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Ask to Join The Silver Wings (シルバーウィングス) [Japanese\China Mythology RP]

Welp that title gotcha didn't it, this RP is basically ORIGINAL CONTENT (PewDiePie Cringe Memes), anyways it's not based of any anime or any videogame, I'll explain everything below.
Story : "There is only one happiness in this life, to love or be loved" - George Sand
It was a fine day, children having fun, birds chirping, flowers blooming, you're living in a city located on an island near the coast of Japan, legend says of a mythical creature hides deep in the jungles of the island, hiding and waiting for the perfect moment to take back what belonged to it, the creature was silver winged, has the body bright as crystals, the jaws of a serpentine and the eyes of the "13th Cat", the locals call it the "銀蛇" (Ginda) when translated means Silver Snake. You're currently 12 Days before the creature rises and take back the island as the legend says, but you venture into the woods and found the truth of the myth, the creature was then lured out into the public, you proved to tthe people about the myth but will they believe you ?, will the creature beloved by them or die in hatred.
Explanation :
A lot of references have been put into this RP, the "Silver Dragon Coins" from Japan, the "13th Cat of Friday 13th" and the famous quote from George Sand, This RP is a mythology RP about a group of high-schoolers who are going into the woods of the city to camp but strange things began to happen, they soon found out that the local myth of the Ginda was true but they were wrong about it, you tried to protect it from the fears of the people when it was shown to the public but will you be able to save it ?.
BIOs :
Name :
Gender :
Age (13+) :
Personality :
Appearance :
Phobias (This has a role in the RP, do not put Sinophobia though since that is like being afraid of this RP ) :

Here's mine :

Name : Erika Shina
Gender : Female
Age (13+) : 15
Personality : Erika is a shy girl, she doesn't like to be in public that much, but she does like to be with friends though, she is very curious and adventurous too, she likes to make new friends and go around the world as well, she's your typical teenage explorer girl
Appearance : Erika has straight dark brown hair, she wears a white top covered with a purple jacket, she wears a pair of black jeans and some grey sneakers, she has a handbag with useful items and a leaf hat
Phobias (This has a role in the RP, do not put Sinophobia though since that is like being afraid of this RP) : Scotophobia (Darkness)