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Do you keep your starter?

Generally, do you keep your starter in your in-game Pokémon teams?

  • Yes, I keep my starter for the whole game

    Votes: 92 82.9%
  • Yes, but I box them part-way through the game

    Votes: 6 5.4%
  • No, I box them as soon as I can

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • I do something else (let us know what!)

    Votes: 11 9.9%

  • Total voters


Previously KaiserRobinFan
I tend to keep my starter the whole way through, but one exception was in my White 2 when I boxed my Emboar in favor of a Chandelure.
I box my starter.

Honestly, I go with the same team almost every game I've played. My Delphox was boxed right before the sixth gym (I think. Haven't been on my DS recently.) and I occasionally take it out of there if one of my team members have a disadvantage. However, for Omega Ruby, I kept my starter with me through the whole game. I really can't remember who my starter was, though (I finished the game in around February and I have the worst memory.).

Rinoa Heartilly

Mother of Meltans
It depends on the starter that I have as to whether or not it remains in my party. Granted that during my first play-through with any game, the starter is almost always with me from start to end... However, replays are a completely different story. Chikorita almost never left my side, but for some others, I'd box them and then forget I ever had them! I did this to Prinplup in the past.


Previously TheJustinMan
I keep my starter no matter what. I feel bad not using the starter, as they are usually powerful as soon as they fully evolve *cough* Primarina *cough*. Their are really no exceptions to this, all of the last evolution Pokemon of starters are powerful . I especially do this playing through Black and White, because there is a certain water starter that is my second favorite Pokémon.

(I did a one Pokémon sweep of Black with Samurott, and kept getting beat by The Last Elite Four so hard to fight)
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I usually keep my starter on the game I'm intending on playing through completely (like my HeartGold playthrough). On my SoulSilver, I ended up trading over the other two starters I didn't get in HeartGold into that game, so I had all three Johto starters in HeartGold. I'm wanting to do the same with the other Kanto and Hoenn starters one could get, and then trade over the Sinnoh starters once I complete my playthrough of Pearl/Diamond/Platinum. The fastest way on achieving this is to do a type nuzlocke and then deleting your saved file and play it again with a different type to nuzlocke with. It keeps the playing field fresh and interesting. :3
Heck yes! I got a Pyro in X(he's a Delphox), a Shimmer and an Ashirene in Moon(both are Primarina, the original was Ashirene, he's got the ability Torrent, and then from Pokemon Bank came Shimmer, she's got Liquid Voice), an Emperor in Platinum(he's an Empoleon) and a Blaze/Smolder(I can't remember exactly) in Omega Ruby(he's a Blaziken)


Previously SilvertanK
I always keep my starter, one time I was playing Crystal and I traded a Bellsprout for an Onix in Violet City and so I released my Cyndaquil.

I wasn't even able to beat Bugsy.


Previously PrincessPika~chan
Yes! Always keep 'em by my side no matter what~ So who cares if it means there's a tiny bit of type overlapping. (which I don't like that much)
Personally I always feel weird putting my starter in the box . The professor gives you a free rare pokemon that you can't find anywhere else in the game except for rivals and rare occasional NPCs. I usually feel guilty. Aloha was cool for having a fire dark type and a grass ghost type. In ultra sun I had an all dark type team.


Previously rxdpandas
I always keep my starter like my Incineroar in Ultra Sun or my Delphox in X :3
They sometimes good at battles :/