an answer and immediately beginning to hit the drum at full force! The drum sent out large magical shockwaves that, if not properly countered or escaped, would knock Chai's kart over!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Shockwaves inbound, little time to think. But this did present an interesting opportunity. If he couldn't get out of his kart...maybe Jevil could get him out! Sticking his guitar on the ground and flipping his Kart slightly, the shockwave impacted the kart head on, causing noticeable damage to the hull. The kart flipped into the air, Chai magnetizing one side of it so that it would remain facing Jevil, taking the next impact!

The second direct impact cause cracks to spider across the kart, Chai repeating the process one more time before-


Jevil broke Chai out of his kart prison, Chai sailing through the air, the pieces of the kart when shattered, magnetizing to the guitar. This formed a huge club that Chai was visibly stressing maintaining, the club visibly vibrating with energy, electrify and concussion pumping in and out of it.

"It's light outs..."

He swung the guitar club towards Jevil, the guitar's recently added components coming off mid swipe to to expand and slash with the same electrified momentum. However, with the same swipe, he flipped around-

"For this show!"

Like a swirling river current, he changed the direction of the attacks post-Jevil to fly towards Spamton! Yellow ectiricty and intense vibrations carried the stream of flying shrapnel, aiming to pelt the game master with an onslaught of deadly debris!

"Well that's convenient!"

Jevil quickly dodged out of the way of the storm of shrapnel, before watching as they went towards Spamton. With Chai standing on his own, he was likely more vulnerable to attacks from him. "But ya really should have started driving, driving!" Jevil exclaimed, before launching into ANOTHER wave of drum-beats!

After several dozen hits, the the (wooden) drum suddenly launched itself away from Jevil, charging directly at Chai!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Chai's first counter hit Spamton, smacking into the puppet... to practically almost no effect. Even the second hit that landed, a storm of shrapnel, only battered against a formidable form. The NEO core was still active, heightening Spamton's defense to ridiculous heights. He simply hovered where he was, taking the hits, his head turning and twisting unpredictably, before his massive wings spread wide. "CHAI BUDDY, YOU'RE [All Alone On A Late Night]. NONE OF YOUR [Friendship Bracelet] TO SAVE YOU FROM THE [[LET ME OUT! LET ME OUUUUUUT!]]"

Spamton's twitching head looked at the ruined kart, before he let out a sigh.
"YOU KNOW, I NEVER [Erm Acktually] PLANNED TO HURT ANY OF [You! You!] BUT YOU'RE JUST IN [The Goddamn Way!] HOW CAN I [[Save Point]] MY < FROM THE [Data Expunged]?"

His head swiveled about for a moment, taking in the surrounding cyber city as the other racers continued to play the game.
"THIS WAS MY [Oyster]! CAN'T YOU SEE THE [Absolute Zero] CLAIMING IT!?!? IT'S LIKE IT'S SEEPING THROUGH THE [Crack] OF [All Out Of Vacation Days?]"

Indeed, just like as seen with Berdly, there seemed to be an encroaching ice filming its way over practically anything. Large chunks were starting to crystalize and take shape, forming sculptures of what seemed to be creatures, though strangely enough, once fully formed there seemed to actually be the creature inside of the ice, frozen within.

Raising his arm cannon, Spamton aimed it toward Chai.

Another Chai-themed kart appeared just beside him.

"THAT MEANS [Found On Road Dead]"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As Chai dropped from above, he noticing the scrap metal practically bouncing off Spamton, not seeming to do any real damage.

What? That didn't do anything?! Like, what the heck man! Well, if I can't hurt him, I can sure as hell distract him from running this game and messing with anyone else!

"For someone really big into freedom, you sure like taking it from others." Chai responded, firmly on the ground now. "But you have to be crazier than you look if you think I'm going to sit around and obey a quack like you!"

That drum beat again...a steady beat. One he could tie the rhythm to, his specialty. Recognizing the pattern in the tune. That could work!

Closing tapping his feet in beat with the drums, he readied his guitar. As the waves hit, he parried them, one after the other, redirecting them towards Spamton. When parried, the waves got erratic, resonating more wildly and obstructing vision as they stacked up to wash over his position.

After perfectly partying them all, Chai stood to laugh at Spamton before a drum suddenly whacked against him, his cool moment being deflated in two seconds as he was thrown to the ground with an 'Oof'

"What an amazing song, song! I hope you'll play with me again, again." Jevil explained, as he watched Chai parry all of his musical attacks. However, evidently musical attacks would not work on Chai, so Jevil summoned what appeared to be comically oversized maracas in each hand!

"Squish, squish!" Jevil cried, apparently making an onomatopoeia of the sound that would be made by his next attack, as he flew directly at Chai, crashing the maracas together on Chai's position and attempting to crush him!

The Princess pushed her horse faster and faster, fighting fiercly against Masaru and trying to pass him. She could see the others, just ahead, duking it out in their own karts. They quickly left the strange city behind, entering into an area that was more reminiscent of a mine. Mine karts flew by on rails, coming close to barreling into them. A plan was forming in the Princess' mind. She just needed to-

While she couldn't hear or see Berdly, Nótt's finely tuned warrior senses still told her she was under attack. She quickly turned her kart, dodging out of the way of a pair of throw axes. She glanced over her shoulder at a flurry of other axes flying towards her. Had she been on a normal horse, Nótt would have spun herself on the saddle so she was sitting upon her steed backwards, to face the threat head-on. Unfortunately, she was unable to do that. Her steed knowing where it was going, Nótt awkwardly twisted herself and used her lance to block and knock away other incoming lances. Still, the reduced pressure on her horse allowed Berdly to close the distance.

"Impudent brat!" Nótt spat back at Berdly. She struck a nearby minecart with her lance, knocking it off the rails and sending it flying back at Berdly!


Previously mallard
vs. Taskmaster
The assassin watched his foe swap to a weapon he recognized. As Pit fired, Taskmaster guessed the trajectory. From the prone position, he pushed himself up, then pulled himself forward, and dipped his head to turn his movement into a roll. In the middle of the entrance to this roll, he kicked out his legs and pushed against the ground to perform a handspring forward.

The supersoldier was able to escape the fireball, but the shockwave of the explosion threw him off by throwing his upper body forward... right into the angel's bazooka. Taskmaster dropped his bow, which he'd been holding onto until that moment, and was knocked flat on his back. It was a clean hit, but the professional mercenary was able to scramble back to his feet. His mask bore new cracks, and was missing a lateral incisor on the upper jaw, from which a little bit of blood leaked.

"That was a nice one."

The assassin's voice was low and breathy, nearly a growl, denoting a growing malice despite the compliment. He drew his sword and brought out his shield. Taskmaster flourished the former as he slowly walked towards his foe.

The bowstring sounded off, and the arrow(s) whistled through the air. Kragg's eyes shot open. He threw his fists upwards, and from around him came spikes and pillars that shot upwards to meet the waves of arrows with equal force. The clash shattered a huge amount of stone, kicking up a dust cloud that completely obscured the beetle. Seconds after the assault was finished, all was quiet.

To break that serenity, a stomp could be heard, followed by four spikes to shoot out of the ground at Kassandra from all sides! Then, a smashing sound and spray of gravel shot out from the cloud. That was followed by Kragg himself, barreling towards her from within his Defense Ball!

Mud Creature
Once again, the mud fish spaced out. When he came to, he witnessed his feathered friend be torn asunder by a mysterious force. Marshtomp reached out in vain as the two halves of his friend dropped to the ground. His emotions were much the same as his friend- a mix of pained confusion and betrayal. As Tenderness disintegrated, the Pokémon looked to Nephthys.

He took a step away from the psychic type. He was shocked, and a little bit afraid now. But, as the bad feelings swirled within, a key coming from the room they met the fairy in caught his eye. It wasn't a hard connection to make. A wave of sadness overtook the Pokémon's other feelings. The lower lip of his frown quivered and he turned away from Neph to look at the stone floor.

Tablet Racing
Tabby swerved and curved through the teapots rather clumsily, though his liberal use of the dash chip was able to protect his lead. The racers soon made it to the mines, and Tabby was having a difficult time here as well. He could hear Magolor encroaching on him, but he also heard a human shout.

"This shall not stop me!"

Tabby glanced over his shoulder to watch as Zed launched into the air and rocketed forth, attempting to score the lead! The competitive bot couldn't let himself get beaten that easily. His eyes shot back towards the track, and he was quick to spot one of the many low-hanging vines in front of the track. Tabby zipped past and grabbed it, and the vine snapped taut. It swung him and the kart upwards with practiced agility, allowing the tablet to get right in front of Zed's trailblazing!

The impact was hard, and burning flames washed over the back of the kart. The inactive rocket booster in the back was critically damaged, but it was a necessary sacrifice. The collision gave Tabby a notable boost while likely slowing the Golden Trillion. As he fell, the tablet conjured his katana to flail lazily but effectively in front of the vehicle to tear a clear path through the vines.

While one hand was busy with that, he turned around and smugly tipped his hat towards the adept. Then, he hit the ground, and the race was back on. After the rough landing the robot struggled for only a moment to regain control of his vehicle before putting the pedal to the metal once again to use the boost to its fullest.
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Dark Labyrinth

Rex Raptor shoved the key into the door. A mote of flame ignited in the left eye of the skull. The sound of rattling metal and grinding stone rumbled through the chamber. Suddenly, a metal shackle emerged from the door and bound itself to Raptor's wrist! The door slowly began to sink into the ground, revealing a pitch-black chamber beyond. Meanwhile, Raptor was slowly being dragged down to the floor. If he was unable to free himself, his hand would severed at the wrist!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The mine cart slammed against Berdly and his own mode of transportation. He wobbled, and the kart swerved, but he was quick to put a wing on it and realign the thing, smirking. "Your frustration clearly exhibits your primitive nature, and... uh..."

Ice crept along from the bits of crystal around his body, and only now did he seem to realize how cold he was. "W-what is this...? Why... Noelle...??"

As he became encased in sudden ice, what was taking place elsewhere was happening simultaneously.


At Chai's words, Spamton lowered his arm cannon. Drums bounced off his chassis, though he barely seemed to notice them as Jevil kept up his own assault against Chai. Turning his head around, his shaded eyes looked at his back, seeing no strings there. Not this time. He was free...

But it didn't feel like it.

It felt almost as though...


A string vibration reverberated through the air, a glowing green thread suddenly appearing on one of his wings as it seemed to tighten, stretching upward to the sky, disappearing into nothingness.

I think he's coming for me, answer the phone...

Just as the first string was registered, a cacophony of noise echoed out as dozens more of the lime threads materialized, stretching taught. Spamton could feel them tug him up slightly.

I can't explain until we're all alone...

With the appearance of the strings, Cyber City all around everyone began to quite literally deconstruct, like they were threads coming apart from a quilt. Row by row, the city began to unstitch itself. For the others, their karts would similarly unravel, leaving them to tumble out. The shield containing Layla and Moon-Wing was no different. Every single aspect of reality was unraveling, save for those that remained present.

It pulls the strings and makes them ring...

The space suddenly felt a lot smaller, despite the fact that everyone had essentially been transported into what could only be described as a void. No lights, no buildings, nothing. Spamton NEO hovered in the center of it all, staring up at the strings that held him in place.

Until your heart starts breaking up...

The event was over as suddenly as it had begun. Static filmed over Spamton's eyes as realization settled in. He'd never broken free. He was still just another puppet on strings. Was escape ever really an option? The imposing void around everyone was suffocating. Was it possible to return to the plaza? How far out of Master Hand's grip had they fallen?


The static over Spamton's eyes changed. This time, only a pure bright white light shone through, like beams as they washed over Chai. Spamton's erratic movements had stopped, as his body was still, save for the gentle swaying of his marionette legs. "Help-"

One string quickly dropped down and wrapped around his throat, before it tightened back up, silencing the salesman as it tugged him another foot higher.


Marshtomp's response was expected. He felt betrayed and uncertain at this, and while waves of realization came off of him, it did not quell it all.

Raptor's response was expected. He didn't care in the slightest- for her knew even better than Neph about the disposable nature of the duel monsters.

Sans's response was... also expected. He stood there and did nothing.

As Rex retrieved the key, the gardevoir projected a sense of ease upon the others, specifically Marshtomp. She was, after all, as much an empath as she was psychic. While she could do nothing for the feelings washing over her in waves, she could aid the others to some extent without exhausting herself too much, the horn on her chest shimmering with a vague light as its power was activated.

<Unfortunate, but it is not dead,> she told the mud fish. <These "duel monsters" are not like you and I. Upon defeat, they return to a card they'd been summoned from, using one of these devices.>

She displayed the duel disk she'd been neglected on her forearm to Marshtomp as Rex stomped back over with the key, grumbling as he went. He was prone to getting himself into trouble with his reckless, brash approach-and as Nephthys feared, this too was the case.

In a quick attempt to free Rex, she summoned a quick portal at the base of the shackle's chain, intending to sever it in one fell swoop as she transported a small layer of it to some distant, undetermined place in the fabric of spacetime.


The telltale stomp that Kassandra had already heard a fair few times signified only one thing- an emergence of earth. With the early warning of the stomping sound, Kassandra kicked off the ground, launching herself at a back-tilted diagonal angle, one of the spikes grazing her left calf. It could have been worse, had there been no warning, and she not acted upon it quick enough.

Following that was another sound, an unfamiliar one that produced Kragg launching himself like an arrow himself. A large, ball-shaped, tanky one. Seeing opportunity, Kassandra sacrificed another charge, letting a Ghost Arrow of Artemis fly toward Kragg to impede him, or even do more, given its supercharged power and ignorance to defenses and barriers.

..What just happened!?

Jevil had been about to crush Chai with a pair of gigantic maracas, but before he could deliver the squishing blow, everything began to completely unravel! The salesman was suddenly grabbed at by dozens of green strings, which completely held them in place. The salesmen seemed scared, as his eyes glassed over with static.

For a brief moment, his eyes unclouded and Spamton tried to speak. "Help-"
But before he could finish, another string dropped down and wrapped itself around Spamton's throat, silencing him as the strings pulled him higher.

Jevil was horrified by this sight. He had been completely free, fighting for what he believed in and accepting a kind of True Chaos- before those dastardly strings wrapped him up! "No, no, no, NO!" Jevil cried, flying up to Spamton's head. "You cannot fall now, now! We were only just starting, starting! There is yet chaos to be had- if we act fast, fast!"

At this, Jevil summoned a Devilsknife and began attempting to hack at the strings, in order to free the oversized robot. He seemed desperate, and for the first time in a while... he wasn't smiling.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Jevil's response was immediate. Freedoms had been stripped, and he was furious, the chaos and excitement had been so rudely and violently stripped away, as though it was nothing to this impossible force. As Jevil began to slash, a couple strings snapped away, before they tugged the left wing, slamming it into Jevil and sending him away. Despite the counter-attack, it dealt so little damage that Jevil could immediately tell it wasn't intended to harm him.

A new voice came out of Spamton, though his mouth didn't move. Like the mechanical voice coming from a radio, a strange voice began to speak. Every few words that came, and the voice would change into something different. Perhaps another gender-oriented voice, a different tone, a different volume, and one of them was even the hiss of a whisper.



The chasm of a void echoed endlessly around them.






Previously mallard
The Earth's Bastion barreled out of the dust cloud, and Kassandra spent a charge to try and pierce his defensive offence. Though dull, the warrior was wise to his opponent's abilities. Kragg was only visible for a couple seconds before a small rocky lip erupted in front of him. The makeshift ramp launched him at a slight upwards angle, just enough to dodge the ghost arrow and cause the spartan to have wasted another charge. He uncurled midair, and closed the distance with a high-speed dropkick!

Tablet with a 'Tude
The roboninja's kart unraveled from beneath him, and he skid to a stop as the world dematerialized into blackness. He turned around to find that everyone was all gathered in the same space. Spamton was there too, being strung up by some weird green strings. Jevil was quick to fret and whine over the puppet's condition, causing Tabby to roll his eyes.

With a flick of his wrist, he flung an electric shuriken at the jester, and then procured a second one to charge up just in case his target tried to dodge. As he patiently waited to charge up the throwing star, the ninja tilted his head at the large businessman to hear his message. Unfortunately, the words fell on deaf ears, as Tabby was confident in his own freedom, having liberated Earth of an oppressive robotic regime. Perhaps he was naïve, but the little robot was unwavered by such a philosophy.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Drum to the head aside, the dazed scarf bearer came to, looking up as Jevil was to crush him, but something else stopped him. The world faded away as a string hoisted Spamton above, dragging him away as the racing stopped.

"Huh, must have hit him harder than I thought." Chai misinterpreted, puffing out his chest. "I better get him while he's weak...despite his creepy voodoo thing he has goin' on."

An opportunity arose as Jevil swept up towards Spamton, Chai opening his metal hand's palm, charging the back half of the jester with opposite magnetic charge as his arm, sending him flying toward him. As the clown dipped in, Chai cut the magnetic tether, sending him upwards, flying past Jevil and landing with a couple clanks on Spamton's shoulder.

"Woah, okay..."

He got his bearings, looking up at the green string that stretched out past where he could see. Well that's normal. Snapping too, he manipulated the extra scrap he got from the second guitar to extend his own's aft section into more of a hooked pickaxe shape. hooking it carefully onto a plate on the neck.

That's when he batted Jevil away, Chai suddenly getting worried about what this was about as something about this whole atmosphere shift was suspicious. But he started to go through with his plan anyway.

"Hey, creep! Give the spotlight back to us!"

This that's when he would deliver a high pitched punch, charged are ready, slamming right at Spamton's cheek! He'd slam his fist and send resonating vibrations through his head. Even if he had supreme armor or whatever, the resonation would bypass a great deal of it and effect whatever was inside this thing's head.

Jevil found himself attacked by Spamton's wings, right as a shuriken flew into where he had been. He turned to where the shuriken came from, and saw... Tabby. That imbecile robot! He doesn't understand the gravity of the situation! If this keeps up-

Suddenly, the larger robot began speaking. Spamton coughed out a strange message, in several distinct voices, seemingly... denouncing the concept of freedom as a delusion and a lie? Unacceptable!
"What are you saying, saying!?" Jevil cried out. "Freedom is an immutable, inalienable right that we all have, have, from the day we are born, born! If I'm a puppet in a play, play, then I decide my lines, lines, and I decide my fate, fate!"

Jevil summoned a Devilsknife in his other hand, ready to free Spamton from these horrible strings- and, if need be, climb up and slash at the hands of the puppeteer!
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Previously Manu456Alola
“…whew, you’re still kickin’? Think you beat out Magnus for the title of “Strongest Human I Know”, heheh…”

Opposite Taskmaster stood Pit, though he was clearly a lot more worn down than the soldier, the angel’s legs trembling as he struggled to stand. The Aquarius Blade had flashed over his body, dousing the flames that littered his robes. His right arm hung limp beside him, rendered unusable. That meant no Babel Club or Tiger Claws. Despite the pain and clear disadvantage, he still flashed the man a smirk.

“How ‘bout we close this one out?”

A large orb of high-pressure water shot out from the Aquarius Blade, aimed to intercept Taskmaster!


Tabby had used the prince’s own boost (which had been aided by Magolor) to propel himself forward, extending the lead slightly. A clever move, though the tricks could not last for long. There was still a whole race left to go–


The world suddenly fell apart.

Zed’s kart unraveled beneath him, sending the Adept tumbling along the ground at high speeds – before his wing quickly flapped to slow his momentum and lift him into the air, only a few scrapes on his body. He glanced around at the rapidly disappearing Cyber City, catching a glimpse of the hostage Layla and Moon-Wing being freed...

And they subsequently began to fall from the skyscraper they'd been placed on.

Before he'd realized it, Zed had already started to move again, zipping through the air to catch up to the falling companions. He extended an arm, stretching his open palm out towards the two – and a scarlet barrier appeared around Layla and Moon-Wing, seemingly suspending them midair. The world began to be enveloped in darkness as Zed lowered to the ground, the others drifting right behind him. His gaze landed on Spamton as he struggled to act.

The sudden change in behavior and atmosphere bothered the prince. Just as quickly as the salesman had declared his great power, he seemed to have lost control of the situation entirely. Now a series of strings held onto his limp body, and words portending a worrying revelation echoed throughout the void. Memories of the Azure Striker struggling to keep control in the face of Moebius flashed in his mind.

Zed frowned as he held an arm out once more, golden flames beginning to swirl around the limb, though he held his fire, even as some of the others were quick to launch their own attacks. He could tell that something was off here. This wasn't exactly Spamton's doing –

Someone, or something, was quite literally pulling the strings.​
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Nótt & Moon-Wing

Before Berdly could prepare his counterattack, Nótt watched as the bird was encased in ice! The world suddenly vanished around them, making their karts disappear as well. Nótt flipped in mid-air, landing on her feet and trying to stab her lance into the ground to slow herself. As she slid across the ground, Nótt quickly caught Masaru as he flew through the air as well. But there was little time to speak. If everything was disappearing, then...
"Moon-Wing!" Nótt quickly cast Masaru aside, running towards where Moon-Wing and Layla were unconcious. The energy field keeping them up vanished, and they began to plummet! Nótt put on a burst of speed, but it was clear she wasn't going to make it!

Suddenly, another energy field caught the pair. Zed had caught them with his magic. Nótt slowed to a stop next to Zed. Breathing heavily, she put a hand to the wound on her side.
"Ah. Thank you." Nótt said, nodding to Zed and giving the man a smile. "Well done. Zed, correct? I am Princess Nótt."

Nótt tore off a part of her cloak, wrapping it around her torso to bind the wound. She winced slightly as she knotted it tightly, and turned her attention back to Spamton, wiping the blood from her hand. She noted Zed's hesitation.
"What is it?" Nótt asked, readying her lance.

Inside the barrier, Moon-Wing suddenly sat up! It quickly flapped its wings, hopping to it's feet and throwing it's wings around Layla protectively. What had happened? What was going on?!

Dungeon Crawlers

With a clatter of metal, Neph defly severed the chain dragging Raptor toward the floor. The massive skull door totally sunk into the floor, revealing fully the chamber beyond. It was pitch black, with no torches illuminating the way. The only thing that could be seen was a stone staircase leading upwards into the darkness.


Previously Manu456Alola
A familiar face approached the prince, introducing herself.

"Correct," Zed nodded back. "Pleased to make your acquaintance, princess, dire as the circumstances may be. For two of royal lineage to be here today is quite the unique coincidence. I must also thank you for guarding Layla." He commented, eyes briefly glancing towards Nótt before focusing back on Spamton. He continued to hold off on attacking, something his newest acquaintance had picked up on.

"What is it?"

"I believe not all is as it seems. Those strings are clearly not his own doing, though I cannot discern their purpose. Perhaps he is under the influence of some greater power, or even being held back by the host of the tournament, Master Hand. We won't know for certain until they are either broken or left alone. That uncertainty, his sudden shift in behavior, and the voices... they concern me. What do you make of it?"

Then, he heard stirring behind him. Zed's gaze landed on the scarlet barrier nearby, where Moon-Wing had already woken up, guarding the girl beside it. Behind the jotun eagle's cover, he could barely make out Layla beginning to awaken as well.


"Hang on a little longer, Layla. Rest your eyes."​
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor


Of course there was another trap. Couldn't there be fanfare and cake as a reward instead of a random chain lash? Suddenly in bonds and being pulled to the ground, Rex rugged and struggled, but he couldn't seem to break the iron that bound his wrist. It didn't seem good. But that's when Neph interrupted with their own powers, managing to sever it as the chain dragged against the floor...albeit his wrist still has the clenched bond attached.

"Why is it always me! Get off!" He shook the chain, still unable to get the initial bond off. "Great. GREAT. All I needed was a heavy piece of bling. Was that or one less arm, but those shouldn't be the only options!"

Now just getting fussy at this point, Rex grabbed the dangling bits of the severed chain links. Wrapping the links around his right hand like a makeshift iron glove, he realized that he may be able to use it as a kind of weapon. Suddenly less fussy, Rex set his sights ahead.

"Whatever, we are getting this over with right here and now!"

Stopping for a second, he looked to his more powerful ally, Neph, to stood next to him. With a sheepish smile, he gestured for her to go ahead first.

"And of course, I'll stand ready to support our brave allies."
Audrey Redheart
As Kirin's talismans launched, Audrey seemed to take on a strategy to instead tank through them this time, on a rather one track mindset now. But before Audrey's stab could be fully launched, Kirin went on the attack, striking Audrey with a sudden drop kick, blasting the Hero back thanks to the aforementioned talismans.


Kirin's falling blade fell right down, stabbed right into Audrey's foot!
"GAH!" She cried out in pain, falling to her other knee as her piercing glare directed at the blade, swiping with her own sword to try and cut it into pieces.
"You...you think you're the first to try and take this sword from me?!" She added in a yell at Kirin. "Well, I...I, this is mine! So LEAVE IT BE!"

Masaru Takahara
For Violence shall forever be your want!

As Takahara's deadly technique struck true, the martial artist was left somewhat stunned as he watched his 'friend' blast apart - If he could even call it that. The words of a scared, violent, madman rung in his head.

The sight seemed to snap him out of reality, his eyes going somewhat blank. Even his 'kart' seemed to reflect this, a somewhat simplistic design of red streaks and flames instead of the more complex ones of those around him. He heeded not words, Spamton's nor Nótt's, and kept ahead.

His mind raced. Reminders, of a long gone past. Of what he had seen before, horrors beyond the scope of his imagination. Memories of Hate, it's very domain and Gods.

And his fight with he who had already been slain, brought back to defend it's master, only reminded him further of these...things he had fought prior.
Masaru was finally brought out of his stupor as his kart unraveled, The Strongest stopping his tumble quickly and landing on his feet as he looked straight towards Spamton.

Strings. A puppet on them.
And Masaru's first sight was, even he could assume it was probably a hallucination, but he saw a dark cloaked figure pulling those strings. Draped in shining darkness, red eyes piercing life itself. Hate, Darkness, Odio.

"...Seems I've really gone mad." Masaru muttered to himself as he stood up proper, a light chuckle to his words, stomping a foot into the voided ground and heard strange voices yell out a dramatic speech from Spamton's body. "I guess it was bound to happen eventually." Turning straight towards the strings, watching attacks begin, he had to think.

"Focus, there's no time to think yourself crazy!" Masaru told himself once more, slapping his cheeks into his face as his eyes refocused on the situation. A quick little 'buff', of sorts, as he waited for an opening, shooting glances to allies and foe alike...


Previously Gamingfan2
The world was coming to an end.
Or at least that was what it looked like as Magolor surroundings unraveled apart. His kart soon followed suit, and the egg fell out, bouncing across the invisible floor before rolling to a halt.
Magolor rubbed his head as he rose back up, no longer burdened by whatever limit Spamton placed on his levitation. In fact, Spamton's influence was waning far more than that. Something had broken him, and now he was hanging above them, motionless and defeated.



Magolor raised an eyebrow at that. Even as his allies leapt at the chance for revenge, Magolor simply looked over the mechanical marvel. Specifically at the strings holding him.
So he really was a puppet, under control of whatever gave him this power. Why did that sound familiar...?


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


"Oh, you malakas..." Kassandra growled as Kragg took a ramp. Despite Kragg's speed and inertia, he still had distance to cover, and Kassandra wasn't one to stand around and watch attacks fly her way. Using her immense strength, she grabbed a statue nearby and hurled it effortlessly at Kragg. He would shatter through it with ease, but that was not the intent. Drawing her bowstring back as he dropped, she propelled herself backward with another kick, simultaneously launching another Ghost Arrow, consuming her second to last charge, the arrow hidden just behind the statue- and Kragg was in the middle of propelling himself into a drop from the air. The misthios highly doubted he could squeak his way out of this one.

Regardless of what the outcome was, he would still hit the ground, with Kassandra being carried by the shockwave, flipping backward through the air as she slammed her heels down against bare Isu metal, letting out a grunt as she slammed into an Isu wall, stopping her in her path completely while she replaced the bow with her preferred weapon, the Trident of Poseidon.


Raptor was freed, and as per tradition, he was getting cranky and fussy. He blew off steam for a little bit before he seemed to entertain himself with his new chain, and calmed down a little bit. As it turned out, he actually did seem capable of learning. Perhaps with repetition, he had finally learned that his lack of patience had already nearly killed him too many times. He gestured for the gardevoir to take the lead, and she gave him a small smirk.

<The great Rex Raptor calling us brave? My, your humility is inspiring,> her tone was teasing, though not in a combative sense, as she strode forward and into the room.

Gazing into the darkness, Nephthys raised a hand, and cast a shimmering orb of vibrant light out ahead of her.

She's a fairy, of course she can do that.

She waited for a moment to see if the light would reveal anything in the blackness (like tricks or traps), or if it possessed supernatural properties to prevent light from piercing it.


Attacks came in, left and right, most of them from Jevil and Chai as they smashed into Spamton NEO's form. The robot's limbs flailed with each hit, the body shaking, but it didn't seem to register any of it. Not because no damage was being dealt- but because they were attacking a mere puppet. Wherever Spamton was, he had been shoved deep inside of his mechanical form to make way for a fraction of something far less tangible.


More strings snapped away during the onslaught, but many more still hung on, keeping the robot afloat. The puppeteer seemed impossible to reach, as the strings seemed to go on forever- before they finally reached something.

What appeared to be MASTER HAND himself held onto the strings, his gloved fingers dancing as he manipulated Spamton. Upon this reveal, a veil seemed to slowly lift upon the void around the others. It was as though a fog of war had slowly cleared, drifting away, an ambient light falling upon what surrounded them.

Massive spikes, amassing the thousands, stuck out of the ground to form a forest, each spike a different height to make a mix-matched collection. However, it wasn't the spikes themselves that was of interest- it was what was impaled upon them. An ocean of Master Hand's, or some visual equivalent to him. Thousands of hands, motionless upon the spikes, stuck straight through their palms. In fact, the glove holding Spamton's strings was no different, a massive gaping hole in the middle of its palm present, oozing with dark red blood.

And as Jevil launched his attack against the glove, bits of its fabric stripped away, tearing apart to reveal a skeletal hand beneath. It shuddered under the hits, but didn't seem interested in retaliation.

Not yet, at least.



Strings could suddenly be seen emerging from everyone. From Jevil, from Chai, from Zed, from Masaru, from everyone present. Even Layla and Moon-Wing were not free from it. Even the puppeteering hand itself had more strings coming from it, emphasizing a greater master. However, while Spamton had lime green strings, everyone else bore different colors.

The Puppet Hand was carried by dark green threads.

Jevil by maroon.

Chai by teal.

Zed and Layla by azure.

Tabby by yellow.

Nótt and Moon-Wing by magenta.

Masaru by purple.

Magolor by orange.

They could not interact with their strings, but they could see it now, like the lifting of a curtain.








However, not all were as inclined to this belief. An illusion, they would reason. Trickery. A method to instill fear and nihilism into them. Or confusion. Their mysterious guest knew this. After all, how could one believe it? But most of all...


Chai's strings would suddenly shift in hue. From teal, they became lime green. Despite Chai maintaining awareness to everything, he was suddenly not in control of his body. It moved on its own, carried by the strings, and even if he tried to speak or cry out, it would come out garbled and strained, overpowered by the voice of their guest, which would now come from both Spamton and Chai simultaneously.


While he lost control of his body, and mostly his voice, Chai's face could still express what was going on behind the facade. An intense song began to echo off of him, a song relevant to their situation. Just as quickly as the strings had turned green, they returned to their teal hue, control returning to the original manipulator- though a single green thread remained in the middle of the others.


In the middle of everyone, a lime green thread appeared, threatening to take control of them as well at any given moment, enforcing the entity's words. It didn't seem like the entity was talking to the present combatants... but rather, speaking to those that controlled them. Even beyond that... the being that controlled the skeletal hand itself, carried by the dark green threads.

Despite Layla's condition, Luxia still appeared- but she was in a similar state to Spamton. Held up by lime green strings, she emitted the same song that Chai was.


Screenshot 2024-03-05 110541.png



Spamton's wings spread wide again, pulled by the threads, before he shot with speeds even Zed couldn't visually track, the puppet swinging in a wide, sudden arc to slam into each of the combatants.


Despite the speed and weight of the blow, once more, like with Jevil, direct damage didn't seem to be as heavy as it should have been.


The entity didn't seem to want to kill them, or even seriously hurt them.

...Not yet, at least.


Springing back to the center of the void, Spamton's mouth dropped open, and an arm seemed to emerge from it. The further the arm stuck out, the larger it became, its appearance difficult to comprehend. It was like he arm was made of the cosmos itself, stars winking as they burned out or were born along its length.


The arm grew exponentially, while its base remained small at Spamton's mouth. The gigantic hand curled into a fist, before it slammed down directly toward Zed.


The voided ground shook like an earthquake from the hit, visible shockwaves bursting out from the impact, washing over the arena. Blast after blast after blast of disorienting energy.


The cosmic arm dispersed, its stars twinkling across the void to give it volume and flavor as Spamton fired his arm cannon upward, an orb of light pulsing high into the sky-before beams of light began to fire from it.


Everyone would immediately recognize this as an attack similar to the Decoding beams that kicked off this entire event. Whether these held the same abilities wasn't clear, however, but the beams were numerous.


With each beam that struck the ground, the surface of the floor began to become a little more visible, bit by bit, as though the beams were brightening it up. A glow began to hum within the void.


A small pair of white lights could be seen above. Like two distant stars, though anyone who noticed these could tell they were no stars... they were eyes, staring back down at them. The puppeteer with the dark green threads? The voice of the one controlling Spamton? Whatever the case


The gloves all around on their spikes began to flake away to reveal the skeletal forms beneath, and one by one, they began to slide off their spikes, rising up into the air.


Previously Gamingfan2

Magolor confusion only grew, but something about what Spamton was saying...it made sense, in its own twisted way. The familiarity struck Magolor, reminded him of his past. And that was when he understood Spamton had to be stopped. Or perhaps more fittingly, freed.
The salesman sudden began to reanimate, promising them a worthwhile finale, warping the environment in a display of transcendent power!
And the mage stifled a giggle. But it slipped out.
"Hee...Hee Hee! HEE HEE HEE!"
Spamton's words put Magolor in hysterics. The egg held his sides as he entered a laughing fit, even twanging one of the strings on his person!
"Hah! So you're saying we're being controlled? By some kind of god, or gods, who decide our fate? HEE HEE HEE! Well guess what, Spamton? I make my own fate!"
Spamton did not respond, losing himself in his rampage. He slammed the earth, then fired away on the Decoding Surviviors! Magolor soared across the ever-warping void, laughing defiantly as he danced around Spamtons beams. One got uncomfortably close, passing through a string on his hand. Magolor just sneered at it.
"These strings? Real or not, I'll sever them just I did the Master Crown's! It took Kirby and his friends to free me, so I'll do the same! Me and my friends! Tabby!"
Magolor called for his ally as he lowered himself beside the tablet, reaching his hand out for his empowered sword with look full of determination!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

The strings that held Chai up and were taking charge of him were buzzing aglow with the hue of their master. Chai's face suddenly shifted tone when something in his body responded to his control being taken charge of. Something new had taken charge, activated by the strings prematurely.

"I'm glad to be a part of the Vandelay family..." Chai muttered, his eye half lidded.

As the consciousness appeared to shift, the strings seemed to be missing their original target, the consciousness that was Chai being severed, the string themselves lost their connection to Chai's soul, seemingly vanishing as Chai tumbled down.

As he hit the ground, Chai snapped to again, his expression flipping like a switch, confused at what just happened. Woah, don't tell me...SPECTRA just activated? Is that guy Kale behind all this?? Of course it was some kind of elaborate Vandelay plot. Peppermint was right!

"We ain't gonna be your mind controlled slaves, KALE!" Chai shouted up, revitalized by the supposed identity of his foe.

He was sure that Peppermint would approve of his next move. Throwing his guitar up, he magnetized to it, giving him a quick burst of momentum before he flew up in the air, readying his hands.

"Rip and tear!"

Chai thrust his hands hour and two crimsons claws lashed out. Swerving to slice up and shoot the strings that held Kale's robot up to remove the game master's control over them!

...He had heard all of this before, hadn't he? That was what the Man had said long ago. And that skeletal hand- This was the Man!

But maroon strings? He'd never seen those before. No matter. Jevil realized something now- something he could use against the one who held the strings.

He didn't get a chance to finish. The strings quivered for a moment, and he was knocked off the hand and fell to the ground.

Jevil laughed. "AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!" His insanity appeared to be renewed, and he floated into the air.

Jevil summoned several Devilsknives around himself, and began tossing them in every direction. He did, however, seem to aim a majority at the skeletal hand- whether this was pure chance or intentional is impossible to say.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Magolor's words, and Chai's defiance, were met with neutrality. The entity had already surmised this response, but it did not know how much of it was the controller's speaking... or the character themselves. This kind of uncertainty could drive anyone mad... it already had, of course.

But they repealed the notion. Experience and belief combated the cold, raw truth presented to them.

Jevil and Spamton had been similar, but they'd broken as well. They'd accepted reality for what it was.

Nothing but a disappointment.

Strings broke free, a dozen at once, before Chai met a repellent force, swinging him backward. However, the force only seemed to apply to him for now, as anyone else could still close in. The force would fade after a short while, like some kind of temporary defense. Did the entity have a limit to its power? Or did it WANT them to cut the threads?

Which begged the question... was IT the one in control?


Chai's move had been a turn, so it was Spamton's response. The robot seemed to split apart into three colored variations. A red, green, and blue puppet. At once, their hearts began to pump out of their chests, launching a flurry of diamond-shaped projectiles and electric blasts, though now there were two additional hearts above and below the main ones, leaving each RGB Spamton with three hearts firing a slew of bullets.

The Spamton's were held by three hands now, as the ocean around began to slowly hover in, forming something of an orb-like wall around them. The strings severed so far... suddenly snapped back up, reattaching to their respective hands.


The orb in the sky continued to spew more beams out, plenty of Spamton's projectiles caught in these beams and dissipating against them. Jevil's scythes smashed against one of the hands, cracking it apart-until it burst away in a searing light, dissipating entirely. For a moment, the strings holding the Green Spamton went loose-only for them to immediately connect to another hand that took the original's place.

Once the Spamton's stopped firing hearts, they raised their arm cannons as one and began to fire blasts of energy wildly toward the Decoding Survivors. Zed in particularly would remember how bigger shots meant less damage- meaning smaller projectiles would hurt more. Yet any attacks that struck seemed almost half-hearted, like they didn't REALLY want to hurt anyone...

The entity wanted them to understand. It wasn't fighting on behalf of them or itself... it was fighting on behalf of something else.

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Masaru Takahara
"...So what?" After a moment, Masaru finally spoke up as he saw the green 'string' appear, a glint in his eye.

"I don't know what you are, I don't care either. I've heard your kind before, talk of control and stuff like that. You know what happened to the last guy to fight like this?"

Memories of a dark presence residing over deadly martial artist, threatening to strike with all his Hatred incarnate.
Memories of a Man lost inside a flaming armor, destroyed by his own Undying Hate.

"Got his butt kicked into next week!" The martial artist leaped into the air, spotting the threads raising on Spamton's body as it controlled him. Masaru wasn't fast enough technically, but he was clever enough to see what was happening, as he suddenly dove straight into the puppet's body, throwing out an arm to Spamton's own to pull him to the ground and hold him in place, aiming to prevent the slam!

"You say these strings control us, huh? Well, fake or not, I control my actions! They're my own, my own strength of Spirit! Something I can tell you're lacking in, sorry." Right as he finished that, Spamton wouldve shot out of his grasp anyway and arrived at the center, acting further. As the ground shook, Masaru held steady. Quickly ducking to the side as beams came by, Takahara quickly jumped back to avoid one, grabbing onto one of the lower spiked hands, right as it faded to reveal the skeleton. Letting himself be carried up with it, Masaru steeled himself with a breath as he looked down. "Definitely real, huh? Hope this doesn't have something to do with the one we know..."

"And I'll show you just that!" He swung a leg around, using it to push himself off and straight down to the floor, right before any devilsknives could plunge into the hand.

Crashing a fist straight into the floor as Masaru landed, where it should've cratered, the impact large 'rocks' (If you could even call these strange formations that) up to try and crash into the strings, Spamton himself, and even some of the closer hands!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"WHATEVER man! People who speak in riddles are like...lame." Chai fumbled, unable find a clever comeback. "Ain't gonna change anything by changing up some lights, Kale!"

Quickly grappling towards one of the hearts and swinging past the projectiles, Chai swung on it to rope all the hearts together like some kind of neighborhood superhero. Once they'd all be roped up, his Rip and Tear which was still in play would start to come back to him, right to tear open all the hearts in one big bundle!