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Private/Closed Amaterasu’s Pursuit-Discussion

The Sun has disappeared.
Amaterasu, the sun goddess, has disappeared.
All hope of life has disappeared.

Amaterasu has taken refuge in a cave, the whereabouts completely unknown. With the lack of sunlight in the world, demons- or mazoku- have started roaming the overworld, reeking havoc wherever they tread. Fueled by mortal fear, their urge to feed only grows stronger, their numbers increasing. With each passing hour, it seems the demon army has grown immensely.
Humanity is at a loss for hope. But, as it seems in any dystopia, several unlikely protagonists rise from the lurking shadows of this dark tragedy. They have earned reputations for themselves as demonslayers, chosen by Japanese leaders and folk alike to journey to find Amaterasu and restore the sunlight, because without it, Japan- and the rest of the world- will wither, and fall victim to the demonic overlord Erai Hotaru.

1. All Pokecharms rules apply.
2. Godmodding is not permitted. We’re playing as demonslayers. Don’t push it.
3. Private message me “Susanoo’s flayed pony” to ensure you read the rules.
4. No autoing/bunnying without permission.
5. All posts should be at least one paragraph- five-eight sentences preferably, although longer posts are encouraged.
6. Please use proper grammar! I’ll be checking over current-ish posts of yours to double-check that you passed the third grade.
This one’s short and sweet. Notice how there’s no ‘personality’ tab- that will be established throughout the RP. Notable Traits is just me trying to get a basic understanding of your character- not in depth. Just a few adjectives is fine. There’s also no ‘Backstory’- but no fear, that being discluded is intentional.
Physical Appearance
Notable Traits
Name Kaida Ryuujin
Gender Female
Age 18
Physical Appearance Small, a whopping 5’1. Has a toned figure and short-ish black hair drawn up in a ponytail. Wears a misleadingly cute floral kimono style romper. Tends to be barefoot. Has a sheath on her back for her katana.
Notable Traits Quiet, diligent, strong-willed.
Weapon(s) Traditional steel katana.
(5/5 Spots Taken)
- Kaida Ryuujin
- Norou Hideki (@OmnipotentOnion)
-Karhu Kave (@Dark Soul )
-Takashi Tanaka (@ShadowGreninja244 )
-Shouta Hikaru (@Platinum_ )
-Okami Noko (@Captain Cardboard )
((They’re a great channel, I highly suggest bingeing Miscellaneous Myths. Lots of fun.

However, for the sake of this RP, Kusanagi No Tsurugi ((Grasscutter)) is still embedded in the snake, as Amaterasu is still in her cave, having never been lured out by Uzume thus never being able to give the sword to her kin. This will be important later on.
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haha yes

: Norou Hideki
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Physical Appearance: Having a skin tone slightly leaning on the more pale side, Norou has short silver hair roughly brushed to the left. His eyes have an icy blue color, dotted with flecks of a darker sapphire hue. His outfit is similar to that of Sakata Gintoki (from the anime Gintama), however, a black dragon is printed in the place of the swirl pattern on the bottom and sleeves. The shirt underneath is all black, as well
Notable Traits: Friendly, laid-back, easy-going (though he more than compensates for his attitude through his fighting skill)
Weapon: A Nagamaki sword with a white and blue handle that is longer than the blade itself.
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Seems pretty guud! I'm game for this.

Okami Noko
Gender Male
Age 20
Physical Appearance Okami is quite strange, from the fact that he looks more of Mediterranean descent rather than Japanese. He has blonde hair and grey eyes, and is a little taller. He wears light samurai armor that looks like it's been pretty ravaged, worn, and pieced together. He has a brand of ancient Greek letters on his arm.
Notable Traits Cunning, a bit overconfident, kind of full of himself. Has very good eyes.
Weapon(s) Recurve Bow, bombs, explosive arrows, arrows.

I can change this if the ancient Greek stuff ain't good.
This is super interesting!

Name: Karhu Kave
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Physical Appearance: Clearly not Japanese- rumor has it he came from the very north of the continent far west of Asia. Remarkably tall, with a well-trained body, skin normally pale but often red from sunburn. He has short brown hair and almond eyes, face often set to a stern and intimidating expression- unintentionally. He wears trousers and shoulder pads made of handcrafted leather and hides with iron rings, and his exposed midriff, chest, arms and face have broad strokes of blue warpaint on them.
Notable Traits: Calm, Dedicated, Protective.
Weapon(s): A large battleaxe with a leather-wrapped oak hilt and a blade made from a mysterious metal, that glows with slight blue light and has intricate carvings of lunar cycles on it. He also carries a large, plain longbow and two daggers made of sharpened bone.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Looks cool

Name: Takashi Tanaka
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Physical Appearance: He has black the same style as Taki Tachibana's from Your Name with brown eyes, he has pale skin and wears the same clothes as Shimura Shinpachi from Gintama, he is of Japanese descent and he stands at 6,0
Notable Traits: He is serious while fighting, but one you get to know him he is very laid back and likes to hang around with his friends
Weapon(s): He has a katana on his back with sword strap on his torso, he also has pouches which carry knives and shuriken
Ayyy this seems lit. Plus we never really got to finish our AOT RP from all that time ago :(

Shouta Hikaru



Physical Appearance:
Shouta is of Japanese decent. A decent 5'7 ft in height, but a pathetic 115 lb. for a boy of his age. He has fair skin, deep pink shaded hair, and youthful green rounded eyes (b/c anime lol). Shouta usually is seen in casual dark-colored attire suited for easy mobility, as well as a subtle white hooded cloak that ends a little past his knees.

Notable Traits:
Shouta is a lively wild-card. He loves to just enjoy the "here and how" moments... primarily because his family for long generations have more or less worshiped the goddess Ame-no-Uzume-nomikoto - yes, the strip tease deity of partying & the dawn; Hence the family crest tattoo of a ring of flowers around his left forearm. His bloodline is thought of as more noble or 'blessed' in his community due to physical similarities of the goddess they worship and the abilities the family practices in order to slay demons.


"Jyumon" - A thin silver necklace, with a purple crystal hanging from the center. The top of the crystal has a small cork, encasing the salt like material inside. This material, prayed over and said to be blessed by the gods, serves as a weapon alongside enchantments against demons. Using it correctly with weaponry and incantations allows Shouta to damage opposing demons in more spiritual type attacks (such as burning skin, trapping in barriers, etc.)

Shouta also carries around a small jeweled hand dagger on the inside of his cloak.

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Oh my god, I totally remember that!
I remember,, after I posted my OC (which was probably unintentionally the biggest Mary-Sue of all time) you said something like “I was hoping someone dedicated like you would join” and i was wordlessly happy

Wow, that was a little over a year ago, wasn’t it..?
Its crazy, isn’t it ?

They are~!
I’ll make the RP thread as soon as I get home, but I actually just got off a boat after 16ish hours and am at 19%..
*Two Years Later A Grand Entrance is Made*

SURPRISE LOL. Quarantine has truly given me so much time, I pretty much just balance school now. Hope you are all doing well! I know its been ages but I see most of you are still pretty active during! I'm totally down for reviving this if you guys are, because we barely got to get started but I ~love~ this roleplay's story and think we could be on to something, if any of you are still down!?