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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6


"Oh please!" Jeice shouted back. He chucked through the pain. Even with an opponent like Dart, that 'righteous fury' shtick never got old.
"How many?" Jeice pushed himself to move faster and faster, putting everything he had into pure defense against Dart's attacks. Not even bothering to throw counter-punches, Jeice devoted himself fully to dodging and blocking Dart's barrage.

"How many?!"

Finally, an opening! Jeice flew up and aimed a powerful kick at Dart's wrist to knock away whatever attack he was powering up and about to release.
"Planets full!" Flipping in mid air, Jeice threw a Rock Smash punch at Dart before quickly dancing back.
"Men! Women! Children! Cities full, whatever Lord Frieza orders!" Jeice said. "We're The Ginyu Force! Lord Frieza's most powerful warriors, and the strongest in the universe! RAAAAUGH!"

Jeice about had enough of that sword. Calling forth ki around his hand once again, Jeice used his Energy Blade technique and flew towards Dart. He'd see how tough that sword really was. Jeice slashed at Dart with a flurry of attacks, attempting to cut Dart and see if his technique was strong enough to destroy Dart's Mind Flayer sword!

Dark Labyrinth

Tenderness frowned, gently floating back as Rex shoo'd it away. How rude. Another creature then entered the room. Tenderness looked to Nephthys. Yet another new person! A strange, duel monster-like creature. It was a fairy, too! Tenderness chirped happily, flying over to Nephthys. Tenderness didn't sense a lot of love from this creature either, but definitely more than from the human boy.

Nephthys and Marshtomp approached the blank wall in the southwestern area of the chamber. Once Neph reached out with her psychic senses, she too was able to sense the presence of the hidden door. Using her psychic powers, she opened it. To the normal eyes of Rex, Marshtomp, and Tenderness however, nothing seemed to change. Tenderness floated closer to Nephthys and Marshtomp. The duel monster decided it quite liked the Marshtomp, it was the nicest out of this group so far.

Nephthys and Marshtomp stepped through the wall, Tenderness following along.

In the boss room, Yami Bakura sat up in surprise. Nephthys, Marshtomp, and that Tenderness duel monster had vanished off his map!
"What?!" The dark spirit exclaimed, looking around the board for any sign of the three game pieces. How had they vanished?! There was no where for them to go! Had they found some way to escape the Ring? No, that couldn't be it. The spirit still couldn't sense what was going on outside of the Millennium Ring, but if Nephthys had somehow escaped, that skeleton and that brat wouldn't still be here. And Tenderness wouldn't have vanished with them.

The Dark Spirit closed his eyes. Tenderness. That was his key. He just had to reach out and sense where that monster was...

Nephthys and Marshtomp found themselves standing in an entirely new place. It appeared to be the bedroom of a young teenager. The walls were white and plain, and glowed with an ethereal light. Nephthys would recognize this as the other room she had seen when she first delved deeper into Bakura's memories. The room had a calm and peaceful air, a far contrast to the dank and oppressive atmosphere of the dungeon. Both of the Pokemon could feel their energy slowly returning in this place.

There were quite a few thing in the room. In the center of the room, there was a table with five chairs around it. It had a fantasy table top role playing game set out on top of it, complete with a board, a little castle, and small player miniatures. There was also a game master screen. While the seat with the dungeon master screen seemed well used, there was a fine layer of dust over the rest of the game pieces and chairs where the players would sit. In one corner of the room, there was a small bookcase filled with scary stories and horror movies. On the ground in front of the book shelf, a Ouija board, tarot cards, and duel monster cards were scattered about.

A simple, well made bed sat in other corner of the room.

Then, along the west wall, sitting at a desk was Ryo Bakura. The teen sat, staring blankly at the wall in front of him. It was like he was in a trance. There was quite a few things on the desk. A few school textbooks. A picture of an older man with long blue hair and glasses. He was dressed in khaki and a pith helmet, smiling and posing for the picture. In the background, a desert and pyramid could be seen. There was another picture on the desk as well. It had Bakura and the man with blue hair, as well as a woman with long white hair and a younger girl with blue hair in pigtails. It was a family picture, one that Bakura seemed quite young in. A third picture, one of a happy Bakura in school uniform, with a group of five other kids in school uniform. They were gathered around the table, playing a table top board game with Bakura as the game master. All of the faces of the kids except Bakura were obscured in the picture.

"Bri~?" Tenderness chirped, looking around the room curiously.


Warping, warping, warping! Gah, Dagr was sick of it. She dropped back down onto the main platform, watching as Warlock spoke and charged up another attack. Dagr yawned, leaning on her ax.
"You know, Warty. For a champion, you do a lot of running away. And I mean a lot. Heck, even Jevil didn't run away this much. And that guy just used projectiles like the whole fight." Dagr said. The Princess snapped her fingers.

"Oh! I know! You're just covering up the fact you're awful at hand-to-hand combat, right?!"
Suddenly more enemies appeared. Strange human-like creatures in black, form fitting armor with green glowing weapons. The four on the main platforms charged in to fight, with the four on the upper platforms opened fire with their weapons! On Sun-Wing's feathers, green runes glowed and a strange magic field appeared around Dagr. The Princess turned, blocking the first Specter's baton strike with her ax and cutting him down with two rapid slashes! Sun-Wing blocked the second Specter's baton strike with his wings, and Dagr spun around to face the remaining three melee opponents head on. The four gun-wielding Specters opened fire. One missed completely, and the other three energy blasts splattered harmlessly off the aura from Wings of Fast Defense.

Dagr leapt into the three melee Specters, unleashing a flurry of ax slashes, kicks, and elbow strikes. In moments, the melee Specters laid crumpled at her feet. Now for the others. Warlock seemed content in his strange magic energy field. So she'd let him wait it out. Dagr jumped onto the closest platform, swinging her ax at the first of the four Specter gunmen.
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Jevil almost jumped for joy when he watched Tabby swing between the constructs. It was genius. The jester mentally jotted it down as a tactic to use in the future before hastily dodging out of the way of the missile headed for him. He watched as it slammed into the enormous salesman, before Tabby unleashed another barrage of missiles and other attacks at the gigantic robot.

"Well, I guess that works," said Jevil to noone in particular, before turning around to Magolor and Zed. He considered throwing some Devilsknives at the two, however the gigantic robot seemed to put his plan into place at this moment, launching a series of attacks across the resistance and saying some particularly concerning things.

Spamton's erratic movements stopped for a split second as static clouded his glasses, his smile appearing painted on for but a moment as an eerie voice echoed off of him:
"[[Phase One]]"
And Spamton rose, lasers being emitted from the various tips of Spamton NEO's wings, all cyan blue in color as they swept over to the various members of the resistance.

Jevil was, of course, included in this, and almost jumped for joy, however Spamton said that he shouldn't move in order to avoid damage. Instead, he (while moving as little as possible) conjured three Devilsknives around himself and began to spin them around as fast as he could, in order to avoid damage from potential attacks.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Upon touching down, Rinku started his stand-up routine. Irnane glanced around for a moment. If only she had the eyes of a Khajiit. Clearly Rinku had some form of darksight- not that surprising. Not every warrior had to rely solely on their eyes for combat, however. Irnane had learned long ago, during her time as a good-for-nothing thief, that disabling the victim's ability to sight was key in overcoming them. As a thief, she had to learn what to do when faced with that exact situation.

Part of which she'd already had ready. Attuning her senses, she closed her eyes. Rinku had a signature of energy, unique from magic. Had to been magic she'd have been able to sense him more clearly, but she had experienced this energy enough now that she was somewhat capable of isolating his presence. Trickery was the name of the game, a game Irnane was well accustomed to playing.

His energy... hard to place, but it seemed to be...

"Even right behind you..."

She flinched, turning on her heel despite her gut telling her otherwise. Damn it, I knew it was a distraction, and I still fell for it.

Fortunately, her sensing had allowed her to recognize the rough idea of where Rinku really was, and the Incarnate wasted no time in activated her prepared spell. Once more a wall of flames was what met the yo-yo's as they pushed against another fire shield, the underground lighting up as Irnane's eyes locked with Rinku's.

"If you thought that would work, you've not been paying attention thus far, demon. I never go anywhere unprepared."

With her shield up, she raised her hand, burning a scroll in her palm as she activated the magicka within. The skeleton was nothing but a distraction, nearly playing very nicely into her favor by chance. This one, however...

It was no mere skeleton.

A dark hum filled the chamber as the flames swirled around Irnane, before a dark fire crested at the ground in front of her, and out of it rose a figure, stretching taller than either combatants as his armored head swiveled to face Rinku, blooded eyes glowing through the slits in his mask.

A dremora, one of the highest ranking daedra at Azura's disposal- completely at Irnane's beck and call, though she only had the one. The dremora would be more than enough to stave off Rinku, possibly weaken him further, while Irnane conjured up another plan.

"You call yourself demon..." The dremora's voice was but a whisper, yet it made the cavern shake as he drew a sword up from below. "Face the daedra of Oblivion, and finally comprehend your worth."

With his other hand, the dremora launched a volley of explosive fireballs at Rinku as daedric energy surged along the edge of his black-coated blade.


Upon Jeice's response, Dart realized just how wrong he'd been about this guy at the start. So eager for a true, complete fight... he'd been blind to the true villainy on display here. This guy was worse that Warlock... worse than the Black Monster... worse than Lloyd. There was no trace of goodness, no redeemability. Truly unadulterated evil.

As it was Jeice's turn to push himself to catch up to the Red Dragoon, Dart paced himself, keeping the Red Magma on the defensive. When Dart flashed above to hit his wrist and stop the ball from forming, the mercenary threw his leg out, knocking the attack aside. Re-using the earlier effective energy blade technique, Jeice closed in again, meeting Dart's blade. Mind Flayer matched him blow for violent blow as Dart scowled at his foe.

How and why would Master Hand bring in such heinous people like this? Did he even know? Murderers and villains and tyrants... Dart had had enough of those before this tournament. He'd had his fill. He could stomach it no more.

With one arm still holding the attack above, Dart's other flashed in a frenzy, carrying his blade as it met with Jeice's. Every time the mutant would hit, it would cut slightly into Mind Flayer, yet the weapon would flash with energy, repaired immediately by the power of the Red Dragoon.


With Cayman's store item still in effect, and Dart's high ground advantage, the dragoon finally seemed to output enough energy into the small ball he had formed.


A second Dart suddenly appeared at ground level, crouched, just in front of Jeice, before a third materialized in the same second just behind Jeice. The first and second were after-images, appearing almost as real as the real thing, while Dart had actually positioned himself behind Jeice, his hand moving to the back of his head to throw him face-first into the pulsing red orb.


The room they had appeared in bore a strange sense of comfort. Not due to whatever effects being outside of the maze had, but by the sense of familiarity Neph could feel. Her gaze drifted about, taking in everything. The framed pictures, the games, the bed... she could almost imagine a different room, from the eyes of a ralts.

A messy bed, probably never been done but by its owners mother. Pokemon trading cards strewn about in a mess. The framed photographs were of different people, the final... she could remember it. Her trainer, and the first three members of his team. A ralts, a mudkip, and a taillow.

Her gaze refocused when it landed on Bakura, and she was reminded this wasn't her trainer's childhood room. Sharing a glance with Marshtomp, Neph slowly approached the boy, uncertain. It could have been a trap, the evil Bakura attempting to lure them into a sense of security. Then again... this place felt just outside of his domain. Maybe this really was where the unconscious Bakura had wound up. Caught in the dream-like remnants of a memory.


"Hah! Don't make me laugh! If the Cap'n or Lord Frieza themselves were here, you'd be smashed to red paste long ago!" Jeice called back to Dart as they fought. The Red Magma could tell his attacks with his energy blade weren't effective in the slightest. Any hits to his weapon or armor just were fixed right up, as if nothing had ever hit it.

Then Dart released the attack. He was fast. The after-images were good, very good. Good enough to fool Jeice's eyes.

But not good enough to fool the scouter. Jeice flew to the side, narrowly avoiding Dart's shove. He slid across the ground, spinning and launching a barrage of ki blasts as he flew away from Dart.


The Princess and little girl made it into the opening. And just in time too, as it seemed Spamton NEO was changing up the rules. A barrier was formed, pushing everything and everyone closer together. Including the waves of Spam clones. Nótt put down Layla, facing down the massive wave of enemies. Luckily, their main opponent seemed distracted with the others, even with Nótt's Dragon Fang attack having been a direct hit.

"Behind me again, dear! Moon-Wing, keep focused on little Layla!" Nótt said. The refinement and elegance was beginning to fade from her voice, becoming a sharper, militaristic tone.

Nótt slashed through the swarm of Spam clones, quickly backing up to prevent her and Layla from getting flanked and surrounded. Moon-Wing also stayed on guard, using its wings, talons, and eye beams to stop any of the clones that managed to get around. Even so, it seemed like for every mini Spam Nótt and Moon-Wing cut down, two more took their place. That, and combined with Moon-Wing providing cover for Layla instead of Nótt, the Princess was forced to do even more work.

Nótt winced in pain as a blue laser scored a hit against the back of her thigh. A pop-up advertising "Hot DILFs in your area!" struck Nótt across the face, followed up by a barrage of junk mail and strange hyperlinks that she wasn't able to totally block with her lance. Still, she was able to prevent any of them to get past her toward Layla. Another blue laser struck Nótt across the back. Meanwhile, Moon-Wing shielded Layla from a few of the lasers.
"GrrrAAUGH! Dragon Fang!" Nótt called out. She swung her lance in a wide arc, sending out the powerful energy dragon to annihilate the closest wave of enemies. But instead of rushing in, the Spams suddenly stopped. Nótt watched as blue lasers washed over the Spamton clones... and didn't effect them.

"Hmph... That was what he meant." Nótt said. "Blue beams, don't move..."
The moments reprieve was all Nótt needed. She rushed into battle again, fighting the wave of clones.
"Chai! I am in need of your assistance!" Nótt called out, crushing another Spam clone.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


That's all he responded with as the Yo-Yos age the shield defense. They returned back shortly afterwards, steam still coming from them by the time his opponent burned a scroll. Out came a new creature, one that
seemed taller and far more imposing than the skeleton. Clad in dark armor, they addressed the demon.

"Face the daedra of Oblivion, and finally comprehend your worth."

Soon enough, fireballs rained down in his direction. Superior reflexes at the reigns, Rinku dove, lept, and side stepped several projectiles, throwing his Yo-Yos into the water.

"Whatever, edgelord."

Deep in the water, the Yo-Yos spun and spun, gathering current before they roped in a big enough wave of water. Riling up enough water force, Rinku cast the water wave forward, which not only was a deterrent for fire based attacks, but also obscured him for his next move.

Using his faster speed compared to the Dremora, he'd dart to the right of the dark knight, yo-yos prepared, and spin his body like a top. The Yo-yos would revolve around his body and would threaten to shred and remove the knees of the daedric knight as well as slice into Irnane as well. He needed to keep pressing the attack, the creature was just a distraction!


"Yeah! I'll second that!" Chai whooped to Nott's words.

That's of course, when things didn't go according to plan. The walls began to come in, Chai hastily looking around as the spammers had a smaller kill box for them all. Retreating so he wouldn't be close to the field, he looked left and right as the spambots poured back in. Whacking a few, a beam threatened to hit chai, which he quickly raised his guitar, compressing sound waves and luckily got off a perfect parry, deflecting the blue beam harmlessly into a wall.

"No, not interested, not gonna buy it!" He responded to the spamtons, smashing two in. "...Why would I want a swordfish?!"

"Chai! I am in need of your assistance!"

Nott called over to him, getting surrounded by approaching bots. Chai, making a grunt of agreement, starting to break out and run towards them.

"Get ready to jump!"

He leaped in the air, twirling his guitar around, that's when sound waves vibrate from Chai's hand. Suddenly, the guitarist would shoot straight down, smashing his guitar below.

"Compressor Slam!!"

A rock chord would echo out as a wave of vibrations would rock the Spamton army, in the vicinity around Nott would be knocked back and blown away by his rockstar rhythms.

Rex Raptor

"Wait, why do I have to be paired with the skeleton freak??"

It doesn't seem Neph was going to listen to him, as they along with the other pokemon went their separate ways of the squad, leaving him and the cheesy comedian plumber...thing, with him.

"Ugh, guess you are here with me now. Why don't you go check out that metal door? I'll be right behind you."


Previously Manu456Alola
Of course, Audrey's ability to deflect projectiles made things harder for the priestess, many of the talismans pinging off the sword and embedding themselves elsewhere. The Hero quickly approached, swinging with a lightning-infused blade– when Kirin vanished in a flash of azure, warping to a talisman stuck to a nearby tree. Her opponent wasted no time in attacking again, firing a lightning bolt through the air, prompting Kirin to leap off the tree and barely sail over the lightning, the tree quickly blasted apart.

In response to this, Kirin let out a wave of psychic energy through the forest, which dealt no damage to Audrey. Instead, all the reflected and missed talismans from the last barrage reacted in a burst of Septimal energy, transforming into clones of Kirin! About a dozen of them darted for Audrey from multiple angles, while the real Battle Priestess approached from above with a Ressen Slash, slashing down at the Hero with a spin to her movements. In addition to this, Merciful Beheading would trigger on contact with the ground, spawning three swords from under Audrey!​

"How in the world did you go that low...?"

Pit couldn't quite believe his eyes at Taskmaster's dodge. Thankfully, he'd managed to get a little distance between the two of them with that backwards leap, which gave him a little time to continue shooting smaller blasts of water at a high fire rate– when some sort of projectile entered his peripheral vision.

The angel's first instinct was to step backward, and as the crescent came into clear view, barely a moment away from making contact– but Pit managed to swing his Aquarius Blade at it in time. His aim was a little off though, as the crescent instead struck the hilt of the weapon, additionally cutting into his thick wrist guard, where it remained lodged. Thinking quickly, he yanked it out, lobbing it in front of his Aquarius Blade before blasting it with a jet of water, sending the crescent back at Taskmaster with incredible speed!​

It appeared Spamton NEO still had more abilities to show off. Much like how those strings from earlier had gone unaffected by Zed's flames, that snap just now seemingly nullified Magolor's abilities for a moment, enough for a cannon blast to slug into the egg. Following that was a barrier that spawned around the lobby, shrinking in size rapidly– forcing the prince to move forward a little in order to not make contact with it. He'd already dealt with a similar thing in the past, after all. Even if the Spammers were fine touching it, he didn't want to take his chances.

At that moment, Luxia finally reappeared beside him.

"Welcome back. Were you able to recruit any more allies?"

"Pretty much just the guitar guy," Luxia replied with a sigh. "And that barrier brought everyone here anyway."

"What about Layla?"

"Oh, the tall warrior lady over there has been taking care of her. Seems pretty reliable if you ask me."

Zed's eyes darted down to the ground, and he quickly spotted the woman Luxia spoke of. Nótt, if he recalled correctly. Her and the guitar player (who he recognized as Chai) were both fending off the wave of Spammers, guarding Layla as they did so. The Adept felt grateful at this support–if he'd been alone, he doubted even he could manage every threat at once.

Spamton NEO didn't waste much time before capitalizing on the reduced space, firing off an array of cyan lasers from his wings. Zed's first instinct was to move, and so he began to zip through the air to avoid the attack. After a few seconds though, they began to make contact, the passive barrier provided by Luxia unable to hold the lasers off. They did little damage with each sweep, but he knew that could rack up quickly in this chaos. He needed to shut this off at the source.

He stopped in his tracks, attempting to fend off another laser with a sword, though he found it simply passed through him with no damage dealt. So that was what the salesman's words meant.

"Let this phase be short lived, then!"
Luminous swords point toward heaven
Regret cannot stop their revelation
Accept your righteous ruin

"Rex Calibur!"

Zed held an arm above his head, and upon the casting of his Special Skill, an array of radiant swords manifested high above the fighters. Most of them were positioned above the waves of Spammers, while a smaller amount appeared above Spamton and Jevil, aiming in particular for the former's wings. After a moment, they would all crash down, sending a fiery shockwave outward to dispel the horde, carefully aimed as to not strike any allies!​


She'd rarely been this close to a fight before. With all those salesmen approaching on top of the already ongoing battle, things felt incredibly chaotic. Layla remained close to Nótt and Moon-Wing as they fought on, getting a little closer to the ground to feel slightly safer. The girl could only watch as attack upon attack landed on her friends, letting out yelps of shock at each one. She knew they were strong, but there were still so many of these guys...

"Get ready to jump!"


Looking to her right, Layla spotted the boy with the guitar closing in quickly, building up some sort of energy in his arm. Without much of a choice, the Adept jumped– and a blast of sound waves rushed through the ground, blasting the Spammers away. On top of that, a wave of crimson swords rained down on the horde, which she remembered Zed using sometimes. Layla stared wide-eyed at the friendly attacks, sparkles in her eyes. They were so cool.

If only she could do those things...


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Spamton NEO hovered above, at the edge of the barrier's top. A series of rocks hurled up at him, so he stuck his arm out, and fired globule bursts of energy into each one, shattering them and showering the lobby in a rain of boulders and pebbles. A shout from one of the more troublesome individuals, Zed, called the puppet's attention- and arrays of glowing swords materialized. Some above the spammers, some above Jevil, and some above Spamton NEO.

Once more, he fired blasts, which seemed to weaken the swords, but did nothing to stop them as they came down, slugging the floating robot back down to the ground, where he ragdolled for a moment, heavy limbs cracking the bits of the ground not already devastated.

"I WASN’T A_aLWAYS THIS [PerfectlyShapedBody]" NEO grunted as he rose back up, his laser attack ended for the moment. His head swiveled about for a moment as he surveyed the battlefield. "I WAS JUST A GUY TRYING TO MAKE IT [[Big!]]"

Most of the others were concerned with the spammers, leaving them mostly distracted. His head-turning stopped when his gaze landed again on Zed.

Raising the arm cannon again, Spamton fired. This time, metal orbs were launched into the air, quickly scattering around, though most were heading for Zed. After a few seconds, or on contact with something, the orbs would erupt in plus-shaped formations of expelling energy. This include when shot.

"D-d-_dID YOU KNOW [Acid Baths] MAKE YOU SHORTt_T???"

Opening a panel on his chest for a moment, Spamton raised a finger to press on a red circle button, labelled "Record." Beside it were several other buttons, labelled "Pause," "Play," and "Rewind."

Meanwhile, the sheer number of spammers was rapidly dwindling under the defense of the decoding survivors. The tide was turning in their favor as several of the spammers began to scatter in hide to avoid imminent destruction.


His eyes widened, both in surprise and frustration as Jeice barely, barely avoided the ball. It flew right into Dart's palm, catching there. Jeice began to fly away, turning to begin firing ki blasts. He didn't get far in the time it took Dart to turn, the ball raised before him as it seemingly absorbed the ki blasts, growing only more volatile.

With a glance back toward the approaching 808, Dart knew he couldn't use the full potential of this attack- but he could certainly direct its force.


"FLAAAAME..." He reeled his fist back, before he slammed his knuckles into the orb. "SHOT!"

Normally he'd punch it toward his foe anyway, but this time, the hit packed such a punch that Dart aimed to break open its power, rather than letting it launch at Jeice and potentially miss.

The entire arena, from end to end, rumbled and shook as the orb burst, its energy projected out, preventing it from going anywhere near 808. Instead, it formed into a sort of funnel that expanded in circumference the further it went out, disintegrating any more ki blasts caught in its wake as it screamed out, with Jeice intended to be caught dead center in the middle. The flames were so hot they could have been mistaken for the plasma at a star's core, roaring out its power in the great flaming funnel.

And when the blast dissipated, the entire left side of not just the throne room, but the black castle and its surrounding buildings had been reduced to practically nothing, leaving a massive trench extending far outward. Only a few smoldering embers were left, drifting in the wind, smoke clearing as Dart gave a moment of pause, uncertain if Jeice had survived in any capacity.


As the dremora began with his opening dialogue, Irnane leapt up, using his shoulders as a platform to kick off of, sending her soaring right back up to the hole in the ceiling, with which she grasped a side, yanking her up the rest of the way. The daedra would prove distraction enough to allow her to eliminate Rinku's advantage, making it a brief one.

As Rinku utilized water, the dremora pulled his arm back, closing his fist to quell the flames, before frost began to drip off his hand, and he thrust it forward again. Freezing cold magic barreled out in a cone, freezing the water rushing toward him. The yo-yo's came in, performing initially as intended, but when they tried to snap through the dremora's limbs, they found his armor impenetrable, even to them, though they did drag his feet slightly closer together, emphasizing the sheer weight he must have carried- and a lot of it probably wasn't even the armor itself. Unbeknownst to Rinku, dremora armor required very specific magic to bypass. Otherwise, bludgeoning force was the most common method to fighting one. That, or superior trickery, like the gap in his helmet, seemingly the only non-armored portion of the creature.

"The tools of a child," the dark voice within the armor cackled. "You know not what you face. I am an imperator of anguish, a small part of one far greater whole."

At the trajectory of the yo-yo's in their path, a revolving movement, that left them at a disadvantage when it came to preturnatural dodging. They'd have to unwrap to do so, and seeing this, the dremora's daedric blade glowed with magical energy, which he swung toward one string as he blasted rapid spikes of ice at Rinku.

Irnane cast a glance into the whole. The dremora was a tough foe, but he couldn't be summoned forever. Rinku was likely to defeat it before that time, however, given his methods of combat. Dremora expected foes that fought like any warrior- with a sword and a death wish. Yo-yo's, ki, and trickery were not something they typically faced.

Placing small markers around on the ground, Irnane continued to dart around, nearly finished with her trap.


Eye sockets closed, the skeleton was leaning against the skull door when Rex began to complain, before he turned to the monster with his "suggestion."

Opening one eye socket, Sans grinned back at Rex, before his eye light traveled to look at the metal door. "nah, looks heavy. doc told me i shouldn't be lifting too much, considering..."

He gestured to his body, emphasizing his skeletal form.

"i'm dead weight in physical activities."

He paused, glancing at Rex's arms.

"then again, maybe i've got competition."


Previously mallard
The Taskmaster fell into his backbend and rolled backwards to avoid the rapid-fire blasts. Then, the angel blasted his projectile back towards him. The assassin raised his shield, and the throwing crescent shattered off of it before it even began to scratch the shield. The force behind the projectile was still considerable, yet Masters allowed it to spin him around. As he spun, he notched two normal arrows. He crouched and stuck out a leg to stop his rotation- and then fired the projectiles. One was aimed just beneath his collarbone, and the other was aimed for his hip.

After the counterattack, Taskmaster dashed for cover behind a nearby cluster of crystals.

The woman was oddly content with staying on the defensive, as Kragg was content with having the high ground. Despite how heavy the boulders were, it didn't take much to throw downwards, as gravity could do most of that work. Yet with how much force Kassandra swung her hammer, she was spending more energy on each boulder than the beetle was. This was a common tactic among the Wallrunners- to simply wear down their opponents with heavy stones from above.

Kassandra was continuing to treat this in a casual manner, underestimating Kragg to be a common brute. Yet as long as the Earth's Bastion held his roost, she may find herself to become victim to one of the simplest strategies. The beetle continued hurling rocks at the Spartan while his gaze remained stoically focused and his muscles were relatively relaxed to conserve energy.

The wild Pokémon looked around at what appeared to be a human room. The sudden change in theme from the dungeon was jarring There was a human there, too, but something was off about him. The Gardevoir had an idea of what to do here. Marshtomp did not, and so he left her and the boy alone to go aimlessly explore the rest of the room.

Blast! The giant robot teleported away to go attack Magalor while Tabby was stuck in freefall. He landed on his feet in the middle of a crowd of spamminis, the nearest of which were swept away with a scythe before they realized the robot was there. Tabby took out his katana and one SMG. He only twirled the katana and resheathed it. His virtual face was that of focus as he held it there. He sidestepped a popup ad and opened fire on the nearby spammers. As blue lasers swept across the field, Tabby leapt and dashed out of its path. He landed on a spammer which he unloaded the remainder of his smg clip into. A sharp pain struck Tabby in the back, as he had been stabbed by the png of a sword. The tablet whirled around, and in that moment, there was a ding from his sheathed katana.

Once again, faster than the eye could perceive, Tabby ripped through waves of fleeing spamlings. He made his way towards the Regular Shop in a moment's notice- skidding to a halt next to a final spammer. He cut this one down with his blade normally to restore his health before rushing inside the building. There he sought out Magalor, and if he found him, he offered his floating hand to help the egg up.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As a couple rotations were done, the Yo-Yos seemed to glance off the armor, like they couldn't pierce it. That...was new. This caught Rinku by surprised, not having found a material he couldn't cut through. That's when the dread knight before him would take advantage, slashing at a string and launching ice spikes his way. The string, although in rotation, managed to somehow arch just above it, letting it sail right under.

Rinku however, was not a nimble string. While he was still much faster than the daedric manifestation, was caught in a repetitive spinning action where his eyes weren't glued in one direction. So he quickly swore to stop spinning, sliding his sneakers across the ground as he ducked, the ice spikes cutting into him. They were deceptively strong, on shot right through his side, cutting through his shirt and shredding off skin. Another sliced into his shoulder, blood trickling down. A rather large one approached him square on the head. Seeing little option, Rinku head bashed at the blunt side of the spike, shattering it before it could impale him. This caused a big gash in the shape of an X to appear on Rinku's forehead.

Despite knowing the armor was all but invincible, Rinku flashed forward, he stopped inches away from the face of the knight. His four active Yo-Yos latching into each limb of the knight, zapping with paralyzing energy and they tied themselves tightly on.

"Hehehehe...That's kinda the whole point. The tools of a child..."

Flashing his face up to look straight into the helm, he had a wide...inhuman grin on his face. As if his original demon form had began to leak out, blood sliding down his face

"Because this is all but play to me."

Thats when the Daedric knight would shoot upwards through the hole he had made earlier. He would shoot up with the Knight while they were paralyzed. His plan? He'd bring the knight as high as he could get, shooting past Irnane and objects along the way. Then, well, you know the dinosaurs? He'd throw the heavy knight back down to earth at Irnane's probable location with enough force that their impact would either take her out with the force of his own invincible armor or damage her in some capacity.

Rinku hated to admit...but this was getting strenuous. Sweat had begun to build up on the sides of his face, the Knight's weight being nothing to underestimate, that and the fight dragging out at was giving his Ki a workout. Was he...panting? This was the most difficult fight of the tournament so far. He hadn't had to fight like this in decades!

Rex Raptor

"Jokes. Fun."

This was a terrible idea. Flower chick had to be in something to even call him here. Not having it in him to bother entertaining him, Rex cleared his throat, putting a more authoritative pose.

"See here, skeleton. She left me in charge of this team while we are separated, so I say the marching order is you first!"

Sure, she didn't actually SAY that. But it was implied. Totally not a lie.
Safe Zone

Bakura blink, sitting up. He yawned and rubbed his eyes, feeling as though he was waking up from a deep slumber. Looking around, he spotted the source of the voice.
"Oh... oh! Ms. Nephth... I mean, Nephthys." Bakura said as his memories returned. "Hello. Were you able to... find... anything..."

Bakura's voice trailed off as he took in his surroundings. This wasn't his room. This wasn't even the lobby of that fighting tournament. And there was more than just Nephthys here too. A stout, aquatic, salamander-like creature was wandering around this fake room, looking at everything. And floating around the Marshtomp was a Duel Monster Bakura recognized, the Tenderness monster. Tenderness! Real! In his room! He supposed he should be surprised, this tournament had him summoning real monsters. But seeing it flying around, it felt so odd.

Bakura looked back to Nephthys nervously.
"Is this all a dream?" He asked. He looked at himself. "It doesn't feel quite real. Where are we? What is this place?"


Jeice screamed as he was totally encased in the powerful beam attack. The blast dissipated, and Jeice was nowhere to be seen.


A shaking red hand could be seen emerging from behind the rubble of a destroyed wall. Slowly, Jeice pushed himself to his feet. The right half of his Battle Armor was totally destroyed and he was covered in burns. His long white hair was burned short, no longer long and elegant.

"You bastard..."

Breathing heavily, he glared at the Red Dragoon and tore off the rest of his Battle Armor. The warrior took a fighting stance.

"You burned up... my hair..." Jeice said. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT'LL TAKE TO GROW BACK?!"
Jeice screamed with rage, and flew up into the air. He held up a hand, calling forth all of his ki. Instead of just the one Crusher Ball appearing in his hand, a series of six Crusher Ball energy spheres formed in the air around the Red Magma. He threw his hand down, sending the series of six Crusher Balls flying towards Dart and 808! Just as rapidly as he threw the Crusher Balls, Jeice had raised his hand again to call forth an even larger energy sphere! It burned with flame, growing multiple times the size of a normal Crusher Ball before it was flung down towards Dart.

"CRUSHER VOLCANO!!!" Jeice roared.


The Princess jumped at Chai's order, watching as his attack sent the Spam clones flying. Blades rained from the sky, shredding even more! That sword attack wasn't from Chai or Spamton... That was from Zed? Nótt glanced back to the Adept in surprise. A most powerful mage...

With their flurry of many attacks, the Spam clones were beginning to retreat. A most unusual tactic. Why would they be running away? Spamton had mentioned something earlier, something about them being the source of his power. Nótt didn't want to trust what an opponent said. But perhaps there was some inkling of truth to his comment. There was about the lasers, after all. Still, Spam clones running away meant less threats to Layla. Hopefully. Nótt fired more magic blasts at the retreating Spam clones, giving Chai a grateful nod. The laser attack had been stopped as well...

"Thank you, Chai." Nótt said. "Most impressive."
Turning towards Spamton NEO, Nótt fired a series of magical blasts at the massive mannequin. Moon-Wing stayed close to Layla. As tempted as it was to land on the child's shoulders like he would Nótt, the bird had the feeling the kid would instantly crumple under the weight.


Previously Gamingfan2
Magolor crashed into the Regular shop, taking out the pile of his own flyers the Shopkeep had promised to give out. Magolor landed with a grunt, looking very unamused as he saw his work flutter around him.
Magolor lifted a flier out of his eyes to see Tabby with his hand outstretched helpfully.
"Hey, you're not dead!" Magolor chirped, taking the phone's offer and getting back to his nonexistent feet. "I'm Magolor, by the way."
He didn't remember seeing Tabby from the tourney, but now wasn't the time to discuss that. Magolor rubbed his noggin as he thought.
"Ugh, nullifying my magic. I hate that. Surprising him is not going to be easy."
The egg's calculating eyes surveyed the area outside the shop, to Zed's swords striking Spamton, his explosive counterattack, his lackeys retreating, and finally Tabby and his weapon.
The weapon dealer eyes shimmered as he pointed at Tabby's blade.
"Hee Hee! Hey, wanna see a neat trick?"

There she was! And apparently planning something devious. Through her magic, NiGHTS teleported another ice pillar behind Lucario.
The aura pokemon's ears flickered as he sensed the shift in environment, but he did not so much as glance at the pillar as he brought his palms up, catching it with a strained grunt. Letting aura be his guide, Lucario put one foot forward and threw the pillar back to NIGHTS!
Lucario would follow her after, make up the distance lost with Extreme Speed.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

He sure had faith in his abilities.

The ice pillar was shortly used as a javelin and hurled in their direction. Quickly flying just over the targeted area, NiGHTS spun their body like a drill, ramming the blunt end of the spear into the ground where the projectile stopped, wedging into the snow covered hillside.

"Huh, that would have taken more than a little off the top."

The quipping jester kicked off back on track in the air, Lucario quickly making up for lost time as they appeared almost like a blur. Reaching the outskirts of the city, NiGHTS turned around, the pokemon almost on them.

"Alright, you want me, you got me!"

With a flick of a persona mask, NiGHTS would undergo a transformation. Similar to the rocket persona, their body shifted and warped into a completely different one. This time, they took on the form of a long serpent dragon, thick plates of multicolored scales that it wore like armor donned it's body as the persona mask seemed ingrained onto it's face.

Before long, the dragon whipped it's neck up, a trail of a flaming beam sweeping along the path of it's mouth with it!


Previously Manu456Alola
Taskmaster continued to mix offense and defense with every move he made. Barely any time transpired between Pit's shot and the soldier's counterattack, two arrows suddenly flying through the air. Pit swung the Aquarius Blade again, freezing up the arrow aimed at his collarbone, but the other arrow struck his thigh due to his movements, causing the angel to wince. This provided Taskmaster with enough of an opening to hide behind some crystals, which Pit did catch a glimpse on as the man ran.

"Ngh... all the humans in this tournament really mean business."

He needed to draw Taskmaster out. If he tried to get close, he could very well spring some sort of trap. The Aquarius Blade promptly vanished in a flash of light, and it was replaced by a larger weapon: the EZ Cannon. This one would surely pack a punch.

Pit aimed high first, and a metallic volley was sent flying through the air in an arc. Once it hit its zenith, the angel would fire another shot at the ground beside Taskmaster's hiding spot, a powerful explosion eruption on impact. If things went according to plan, both shots would land at the same time, giving the human a generous dose of boom. The explosions would also send a storm of crystal shards flying outwards, covering many escape options from the blast zone!​

"So this is what you would call "making it big"? For what purpose, exactly?"

Despite the chaos of battle and destruction, Zed was intrigued by Spamton's words. He was erratic, yes, but not mindless. There was a motive behind all this. Metallic projectiles scattered through the air, mostly raining around the prince's position. He raised a hand in response, letting swarms of golden birds soar to intercept each one.

The moment each bird struck, the orbs burst in bright plus-shaped explosions, stretching out a long distance. This came as a surprise to the Golden Trillion, a few streaks of energy washing over his body, dampened somewhat by the effects of Luxia's Septima. Ordinarily, the power of the Djinn's songs would be enough to outright nullify most incoming attacks, but something about this tournament was artificially limiting it. Zed could even feel some of his own abilities change noticeably. If he recalled correctly, that death competition had similar effects on him. Perhaps it was a side effect of being transported outside of one's own world?

Trails of smoke rose from Zed's body as the blasts around him dissipated. He flew a little higher in the air, placing two hands in front of him as he focused. Twin streams of flame burst from the prince's body, moving through the air in a wave-like motion as they aimed to slam into Spamton NEO's body. With most of the others whittling down what remained of the Spammer horde or momentarily away from the fight, it fell upon him to keep up as much pressure as possible on the largest of the threats.

He would not disappoint.
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d


More and more boulders were hurled, and bit by bit, Kragg was lowered as he continued to use pieces of his own pillar for projectiles. Kassandra swung and swung, the Hammer of Hades meeting and bursting every boulder he hurled. She was working up a bit of a sweat, but it was worth it. She could feel her fifth charge fill, and quickly build toward a sixth as she shattered more boulders. She hadn't been at her maximum charge limit the entire tournament so far, which had made her weary in her approach. If Kragg kept up tactics like these, she wouldn't even need to worry about using her shop items.

"Keep 'em comin', bug guy," she huffed under her breath as her sixth charge filled, and began to build toward the seventh and final.


With it set, Irnane moved to the edge of the hole once more in time to see her summoned support... land a hit...?

The dark elf blinked, genuinely surprised. Rinku enacted his counter-strategy, and what followed was more expected. How had he dremora managed to deal damage in so little time? Irnane narrowed her eyes as she watched Rinku paralyze the daedra, vaguely paying attention. Clearly, the approach taken had worked, Rinku's defenses weren't as impenetrable as she'd assumed.

Irnane had been going about this all wrong. She'd approached this like any other fight, but the problem was, Rinku fought like the dremora was, and it had been consistently pushing her. Evidently, he faltered under the same strategy. That could be utilized...

Rinku swooped up through the hole, rising high as he hauled the dremora with him, who grunted under the restraints of the yo-yo's and their paralyzing effects. With her work on the surface concluded, Irnane dropped back into the hole, landing deftly before her summon was launched back through, intended to hit her. The extra distance the drop had provided gave Irnane more than enough room to slink away, and the steam that earlier clouded the room had dissipated by now.

Everything was in place.

"Foolish... WORM!"

The clanking of metal sounded as the dremora clambored back to his feet, and he pointed his ebony blade up at Rinku. "You wish me to cease toying with you? I shall tear you apart as though you were- huh?"

Flames erupted from underneath the dremora. "Noooo! I wasn't finished with that insolent little-!!" He yelled as the flames consumed him, and he vanished entirely, recalled back to Oblivion.

With her plan set, all that needed to happen now was for Rinku to spring it in motion. Her eyes darted about, now able to see the room in detail, and she caught sight of a pathway that led elsewhere, meaning this pit wasn't a death trap. That ruined part of her plan, but she could improvise, and quickly dashed her way down the pathway, following the water. It reminded her partly of a sewer canal, but the stone was reminiscent of dunmer architecture for a crypt. She could only assume this led into a flooded graveyard.

"hm..." the skeleton stroked his chin thoughtfully as he stared at Rex, before he shrugged nonchalantly. "can't argue with that logic."

He shuffled on over to the iron door, and proceeded to slowly rap his knuckles on its metallic surface, knocking.


His words were enough to bring some measure of concern to the gardevoir. He didn't recognize this place? Was this not his home, pulled from memories? Or was that a case of his subconscious barriers, blocking parts of his mind from interacting? The answers might have been as unclear as his headspace, it would seem.

<A recess within your mind,> the gardevoir answered. <Yes. A dream. Or an equivalent to one, given this your head we're in.>

She wasted no time in getting to the point. <Do you know who Yami Bakura is?>


So he'd survived. Dart took a brief second to assess his energy. Still high and raring for more, the flame shot technique was his least exhaustive Dragoon ability. He had tons more fight left in him.

Out of everything however, Jeice seemed to be the most upset regarding his hair, screaming out at Dart about it. "NOT LONG," Dart replied in earnest, though his tone maintained his serious attitude. "YOU'LL BE BACK IN THE LOBBY LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED AFTER I'M FINISHED WITH YOU."

At the very least, Jeice was finally... FINALLY going all out.

Dart's jaw set as he forced himself not to grin in the excitement underneath. He couldn't afford to get carefree now. This guy was no good, and the Red Warrior would need to keep his focus at the max.

As the six crusher balls came in, Dart's wings fanned out, before he burst off the ground. In a single swipe, Mind Flay tore through all six before he landed defensively in front of 808 before the balls had erupted after the attack. Jeice however, wasn't finished, flinging another attack just as quickly as he had the first, calling out the move's name.

"Crusher Volcano."

Dart finally couldn't stop a small smirk from forming before he shook his head. Villain or not, that was a good name.

Mind Flay vanished in a flash of emerald fire as it was replaced by a transformed Heat Blade - Magma Blade. Yet Dart stopped himself from progressing in his original plan, casting a glance behind at 808. She was too vulnerable, he couldn't let her get hurt. He'd have to do something else. Turning around, Dart's wings extended. He scooped up 808, and blasted off, leaving a crater in his wake as he hurtled away just as Crusher Volcano struck.


Another great eruption to rival the others seen in this quickly deteriorating arena.

Dart spun around, holding 808 with one arm as he glared down toward Jeice. With Magma Blade helping to heighten the power of Dart's attacks, he stuck it forward, calling upon something he genuinely hadn't expected to in this tournament, but this needed to end, and soon.


The ground rumbled, cracking apart, heralding something great.


An ear-piercing roar pummeled Jeice's ears as directly beneath him, a great flaming beast burst out of the ground, soaring toward the Red Magma with surprising speed given its immense size. The Red Dragon spewed emerald flames from its mouth as it climbed quickly toward Jeice.


YOUR BEST [Salesman!]

Raising a finger from the 'record' button, a series of magical blasts slammed into him from the side, making his body jolt. Spamton NEO's head snapped to look in Nótt's direction. Out from between the alleys between shops, Spammers appeared, now driving karts at breakneck speeds, carrying wobbling piles of unopened junk mail. Due to the nature of the letters, they would actually be harmful to touch, dealing damage as many went flying about in the wind as the spammers drove about.

Spamton swiped his arm, and lines of cutouts of his face, colored blue, hurtled toward Nótt, Layla, and Chai, grinning at them as they blitzed close, dealing identical damage to the letters, before the NEO's wins rattled, and he rose back into the air.

Coming level with Zed, Spamton let out a cackle.
"WHO Cc_ARES? [I Can Turn My Hands Into Phones!]"

A transparent, green-hued box, rectangular in shape, appeared around Zed, effectively trapping him in as Spamton's arms elongated, his hands literally turning into phones as they positioned at the top and bottom of the box. Waves of telekinetic energy was emitted from the devices (preventing Zed from closing in past them) as slowly, Spamton began to close in, his face pushing through his end of the box, mouth open wide.

"I STRUCK [[Big]]! [[Big]]! [[Big]]! I MADE THE [Deal] OF A LIFETIME!"

Zed's breathing room was rapidly dwindling as Spamton closed in, waves from the phone proving a hassle as they would disgruntle attacks from the Golden Trillion while also keeping him from getting close to the puppet's face, while orbs were spat out of Spamton's mouth, quickly erupting into WiFi bars that razed toward Zed as deceptively powerful, slugging attacks.


Just before his open mouth seemed to be ready to take a chunk out of Zed, Spamton pulled back, his body reverting to normal as the box disappeared.

For a moment, Spamton's eyes went black, similar to the earlier tv static, and the voice that came from him this time was small and feeble. It almost sounded genuine, sadness clinging to the one word he spoke.


Before it was gone a quickly as it came, the color snapping back to his eyes as Spamton raised his arm cannon again.
"DID YOU SAY SOMETHING?" He laughed, playing off the momentary lapse in character. More of the blue cutouts of Spamton's head appeared, swooping in from all directions as Spamton began to fire blast after blast after blast of semi-charged energy from his cannon. Any of the blue cutouts that got close to Zed would open their mouths, spitting out friendliness pellets toward the Golden Trillion.


Lola by Blue

With chaos erupting within the plaza, three champions were left without a way to intervene as they could only watch events unfolding through the screen before them. A giant robot, taking over the tournament... and no Master Hand in sight to stop him. The glove didn't even appear with them. He was either unaware of the transpiring events, or completely unable to step in.

Master Chief's golden visor glinted, reflecting the images of the screen. Beside him, the holographic form of Kalmiya similarly watched. The spartan turned his head to look at her, and she him, pursing her lips as she did so. "Should we...?" She asked.

"We should," the Chief gave a simple nod, before he reached behind him, and procured what at first appeared to be an orb, but when he let it go, the orb hovered into the air between them. Gunvolt would possibly recognize the architecture of this orb, coming from his own multiverse.

"Lola," the spartan spoke. "Initiate Carpal Protocol."

"So it's time to go, huh?" The spherical A.I. replied, doing a twirl in the air before hovering a little closer to Kalmiya's projection. "Alright, let's do it! Ya ready, girl? Cause I know I am!"

Kalmiya smiled back at Lola, before she gave a nod. Both moved toward the center of the room, Gunvolt and Reala no doubt curious to whatever these three were up to. Out of the center of the room, a small platform started to rise, appearing almost like a dyson sphere, to those aware of such a thing.

Once fully elevated, the sphere began to unravel, rings coming apart around it to reveal a small cluster of what seemed to be unstable energy.


Previously Manu456Alola
It seemed he wasn't going to get a straight answer. There was the hint of genuine sadness beneath it all, but any clear intentions were hard to discern through the salesman's manic behavior.

Before he knew it, another attack was upon Zed. A green box appeared around the prince, who promptly blasted it with an orb of flame to no effect. Once again, Spamton was forcing his target to deal with his attack, unable to break free on their own. As such, Zed placed his focus on the incoming projectiles, finding himself backing up against the edge of the square.

Flaming birds began to spawn in small waves from his hand, flying off toward the approaching Spamton– though they had a difficult time reaching their target, as they were either intercepted by the WiFi bars or held back by the strange waves coming from the telephones. The space was indeed getting claustrophobic, Spamton taking up more and more space within the box while his projectiles continued to ring out, Zed manifesting a large crimson blade to slice them as they neared. Each bar burst with surprising concussive force, blasting the prince against the wall behind him, and he was forced to block the following hits with his weapon, which quickly began to crack apart under the assault.


Thankfully, Spamton’s attack ended, and the box around Zed disappeared. The Adept was quick to get some more distance between him and the salesman, who didn’t seem to be done yet, launching another wave of projectiles as if nothing had happened. Small blue cutouts of the machine’s head approached, accompanied by periodical energy blasts from Spamton NEO himself. Zed turned slightly at this, letting his phoenix wing shift to extend in front of his body.

“Wings of Death!”

At the prince’s call, a storm of golden birds appeared from behind him, moving in a rising angle to intercept the approaching cutouts before they got too close. Some of the birds dove in the path of the energy blasts, weakening them to some degree, while the rest of the fiery constructs would aim for Spamton himself, looking to strike various points of his body. Zed, meanwhile, continued to move in an up and down motion, weaving above and below the approaching blasts of Spamton’s cannon.


“Damn it…”

The Azure Striker looked on in frustration, one hand pressed up against the large screen displaying the footage of the lobby. It was pure chaos. Thousands of spectators decoded and converted into copies of the massive robot, wreaking havoc everywhere. A small group had already risen to oppose him, but the three champions had no way to get down there and help them. What in the world was Master Hand up to during all this?

A burst of electricity arced from Gunvolt’s body to the screen, causing the image to flicker for a moment. He wanted to help, but how?

“Lola,” Master Chief’s voice echoed throughout the room. “Initiate Carpal Protocol.”

The Adept’s frown eased up a little at this, and he turned to face the Spartan. He watched curiously as a metallic sphere hovered in front of the tall man, one that seemed familiar to him. Only when the A.I. spoke did he realize who it was. This was Lola, the companion to Copen all those months ago. But what was she doing with Master Chief? Could this be the Lola that once accompanied that alternate version of Copen they’d discussed earlier?

He had quite a few questions, but he’d ask later. A strange, sphere-like device had appeared in the middle of the room, containing within an even stranger, distorted energy. Gunvolt couldn’t quite place what it was. Clearly it wasn’t a standard form of psychic energy.

“What… is this?”
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Not the way he intended to beat the knight, but at least he was out of the way. Wiping away the sweat from his brow, he gave a good deep breathe his Ki softening on his Yo-Yos, like he was unflexing a muscle. The Yo-Yos returned to his hands and the strings stopped glowing. He was already starting to feel more like himself.

"Alright, now to find the lady."

His levitating reduced further till he plopped down on the ground. Walking normally, he conserved power, going to the hole in the ground until he landed on the damp stone below, his shoes breaking a few stray ice crystals from his previous scuffle with the knight. Looking around for any cloaked assassins or traps, Rinku plodded forward, letting this time of reprieve aid him in getting his second win when Irnane would make her move.

Peppermint / 808

"From this height, I think I'll be able to-"


Before she could spring her plan, she was scooped up by Dart, who remained in fast paced combat. Seems like she was getting right back roped into it. Well, so much for her idea.

What was next came as a much bigger surprise. After some kind of chant, a dragon emerged spewing glowing green flames out toward Jeice and his surroundings.

"Not sure how much I can tell you, guy." Peppermint squinted, focusing 808's lenses. "Just seems his energy output is much higher than before, but I think he might be reaching a potential energy plateau from the look of that energy decay. ...Are you sure using a dragon against a fire guy is the best move?"


"Woah, who's that guy??" Chai whistled at Zed as they fought the main Spamton. "Glad all that fire is on our side!"

They were attracting a bit of attention to themselves, as more spamtons appeared, this time with carts...full of mail? They didn't even have a PNG of a knife! How bad could they be? Just then, one of the letters flew in the breeze near chai, floating past the back of his left arm.

"Ow! Ow! Paper cut! PAPERCUT!" He whined, blowing awkwardly at the back of his arm.

But it didn't end there, the biggest chicken amongst the spamtons fired blue versions of himself at the crew, which Chai new in an instance wasn't going to be a fun time to be hit by. Twirling his guitar in circles, energy began to build up in the center of the junk instrument. Revolving and revolving, he then chucked some kind of pink energy sphere up in the air, letting it fall back to earth. Before it hit the ground, Chai smacked it with his guitar like a bat-

"Harmonic Beam!"

Just then, the impact of the guitar on the sphere made a beam of pink light shoot out of the opposite end of the impact, blasting at the blue faces and hopefully towards Spamton. What does a laser have to do with music, you may ask? Mhm. Keep asking.
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Previously Gamingfan2
NiGHTS took out another mask, putting Lucario on edge. The reshaped themselves into a draconic form, and were charging a Hyper Beam!
The blue (and black) blur changed directions, now running around NIGHTS as her attack swept swept across the icy winterland, coming across the ice pillar NiGHTS had redirected. Lucario ran up the embedded ice structure, leaping off it and above the beam just seconds before it was blasted to vapor!
In another role reversal, Lucario now soared over NiGHTS. Bringing his palms together, Lucario used Aura Sphere, firing it right at NiGHTS' mask!
Dark Labyrinth

"Yami... Bakura?" Bakura echoed. He thought for a moment, then shook his head.
"No, I don't. What a strange name..." Bakura said. "Where I'm from, Yami means 'Darkness'. Like the Yami field spell. Or the King of Yamimakai. The 'King of the Dark Demon World'."

Bakura looked around the room. It was similar to his own, but it had an otherworldly aura to it. A peaceful one, but still otherworldly. Something like this was in his head?
"Uh. Who is that?" Bakura pointed to Marshtomp. "And why is Tenderness here? Actually, should I still be trying to keep my mind blank right now?"

Tenderness chirped a cheerful hello. Deciding to stop flying around, it attempted to perch itself on Marshtomp's head.


With the creak of rusted hinges, the metal door slowly swung open. Like all the other rooms in the labyrinth, this one too was stone brick room illuminated by torches. Inside the room, a beautiful banquet was spread out across a massive table. Foods and desserts of all kinds were there, and the smell! Such a heavenly, delicious aroma.

On the back wall, just as in the other two rooms, there was a stone carving of a key.

In the back of the room a strange large, reddish, rubbery sphere was tucked into the right corner.


Breathing heavily, Jeice stared down at Dart. Damn, that bugger was fast. Destroyed the Crusher Balls and evaded the Crusher Volcano, even while rescuing that stupid annoying cat. He wiped away some blood from his mouth. Hm... This bastard had talked about honor earlier, and was always jumping to that cat's defense. That was an idea.

Dart began speaking an incantation of some sort, and Jeice scoffed.
"Huh! Hyping yourself up, eh? Well, you're not the only one who can do that! Take this! YEAH!" Jeice exclaimed.

The Red Magma spun his hands, taking a wider stance in the air. He threw up his hand, and... struck a pose!

Fighting Pose B!

Yeah! With that pose, Jeice could feel the awesomeness flow through him. His strikes would be more powerful, he knew it!

Dart finished his incantation, and Jeice turned to face the warrior... when a massive dragon burst from the ground! A summoning ability too?!

Jeice flew higher into the sky as the dragon suddenly doused him with emerald flames. Why the hell was he flying away from this thing?! Pushing through the flames, Jeice flew towards the Dragon and threw a powerful punch right at its snout!


Nótt smiled politely and tightened her grip on her lance when Spamton NEO looked at her. However, the attention was short lived. The Spam clones had evidently used their retreat to regroup, flying out on strange, Gullinbursti-like devices. Nótt and Moon-Wing faced them down together, along with Chai. Princess and Eagle fighting as one, the pair protected Layla from the flurry of letters and go-karting Spams.

Spamton NEO attacked at the same time, sending strange faces towards their group. Such strange and powerful attacks. Luckily, their allies had a few tricks of their own. Chai let loose a powerful burst of energy, like the blast from a Thoron tome, to stop the strange faces. With Chai handling that, Nótt focused on the Spam clones. She fired precise magic blasts from her lance, trying to take down the Spammers one by one as they rushed around!
"What power! You are full of surprises, Chai." Nótt called over her shoulder to the rock star.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Lucario was ever the acrobatic, evading and leaping across the battlefield. NiGHTS turned to spread more flame where they went when Lucario charged something in his hands. NiGHTS would try to charge up in kind, a flaming veil generating around them. But before they could fully complete it, the Aura sphere smashed straight into the mask, the veil weakening it somewhat, but causing spidering cracks to form on the mask along with sending the dragon smashing into the ground.


NiGHTS swapped back into their normal form, a bit dazed as they pocketed the dragon mask carefully. It was still usable, but in a critical state. Couldn't afford to flaunt it about after that. Sonic never told them that they could fire energy balls like that! Looks like they would have to play it more technical.

"Not bad...!" NiGHTS complimented, taking a bit of damage from that one. "But how about we vary things up??"

Shooting up towards one of the themed buildings, it seemed as if it were a pool table with a perfectly lined up batch of pool balls placed on it. Everything was there...except a cue ball. NiGHTS took it upon themselves to suddenly contort and transform into a ball, roughly the size of the giant pool balls. Plopping down, they gained speed before.


Pool balls went flying across the city, several in random directions with a good three flew towards Lucario direction, each on around ten feet tall and wide. Lucario could predict patterns and weaknesses pretty easy...so keeping things random even for their standards was sure to confuse and rattle them!

Rex Raptor

They were met with a table full of food amongst this dreary place. At first, Rex salivated at the thought, but as soon as the thought of putting the foods in his mouth, Rex was instantly reminded of the poison that he drank earlier. The acidic and fizzing feeling in his throat still stuck with him, and spoiled his appetite of the meal.

"Urgh...that's just not right..."

He looked the other way, trying to ignore the inviting scent that invaded his nostrils, spotting the odd ball in the corner of the room. Was strangely placed...not to mention strangely colored. Rex rolled his eyes before spiking the ball with his foot!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


As Zed proceeded to start styling, the puppet seemed to have a moment of frustration. So far the entire fight, he'd responded to every threat and attack to him with more power. It was no different here, as his face proceeded to enlarge again. "[Bullet Hell] IS My_% SPECIALTY-TY-TY, [Jackass!]"

Like before, projectiles spewed like a hail of bullets from his eyes, his nose, and his teeth. All the while, more blue cutouts began to appear, their numbers doubling as did their speed. Rather than trying to trick or outwit Zed, Spamton's response was to try and overwhelm and overpower him.

"BUT I WAS [[Bigger And Better]] THAN Aa_-AaA-NY OF THEM!" He continued the rant he'd begun earlier, picking up where he'd left off. "I DIDN’T NEED THEM!"

After letting on the assault, his head shrunk back down.

He suddenly stopped speaking, the darkness falling over him yet again as he looked away. "...Mike..."

And just like before, the color snapped back to his glasses as he let out a cackle, then proceeded to make what could only be described as garbage noise as his body began to enlarge, doubling, tripling, quadrupling, then quintupling in size, transforming the robotic salesman into a colossal form as he glared at Zed. Despite their position in he air, right at the edges of the barrier sealing everyone in the lobby, Spamton NEO's legs were touching the ground below, filling up as much space as he could. Chai's laser struck one of the legs, leaving a burning scorch, but NEO's priorities were elsewhere. For now, he ignored it.

"I MADE A [[BIG SHOT!]]" He exclaimed, opening his mouth. Massive blasts of energy began to fire out, heading for Zed. Every time the salesman opened his mouth, a blast would fire, quickly one after the other, before he pulled his head back, taking a second, and fired a final blast, the attack being about half the size of his body itself as it sizzled and popped, slugging toward Zed, who Spamton had clearly designated as his primary threat. However, the massive blasts would deal surprisingly little damage, and the BIG SHOT itself would most likely only tickle a little. The rules of Spamton's world still applied to him, something evident here, as bigger attacks dealt less damage than smaller ones.

"BUT [Oh I Missed]" Spamton continued. "IT [Stop]! IT [Stop]1 IT [Stop]! WHY1? W-wW*_wHY DID IT [Stop]???"

As the Spammers drove around on their go-karts, Nótt fired to intercept them. Some of the karts erupted, but a few of the Spammers glitched, appearing elsewhere as her attacks zipped right through them.
"[HASTA LA VISTA] Sugarbaby!" The Spammers laughed as they pulled out straight-up Smith & Wesson Revolvers, opening fire with comically large yellow bullets that came in all around Nótt, Chai, and Layla as the Spammers drove in sporadic circles around them, while several others zipped their way toward Magolor, Tabby, and Masaru.


Kalmiya had clearly been waiting for either Reala or Gunvolt to inquire about the fuzzy energy hidden within the metal rings, as she beamed, eager to explain as she placed her hands behind her back. "Surely you recognize the energy itself, right? It's not too dissimilar from the Nexus. After you used your wish upon winning the second multiversal tournament, the Nexus went into overload in an event we've been calling "The Magna Pause." You participated in that, during which the Nexus processed your wish. Once it was finished, it seemingly destroyed everything there, yourself included."

The energy in the center of the room hummed with unfathomable potential, yet it was clear it was no Nexus. It was something different.

"The Nexus itself created a third multiversal tournament, in which Chief here won. At the end, he got to meet the sentient Nexus, and upon learning the truth, offered to become its eternal protector. The Nexus agreed, and bestowed some of its power to Chief before it essentially killed itself, giving him full autonomy. The first thing Chief did was reversed the damage caused by the Nexus, reviving those it had previously destroyed, like yourself. For a little while, it was fine, but over the course of all these events, Master Hand and the Nexus had earned enemies who sought power, and they came together to form what we've referred to as "The Nexus Coalition."

It was very evident that Kalmiya was extremely excited to be talking about these events, no doubt coming from a sense of pride concerning her spartan guardian and friend.

"Chief had to seal himself inside of the Nexus to prevent the Coalition from taking its power, as they'd found a way to temporarily fight the Nexus energy. What followed was the "Coalition Uprisings", as Chief called in people from all over the multiverse to try and beat the Coalition, which fell one after the other. It was admittedly pretty close, but Chief and the Nexus were saved. Knowing that degree of raw power would always be sought after, and things may not turn out as well next time, Chief removed it from the equation, destroying the Nexus and erasing the power it had granted him. Following this, Master Hand sought out the Chief, undoubtedly having some degree of respect or appreciation for him, having altered the destructive events and guarded the Nexus without anything in return. This led to an agreement, and the creation of the "Carpal Protocol." Master Chief had shown he was trustworthy and reliable, so the protocol was designed in the event Master Hand ever became compromised or worse."

Kalmiya gestured now to the Nexus-like energy that she'd been building up to explaining, not without hyping up the Chief while at it. The spartan himself didn't have anything to add as he patiently waited for her to get to the point and answer Gunvolt's question.

"This is something I've been calling "The Nucleus." Master Hand didn't agree to the naming but he also didn't propose a different one so we're going with it. It holds marginal power comparable to a fraction of the Nexus, and those who actually know how to use the Nucleus can be given the proper kind of power to step in when Master Hand becomes compromised. As fortune has it, Chief here is an expert at handling and understanding this kind of energy. So we should be able to reverse all this nonsense in a jiffy! Right, Chief?"

She turned her head to the spartan. "That's the plan," he said simply, turning his gaze to passively look upon Gunvolt. "If it doesn't work, you'll need to step in. You're more adapted to handling energy through your body than me."

He didn't seem interested in giving any counsel or words to Reala, however.

"Are there... any questions?" Kalmiya grinned awkwardly at the other two, clearly keen to spill details a little more.


Good. Rinku had followed. She slipped just out of his sight when he dropped in, now darting into the tunnel. When he drew near enough to the tunnel, Irnane activated the runes she'd earlier placed. Explosive magic, and given the state of things in the prior room, it worked flawlessly. The entire ceiling above Rinku rapidly and suddenly collapsed, falling upon the room with haste as great boulders threatened to crush the boy.

The whole front of the tunnel began to collapse as well, a cascade effect from the explosions. Irnane was already darting her way deeper through to where she assumed the main crypt would be. If Rinku were to charge into the tunnel, he'd have to keep going a little ways to avoid the domino collapse. If he went the opposite direction, he'd probably have to expend a decent amount of time and some energy cutting through the sheer amount of rubble just to reach Irnane again.



Wasting no time, Dart's wings spread out before he zipped back into the air, a vapor cone appearing around as as he broke through the sound barrier, rapidly closing in on Jeice and the Red Dragon, just as the Red Magma slammed his fist into its snout, fighting through the flames. The dragon's head was pushed back, before it swung its head, intending to throw Jeice back as it let out a growl- right as Dart arrived, stopping in the air just behind Jeice with his blade in a downward plunge, intent to impale Jeice from the back and sever his spine in two right through the gap in his armor at the bottom.


"King of the Dark Demon World" seemed applicable to the current situation. When Bakura quesioned Marshtomp and the creature, Neph shook her head. <Don't worry about any of it right now. I'm still working on helping you, I just need more time. Yami has been evading me thus far, but he can't forever. Just continue to dream and you should be alright.>

She turned away, back to the door they'd come through. Hopefully, they could just head right back and weren't somehow being blocked out. She gestured for the marshtomp to follow and made to return to the dark maze.

The skeleton lowered his hand when his knocking made the door opened, and he grinned back at Rex. "whaddya know, a little politeness goes a long way."

Rex didn't respond as he moved past Sans, entering the room first. Upon seeing the food, the two stopped. Rex's response was strangely negative, though the monster didn't question it. He gave another shrug. "eh, grillby's is better."

Opening his jacket, he revealed three bottles strapped on the inside of it. One red, one yellow, the third green. He perused his options for a moment before he selected the bottle of relish and somehow began to chug it down, despite the fact he was just pressing the bottle against his teeth. Meanwhile, Rex made his way quickly to a rubber ball in the corner, and made to kick it.

Sans didn't stop him, only opening one eye socket to stare lazily at his attempt.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"It makes little difference to me what happens in this material visitor world." Reala added. "Only in that Master Wizeman still reaps what he is owed."

Their opinion obviously wasn't sought out, but they were never one to sit idly by while a visitor takes charge of the situation. The red and black striped nightmaren crossed their arms as they showed general disinterest.

"Fix the mess if you so wish. It is your plane of existence. How you decorate is your business."

Not being from the waking world, Reala's perspective was not too dissimilar to being in the kitchen at a restaurant. Wizeman's armies harvested Ideya, the parts of the soul of visitors of the waking world in their dreams. This process were generally named as 'nightmares'. He wouldn't want the waking world destroyed, after all, they payed tribute to Wizeman. But how it gave tribute he couldn't care less about, only that the majority of the farm remained intact to continue harvesting.


"That's my trick!"

He had just tried to bury Irnane with the cliff's debris much earlier, did she take this from his book? In either case, it wouldn't be as effective! It helped that the rocks weren't matching his speed like Irnane was most the match.

Leaping into action, he bounced from rock to rock, parkouring across the collapsing hall. As he reached near to where Irnane was, he bashed his hands against one of the large boulders. Thrusting it right to her to smash her!

...Or so it seemed. He quickly unveiled two Yo-Yos, shooting towards the boulder instantly after it left his grip, slicing it down the middle! The boulder halves would carry the same momentum, but this time going left and right, the two most likely ways to dodge!
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Jevil was getting bored.

He'd been sitting there with some Devilsknives surrounding him for what felt like hours (although was probably more like 10 minutes). Everyone was having fun smashing bots or dodging blasts, and he was just sitting there! And for what? The request of some giant crazy salesman who told him not to move?

Ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!

He looked around him. The flying man is busy fighting the salesman, Jevil though, although there were some peo- wait, who is that!?
Jevil noticed a green-haired lady, who was fighting Spammers and appeared to be trying to shield a young, seemingly bunny-eared girl from the surrounding chaos.
Importantly, the lady beared a striking resemblance to Dagr. It was partly the face, partly the gigantic eagle companion. Was this her sister, or another relative? It didn't matter. Jevil had already decided what to do.

Before anything, he decided to take out the eagle. Turning his defensive Devilsknives into offensive ones, he launched them in quick succession at Nótt's eagle, before tossing some heartsmissiles at the bird as well to home in on it. From there, he focused on the lady herself.
"Hee hee, having fun? Join the club!" cried Jevil, before throwing a kind of "beam" of clubs directly at Nótt!


Previously mallard
The assassin heard a weapon fire. He immediately peeked out from behind his cover to see what looked like a cannon firing arced shells upon his location- which Pit had now turned to aim towards Taskmaster. The supersoldier broke out in a sprint to put distance between him and the shells' destination. He ran towards a nearby gnarled root that had worked its way out and back through the blacktop. However, before he could reach it, Pit fired the weapon once more at his feet. Taskmaster jumped and put his shield between himself and the blast- just as Captain America would do- which shielded himself from the blast as well as giving him the boost to get over the large root.

Upon landing in a crouch, he waited a split-second for the crystals to stop whizzing by as he drew another trick arrow. The skull-masked man rose to notch the arrow, aimed at Pit. Yet, at the last moment, Taskmaster tilted his aim and fired, the arrow instead lodging into a crack in the asphalt near Pit. This sonic arrow took but a second to release a high-pitched frequency, which was designed to stun the angel with its painful noise as its archer notched and then fired a regular arrow with lethal intent.

The spartan began showing signs of wearing out. The Wallrunner pulled up another boulder, as if he were about to throw it. Instead, he leapt off the remainder of the pillar, which crumpled behind him. Kragg descended upon Kassandra, and if she attempted to meet him head-on, he met her attack by slamming his boulder into her weapon, while his mighty horn came down upon the woman's head with all his weight behind it. If she dodged, he smashed the boulder into the ground, which created a violent shockwave across the ground that disrupted all of the earth in the area. If Kass was grounded, it would throw her off her feet, leaving her vulnerable to a follow-up punch from the Earth's Bastion.

The Marshtomp got bored of looking around and wandered back over to tune in the conversation just as they were finishing up their talk about "yami" and "darkness". Tenderness fluttered down to perch on Marshtomp's head, which earned a flinch from the mud fish to make sure his sensitive head fin wasn't being messed with. The Pokémon was otherwise unbothered by the monster's landing, as he looked up and smiled at his birdlike friend. And when Gardevoir left the room, Marshtomp absentmindedly waddled after her.

As Tabby helped his new friend up, the capitalist remarked on how the robot wasn't dead- as if he would've gone out like a chump. The alien introduced himself as Magolor, and the tablet responded by jabbing a finger at himself and showing his own name in large bold letters that scrolled in from the side. Then, the mage inquired about his weapon. A large question mark appeared on Tabby's face-screen, as he was curious as to what trick his friend would want to pull in the middle of a battle. At the same time, Lemonkus's creation could hear vehicles approaching. His hand went into his cloak to withdraw a shuriken buzzing with electricity. With a flick of his wrist, the one turned into three, which he flung at the approaching spamkarts in attempts to stun the drivers and cause them to crash into eachother!

They were fast, that was for sure. The karts drove around, firing a barrage of shots at Nótt, Chai, and Layla. Nótt stood her ground, spinning her lance to deflect away bullets. Moon-Wing raised its wings, shielding Layla and Nótt's back with its metal wings. Still, the constant barrage of attacks was beginning to wear on the massive bird.

"Oh stop it, you flirts~!" Nótt called back to Spammers. She swung her lance as it crackled with magic energy.
"Dragon Fang!" Nótt called out again. The energy dragon roared to life, sweeping out in a semicircle in the path of the Spammers and their gokarts!

Moon-Wing fired its eye beams at other Spammers, attempting to slow them and weaken their attacks. Then, suddenly from the sky, more projectiles! Moon-Wing swatted away the scythes, but one of them struck his right wing rather hard. It screeched in pain, and spotted Jevil flying closer. Heartmissles. If it was possible for a bird to grin, Moon-Wing would be.

Strange purple runes appeared on Moon-Wing's feathers, mirroring the green runes that appeared on Sun-Wing's feathers. The Heartmissles struck a strange purple energy field, exploding in fiery blasts. Just as Sun-Wing had the Wings of Fast Defense, Moon-Wing had the Wings of Stout Defense! Moon-Wing was barely affected by the Heartmissiles, and Layla was protected totally.

Nótt glanced over her shoulder at the sound of explosions detonating by Moon-Wing. That jester Jevil had decided to turn his focus on them now, instead of doing... well, whatever he had been doing before.

"Hee hee, having fun? Join the club!" Jevil exclaimed, throwing a 'beam' of clubs at the Princess. Nótt was quick to react, dodging to the side and firing a magical blast up at Jevil.

"Oh please. I don't have time for weaklings that can't even beat my sister." Nótt scoffed. "Cause your chaos elsewhere, imp!"


The scouter once again altered Jeice to the movement of Dart. Jeice threw a spinning kick, knocking the sword off it's target. Still, Jeice had turned his back to the dragon. It slammed him in the back, sending the Red Magma flying!
"WAAAAAUGH!" Jeice screamed, flying through a nearby ruined skyscraper.

Jeice slid to a stop on the floor of the office, breathing heavily. That was... a hell of a hit. Jeice staggered back to his feet, breathing heavily. This fight was becoming a pain.

He'd make this jerk pay for this.

Jeice flew out of the building, holding out his hand and conjuring another energy sphere.
"Crusher Ball!" Jeice yelled. He flung the sphere, and it barreled towards Dart. But this wasn't a normal Crusher Ball attack. Jeice was throwing a curve ball, both figuratively and literally. The Crusher Ball suddenly changed course, flying down towards 808!

Dark Labyrinth

Rex and Sans entered the banquet room. Noticing the strange sphere in the corner, Rex walked over to kick it. But the boy had barely made it halfway across the room when it shifted.

It was in fact not a sphere, but a strange, fat, reddish creature that was hunched over. A demonic tail whipped about as it looked over its shoulder, crying. It was in the middle of eating, gluttonously consuming a leg of meat.

Seeing the skeleton and duelist, the creature let out a terrible scream! The entire room resonated with it and shook, with the scream being so loud and terrible that it would cause physical damage to Rex and Sans. The banquet was also affected, all of the food souring and quickly rotting away.

As the scream faded, so did the monster. It slowly vanished, leering madly at the pair.


The white haired teen stood up from his chair, looking to Nephthys with concern. He hadn't known the Pokemon for long, but he could tell something was wrong.
"Yami has been evading you?" Bakura echoed. "What do you mean-?"
Suddenly, Bakura was struck with a realization.
"Ah!" Bakura exclaimed, putting a hand to his chest. "My Ring!"

The teen looked around frantically. The Millennium Ring necklace he wore was gone.

Wait, if this was just a dream, then that should be fine, right? Still, it was unusual that it was gone, but his other clothes were still on him. Bakura calmed himself, looking after Neph and the Marshtomp. It looked as though they had come from a strange stone wall...
"Well... I suppose if there is nothing I can do, I'll just stay here..." Bakura said.

Tenderness returned Marshtomp's smile with one of their own. Together, the group returned to the maze.


Previously Manu456Alola
"What kinda trick was THAT!?"

"He's real crafty, I'll give him that."

Watching in awe as Taskmaster bomb-jumped all the way to another piece of cover, Pit redirected his aim, letting another volley soar at his opponent's new position. It arced through the air with remarkable precision, aimed to land directly behind the man. Before it could land, though, Taskmaster fired off another arrow that landed beside the angel. It didn't explode or anything, which confused him. Normally it'd have some kind of effect–


A sudden high-pitched noise rang out, and Pit covered his ears on instinct. The EZ Cannon on his arm didn't make it easy, though. With the angel vulnerable, the following arrows flew at him uninterrupted– but the angel's wings suddenly flashed a bright blue, and he took to the skies thanks to Palutena's guidance. Now out of the sonic attack's range, he managed to regain his focus somewhat. His ears were still ringing though, and they hurt a lot too.

"Phew... Thanks for the save, Lady Palutena."

"No prob. Keep an eye out for those arrows, their effects seem to vary a lot. Think you could reflect a few back at him?"

"Ooh, great idea!"

Now soaring in a wide arc around Taskmaster, Pit continued to let loose cannon shots in the soldier's direction. If he could bait some more arrows out, maybe he could take advantage of them!

The prince's counterattack was only met with more and more firepower. Spamton NEO's face enlarged just as it had before, a few more birds from Zed's Wings of Death move rushing in to intercept a few of the incoming projectiles. This latest attack of the salesman's was also coupled with the same blue cutouts from earlier, which now began to move and attack faster.

A radiant orb of flame encased Zed as he moved through the air, soaring past a series of eye lasers, before one of the waves of nose shots slugged against the shield. It managed to withstand the entire wave before bursting in an outward blast of flame, burning apart a myriad of nearby projectiles. More and more continued to pile on him, scoring repeated hits on the prince even as he sliced and diced multiple incoming projectiles with his flaming sword.

"Hang in there, Zed...!"

"Ah, no need to worry!"

Zed's demeanor remained positive despite the overwhelming onslaught, pieces of his coat torn and falling through the air. The assault relented but for a moment, as Spamton NEO suddenly grew massively in size, towering high over all the resisting fighters. His focus remained on the Golden Trillion, however, as massive blaster shots quickly began to rain down upon Zed. A powerful flap of his wing followed, increasing the young man's altitude greatly, a couple of shots whizzing past him, though this maneuver had another purpose: he wanted to redirect Spamton's aim to be higher up. He couldn't afford any stray shots landing on his grounded allies.

Coming to a stop at about chin-level with Spamton, Zed was quickly forced to back off as another shot flew towards him. This put him rather close to the barrier, and a follow-up shot was upon him, with little room to move aside. Manifesting a sword in his hand once more, Zed dashed forward, cutting into the projectile – and it gave way with surprisingly little resistance, the Adept coming out the other side with little harm. A much larger blast was finally upon him, and with little time to zip out of its way, the Golden Trillion held his weapon in front of him, enlarging it briefly with more of his Septima's power as the final projectile finally slugged into him...

It burst in a bright light and a large explosion, obscuring Zed for a few seconds – and when it dissipated, the prince remained standing, weapon only partially worn down. It seemed that despite how threatening the attack was, it actually yielded very little destructive power.

"All bark now, is it? How interesting."

Seeing as Spamton's size had increased dramatically, he had a far easier target to hit now. The Golden Trillion swooped down at great speeds, circling around the salesman's torso as flocks of birds appeared in his wave, much like they had before. They would divebomb the salesman in continuous waves, their damage not particularly high. The purpose of the attack was mostly to annoy Spamton, keeping his focus on Zed as much as possible. With the size he currently boasted, any attack aimed at his allies could cause a lot of trouble... assuming the low damage output of this last one had merely been a fluke. It was still too early to tell.
They had karts now!

Layla backed up in surprise, the Spammers circling around her and the others chaotically. They began to fire their guns at in unison, a barrage of projectiles converging on the group. The girl's eyes darted everywhere as she struggled to keep track of everything, though it looked like her friends had things handled pretty well. The sounds of explosions and screeching metal behind Layla startled her, and she turned around to see Moon-Wing take some hits for her and Nótt. But it still looked hurt.


Layla placed a hand on the metal bird's wing in an attempt to soothe it. Moon-Wing was already working overtime protecting everyone, but it was starting to get a little much for it. She wanted to help too, but she could barely control her own Septima. Whenever Luxia set her mind to something, she would just go off and do it on her own. And with her already so busy helping Zed, she probably didn't even have the chance to help out down here...

Still, the others were already fighting so hard for everyone's sake. Maybe she could find a way to support them too.

Gunvolt (& Lola)
Before the Azure Striker could respond to Kalmiya's summary, the A.I. nearby him piped up.

"Dang, nice breakdown, Kalmiya! Talk about a detailed history!"

Gunvolt crossed his arms, getting his thoughts in order upon hearing the explanation. He'd mostly only been aware of the events he'd directly been involved in regarding the Nexus. His wish to grant all good-hearted people in the tournament their respective wishes had gone awry, and resulted in that "Magna Pause" event Kalmiya had described, which he recalled her mentioning GV and Chief had both taken part in. After the wish was done processing, though... it had been as if no time had passed at all to Gunvolt. He'd returned to the struggles he'd always known, never knowing the exact consequences of everything until now. The decision to destroy the Nexus was something he generally agreed with. That kind of power simply existing put the entire multiverse at risk.

"...alright, I get it. It sounds risky, but it's the best shot we have." He finally replied, letting his arms fall to his side. "But in the case where it doesn't work... what's going to happen to you? Kalmiya said you could handle that energy, but we all know how volatile it can be."​
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Previously Gamingfan2
The phone, who he just now learned to be named Tabby, looked curious over his question. It wasn't a yes, but more importantly, it also wasn't a no.
The mage's giggling bordered on maniacal as he put his palms closer to Tabby's katana. A rune covered the handle, pumping magic as it spun round and round. In only a few seconds, the Katana sported a new gear insignia and doubled in size! Yet its weight felt unchanged to Tabby, with the magic from the rune doing most of the heavy lifting.
Magolor swiped his finger casually as if cycling through something. With each swipe, the blade burst into lightning , then sharp winds, then fire, before returning to lightning.
"So you like electricity huh?" said Magolor, golden eyes looking at his shuriken. "Then let's go, my fellow cat-eared ally!"

Soaring over the go-karting Spamlings, Magolor flew out of the Regular shop, twirling away from the occasional projectile as he beelined it towards the big boss, looking for a blind spot. Luckily the machine was again busy with Zed, who thankfully hadn't found himself at his Spamton's mercy again. He had an opportunity here.
Two more runes were summoned, one on each of his sides. From them popped out two massive, futuristic looking cannons, charging with energy! Magolor primed both, aiming at Spamton's ugly head!
"I'll show you a Big Shot!" boasted the egg. "Eat plasma!"
The twin cannons unloaded their energy, discharging plasma lasers that crossed together to form one huge beam!

Lucario once again followed NiGHTS. At this point the two were more or less touring the city, not that he minded. To react to the unexpected, this made for great training.
Next was a massive game a pool, something he was unfamiliar with playing. NiGHTS happily took her role as the ball, and sent the rest bouncing every which way!
Lucario quickly shut his eyes, attuning into his surroundings to "see" each ball at the same time. It was still incredibly hard enough to track, but he had enough foresight to strike one ball away, sending it falling over the edge, then catch another. Alas, the third came by too fast, and Lucario was knocked off his feet. It looked like he was going to fall into a pocket!
Lucario thought quickly, summoning a bone staff and stabbing it into the table. He shifted his weight and swung around. The staff ripped out of the green fabric floor, and he was back into the game. Using his momentum and the staff as a makeshift cue, Lucario struck the ball, setting off a chain reaction similar to NiGHTS. Pool balls were again sent smacking every which way, with two balls careening at NiGHTS from different angles. And as a bonus, Lucario managed to pocket two other balls.
Was that good? Lucario figured he'd learn soon.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Her plan had worked. The steeping angle of this tunnel meant they were only moving further underground, and that meant the likelihood of Rinku being allowed to continue exhausting his "bust a hole in a wall/floor then wait" strategy wouldn't be nearly as applicable anymore, and would encourage her to utilize the applied tactics of her earlier summoned dremora.

The tunnel they were moving down wasn't explicitly dunmer in its design. It felt strangely imperial, like she was back in Cyrodiil, darting through its sewers. A result of clashing styles from both of their chosen arenas, perhaps? Regardless, Irnane took but a brief glance to calculate the room she had to move in these dank quarters. The tunnel they were moving down had opened up into a wider area- a maintenance section of the sewers, with a drop-off into the surprisingly clear water below. At least there wasn't actual sewage down here. She had already reached this point by the time Rinku enacted his move, sending a boulder toward the Nerevarine, part of the last bit of collapse that was now behind the demon.

Bending her knees slightly, Irnane leapt, rising into the air and sailing over the boulder as it approached, immediately after cracking in two due to her foe's signature weapons. Either end smashed into the walls of the canal below. Had she not had room to move up, her options would have been far more limited. Fortune smiled on her in this moment.

Assessing her situation, Irnane weighed her options. She could continue to lead Rinku further along in a game of chase, but the potential that would undo her strategy in trapping Rinku down here with her was high. Better to take a stand now. The canal below was about two and a half meters across, rising up about the same amount before it ended at the walkways on either side of the canal. Those were only about one and a half meters in width, and rose up another four meters. The tunnel stretched onward in a perfectly straight line, and the entire sewer was filled with a sickly green glow. There were a few branching paths on the walkways as the wall would be met with infrequent doorways that led to other parts of the sewers, while the canal itself eventually split, going in two opposite directions.

As she dropped back down, Irnane's hand enveloped in a brief yellow light. The dremora had been her best summon in terms of what he could offer, and the skeleton had been her worst. A good middle-road was this next summon, as a wispy white figure rose up out of the canal, clad in ancient dunmer chitin armor, baring teeth at the demon. An ancestral spirit- to be specific, it was one of Irnane's past lives as Nerevar Reborn.

This would be a good place to make a stand and end these ceaseless games.


Kragg leapt, just as she was at the precipice of a seventh charge. Eh, six were enough. As Kragg came down, the misthios consumed two charges at once, an immense power channeling through her. After hundreds of years of combat experience (and already dealing with boulders where Kohga was concerned), Kassandra could see the ploy. Kragg positioning himself just behind his next boulder. She could work with that.

Making sure to conserve her boost in power, she struck the boulder normally with the Hammer of Hades, using the bounce-back from the explosive force of contact to let her take a bracing step back, and reposition her torso, turning the Fleece of Jason to face Kragg as he barreled out of the plumage of dust and debris his final boulder had created.

His horn smashed into the lion-head of the fleece, and Kassandra dropped to her knees under the weight, wincing at the power behind the attack, but preserving herself from any additional harm, and with Kragg close as the rest of him still had to touch down, Kassandra used her free arm not bearing the bug's weight to swing up the Hammer of Hades, her hand gripping closer to the weapon's head to reduce lag, sacrificing weight. That sacrificed weight was ignored, however, as she channeled the energy into an uppercut swing, aimed for Kragg's torso for maximum effect. All of the built power in her used charges was expelled if contact was made (and would not be if contact wasn't made), an immense power even greater than what Kragg was capable of slugging in with a furious and brutal collision. Her charges had been used in favor of "Overpowered Strike," granting the misthios a 1000% increase in physical strength for a singe blow.


"NO CRUSHER BALL," Dart replied as he zipped forward, intentionally intercepting the curveball before it could arc, cutting Magma Blade through it as the dragon soared toward Jeice overhead. "GET SOME NEW MATERIAL!"

He was unaware that this particular crusher ball was, in fact, "new material."

The dragon continued to bear surprising speed, almost comparable to the dragoon as his wings ripped through the skyscrapers on either side of him before he smashed into Jeice's building, snapping his jaws for the Red Magma while Dart winced, feeling his dragoon energy waning. Summoning the Red Dragon took a lot... but he still had a little bit left. Enough for a couple more moves if he was smart about it.

Dart zipped in, keeping himself at the other end of Jeice as he unleashed a flurry of attacks, unrelenting in his assault as he began to push himself in this new form, moving faster and faster, hitting harder and harder as he began to yell with each strike, hounding the mutant while the dragon began to spew flames over the both of them, hotter than hot. Dart was unaffected by it, only seeming to be continually boosted as he struck for Jeice's hands, aiming ultimately for the scouter.

After the loud noise, Sans raised a pinky and rubbed at his skull where his ears would otherwise be. "i think you scared him off, Rex." Remarkably, he seemed undamaged.

Casually, he tossed a "reverse" card from Uno out of his pocket aside. He gave it a sad look as it fluttered to the ground, all used up.

Meanwhile, Nephthys, Marshtomp, and Tenderness emerged back in the other room. Rejuvenated, the gardevoir narrowed her eyes before she approached the open metal door and looked inside to the other two, before her eyes darted toward the stone carving of a key at the end of the room. Her mind was occupied with thoughts, however. Bakura had mentioned a ring... he seemed distraught about not having it. That couldn't be nothing.


Upon Reala's response, Kalmiya swished her lips to the side and squinted at him. "Well... it's not really any of our plane of-"

However, she was readily distracted by Lola's compliment, and Kalmiya beamed at her AI friend. "Thanks, Lola! I aim to please!"

It was here that Gunvolt piped up, and Chief gave him a nod of confirmation to his words. "If I can't keep going, you'll need to step in for me. If you and I both can't..." his visor turned, gazing impassively upon Reala. He didn't add more, but the implication was clear.

"I'm sure it won't come to that," Kalmiya chuckled, though Chief's lackluster optimism when compared to her seemed to be weighing on her somewhat, as the chuckle came out slightly forced. "The Nucleus packs a punch, but it's not like the Nexus! So long as our mechanical friend out there doesn't have a counter for it, everything will be fine! And... there's no way he'd have a counter for... right, Chief?"

In favor of her own faith in her spartan companion, she seemed to be willingly ignoring the fact the Nexus had granted him its own power in order to utilize its energy, before. He didn't have that anymore.

"He's blocking Master Hand out," the spartan pointed out, his gaze now turning to the screen for a brief moment. "Be prepared for anything."

Kalmiya swallowed before she gave a nod, and Master Chief approached the Nucleus, reaching his hand out. For a moment, he hesitated, but it was impossible to tell what was going on behind that visor. Then, he pressed his hand against the hazy energy, and the entire room began to rumble.

The Chief let out a grunt as wisps of white energy began to flow up his arm and swirl around his body. His knees buckled, but he kept himself held up for now, channeling the energy of the Nucleus.


Tabby's attack prove fruitful, as several of the GoGoSpams crashed into one another. While they survived, they began to engage in a very tense dispute about insurance as they got out of the karts and began to yell incoherently at one another, throwing about their hands wildly in exasperation. While that as happening, one of the GoGoSpams stuck a hand out at Nótt when she called them flirts. While his hand was blurred due to being sensitive content on live television, it was clear he was flipping her off.

When Jevil intervened, the Spammer turned his middle finger up at the jester- only to immediately crash into the Regular Restaurant because he wasn't paying attention where he was going.

"MY LIFE WAS [Torn to Pieces!] I LOST EVv_--EvE_v-v--_eve--EVve--[Everything I Hold Dear]" Spamton yelled out as he raised one hand, swatting aside the entire flock Zed had summoned as his hand rapidly closed in on the Golden Trillion. "EVERYTHING!"

Magolor's call was a distraction, and Spamton pulled his hand back, turning to look down at the sphere. Almost as though it were an ironic response, the puppet's jaw dropped, opening his mouth incredibly wide. The plasma beam disappeared inside of his mouth as he quite literally ate it, before the air in the lobby began to churn, and debris started to fly upward. Like the earlier Spammer, the NEO had become a vacuum, only this time, it was super-sized and affected every single individual.

Everything began to fly up into his gaping maw, and as the suction grew exponentially more powerful by the second, even the likes of Magolor and Zed would be unable to fly away. Entire buildings within the lobby ripped up and disappeared into the jaws of Spamton NEO. He was threatening to swallow everything whole, but just before any one individual could be, Spamton seized up, and the suction stopped abruptly. Everything that remained fell back to the ground as the NEO shrunk back down to his usual size, strange wisps of white energy fluttering around his form as he choked out his next line of dialogue.
"I TRIED TO CUT A [Deal]. I TRIED TO CUT THE [[Big]] [Deal]"

Something seemed to be nullifying him as he struggled to move, his body gyrating where it sat in the center of the lobby's crater earlier made. Nearby, a single Spammer remained, the last of them all, who peeked over the ruins of Regular Magecraft before he turned and hightailed it away to hide somewhere.


His eyes went dark as he sat on the ground, struggling to move.


Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Pool balls flying towards them from two different angles, NiGHTS had to stop themselves from laughing with Lucario getting into the spirit of things. Ball-NiGHTS stuck their tongue out, lifting their ball form from the ground and tossing themselves several feet to the right. So when the two balls came, they collided with each other, one of them sinking into a pocket and another rolling back and hitting NiGHTS from behind, sending them rolling wildly towards Lucario with the same force he imparted onto the balls!


The numbers of spammers went down extremely, being cut down and cut down till only one was left, which tried to run past a shop. Chai put two fingers forward as he readied his guitar in his other hand.

"I got this...!"

Hopping twice, Chai threw his guitar spiraling through the air. It sailed through the distance, his guitar to land right on the noggin of the running salesman.

"Annnnnd that's a wrap!"


Lucky pick~

Irnane successfully evaded his projectile as Irnane continued, conjuring forth some kind of wispy fanged creature donned with some kind of armor. He was starting to understand how these summons of hers worked. That last guy didn't need to be beat, but was sent away as if on a time limit. So it was purely a distraction, one that would give Irnane an advantage if he were to entertain.

"What's this? Some kinda desperate last stand?"

Reusing the same boulder halves from before, he slugged them forward with his Yo-Yos like saucers, throwing them in a cleaving fashion towards Irnane. Meanwhile, he'd shoot a singular Yo-Yo underneath the shadow of each one, their disturbances in the water being less likely to be noticed from the small window the shadow provided. Along with the projectiles themselves being big flashy distractions. The Yo-Yos would emerged and drill into either thighs and punch through the other side, all the while his body remained on his side of the creature, unaware but cautious as to what it may do.

Rex Raptor


This was the second time he tried to take a simple solution and got hurt because of it. The sound rattled his ears as the inviting smell of the room turned foul. Grasping his ears, he found his stomach in pain somehow. Like he took a punch to the gut...yet somehow felt as if he was starving? Grunting, he barley kept standing on his feet. He couldn't keep going taking his like this. He wasn't sure if he could take anything more.

"Bone guy, solve this puzzle already! I'm gonna...sit down."

Slumping against one of the walls, he let out an exasperated sigh as he clutched his stomach. He was straight up not having a good time.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


"If you detect desperation, it isn't from me," the Nerevarine replied. "You may be due for introspection."

Rinku's was response to use 2 of his yo-yo's on the boulder halves from a moment ago. The ancestral ghost let out a raspy cackle, thrusting his hands downward. His spectral energy transformed into magic, procuring as ice magic, which rapidly froze the water beneath him stretching out toward Rinku, threatening to freeze the two yo-yo's and Rinku's legs in place. The boulders passed through him harmlessly.

Reacting quickly, Irnane leapt up, twisting her body in a spin as she skimmed the halves as they came, fire magic enveloping her fists before she jettisoned a cone of flames through her spirit guardian and for Rinku's upper half, simultaneously getting her legs in motion as she darted forward onto the ice to close the distance to the demon.


Raptor didn't seem to be having a great time, and the gardevoir felt a pang of guilt. She'd dragged him into this, even unintentionally. In a sense, he was her responsibility. <That would be best, do as he asks,> Neph concurred to Sans as she entered the room. The skeleton winked back at her before he shuffled over to the key engraving, staring at it without really doing anything else.

Almost awkwardly, Nephthys approached Rex. She wasn't all that accustomed to these kinds of encounters. Well, that wasn't entirely true. At one point she had been. But... all the fame and power had gotten to her head, and it stayed with her for a long time. She'd just forgotten how to... be real and compassionate.

<I'm... sorry, for bringing you here,> she communicated to the boy. <It was not my intention, and I did not wish you any harm. I will do everything I can to make sure you return to your body, good as new.>

Well, that was probably the most she could give right now. The gardevoir couldn't think anything to add to that as she uncomfortably scratched at her arm.

Sister? Well that makes sense.

Nótt threw another magical blast at Jevil. Just like she had thrown at Spamton, over and over and over. But unlike that giant robot, Jevil was fast, fast, clever clever- and also small. That helped, especially when Jevil had to evade the magical blast with a high "jump," which was actually just him floating upward in an arc.

"Another magical blast, blast? How boring, boring! Your sister would be so disappointed in you!" Jevil exclaimed, before throwing another blast of Clubs at Moon-wing, as well as deploying 4 Clubsdrones to circle around and constantly fire upon the bird, with hopes of breaking it's shield.

"And for your information, I didn't "lose" to her, I just gave up my victory so that she could see the truth, truth!" Jevil explained. "And, well LOOK AT HOW RIGHT I WAS!" He cried, gesturing to the chaos occurring all around them. At this, he summoned 3 additional Devilsknives, before turning into one himself!

The knives, alongside himself, began to spin rapidly and began circling around Nótt, before suddenly spiraling inwards!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Rinku was pleased, seeing Irnane not noticed the Yo-Yos as the boulders took precedence. As ice spread from the creature she summoned, freezing through the water, the Yo-Yos smashed through the freezing water undisturbed as pink energy flowed through them, and so in kind did Rinku jump over the ice, a wide and crooked snicker scraping into his face.

That's when the Yo-Yos called forth hit their intended mark, punching right through her thighs! This move would most certainly have just paralyzed her for the waist down, as the drilled the entire way through and emerging in the other side! Rinku's prevalent bloodlust as he witness the carnage left him open when suddenly-


Flames flushed up against him, the demon gritting his teeth. Being thrust backwards smoldering, Rinku shattered through ice as he landed, a splash of water accomplish it. His shirt had blasted open as scorched skin and burns were exposed to the cold water, giving a quick relief to the burns, abaiting the pain.

With a cough and a clench of his fists, Rinku snapped a glare, leaning up while sitting up his watery impact. "I'll be taking those."

The Yo-Yos that were on the other side of Irnane's thighs would be commanded to return to their master...through the leg. So it would take the string with it, paralyzing Irnane all the while as it would slice her legs clean off her body! It seemed that Rinku meant by 'those' was her legs.

Rex Raptor

When Neph approached, Rex was sure she was preparing some kind of quip against him and how he shouldn't be laying down or whatever. He shifted through his comeback arsenal while he clenched his fists together through his pain when...

...there were no quips? She was actually sending kind words his way? Why? He won their match before and rubbed it in her face, so why is she showing compassion now? Looking for an excuse to insult her to laugh at her attempt at nice behavior, he somehow couldn't find the energy to do that. His fist was let go and his tension turned to ease, his eyes looking away from her.

"Well, I'm already here I guess. This Bakura creep must mean a lot to you." He coughed, gripping his stomach. "Still...i'll
Hold you to that. Flower petal."

Jeice was assailed on both sides from Dart and the Dragon! The warrior threw up a desperate defense, the Noble Scarf assisting in absorbing the damage and softening the blows from the pair. But even with the power of the item, attacks still slipped through Jeice's defense. He was slammed by the Dragon. Dart's punches and slashes battered his arms and face. Jeice called forth his ki around his arm once again. He flew higher and higher into the sky, trying his hardest to dodge and evade.

Another slash broke through his defense! Jeice dodged back, only for the blade to cut across the right of his face and destroy his scouter! This bastard was going for his face now too?!
"BLADE SPINNER!" Jeice called out, using his energy blade technique. The Red Magma spun like a crimson top, suddenly shooting around Dart and attempting to stab the warrior in the back!

Dark Labyrinth

The dark spirit opened his eyes as Marshtomp and Nephthys appeared back on the game board. They had visited Bakura's room. Somehow, that host of his was interfering. The pair were refreshed, full of energy once again. The spirit scowled. Putting a safe room right before the boss, what sort of coddling game master did that? Never mind, it looked like they hadn't gained anything else. Even with their small reprieve, their situation was hopeless...

A bolt of lightning suddenly struck the center of the banquet table! In a flash of light, a new creature appeared. It was a strange, lion-like monster dressed in a black cloak. Its glowing red eyes looked over the people in the room, and it let out a low, growling chuckle.

Seeing the boy was in the weakest state, the Leo Wizard's tail stood on end. It conjured a ball of magical energy, and flung it at Rex!


Moon-Wing glanced over his shoulder at the touch of Layla. The scared kid, concern clear on her face. Did he really look like that much of a mess? No, that couldn't be right. He was the chosen partner of Princess Nótt of Jotunheimr! Just as Nótt kept her elegance even in the heat of battle, so shall he. The eagle straightened up, puffing out its chest an observing the battlefield with an alert eye.

Spamton NEO's head turned massive, just like the miniature Spam had done before. In fact, Spamton NEO had grown much, much larger. It began to try and suck in everything and everyone! Nótt stabbed her lance into the ground, grabbing on to Layla so she wouldn't be carried away. Moon-Wing beat its wings fiercely, fighting desperately against the suction. And just when they were about to be pulled in... The suction ceased. But Nótt wasn't given any time to think. Jevil reappeared. It conjured more and more projectiles, honing attacks on Moon-Wing. The bird blocked the throwing clubs, before taking to the sky against the Clubsdrones. The eagle flew with surprising agility, circling and soaring to evade the fire from the Clubsdrones.

Jevil himself kept his attention on Nótt.
"And for your information, I didn't "lose" to her, I just gave up my victory so that she could see the truth, truth!" Jevil explained. "And, well LOOK AT HOW RIGHT I WAS!"
Nótt was occupied on other things. Moon-Wing was busy, and Jevil was still a powerful fighter in his own right. While Jevil had his focus on her, it was too risky to keep Layla around her.
"Go stick with Chai, okay dear?" Nótt said to Layla. She tossed the girl towards Chai as Jevil conjured Devilknives and transformed into one himself.
"CHAI! Watch Layla!" Nótt called out.

The Devilknives shot inward, and Nótt stuck her lance into the ground once again. Using it like a pole vaulter, she vaulted over the scythes and landed a distance away. The Princess let out a whistle and fired a few magic blasts, destroying some of the Clubsdrones that were hassling Moon-Wing. Moon-Wing destroyed another with its talons, before swooping down and landing on Nótt's shoulders. The Princess let out a controlled breath, then brandished her lance at the Devilknives.

"Please dear, that's what all the losers say. 'Oh, the sun was in my eyes', 'Oh, I ate some bad fish last night'. You. Lost. My sister beat you." Nótt said. She chuckled and shook her head. "I don't even know why I'm trying to reason with you. You're clearly mad if you think you had anything to do with all this."

Nótt fired more magic blasts at the Devilknives, quickly moving back and attempting to draw the Jevil away from Layla and Chai.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
808 / Peppermint

As Jeice darted behind Dart to deliver a decisive blow, there was a surprise development. 808 chose this as an opportune moment, since they were already behind Dart, they leaped up to Jeice. From his back, they would have their paws start glowing a bright blue.

"Alright 808 baby, time to overcharge." Peppermint said off mic, activating a few buttons and then a lever at her desk. "808 Kilowatt Cat Attack!"

808 would give a soft meow before suddenly, their paw would energize fantastically, blue energy radiating from it as they would seek to do a singular heavy blow with their claws, energized to absurd degrees!

As a result however, 808's systems seemed to start steaming and their eyes beginning to fade. Looks like they were channeling all their available energy into this move.

"I know you'll protect her Dart. Just...finish this!"


"CHAI! Watch Layla!"

"Watch wh-whoa!"

Chai quickly opened his arms, catching Layla by a hair before she landed. Giving a sigh of relief that she didn't eat sidewalk just now.

"It's alright, just let me take care of this."

Chai held out his hand, ready for the guitar to magnetize back to his hand after it was finished with the Spamton as vibrations channels through his robotic hand.

"Cause this? Nay, nay!" Jevil explained, continuing to move towards Nótt. His attacks weren't even getting close to Layla and Chai- Nótt had her full attention. "I simply knew that Master Hands order could not last- and it didn't! It collapsed, collapsed, and fell apart like any order, order."

The Devilsknives span away into the chaos of the surrounding area. "And who are you to talk? You lost even sooner than she did! You can't critique my fighting if you're a weakling yourself!"
Jevil seemed to realize something at this point. "...wait, why am I wasting my time on YOU!? You're not even a challenge! You're just boring and mean!" He quickly searched the nearby battlefield, before noticing Tabby, now with a new electrified blade.

"Perfect!" cried Jevil, before flying over to the robot and leaving Nótt behind.
"STRANGE MACHINE!" Jevil yelled, trying to get Tabby's attention. "HAVE THIS GIFT!" He exclaimed, before throwing an intense, concentrated beam of Diamonds at the robot!


Previously mallard
The angel took to the skies, and began carpet bombing Tony Masters. The Taskmaster sighed, and took out his sidearm to shoot the EZ Cannonballs out of the air before they neared him. He noted and memorized the timing between the shots, and, on his last bullet of the clip, fired a bullet at the front of the EZ Cannon just as he predicted the next shot was coming. While Pit dealt with his weapon(hopefully) blowing up in his face, he flicked the magazine out of his gun and holstered it to be reloaded later. In the meantime, he notched another arrow, carefully tracking Pit's movements, and then fired an arrow set to hit him directly! But this was no ordinary arrow, for a split-second before it impacted, the arrow exploded into a ten-foot-wide weighted net!

The woman blocked Kragg's attack, still standing as she did. The warrior sensed a counterattack coming, as he was vulnerable in midair. Yet not as vulnerable as Kassandra hoped. The Wallrunner curled up and utilized the leftover energy of his attack to roll over her fleece and land behind her- leaving the hammer to only taste air. His fists impacted the ground as he landed, summoning a precipice of stone to jut out and hopefully slug into her back! The Earth's Bastion was not about to relent there, as he pivoted 180 degrees, dragging his knuckles across the stone as he did. The fist gathered rock from the floor as he did, creating another empowered gauntlet of rock. With a forward step, Kragg threw the empowered punch at her in an attempt to knock her lights out.

Mudkip but Stronger
The Marshtomp waddled after Gardevoir, blankly gawking at the new rooms as always. However, as his eyes fell upon Rex, worry washed over his face. The Pokémon waddled after Gardevoir, but kept a respectable distance as to not get in the way. Suddenly, a monster appeared in a flash of lightning! Its hateful gaze swept over the group before focusing on Rex, the human being an easy target for the beast to finish off. The Leo Wizard spat a blast of magic at the downed human, which would have hit if the smaller 'mon hadn't acted quickly, throwing himself in front of the attack! The attack exploded against Marshtomp's body, and sent the small Pokémon flying! He was thrown to a wall and fell to the ground in a heap. Damaged but not defeated, the Mud Fish got to his feet and charged at the monster- only to grab onto the table and attempt to flip it with huge strength!

The robot held up his katana for Magolor, and his virtual eyes widened to accommodate the sparkles of amazement that formed within. He was in utter awe as his weapon doubled in size, and burst into an array of different elements before it settled on electricity. Then, Tabby felt himself being lifted off his feet. A devious grin befell his tablet screen as he was pulled closer to the massive robot. He twirled around his Ultra Ōdachi with surprising grace, and poised to lodge it in the puppet's stupid face! ...However, fate interrupted his glorious moment, as a mysterious energy neutralized the big bad and robbed him of the kill. Tabby fell to the ground, and landed on his hands and knees in despair. How could the multiverse be so cruel?


Then Tabby remembered: the big puppet wasn't the only target. He was just given a special new hammer, and Jevil looked awfully like a nail. The robot stood; his grin reappeared. One hand twirled the lightweight sword, while the other reached into his cloak.. and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. He put the sunglasses on just as Jevil unleashed his hail of diamonds. The Ultra Ōdachi became a red blur as it swished with amazing speed, and began batting diamonds right back at Jevil- but with an additional electric charge!
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Previously Manu456Alola

The last of his shots practically blew up in his face, sending Pit recoiling backwards, a trail of smoke following him. Luckily, the divine properties of the weapon rendered him immune to self-damage such trickery unless magical reflectors were in play. It didn't take a genius to know more projectiles would come next, so Pit preemptively switched to his Guardian Orbitars, the heavy cannon on his arm disappearing as two shield-shaped devices hovered over his shoulders.

A flash of rainbow energy burst from the Guardian Orbitars, and a shield projection moved in front of Pit, obscured to Taskmaster by the earlier explosion. The arrow intended for Pit was swiftly deflected, doubling in speed as it zoomed back in Masters' direction, its net deployment even delayed. Unbeknownst to Pit, the net would burst once near Taskmaster's position, but he still swooped down to follow up on whatever effect the arrow would have, letting loose a flurry of slower-moving energy shots from each orbitar!

Thanks to Magolor's intervention, Zed was spared from a potentially dangerous grab at the hands of the massive machine. Giving the traveler a nod of acknowledgement, he prepared to fire another attack at Spamton NEO – when he opened his large mouth, and a powerful vacuum suddenly took hold of the entire interior of the bubble.

The force dragged all in Spamton's direction, threatening to consume everything in his gaping maw. The Adept was quick to behind struggling against the pull, crimson wing burning brightly, initially overpowering the vacuum, though it soon grew stronger. Zed didn't even have the time to look around at the destruction this move was causing, his focus solely on keeping himself away from Spamton, even if it was a massive struggle, coming closer and closer to his face. His earlier position around the torso had placed him in quite the dangerous spot.

Before he could be swallowed, however, Spamton NEO suddenly seized up, stopping the attack. He quickly shrank to his original size, and Zed took note of the strange energy that had washed over him. An effect from one of his allies? No, that couldn't be it. This was something else. It was something he'd never seen before.

Something very, very fascinating.

It was clear the enemy was vulnerable, Zed wasting no time in diving down to take advantage of the opening, golden flames enveloping him as he fell at great speeds. He appeared almost like a shooting star to anyone watching, leaving a lingering trail in his wake, Luxia's own violet aura swirling around him. Moments before colliding with Spamton, the Golden Trillion swooped to the side–

And the trail of flame he'd built up came crashing down on his target, burning intensely as it aimed to engulf the salesman!

Out of nowhere, Layla felt a powerful gust suddenly throw her upward, flailing her arms wildly as she moved through the air. Thankfully, Nótt had managed to grab onto her leg, keeping the two of them anchored to the ground with her lance. The vacuum did pull her hoodie down, however, exposing her short, light blonde hair.

The pull finally relented, and Layla was left dangling by a leg as the Jotun princess still held onto her. More projectiles approached, prompting the girl to cover her eyes...

"Go stick with Chai, okay dear?"


Next thing she knew, Layla was soaring through the air, courtesy of Nótt's powerful throw. The Adept let out a yelp at this, though she was luckily caught in the nick of time by her other friend, Chai. He was quick to reassure her as he put Layla down, leaving the girl to stand right behind him, staring at the rockstar's metal arm curiously.​

Chief only steeled his resolve, stepping away from the Adept to finally use the Nucleus' power. Despite the twinge of uncertainty swirling within him, Gunvolt knew they had no other choice. It was what needed to be done. Wordlessly, the Spartan placed a hand on the sphere of energy...

The room immediately began to shake, white energy surrounding Master Chief's body. Gunvolt didn't need to even stand near him to feel the overflowing power. He'd already experienced it during that Magna Pause event, but it was still as incredible as ever. Managing to keep his own footing, the Azure Striker glanced over to the screen, watching as the massive mech in the lobby quickly shrunk down to his previous size.

"It's working, Chief!" He called out in support. "You got this!"​


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


And there it was. The atypical ploys. Her scarlet eyes widened as she tried to twist herself cat-like in the air. It almost worked. Had she been more attentive a mere second earlier... the cracking of ice, the surging of Rinku's ki, all telltale signs that should have alerted her. This mistake would not be repeated - assuming she survived. One yo-yo punched clean through her thigh and out the other side. Her teeth grit hard enough to chip.

Stay focused, Irnane, she thought to herself as she reached out, managing to grasp the thread of the yo-yo that grazed her. There is always a method to success. You need to find it...

She summoned Soul Edge, the blade buzzing to life into her hand. Rinku's yo-yo was severed, and for good measure, she sent a small burst of flames down the length, reducing the thread to ash. Another weapon down, but by now, Rinku had recalled the yo-yo, yanking the Nerevarine toward him. Damn it, her leg was threatening to tear apart! With a yell of pain and frustration, Irnane summoned a scroll, letting it immediately burn before she disappeared from the spot, the yo-yo clinging to nothing as a small orb of pink light was left behind.


With a huff, the Incarnate found herself wedged between two rocks quite suddenly. Her recall spell she'd placed so long ago had brought her here. The closest point she could fit into. Her scroll had been a separate recall spell, one she'd been saving the use of. The ancestral spirit would distract Rinku for long enough and allow her to repair some of the damage, hopefully in time for a proper comeback.

"Stupid, you lost focus for one second..." she scolded herself, summoning a bottle of Ancient Dagoth Brandy and using her teeth to pop off the cork. As best as she could, she poured the dunmer alcohol over her wound, wincing at the pain. The liquid fizzed against the injury as the alcohol seeped in and numbed the pain, before she let the bottle fall away and called upon restoration magic to seal the wound. It wouldn't repair everything, but it would close it all up, at the very least. That's all she needed. Now she was expending more magicka than she'd have preferred. At the very least, she had one more scroll remaining to aid her in that department, but after... well, hopefully it wouldn't come to that. She hadn't been given the chance to enact her strategy. She'd been too busy setting herself up to do so, giving Rinku the time he needed to counter.

Drawing in a deep breath, Irnane closed her eyes, devising a new approach. She'd need to use Azura's Star if she were to conclude this. Feeling through the tangled web of her mind, she peered through the eyes of he ancestral spirit. Their connection as both being Nerevarines allowed such a thing.

Meanwhile, the ancestral spirit let out a cackle with the shake of his head. "Nerevar comes back, always." He didn't seem to realize he wasn't in his world anymore. "We are reborn anew, more powerful than the last. To kill an Incarnate is to delay the inevitable."

He swooped forward, branding a blade as he swung it toward Rinku, his other hand calling upon more frost magic, sending ice spikes hurtling toward the demon child. Silver was needed to destroy a spirit such as this one, and if Rinku didn't possess any, he would have to wait for its energy to fade. If Rinku bore no silver, the spirit would hound him, speed not being a concept it obeyed as it would persist upon him with the swinging of swords and firing of ice spikes, giving his dry cackles as he went, engaging in an unrelenting assault.


"Well, I'm already here I guess. This Bakura creep must mean a lot to you," Rex managed to get out before he let out a cough, nursing his stomach. She'd retrieved all of that poison in his system before, hadn't she? "Still... I'll hold you to that. Flower petal."

The nickname held a new connotation, and the gardevoir shook her head lightly in humor. It wasn't that Bakura meant a lot to her... it was what helping the silver-haired boy this demon haunted meant. A new leaf, a new chance... a new Nephthys. Change had to start somewhere, and she was sick of wallowing in either her own superiority or self-pity.

<Sure you wouldn't prefer Lady Rex? I made a pretty convincing-> Neph began, almost a playful interjector, before they were interrupted by a flash of light and a crack of lightning. Neph whirled about to find another creature had appeared. She narrowed her eyes, glancing to the nearby Marshtomp, who seemed already prepared to leap into action, doing so quickly. It was a split second decision, but the gardevoir obviously knew her type advantages.

Marshtomp arrived in time to effortlessly absorb an attack for no damage. Neph had been prepared to teleport herself and Rex out of the way otherwise. Instead, she let her energy be used elsewhere, telekinetically throwing the bouquet table up to smash the Leo Wizard into the ceiling between it- and if this wasn't good enough, the broken bouquet table had plenty of dagger-like wood chunks that angled up to stab into the monster as well while her gaze flitted over to the other end of the room. She made sure that Marshtomp's attack was similarly carried, directed to smash into the Leo Wizard for a triple-whammy hit. <Did you do something!?> She called to Sans.

"wasn't me," the skeleton put his hands up innocently as he turned away from the key engraving, shuffling away from it, seemingly either unaware or unconcerned about the new threat.



"I know you'll protect her Dart. Just... finish this!"

Dart's eyes widened as he whirled about to find his feline friend falling to the ground, her eyes going dim. What had she just done? She'd...

Given him an opening.

Dart's gaze snapped to Jeice, who'd been caught blind-sided by 808's move. "HM..." Dart closed his eyes. "THEN IT'S TIME WE STARTED TO WRAP THINGS UP."

The music faded away as 808 powered down, before the dragoon burst into action. One suddenly became many, a dozen different Darts converging in the blink of an eye upon Jeice, while one zipped down and caught 808, carefully lowering her to the ground. The eleven others all led with slashes on Jeice from all sides, yet none of the attacks seemed to land in all their fury, simply... passing through, it would seem.

Finally, all converged back into one. This hadn't been duplication, but speed, fast enough to seemingly create so many clones of himself to persist for so long. "FINAL..." Dart spoke, before he slid Magma Blade into its sheathe. "BURST!"

As his blade clipped to its sheathe, all twelve hits would suddenly appear, intent on smashing into Jeice from every conceivable angle. The Red Dragon had by now vanished, his time concluded, while Dart's began began to glow. Eyes still closed, he hovered down to the ground, and in a flash of light, his dragoon armor faded, leaving him back in mercenary garbs.

"I know you're not dead yet..." he muttered, turning his head slightly, as though focusing on something. "But I'm far from finished, Jeice of the Ginyu Force. What I just did was for 808. What comes next..."

"It'll be for every life you've ever taken."


"Oh, you malaka..." Kassandra hissed, before using her upward momentum to spin, her swing not yet ending as instead, it was redirected behind her as something else appeared in her other hand. A red stone. She had no idea how it worked, activating it was something that just seemed to happen as she willed it, and Kassandra felt her physical strength rise and rise- until she was equal with Kragg, the red stone shining brightly.

Her spin was quick enough to slam the Hammer of Jason against the spike as it came up, shattering it and sending rock flying- leaving the misthios open to a follow-up punch thrown by the wallrunner, his fist engulfed in rock.

Putting her faith in the red stone and the power she thought it probably just gave her, she reacted the only way she knew how: throwing a punch of her own, putting as much of herself into it as she could, her fist colliding with Kragg's in equal measure, and equal power.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

It's that sendy spell!

Rinku recognized it as the only way he saw Irnane teleport without shadows. That means...she must be at a spot from recent memory. The only ones he knew were back the way they came. And so he bounded up from the icy drain way and back that direction, all before Irnane started healing. He had already begun mowing down rocks with his remaining active yo-yos, spiraling in such a way that allowed him to traverse through the somewhat loose debris with greater ease. Before Irnane was in the eyes of the spirit she called, she could already hear the sound of Rinku getting closer. That's when the spirit sprung into action, reaching out inside of the gap he made with a new brandished blade.

Now only three active yo-yos, two others no doubt almost recovered from their sloth affliction from earlier, he had found himself with blind spots he rather not have. Deftly ducking the blade swing, he had his yo-his shift to cut up diagonally, allowing him to burst through an air pocket and out of the tunnel right as a flurry of ice spikes flew out.

This one is more persistent that the knight one, when is it gonna disappear?

That's when his nose twitched. He smelt something. Something familiar. His nose honed in on it, knowing exactly what it was. Mortal blood. It was coming from the other side of some collapsed debris. He aimed to carve right through it with his Yo-Yos, carving through Irnane in the process but-



Rinku was caught up in his battle list to see the blade from the ghostly creature leave a nasty gash on his leg, throwing off Rinku's aim. The Yo-Yos spun out, smashing into different areas, completely bypassing where Irnane's body was in the void of space inside the air pocket, the toys wedging themselves in a sturdy boulder on the other side. Wait. Wedged? An anchor point.

This gave Rinku an idea. He gripped his hand tightly, landing on the ground, before he leaped towards the ghostly creature, flying right through it as he yanked. The boulder gave way, breaking into several pieces that flew everywhere in the air pocket Irnane was in. And now, with the sturdy boulder gone, the debris and rocks that were held up by it collapsed, caving all in around Irnane. Unless she had another secret teleport up her sleeve? She was as good as done.


Previously Gamingfan2
"No!" Magolor cried as Spamton took his threat too literally. "You ruined my cool one-liner!"
Gaah! This guy was just as irritating as Kirby!
It seemed like Spamton's sense of irony was on point today, as the mechanical monstrosity began to suck up everything like the pink menace. People and buildings were pulled ever closer to Spamton's mouth, including the egg. It was far too strong to escape from, and teleporting would only delay the inevitable, forcing Magolor to turn and fire his cannons again. Again and again he fired, futilely attempting to wear Spamton down until...
He abruptly stopped, the sudden shift in movement disorienting Magolor. The egg righted himself after a brief moment of tumbling, and primed his weapons once more. But his target had changed, shrunken into himself and barely looking functional, rambling about something weakly.
"Nobody..." it whispered.
This was, of course, met with cheerful laughter from the egg.
"Hee Hee! Hee Hee Hee! So you've been hustled out of a deal, huh? Been there myself. Not fun. But I found my footing again!" Magolor said between giggles. "Metaphorically, of course."
Magolor shielded his eyes as a brilliant light overtook the arena. Zed was wasting no time.
"You know..." said the past villain. "This could be over a lot faster if you just stopped attacking."

NIGHTS rebounded quickly, clacking against the balls until she was on a path towards Lucario!
The aura pokemon tossed his bone cue upward and, in what would certain be a violation of several pool rules, struck it with the empowered force of the prime serpents. It spun rapidly as it soared, striking low against Ball NiGHTS to bounce her off target and into a pocket!
No, that didn't feel right.
Audrey Redheart
"Oh come on! How many dumb tricks you got?!" Redheart's question quickly pierced through the winds as Kirin seemed to instantly warp to a talisman and avoid Audrey's own attacks. Kirin's answer came right after with a wave of psychic power, which Audrey instinctively held her blade to protect against...but didn't need to, as the wave did not affect her. Instead, she heard more and more footsteps around her, and Audrey's eyes darted around to see a dozen Kirins suddenly all charging to attack, another - The real one - coming for an attack from above.

"Well, I only need One." Suddenly, The Hero's blade pointed to the sky, letting lightning pour into it straight down, before shooting it straight at a clone - chaining the attack through the small army, before looping back around to Kirin herself. Strangely, the initial drop of lightning didn't seem to damage, but Audrey used her blade to block Kirin's blade, leveraging her own power against Kirin's speed and quantity of blows, and trying to kick her in the gut if her lightning didn't work.

The Warlock
The Warlock didn't respond to Dagr's taunts, given the immobilising psionic forcefield, though even a small snarl cracked under that.

Meanwhile, the remaning specters didn't even flinch, though the one who aimed rather badly got a sharp glare sent their way, at the fall of their allies. Instead, as Dagr's ax easily cleaved through their ranks, the remaining three attempted to charge with their batons as well since they saw how Sun-Wing's runes prevented their plasma shots...But they weren't aiming for Dagr. Well, one was, but the other two had aimed directly for Sun-Wing!

But, if Dagr were to take them down, the next she'd hear would be a burst of light energy from the Warlock's position.
"Not to worry - Their fall is as meaningless to me as it is to you."

The Warlock would stand, the Gracidea flower flowing down his neck like a scarf or cape, Angelic wings with a pale purple aura appearing on his back as the slimmed form would rise to the sky. "And it is time to witness true might." His voice would pierce the winds, floating away from the platform slightly as a rift in the sky above him moved psionic energy to hand once more. Sending it straight towards Dagr, the Mind Daze roared as it attempted to show the Jotun a glimpse of a fractured hate. And if Sun-Wing were to try and take it again? It would simply chain between the pair. Follow this, another bind of energy entered his hands.

"PERISH, HERETIC!" And with that, the Psionic energy would encircle Dagr and Sun-Wing, attempting to hit them both with the Void Rift!

Masaru Takahara
"I STRUCK [[Big]]! [[Big]]! [[Big]]! I MADE THE [Deal] OF A LIFETIME!"

Spamton's words made Masaru stop, as if frozen in time for a moment.
"No...." His voice was suddenly quiet. "Not like..."
Is this guy...Another one like him?

This kind of talk, along with what Spamton said after, only pushed Masaru to feel he was right.
This guy was just like Odio- No, that wasn't his name. It wouldn't be fair to call that man such a way.

Oersted - The Lord of Dark.
Someone who reached up high and was betrayed. Fell to evil and his own hatred. The reason the man who Masaru despised most probably even existed in the first place.

"...I can save you, this time for real - Don't die on me." As Spamton began his vacuuming, Masaru let himself be pulled forward, gritting his teeth. But Spamton seized up, and Takahara crashed to the ground, watching Spamton shrink, and sit down, near frozen.
And Zed was coming in for the kill.
"Sorry, Zed, but I won't let you!" He stood up, the Martial Artist diving forward...And tackling Spamton away from Zed's attack, taking the brunt of it himself! "Grh!" He growled in pain, letting the flames harm him as he attempted to at least protect the now smaller Spamton from it - Once again mentally thanking Eitri for her blessing, though he assumed she hadn't intended it to be used in this fashion.

"I...can't let someone just be another face of hate, nothing more..."