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  1. kyuukestu

    Private/Closed The Oscillation (RP Thread)

    Catherine kept her eyes on the clock; she tracked the seconds as the clock's hand ticked them off, counting down ever so slowly to the end of the third period. The math teacher, Mr. Lionnes, was demonstrating the usage of yet another mathematical formula that would never see good use outside of...
  2. kyuukestu

    Private/Closed The Oscillation (Discussion)

    Monday, September 19th "You heard the rumors, right? What a lunatic! That girl...what was her name? Zola...? Yea, she's been going around telling everybody she saw the future. Ain't that crazy! What a psycho! I don't know about you, but there's no way any of that crazy talk she was spouting...
  3. capnport

    Norse Mythology And How It Ties To The Kalos Legendaries

    From "How Odin Lost His Eye," a version of a Norse tale: Now, think with me of the Kalos legendaries. Either the eagle or the hawk could be Yveltal- A great bird. The deer, Xerneas. The snake is Zygarde, and all the little snakes, its cells and cores.
  4. _obsequious

    Private/Closed Amaterasu’s Pursuit-Discussion

    The Sun has disappeared. Amaterasu, the sun goddess, has disappeared. All hope of life has disappeared. Amaterasu has taken refuge in a cave, the whereabouts completely unknown. With the lack of sunlight in the world, demons- or mazoku- have started roaming the overworld, reeking havoc...
  5. Luke The Riolu

    Ask to Join The Silver Wings (シルバーウィングス) [Japanese\China Mythology RP]

    Welp that title gotcha didn't it, this RP is basically ORIGINAL CONTENT (PewDiePie Cringe Memes), anyways it's not based of any anime or any videogame, I'll explain everything below. Story : "There is only one happiness in this life, to love or be loved" - George Sand It was a fine day...