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Ask to Join Crowder's Island

This is just a simple roleplay through a made-up island. The island itself is decently sized and is composed mostly of forests and mountains, though there are a few grassy fields and the beaches at the edges of the island. The pokemon living there don’t have any real name for it, it’s just their home, but the humans living there call it Crowder’s Island. It's a generally peaceful place with the main problem usually just weather, but that's all about to change...

Anyway, all information about this will be right here:
It has the rules, lay of the land, and all that good stuff there. This chat will be strictly for roleplaying so if there's any questions, comments, or sign ups please do it in the linked chat.

No godmoding or Mary-sues please
Have atleast two sentences per reply
If you joined and decided you don’t want to be part of this please message me. I promise I won’t be mad or anything
Try to have proper grammar. It’s perfectly fine if your character uses incorrect grammar, but anything that isn’t dialogue should have decent grammar. If you’re not a native english speaker or struggle with it, that’s fine, just try your best and all that jazz.
You can play as multiple pokemon/humans, but please no legendaries
Any pokemon from any region are allowed except for legendaries. This includes Alolan pokemon and even some fakemon if you’d like

~Actual Story Stuff~
Pichu groggily raised his head and peaked out of the tree. The sunlight streamed softly through the treetops and right onto his face. He groaned and made his way to a small branch right outside. The sun was a good bit overhead and he had successfully slept through a good bit of morning. Perfect. He planned on doing absolutely nothing today. He climbed through his tree and looked for a berry or some fruit, but found none. His ear twitched in irritation, he had plenty of food when he went to sleep and now it was all gone. Those pikipeks must've taken it. Or the butterflies. Who knows, all he knew was that it was gone. He climbed up a bit further to see if there was anything else and smelt something weird in the air. "What's that?" he muttered groggily. He sniffed deeply, but he couldn't determine what it was, but he could tell it was coming from the North. Curiosity got the best of him and he hopped to the next tree.

The branch swayed lightly under his tiny paws before he jumped off to the next tree. He stumbled a bit before digging in his claws as best as he could on the small branch. A healthy dose of panic set in as he heard the branch creak a bit. He gulped and slowly inched his way to the base of the branch. He noticed a large crack in the wood tried to jump off in panic, but the branch broke and slip right out from under him. The pit yelped and fell down. He tried to grip onto the many branches passing him, but he couldn't grab ahold of any of them. He landed on a thankfully soft pile of leaves with a thud. He looked up as the world spun around him, trying to make out what was there.

Tap floated silently around an exceptionally large fern. The dark green plant was bigger as she was, which wasn't really saying much in all honesty, and looked really interesting to her. the soft green leaves tickled her stump and the stem stood up in an almost proud way. She hummed quietly as she felt bits of herself slip through the fern. She got an odd look from the passing ratite, but she didn't care in the least. She circled around again and felt something was a bit... off. She stopped and calmly looked around. She saw nothing out of the ordinary, so she slowly floated up to the treetops. She blinked at the sudden bright light and looked around. There. At the edge of the grassy field that separated Shadowpine and Blooming was a soft, orange glow. It didn't seem like fire, but she still felt a small twinge of fear. She narrowed her eyes and floated just a little bit closer. Then a bit more. She kept on floating until she was at the edge of the woods. The glow had taken more of a shape now. It seemed to be a large orange sphere, with soft stream of light folding in on it. Tap stayed there, staring at the orange sphere and tried to make sense of it. She had never seen anything like it before.
Starfire was laying down by a river watching the magikarps swim by...Patiently waiting and finally despise being weak to water she shoved her head into the water, opened her jaw and then slammed it shut on a magikarp.Pulling it out of the water she shakes off the water and proudly looks at her new caught magikarp."Yes i got it, good for me!"She Proudly praised as she was about to dig in."Huh? what is that?"Starfire questioned as she looked at a faint orange light.Since Starfire was a little curious at the time she walked over to the light only to hide at the sight of Tap.
Tap looked over at the salandit. She chuckled to herself, wondering what about her could worry the little creature. She looked over to where she saw the salandit scamper off to, trying to see if she could spot her. The underbrush was pretty dense down there, and even with the salandit's colors she couldn't spot it. Hmm, maybe the salandit knew somehting about the orange light? "Hello?" she called out "there is nothing to be afraid of. Well, not from me atleast." She floated back a bit, the sound of her own voice being that loud was a bit unnerving.
StarFire Growls at Tap and heats a flame in her jaw."Yeah? Huh like i believe you, i go alone."StarFire Scoffed.Before she Unleashes a FlameThrower she says one thing."That orb will be mine!"
Tap quickly flew out of the way and regarded the salandit. Instincts told her too run, but she was too curious. She may regret this, but oh well. "What do you know about this?" she asked. She readied up a phantom force attack just to be safe. She didn't want to cause needless fighting, but she wouldn't be caught off guard.
"Well nothing...Yet!"Starfire Snapped as she ran from the bushes to the orb and stood in front of it."You will be mine..."She growled before touching it.
Tap shook her head and set forth the phantom force, trying to keep the salandit away from the orb of light, but she was too late. The orb screeched and grew in size, spewing out a giant ball of something at the salandit. Tap was taken back at the ferocity of it and gulped. She hoped the salandit would be alright.

Pichu finally got back to his senses as the screech rippled through the forest. He squeaked and jumped up, cheeks buzzing with electricity. Just a second later he saw a giant ball of light fly past his head. He froze up and stared up at it. The orb of light froze midair and floated down to the pichu. It was about three times the little pokemon's size and much more powerful, if something like that could even be described as powerful. He stepped back and glared up at it. The light started to spread around the Pichu, trapping him in place. The brilliant orange light dimmed out to reveal a single small stone. Pichu hesitantly reached for it, but the light brightened back up and drew the stone away. Pichu didn't know what to do, so he did nothing.

The stone buzzed faintly and slowly floated over to Pichu. Pichu tried not to move or flinch as the stone came in contact with his chest. It stopped moving and fell on the ground in an instant. The orange light retreated to the edge of the forest. Pichu breathed in and smelled the scent from before. He picked up the stone an raced to the edge of the forest, looking at the now multicolored ball of light.
Starfire just layed on the ground motionless."Owww......'cough'...i..can't move...."Starfire sighed as she tried to get up but to no avail."I Wish.... he...was..here"Starfire whispered to herself as she finally got up and looked at herself and screeched..She was as pale as a sheet."What happened to me!"She Exclaimed