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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6


Previously Manu456Alola

The lightning zipped through each clone, arcing all the way back to Kirin herself. The Battle Priestess grit her teeth, feeling her whole body seize up as the painful electricity coursed through her body. Given her prior momentum, she continued to spin, her blade glancing off of Audrey’s own, still headed for the ground. Despite the lightning’s effects, Merciful Beheading still activated when she touched down, acting as a bit of a counterattack against the Hero.

Regardless of the result, Kirin quickly found herself struggling to move. This lightning was different from GV’s own – it was less refined, more focused on sheer brutality, but it also had a clear stunning effect. Likely still based on some form of psychic energy, which meant she could probably seal it with her Radiant Fetters. A hazy purple energy began to cover Kirin’s body as she stood there, nearly motionless. She was banking on being able to seal away the paralysis. If she didn’t soon, she’d be left wide open against another attack from Audrey.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Jevil laughed maniacally as Tabby deflected his diamonds right back at him. Tabby was never boring, he always had something new and fun to fight against! To counter the now electrically-charged Diamonds, Jevil chose to both fight and fly- dodging out of the way of most of them and countering the others with some Heartsmissiles.

Jevil had an idea! If Tabby was able to block his bullets, how would he handle an attack that isn't a bullet?

Jevil flew up and focused his magic into charging a large spell (giving Tabby a chance to attack with his ranged attacks if he so chose). After some effort, Jevil was able to conjure an incredible large grenade, emblazoned with each of the 4 symbols, and far bigger than anything he had summoned up to this point.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" cried the mad jester, as he threw the comically oversized grenade down at Tabby at full force.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Through her past self, the Nerevarine could see Rinku completely ignore what she'd left behind. He instead sought her out, correctly deducing where she'd gone. It was a small moment as Irnane let out a small breath. "Remember what's at risk..." she muttered to herself, before she used the recall left behind by her scroll.

Rinku's attempts to crush that spot were fruitful, but there was no dark elf there, and he was left with a ghost consistently harassing him. Just because it had landed an attack didn't mean it was letting up. In fact, the spirit was only spurred further as it opened its mouth wide, flickers of light drifting off of Rinku's yo-yo's.

The spirit seemed to be somehow consuming, or absorbing, Rinku's own ki. Small doses, of course, but that could quickly become a problem if not countered or avoided.

Irnane wasted no time, using the speed she'd still borrowed to close the distance to Rinku more quickly than he'd gotten there, her eyes locking onto him before she cast a spell of green light. A Blind spell, ironically requiring eye-sight of the target to be used. It would pass through her spirit companion, but if one of Rinku's yo-yo's were struck, they would become blind in their own way, temporarily nullifying their situational awareness and making them less likely to dodge, let alone dodge successfully. Still, it could be undone by removing the corrupted ki, as Rinku had done before.

Regardless of this, Irnane darted in, ignoring lingering pains in her thigh as she used the combination of White Woe and Soul Edge to rush at Rinku from the opposite end of the spirit's assault, intent on severing the demon's limbs bit by bit, just as he'd tried to do to her.


As Spamton collapsed to the ground, his body seizing up with strange energy, Chai dispatched the final Spammer, who burst into dissipating code. What was this energy...? Why was it stopping him...?


Jevil continued to play the game, keeping Chai, Nótt, and Layla occupied, getting Tabby in the mix. This left Zed, Magolor, and Masaru's attention on the NEO. The Golden Trillion was not one to waste opportunity.

S̸̡͐Ö̷̜M̶̥̕Ĕ̷͕̐͜T̵̛̫̥͘H̴̡̛̤̔I̷̭̿͝N̴̯̓͜G̸̫̓ ̷̳̼͠T̶̡̲̆O̴͓͚̐̂ ̸̯͉͋N̸̦͝͝O̵̘͒T̴̪͚͋̿É̶̩̚.̶̘̻̚

Yet Masaru intervened, leaping in the way of Zed's attack as Magolor said his piece. With light returned to Spamton's eyes, he struggled to turn his head. First to look at Masaru, then toward Magolor.

His laugh came out as a glitching mess.
"I FOUND [[AnotherHim]]... E-EeE_eEvENTUAL-LY..."

His head snapped to the side, and suddenly, the wisps of white light vanished, seemingly breaking away from him.

Heaven...? Was that...?

He lifted slowly back up, until his feet were dangling above the ground.

His body suddenly began to glow, and the barrier enclosing the area shrunk further- to the point where there was no leaving the top of the lobby. Only about fifty feet of an extension going up, severely limiting the mobility of Magolor, and Zed in particular. Spamton's body stopped glowing, and nothing seemed to have happened.

*Spamton NEO's DF raised to 9999!

"THE LIGHt>nER HAD THEIR OWN-OWN-OWN... [Business]" Spamton continued, any attacks coming his way simply dinging off of him almost harmlessly, doing minimal damage as he continued to hover there, appearing to do nothing. "COLD [Business]"

The salesman raised his arms to the sky, his grin bright as he let out another cackle. From the barrier above (Zed and Masaru may recognize it as being almost identical to the barrier from the Dimension Games), crimson bolts of lightning came down, striking the ground around Spamton. Seven bolts in total, exploding against the ground in shrouding Spamton in dust and debris, leaving only a dark and looming silhouette within.

"B-BuUT I hH.H-_aVE MY OWN [Big Businesses!]"

Where the seven bolts struck, figures appeared to be taking form, built up from the ground as code, like reversals of the earlier Spammers when they were destroyed. Beings that were being...


Seven figures standing at the edge of the smoke as it drifted away, small parts of their bodies glitching as their eyes were wide and blank, staring forward. Most notably, their eyes were full of static, like Spamton's sometimes were.

From end to end, the Decoding Survivors were now faced with Static Soldiers.

Copen, the Adept Slayer.
Eitri, the Youthful Sage.
Mediamon, the Super Appmon.
Galacta Knight, the Temporal Warrior.
Axe, the Town Hero.
Master Kohga, the Top Banana.
E-123 Omega, the Ultimate E-Series.

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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As Rinku brought down the rock face...the smell of fresh blood disappeared, nor where there any screams. Did she snake out somehow? Or was she never there in the first place...? Did she know he could smell blood and used it as a diversion?

Instinctively he flipped around, the ghost still very much on his tail. Noticing that that his electrified ki had begun to pull towards the creature as it aimed to absorb it. A soul eating demon? He wasn't keen on that. Recalling his Yo-yos into his closed fists to prevent his Ki from being as spread out for a delectable meal, he bounced. Literally.

Shooting across the walls sporadically, he made sure to evade direct contact with the vacuum for as long as possible. That's when his nose twitched again. The fresh blood was back, but where-?

Readying the last charge of the Devilsknife for Irnane, he was ready to toss it when he locked eyes with Irnane. But as soon as he did, he was forced to clench his eyes. Blinded, right at a key moment! He grit his teeth, blindly thrusting the devilsknife forwards. What he didn't know, was that he threw it a bit off, flying towards the ground diagonally ahead of him.

Unknown to both of them, was the Devilsknife's secondary feature: when impacting the ground, it exploded into a white beam flash of light that would cut right through all defenses, striking at one's soul! All the while Rinku became defensive in his blind state, splitting into four versions of himself. One of which flew straight into a wall and fizzled out due to his blindness, one that diagonally above Irnane, another that flew upwards towards the wall, and another that flew backwards to where Irnane's previous air pocket was. All of them clenching their eyes shut and not being as animated or giggly as usual.


Bam! NiGHTS was sent like the ball she was rounding towards a pocket on the board, sinking into one just as Lucario intended! But there was a strange pause as a screen suddenly materialized over the pool board, NiGHTS giving a single laugh from the pocket.

"Don't you know you should avoid sinking the cue ball in pool?"

The screen now updated, the words 'SCRATCH' written on it. Suddenly, the board started to flip 90°, the screaming table spilling out many balls that sunk in there previously, the NiGHTS cue ball being one of them. Lucario would soon find themselves flushed down with the other balls if he weren't careful!

NiGHTS transformed back to their originally state, picking up a couple balls despite their weight. One in each hand, NiGHTS tossed them up before spiking them down toward Lucario to either knock him off the board or smash him where he was!


The crackle of the static that held it together, Mediamon's screens fizzed and flickered. Like a TV that had no service. But as soon as Mediamon's visor flickered in a bright red, the TVs seemed to hone in on some kind of signal, the static slowly fading away. Silence came from the screens as they were now just dark.

Drip... Drip...

Droplets of water began to appear on the screens. Like rain. Soon enough, the rain was ramped up, spattering against the screens from the inside water began pooling up inside of them. That's when the creature of Media projected the their screens all in one location, towards the center of the plaza. A large ball of water that contained an isolated storm, lightning and all was present now in the center of the plaza. It seemed that was all before-

"Captn', it's not gonna hold!" A voice called from inside

"By god...a Kraken!!"

Suddenly, tentacles shot out of the water sphere, two of which lunged out at Zed to grab him. Several others slapped down against the wet Plaza ground as some ding lurched out of the water. The sphere started to grow to its own biosphere, rain coming down in the plaza as a pool of two foot high water came up around everyone's feet. Before them stood a Kraken projected by Mediamon, trying to grasp onto Zed while most stood in the danger zone!


"W-What the heeeell is that?!"

Chai magnetized his guitar to him and held it up defensively as water rushed up to his knees. Seeing the other power players that have yet to make their move, Chai took the initiative.

"Nuh uh, not going to have any more giant things spawn in here. I'm taking you out. Careful Layla!" He glared. "Hiya!!"

He delivered a high pitch punch from his fist towards Master Khoga from a bit of range, hoping the concussion would throw him off course as he readied his guitar, running over to him to deliver a follow up uppercut!

Dagr cut down the last of the Specters, her axe cutting through them before they could reach herself or Sun-Wing. But the Warlock was already on the move. He transformed, donning a flower. It grew into a cape, with angelic wings on his back! He rose into the sky.

The Warlock called forth another psionic wave attack! But Dagr was ready. Winds whipped around her, and Dagr launched herself into the air. Using her Tempest Step technique, she jumped over the Mind Daze attack and landed on the highest platform on the left side.

"Ha! Nice try, Wart-lock-"


Dagr and Sun-Wing were enveloped in a powerful explosion of psychic energy! The Princess was knocked back, stunned for a moment. She fell off the platform, plummeting to base level of the stage and landing with a dull thud.

"Aaaugh... aaaaow... my head..." Dagr slowly staggered back to her feet. She was bleeding, with several lacerations on her body and a solid nosebleed. Breathing heavily, Dagr wiped the blood from her nose and grinned.

"Okay... We using items now? Fine by me." Dagr said. The doors to the elevator opened, and the stage the fighters were on vanished. Instead, they stood on a monochrome landscape. A black ground. A grey wall stood in the distance, with black tiles on the roof.


The order appeared in the sky. With the sound of the loosening of bows, a volley of arrows shot up into the sky from behind the wall! There was a hole in the volley of arrows, a place where they wouldn't land, which would be in the center of the stage!

Dagr ran to the center of the stage as Sun-Wing fired it's eye beams at Warlock. The Princess cut her forearm on her ax, and splashed the ground in front of her with blood.

"Beam! Keep this guy in place, or eat him up!" Dagr called out. The Shark Devil burst from the ground, flying up towards Warlock! The massive monster gnashed its teeth, attempting to chomp the alien! Meanwhile, Dagr readied her Ax. If Warlock attempted to get into the clearing where the arrows wouldn't fall, she'd slam him with a powerful Dragon Fang attack!


Suddenly, the cat was on his chest. Before Jeice could react to the appearance of the annoying feline, electricity coursed through his body! Jeice cried out in pain, flying back from the attack. So surprised he was, he was unable to do anything about the gang of Darts that suddenly appeared around him. They rained down blows on him, but none seemed to actual hit?

Then the final blow.

Jeice was sent flying to the ground with incredible force, creating a massive crater and a pillar of dust and debris. For a moment, all was silent.

Slowly, a shaking hand emerged from the crater. It was very similar to before, after he had been hit with Dart's first super powerful attack. Breathing heavily, Jeice climbed out of the crater and faced Dart.

"You... piece... of..."

Jeice's eyes rolled back in his head, and he collapsed.


Dark Labyrinth

Tenderness let out a startled chirp, and was knocked off Marshtomp's head. But the Water/Ground Pokemon was not down for long. The Leo Wizard let out a startled roar as the table it was on was suddenly flung aside and upwards! Marshtomp had flung the table aside just as Nephthys attempted to use it to slam the duel monster into the ceiling. The attack was successful, but before the monster could be impaled by the spikes of debris, it suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke!

The Spellcaster appeared on the opposite side of the room. It stood on its hind legs, holding its claws above its head. Electricity crackled between it's paws. In a swift movement, the Leo Wizard sent a powerful wave of lighting across the room, looking to hit everyone inside!


Slowly, the hollow copy of the Sage of Niðavellir raised her head. She spotted him. That man... A toothy grin spread across her face as she looked to the leader of ATEMS. Her large rifle-like device floated, attached to her hair, and Eitri sat back on it.

"ZED-D-D-D." Eitri said. Winds whipped around her as the sage slowly floated into the air. Then in a sudden burst of speed, she flew to the same level as Zed.
"Ah hahaHAHAHahaHahHAHA." The sage let out a broken, maniacal, laugh. Her expression was constantly shifting, sarcastic, joyful, forced, truly happy. Mediamon whipped up a storm, the wind buffeting and blowing the sage's massive hat.
"ZED-D-D! I'LL K-K-KILL!" Eitri screamed. A blast of purple magic, like lightning, shot from Grim Brokkr towards the Septima user. With a whine of magical energy, Eitri suddenly flew off, flying up and around the dome!


New warriors, entering the arena. Nótt only recognized one of them, the boy Axe. Wait. Was that... Nótt watched in confusion as Eitri joined the battle. How was the Sage of Niðavellir here?! Not that there was much time to dwell on it. Jevil had flown off, no longer interested in fighting her. Which was well enough.

She had to take initiative. Chai was protecting Layla, yes. But just like the swarm of Spammers, the heroes now found themselves outnumbered.
"Go to Layla, Moon-Wing." Nótt commanded. The eagle screeched in protest, but Nótt pushed the bird off her shoulders. "Go!"
Scowling angrily, Moon-Wing flew over and landed besides the girl. Picking a random opponent, Nótt leveled her lance at Galacta Knight. She fired a Dragon Fang attack at the Star Warrior! An energy beam in the form of a Dragon flew towards Galacta Knight, looking to crush the small fighter!


Previously mallard
Photographic Reflexes Man
A flash of light from behind the cloud of smoke and a returning arrow later, Taskmaster found himself quickly drawing a throwing crescent to knock the arrow off course well before it erupted into a net. Apparently, the kid had all manner of reflectors, and the assassin saw right through the game he was playing. So, he stowed the bow and went on the move. He slunk between cover, not making any attacks, but continuing to keep an eye on the angel as he moved towards the command tower of the helicarrier/island.

At the contact point where their fists collided, the stone turned into a fine dust, while the rest of the stone gauntlet was shattered. However, the fragments of earth immediately came right back to Kragg's fist... and Kassandra's too, to lock their knuckles together! They may have had equal strength- to the Wallrunner's surprise- yet his superior weight meant he had more leverage in a grapple. If she had no means of escaping within a split-second, Kragg heaved her overhead and face first into the rock on the other side of him. He relied on the centrifugal force of the swing to keep her heavy hammer-wielding arm from intervening. As soon as she hit the ground, he raised a foot to try and stomp on her upper back, hopefully pinning her there as gravel from all the boulders Kassandra had previously shattered came together and began entombing the Spartan!

...But only if the initial grab succeeded.

The wizard had disappeared! Marshtomp's head swiveled to find the foe, who had hidden in a corner. Despite the fact that the creature was preparing an attack, the Pokémon charged right in with a yell. He plowed right through the wave of lightning, which had no effect on a ground type such as himself. When he neared, the mud fish's fist glowed an orange-brown hue. The aforementioned fist was driven forth as Marshtomp attempted to Rock Smash the beast into the wall behind it!

The tablet recognized that Jevil was vulnerable while charging, and used the wrist of his sword-wielding arm to brace his SMG. He unleashed a hail of plasma bullets upon the darkner, and when the grenade came, Tabby decided against confronting it directly. He noticed in his peripheral vision that more targets were springing up, which got him excited. He swapped out the SMG for his Rocket Launcher, and shot it at the ground to send himself flying upwards, at roughly the same height as Jevil. As he did so, he noticed it started to rain. With a scowl, he stowed his rocket launcher to pull a hood over his head. The robot dashed at his foe, and lashed out with a strike of his Ultra Ōdachi. In that time, he recognized the perpetrator- a water monster flailing from beneath the floodwaters below. It was an octopus! A lot larger in person than he'd seen online, but it had to go- Tabby wasn't waterproof, after all.

He quickly dashed away from Jevil and towards the scourge of the deep. His kunai found purchase in the thick flesh of the beast, and as he swung between writhing tentacles, he flourished his massive electrified blade. This was Tabby's attempt to draw the heat off of Zed and mark up the cephalopod with deep gashes and electrical burns.

???mMaster [Cungadero].!1!!
The plump form of Kohga appeared. His normally spectacular colors were notably muted, and the pupil of his Yiga Mask was a pit of static. He remained still and slouched, but as an attack from Chai came, he spun out of the way!

"HA! Did you really think you could hit-t...t me?! I AM THE [amazing, awesome, cool, excellent] MMMASTER KOHGA!!!"

The recoded ninja cackled as he flew into the sky. He summoned a ring of six boulders. Slowly, they began to orbit him, and one by one, he began hurling them down upon Chai
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"He has BOULDERS?! How come whoever I fight has some kind of earth power??"

Chai quickly ran to the side, dodging a boulder and it crashed into the pool of water below. Chai spat as water splashed from the impact, huffing at the deranged fat man that might be trying to sell him something. If he wouldn't come to him, he'd just have to go to Kohga!

Magnetized a boulder with a charge before grappling toward it with the opposite charge, he slingshot himself upwards, kicking off the top of the boulder as he swirled in a circle, now at the same height o try and bash his head in with the edge of his scrap guitar!


Previously mallard
Top Banana[rama]
Chai was quick to try and counter Kohga's simple attack. It was remarkably effective, and Kohga only flailed defenselessly as he ate scrap metal. The master spiraled out of the air to land face-down in the water, while the remaining boulders stopped rotating and fell. The Top Banana then sprang to his feet, and began stomping angrily.

"Grr... Hey now, [YOU'RE AN ALL-STAR], d..don't think you-u'are all that just because you got a lucky [BIG SHOT] off!"

In a puff of smoke and fetters, Kohga disappeared and reappeared, now behind Moon-Wing.

"Try this on for [4.99]!"

A wall of translucent blue energy appeared in front of him, and from his hands fired two slow-moving yellow beams of energy that homed in on the bird. Should they touch its metal feathers, Moon-Wing would be seized by a magnetic force, which the Yiga would use to lift it up, and then slam it back down to shove both it and Layla underwater.


Previously Manu456Alola
"Where do you think you're going!?"

As Taskmaster turned tail and ran, he would find himself quickly being chased down by Pit, wings glowing brightly. Bursts of rainbow projectiles shot out from the Guardian Orbitars as he gave chase, aiming for the small gaps between Masters' cover. Should he get close enough, Pit's orbitars would detach from his position to lunge at their target, acting as high-speed battering rams that trickily weaved past incoming attacks!​


The streak of flame from the prince's attack dissipated – and instead of a charred Spamton, what Zed saw was what should have been one of his allies. Masaru stood in the salesman's place, having pushed him out of the way of the attack.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" Zed called down to the martial artist.

"I...can't let someone just be another face of hate, nothing more..."

Curiosity gleamed in the Adept's eyes as he lowered to the point where he was only a few feet off the ground. Unfortunately, Spamton was quick to spring back to action, body glowing for a moment as the arena shrank even further. Zed immediately fired another barrage of flaming birds at the salesman, but they fizzled out against the armor with minimal damage. The prince frowned at this, backing off slightly, watching as a series of familiar lightning bolts rained down around Spamton. And most interestingly, new fighters appeared in their wake. Reconstructions of a small group of people, yet not all there.

Three of them were more familiar than the rest.

Before he could attempt to act, however, the replica of Mediamon was already on the move. A series of projections burst from the screens, coalescing into a large orb, like a stormy version of a snow globe. Two tentacles burst from within, one of them grappling Zed while the other was briefly knocked aside by a burst of flame. Rain began to fall, though the prince's flames easily extinguished it upon contact. His wing continued to burn bright, flapping furiously as to free him from the tentacle's grasp.

"Ngh... I did not expect such a foul beast!"

"Zed, look out!" Luxia warned.

"Ah hahaHAHAHahaHahHAHA."

A maniacal, yet recognizable laugh. The copy of Eitri was already upon him, proclaiming her desire to kill him. The sight combined with her words brought back memories of an assassin-turned confidante... but now was not the time.

An orb of scarlet flame engulfed Zed as the purple lightning was fired at him, and the two energies clashed, resulting in a powerful explosion. The leader of ATEMS was blasted backwards, slight burns and soot covering his body, though it had helped free him from the tentacle that previously held him in place. His fated opponent flew off, a scream of magic accompanying her movements. Zed could feel a smirk tugging at his lips.

"So that is how you feel, is it? Then let us see if your corrupted conviction can stand its own against the Sun's might!"

With those words, the Golden Trillion soared after Eitri, his Djinn companion following close behind.


Things were getting scarier and scarier. Massive blasts of lightning, swirling slimy tentacles, and a solid two feet of water all popped up one after the other. Layla was left nearly half submerged in the water, struggling to wade through it as she attempted to stick close to Chai. The boulders beginning to fall around her only made things worse, and the Adept was knocked backwards by the resulting splash of one of the projectiles.

Her head thankfully didn't go underwater from that one. Moon-Wing then landed next to her, Layla quickly scampering to the metal bird's backside, grabbing onto it despite the incoming threat of Master Kohga. Even as her eyes welled up with tears, she placed her trust in Moon-Wing to handle things.

The cold, static-filled eyes of Copen's replica scanned the crowd of threats, photon blaster in his right hand at the ready. A series of spherical machines hovered about him, orbiting their creator continuously, though their normally yellow lights were now gray and covered in static. A crimson visor was flipped over the young man's eyes, but there was one thing missing: the combat pod that would ordinarily command the bots was nowhere to be found.

"I m-m-must bestow [Annihilation]"

Copen soon set his sights on a target: the floating blue egg. An anomaly to be purged. The bots around him converged in a triangular formation, and they spawned an orb of azure electricity, letting three streams of electricity soar through the air in an arc towards Magolor. Regardless of its effectiveness, the Adept Slayer would propel himself at his target, blue-gray flames crackling from the jets on his arms and legs to catch up incredibly quickly. While he stopped short of Magolor's position, hovering midair, he let loose a flurry of laser shots at his foe!
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Knuckles the Echidna [Auto perms given by Blue]

A right hook from Cayman swept clean across Knuckles’ face as he was sent flying backwards, tumbling along the ground and to the edge of the arena. The Adept’s Duelist Septima kept the two enclosed in a dome-shaped field, protected from all outside threats…somehow including Spamton’s decoding. So, as the two battled, they were both completely unaware of the event going on in the lobby.

Knuckles got up on a knee and looked up at Cayman with a small grin. “You are strong, Cayman. I can see that now!” The echidna got up to his feet and pounded his fists together. Without missing a beat, he sprinted at his opponent and went in for a dropkick. Cayman caught him by his feet and spun him around into the bands of the ring, bouncing him off of them and back. The adept went in for a manly punch, but Knuckles regained his composure quicker than expected and body slammed him!

“Woah-ho! Nice one!” Cayman exclaimed as he was sent back. ”That’s what I like to see!” He shouted, clearly excited. The adept then stomped his foot into the ground, sending several explosions bursting from the ground right towards Knuckles! The echidna reacted by digging into the ground and digging to the side of the explosions, avoiding them and heading right for Cayman’s feet. Without warning, the warrior bursted from beneath the manly man and hit him with an uppercut straight to the chin! Cayman was sent flying into the top of the barrier, bouncing off of it and right back towards Knuckles, who jumped up and wrapped his arms around him, then turned back around in the air and dropped to the ground, a suplex! The two landed with a massive impact, creating a crater in the fighting ring. Knuckles then threw Cayman away from him and towards the other end of the ring!

Cayman tumbled along the ground but quickly bounced up to his feet. “HAHA! YEAH!” Suddenly, red stamps were placed all around Knuckles and he found himself being pulled towards his opponent, who hit him with an explosive punch before he had time to react! The echidna was sent flying, but Cayman pursued him by leaping towards him covered in flames! The man hit his opponent head on and sent the both of them into the walls of the dome. As the two bounced off the field, Knuckles headbutt Cayman with a loud crack, the man barreling towards the ground.

As his opponent recovered, Knuckles curled into a ball and spin dashed into him, hitting him in the chest and bouncing off of him. He then ran forward and punched him in the face with a one-two combo, kicked him in the chest, then winded up his right fist. “Eat THIS!” Knuckles released a literally EXPLOSIVE punch right to Cayman’s jaw, sending the adept soaring straight through the duelist field, shattering it like glass!

Ding ding ding! A typical boxing bell rang out.

The adept flew straight out of the sparring building and barreled throughout the lobby, landing right in the middle of the fray. Knuckles followed his opponent, intending to help him to his feet, though he was faced with two issues.

1. Cayman was completely, utterly unconscious.

2. Total chaos was going in the lobby

”What the…” The red warrior looked around, though that didn’t help him understand what was going on at all. Despite this, he wasn’t about to just sit around and do nothing! Randomly picking one of the more malicious-looking targets, Knuckles sprinted towards Copen and went in for a right hook to intercept his attack!

From the smoke, two bright, static screens in the placement of eyes emerged, one with a more pinkish tint, the other with a more yellowish tint. These eyes belonged to E-123 Omega, or, rather, a crude shell of him. This robot lacked Omega’s vibrant color scheme, taking on a more monochrome appearance, all his reds being replaced with grays and his yellows being replaced with whites. In the place of the Omega symbol on his shoulder there was instead a blot of static, which could also be found on every screen on the robot’s body.

E-123 began his assault, switching out his hands for two miniguns and mass spraying all of his opponents, not choosing a specific target but gunning for everyone on the opposing team!

“[FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY]” The robot stated as he opened fire on everyone he saw that wasn’t static or Spamton!

Jevil, having just barely managed to block Tabby's Ultra Ōdachi, stared in awe at the fresh chaos surrounding him. Spamton had summoned several new beings, who were now ready to strike back at the "heroes" and bring a new era, of chaos caused entirely of it's own will and not as a side effect of the chaos of war.

"FINALLY! FRIENDS, FRIENDS!" Jevil cried, swirling around the Static Soldiers and Spamton NEO. "NOW THE TRUE CHAOS CAN BEGIN!" At this, Jevil turned himself into a Devilsknife as he had done many times before. But instead of targeting a specific person, he went straight for the floor... and bounced back, faster than before!

Jevil is now bouncing across the entire stage. He will get faster and faster for five posts, not including this one. Jevil will attack random characters each post, and will hit more and more people each time. In the first post, Jevil will only attack one character, and this will increase by 1 until Jevil is attacking 5 characters at once.

Jevil will attack everyone indiscriminately. Static Soldiers and Decoding Survivors will both be hit.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Before Knuckles could interior the static Copen, a tentacle swung down in front, interrupting the attempt to save him. The Leland lurched over knuckles, several rows of teeth lining It's mouth as it came down, snapping at Knuckles to mangle him in rows of endless looking teeth!

That's when Tabby struck out on tentacles that were previously lashing out against zed. They writhed as pain shocked through their body. The Kraken was tempted to turn around if it weren't for it trying to eat knuckles. For now, the tentacle that was right next to the electrified one swept out to whip stabby Tabby off

All the While Mediamon seemed to be kicking back and relaxing, eating holographic popcorn that glitched out every few seconds while it watched the movie.


Chai landed next to the Yiga clan member once he hit the water, but the masked maniac vanished and attacked Layla with Moon Wing too quick for him to stop! Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the attack, but Chai glared over at him.

"Attacking a defenseless thing like her? What's this? Edgy baddie hour??" He growled. "Ain't you supposed to be fighting me anyhow??"

Running forward, the scrap in his guitar seemed to shift, changing it from a guitar to a more sharp Instrument, sharp metal bit forming to the front like some kind of spear.

"Appreggio Stab!"

Thrusting forward like a sword, he Hi-fi rushed to stab Kohga in the chest before he could do any further harm!
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“Woah!“ Knuckles slammed face first into the side of a massive tentacle as it slammed down in front of him. Looking up to see the ugly mug of the beast that interrupted him, the echidna frowned. “Alright buddy.” He growled before grabbing one of the beast’s massive tentacles and somehow LIFTING IT UP by it! Without further ado, Knuckles lifted the kraken above and over his head and slammed it into the ground behind it with his incredible strength!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


Water erupted around the smash of the impact, splashing all around as the Kraken roared, glitching out for a second as it seemed it was almost defeated before two other tentacles appeared, one whipping at knuckles and another smashing from above. If any hit, they would drag him towards the maw and eat him whole. All the while it seemed prepped to get itself back up.


Previously Gamingfan2
Spamton's words gave Magolor pause.
"What-" but there was no chance for an explanation. The massive mech was rampaging again, talking nonsense that Magolor had no context for. With an impassioned sight, the Mage raised a rune, ready to put down Spamtom.
But his attack did nothing. Magic orbs burst against Spamton's sturdy frame without a sign of damage. Magolor attempted to back away for distance, but his path was blocked by a rainbow barrier, almost as durable as Spamton was now. Seven bolts of lightning later, and he and his allies were outnumbered by Spamton and his static army. One of which looked scarily familiar.
"This isn't good." said the mage, though he remained outwardly calm. "We gotta-"

"I m-m-must bestow [Annihilation]"

Up came one of Spamton's horrid creations! A human using lighting assaulted the egg with three streamlined blasts. Magolor shielded himself with his star shield, which held firm against the assault. But with two shards shattered immediately, it looked like playing defensive was not an option. And with the allies trying to help him preoccupied....ugh.
Magolor dispelled his shield, and his twin cannons pressed together in front of him as Copen opened fire. His shots dinged against their metal shell, wearing them down slowly but surely, but not until Magolor suddenly blasted a massive ball of plasma at Copen! But if it missed its mark, the attack's path would instead take it to the Kracken assaulting his friends!
"HEE HEE! Then annihilation is what you'll get!"

G@|@<+@ Knight
Unlike it's static companions, the static knight was completely silent and still. It glitched between different forms, a bright white with yellow accent, and a pitch black with hot pink ones. There were no eyes peeking from its mask, instead it was pure static. Until it flashed different images and scenes in sync with the Static Warriors' glitching, displaying the appropriate sources from their strange speech patterns

Galacta shifted its head towards Nott's as she unleashed her Dragon Fang. Instantly, Galacta Knight burst into action, glitching erratically as it met the magic beast with the tip of its lance, stabbing through its head and tearing through to dispel it, much like a Knight would. This one was far from chivalrous however, not missing a beat as it zipped towards the Jotun Princess. It raised its lance, before glitching, suddenly preparing another slash. There was no movement between those poses, yet Nott would feel the impact of its lance as it repeatedly swapped. If Nott wasn't careful, Galacta Knight would slash her to ribbons without appearing to even touch her!

"Oh, is that so?" Lucario asked, calm but genuine.
He didn't sound particularly interested, but he did do a slight bow.
"I apologize-hmm?"
The floor fell out from under him, and Lucario was suddenly freefalling over the tilted table! Lucario stabbed his staff into the table again, stopping his decent. He then flipped over, balancing on his staff as a platform.
Thankfully, no balls were directly above him, but NiGHT was quick to remedy that, spiking some of her own towards the aura Pokemon. Lucario eyes shut again, and he focused. As NiGHT spiked the second, Lucario burst forward with incredible momentum! The pokemon became a blue streak that landed then quickly leapt off of NiGHTS' first projectile ball, then did the same to the second, until he slipped past NiGHTS to deliver a swift roundhouse kick behind them!
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

He's quick!

NiGHTS took the kick, tossed through the air from the steel type's impact. If they were a visitor, they would have had their breath kicked out of them. But instead, a noticeable crack appeared on the impact sight.

Correcting themselves, NiGHTS flipped around, finding Lucario in the air, their element! No more objects to bounce off of or projectiles to bone rush through. They needed to get them before they landed! NiGHTS spun like a drill, shooting forwards as they aimed drill right into Lucario's chest, and then follow up by grabbing them and throwing them directly up.


Previously Manu456Alola
Copen's blaster shots only dealt slight damage to the cannons, though he seemed to recognize the lacking effectiveness, as the replica P-Bits orbiting him shifted from a faint crimson hue to a light green one. Magolor's attack fired, though Copen proved rather slippery, another burst of flames from the Adept Slayer's boots propelling him in an arc over the plasma, P-Bits widening their formation and staying put. The orb of plasma passed between them, moving uninterrupted towards its secondary target.

"Begone, [Clean Those Impurities!]"

At the static human's glitched words, an array of green lasers swiftly fired from the P-Bits straight ahead. They would punch into the cannons with shocking power, being incredibly effective against machinery, even passing through their target to reach Magolor while he hid behind them! Should the magician move nearby to avoid them, Copen would strike from above with a powerful, Bullit-powered flashkick!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The blind struck, and Rinku went wild with desperation, splitting his visage and throwing Jevil's weapon. She tilted her body, sliding past the knife as it flew by before her hands spewed flames, a gush bursting at the two level Rinku's as she simultaneously kicked off the ground, slashing a buzzing Soul Edge toward the overhead Rinku, just as a beam of light burst from the devilsknife. By pure dumb luck in the demon's favor, a blast swelled over Irnane, targeting her soul directly. She grit her teeth, feeling a blow to her lifeforce- but physically, she wasn't affected, continuing with her attack fluidly. The damage had been of an internal sort.

Regardless if her earlier move to reveal the true Rinku had worked, her ancestral spirit wasn't fooled, tailing the true Rinku, leading with a final slash as the ghost converged rapidly on him, before the spirit would finally vanish, his time up. Rinku's quick thinking had prevented Irnane from deducing the true one immediately (save for the one that burst against a wall), but thanks to her spirit, she now rushed the demon, sure to burn another scroll in her hand as she moved.

A wave of energy washed over the room, before it would begin to seep upon Rinku. A Demoralize Scroll, which would slowly work at eating away at Rinku's willpower and desire to fight for a few minutes- hopefully enough time to finish him off as more flames spewed from her fingertips toward the child-like demon, the Nerevarine readying Soul Edge for a strike.


"You... piece... of..."

Jeice collapsed, and a fanfare began to echo. Dart blinked, his brows raising in surprise. "Wait, hold on," he looked around, almost in disbelief. "DAMNIT! I was so ready for a finale!"

The Red Warrior kicked a stray pebble away. It bounced along some debris before coming to a stop as the gateway appeared. Shaking his head, Dart let out a sigh. "Well... maybe he'll take a chill pill after that and stop killing people."

Apparently satisfied with that, as though it was a sure outcome, Dart ran over to the inactive body of 808, scooping her into his arms before he hurried through the gateway.


Unfortunately, Kragg's own strength was a backset for him. As the rock formed over Kassandra's arm in her moment of surprise at the red stone actually working, she refocused herself, and twisted her arm. The stone cracked, and as Kragg swung his arm upward, the misthios yanked back, rock flying before she immediately dove head-first for Kragg, aiming to tackle him. His physical weight might have been superior, but with equalized strength, Kassandra's power was more localized as she charged forward as Kragg was mid-swing with all the power of a lady-sized freight train, the Hammer of Hades replaced by Arachne's Stinger once more, which was intended to plunge into the wallrunner, his rock armor of little issue to her now.


Forming a psychic barrier, the wave that wasn't nulled by Marshtomp sizzled against her screen, sparing herself and Raptor from any damage. Marshtomp was hounding the creature, so Neph chose not to send an attack that way. Instead, she paused, waiting to see if Leo Wizard teleported again. If so, she'd immediately blast a Mystical Fire in his direction.

Sans has shuffled his way over to the doorway, where he was now waving a tiny triangular flag colored the same green as Nephthys's helmet. "go team light, go team bright. kick this lion's butt tonight."


It wasn't often that the Spartan could be heard crying out in pain. The way he was raised, the augmentation, an entire life of nothing but war and devastation- it can all add up to make an individual quite anti-social and awkward. So when the yell of pain came from the Master Chief, someone so stoic and hardened, it was evident this power was great. A burst of white light sent him tumbling to the other end of the room, smoke drifting off of his armor.

With a grunt, the Chief picked himself up.

"What happened!?" Kalmiya asked, her eyes wide.

Chief let out another grunt as he climbed back up to his full height. He didn't respond, because he didn't know, but if he had to guess, it was some kind of feedback. Chief's wariness was proving not to be as unneeded as Kalmiya would have liked to believe. Instead, his visor shifted to look at Gunvolt. "Do it," he urged. "Before that thing gets any stronger."


As the statics went to work, pure and utter chaos erupted. Spamton's body was still jolting from the energy he'd broken through, but for a moment, he thought he'd heard an old and familiar voice...

The situation for the survivors was growing desperate as they fought back. Another even entered the mix, appearing out of seemingly nowhere. How many roaches were clogging up the woodworks?

Still, he was unfinished with his story. As he rose higher into the air, observing the product of his actions, the salesman continued.

"WHAT D.._dD-DD-- -O YOU DO WHEn [Face-Off!] WITH [[G O D]]? YOU MAKE A [Plea Deal] BUT THAT [Spunch Boob] WAS w-W-WAsS._s .! THEY [Violence] EVERY [Man, Woman, and Child]"

"AND THEN THEY TRIED TO [Gone Forever, No More] THE DARK-ArK-ar_K FOUNTAIN! I HAD TO [Caution. Rogue Robots] BUT I [[Critical Mission Failure]]"




Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

The Ki was rapidly excreting quickly hastened the process of gaining his vision back, the ghost quickly converging its blade to his location. His eyes widened as it came baring down on him


The sword had caught the cheek of the boy instead of beheading him, blood flowing down it like a half turned faucet. as Irnane brought out their scroll to produce a demotivating wave across Rinku, the pink aura that was growing visually around him grew further, darkening. As the wave hit him, the pink aura caught ablaze to a bright orange aura. His Ki reserves were seen burning right off him and vaporizing into the air, despite how reserved Rinku had typically been so far.

Everything was heightened. Speed, Attack, cognition. Irnane was no longer equal. However, Rinku had been spending all these years playing with foes, that his ability to go all out had suffered, only being able to hold this orange aura for a single straight shot.


A sonic boom rang out as he shot straight ahead, four orange cloaked Yo-Yos flying out from him, all on his left hand. They all fired off toward the side of her body that held Soul Edge, shooting towards her weakened hip, through her shoulder, to snap her through her elbow, and the fourth would coil around and shred the limbs off with the speed he was going. Each of them with the strength to shatter boulders to pebbles.

As for his right, his closed fist struck forward, Rinku Shooting right through the flames as they fizzled out, Rinku punching right forward as he burned like a comet. It was such a blur. Rinku's upgraded cognition found it a haze as he found himself at the far end of the tunnel, orange cloak quickly fading to a subdued pink once more. With any luck? He just punched right through her body and left her a splatter of a mess coating the tunnel.
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Dvallin, Dominant Sage - Grer, Seiðjárn Technician

The sage looked back over her shoulder, watching as Zed followed after her and laughing the entire time. She spoke up again, but her voice was different. Instead of the voice of a child, it was the low, gravelly voice of an older man. Her stance changed to reflect it, she sat up straighter with her chin up in a noble air.
"When we f-f-fought before, I was weakened-d-d. That damned-d-d [$4.99 CLINT EASTWOOD]-" Eitri winced at the glitched speech, but her grin returned. She spoke again, but her voice had changed once again. Another man's voice, younger and nasal. She hunched over, sneering at Zed. "But n-n-now?! No d-damn [TOYS FOR TOTS] to babysit, and the [PHASED PLASMA RIFLE IN 40 WATT RANGE] at my side!"

The Grim Brokkr Eitri was riding suddenly spun around in mid-air, firing another purple magical blast at Zed as he pursued! The sage continued flying around their dome, rapidly buzzing past Jevil. Eitri fired the weapon once more at Zed, but the static filled-eye of the magical firearm snapped its attention to Luxia. 1s and 0s began to spill out of the eye as if it was crying, and it rapidly spun in its socket.


The strange static knight pierced through her Dragon Fang attack, and flew towards her! Nótt raised her lance to defend, and the knight raised his lance to attack- And froze? The invisible attack struck Nótt's lance, making the Princess step back in surprise. He raised his lance again, and a slash suddenly struck Nótt's arm. Some strange illusion magic was almost hiding his attacks? Nótt was pressed back by Galacta Knight's flurry of attacks, finally understanding how they worked.

The staccato of automatic gunfire caught Nótt's attention, and she threw herself into a backflip to avoid the attack from Omega. Nótt blocked another attack and held her ground, quickly spinning her lance and aiming a powerful kick at Galacta Knight's face!


The falcon turned to face Master Kohga as he appeared, screeching defiantly. Layla threw her arms around him, for a moment restricting his movement. But the eagle decided to roll with it. It grabbed one of Layla's arms with its beak, fiercly beating its wings to push the two back and just ahead of Master Kohga's magnesis technique. Long enough at least, for Chai to jump in to the rescue.

Bullets sprayed the water around Moon-Wing and Layla from Omega, but Moon-Wing was quick to raise its wings and block the bullets. This had totally devolved into the mad chaos of war. No place for a child he was supposed to be protecting. Moon-Wing pushed Layla off of him, flying into the air and grabbing Layla by the scruff of her sweatshirt. It dragged the child away from the battlefield, out of the ocean area created by Mediamon and into one of the nearby shops. There at least, they could have a little more cover from the fights. It shoved Layla into the building, and looked out the window worriedly in Nótt's direction...

Leo Wizard

The wizard roared in pain as Marshtomp's punch slammed it into the wall! The wall behind the monster cracked from the force of the blow. Tenderness floated over to Sans, cheering on the Marshtomp along with the skeleton. The Leo Wizard roared angrily and bore down on the Marshtomp, attacking the swamp monster with claws and fang!


Previously Manu456Alola
Eitri's behavior only got more and more interesting, her voice and attitude changing with each sentence she uttered. First one of an older noble, the next akin to a young nasally man. Zed raised a brow at this, readying his Eclipse Solaire sword for an attack – when the sound of gunfire rang out, and he glanced to the ground below to see a storm bullets soaring in his direction. Fortunately, the fiery aura emanating from the combination of Golden Trillion and The Djinn proved enough to repel such physical projectiles, deflecting each bullet harmlessly.

The distraction left him open to the static sage's lightning attack, however, as a blast of lightning soon struck him head-on. Zed reeled backwards from the hit, gritting his teeth, managing to reorient himself in his opponent's direction even as residual violet electricity coursed through his body.

"Impressive as always...!"

Luxia gasped at this, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling of Grim Brokkr glaring at her, a different song beginning to ring out from her cybernetic body, led by her own singing. The Djinn's added effects managed to cleanse the lightning from Zed's body, and the Golden Trillion was quick to strike back, holding Eclipse Solaire in his hand as he suddenly lunged at Eitri with great speed, using his Rostrum Charge technique!

Moon-Wing had gotten them both out of harm's way, grabbing Layla by her hoodie as it carried her to one of the shops still remaining within the barrier. There, the metal bird quickly shoved her inside before looking out at the war zone.


With a sigh, the Adept once again placed a hand on one of the eagle's wings, giving it as much of a focused glare as she could muster. She knew it wanted to leave her here, away from the battle, where she would hopefully be safe. Part of her was against the idea, since the creepy mini-salesmen had almost gotten to her last time she'd been alone. But with them gone for the moment, and everyone else fighting so hard against those new, scary static people...

It was probably best Moon-Wing went to help out.​


Somehow, the Spartan's use of the Nucleus wasn't enough. The mech in the lobby had seemingly shrugged its effects off, summoning more allies to his side, one of which Gunvolt immediately recognized through the screen.


"Boss!" Lola immediately exclaimed, though she was quick to correct herself. "No, that's not right. It's just some... cheap knock-off of him!"

Before they could ponder on the matter any further, Master Chief was blasted back from the Nucleus' position with a yell of pain, smoke trailing from his armor. The Azure Striker's brow furrowed at this, and he found himself sprinting toward the Nucleus even before Chief had called out to him, stopping just in front of the sphere of otherwordly energy. Its white light reflected off Gunvolt's blue eyes, though he didn't hesitate any further, placing his hand on it at the Spartan's urging–


Electricity began to arc everywhere from Gunvolt's body, tearing into the floor around him as he let out a shout. The Adept's lightning surged furiously, the Nucleus' unstable energy coursing through his body, giving the outward shocks a faint rainbow hue. Yet the feeling burning in him was not entirely new. Several images flashed by.

Septima-nullifying bullets piercing through his body.

His former mentor's Azure Spirits destabilizing his own Septima.

The power of The Muse being forcibly removed from him.

"With that power... you would make a great leader in our new world."

Those familiar words echoed in Gunvolt's mind, his body shimmering with energy as he managed to remain standing. His Azure Striker was said to be the ultimate Septima. It was time to put that to the test.

"Oversurge, Azure Striker...!" His voice rang out. "Cleanse the darkness corrupting this tournament with a flash of lightning!"​
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The strategy was working. Rinku was being rapidly overwhelmed. Originally she'd intended to use a Frenzy scroll, as opposed to Demoralize- but she'd held off for the sole purpose that she had assumed he would use a desperate move. Her guesswork paid off, with energy gushing off of the demon in waves a moment before he enacted his move.

No longer was the boy leering and jeering, but Irnane had already learned earlier from him not to give him opportunity - not to underestimate his capabilities. It was this caution that enabled her to face what came next, as a bubble of flames engulfed her body. Another Fire Shield spell, but to her surprise, Rinku's move was able to break it almost instantly.


The yo-yo's and Rinku himself rammed into the shield, ripping through it, but that brief moment in which they were held back gave Irnane the time she needed to move, flinging herself to the side as the demon barreled past- but 2 yo-yo's still managed to deal some degree of damage. One struck Soul Edge head-on, and a flaring pain erupted within Irnane at the force of the blow, similar to the damage dealt by the devilsknife, while the second smashed into her elbow of the arm holding Soul Edge, the weapon disappearing.

Irnane was pulled in the wind behind Rinku as he moved, skidding her heels across the floor as she grit her teeth, feeling her left hand going limp from the elbow down. The bone had been shattered. Huffing, Irnane let out a puff. That move had to have expended Rinku a decent amount, and while she herself was too low on magicka right now to use a custom spell, she still possessed her final trump card. Azura's Star, which she had used before to defeat NiGHTS, if only just.

Not willing to risk letting Rinku have recovery time, Irnane raised her good hand, the star-like item appearing in her grasp. "Azura's light burns ever bright," she muttered, her crimson eyes boring onto the back of Rinku's head as he came to a stop. They were a good twenty feet apart. "Let her fury consume your might!"

The soul trapped within Azura's Star burst with light, overpowering a single spell of Irnane's choosing as she thrust the star out toward Rinku. A swelling of flames filled the sewers, the crystal clear water evaporating as a raging inferno was called, blasting out to fill the girth of the sewer, shooting out to the t-shaped end, and barreling in either direction, flames screaming through the nearby doorways to fill the adjacent rooms. Trapped underground, the sewers quickly became a furnace at the searing heat and blistering flames that roared out from the star.

This was the same move that had nearly melted NiGHTS, possibly a little more dangerous now in such a tight environment.


The creature didn't teleport, this time putting its focus on the brunt of a physical assault on Marshtomp. With the flick of her wrist, the gardevoir summoned a small portal in the way of the Leo Wizard's strike, its limb potentially disappearing inside as it emerged from the exit portal- the back of its head for a self-strike, followed by the portal immediately closing to sever its arm, and hopefully leave it wide open for the marshtomp to finish it off.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

His body was overheating. As his body still flew through the air with the momentum he shot forward with, he started to skid against the ground, like a stone slipping against water. The overwhelmed Yo-Yos recalled themselves as nothing was pumping through them anymore.

Between the searing pain inflicted by soul edge, which would have felt like a limb being lopped off and her elbow practically hanging by a thread, the damage he did to his opponent help garner time for Rinku's body to try and recover and gain distance. He flew over a series of ice spikes previously created by the ghost creature, landing further behind them in the water below, the icy bite of the water splashing against his skin.

Prone in the water below, Rinku was practically submerged when the attack was let loose, torching the corridor in seconds. The ice spikes were hit first, which were close to Irnane. Fortunately for Rinku, the evaporated wisps of ice created a pocket of brisk relief for a few opening moments of the attack as the flames continued. The frozen aqueduct waters he rested in quickly melted during the heat, Rinku himself being lower to the ground and already avoiding a large swath of the attack. That being said...

The lower section of the 'T' shaped projectile soared through his upper back, which was exposed to the heat. Is shirt caught fire and was soon was reduced to ash along with his hat. Rinku bit his teeth as his blackened his skin, like a banana had had been cooked in the summer sun. He gripped his hands, feeling parts of his body to numb. He withstood the flames of the demon world, no way hers were going to be the end of him!


He forced himself to stand, pink ki flicking over him before it faded flicked on again. Seems as though keeping his lights on was getting hard.

Her pain is still being felt. He elbow, her hip, whatever that knife did. While we both might be in pain, SHE has to be weaker.

that's when he would take flight, bounding toward her end of the area, no Yo-Yos drawn, his Ki not ready to split itself up into smaller instruments. His shadow that followed him seemed to betray his form, portraying some kind of larger creature with wings and talons. He'd race past the epicenter of the flames, flying toward Irnane, visibly worn with an eye half open.

"Just stay down!"

He'd try and grip her face, to drag her skull against the sewer ground to treat it as a sander. Due to her leg in the state it was in and the intense pain through her body, he aimed to end this by taking advantage of her suffering.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Standing behind the blast, Irnane finally lowered Azura's Star, the artifact winking out, the trapped soul within consumed. Yet Rinku was still up, closing the distance to her. He was pushing himself, swooping in and trying to utilize his energy in a conservative fashion. Replacing Azura's Star, Irnane conjured the Blade of White Woe. Soul Edge had been a lovely tool, up until it had harmed her due to the damage it sustained. It was not without consequence, evidently.

But Dagoth Ur himself attacked the soul directly, and he had dealt far greater damage to her than she had thus far received. After all, Irnane's soul itself wasn't mortal- it was an eternal force that existed outside of space and time. It was the secret behind the Nerevarine cycle.

The Demoralize spell would now begin to properly take hold as it had settled in, working its magic in full to drag on Rinku's morale in a supernatural sense. A red light filmed over Irnane's body as Rinku fully closed in, the dark elf conjuring Wounding Touch over herself again, taking note that the yo-yo's were no longer present.

"I have too much to lose," the dunmer replied, powering through her pain as she slid backward, slashing her blade to intercept the initial grapple. Rinku was back to her speed after that last move, so he'd have to rely on more than that to gain an advantage. "You don't understand what this means to me. What beating you means to me."

After her back-step/slash, she'd push forward with a flurry of other slashes. The Sword of White Woe was a one-handed blade, she'd been fighting with it as such this entire time. Losing functionality in one arm did not alter her efficiency with the blade.

"My world suffers in my absence, tormented by a devil far worse than you," the Nerevarine continued. "If heroes fail to stop him, then I must be prepared to protect my people! If I can't beat you, what chance do I have against HIM? I have to treat this as serious as that, or else I will have failed."
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As Irnane brandished the blade, Rinku's eyes met it, wincing as they knew they wouldn't get as close as they liked. So when Irnane swiped, he quickly recalled his hand and flew over Irnane, missing his mark. The demoralizing wafting afterwards. His Ki visually crackled against it as it permeated .

Upon hearing Irnane's explanation of the situation of her world, Rinku paused for a moment, a laughs coming up in from within him. With a wild look in his eyes, he sneakily responded to her.

"Well he must have been a lucky guy." He answered coldly. "He's obviously stronger than you and inherited your world, just let him have it! The weak should bow before the strong, isn't that right??"

At this point, the demoralize spell had been burned off of him. The energy repelling off of his Ki that he kept active. His flicker of Ki stabilizing to a more solid color with more considerable effort. What was previously so casual for him was now a struggle to maintain.

He pinched two Yo-Yos strings, a sparkle of pink imprinting on them as he tossed the two from his pocket through the air! They didn't seem aimed at anything as Rinku dashed forward again. This time, his left hand made a motion. The strings of the Yo-Yos thrown would come to life. Out of Irnane direct view, they'd come and restrain her remaining arm. All the while he came from the front to punch her shoulder, to shatter her ability to move her second arm. Either if she attacked the strings or didn't, she'd either be distracted or restrained, leaving her open to an attack!
Knuckles the Echidna

The kraken collided with the ground in a giant crash, sending cracks spider-webbing throughout the lobby floor. Before Knuckles could get too cocky, however, two more tentacles zoomed towards him to attack. Baring his teeth in anger, the echidna wasted no time responding to the attacks.

Knuckles slammed his hands into the ground, going straight into it. With a grunt of exertion, he tore up a massive chunk of the ground and threw it at the tentacle that was whipping towards him, causing it to hit the debris instead of him, whipping back from the impact and giving the echidna time to shift his focus to the one smashing from above. Instead of running away or dodging, Knucklrs simply braced himself for the impact of the tentacle and—

He GRABBED it by the tip, smirking in both relief and violent intent as his plan worked. Knuckles then pulled on the tentacle with an extreme amount of force until…

“GRAGH!” The red warrior tore off the kraken’s tentacle with his strength! “HAHA!” Knuckles chuckled (!) and swung the tentacle around, using it as a massive blunt force weapon against the kraken!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Her eyes flashed with underlying malice at his words. "You're not strong," she replied, another filter of magic coming over her as Rinku countered. Fortify Attribute, temporarily doubling Irnane's choice of attribute, this one being durability. It wasn't a particularly high stat for her, but it would be enough for what she had in mind.

Magicka was running low, she had to end this now.

The yo-yo's came out, seemingly without direction. Irnane narrowed her eyes, glancing between them and to Rinku as he charged forward. The strings themselves swerved in the air to converge upon the Nerevarine's remaining arm. Her sinewy muscles rippled beneath her gray-blue skin as she twisted the Sword of White Woe, the strings catching upon its blade instead. In a surprise move, she let go of her trusty blade, leaving the strings caught upon it. While it didn't cut through them, at least initially, its effects would still be felt, weakening the ki tethered to them while Rinku slugged forward. He struck her shoulder, but rather than smashing through as he no doubt expected, her buffed durability had enabled her to persevere despite the pain she still felt. Her pain was greater elsewhere, anyway.

And to make it worse for the demon, the reason she had let go of White Woe was to swing her own fist forth, the dunmer leaning slightly on her good leg as she made to connect her own knuckles into Rinku's stomach at the same time he hit her shoulder- before Soul Edge was summoned, doing its useful buzzing move, intended to tear open the boy's stomach. Thanks to the size of the weapon, even if he somehow ignored physics and warped his skeleton around the hit, the buzzing blade would still find him so long as he didn't chicken out of his attack.

On top of that, Wounding Touch was still active, and would damage Rinku at his contact with her.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

The sensation of cutting was felt as the buzzsaw like instrument sliced into his side, cutting inwards. Rinku hissed in pain as it happened. Thinking quickly, he maneuvered his body so that it would cut out of his body instead of in, cutting through and out of the front of his right leg. He pounced onto her only active arm, snaking his left leg around it as his stashed away remaining three Yo-Yos shot out into her arm cutting at the wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder, to remove any chance of locomotion from any part of her limb.

With the substantial damage he just obtained, and the twinge he was feeling even being on her, he needed to recoup. His next action he alway found for lesser demons or for the brute like, but he was willing to suck it up for this occasion.


Rinku bore into her neck with his teeth, finding it surprisingly thicker than he thought it would be tho chew through. She must have done something. The hurtful aura she extruded fought against the healing properties of his eating and he chowed down on her flesh, aiming to chew right to the other side! All the while, his pink aura would paralyze her, giving him all the time he needed to munch on his mortal meal.


The kraken roared out in pain as a ligament was suddenly torn off by the pint sized powerhouse, being swung like a club and smashing into it! It began to sink into the waters, despite the water only being two feet deep. But the waters were still disturbed, A familiar pirate theme blasted as Mediamon entered the fray, riding on the front of a pirate ship!

"Avast ye [50% off Scurvy] ridden [Tax Exempt Properties]!"

The boat crashed on this scope of the seven seas, Mediamon flipping two of it's ears up and blasting a bass boosted version of the pirate theme at Knuckles while the ship threatened to plow him over.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


This slippery little... Irnane winced as she felt his teeth sink into the flesh of her neck. The yo-yo's were constricting her arm. Her body was being paralyzed by his energy. To most, it would have seemed to be the end.

But she didn't need movement to work her magic.

Almost the moment he began to dig in, her heightened durability making him have to really work for his goal (her blood notably being bitter to him, as she had trace amounts of lycanthropy in her system), she processed her magicka elsewhere.

As Soul Edge was cutting through his right leg, it suddenly stopped just before it exited. Irnane realized she had a tough time gripping it with telekinetic magic, but that was solved quickly as she put effort into the telekinesis. What would usually be effortless now consumed as much energy as a standard spell, and Soul Edge carried on almost entirely unhindered before Rinku had concluded his initial bite.

For some reason, Rinku's energy hadn't been harmed immediately by Soul Edge like it had before. It did finally overpower him, and the paralysis faded as the yo-yo's went limp. Her crimson gaze struck toward the ceiling as she let another spell cross her mind. Using it in tandem with the more powerful telekinesis would double the magicka usage, but what other choice did she have?

Like a bullet after that brief moment of lag, the saw that was Soul Edge would shoot in the opposite direction at the same time Rinku was taking his first bite. The intention was to cleave through the center of Rinku's body, and out of his skull- effectively tearing the demon in equal halves. It would sacrifice Irnane's ear and a part of her shoulder, but she was willing to take the risk as she sent the saw flying back up through Rinku as a last ditch effort- but she miscalculated. His bite had forced her into reeling, flinching in pain, and the saw only skimmed along his back. By a stroke of luck, it was enough for him to pull back at the close call to having his spine severed. Enough for Irnane to properly aim her face at him and open her mouth.

A directed cone of magic flames burst forth to consume Rinku at point-blank, forcing him to leap off of her as Soul Edge lodged into the ceiling a ways off. Despite getting Rinku off, she was close to the brink, and that chunk he'd taken out of her... darkness was rapidly seeping into the edges of her vision. "Azura, I can't..." she breathed once the flames died, before she fired more toward the demon from her maw. Her aim was off, her balance staggering as she tried to direct it at him. She just needed to squeeze out this win... she couldn't lose... not here... not now...!

If she couldn't win... how did she stand a chance in protecting anyone from Mehrunes Dagon?
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


He found his back with a gash in it as the blade overshot its target, the pain getting him to stop biting down as he got blasted off with no more anchors. He ate dirt, as he was thrown against the cold ground. Cringing, he could barley find it in him to stand up. Especially with limited Ki and a serious leg injury. One hand to his stomach to stop the bleeding, he looked up with concern.

There's no way I can beat her head on. She has way too many tricks. That last one nearly killed me. I'm not ruining my perfect win record, even for you lady. While I can't muster any more attacks...

He held a hand up, the Yo-Yos still imbedded in her arm, rattling, before the strings shot out. They wrapped and wrapped around her, extending to ridiculous degrees, wrapping and wrapping her pained body together into a bound cocoon, forcing her feet together and sending her off balance, knocking her to the ground. Her body could no longer preform any physical move to break it considering the state of 3 of her limbs, as when the strings wrapped around her neck, they prevented her from torching her body with her flames. She was bound!

"Heh...sorry to cut this short." Rinku panted. "But now I have to cut corners. Sorry, but not sorry."

After several seconds passed of being on the ground without movements, the A.I. appeared, floating silently, a countdown starting with holographic numbers projected from it.


Jevil, being a highly bouncy Devilsknife, bounced and bounced and bounced from wall to wall. Jevil flew everywhere, nearly hitting several people on occasion before flying into the Regular Burger. After bouncing around in the shop for around a minute (which had the side effect of almost completely tearing the store apart), he burst out of the store at ridiculous speeds, flying directly at...

The Devilsknife soared through the air, charging directly at the tablet-faced robot with an incredible sense of chaos!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d



Vision clouding. She could barely even tell she'd fallen, the Nerevarine trying to focus her mind- a struggle somehow greater than killing the demon. Numbers, floating about in her head, streaming in from her ears. A countdown...


For a moment, the blackness surging upon her visage receded, and her eyes focused on Rinku. Near enough that she could do something about it. His smirk, it made her blood boil. She'd never fought somebody with such attitude, it got under her skin far more than she cared to admit. But the darkness started to climb back upon her once again.


Irnane could practically see Vivec's smug mug staring down at her alongside Rinku. "You should have stopped returning, Nerevar," his voice coldly whispered to her. "A thousand ended lives should have told you well enough... you'll always fail. With each reincarnation, you get more and more predictable."


The Incarnates eyes closed. Throughout this whole ordeal she kept telling herself she was only here to learn. But beneath that, she wanted to win. What if the teased "greatest honor" could truly help against Mehrunes Dagon? And now she'd lost her only opportunity. A part of her knew that she also wanted to win. A secret competitive side emerging. It had been so long since she'd fought truly special and unique individuals, and despite how much she tried to be stoic, it had been... exciting.


At the very least, she could take solace in the truth that this was no true death. She would revive, and she would return to her world as if she'd never left. And what of Rinku? What if he won this? What if he earned the "greatest honor?" What harm would he inflict with whatever the gift may be? Did she not fight hard enough? Had her failures doomed someone to a horrible fate?


"You'll always fail, Nerevar. It is what you were born to do... again... and again... and again..."


Consciousness ebbed away.


A tear rolled from the corner of her eye as she silently accepted the failure she was inevitable for. Despite all she had done, that past Nerevarines had failed to accomplish. All of her effort, all of her ambitions...



Brillingr, Radiant Researcher

The Grim Brokkr whined again with magical energy, flying back at great speed! Eitri stayed just out of reach of Zed's high speed slashes, the Gullinbursti of the magic weapon continuing to work overtime to evade Zed. Eitri's stance changed once again. She laid back on the gun lavishly, tossing her hair to the side. Her voice was that of an elegant noblewoman.

"Oh ho ho ho!" She laughed haughtily. "Good, b-b-but not good enough-ough-ough! Someone didn't listen~ isten~ isten~"

Purple magic crackled, and Grim Brokkr fired at Zed once more!


Layla once again laid a hand on Moon-Wing. Anscestors above, this brat was needy. Under normal circumstances one would never even think to touch him this much! He wasn't going to nuzzle up and comfort her, that was for sure. The eagle glanced back to Layla, and was surprised to see her staring with a determined glare. She... wanted him to go out?

Moon-Wing stared back at the girl, then huffed and shook its head. Nótt had ordered him to protect Layla, a direct order. He couldn't leave her, not on her own without one of the others to protect her.


Previously Manu456Alola
"Quite smug, aren't we?"

Zed's slashes narrowly missed their mark, Eitri speeding off and away from the Golden Trillion. Zed's own burst of speed did close the gap between them, however, and when another magic attack charged up within Grim Brokkr, he was ready.

When the blast fired, the prince suddenly swooped low, letting it sail overhead – and with a snap of his fingers, a trio of flaming swords manifested above Eitri, Zed's Dea Lacrimae diving down at Eitri with equal horizontal speed to her. Should his target be knocked downward by the attack, the Adept would combo it into a golden explosion from his hands!

"I seem to recall your techniques being far more varied," Zed remarked, Luxia's song still ringing out overhead. "Didn't you say you would kill me?"​


Layla was left confused at this. Would Moon-Wing really rather stay here with her instead of helping its partner? Looking out the window at the still roaring battle, the Adept watched as Nótt stood her ground against a squishy-looking knight, dodging gunfire at the same time. She was so strong...

Her gaze went back inside the store for a moment. If Moon-Wing wouldn't leave, then maybe she could give it something in return. Layla walked around the nearby shelves of Regular Convenience Store, which was in pretty rough shape after that big vacuum attack Spamton did. Her gaze landed on the bottom row of food items, which had somewhat survived the suction thanks to them being stored behind a glass panel. She slid it open, grabbing a small pretzel roll with both hands before hurrying back to Moon-Wing's side. Looking up at the metal eagle, she held her offering as high as she could.

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Previously mallard
Tony Masters
"Where do you think you're going!?"

As Pit gave chase, Tony made sure to stick to each bit of cover he had behind for a moment. Although this allowed Pit to catch up faster, it allowed the assassin to throw off the angel's timing with attacks. When Pit did fire upon him, he pulled off feats of impressive acrobatics. Alas, Masters could not run faster than his foe could fly, and the celestial had descended upon him roughly halfway through his journey. This was precisely what the Masters had planned for. The winged warrior had too much he could do at range- that reflection move was especially a pain in the ass. The super soldier needed to get him into melee range one way or another, and he had just done that. By turning around and fleeing, he had emboldened Pit enough to make a power move... which left him open for a counter.

The Taskmaster whirled around, leapt, and deflected the high-speed orbitars at a downward angle to further his altitude. Pit soared beneath the man as he twisted in midair. His shadow was cast over his foe as he pulled off a technique he'd learned earlier in the tournament: the Spiral Knee. The quick yet powerful blow was aimed for the back of Pit's head in an attempt to knock him out in one fell swoop.

Kassandra had broken out of the trap surprisingly quickly, causing the beetle to take a defensive step back. She hastily came barreling after the Wallrunner, with a new game plan in mind. What that game plan was didn't register in Kragg's mind as quickly as the instinct to deny her approach. Though his shoulder screamed at him not to, the Bastion's wounded arm swung into action, throwing an elbow out to ideally intercept her head. Having thrown herself so forcefully forward, this would be a mighty blow to receive- one that is not so easy to avoid.

Mud Fish Pokémon
The Rock Smash connected, dealing good damage as well as lowering the beast's defense. However, it wasn't done yet, and went to retaliate with its own attacks. Marshtomp was not as agile on solid ground as he was in mud, and so he did not have the opportunity to dodge. He could only put his thick arms up to block, but after a short moment, nothing had happened. The Pokémon quickly peeked out from behind his guard to find that Neph had diverted the attack! Given this opportunity, the powerful Marshtomp rushed up to the Leo Wizard and attempted to crush him with a powerful bear hug!

Tablet Ninja
Tabby saw the incoming tentacle, and drew the scythe in his free hand. He was fully prepared to make calamari out of this unlucky limb... and that's when the tentacle was tugged away, suplexed by a red, dumb-looking panda thing. Blocked again! That was the second time this fight! As the bot was dramatically lamenting, he was blind to the enemy scythe that was rapidly approaching.


The Jevilsknife found purchase, sparks flying as a fresh gash was cut into Tabby's metal torso. His sunglasses fell off and into the raging waters below. He scowled and fell, as there was nothing that he could do besides scowl and fall. Instead of landing in the water, the tablet jabbed his ōdachi into the ground and landed atop it. The weapon electrified the water around him as his glare followed Jevil's path through the sky. However, he had another score to settle. One more important, as the electricity coating on his weapon was being absorbed by the katana and repairing his body. He turned his stinkeye over to Knuckles, who was now engaging with Mediamon.

Tabby leapt off his perch, though he made sure to take it with him. He swapped out his scythe for a kunai, which he embedded in the boat, and used to propel himself forward. The kunai was quickly replaced with a rocket launcher, which fired a missile at the front end of the ship before it could make contact with the echidna. This didn't stop Tabby's momentum, and he intended to use that momentum to dropkick Mediamon off the ship! How was that for a rugpull?

Kkk-O-O-O... O'ghaaaaaa ....Auto Parts (OW-!)
The nigh-impenetrable force shield stopped Chai's attack with little issue.


The master of Yiga techniques rose higher, angling his body and shield downwards, before thrusting the wall of force at Chai in an attempt to shove him beneath the waves this time!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


At Kragg's reaction, Kassandra altered her own approach. The elbow was unavoidable, and just as she reached him, she slammed a foot in front of her, angling her arm. Only her power seemed to be increased, as if she had leveled to his speed, she'd be feeling sluggish compared to her usual self. As Kragg's elbow smashed into her face, Kassandra had simultaneously swung Arachne's Stinger to the unarmored bicep of the bug from a side-long angle, which would no doubt plunge deep into the limb unless he were to stop his attack or alter its direction, thus missing his strike. He lacked the time to shield it with any substantial amount of rock, none that her acquired strength wouldn't effortlessly drive through, given how their combined power had turned his earlier gauntlet to dust.

Then came Kassandra flying backward, tumbling across the ground for a moment, her grip only tightening on her blade. If it had struck, it would rip through the rest of Kragg's bicep through the side, all while delivering its poisonous damage that would pump through him.

Spinning into a backflip by pushing off the ground with her hands, Kassandra slammed her sandals into the ground, the earth shaking beneath her- a reminder of the power she had borrowed. A flash of light washed over the woman as she came to a stop, and cracked her neck. "Good hit, that hurt" she commented, though her face seemed pristine, as though he hadn't struck it at all---she had sacrificed two of her charges for a Second Wind ability, reversing the damage Kragg had caused, leaving her with two remaining, very near to a third. "But one hit won't beat me."
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The Devilsknife cut a gash into the tablet-faced robot, causing Tabby to fall into the water! Jevil ricocheted off of the bot and into the ceiling, bouncing around for a little while before crashing into a vent. The scythe had a nice time ripping apart the complex ventilation shafts of the arena before exiting via another vent... and charging directly at the Static Soldier and third-strongest robot on the field, E-123 Omega!

After hitting or missing Omega, Jevil will ricochet off of whatever he hits and charge for one of the other Static Soldiers, namely Master Kohga. From there, chaos will decide.
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Previously Manu456Alola
"Geez, he's crazy acrobatic!"

"Look out above, Pit!"

The angel flipped face up as he flew, his orbitars quickly reorienting themselves alongside his movements. Taskmaster came down with a knee drop, and another burst of energy fired from the Guardian Orbitars, spawning a durable barrier above Pit. Despite the power of the Spiral Knee, it held strong, repelling the man upwards to hopefully leave him vulnerable mid-air. From there, Pit would make use of the one-way shield to unleash continuous energy shots from his weapon, taking advantage of the medium range and Taskmaster's compromised position!
Audrey Redheart
"Got ya-" Before She could even finish that line, Audrey felt the ground rumble beneath her before she was launched into the air by the blades again, narrowly using her hands to land back on her feet. Looked like that blow had injured her quite a bit, as it was starting to get to her.

Then she saw Kirin trying to seal the paralysis. She wasn't sure how, though the feeling around it certainly reminded her a little of that Bard's singing, so Audrey resolved to do this quickly since it seemed like it would work - Summoning a single line of lightning into her blade, she charged at Kirin again, attempting to shoot out that line point blank and follow with a slash.

The Warlock
Once again, Dagr was proving to be annoyingly resilient. He'd settle this little issue in a moment's notice, the Warlock decided. Then, the stage disappeared again, entering another microgame - What excellent timing. The laser eye attack came again, which definitely seemed to slow the Warlock by a noticeable degree.

Dagr seemed to have her own plan this time, taking control of the middle while sending the sharkman from the earlier brackets against Warlock, a hint of blood on the teeth of the shark headed-warrior. In response, Mordenna raised an arm in defence, letting Beam bite into it - Clearly hurting far more than anticipated.

"Grah!" The Warlock yelled in pain, before he was teleported back down to ground level to level Beam fall down towards him. His armor cracking, he knew to move fast or else face pain and punishment. Beginning to dash forward towards the center, the Hybrid seemed to draw Psionics to hand, before suddenly flying up in a diagonal, above Dagr. "Just Die Already!" A call of anger roared as he began to glow with green energy, pollutants from the surrounding area (As the one they had been in prior) flowing to his body, the flower changing colours accordingly. "Seed Flare!" He dove straight towards Dagr and down, before the flower exploded in a huge burst of green energy surrounding the alien champion!

As Static rumbled across the body, a purple glow shone from the static soldier wielding a shield. It threw it's shield into the air, flipping it up before darting around the battlefield as if observing the situation. After a moment, it suddenly seemed to move into the water, disappearing from sight of others...

And suddenly a whiz was heard nearby Layla and Moon-Wing's hidden position, and the wall began to cave in from the outside opposite them. As it broken down, the piercing end of a sharp shield poked through, and the glitching 'Axe' appeared, darkened wings portruding from it's back as it suddenly shot off towards Layla, aiming to strike with it's shield!
"Ready for [FUN! FUN!]!? Won't let you [SUPPLY MY COMPETITORS]!"
Seems he made the connection between Luxia and Layla - That, or it was convenience.

Masaru Takahara
"Huh!?" Masaru was caught off guard as Spamton began to rise to the air and kept speaking. He jumped back, noticing the change to the barrier with a small growl. And then Spamton summoned his Static Soldiers.

Deja Vu was certainly overtaking the martial artist, even before getting to the messed up appearance of Eitri and Omega. Speaking of the latter, while Masaru was stuck into a trance of shock, annoyance, and mild anger, the robot had begun firing wildly. Masaru raised his arms, trying to block as much of the damage as he could as he began to move back - It isn't exactly easy to win a fight against a gun, 'specially if it fires before you move. He'd have to go back for that, especially since Zed was dealing with Eitri (He'd apologise to Zed properly later, Masaru assured himself). Instead, he spotted a guy with a guitar fighting a very strange looking guy. Some sort of...well, it wasn't clear what Kohga was to Masaru, but he didn't like him very much already. He ran towards them with a dash, his footsteps rippling the wind as he leapt into the air yet again.

Striking from behind, Masaru's leg came by with a sharp kick to the side of Kohga's head, aiming to surprise and create an opening.
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Alfrick, Gullinbursti Inventor - DATA-NOT-FOUND

The blades appeared above Eitri! The sage spun her weapon above her, using the rifle to shield herself from the falling blades. Still, they knocked her into the golden explosion Zed created. Eitri was sent flying back... but didn't seem too effected. Her magic shield had appeared around her, the Divine Recreation. Taking some of the energy from the explosion, it channeled it into the rifle. Eitri continued flying, laughing madly all along. Her voice grew deeper once again, becoming that of a hearty older man.

The eye in Grim Brokkr suddenly snapped to the Regular Convenince Store. Eitri glanced over her shoulder, then back to Zed.
"Zed! Using-ing-ing children? How [BAD TO THE BONE] of you!" Eitri said. She aimed Grim Brokkr at the store. "Time to-"

The sage suddenly stopped speaking, her static filled eyes staring off into the distance. She stiffened.
"... The king? Where... where is the king? I can't... I can't..." Her voice was back to normal, and barely above a whisper. Grim Brokkr snapped back towards Zed, firing a powerful blast of magic at the Adept user. This one was different, an attack empowered by that same golden energy of his explosion attack!

Moon-Wing, Lunar Protector

Once more, the child pulled the bird's attention away from the battle. She offered him a food, some sort of bread. Moon-Wing eyed it with contempt. A Princess' eagle, resorting to eating food from this rather sketchy shop. It wasn't even meat. Still, after a moment, he took a bite. Then another. Then quickly gulped down the entire pretzel. It wasn't terrible, and Moon-Wing could feel a little bit of his strength return. The eagle nodded to Layla approvingly.

Suddenly, the crash of a fallen wall! The enemy was upon them! The corrupted Axe rushed towards Layla, but Moon-Wing was already in motion. The eagle threw himself at Axe, attempting to knock the kid off his feet while he was focused on Layla and beat on them with talons, wings, and beak!

Dagr, Sun's Radiance

(Auto perms for Warlock from Frase)

The Princess grinned, tightening the grip on her ax. While she had assumed Warlock would just have teleported into the clearing, his current strategy was close enough. Energy crackled around her weapon as Warlock launched himself into the air.

"Seed Flare!"
"Dragon Fang!"

An explosion of energy! Dagr was slammed into the ground, her ax scattering out of her hands across the floor. Warlock's attack was incredible, a powerful, burning energy. It was like being hit with Bolganone, Thoron, and Fimbulvetr simultaneously, times 5. But Dagr's Dragon Fang had also been a clean hit. It knocked Warlock out of the air, a powerful blow that seemed to stun the alien mastermind. As he struck the ground, the same protective energy field that appeared around him when he summoned the Specters shone to life once more.

The two warriors struggled to their feet as the arrows fell. A few scattered off Warlock's stasis, but Dagr still remained squarely in the clearing. With the microgame over, the fighter's surroundings quickly returned to the strange elevator lobby. Breathing heavily, Dagr took stock of her situation. Sun-Wing fared much worse from the attack, having fallen unconscious from the sheer power of the Seed Flare.

That deep laughter once again rang out through the arena, along with a deep disappointed groan. A red 'O' appeared around Dagr, with a blue 'X' appearing around Warlock. Dagr felt a sudden surge of energy flow through her as some of her wounds healed! Sun-Wing came too as well, slowly blinking and weakly struggling to its feet. Dagr ran over and picked up her ax, before turning back and charging towards Warlock in his energy field!

Dark Labyrinth

Marshtomp squeezed the Leo Wizard tightly! It thrashed and roared angrily, but was unable to break free of the Pokemon's vice grip. With a crunch, the duel monster exploded into pixels and vanished. Tenderness let out a triumphant chirp at her friend's victory! On the wall, the stone carving of the key began to shine with light. The sound of bells rang out, and a small key emerged from the carving. It floated towards the heroes, hovering in the air and glowing with energy.