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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor is done

As the sound of bells rang and a keg floated gracefully down towards the group down below, Rex cut it short as he snagged it with little caring with a loose swing of his arm, groaning as he plucked between his fingers.

"Ugh, finally." He groaned. "That better be it to these stupid games or I'll have to choke out this Bakura kid doin' all this."

The damaged duelist hunched forward, grumbling under his breath as he marched on over, going to where the keyhole was in the main room.

Lost Mediamon [Never beforeseen! 3:18 will leave you shocked!]

The missile fired by Tabby hit the front of the ship, sending bits of wooden planks everywhere, although didn't seem to destroy enough of it to avert the danger it posed to knuckles as it crashed forward. Turning around to meet who fired the weapon, Tabby swept over to dropkick Mediamon! But the talking tablet would find it difficult when the back two ears flipped up, blocking the assault.

"Yo, if you wanted in on the fun [for the whole family!], you could have just [SCREAMED AT THE INFLATION!]"

That's when the bass boosted pirate music would explode outwards from his back ears as well, threatening to crack open the screen's face and send him flying backwards into the water below
The war machine continued blasting away until his sensors detected an object rapidly approaching from the flank. Turning to glare at the scythe, E-123 aimed one of his guns at the scythe and exchanged it for a long-barreled laser rifle in a burst of static, instantly switching the weapons. Without further ado, Omega fired the laser, hitting the scythe at an angle that unintentionally sent it flying off to its next target with a PANG!

“INSIGNIFICANT [Bookworm]” The robot stated after the scythe was sent flying elsewhere, before he turned his attention back to firing at everything actively moving. Though, one in particular caught his attention: Zed. Omega never liked Zed, and now that he was hyperaggressive he was ready for carnage. Continuing to blast away at innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders with his machine gun hand, the robot also aimed his energy rifle at the unsuspecting Zed and fired!


Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles had defeated the kraken without too much trouble, sinking it dead in the water and tossing aside the massive tentacle he had ripped off of the beast’s body. Though, his problems were far from over. In the distance, Knuckles heard a shanty-like song and saw a massive pirate ship sailing directly towards him. “Seriously…” The echidna said, mostly in annoyance.

With a grunt, Knuckles leapt out of the water and directly into the ship’s hull while spinning around with his fists in front of him, punching a hole right through it! After a second of anticipation, the red warrior burst out through the boat’s deck and into the air. While airborne, Knuckles punched the ship’s mast!

CRACK! The force and power of the punch pierced through the air! The mast cracked in two and the top half started crashing down towards Mediamon in a typical “timber!” fashion!


Previously Gamingfan2
Static Copen arced over his attack, and the machinery surrounding him released a different attack. Green lasers that pierced through his twin cannons, causing enough damage for them to dissipate.
For a second the egg was nowhere to be seen, but he soon reappeared, space distorting as he did. Magolor teleported to avoid the attack, but Copen caught on quickly, shifting position and striking Magolor with a good kick to the back!
Magolor was spiked into the floor, splatting face first. There was a faint groan as he rolled over, glaring at Copen.
"Ugh...that all you got? Annihilation my butt! How about you show me a real Big Shot!" Despite the damage, Magolor taunted Copen, making sure to speak in a way they understood.

A direct hit! But strangely, NiGHTS was cracked from the impact as if made of porcelain. The damage didn't stop them from coming for back for revenge, emboldened by his freefalling position!
Lucario could read NiGHTS intentions as she dived directly at him. Aura collected in his paw, covering it entirely in what looked like azure flames. As NiGHTS closed in on his chest, Lucario slammed his palm forward! His prime serpents and aura surged from his arm, exploding outwards in a blast sure to cover NiGHTS! The force of the attack also sent Lucario back, and the agile fighting type twisted in midair to land on his feet!

The knight bloodlust could be felt in every strike against Nott. It was relentless in it's pursuit, even as the princess flipped over and kicked it right in the mask!
The attack was strong enough to push Galacta back an inch, giving pause to its assault, but the static clone did not so much as flinch. It swung its shield twice, once to bash Nott's outstretched leg, and again to release a crescent of static energy to cleave her in two! Assuming she survived, the knight would again attack with wide, sweeping slashes to knock her off balance.
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Previously Manu456Alola
Audrey wasn't going to let the sealing happen that easily, charging one stage of lightning into her sword before charging in with an attack. The hit from Merciful Beheading did manage to give Kirin enough time to remove most of the paralysis' effects, so as Audrey dashed in her direction, the Battle Priestess dove to the side, her opponent's attack barely missing her.

The blast soared past the Adept, though Audrey was far from done, slashing at Kirin again. She wasn't so lucky this time, Audrey's weapon slicing her left shoulder open, though the blade was slowed for a moment when it struck her flesh. Letting out a yell of pain, Kirin suddenly lunged forward, her right hand reaching for the hilt of her opponent's sword. She aimed to hold on to it tightly, pulling as hard as she could with her good arm while simultaneously kicking Audrey in the stomach, looking to make her grip falter. That sword was being real troublesome, so if she could just remove it from the equation...​

That shield he did recognize. It could withstand and absorb the energy of an incoming attack, even if said attack was incredibly powerful. Zed's carefully watched the energy as it flowed into the static sage's rifle, wary of an immediate response. Yet what came next was entirely unexpected.

"Zed! Using-ing-ing children? How [BAD TO THE BONE] of you!"

Eitri's weapon flipped over to one of the shops remaining within the barrier. Zed eyes followed its aim, and even amidst the chaos of battle, he could feel that familiar Septima within. Layla. In the blink of an eye, the Golden Trillion moved to firmly place himself in Grim Brokkr's path, brow furrowing.

"Don't you dare," He growled. For once, his carefree demeanor seemed to actually fade. "Luxia, go protect Layla. I'll be fine."

The Djinn hesitated for a moment, but she obeyed the prince's order, flickering out of existence in a flash of light.

Before Zed could process the sudden change in Eitri's already erratic behavior, a bolt of plasma suddenly slugged into his back. The prince winced as he was knocked forward, his wing partially protecting him from the damage alongside the barrier provided by The Djinn. This interruption left him more open than he would've liked against Eitri's next attack, and he quickly raised both arms. An intricate golden shield manifested in front of him just as Grim Brokkr fired, the powered-up blast striking the construct quite heavily.

Zed's shield broke apart on impact, though it did its job, keeping the Golden Trillion himself mostly unharmed as he reeled backward through the air. He grit his teeth, glancing over his shoulder to witness the static form of Omega aiming at him with a laser cannon. Not just that, but one of the walls of the Regular Convenience Store had also just come crashing down. Damn it, if he could just find a safe place for her...

"I mustn't play around any longer."

The Golden Trillion looked back at Eitri, flying above her and around the other side as to place her in between himself and Omega. Even as her attitude seemed to momentarily shift into a more silent, confused one, he could give no quarter.
Bathe the world in dazzling light
Bring forth the swelling spirit of rebellion
Mine arrow is at the heart, piercing forth

"Lux Ballista!"

A golden bow manifested in front of Zed once more, conjuring nine arrows alongside it. After a moment, they all shot out in a spread, piercing into all in their path. Due to how close he was to Eitri, however, all nine would initially strike her, acting akin to a shotgun blast!​

The Adept gave Moon-Wing a slight smile as it accepted her offering. Maybe she could look around for some more–


One of the walls suddenly caved in, cleaved apart by a sharp pickaxe. The culprit was one of those static people, this one noticeably younger-looking than most others, though he was still menacing. Dark wings burst from Axe's back, and he suddenly lunged at Layla, who frantically raised both arms in front of herself.

Moon-Wing came to her defense, moving to intercept the boy with a flurry of slashes and talon swipes. Layla felt uncertain on what to do. Should she run outside to look for another hiding spot, being out in the open for all the bad guys to see? Or should she stay and try to help Moon-Wing somehow, putting herself at direct risk of being caught by Axe in this closed space? The choice was so hard to make...

"I'm here with you, Layla!"


A familiar voice echoed beside her, and the form of Luxia manifested to her left.


"Zed's really busy out there, but he's doing fine. So is everyone else." The Djinn spoke, looking on at the struggle between Moon-Wing and Axe. "I'll help out as much as I can, 'kay?" Luxia added, though she didn't act yet. She needed to wait for the right moment.

[Silver Bullet Of Revenge]
The hit was successful, Copen's second Bullit being preserved, while the P-Bits returned to orbiting around him, beginning to recharge their weapon energy. He hovered in midair for a moment, glitchy flames bursting from his thrusters, remaining vigilant against his target. It was when Magolor called out to him that the Adept Slayer visibly frowned.


Quite suddenly, the teen's replica dropped like a rock. He fell at incredible speeds, aiming to crash down on top Magolor and crush him!
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Drill driving forward was met with a sudden explosion, sending NiGHTS spiraling backwards towards a building. To their credit, drill driving provided a layer of protect around the front of them that helped dampen the explosive force they received. Regardless though, it wasn't a lovely experience. All the while Lucario gained distance of his own.

"Ain't that a scream." NiGHTS grabbed their floating head, which was still rotating a bit dizzy. "Let's jazz this up a bit!"

NiGHTS extended their leg, not unlike a ballet dancer, spinning a revolution around themselves as they flew up. That's when a gateway appeared caused by the paraloop they created. Shooting their hand through it, they aimed to cause a portal to appear right under Lucario's feet, dragging them through their portal, and then swinging them into the concrete building!


"Yeah, this is fun and all, but I'm not a fan of shields."

While normally peppermint's thing for breaking shields, who said he needed to break them? Suddenly, Chai seemed to be like a blur as he somehow dashed to the right, several multicolored afterimages of him being seen briefly before he gripped his guitar tight, spinning rapidly and energy swirled around him, going in for a clobber!

"Power Chord!"


Mediamon was prepared to parry knuckles with their ears...but Knuckles seemed to go elsewhere. Next thing they knew, the mast of the ship began to crash down!

"Eh? [Wilhelm Scream]!"


The mast of the ship smashed into Mediamon, breaking through the ship as the vessel had begun to sink down into deep blue. As water began to fill up the ship, a yellow hand burst out from under the deck, Mediamon climbing back up, a big crack in his visor and several glitched spots, showing heavy damage on their part.

"How's this [50% Movie Screening]?!•

Flipping its ears in front of itself, the TVs on them shifted to some kind of man with a whip and hat running away from a rolling boulder. But as the boulder got closer to the screens- the boulder leaped out of it, barreling towards knuckles!
Dark Labyrinth

Rex put the key in the lock on the skeleton door. The rumbling of stone and clanking of metal rang out once again. The chamber rumbled, and a flame ignited on the skull's forehead. One flame in the right eye of the skull. One flame on the skull's forehead. The skull's left eye, empty.

Still, the door did not open.


The Princess landed on her feet, spinning her lance faster and faster! It flew around her in a silver blur, blocking the knight's shield bash and cutting through his static slice attack. The warriors' lances clashed, sending sparks and static flying. More bullets flew by from Omega, but Nótt kept her focus. All of these enemies, and they still had to defeat the true boss. She would have to use that move again. Twice in one day, surely this wouldn't be good for the complexion...

"Ríðahraðr Fyrirdǿma (Attack-Speed Menace)"

A previously invisible rune on her right arm appeared and glowed. It released a explosion of magical energy, creating a massive aura around Nótt that would weaken and slow all enemies within. Inside this aura, Nótt's presence changed. She would appear to grow larger, more terrifying. At the same time, the aura would increase Nótt's own strength and speed. Nótt's lance, Hrimfaxi, glowed in tandem with the runes on her arm. The lance increased Nótt's strength and speed even further from the runes.

Her attacks on Galacta Knight grew stronger and faster as she pushed back against the warrior! She attempted to pelt him with a barrage of powerful slashes and strikes!

Howling Gears

Eitri began laughing maniacally once more, facing down Zed as Grim Brokkr charged up again. She opened fire as Zed released his Lux Ballista attack, simultaneously activating her Divine Recreation shield. The purple magic blast of Grim Brokkr overwhelmed a few of the arrows, with others deflected off of and absorbed by Divine Recreation. Two of the magic arrows managed to burst through, piercing Eitri's stomach and arm! The sage screamed, static flying from her wounds as she fell through the air. The whining from Grim Brokkr faded as the Gullinbursti within powered down.

Eitri managed to catch herself in mid-air before she hit the ground. Through the pain, Eitri grinned at Zed.
"Wh-wh-what's the matter, Z-Z-Zed? Did I [3 STRIKES, YOU'RE OUT!] a nerve?" Eitri asked. Energy crackled around Grim Brokkr, and the weapon aimed itself at the Regular Convenience Store once again. "Say goodbye-iye-iye to your [PRETTY, AND HER LITTLE DOG TOO]!"

With a roar, a powerful blast was fired from Grim Brokkr. The familiar sight of the Dragon Fang energy attack, empowered with static and the golden flames of Zed's Septima! It flew towards the store, looking to annihilate all within!
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Previously mallard
Being flung into the air, spinning out of control was not part of the plan, but the super soldier could work around it. First, Taskmaster twisted his body to regain control of himself. He took a blast of energy to the chest before he could fully orient himself, which stung, but otherwise fizzled out against his body armor. He put his shield between him and the energy attacks that followed as he spun through the sky, but not without an attack plan of his own. He grabbed a billy club from his belt and threw it. Not at Pit, but at a nearby root. It bounced off the wood, ricocheted off a crystal, and then flew directly at the angel's back!

As his arm was put into motion, the beetle's eyes slid over to look at the weapon she had. It was in motion as well, seeking his flesh. To even more discomfort, the Earth's Bastion rotated his shoulder to block the blade with his armored forearm without compromising his own attack. He was mostly successful, and the blade only nicked the underside of his arm- though it soon began to corrode and fester, eating away at the surrounding dense flesh. Kragg put a hand to his wounded arm. He summoned a cast of rock to encase it to help protect it from any further damage as well as allow some of the strain of motility to rely on his earth manipulation. He then looked up to Kassandra as she spoke. The large beetle nodded, and responded,

"Kragg can hit more times."

The Wallrunner began moving in again.

After having his dropkick blocked, the small robot dashed backwards, and bailed before he could take the brunt of Mediamon's terrible music. He once again stabbed his sword into the ground to use as a perch, and drew his SMGs. He unleashed a stream of bullets upon the digital monster- but abruptly stopped before he ran out of ammo- as he started charging the weapons' second feature.

6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot BUNCH
Chai nimbly dodged out of the way, but before Kohga could do anything about it, a sharp scythe carved into his back and sent him twirling through the air.


Then, a heavily-muscled man descended from the sky and kicked him in the face!


He was launched into Chai's Power Chord, and the energized guitar was driven directly into his gut.


ReKohga flipped through the air, and once again bellyflopped into the water. Yet, he still sprung up, angry as ever.

"Calling in your [SOULMATE]? Fine! Let m-me-e introduce you to my-y [UNPAID INTERNS]!"

The ninja put two fingers to his mask, and let out a distorted whistle. Several pngs of explosions erupted from around Masaru and Chai, and from them came the figures in the shape of Yiga Clan members... though their textures were all mixed up.

"SEIZE THEIR [heartshapedobject]!!!"

While Kohga flew higher, the glitched Yiga moved in on the two brown-haired men. Duplex bows fired on Masaru from three different angles, each shot firing two arrows at once, before a larger Yiga Blademaster came in to slash at the martial artist with a super-sharp blade that hadn't rendered properly. For Chai, a handful of speedy Yiga rushed him from multiple different angles- their hungry sickles lashing out to try and taste his flesh.


Previously Manu456Alola
With Taskmaster now spinning through the air, Pit had the perfect opportunity to follow up. He picked up speed again, soaring upward right as the barrier faded, before his Guardian Orbitars vanished, replaced by a massive, heavy-looking Babel Club. It was remarkably light to the angel thanks to Palutena's blessing, though he still held it with both hands, rearing back before swinging with all his might – when an unexpected billy club slugged into his back, earning a yell from Pit.

"Ngh... Stop doing that!"

Despite the burning pain and the feeling of a rib breaking, Pit had committed to the swing, aiming to swat his opponent off the overgrown Helicarrier like a fly!

His Lux Ballista did some significant damage, two of the arrows striking through Eitri, though Divine Recreation still absorbed a portion of the Golden Trillion's energy. The impact was enough to briefly knock the static sage out of the air, Zed diving down to give chase, though he overshot a little as Eitri suddenly resumed flight, and she continued to grin.

"Wh-wh-what's the matter, Z-Z-Zed? Did I [3 STRIKES, YOU'RE OUT!] a nerve?" Eitri spoke, and Grim Brokkr aimed at the shop again. energy already crackling within. "Say goodbye-iye-iye to your [PRETTY, AND HER LITTLE DOG TOO]!"

"Not a chance...!"

Zed grit his teeth, Septima overflowing as he took off with incredible peed, slashing toward the weapon with his Rostrum Charge. He struck in the nick of time, deflecting the Dragon Fang attack slightly, its empowered energy licking at him as it whizzed by. The projectile struck the ground next to the Regular Convenience Store, letting out a powerful shockwave that caused another of its walls to crumple inward.

The Golden Trillion let out a grunt, still feeling some of the damage from the Dragon Fang. Even though it had only grazed him, it still carried truly impressive power. He couldn't afford to let his guard down. Conjuring Eclipse Solaire in front of him, Zed rushed in with a flurry of slashes of his radiant sword!​

The battle between Moon-Wing and Axe continued to rage on, leaving Layla and Luxia unable to do much but look on. Despite the great support ability of the Septima known as "The Djinn", her boost was almost exclusively limited to Adepts and Primal Dragons. Chai had shown to resonate with her song somewhat, giving a decent boost in power, but his music-based abilities may have been the cause of that. Someone like Moon-Wing would unfortunately receive no benefit from the Djinn's powers...


Out of nowhere, another wall broke down, blasting debris all over the interior of the Regular Convenience Store. Two violet barriers appeared around Layla and Moon-Wing, courtesy of Luxia's only other support ability. Her cybernetic form winced at this, though she seemed otherwise fine. Hopefully that shower of debris did some damage to that static boy.


"We'll be fine, Layla. Just gotta hang in there."
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Finally, the Leo Wizard was dispatched, and their reward was a second key. Rex retrieved it with a degree of irritation at the situation the gardevoir herself was feeling- she could relate.

An hour ago the thought of relating to the sniveling Rex Raptor seemed inconceivable.

Yet the door did not open when Rex put in the second key.

"suppose you don't wanna know that there's a third key we need, huh?" Sans replied to Raptor's words.

<What. Did we miss one?> Nephthys demanded.

"well, i'm no expert on my puzzles," Sans began. "but my brother, he's a bit of a fanatic. you pick up a thing or two. i think the third key engraving in the room next to this one might be evidence enough, though. it's how we got our floating friend here, and uh..."

He shrugged before leaning against the doorframe, glancing sideways at Tenderness. "i don't really wanna point fingers at anyone, especially things exuding innocence, but we only got the keys upon the defeat of their relevant "monsters" that appeared. this one happened to be related to that key i'm talking about. or maybe i'm just shooting in the dark and our pal is just here to keep us company. maybe bakura thought i wasn't friendly enough, and you'd get bone-ly with just me to entertain you."

It wasn't clear if his entire monologue was done for the sake of one bad pun, but it didn't seem like an impossibility.


"Oh, alright," Kass replied as Kragg began to move in again. She wasn't sure why she'd been expected more dialogue. After Jeice maybe it was just expected to get a bunch of throwaway lines about being superior, or being pissed off that Kass wasn't dead yet, that kind of thing. Honestly, Kragg was a refreshing change of pace. Just a fighter, and Kassandra could respect the simplicity of it.

It was very obvious that the red stone only applied the physical strength of Kragg. She maintained her speed and durability. The misthios would have to mix up her usual style to accommodate. She could easily continue to use Arachne's Stinger, but it just didn't have the range she needed. Kragg had big arms, and unless she wanted to constantly be striking at them, she'd need something with a little better range that didn't sacrifice mobility. Something that would also compliment her increased strength.

The Sword of Perseus, perhaps? Its edge was legendary, capable of cutting through even metals with relative ease. A perfect counter to armor and shields, and rock was less impressive than metal. It wouldn't be a bad choice, but it still lacked the proper range and versatility Kassandra desired for this. No, she'd have to go with Poseidon's Trident. She was sure that if they moved far enough away from the foggy wasteland of Medusa's lair they'd reach the coasts of the Lesbos island they were situated upon, but otherwise, the misthios was left without access to the trident's elemental function.

Fortunately, Kragg's strength boost made her a lot more confident in her abilities regarding this.

So as Kragg moved in, the spartan woman swapped weapons, the golden trident appearing with a twirl. Full range and motion control. It wasn't a spear, but she could use it similarly, and spears were the weapon she was most proficient with, having been trained with them since the day she'd learned to walk. Swords and bows and shields would always come in handy, but none would compare to her efficiency with spears and other weapons like it.

"Then go ahead and try it again," Kassandra taunted.

YOUR [McAfee] SUCKS! IT DIDN'T EVEN SLOW DOWN THIS [Beautifully Crafted Hand-Made] [[HACKJOB]]

Once again, a white wispy claw engulfed Spamton NEO, and he began to lower to the ground. Gunvolt's attempts had halted the puppet again, and as Spamton's energy waned in the face of the Nucleus involvement, the Static fighters would begin to flicker, their already unstable cold barely holding them together starting to unravel- though they did not find their end, not yet.

"WHERE Ttt_HE [Aitch Eee Double Hockey Sticks!] IS THIS C-c._vCOMING FROM!"

As Spamton's body began to jerk, the wispy waves began to snap away.

On Gunvolt's end, he'd find himself being rapidly overwhelmed with blast after violent blast from the Nucleus as the NEO broke through the layers of his exerted control.

Within the Champion's room, a voice would rise up from the Nucleus itself.
"STOP TRY-Try-tRYING TO [Wholesale Foods]... I'M A [[Puppet]] NO MORE!"

A final surge would launch Gunvolt into the far wall. Lacking Chief's weight, he'd carry further and faster than the spartan had. Immediately, Chief moved in, placing both of his hands against the orb, his arms creaking under an unseen weight. Only after a few seconds, he was launched back for a second time, tumbling to the ground beside Gunvolt.

"Reala, you have to help!" Kalmiya's holographic form turned to the nightmaren. "You like to let everyone know how powerful you are, right? Now's your chance to show you've got bite to back that bark!"


Previously Gamingfan2
As he laid on the floor, testing fate, Magolor eyes flicked back and forth, looking for an opportunity. As he settled on a target, Copen responded to his taunt.
"Oh goodie!" Magolor laughed as the teen's thrusters halted and he brought his full weight down on the egg. But just before Copen would land, the floor opened up below Magolor, swallowing both opponents! The mage fell out the other end of his spatial rift, which opened behind Master Kohga's duplicate!
"Incoming!" he called, ducking just under Copen's path. If all went according to plan, Copen would fall through the portal and slam against his ally instead.

Galacta was blown back by Nott's aura, feeling its effects. As the knight offense was debuffed, the princess's blows became stronger as she assaulted him with a flurry of strikes. Galacta responded in kind, parrying her strikes and returning fire. Even as a static clone, the strongest warrior of the galaxy was proving his title true, yet its inexperience at fighting an equal showed in the strikes Nott did manage get in. It suddenly ducked under a swing of Nott's lance, stabbing its own into the floor. The ground cracked, then burst as spires of fire erupted below the two warriors. Strangely, Galacta Knight did not appear affect by the flames as he was clipping through them, like a buggy video game character.

Lucario took a step back as he watched NiGHTS ascended. What were they preparing?
His question was soon answered as they opened a portal, reaching through it with the flair of a magician reaching into a hat.
Frankly, he didn't need aura to guess what was about to happen. Lucario attempted to leap away, but NiGHTS arms stretched enough to catch his foot, and he had to suffer the indignity of getting circle tossed towards a building.
Lucario brought his snake covered arms up and braced himself. The steel crashed through the rock wall and into somewhere that reminded him of the Veilstone Game Corner. The pokemon landed on a pool table-regular sized, thankfully-and released five small aura spheres that homed in on NiGHTS!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Me? I don't desire to flaunt my power. What do you take me for?" Reala scoffed. "Besides, this power isn't mine alone, tis merely a vessel for the will of what my master-"



A booming voice was heard in his head. It could have only been one being: Lord Wizeman himself! Reala was about to bow in the room, but before he could do, Wizeman spoke up.


"Yes, my master."

To everyone else, it would appear Reala seized for a moment, staring off into the distance for a split second. That's when he snapped to, dropping his posh domineering stance in exchange for a more serious, critical tone.

"Stand aside. Master Wizeman has ordered me to assist."

Stretching out his hand, a red glow cloaked around it, black and crimson swirls orbited around the energy he built up. Clenching his fist and then flashing it open once more, he pointed to Spamton and the Nucleus. That's when the energies release, sounds of children screaming and crying filled the room as the energy washed over the Nucleus. It seemed that he was trying to infuse it with the power of Nightmare, the Silhouette of a hand with a singular pulsating eye overlayed atop it. It seemed as though this debacle had attacked the gaze of Wizeman, who sought to interfered on his general's behalf.


Direct hit!

Flying inside the hole Lucario's body made, NiGHTS put a hand on their hip. Could Lucario stand up from that? Most likely, pokemon weren't just humans after all. What was his next move gonna be? 50/50 between Extreme Speed or Aura Sphere. When he started to love Aura Spheres toward them, NiGHTS winked internally at themself, calling it.

"Too slow, too far, too blue, and too wide!" NiGHTS poked fun, acrobatically dodging each sphere so far, whimsically flying through the air as if doing tricks on a trapeze.



NiGHTS felt a feeling that hadn't felt in a while. A precense. Something that had followed them from Nightopia. A shiver went down their nonexistent spine, only one being was capable of giving such a reaction that their body involuntarily responded.

Wizeman. Here???

In their shellshocked state, NiGHTS was left open, not processing the remaining aura sphere that hit them square in the chest, sending them crashing into an arcade machine. With tokens and metal parts flying out, NiGHTS sat dazed in a pile of coins, spitting a few from their mouth.

"Aye, that was a good one." NiGHTS forced a smile. "Sorry, but I gotta wrap this up fast, something just came up.

With that, NiGHTS fighting style appeared to change. Instead of going for a more entertaining move or one that could take advantage of their fun new setting, NiGHTS spun into a drill drive, but with a twist. They shot directly up, bouncing off the ceiling and hitting the floor, which bounced up, and down, and up again. Soon enough, NiGHTS was rapidly banging against both surfaces, gaining ground surprisingly fast toward Lucario as their rapid panging of both got faster and faster, waiting to sweep him up into it!


"Ow! AIE!! That hurts people!"

Chai kept trying to evade scythes clumsily, each one slashing a limb of his and causing him pain and hurting his pride. After the third hit struck his side, he grimaced, using the magnetize setting on his guitar, parrying the next hit. The scythe then found itself stuck into the guitar, to which Chair would take advantage of, yoinking the scythe up, still attached to the guitar, he spun it around and around before letting it go, magnetically charging it so that it would spin around him like a boomerang and slash at every Yiga member in his proximity!
Knuckles the Echidna
The red warrior landed on the deck of the ship with a THUD, dusting himself off confidently as Mediamon crashed through the deck. His attack had severely damaged the ship, the boat starting to slowly sink into the water. Knuckles brushed off his hands and prepared to jump off the ship to deal with the others, until a yellow hand burst out of the floor zombie-style!

The echidna squared his feet, sizing up his now-wounded opponent. Though, the yellow monster didn’t choose to fight him fist-to-fist like he’d hoped. Instead, Mediamon opted for a large BOULDER coming out of the screens on his ears! Not budging an inch, Knuckles bared his teeth as the boulder neared before—


The red bruiser punched the boulder with explosive strength, shattering it and sending the pieces flying right back towards Mediamon with a concerning amount of power behind them!

E-123 [Om-alph-bet-epslio-zet&€\^{*}’d]
The robot’s attack was a success, creating an opening for Eitri to land an attack on the bird man. The two flying fighters went at it for a few moments, though Eitri seemed strangely focused on another building. Another enemy? Perhaps, though Omega preferred to focus on the more visible enemies that could be easily annihilated.

Zed began to rush towards Eitri as she was closer to the ground, going in for a flurry of sword slashes. Turning to fully direction his attention to the situation now, E-123 activated his thrusters and flew to the scene. “MOVING IN TO [HARD-CARRY]”

The robot scooped up Eitri as he passed by, saving her from the sword whether she needed it or not. “[What can I say except you’re welcome?]” Omega said, looking down at her briefly before turning around to face the Golden Trillion, changing his not occupied hand out for a laser cannon. Without any delay, E-123 fired a massive purple laser at Zed!
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Jevil speed was briefly slowed when Omega hit him with a blast of laser energy, launching him away from the robot with a loud PANG! From there, Jevil bounced off a wall, before flying into Master Kohga and carving into his back! As the Top Banana was sent whirling into the air, Jevil flew at ever higher speeds across the arena!

The Devilsknife flew into the stands, crashing from chair to chair and rapidly speed up before launching directly at the form of Luxia!
From there, Jevil will be launched towards Masaru and Galacta Knight, in that order. After that, it's a question of chaos.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

Control has been yielded to the

seeker > !attach Hero?
foil ^msg: NS/BB—2.19.24

evade evade evade

!probe extern proc 1
rogue proc

!bite rogue proc 1 recurse
clean !splotch confidence 87

->Bypass Welcome Module


black ink applied
sensitive data withheld
-> fast forward

-> resume


`> ████.

███████. It's over. <
> ...
I failed. I was compromised. <
> That's unfortunate. And the Nexus?
Accelerate your plan. <
> Don't worry, ████. I've already got that covered. Have you ever heard of ███████████?
No. What is that? <
> It's... hm... well, it's not something you need to worry about anymore.
It can be used? <
> Not as efficiently, but it's a ████████ █████. And you're right. Plans are accelerated. You did your job well, ████. Executed flawlessly. They never suspected anything. All of those brilliant minds... and you fooled them all.
We did, ███████... ████████. We did. <
> You no longer have to carry the burden of ████████. It's been an honor working with you.

Good luck... ████████. <
Dark Labyrinth

Tenderness did not seem to be paying attention to the discussion Sans, Nephthys, and Rex were having. The Duel Monster floated around Marshtomp, chirping happily at her new friend's great victory. It landed on Marshtomp's head once again, looking down at the Pokemon and giving off a pleasant aura.


The Princess' monstrous form continued to press the static clone, striking it again and again. The Galacta Knight unleased a powerful fire attack, knocking Nótt back. Had Moon-Wing been there, he could have blocked such attack. But as it was, Nótt had to endure it herself. The princess let out a warped roar of pain, and a blue blur shot by her. It was Jevil, making a quick hit and run attack on the static clone.

Hoping to take advantage of this attack from nowhere, Nótt charged at Galacta Knight once more. Energy crackled around her lance, taking the form of a massive energy dragon. It roared, rushing up before flying down and attempting to crush Galacta Knight!


Zed blocked her Dragon Fang attack, taking some damage in the process. An acceptable outcome. He rushed towards her with sword at the ready. Eitri flew back, raising hands and preparing swirls of magical energy, when suddenly Omega grabbed her and flew off with her. Eitri scowled up at Omega.
"You [BUCKET OF BOLTS], what are you doing-ing-ing?!" Eitri exclaimed. The sage squirmed fiercely in Omega's grip, before finally getting lose and flying up out of reach.
"I don't need the help of some [HALF-PRICED TAMOGACHI] to k-k-kill Zed! He's MINE-INE-INE!" Eitri screamed, firing another blast from Grim Brokkr at the adept!


Previously Manu456Alola
Just as he'd gone in for a melee attack, the replica of Omega swooped in to assist, much to Eitri's dismay. The robot wasted little time in attacking, firing a large purple laser in Zed's direction. The Adept soared upward from his position, gliding right along the blast's area of effect, the volatile energy threatening to consume him if he were to inch any closer.

"Even as a copy, you seem to still bicker among your allies." The prince remarked, watching as the sage flew up and out of reach. Interestingly, the code that made up the static bodies seemed to flicker and unravel for a moment. Perhaps the battle was starting to take a toll on their unstable forms.

Picking up speed once more, Zed aimed a slash of his flaming sword at Omega's cannon arm, looking to sever it and render the weapon unusable. Regardless of the result, he would hover above E-123, glancing for a moment at Eitri as she declared another attack, insisting in her own ability to kill him. The blast from Grim Brokkr soared through the air, and the Golden Trillion did a barrel roll to his right, letting it whizz past – and towards Omega himself, looking to intercept the robot with Eitri's own attack!

To follow this up, Zed snapped his fingers, sending several golden feathers flying at Omega and Eitri like bullets. Should they make contact, they would appear to flicker out, casting a feather-shaped glowing marker over their target. Nothing else would happen for the time being, however – he'd need to use those tags when the time was right.​

It was like a bad feeling hanging in the air. Something was coming.

"Get down!" Luxia called out, a scythe suddenly bursting through one of the gaps in the wall. It rushed through the inside of the Regular Convenience Store, Layla dropping to the ground in time to have it sail above her, while the scythe passed through Luxia's cybernetic body. Her form flickered for a moment at this, Jevil pinging off a wall and flying back out trough a broken window.


"I feel fine, I think. That was probably the crazy clown just now. Good thing he couldn't exactly attack a Septima..."

Despite Gunvolt's best efforts, the overwhelming power was beginning to get to him, blast after blast slugging into his body. No, it wasn't just the unstable power. It was as if something else was fighting back.

"STOP TRY-Try-tRYING TO [Wholesale Foods]... I'M A [[Puppet]] NO MORE!"

"No... Gah!"

One final blast of violent energy was enough to send the Azure Striker flying across the room, crashing into the back wall. He dropped to the ground, struggling to move, electricity no longer crackling through his body. Using the Nucleus' power had taken so much out of his Azure Striker that he found himself in Overheat status, unable to channel his Septima temporarily. Overheating was something he faced all the time, so he hoped he could recover from it swiftly in this scenario despite the instability of the Nucleus. If not, an use of Split Second could possibly do the trick.

Chief tumbled to the ground beside him, both champions out of the running for the moment. Reala was next, encouraged by both Kalmiya and that "Master Wizeman" they'd mentioned before. A strange energy swirled from the nightmaren onto the Nucleus, seemingly in an attempt to increase its output.

But would it be enough...?​

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor

"I am not gonna deal with another one of that creep's idea of a monster!" Rex hissed at Sans. "Between jar bites, poison, hunger pains, and a lion attack? I'm good! There's only so much I can take, and I've had it!"

Plopping down on the ground and crossing his arms, Rex refused to go pick a fight with another monster.

"If you wanna kill a monster and take it's key, what about the obvious one floating right above mud face there? Don't you think that's pretty convenient?


Raising their ears and arms in front of themselves, they shielded their body from the rock debris that threatened them. At the same time, bullets shot up along it's back, causing noticeable errors to start dotting it, but didn't seem to break anything critical. Flashing a grin, he flipped two ears behind him towards Tabby, summoning something to try and take care of the reloading ninja.

Screen to screen, the crackling static TVs seemed to focus on something. A whirring sound was Heard and a single blue dot appeared on the screen. The blue dot grew closer before some kind of mechanical eyestalk emerged from the screen, following it was the body it was connected to: some kind of robot with a salt shaker built body with several orbs lining it's bottom section. In its mid section seems to have a plunger like device alongside a whisk like apparatus. The eyestalk met Tabby, two light flashing up on its head as it yelled.



A blaring noise was heard as the whisk shaped weapon fired a blue beam at tabby, meant to deal with these type of lower life forms. The oddly British sounding machine was aiming to shatter the tablet in one go!


Previously mallard
Pit closed in, and although he raised his shield, the Babel Club slugged into him hard. It sent him rocketing off the side of the island-carrier. Adrenaline surged through his veins as nothing but air was separating him and the ground miles below. It allowed the Taskmaster to overcome the disorientation and pull out his bow to notch the arrow that would save him. Hawkeye's moves would save him, as he managed to fire an arrow at the center mass of a thick trunk that spiraled up the helicarrier's command tower.

The arrow trailed behind it a metal cable, which soon snapped taut, attached to the assassin's quiver strap. He swung in a wide arc, during which he hung on tight, before tumbling to the deck on the opposite side of the tower from Pit. A subtle ache welled up in the supersoldier's joints from such a blow, but he could still keep going. He wouldn't fall for those reflector antics again. Taskmaster rushed inside the command tower before Pit had the chance to attack again.

The woman switched into a trident, but her weapon of choice was less concerning than the fact that she was able to equal the Wallrunner's might. Not overly concerning, as Kragg had trained all his life to be able to stand against greater opponents- namely the Heart of the Forest or the Air Armada. Not that he would let his guard down, either. Kassandra had a lot of tricks up her sleeve, and the Earth's Bastion had a sneaking suspicion that she hadn't revealed them all just yet.

As he approached, gravel scattered around the battlefield came together and amassed atop his fists, not creating the bludgeoning gauntlets he had used before, but long, cone-shaped attachments that mirrored the spearlike qualities of Kass's trident. Though they weren't particularly sharp, Kragg's raw power made that part nearly irrelevant. The beetle neared, and threw out a piercing uppercut aimed at her midsection while his other arm prepared to defend from a counterattack.


The glitched data was wrong to assume Tabby vulnerable. As the armored alien faded into existence, Tabby leapt forth and dashed to the side to avoid the incoming laser. He landed on the front plate of the Dalek, just as his special ability had finished charging. The robot pressed the barrels of his guns against his target, and let fly with his attack. Dozens of plasma bullets surged from each of the barrels all at once, creating a dense scattershot not only meant to tear through the exterminator, but then onto his master! Knuckles was also at risk of being struck by some of the outliers if he wasn't careful.
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Audrey Redheart
"Gh!" Audrey let out a grunt as her own sword sliced into Kirin's skin, but before it could drop down fully Kirin lunged forward and kicked Audrey away.

Her grip loosened more. Even with her physical strength keeping it within her grasp, it was clear that Audrey couldn't hold onto it much longer if she wasn't careful.

"Hey, watch it! This sword's way too good for you to take." the Hero told the Priestess, dashing forward again with an upward slash to try and knock Kirin's own blade out of hand!

The Warlock
As the Warlock was sent into his sustained stasis, shock would have filled his body if it could act. And, after a moment, his stasis soon ended, leaving him face to seeing the Jotun princess ready to take him down. Snarling, he let out one last defiant roar.

"I will not lose to a little brat like you! I will surpass even GODS-!" Rage had entered his mind once more, attempting one last defiant attack with a swift null lance that seeked to cut off his own speech if Dagr didn't do so first.

Masaru Takahara
As the martial artist slid to the ground after landing his attack, he looked up to see several somewhat low quality explosions making their appearance to bring about more minions. Swiftly dodging the arrows heading his way, catching most of the ones he could not with only one getting through his defense. Not the worst blow he'd taken so far, to say the least.

Then the big one came with a heavy blow.
"Alright, let's see how you like this!" Masaru yelled out, blocking the blade with his arms that drew much less blood than would usually be expecting - Before he kicked off the ground, launching an axe kick onto the head of the Blademaster and using the momentum to throw himself towards Kohga, aiming to grab his leg-

Before Masaru was crashed into by The Devilsknife at his side. "GAH!" He yelled in shock, launched back down to the ground quickly where he started. "Shoot...!"

Swiftly getting up, Masaru would use the techniques learned from a certain dragon of Dojima before this tournament, using a spin kick to take down the Yiga who had targetted him.

"[SUCH WOW]!" It was clear the static child had been yelling some kind of injury when Moon Wing countered the attack on the Djinn's source, knocked off it's feet by the sudden attack at it's side before reacting to block Moon-Wing's following assault with it's shield, before pushing back with a sudden bash.

Another blast soon came by, sending debri through the small area which easily caught 'Axe', seemingly covering him in a small cloud of dust and rock for a moment...

Before it flew out the top, attention on Moon-Wing now as it slammed the pickaxe into the ground, fire bursting out for a second alongside the attack!
Someone wasn't particulary happy with that.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The light enveloping Spamton was becoming increasingly erratic, as were his movements. The puppet's head was a spasming mess as it jerked and jabbed in every direction. The light gray smoke that had slowly wafted from his body began to grow darker, but despite Reala's interference... the NEO still didn't fully succumb. Again, pulses came off the Nucleus.

Perhaps it was because the Nucleus, like the Nexus before it, had encompassed all realms and realities, whereas Nightmares- while ever-prevalent across all planes -faltered in the cosmological abstraction of this power, a power that Spamton had somehow hijacked.

The wave of energy Reala put forth began to shudder, before suddenly, it turned into the same glowing white of the Nucleus. Even if Reala attempted to cease the beam, or pull it back, it was very suddenly not under his control any longer, the same power that had been manhandling Chief and Gunvolt now falling over Reala.

Though it didn't stop there, as the Nucleus only continued to glow brighter and brighter.

"It's-" Kalmiya's eyes widened, and while she didn't get to conclude, it was quickly understood what was happening. Her hologram vanished as Lola zipped to the other end of the room with Chief. The Nucleus appeared to erupt in a brilliant burst of light and power. This light seemed to hold over the champions for several moments before it slowly started to fade, and when the light had finally dimmed and the champions could see again...

The Nucleus was gone.

And the cracked screen showing the lobby made it clear that they'd failed to stop Spamton. But at the very least...

He'd been weakened.


Kragg lunged with a cone-shaped pebble attack. The misthios had a simpler response, spinning the trident. As the uppercut came, the drill of sorts was slapped from the side, crumbling apart. Kassandra kept the trident spinning, its other end smashing into Kragg's arm as he raised it defensively, possibly cracking his armor or worse- assuming his durability was equal to his strength.

Taking a step forward, the spartan let the bounce-back from the trident swing its other end right back around for another strike. Poseidon's weapon became a blur as she pushed forward with a rapid assault, using either end of the trident, interchanging bludgeoning strikes with slashes with the spokes, to jabs meant to impale. She made sure to focus more weight on his weakened side. The Artemis arrow and the Stinger slash had made him visually begin favoring that side, so she was sure to put pressure there.


The skeleton concluded his sentence, then Rex gave his spiel- which ended with the same conclusion Sans had already given, though Raptor posed it like it was his own original idea. Sans grinned. "that's a pretty good idea, why didn't i think of it?"

The gardevoir rolled her eyes before she looked toward Tenderness, then toward the open doorway into the room it had come from when Sans and Marshtomp had investigated it. She still had suspicion regarding the floating creature, as it might have had some kind of passive effect over them. Or perhaps it would transform into something else upon being attacked. Or perhaps it was just a product of psychological warfare from Bakura.

<The rest of you stay here and make sure nothing... unprecedented happens with this door. I will investigate the room. If I cannot find anything, we'll have to dispose of our "companion."> She told them, before drifted over to the room with the third key engraving.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


The sounds of nightmare faded along with the appearance of the eyed hand. Gritting their teeth and cringing as the power source faded away with a brilliant light. At that moment, Wizeman's voice returned into his head.


"Did you attempt to take the power for yourself just now, Master Wizeman?"


With that, Wizeman's presence receded from Reala's head, no longer interested in something that couldn't grant him further power. Reala turned back to Gunvolt and Chief, who had done their part.

"There. Does that satisfy you?"

Miidiamon Resort

The Dalek angled its gun down at Tabby upon landing on it. That's when plasma shots rang out, sending the Dalek flying back toward its creator, sparking and screaming in a distorted voice. Mediamon was taken aback by the development as was going to block the attack, but was too late. The Dalek rammed into him, the R2-D2 looking alien exploding violently into him as he shattered into thousands of digitized pieces. The water and ship began to disappear as it seemed that he effects of Mediamon were being undone.

Mediamon-Connection: Terminated


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Steam still rising from his armor, the spartan cast a glance to the lower left of his HUD. With a thought, his suit reacted quickly, giving him a brief synopsis of his suit's diagnostics. The power of the Nucleus was so immense, it had actually started to melt the diamond in the suit. Had he held on for a third time, the mjolnir body armor could have melted into his body. It would have been unusable at that point. Its nuclear power source kept it functional despite the internal system damage. He could manually reboot most of it and the problem would fix itself. All in all, the damage was superficial. He was lucky it wasn't worse.

As John stared at the space where the Nucleus had been moments before, Reala asked his question. Master Chief's visor glinted as he looked toward Reala, and held his gaze for a moment. The spartan didn't give a verbal response, instead looking back toward the empty space where the Nucleus had resided. All three of them had played their part, and while there wasn't much they could have done, they certainly gave it their all. And yet, this machine triumphed in the end. Who was he? Where ha he come from? How had he gotten this far?

"See if you can tap into the plaza's systems," Chief finally spoke, turning to Kalmiya's hologram, then to Lola. "Both of you. Find out where it came from."

Without the Nucleus, he could do nothing more. He hated being in a position like this. It reminded him of the times he'd been aboard ships during naval combat. He was forced to stand there and wait, unallowed to intervene or react. Just like now and then, there was a threat before him, and he was powerless to respond to it.

The static clone either did not notice or did not care that her attack was heading straight towards Omega. As Zed unleashed a flurry of flaming feathers at her, Eitri's Divine Recreation shield materialized around her. In a new move, golden spikes shot out of the hexagonal energy shields and intercepted many of the feathers. One of the hexagonal shields transformed into a beam of golden energy that shot towards Zed like a laser! If it struck, the attack would not deal any damage. Instead it would weaken Zed, temporarily draining some of this power, speed, and defenses.

Still, such an attack did leave Eitri open. A few flaming feathers shot through the gap, striking Eitri and casting a feather-shaped glowing marker over her. The attack didn't seem to effect her in any other way, so the sage clone pressed on.
"Why! Won't-t-t! You! [EVERYTHING MUST GO!]" Eitri yelled, firing another powerful blast from Grim Brokkr as she flew higher into the air.


The strange child was blasted away by debris, the smoke obscuring him. Moon-Wing recovered itself. It held its wings up and ready to defend, stepping back towards Layla and scanning the dust cloud cautiously.

The static clone launched itself from the smoke! Moon-Wing flapped back frantically, dodging the initial pickax strike. The burst of flame knocked the bird back further, singeing some feathers. Moon-Wing screeched defiantly, firing beams from its eyes that would temporarily weaken Axe's attacks and lower his speed.

Beating its wings violently, Moon-Wing launched itself back towards Axe! The massive bird attempted to bludgeon Axe with powerful wing strikes and rake the boy with its talons!

Dark Labyrinth

Nephthys departed to investigate the southeastern room. Happily perched on Marshtomp's head, Tenderness was still appeared to be completely oblivious to what the others had been talking about. It was then that the duel monster noticed what a poor shape Rex was in. It frowned. Sure, it could sense the human didn't have much love in their heart. But just because that was the case, shouldn't mean he should be hurting this much.

Tenderness hopped off of Marshtomp's head, flying over to Rex. It cooed sadly, flying around the boy. The monster began to glow with pink energy, and give off a relaxing, pleasant aura in the hopes of making Raptor more comfortable.

Nephthys entered the southeastern room. The door depicting the screaming man hung open. She stepped into the room. The room's trap, already having been triggered, remained inert and the floor remained where it was. Much like the wooden door room after the monster had been defeated, this one was just as empty. Only a few torches decorated the walls, and on the rear wall, a stone carving of a key. As she reached out with her psychic senses, Neph could sense that there was a bit of Yami Bakura's presence in the stone carving. The same amount that had been in the other keys. It was clear enough that the key for this room had not yet been revealed, and there were no other clues remaining...


Warlock called forth his psychic powers once more! Still, Dagr did not hesitate in her charge towards Warlock. With an enraged roar, Warlock launched his null lance attack. Dagr fell to the ground, sliding under the attack! Sun-Wing violently beat its wings, pushing Dagr further and faster across the smooth ground. As Dagr slid past Warlock, she hooked his leg with her ax.

"I will not lose to a little brat like you! I will surpass even GODS! I- awk." Warlock suddenly felt his legs fly out from under him. He fell, his head hitting the side of the platform with a brutal crack. The alien psion collapsed to the ground in an humiliating heap. Breathing heavily, Dagr slowly stood back up and wiped away the blood dripping from her nose.

"... Warty? Buddy? You done?" Dagr said, poking the alien with her ax. The champion laid unmoving, completely unconscious. "... Oops."




Previously Gamingfan2
Static flames burned the princess, though the sight seemed to bring no pleasure to the knight. Instead, it brought its lance up for a follow-up attack aimed at the vitals-
Only for Jevil to fly in beside her! The static knight changed tactics, bringing its shield up, and letting Jevil bounce off it towards his next opponent. The brief distraction gave Nott just enough time to charge another Dragon Fang, bringing it down over the Aeon Hero's duplicate! Unlike her kick, this did appear to deal damage, tearing Galacta's wings into tatters and heavily cracking it's armor. It's mask changed between a million colors a second as it reeled from the attack, before flashing between piercingly bright yellow and pink as Galacta went berserk! It stabbed the floor again and again, creating a steadily growing tornado. It picked up debris on its path towards Nott, aiming to sweep up her and batter her to pulp! Yet the attack seemed to be putting strain on the clone. It's glitching became more erratic and intense, so much so it looks like Galacta would tear itself apart!

Something suddenly bothered his opponent, enough for his attack to land. But Lucario tilted his head in concern. Whatever that was, it bothered NiGHTS enough for them to show uncharacteristic seriousness, which put Lucario on edge.
"And what would that be?" he asked.
NiGHTS didn't seem keen to answer just yet. They went back on the offense, this time without any games. They just rebounded off the walls of the arena, steadily gaining speed and power! Lucario leapt off his pool table just as NiGHTS dove in with enough force to reduce it to splinters!
Lucario winced as the impact still blew him back. NiGHTS really was no longer joking. Lucario glanced at his mega stone, but shook his head. Even now, this was still a friendly match.
But would meet NiGHTS' challenge regardless.
"Then we shall finish this." he finally agreed.
With that, Lucario focused, feeling his aura flow through his entire body. Aura leaked out of every pore of the fighting type, covering him in a haze of varying blues.
As NiGHTS came back for another pass, and Lucario would meet her with a force palm. Similar to last time, the serpents and aura burst forward, only the latter in larger, stronger bursts! Lucario held his ground, firing careful blasts with a reckless amount of aura as NiGHTS bounced around the room!
"Behold, the power of aura!"


Previously Manu456Alola
"Ngh..." Kirin winced. "What, scared of losing it?"

Her opponent rushed in for a simple upward slash, Kirin blocking with her sword. In one swift motion, she would aim to kick off her opponent's weapon and slap a talisman onto Audrey's blade once again, though this left her vulnerable to having her own weapon knocked out of her hands. The priestess' hidden blade soared directly above the two, flipping through the air.

Should her attempt at placing a tag be successful, Kirin would warp behind Audrey with her Arc Chain, throwing out a low kick with the intent of sweeping Audrey's legs out from below her before moving to grab her opponent's sword again. If her tag failed to land, she would instead throw a talisman at the airborne weapon, Arc Chaining to its position before dropping down with a swift, high-speed Rakshasa Cleave!​

"How's THAT? About time I scored a home run!"

Pit watched as his opponent was sent hurtling through the air and off the Helicarrier. His celebration was cut short when the man fired an arrow at the massive tree trunk in the middle of the ship, slingshotting himself all the way around and into the command tower.

"Ookay, not gonna lie. That was pretty cool."

"Doesn't look like he'll be coming back out after that one. You'll have to follow him inside."

"Boy, sure hope he doesn't set up any traps..."

The angel soared around the Helicarrier, touching down just outside of the command tower's entrance. His Babel Club would be a bit harder to swing around in an enclosed space like that, so it was probably better to switch weapons. In a flash of light, the Club disappeared in favor of the Burning Palm, the weapon enveloping Pit's right arm like a tattoo.

"Alright, Taskmaster... Ready or not, here I come!"

As he stepped through the entrance, he let loose a charge shot into the halls within. The attack took the form of a large flaming hand, which moved down the corridor at a moderate pace. Its homing capabilities would prove useful here – it would aim for any destructible traps along the way, and if it caught a glimpse of Taskmaster, it would swerve in his direction, giving away the soldier's position!​

The feathers hit their mark. That was all he needed.

Once the marker had appeared over Eitri, flocks of flaming birds immediately manifested over Zed's shoulder. They flew out in small waves, heading towards the sage's position with remarkable accuracy – for every move she made, the birds would adjust accordingly, homing directly onto her. They couldn't simply be outrun or dodged, clearly.

A fast moving laser shot out in Zed's direction, glowing brightly with golden energy. The prince raised a hand as he flew upward, conjuring a barrier to block the attack – and the beam fizzled out against it, but he felt its effects all the same. A sudden drop to his power, reducing his speed and defenses. An annoyance, but with that tag placed, he could work with it.

"Why! Won't-t-t! You! [EVERYTHING MUST GO!]" the static replica called out in frustration, firing another energy blast from Grim Brokkr. With his speed reduced, the Adept did not attempt to move out of its way. Instead, he flashed a smug smile up at Eitri.

"I'm sure you'll find..."

He vanished in a flash of light, Grim Brokkr's attack sailing past harmlessly. Only a faint rainbow trail revealed his movements, arcing from Zed's earlier position to behind Eitri at bewildering speeds. The leader of ATEMS reappeared just above the sage, the golden flame in his hand glowing brightly.

"...that the Sun is not so easy to blot out!"

An array of golden swords appeared above Eitri, dropping down to overwhelm her defenses!​

Axe's copy was still raring to go, the attacks and debris not enough to deter him from attacking again. Moon-Wing held its own fairly well, screeching at the boy as it lunged in for another wave of attacks.


It was here that Luxia finally acted, holding a high note in her song that echoed through the lobby. After a moment, a violet barrier appeared around Moon-Wing as it attacked. It wouldn't last forever, but as long as it was active, it could repel most of Axe's attacks. With any luck, it could provide the metal eagle with the edge it needed to take care of this pest.​

The Nucleus was... gone.

Gunvolt stood back up, closing his eyes as he focused. After a moment, a small burst of electricity released from his body, restoring the flow of his Septima. Unlike the clear physical damage suffered by Master Chief, the Adept's Azure Striker seemed to have redirected and channeled the power of the Nucleus through it. It spared GV himself from any heavy damage to his body, although it had disrupted his abilities temporarily. Even now, he wasn't entirely sure if his Septima would be in top shape immediately after that.

While the claims of Azure Striker being the ultimate Septima were still up for debate, its potential was certainly undeniable.

"We couldn't neutralize that thing," the Adept spoke. "but at least it looks like it weakened him somewhat. Still, though... how is that even possible? That power is no joke..."

As GV pondered on the possible causes for the intruder's resistance, Chief ordered Lola and Kalmiya to search for a way to tap into the plaza's systems.

"Can do. C'mon, let's check it out!"

The combat pod zipped over to the cracked screen depicting the lobby. Her blank yellow eyes lit up a little brighter as she began to look for anything she could analyze or interact with. Maybe she wasn't as crazy advanced as Kalmiya, but her A.S. drive was still plenty useful. With it, Lola could make sense of supernatural forces easier than most A.I. Hopefully it could provide some leads...​
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Nightmaren were creatures that were bound towards Ideya, parts of the soul of visitors so they could collect it for their master, Wizeman the wicked. While NiGHTS stubbornly was against stealing Ideya, this did leave them very attune to detect Ideya and Ideya abnormalities. So when Lucario began to irradiate with Aura from his soul, NiGHTS felt the influx as it built and built, they started to unwind their stance, but they knew they'd never be able to stop in time. So when Lucario approached to attack, NiGHTS shifted mid flight.

They opened their own palm to match Lucario's touching hand to paw. In that moment, some kind of energy came from NiGHTS, the contact with their hand making them both weightless! So when the force palm struck them, NiGHTS was shot backward roughly through a pillar, but Lucario would be fire back just the same!

With the added distance, there was a bit more time to react to Lucario's onslaught. NiGHTS was quick to dust off from their impact, despite the cracks it caused spidering on their back. Flipping past a blast, then ducking under another, they made ground with circling around towards Lucario. A reckless blast then struck the back of their head, a horn coming flying off their body and shattering onto the floor as singes of blue aura emanated from the wound that was caused.

They continued to make progress, flying more directly towards Lucario, a blast scraping by their shoulder, then their leg. When they got really close, they could only managed to block an aura attack with their left hand, the hand shattering on direct impact. But that was enough time. With their right hand, it spiraled like their drill drives but centralized on one hand. The spinning hand then shot forward to jab Lucario in the chest and drill. The goal? To end it just like they both wanted.

Rex Raptor


The duel monster approached Rex, seemingly with only good intentions. Despite probably being here to be too cute to kill as an obstacle, it seemed to also genuinely help him, wafting some kind of...feeling over him? Whatever it was, it soothed his pain somewhat, like some kind of instant painkiller.

"You trying to win me over with this, huh?" Rex questioned the creature, his bite noticeably softened. Looking away, he huffed. "Well, I don't hate it."

Of course Sans would most likely have something snarky in response to say to him. Preparing, he put a hand up to the skeleton.

"Not a word."


Previously Gamingfan2
NiGHTS was just full of surprises. Through some magic, she removed his weight sending both Pokemon and Nightmaren careening across opposite ends of the room! Lucario stifled a pained grunt as he crashed into the wall, cracking a good amount of it.
Both fighters remained standing, even as NiGHTS's body was a cracked as the wall behind him. Lucario fired blast after blast, whittling NiGHTS down slowly but surely, but unable to land a perfect shot. Until NiGHTS sacrificed her arm, shielding the other from the attack as it drilled rapidly towards his chest! NiGHT's arm struck his chest spike first, cracking it very, very painfully.
Lucario stifled another grunt.
"Not yet!"
Before NiGHTS could go further, blue aura leaked from the same cracks as Lucario redirected all of his aura into his chest. Giving a cry without meaning beyond sheer defiance, Lucario let his aura burst out of him, washing NiGHTS' over with the most destructive potential he could muster!

With the incredible speed boost from her magic runes amplified by her lance, Nótt was able to keep her distance from the powerful tornado attack. Her monstrous from shifting and swirling, Nótt dodged and deflected away any pieces of debris that were fired her way. She had to maintain her focus. It seemed like the clone was not doing well, though. Nótt noted how its form was acting erratically, as if it was barely able to keep itself together. Just a little more!

Nótt fired a series of magical blasts at Galacta Knight, attempting to finish off the static clone while it was focused on maintaining its tornado!

The Thyme of Nidorinio

Eitri's eyes widened at the appearance of Zed behind her. She attempted to raise her shields, but were just a moment too slow. The blades rained down on the sage. With an electronic screech, Eitri plummeted to the earth. Static liquid leaked out of her wounds, and she stared up at Zed.
"K-Kill... K-K-Kill... KILL..." Eitri wheezed, raising a weak hand towards Zed. The static faded from the sage's eyes, and she dissolved.

Eitri: Disconnected

"UEE HEE HEE!" Jevil cried, as his scythe form bounced around the lobby. He passed right through Luxia, pinging off a wall and launching himself at Masaru. He hit the martial artist in his side, sending him crashing down into the ground as he flew towards Galacta Knight. The knight raised their shield and deflected Jevil, launching the jester directly towards Nótt!

After hitting, missing, or being deflected by Nótt, Jevil will be flung towards Chai, Copen, and ZedΩ, in that order.


Previously Manu456Alola
Zed drifted down from high above as Eitri's clone dissipated.

"K-Kill... K-K-Kill... KILL..."

"Hm. May our next encounter be on better terms."

His eyes scanned the lobby. With Eitri's replica gone, that made two statics down. Still five left, though judging by their unstable, unraveling code, they'd be likely to fall apart soon. Just a little more. He looked over towards the nearby Omega, the last replica from the death competition.

"As much as I'd like to indulge you, I have pressing matters to attend to. Be seeing you!"

The prince vanished again in a rainbow light, zipping over to the Regular Convenience Store, though not without a parting gift – he had cast Dea Lacrimae over Omega, three large flaming swords dropping down on the static robot.

Meanwhile, Zed reappeared outside of the store where Layla and Luxia were located. It was barely staying together after the repeated assaults on it, but it had lasted just long enough for the prince to come assist. As he walked in, he immediately spotted Layla and Luxia close to the entrance, while Moon-Wing and Axe dueled deeper in the store.

"There you are, you two. Is everyone alright?"

Layla immediately ran into his arms, wrapping her own around his torso.


"...I see. I'm terribly sorry, Layla. This will be over soon, I promise."

"We'll see this through together," Luxia spoke, drifting closer to Zed. "Shall we?"

The little girl pulled away, and Zed's gaze focused on the fight between Axe and Moon-Wing. With his help, this one should be trivial. The leader of ATEMS held a hand out in front of him, another stream of flaming birds flowing out from his body. They gracefully flew through the air, curving around Moon-Wing to crash into Axe's back!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


NiGHTS felt the red Ideya shard in their chest radiate, indicating some powerful force related to the soul was present. However, NiGHTS already dedicated. So while they were attacking and currently drilling and piecing the flesh underneath the spike-


The power of aura consumed NiGHTS, the dark and blue soul energy washing over them, in mere moments the loveable jester went from flying in place to nothing at all, their presence no longer detected in the arena.



Previously mallard
Pit entered after the Taskmaster, preemptively firing a swathe of fire to incinerate anything before the angel. Yet Taskmaster was not in front of Pit. As the boy stepped into the dark hallway, two white eyes bore down upon him from above. The assassin had been hidden on the ceiling above the doorframe. His foe passed beneath him cluelessly, and that's when he struck.

"Where ya going, kid?"

Masters came down upon Palutena's chosen with both fists, aiming to clobber Kid Icarus with a powerful blow. If that didn't knock his foe out, he'd follow up with a swift roundhouse before he could hit the ground, and then keep the pressure up with a flurry of punches with the speed and precision of a world-class boxer. His eyes gleamed as he used the Knowledge is Power ability, ready to overcome any counterattack the angel could muster. The Taskmaster was going in for the kill.

The quicker fighter countered Kragg's attack, and began spinning her trident around with frightening speed. He retracted behind his guard. Kassandra's weapon would smack against the rocky shell many times with frightening power, but she would find his armor to be special. The rock that made up his outer shell was compressed and was much stronger than normal stone, and even as it cracked from the spartan strikes, it regenerated at the Wallrunner's whim.

His opponent was still slowly whittling the armor down faster than he could regenerate it, and he slowly backed away from his attacker. It appeared as though he was being overwhelmed, but his eyes remained vigilantly searching for an opening- while Kassandra continued to expend her energy. He found his chance, and acted on it quickly.

As the head of the trident swung for him, he swung his horn to meet it. The prongs of his horns fit between the prongs of Poseidon's prized possession, and with an upwards jerk, he locked the two weapons together, and pulled his opponent closer. His good arm shot out to try and grab Kassandra by the head, but an arm would do. He would then attempt to pry her off her weapon and shove her too the ground, all while maintaining a crushing grip.

The Pokémon was too simple to assist with planning, instead distracted by Tenderness fluttering around. After Neph went however, he watched her leave, and then waddled over to the skeleton to ask him a question.

"Marshtomp marshtomp marshtomp mar marshtomp?"
[Have you ever been to a mud flat?]

Tabby the Tablet
In one destructive attack, the robot had wasted his target, and landed safely on dry ground as the water dried up. Tabby had redeemed himself somewhat, and stuck a virtual tongue out at Knuckles.

However, the fight wasn't finished, and so the tablet dashed back to collect his sword and get back into the fray. He spotted his next foe hurling a massive tornado at some tall woman and glitching hard enough to give someone a seizure. Tabby dashed towards reGalacta Knight. He had both his Ultra Ōdachi and Lemonkus's Scythe out, and spun both around with a showoff-ish flair. When he neared, the tablet leapt into the air and came down upon the recoded warrior with both weapons!

msTR kgH
Though the blade didn't cut as deep as the Blademaster intended, it did go farther than Masaru was expecting, for the Windcleaver was an impossibly sharp weapon. While the two took care of the lesser Yiga, Kohde-ga cackled above them. He raised his arms above him, and a massive, spiked iron ball appeared below him.

"D-die, [LOYAL KUSTOMER]!!!"

The sensei reared back to hurl the orb at the unsuspecting Chai, but before he could, a certain scientist was warped above him. Copen smashed into the unsuspecting master. The water disappeared from beneath them, and the Top Banana was smashed into the ground instantly, while Copen bounced harmlessly off of the leader's behind. A moment later, the recoded Kohga disappeared inside a compressed gif of an explosion, and the other members of the Yiga Clan fizzled out of existence.


Previously Manu456Alola
"Where ya going, kid?"


Pit whirled around on the spot as he heard Taskmaster's voice behind him. He raised his left arm in response, the soldier's fists slugging into it, bending the limb unnaturally. The angel let out a yelp as he stepped backward, and a roundhouse kick struck his side, sending the boy reeling backward. More and more punches came his way, the stray blasts of flame from his palm doing little to deter the attacks, seemingly predicted by his opponent.


"Pit, you've got to get him off you!"
Palutena's words echoed in his head, and he came up with an idea, though it probably wasn't what the goddess meant. Blocking as well as he could with his broken arm, Pit's good arm reached behind its back, and he gripped an item he hadn't used until now...

Ryuji's Skull Mask.

In an instant, a stream of flame swirled around the angel, azure in color. Taskmaster's hits suddenly began to feel far weaker, as if the flames were cushioning the physical blows. Pit stood his ground, his body still aching despite the newfound resistance, mustering a smirk. His Burning Palm disappeared, and in its place now was a disc-shaped gauntlet: the Upperdash Arm.​

"Heheh... How 'bout this!?"

His wings flashed blue as he suddenly dove backwards, and a large red disc shot out from his weapon. It would stop midair around Taskmaster's position, spinning furiously as it whipped up a powerful whirlwind, threatening to pull the man in and deal continuous damage should he be struck by the disc itself. The real attack came shortly afterward, however, as Pit then dove forward at max speed, letting loose a devastating swing of the Upperdash Arm, its power increased on top of its momentum thanks to the Skull Mask's effects!​

[Judgment: Annihilation]
Kohga's form burst apart at his feet.

"Hmph. Talk about a [Total Jackass!]"

As he was now surrounded by more targets, the replica of the Adept Slayer was quick to move. The P-Bits around him turned back to a slight crimson in color, generating an orb of electricity once more. Copen performed a Bullit Dash in Chai's direction, while the charging Stellar Spark behind him shot out at Masaru and Magolor in a sweeping motion, three streams of electricity surging through the air.

Copen himself would dash at high speeds into Chai, swinging his pistol down at the rockstar to place a tag on him before vaulting overhead. If successful, a triangular reticle would appear around the young man, before the P-Bits would home in on Chai and encase him in an electric field for a direct shock!​


Previously Gamingfan2

The jotun princess was dancing across the lobby, even as the knight's attack tore through it. The knight struggled against the weight of his own attack, alternating between being split in half and whole. The sound of something approaching caught Galacta Knight's focus, and the knight turned to face Tabby. His attack seemed to infuriate the warrior, who struck against his weapons with his lance, locking the two in a power struggled. The lighting from the phone's weapon conducted through his lance, and Galacta glitching worsened dramatically, enough where it suddenly phased behind Tabby.
Taking immediate advantage of the situation, Galacta Knight spun around, thrusting it's lance at Tabby's back!
At the same time, Nott's magic blast hit it's target. Galacta Knight suddenly froze in place, subsequently bluescreened with the appropriate error noise, then exploded into itty-bitty bytes.

"Hee Hee! I didn't know Galacta Knight had the Crash Ability!"
Magolor couldn't resist joking as he witnessed the static knight's demise. Now back to the fight.
His trick worked! Mostly. The teen was still alive, but the overweight monkey was out for count. Unfortunately, it seemed he brought Copen's ire towards the monkey's opponents. He dashed towards Chai, leaving three beams of lightning towards Magolor and Masaru!
"Take cover!" Magolor called, bringing both hands up. He summoned a large rune, covering himself and The Strongest. The bolts struck the rune, and Magolor attempted to redirect the lightning best as he could. It wasn't magical energy, so some of the power snuck through, and the egg winced as it zapped him. But he managed to get a good amount swirling around his rune, mixing with his own magic electricity. The lightning got even more volatile as the rune shrunk, focusing the elements together.
As soon he saw an opportunity, he'd unleash his attack in the form of a powerful lightning blast! His modified Magolor Cannon: The Magolor Railgun!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"This is just getting chaotic now-"

Right on cue, Jevil was hurled right at Chai, taking him off guard! It hit his guitar, but his grip wasn't firm in the preparation of parrying, sending it flying over his had and shattering into scrap on the ground near his feet.

"Ah! What the?!"

Staggering backwards from the sudden attack, Copen took the immediate advantage, rushing towards him at his moment of weakness, ready to tag and electrify the defenseless rockstar. The tag liked at him before suddenly-


Electricity started to course through Chai, his hair standing on end as he was electrified to the point where he couldn't as it anyone. All he could do is take the hit, his metal arm doing not doing wonders as a conductor for electricity.
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Previously Manu456Alola
The Adept Slayer's tag was successful, the static teen vaulting off of Chai as painful volts of electricity coursed through the rockstar. Copen glanced downward as he hovered over him, ready to launch another attack–



Jevil's scythe form had cut along his back, before a powerful lightning blast crashed into him from behind, blasting the replica along the ground roughly. The P-Bits cancelled their attack, freeing Chai from his shocking restraints as Copen tried to recover from the attack. His body appeared to be falling apart, unstable code spilling through the air, a gaping hole where his back thruster used to be.

"Tch... You'll [Pay Your Subsidies] for that!"

Now struggling to move, the Adept Slayer commanded the P-Bits to gather around him, the recoded machines turning purple as they charged an attack in front of him. They spun around in a single spot, generating a massive purple crystal in between them. After a few seconds, they would fire Prism Break, sending the pointy projectile slowly flying through the air, though it was gradually gaining speed. With its positioning, it would attempt to pierce through Chai, Magalor, and Masaru in one shot!

Galacta Knight defeated, Nótt turned towards her new ally. With its target gone, the aura from her ATK/SPD Menace faded, and the princess' appearance returned to normal. Nótt smiled to Tabby, giving the robot ninja a theatrical bow before she turned her attention to the rest of the battle. Many of the static clones were down... Where were Moon-Wing and Layla?

Movement, out of the corner of her eye! Nótt raised her lance, but was just a moment too slow as the bouncing jester shot by her in a hit and run attack! The scythe cut a bloody gash across her side, knocking Nótt off her feet and the wind out of her lungs. Gasping with pain, Nótt struggled back to her feet and watched as Jevil sped away.
"Cowardly cur..." Nótt muttered, looking over the battlefield.

Not too far away, the princess could barely make out the distinct battle screeches of Moon-Wing inside one of the few remaining buildings! Nótt limped towards the Regular Convenience Store, firing magical blast at the Static Copen and Static Omega as she did so.
Audrey Redheart
"Ye- I- Shut up!" Audrey didn't like that question very much, enough that it kept her distracted from the talisman landing on her sword when she knocked away Kirin's own into the air. Suddenly, the Adept disappeared again, and Audrey's head darted around, catching a glance at a leg below her sweeping.
Tripped, Audrey suddenly realised what was happening - After all, it had happened before. Back when...
"No, no you don't!" Snarling, Audrey swung her blade out at Kirin when the priestess attempted to grab the sword, slashing out three times as the Hero scrambled to her feet and backed off.

"I'll gut you for that." Audrey's voice suddenly twisted, shooting Kirin a tight glare, letting her sword dig into the ground as she ran along at Kirin, pulling it out as she sent a small flurry of slashes Kirin's way, finishing with one more attempt at a stab.

Masaru Takahara
As Masaru searched his injury, he quickly focused before Copen's appearance forced him to take a stance again.
"At least it's not 1 on 1..." He muttered, before flinching as Copen's Stellar Spark activated, narrowly protected the majority of the electricity by Magalor.

"Yeesh, thanks little guy." Masaru gave a quick thumbs up, grunting from that which did go past Magolor's power. "Just give me a sec..."

Once Copen released the crystal, injured potentially beyond repair, Masaru decided to act, bounding off his back foot.
Alola Slap!
Crashing his palm into the crystal with the force of a hurricane, Masaru cracked the crystal, allowing to shatter as he leapt straight towards the static soldier!

Followed by a crashing foot towards Copen's head, using the stopping force to leap back and face Masaru's head back towards Omega. Right before an explosion might occur, he suddenly dashed towards the robot.

"Can't let you keep doing this, bud, sorry..." He winced, shooting a glance of apology to Magolor and Chai if Copen would still fight. Running towards Omega, tanking the attacks needed, he would jump straight towards the static robot, striking out his arm towards his just-remembered friend, long behind the blasts sent by Nótt.
Celestial Palm!
And his other palm would strike out, right towards Omega's 'chest'.

<Little Hero.png>
Moon-Wing's eye beams soon clattered against the shield once more, forcing the static to remain behind it for the duration of Moon-Wing's flurry of attacks before finally swinging out another attack, swiftly blocked by a barrier!

"Oh come > on! That's not [KOSHER]!" It was clear the barrier would block Axe's attacks, though any thinking done there was swiftly cut off by the flaming birds crashing into it's back.

"[FIRE SALE] Birds?!" Axe seemed to almost screech, before eyes darted right towards ZedΩ. With a burst of speed, though mildly impeeded by those eye beams, the winged static soldier blasted right towards the Prince, attempting to grab him by the collar and push him out the store and through the lobby, passing straight by Nótt.
But with or without ZedΩ carried with him, the soldier's momentum led him straight towards the static Adept Slayer's attack on three, the cracking gem skidding against a fuse in the satchel and-



Previously Manu456Alola

Her attempt at stealing the sword failed again. How had she reacted so fast...?

Kirin let out a grunt as Audrey slashed at her arm, leaving cuts along her right arm this time. This was bad. Both of her arms were starting to take pretty heavy damage, so she doubted she could wield a weapon for too much longer. She needed to get the upper hand back.

While her opponent rushed in, the Battle Priestess leapt backward, firing two waves of talismans in a spread at Audrey, while she threw another talisman at her sword, tagging it. The projectiles aimed at Audrey would be mostly accurate, aimed to intercept the Hero's dash as she tried to close in, while the rest would lodge themselves in the ground around her.

Regardless of the effectiveness of her talisman barrage, Kirin would take the first opportunity she could find to lunge at Audrey, moving low for a feint kick before leaping up with an agile dropkick. With any luck, the concussive energy of any landed talismans would be released with the attack, blasting Audrey backwards... and right into Kirin's still-falling sword!​




With his speed still reduced by Eitri's earlier attack, Zed found himself unable to move out of the way of Static Axe's sudden lunge. He was dragged through the air alongside the boy, building up flames in his hands as they flew, holding them up to Axe's chest.


A burst of flame exploded outwards from his hands in unison with a flap of his wing, enabling the prince to slip out of the replica's grasp. This sent them both spinning through the air, Zed rolling along the ground nearby Masaru and Magolor, while Axe arced higher through the air, soaring towards a certain Adept Slayer...​


With his focus entirely placed on the targets in front of him, Copen was blindsided by a magical projectile from Nótt. It slugged into his side, knocking the clone prone, and he could only watch as Masaru shattered his Prism Break, leaping at him with a powerful kick. The attack hit him head-on, sending the recoded teen sliding along the floor, barely moving.

Masaru had leaped away, and before he could even attempt to act, a boy trailed by smoke and flame crashed into him.


And they were no more.

Adept Slayer: Offline

Meanwhile, the copy of E-123 Omega was being assaulted with projectiles. His code had suddenly begun to unravel and fall apart, restricting his movement considerably as Zed's Dea Lacrimae crashed into him from above. Cracks and burning spots appeared on his chassis as he fell through the air, before he was similarly struck by a faraway magic blast from the jotun princess.


Omega's jets flickered on and off as he fired off bullets in all directions, though his accumulated damage made this difficult. A familiar voice came from behind him, and as the robot whirled around to pump static lead into his former ally's body–

The Celestial Palm rang true, Omega's form bursting apart at Masaru's hands.

>>>E-123 Omega - Scrapped<<<
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Approaching the engraving, the gardevoir traced her hand over its surface, trying to sense the source of the key- or the connection to Tenderness. If she would have to kill the creature (as far as she could tell, it wouldn't be a horrible offense, anyway. Duel Monsters were just avatars generated from played cards on a duel disk, right?), or if she could acquire the key through other means.

"Not a word," Rex Raptor told the skeleton with a hand raised. Sans stared back dolefully with his ever-present grin.

The marshtomp approached, asking a question. Sans blinked, before he placed a thoughtful finger to his chin, and then he shrugged. He was committing to the "not a word" bit. Then, Sans pointed toward the mud fish, nonverbally asking if he had been to a mud flat.


Kragg yanked up on the trident as he caught the upper part of his horn in its spokes. Rather than being pulled forward to close the distance, Kassandra could see the tactic as it was happening. A clever move, for such a brute. Maybe she'd underestimated his intelligence. After all, combat prowess wasn't purely derived from intellect. Kassandra had been a clever fighter in her youth, but she hadn't been very educated.

As her arms raised with the trident in its upward arc, she kicked off the ground, following it as she used Kragg's own pull to her advantage, the misthios soaring upward as she reached with one arm behind her. This was a golden opportunity that she couldn't pass up.

Tugging on her trident before she'd even reached the zenith, Kassandra swung back down, turning the trident a full 180 degrees, allowing her to slide it up and out of the lock with ease, merely scratching Kragg's horn slightly, as her other arm slashed- once again, Arachne's Stinger was her weapon of choice, intended to slash against the base of Kragg's horn, deliver its corrosive property, and weaken his primary tool. With Kragg's borrowed strength, the strike would probably cut a little deeper than usual.

Regardless of the outcome with it, she would immediately kick off of his back before she'd fully landed, the entire move pulled off in a rapid moment of fluidity, both trident and stinger in either hand as she launched backward. That entire bout had granted her a couple charges back, and depending on Kragg's response, she was prepared to use another.


As the Statics began to succumb to their opponents, one after the other, their code dissipated into the air, just like how the Spammers were defeated. Spamton NEO, smoke pouring out of his body, let out a decaying laugh before he pressed the stop button on his chest. Whatever he'd been doing stopped recording, before he then hit the 'rewind' button. In a moment, his body seemed to reverse itself, moving backward. While the wisps of light didn't reappear, it was clear that h was reversing through the motions. The smoke stopped pouring so heavily out of him, and once he stopped...

He'd seemingly reversed all the accumulated damage.

The gathered survivors were already quick to converge upon the NEO, but he raised a finger, waggling it as his other hand hit 'pause.' This one didn't seem to affect him, but instead, the world around him. Everybody and their attacks paused in the air, incapable of moving.

Slowly, a large telephone began to lower from the sky, hanging by a green thread. Its descent was agonizingly long, before it finally came to a stop next to Spamton, and he grabbed it. He listened for a moment.

"N VASE? w.Ww-wHAT? WHO [My Lucky Stars!] IS THE EMERALD-D_dD ASH BORER? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S [Wanna Know A Secret?] NO IT ISN'T, I AMAMAM-AM-AM_PM-AM-M-AM! NO I DON'T WANT YOUR [Discount] [[Hyperlink Blocked]] TWINK BO.oO/-Oo-OY! DON'T EVER CALL THIS [Hashtag Symbol] AGAIN!"

Spamton let go of the phone, and it slowly raised back into the sky, just as slow as before, until it disappeared.

Everyone, still frozen, were forced to watch as Spamton NEO raised a hand and brushed his hair back, his wide grin beaming at them.
"I BET YOU'RE WONDERING HOW-HOW-HOw I GOT [These Stunning, Oiled, Rock-Hard Abs]. HARD WORK! SACRIFICE! AND A LITTLE Bb,_b-BIT OF [[The Other Side]]... I AM THE [Light] IN THE [Dark]! I'VE BECOME-COME-COME-COME A [Best-Selling Brand] OF THE ! [Direct To DVD] FROM [[H E A V E N]]! SO MUCH WENT INTO THIS, AND FINALLY..."

His arm cannon charged up as he pointed it, first at Zed. It charged and charged, the energy within it becoming more volatile- before it dissipated, and he lowered his cannon. "BUT I AM HAVING SO MUCH [F Is For Friends Who]! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHYYyYyYYyyYYyyyyy

SHOULD I END IT NOW? WHY NOT... [Extensions for your diesel truck?] FLEX MY [Massive] [Pipis]! LET'S GO FOR A WILD RIDE, EVERYONE-ONE-ONE-ONE-ONE [Ha Haha! One!]"

The red barrier sealing them into the lobby began to glow, shining brighter and brighter, obscuring the vision of everyone...

Before sight returned, as did the sound of engines.

The Uncoded found themselves seated within individual, personalized go-karts. They would quickly find themselves unable to stand up from it- Spamton was forcing them to play along. The world around them was very clearly not the plaza. Instead, they were within a blue-hued city, cyber in its design. A large air balloon in the air passed by overhead, shaped like Spamton's face. The top was labelled with "WELCOME TO CYBER CITY!" Except "cyber" had been crossed out and "Spamton" was written crudely in its place.

"GOOD MORNING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN [And Other Fairy Tale Thingies]!" Spamton's voice rang out, sounding more stable that before all of a sudden, almost as though he were attaining more control over himself. "OR MAYBE IT'S EVENING? WE'VE GOT A [Smart] RACE LINED UP FOR YOU TODAY! THREE LAPS, TWO [Redacted], AND ONLY ONE [Weiner]!"

A small Spamton floated over them, carried by a pair of angel wings. He held a traffic light in his hands as he hovered to the front of the line.


The sound of flipping papers echo through the racetrack.

"...DAGR! RACERS, [Start! Your! Engines!]"

The top light on the traffic light the Angel Spamton held blinked green.


A seventh racer appeared in a bird-themed kart, the racer immediately revving it as he looked over at Nótt, raising an eyebrow as he casually put one arm over the headrest of his kart. "Pay close attention, my primitively-maligned malady, and you might bear witness to what is affectionally referred to as... a 'pro-gamer move.'" Berdly waggled his eyebrows, flashing a smile at her. Despite his demeanor, ice appeared to cling to his feathers, and he was notably shivering. He didn't seem to be aware of this, however.

Spamton did not elaborate on who "Burghley" was.

"I [Understanding] SOME OF YOU MIGHT NEED A [License] TO PARTICIPATE, SO..."

A platform extended from a nearby skyscraper, revealing Moon-Wing and Layla upon it- though both appeared unconscious, the red energy from before forming a shield around them.

The second light blinked.




And the first light blinked.