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This forum is for those who are truly, deeply wounded. For those who cannot do it alone anymore, who cannot stand the thought of living a long life, for thinking of a way out of this life early.
For those people who have the weight of Atlas on their shoulders, for those who carry the weight of everyone they know on their backs and simply grin and bare it, and for those who do not think they're worth saving.
For those who doubt their life worth, those who doubt their abilities, and doubt their strength.
To all of these people, I say this.
I am here.
I am here, and I'll listen. I give a shit, and I'm not lying. I suffer from this myself...

Post your story; help anyone who needs it; we will carry the weight together. If nobody else will, even if nobody else can give support, I will.
I swear that I will respond to every person on here as soon as I can.
I can help you carry your weight, I can help you light your path, and I can help you climb back up. I, myself, know the bottom; I've lived there for the past several years of my life... and I'm still in high school.
We can power through this. We lived this long, which means there's a reason we're still here. We are worth it, no matter what those bastards at school or in public say.
No matter what those phonies online say, no matter the rumors spread about you. You have a special something in you, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what you've had to endure.
They don't understand, and that makes you afraid nobody will. That nobody can ever understand or love you...
But all the people here do understand. And if we understand, others can.
And if others can understand, others can love.
There is hope on the horizon, however minescule (sorry if I mispelled that and 'bare' under the correct pretenses). They are within reach, and we can give eachother boosts up until we all finally reach it.

If you don't believe me, well...
What do you have to lose?

I also understand that it will be difficult for anyone to say anything on here. You've lived in silence for so long that you'd prefer it if nobody knew about your pain. And that's okay; you have to choose to do this, or it won't work.
But let me say this; holding it in only makes it worse. I speak from experience.
And I am here to help. I refuse to judge anyone; everyone is equal here. No racism, sexism, age differential, sexual orientation; NOTHING separates us in this group.
If you so choose to join, that is.
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(Several SPAMMy "I will join!" posts from multiple users bladed later...)

Okay. This is not exactly how forum threads work? I know it's hard for some people to grasp, but forums are not facebook.

Forums are the general system in which it all works - The platform, if you will. A forum has individual boards, each one centered around a general topic. Within these boards, you can start threads regarding specific topics (under the framework of that general topic), which is where the actual discussion takes place. Posts made in a forum thread must be on topic and have discussion merit. Threads are not 'groups' that you 'join'. Threads may be viewed and responded to by any user. So you don't need to announce you're "going to join" - that's off topic and that is SPAM. We have rules against that sort of thing.

That said - the specific idea of a thread meant for venting, offering support, relating experiences and the like regarding real life issues - at least, to the degree that people might feel comfortable in sharing the deepest, darkest recesses of their psyches on some random Pokemon-themed creative community on the internet - is a fairly decent idea. So basically I just cleared off all the SPAM and left this thread in place rather than shutting it down immediately. However, rest assured that if this thread de-evolves into a huge pity party full of attention-seeking teenage drama, there's a solid chance that it MIGHT not be extended the same mercy again. Save that for Oprah (or, rather, for private conversations).

End administrative blade-waving, back on topic, folks.