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  1. kawaii_corgi

    Sun/Moon Singles Showdown teams to use to help start out

    Primarina @ Life Orb Ability: Liquid Voice -Hyper Voice -Moonblast -Scald -Psychic Clefable @ Leftovers Ability: Magic Guard -Fire Blast -Thunder -Amnesia -Defense Curl Milotic @ Leftovers Ability: Competitive -Recover -Toxic -Scald -Ice Beam Garchomp @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Rough Skin...
  2. IDKWhatUserNameToDo

    Private/Closed I need Help with making a RP

    Hi! I posted a ruff Idea discussion way back in September with a ideas for different RPs and where other's could also share their ideas. I've expanded a bit on my Super-Hero/Mutant school idea. For a recap the plot is basically that a school gives their students super human powers against their...
  3. MOI N

    Is there a forum where you be a Pokemon?

    I'm really wondering cause I'm not so keen on all the trainer stuff, and I think it would be a lot more fun. If not, I'd try to make a forum on the topic. I know this is a short question but i really don't have much to say.
  4. Yoshi Star Shine

    What does Pokémon super mystery dudgeon mean by this?

    in the game, I was looking at moves to teach my pokemon and the one I play as in the towns and was my starter the whole game had a move that apparently can be used in the town and the village (forgot the exact wording) I let my Pokémon I was as learn it and I was moving around lively town trying...
  5. SnowSky

    LF help: Pokefanfic character(s)

    So, as the title suggests, I need help making a character for a wip fanfic. The main character is a riolu and she's travelling around her region On the way she meets another lone pokemon They make friends What should the other Pokemon be? I don't mind what it is as long as it's not a Legend...
  6. GalacticDeg

    If you tag someone in an edit to a post, does it notify?

    If I was to tag someone (using @username) when I edited a post, will it notify them? I've been doing it for a while, but I wasn't sure whether it did or not. Thanks in advance!
  7. lanternaq

    Help with final team member in Black

    Hey guys, this is the team I want to use in Black: Emboar,Simisage,Seismitoad,Sigilyph, and Galvantula. I need help with choosing my last member. Currently I am considering either Beartic or Druddigon
  8. limebird444

    Open The Evil Squad (I’m Trying Okay)

    Well hello there fine person. This is my first Role-Play here so, Don’t judge me too hard if it’s horrible. This is a story about an evil team squad by the name of The Pluto’s. They’re goal? World Domination. But right now they are just a traveling group of bandits and thieves. Roles: Leader...
  9. Shen: King of Digimon

    Help! Not receiving emails!

    i seem to be falling behind in my roleplays and conversations as of late due to my emails not coming in. I’ve checked my notifications, privacy, security, and personal settings. All of which didn’t do anything. Does anyone know a way to fix this? This is the second time this has happened
  10. _obsequious

    Private/Closed Amaterasu’s Pursuit-Discussion

    The Sun has disappeared. Amaterasu, the sun goddess, has disappeared. All hope of life has disappeared. Amaterasu has taken refuge in a cave, the whereabouts completely unknown. With the lack of sunlight in the world, demons- or mazoku- have started roaming the overworld, reeking havoc...
  11. _obsequious

    Private/Closed Just Another Romantic Power High School~

    Hello, Class of 2064, and welcome to Ukjent High, A private school in Eastern Norway for children like you- children with indescribable powers! We are delighted to have you here, And we just know you’ll have a spectacular time. Here you will learn about the origins of your powers, how to...
  12. H

    How to upload pictures/gifs onto your "About Me" page

    I've seen most people post pictures onto their "About Me" pages and i don't know how you do that. Will you help me?
  13. Baxter and Oliver

    Need help with drawing?

    Hey do you need help with drawing characters for a comic or just for fun but you dont like how your art turns out?youtube videos aren't helping or those how to draw books in the corner of your room are just making it more complicated,thats ok there's people in life who can help you and in those...
  14. GalacticDeg

    Can I revive an old post?

    Before answering, please read this. There's a 4-page thread that got its last reply a year ago, "If you had a Pokemon Gym" or something, and I don't own it or anything, so can I make a new thread, to start the thread again or should I just comment on the "dead" thread?
  15. B

    S/M/US/UM LF Shuckle /W Contrary

    Shuckle with contrary, any gender, any IV any nature. Tell me what you want! (If you have one, but don't want to give it away, 80% possibility the ability is passed down in breeding if female, 20% if male)
  16. Mockingchu

    I need a new strategy

    The Lush Jungle Trial is my enemy. Get your laughing out now... Anyhow, the freaking Totem Lurantis and its ally Pokemon (either a super evil Castform, or a Trumbeak that was rock type moves to pwn my Flying Types) always wreck me. HEY! I said to get your laughing out earlier! Don't laugh at...
  17. BonslyJuice

    For Those in Shadows

    This forum is for those who are truly, deeply wounded. For those who cannot do it alone anymore, who cannot stand the thought of living a long life, for thinking of a way out of this life early. For those people who have the weight of Atlas on their shoulders, for those who carry the weight of...
  18. ngalili

    Help me!

    Hi, I am playing pokemon sun, and I am stuck at the elite four. I beat them twice, but kukui ruins my life. I have this party: Incineroar, around level 60 Solgaleo, also around 60 Zygarde 10%, around level 50 Alolan raichu, around 55 Leafeon, around 55 Greninja, around 60 *Greninja from demo...
  19. bozzy

    My Pokemon Bank just ripped lol

    I opened up Pokemon Bank today to discover to my joy and delight that all of my dudes have mysteriously disappeared. Yes, every single one of 'em. Is there any way to go about figuring out how/if I can fix this or am I just screwed for some reason? Cuz I really am not in the mood to lose...
  20. Silver-Solis

    Character Consultant!

    So, I have a lot of fun creating characters, so I'm going to do just that! So I'm creating a thread to where you can send me characters you are unsatisfied with, Characters you want to improve, or Characters you just want me to rank! So my Character Consultant thread is going to work this way...