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Private/Closed The Oscillation (RP Thread)

Catherine kept her eyes on the clock; she tracked the seconds as the clock's hand ticked them off, counting down ever so slowly to the end of the third period.

The math teacher, Mr. Lionnes, was demonstrating the usage of yet another mathematical formula that would never see good use outside of class. After all, when would she ever need to find the partial derivative of anything after graduating? Honestly, she thought half the classes they were required to take in school were useless, but since her report card meant more to her mother than her opinion so she kept the latter to herself.

Another glance at the clock; it was the final stretch, the last minute of class. Catherine flipped her book shut and stuffed it into her bag. She shifted in her seat, impatiently watching the last seconds tick by, and right as the clock struck 10 am, the bell rang and she was off. Pushing through the throng of student equally eager to get out of class, Catherine walked through the halls until she reached her locker. As she stopped to get her supplies for the next class she could hear the buzz of conversation around her.

"Did you hear about Zola?"

"The crazy one..? I heard they sent her home or something."

"That's what I heard too, but her stories were wild man."

"Did you really just use the word 'wild', what is this? 2008?"

Catherine rolled her eyes at the conversation. She'd heard about the extravagant stories that had been floating around the school, but there were new rumors drifting through every month. Although...even she had to admit, from what she'd heard Zola's tales were a new level of bat-shit crazy.

Peeling off into the hallway Catherine made off for her next class, but as she passed by one of the bathrooms, she felt the sudden urge to take a quick bathroom break, and maybe freshen herself up for the next class.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie was leaning against a wall by the sinks, she was avoiding maths and couldn't think of anywhere else to hide, so she ended up in the nearest bathroom and decided to read, she opened a book by Terry Pratchet called Reaper Man, she liked this book, she had read it a few times now. She absently started to sing as she read "send me your location, let's focus on communicating 'cause I just need the time and place to come through..(Location by Khalid)", she looked up as she heard the door open, to see someone enter, class must be over. She perked up "Hello there, your Catherine right, I think we're in the same maths class, I'm Grace" she said as she placed her book back into her bag and continued to lean against the wall.
Adrian light tapped his fingers on his desk as he impatiently waited for his unbearable English class to come to an end. "Come on already!" He thought to himself as he saw it reach the last minute and moved his hand to his bag, the second the bell rang Adrian stood up and yanked his bag over his shoulder, immediately he walked out of class so he could move to his next lesson to wait through until he could go home and be with his recently adopted kittens that he wanted to see again more than anything.

Although his mind shifted to the strange story one of his friends told him to do with Zola, he heard a lot of strange stories but Zola's appeared to really take the cake. Adrian shook his head and decided to get out his phone to look at a picture of his new kittens before he moved to his next lesson in Science for a little bit of 'motivation.'


Previously Swirled
Somehow, Jonah found himself trapped in the longest History class known to mankind. Even though the actual lesson had been completed, there was still an abundance of class time to be spent, and there was no extra work that needed to be completed. As a result, the classroom of seniors began talking about usual topics, but what stuck out was conversation between two of Jonah's classmates.

"Did you hear bout that crazy chick?"

"Yeah, apparently she got sent home. What was her name...Zoe..?"

Jonah knew who they were talking about: Zola. In truth, he found the rumors about her intriguing but somewhat disrespectful.

There's a very low chance of the things she discussed coming to pass, but in the event that they did, it would've been wise to have heard her out? I mean, I'd want to plan for those possibilities.

Finally, the seemingly never-ending History class had reached its much anticipated conclusion. The students left in crowds to go to their next class(or possibly pretend to go their so they could hang out with their friends in the hall). Before Jonah could join his peers in the transition between classes, there was something important he needed to do. As in, he had to use the bathroom.


Previously EeviumZ
Luna didn't feel the need to do much during her break. She turned to books instead.
Her pale-blonde hair covered her face slightly. She'd just been in phys-ed and she was tired. Luna was in decent shape, but her teacher was especially harsh today for some reason.
Suddenly, she felt a familiar sensation. A sensation that all human beings feel, regardless of how they try to ignore it. Standing up, she closed her book and headed off to the girls' bathroom.
Why did I even bother coming in today? This class is a joke. All you need to know is Coulomb’s law and this unit is easy. Windie sat down his pencil and glanced around the busy test takers in his AP chemistry class. The hour still had ten minutes remaining yet the only junior in the class filled with seniors had already finished setting the curve.

Boredly, Windie began tapping his foot as he anxiously watched the clock tick until the tedious hour came to an end.

Finally! Windie’s ponderous sentence to suffer in boredom was over. After pulling his black and white letterman’s jacket over his tan Burberry flannel that bore their iconic pattern, Windie threw his black backpack over one shoulder and left the room.

As he walked through the halls, the football player was met with a plethora of greetings and smiles.
“Big game tonight!”
“Let’s go Orcas!”
“Best receiver in the state!”
It’s just a game. Windie hide his true impartial feelings to the sport under a facade of excitement as people constantly felt it was necessary to remind him, the starting receiver, that there was in fact a game tonight in which he would be playing.

Having finally escaped the crowds, the future valedictorian headed straight towards his friend Sam’s locker so he could refresh his brain through a conversation with someone who was neither an uptight nerd or an air-headed jock.


Previously Kid_Nukas
The loud bell and hustle and bustle of students woke Sam up from his nap during English. He had finished his work early and didn't really care for the lecture that the teacher was giving. His work wasn't perfect, but he knew it would be enough to get by in the class. He didn't really enjoy going full out unless it was a subject that really interested him. Sam left to pick some stuff up from his locker before his math class when Windie had come up to him. Sam enjoyed Windie's company except when he was pushing Sam to be the "best version of himself" or whatever.

"Hey Windie what's going on. I see you showed up today." He liked to joke with Windie since he was super smart and Sam knew he didn't need to come to class to do well. Sam and Windie were a lot alike with a few key differences. While Windie did well in his classes by not trying and not showing up, Sam showed up but turned in subpar work. Sam didn't want the pressure of trying to get good grades all the time and found it easier to just slide by with all Bs. He aced tests even though he slept through most of the lectures, but barely ever turned in work on time.

"So what brings you over to this locker o' mine?"


Previously EeviumZ
Luna returned from the bathroom, noticing two boys hanging out next to a locker. She vaguely knew these two, they were some of the... less judgemental kids in school. People tended to judge her... a lot. She was used to it, but it still stung. She decided to walk over, and initiate quiet conversation.
"Hello. They're quite loud over there, aren't they? I understand their excitement, but it is quite annoying to others."
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Windie offered a laugh as he made himself comfortable by leaning against a nearby locker.
“Well I wasn’t gonna show up, but I had a chem test and I’m not allowed to play tonight if I’m absent.” He complained, though he realized his complaints were completely unwarranted. The boy had opened his mouth to speak more when a strange girl approached.

Windie looked at her, slightly puzzled. He was used to girls coming up and talking to him but it was rare that a random underclassman girl would come approach an older guy. He racked his mind, searching for anything that would help him identify this girl and answer why she felt like she knew him, but unfortunately there was nothing.

Still, Windie wasn’t one to be rude and he figured she was just a shy girl trying to make some friends.
“Yeah, you gotta be a certain type of person to enjoy it. I’m on the team and I don’t even get it.” He laughed and offered a slight smile, hoping he could help satisfy this girls desire for friendship.

There wasn’t much time left before Windie would be forced to go to his next class and suffocate amongst over competitive nerds. He didn’t want to waste his brief relief time where he could talk to his friend, so he decided to allow the girl to stay and continue on as part of the conversation.

“Are you planning on coming to the game tonight? You missed my one hander last week so you owe me now.” He offered a mischievous grin as he locked eyes with Sam.


Previously Kid_Nukas
"Yeah, guess I'll be able to make it, not like I have much better to do. Unless you want to skip the game and come over to my house and binge some shows instead." Sam was of course already planning to come to Windie's game. He felt bad for missing it last week and didn't really have an excuse as to why he didn't come so in this sense he really did owe him one. Plus the games were usually pretty entertaining. He also didn't have much better to do, besides sleep that is.

Sam looked over at the blonde-haired Sophomore. She was about his height which was a little offputting since it reminded him how short he was, but she seemed nice enough. "Hey if you want you could come watch the game tonight as well. Windie's pretty good and while football isn't really my thing it's still enjoyable. Plus the fans are all pretty loud and I don't really care for them, so it will be nice to have someone there who's easy to talk to." Sam wanted to befriend the girl. He felt bad because she seemed like she didn't have many friends, and honestly, he didn't have many friends besides Windie anyway. It might be good to have someone new to talk to. "What's your name anyway, mystery girl?"

Catherine was taken by the sudden introduction she'd received; it was the first time someone had ever introduced themselves so naturally in such an unnatural situation. The senior's eyes darted around the bathroom awkwardly, catching glimpses of the book Grace had just stuffed into her bag. Her eyes floated back up to focus on Grace's face as her mind worked to dreg up a connection.

"Grace...Lightwood, right?"

Mentally, Catherine patted herself on the back for remembering the girl's last lame.

"What are you— err"

The words 'doing in here?' would have complete her sentence, but reflecting on the situation they were in did she really want to know? The answer was no, no she did not. After a slightly awkward pause, Catherine switched up her question.

"Aren't you in my next class as well?"

Tch, how long until the break again? Orm asked himself as he put a lollipop in his mouth. He had a day off from his work and his mom didn't want him to be at home all day, so he decided to visit some friends of his as he waited just outside of the grounds. They couldn't force him to leave since he wasn't trespassing and he dropped out two weeks ago, so no teacher could send him into a class where he couldn't keep up anyway. Not that they would risk it, he was taller than a solid chunk, if not all, of the teachers and could get pretty violent if need be. Biting down on his lollipop, it broke and was soon swallowed after getting chewed up, leaving the teenager with just the stick in his mouth. The taste didn't really get registered by Orm though, as he thought about what he overheard when he bought the bag of lollipops and two truants were talking a bit too loudly. Some girl called Zola was telling some weird-ass stories, but it didn't bother him too much. He heard a lot of rumors when he was still in school, and he could count the ones that were real on his fingers. Besides, seeing the future? He didn't know Zola all too well when he was still in school, he didn't even know her last name, but that is some talk he'd expect from someone who took some drugs that hit just a bit too hard. No wonder she apparently got sent home.

Letting out a sigh, he popped another lollipop in his mouth. "Man, everytime I come here I get bored in no time. Wish something happened, where are those no-good smartypants? We talked about meeting up here, didn't we?" Starting to get annoyed, he put his arm through one strap of his bag and entered the school, a building he hoped to never see again from the inside. "The first teacher who makes a fuss about this will get shoved down the toilet, mark my words." He muttered as he opened the doors.


Previously EeviumZ
A faint smile appeared on the young teen's face. Seemingly, she'd picked the right people to talk to.
"It's Luna. A pleasure to meet you." She nodded her head respectfully. "Sure, I'd be happy to come. I've never been into competitive sports, but who knows? It may be enjoyable."
She pulled out a pen and paper, writing down the game time along with an undiscernable note before sliding it into her small backpack.
"Fuck me, science is more boring than I remember. Shouldn't have bothered coming in today," Alex thought to himself as he walked out of his biology class. Giving the other people talking near the lockers little thought, he put his books away in his locker and gave a quick "hey" in greeting as one of his best friends came up to him. Despite being put into different classes for just about everything, Connor was one of the few people he could just 'click' with.

"You seen Zola around? Apparently she started saying some crazy shit and the school sent her off," Connor said, as both boys reached into their lockers, Connor pulling out his books for next class and Alex grabbing his phone before slouching down to the floor against the locker, something Connor rolled his eyes at seeing. "Skipping again?"

Alex had spoken to Zola a few times and she'd always struck him as pretty together and friendly. He'd dismissed the rumours floating around about her prophecies and visions as just that- rumours, but it still struck him as strange that she'd suddenly do something like this just for a bit of attention. Still, he assumed he'd get answers eventually, and tried to push those questions to the back of his head.
"Yeah, got an english class next and I'm not reading anymore Shakespeare if my life depended on it." He had an hour to kill, so he dug out his headphones from his pocket and went into the boys bathroom before leaning back against a wall and turning up his volume
“Alright, well I’ll see you two at the game.” Windie shot a glance only Sam would get, signaling his excitement that his friend had found a date before turning around to leave.

Not seconds later, the football player was engulfed by more of his kind and was seen walking in the same direction as two football players and a couple of girls on the dance team.
“Did you hear about that freak Zola?” Asked Brooke, the dumb blonde.
“Oh yeah. Didn’t she like go insane and start screaming that the sky was gonna break and we’d all transform? What a psycho.” Retorted the pretty but entitled brunette, Hailey.

“Who knows. Maybe she’s right.” Windie told the small joke, hoping to divert the conversation from the toxic gossip. Beneath he smile he hid some concern for his classmate Zola’s mental state. Something must really be wrong to drive her that crazy.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie thought for a second "oh yeah, I am aren't I, well I'll see you in class then I guess" she said sweetly, she then exited the bathroom humming the song she was singing earlier, she made her way to science and sat down, pulling out a note pad she decided to start sketching instead of actual pay attention and she began drawing a rough sketch of a the girl from the bathroom, Catherine that was her name, she drew the girl as acurately as her memory would allow and then started to do a neater version over the top of the rough sketch. She glanced up at the class, this lesson was an easier one for Gracie so she would just catch up at home.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Taika walked around the school with a solemn expression covering his face. “What’s the point in coming into school?” He thought to himself as he carried on walking with his hunched over posture and frown.

What class is next?” He thought about asking someone, but then realised no one would even pay attention to him, or probably not even know who he is.

“I might as well not even attend class. I mean what reason do I have to go there? None. It’s not like any of the students or teachers care about me...honestly what’s the point in living.” He asked himself as he then slumped down against the wall. “May as well just stay here while class is going on. I mean who’s gonna notice anyway? It’s just another usual day, nothing’s changed.”


Previously Kid_Nukas
Sam glared at Windie because he knew exactly what that glance met. Windie had been trying to get him a girlfriend for a while, but Sam wasn’t considering this a date, Luna seemed nice but he didn’t like to date people he just met. Maybe if they got to know each other more then maybe it could grow into something, but right now he just wanted to get to know her. After all, they were going to this game together now.

“See ya Windie. So Luna, do you want to meet outside the stadium at 6? We might be able to pick up some food before the game starts. Nowhere fancy, I was just thinking the concessions stands. And don’t worry, I’m not a huge sports fan either, I only go to these things because Windie drags me to them.
That was it..?

Catherine watched, flabbergasted, as Grace packed up and left the bathroom; apparently, just an introduction had been enough to satiate the girl's curiosity. However, it had now attracted her own. Catherine figured she'd see Grace later in their next class and ask what the whole deal was; but for now, her porcelain throne awaited and nature called to bid her a seat.

A few moments later saw Catherine at the sink rubbing a vigorous lather between her hands. She double-checked to ensure she had gotten between her fingers and under her nails and once she was satisfied with what she saw she began to wash away the lather. The water was cool and refreshing over her skin until suddenly, it wasn't. Catherine could feel the change, something that oscillated within her. In a single beat of her heart, something had been flushed through her body. She was different. Suddenly the water was liquid fire, burning her skin like hydrochloric acid.

"Ow! What the Fu—"

She hissed and cursed in pain, leaping away hastily; but her words cut off as —BANG!


Catherine's vision swam, pain throbbing in the back of her bludgeoned head. She could see now that she was no longer on the ground, having leaped the height of the room and slammed her head into the bathroom ceiling. Panic seized her in concert with gravity, her body plummeting to the ground as she flailed wildly. She could see the ground approaching with crystal clarity, and the panic in her mind was suddenly suppressed as her body moved on its own. Twisting with flexibility that she most certainly didn't have 10 seconds ago, Catherine landed on her feet, arms stretched out as she maintained a precarious balance on another sink.

The senior had hardly noticed her miraculous feat, however, as she was now staring into the mirror in front of her. The ghastly green eyes and vibrant yellow sclera of a creature stared back at her; it had a set of large furry ears that ended in pointed tufts and whiskers that punctuated its upper lip, two lengthy tails billowed behind it like coils of rope, and worst of all...it looked just like her.

Catherine opened her mouth to scream, but her violent reaction did not agree with her delicate balance and second later, she was laid out on the floor. The bathroom ceiling blinked into focus even as the lights blacked out as the school's power grid went out; Catherine had near-perfect night-vision but she was too stunned to notice even as the lights flickered to life.

Catherine blinked once as her eyes adjusted themselves and she could hear as all hell broke loose; stunned silence gave way to screams of panic and a stampede of discord.

"What just happened..? I'm...a Nekomata?"

Confusion swirled in her eyes as something answered her. It told her what she was and then fell silent.


Outside the heavens shattered and the sky threatened to fall in slabs down to the earth beneath. Across the world, electronics were momentarily knocked dead, as if every light, car, plane, train, and phone, had suddenly blinked at once. An invisible pulse had raced across the planet changing people and things in crazy, unimaginable ways.

One such change happened to William "Big Willy" Washington, the leader of the White Viper, a local criminal group that dabbled in drugs and the weapons trade. It was risky business but it brought in the money, and money was all Willy had ever wanted...until now. William had been hanging out behind the old train station, a niche little spot that the White Viper had claimed a few months back. It wasn't grand or particularly impressive, but they had fought for it and it was theirs.

He'd been sharing a few joints when The Oscillation had occurred, and the sensation of power that welled up from inside him left with a high that no blunt could hit. William clenched his fist, feeling like he could punch a hole straight through solid concrete. When he opened his palm a long, slender bow materialized. The other gangsters in the room gaped in shock until another gang member came barrelling around the corner. She had a pretty face and willowy eyebrows that ended with prominent piercings, an earring hung from either side of her head, each shaped like bejeweled 'T's. She had a goofy grin on her face as she ran up to William.

« Boss...did you feel that? »

"Yea...I felt that Tahlia."

Willaim paused, noticing that though he could hear her voice, Tahlia hadn't opened her mouth. In fact, it almost felt like she was talking straight into his head.

"You too?" He asked.

« Yea! I'm a Telepath! I can feel everyone in here, and...I think I can feel some of the people in the city too. »

William nodded slowly, soaking in the information.

"Think you can reach out to the rest of the gang?"

« I already started calling them. So what are we gonna do! »

"I think we're gonna move up in the world..."

As the pulse raced through him, Big Will could feel something change— something deep within him had been awoken; a beast, unruly, untamed, and tyrannical beyond measure, and its name was Ambition.
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Adrian put his phone back in his pocket and went to grab his bag to get ready for class when the power suddenly went out which was quickly followed by a strange exponential growth from within his jaws, Adrian opened his mouth and felt as if his fangs just grew only to retract back to normal along with his nails. He tried to make his way to the bathroom for the nearest mirror, but his movement felt odd; each step he took almost felt as if he lost all sense of gravity, an attempt to run was in vain as the second his feet were off the ground, he found himself in mid air before he suddenly fell as if he tripped over nothing after too much alcohol, as he got back up to make his way to the bathroom, his skin began to change from already pale to a clear white while his blond hair also changed to white with a few streak faded into a jet black state. His once sky blue eyes appeared to change into a blood red color.

Adrian couldn't help but let out a brief scream as he clutched his head as if a new and strong desire began to fill his mind even though he couldn't tell what it was. He managed to make his way to the bathroom to look in the mirror only to see nothing at all in his reflection, Adrian breathed heavily in panic as he looked down at his now pale white hands, desperately he began to turn on the tap to wash his face under the cold water. "What the hell's happening to me?!" Adrian asked himself, clearly worried about this sudden change in his body. He looked around to see if anyone else was in the bathroom before he put his hands to his head once more. "What the hell am I?" He asked himself once more.


Previously EeviumZ
Smiling, Luna pulled out her paper and pen again, writing down the meeting time as a reminder. However, suddenly, a jolt of energy stabbed through her. She was startled, and the pen tip went through the paper and into her hand.
She dropped the writing utensil and paper, clutching her hand in pain. She felt a strange feeling pulsing through her body, as if her insides were being stabbed by a thousand swords.
Her hair lengthened, and her eyes turned a steely gray. A silver armor covered her body. She grew taller, and slightly more... mature?
Shaking, she stood up, the suit of feminine armor clanking slightly. She looked down at herself in pure confusion and horror.
"That Zola person... she was... I'm...." A voice cut her off in her mind, telling her exactly what - or who - she was.
She clutched her head, dizzy. Am I going insane?


Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie was just about to finish the sketch when a feeling came through her body, mistaking this as a need to be violently sick she rushed back to the bathroom not noticing the change happening to her appearance she burst in seeing a creature just before the lights went out, "what the hell" she cried out before a voice in her head informed her of what or who she had become, "Am I going crazy, hello, Catherine you still in here" Gracie asked feeling a sudden added weight to her back she turned to the mirror faintly seeing her reflection, she appeared to have a deadly weapon strapped to her back. Suddenly she could sense everyone, every lifeforms in the school, she could sense them all and this confirmed that the creature she had seen was Catherine.
Windie was daydreaming in boredom while his teaching lectured about centripetal force. His mind wandered to strange places as it appeared the sky and cracked in a magnificent fashion.
That was weird. That thing about Zola must’ve gotten to me. Suddenly, shrill screams from across the room snapped Windie back into reality.
“What happened to my face!?” Shouted a girl who had began to take on qualities of an iguana.
“I can’t breath.” Shrieked an unfortunate soul who spouted gills and began to suffocate on land.
“Look at Windie? What’s going on!?”
Huh? Windie had lost his sense of self in the panic and jerked his head in the direction of the person who called his name. Though the boy had expected to have blurred vision as his glasses flew off his head, he was surprised to learn he could see much more clearly than ever. Little text across the room looked clear to him and he noticed all the slightest movements and every detail of everything in the room, including the chaos and transformations that were happening to various classmates.

The feeling of his shirt being torn from his back and the sound of the toppling of cabinets behind him alerted Windie to focus his attention to a new area. After quickly jerking to catch a glimpse of what was behind him, his reflection in the window offered him a far more shocking results than anything he could’ve imagined.

The sudden increase in both height and muscle were hardly noted amidst the attention grabbing golden eyes, vibrant green and red hair, or most notably the matching green and red pair of feathered wings which now protruded from his back.
“Holy shit, I’m Quetzalcoatl.” He whispered to himself, looking down at his tanned arms which now looked a bit tougher. He wasn’t quite sure how he knew that, but he was confident he was right.

At that moment Windie wished he had paid more attention to the lectures about Aztec gods, but he had treated all his history courses as blow off classes. Still, he desperately searched his brain to find any buried knowledge of the feathered serpent Aztec god of wisdom, wind, and the morning sun.
How the hell did I know that? Windie was not ignorant of his intelligence but the sudden flooding of memories from every time he had learned something remotely related to Quetzalcoatl surprised even himself. Thankfully, it did not take to long for him to figure out why he was suddenly able to perfectly recall knowledge from years past. Duh, Aztec god of wisdom, of course I remember all that.

The sports star and valedictorian was no stranger to crowds forming around him, but the swarm which engulfed him while he pondered his thoughts began to slowly overwhelm him.
“Woah look at your hair!”
“Hey could I get a little space?” The boy kindly chuckled.
“Your eyes are so cool!”
“Ha yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on and just wanna figure things out for myself.” Windie stammered, becoming increasingly claustrophobic.
“Look at these wings! What pretty feathers!” A wide eyed girl announced as she rudely pulled a feather from his back.
“Oww Fuck! I said give me some space!” The sudden outburst was drawn out of him after losing part of the new extensions of his body. As his emotions were triggered, so was an unknown power that summoned a blast of wind, blowing his classmates away and creating the much desired space.
I need some air... some space. Windie began running up the stairs and swung a door at the top open, relieved to be meet the the crisp, refreshing air absent of others.
“That’s better” He whispered to himself, running his hands through his hair and trying to wrap his mind around the situation.
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The newly transformed cat-girl hadn't been given much time to comprehend her new changes as sooner than she'd expected Grace came rushing back to the bathroom in a fluster. Catherine leaped out of the war in a panic to avoid getting stepped on. When she turned around to face her new friend(?) she quickly noticed...

"Your hair is gray...no...all of you is gray...and where did you get the sickle?"

Catherine was taken back by Grace's changed but was somewhat comforted to see that she wasn't the only one who'd been changed so drastically. She'd been about to speak further when the School's PA system crackled to life.

Attention All Students! Please remain calm! Those who have been...affected should slowly make their way to the Gymnasium. The rest of you should report to your Home Rooms for attendance. I repeat, remain calm and...

The messaged went on to repeat its instruction twice more before shutting off. Catherine returned her attention to Grace, her tails awkwardly swaying behind her. She rubbed anxiously at her own arms before speaking.

"This is so weird...I guess we should head to the Gym then."

Looking up from his phone, Alex had just enough time to see someone rush into the bathroom as the lights blinked out and a wave of pain washed over him. His legs turned to jelly and he barely managed to catch himself on a sink before he hit the floor. Looking up, he saw the air almost crystalise as if seen through a diamond, slowly melding into a blur before the world suddenly returned to normal with a jolt.

The pain faded, eventually replaced with a dull ache that he tried to brush off with a shake of his wings.
Alex had a completely new sensation around his shoulder blades. He reached back, moving his left wing forward almost instinctually to bring it into reach and giving him the chance to feel feathers beneath his fingertips. He struggled to his feet, and couldn't help letting out a quiet "Oh, fuck me," as he caught sight of himself in the mirror.

His previously sky blue eyes, which he'd quite liked, had been consumed by a light orange colour. Thankfully his hair has kept its original colour, but Alex barely paid any of that heed as he focused on what was behind him. A pair of wings, the same colour as his eyes, stretched out from behind him. He spread them, a similar feat to flinging open his arms and almost managed to span half the bathroom, coming close to clipping another boy dealing with his own transformation.

Alex wanted to question what he was, but the answer had already burned itself into his mind- "Phoenix". Although he hadn't noticed until this point, his wings were giving off a soft orange glow, which would explain how he and the other boy in the bathroom could even see during the blackout.

Alex was surprised at his apparent calmness, all things considered. "Shouldn't I be panicking right around now? Like, hyperventilation, nausea, stuff like that, I've seen TV before." Bringing a hand to his chest, he quickly checked his own pulse. "Even that's normal? Huh maybe this whole transformation thing did something to my mind as well. Ah well, probably for the best.

Now that he'd assessed his changes he thought it only right to check on the other boy in the bathroom. Glancing over to him, it seemed he hadn't noticed Alex yet, being more concerned about his own change. Focusing on his face, Alex blinked in surprise as the individual water droplets splashing off his face came into crystal clear clarity; every hair on his head and movement he made being so clear to him that Alex questioned how he could even process so many things at once. "Right- phoenix, bird, birds have good eyesight. Makes sense." He shook his head, trying to think more rationally. "What? No, none of this makes sense. What even caused this in the first place?" His train of thought was interrupted by a loud announcement coming from outside the bathroom.

He took a few steps forwards, once again surprised by how well his body corrected itself to balance out the new weight on his back. He clipped a light with a wingtip on his way towards the other boy, that appeared to have taken on a more vampiric transformation and tapped him on the shoulder.
"Hey, you good? 'parently we've gotta head over to the gym, you want to come with?"

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Previously Kid_Nukas
Sam noticed Luna's tinge of pain before ever feeling anything himself. It was a shock to see her tear through the paper and drive her pen right into her hand. "Hey are you oka–" Before he could finish his sentence, he felt a jolt throughout his entire body that made him fall to his knees. He could feel his body tingling all over, seeming to change the very nature of his being. However, he was mostly overlooking the shock throughout his whole body because he was focused on his back. His back felt the worst of the pain. It was as if a weight was being added there that didn't exist before.

Eventually, the pain subsided and he slowly rose to his feet. He looked around and noticed changes were occurring with others in the school as well while some were completely fine. Sam then looked up at what seemed to be an amazon towering over him where Luna once was. "Luna... is that you?" He was still feeling a little dizzy from the "transformation" so he didn't realize that his voice had gone up about two octaves when he first spoke He did notice his clothes felt a little baggier in all areas except for his chest which felt tighter by comparison.. He looked down and immediately realized the reason.

"AHHH! What the hell? How did I turn into a girl??" It was only then that he felt his wings hitting his locker beside him as they unfurled in shock. He heard a voice inside of his head that told him he was now a siren. He thought this all must have been some crazy dream. In reality he never woke up from his nap during English and the bell would wake him up any second now. Until then he thought he might as well go along with the dream since it didn't seem to be ending soon and it could be interesting where it took him. He heard the announcement to go to the gymnasium and turned to the now grey-eyed and taller Luna, who he could only assume he had made up in his mind to accompany him in this dream. "I guess we should head down there?"
Adrian slowed his breathing as he did his best to calm down, he turned his head to see another boy in the bathroom with... wings?! Adrain flinched due to being caught off guard, but slowly began to stand up and nod at Alex. "Hey uh... can you take a guess at what I've become? I can see my skin's white but I can't even see my own reflection." Adrian said, despite the other person's transformation, he looked like someone he saw before, perhaps he was in one of Adrian's classes. "With this crazy thing going on, makes me wonder how many of us are affected... guess we should go to the gym and find out." Adrian said as he walked past the winged boy and opened the door to the bathroom. "After you." He said with a small smile to try and seem okay, but his crimson eyes were like a window to his true emotions: A strong sense of worry and slight panic from before.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie turned to Catherine "yeah I guess we should" she said. She then turned and walked out of the bathroom, as she passed students she noticed them flinch and move away from her, what was with that, was it because she had become Death or because of the way she looked. She eventually made it to the Gym and stood around waiting to see how many students had been affected.
"Adrian, right? Pretty sure we're in the same chemistry class. Anyway, I'm gonna hazard a guess that you're probably some sort of vampire with the fangs and skin and all, especially if you've not got a reflection. Although I've sorta got the word 'phoenix' burned into my head, pretty sure if you try thinking about who you or something like that the answer should just sorta come to you." Alex walked through the open door, gesturing for Adrian to follow. "I heard screams, so I doubt we were the only ones- magic doesn't really tend to stay confined to a bathroom," he added, happy his sarcasm hadn't left him with his change.

The corridor was evidently not built for someone with wings and after scraping a bit of paint off one of the walls Alex had resigned to letting them drag behind him as he walked. He saw various people emerge from different rooms and it was very quickly becoming evident this process had happened to just about everyone. Then again, the announcement only called for people that had changed, so all the normal people might just be staying in their classes, Alex didn't know and didn't give it much thought either.

The gymnasium was only just starting to fill up, giving Alex time to find a spot where nobody would tread on his wings and get comfortable. Admittedly, it did seem a bit weird that everyone had all been called into one place almost immediately, and he highly doubted they'd have found a cure mere minutes after the change took place.
Adrian nodded and raised an eyebrow... a vampire? While it sounded strange, it did explain a lot, perhaps he was in too much of a panic to properly assume what he was, but it did explain his sudden growth of fangs, deathly pale skin and lack of a reflection. As soon as Alex left the bathroom, Adrian followed close behind him, unable to take his eyes off his newly grown wings. The moment he and Alex entered the gymnasium, he was surprised to see how many people had been affected by this sudden phenomenon, the gym looked like a monster convention, he turned to find a place to lean on and looked at his hands, during his transformation they seemed longer and sharper and wanted to see if it was possible for them to get like that again.
Screams filled the hallways as students began turning into all kinds of weird creatures, some sprouting wings or fur all over. The screams didn't get much attention from Orm though, as he was busy screaming his own lungs out. His body was stretching out further than he ever considered possible, bones contorting and stretching across his torso and face, causing it to stretch forward as his ears seemed to melt away into his skull. His tongue felt as if it was burning and stabbed with a thousand needles as it split and increased in length. The roof of his mouth split open as it gained the Jacobson's Organ and venom sacs that had two long, hollow and sharp fangs attached to it that rested against the roof of his moth. His premolars and molars no longer could be used for chewing as they were sharpened to resemble canines. His skin was no longer the smooth white skin he knew and loved, but was instead scaly and black and green.

All of this paled in comparison to what happened below the belt though, as his legs stuck together and felt as if they were made out of hot wax, molding into a large snake body as any clothes he wore got torn to shreds. Orm tried to hold his head as he screamed, but he couldn't reach it. For some reason, the cause behind his turning decided to be extra sadistic and decided to not let his arms grow. When the pain died down, he raised himself to his full height and slammed into the roof of the corridor. "What the hell?" Orm's voice was deeper than before, and he was much taller than he was used to. He used to be able to walk through these corridors without any issue, but now he was too large. Somehow the collision barely hurt him, feeling not much more than a slight annoyance like a bruise. Maybe his new scales took some damage for him? He was also much heavier than before, but he couldn't see any extra fat. If anything, he gained more muscles and it showed when he tried to flex those muscles. His entire lower body tensed up and felt more powerful than it had ever been!

"Okay okay, I can live with this. If only this didn't hurt like hell though." Twisting his body, Orm noticed that his long hair got even longer, reaching about a quarter of his new elongated body. "Now that is something I like." Licking his lips in satisfaction, he stopped halfway and extended it as far as possible. "Whah tha fwuck?!" The snake ex-student exclaimed at the sight of his newly forked tongue, recoiling slightly in disgust. His situation didn't get much better when he heard a voice in his head.

"Jormungandr, Midgard Serpent."

"Wait? Is that me? Is it someone else? Show yourself!" Orm roared, but there was no response. He desperately tried to remember who this Jormungandr was, but his brain seemed to be even slower than usual. Giving up with a sigh, he listened to the announcement to go to the gymnasium if affected. "They better not take this away, I like this new body. Though my arms need to grow if they want to be useful." With his mind running wild, thinking about the possibilities this transformation brought with it, he tried to take a step. And another. And another one. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't move forward. "Oh, what is this crap? Move, damn it!" Orm started to sway left and right whilst trying to move forward, eventually slithering towards the gymnasium.


Previously Swirled
As Jonah was doing his business in the bathroom, he began feeling this weird sensation around his entire body. For starters, the boy found his body growing to be about three feet larger than he used to be, and he felt like the lotion was being sucked out of his body as his flesh gave way to serpentine scales. In addition, he also found his fingernails consume his fingertips, replacing them with claws you'd find on an alligator. On the matter of his hands, the space between his fingers was webbed with a fleshy substance. What occurred next was the lovely process of being forced to grow gills, which caused him to be choked for the duration of the time that it took to grow the necessary gills. Fortunately, he was able to use his lungs again when he finished growing his biological scuba mask. As this happened, his hair became longer and trading its natural blond color for an unnatural silver tint and Jonah's clavicles gave way to a pair of bat-like wings. As the cherry on top for the grotesque cake that Jonah had become, his pupils adopted a striking aqua green hue, compared to the grayish-green color they used to be. On the plus side, Jonah became noticeably more muscular for reasons unknown to him.

"What am I..?" The senior sounded distraught as he looked in the mirror only to see someone he didn't recognize. To his surprise, there was someone...or rather something that knew the answer to Jonah's question.

Ryujin: Patron God of the Sea

Jonah was taken aback by the foreign voice in his head. As if this strange transformation wasn't enough, he now also had to deal with strange voices. Before he could address the possibility of him developing schizophrenia, the loudspeakers requested that changed individuals such as himself report to the gymnasium.

Guess I have no other choice but to go there, but...

Due to his sudden height change, the clothes that used to fit him like a custom-made glove now fit him like an itchy sweater made by a relative that had not seen him in years. He contemplated removing them entirely, but it's not like he could just walk around the school naked.

"I guess I'll have to make do..." With a heavy sigh, Jonah exited the bathroom which had become surprisingly comforting for him in order to make his way to the gym. As per usual for your typical high-school environment, the hallways were packed with students, much to the young man's frustration. Normally, he would keep his frustrations to himself, but this time, Jonah found himself pushing through others to get to his destination. When Jonah got to where he wanted to go, he gave himself time to question his actions.

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Previously AceTrainerGold
Taika stayed slumped against the wall as usual as he watched some people pass by, just a regular day for him.

“Guess imma just wait till something remotely interesting happens, which isn’t likely.” He thought to himself as he then sighed as placed he was about to press his against his face. As he did sohe started to feel a strange sensation, it was quite painful for some reason, “Damn these growing pains are the worst.” The pain began to get worse than it initially was and he then noticed how large his hands were. “What the hell, when did my hand even grow at all, guess I just never noticed.” He then shrugged it off and stood up as the pain had gone, however when he stood up he felt huge and a lot taller than his usual average height. “Ok what in the hell is going on?!” He thought as he then rushed to the bathroom.

As he ran he noticed he was a bit more nimble than he normally was. He then came across the bathroom and dashed towards the mirrors. He took a look at his reflection and gasped. Gone we’re his usual brown lochs, replaces with dark blue ones. His eyes had taken on a shade of red. Inside his mouth he noticed his normal teeth had been replaced with sharp fangs, and his nails had been replaced with claws. “What in the actual fu-“ He was cut off form his thoughts as he turned around, “A tail too? This has gotta be some weird nightmare or something. But it feels so real...”

He knew he was going crazy, and just to confirm that he was sure he could here a voice in his head.

“Fenrir, Monstrous Wolf.”

“Monstrous wolf? What is actually going on?” He then heard a message coming from the PA system ordering the “affected” students should make their way to the gymnasium. “Maybe I’m one of them, I should go.” Taika then exited the bathroom and ran towards the gymnasium.
The trip to the gym had been an eye-opening experience. Exiting the bathroom behind Gracie, Catherine had merged into the procession of students than uneasily eased their way through the calls. The afflicted population was not limited to herself and Grace, but instead, whatever it was that had happened, it happened to a sizeable chunk of the students. Catherine found herself shuffling along between a clumsy-looking...Fishman? She wasn't quite sure what he was, but his scale skin, well-defined fins, and the gills that flapped along his neck pinned him as some kind of aquatic creature.

Evidently he was flat-footed (or would it be flat-finned?) because as he bumbled along, he managed to step right on one of her tails. Every hair on the girl's body stood up in hackles and she whipped around to face the blundering oaf. Her ghastly eyes stared into his cold, dead-fish ones, and they burned with petty fury.


Catherine's ears twitched as the boy choked on a sorry excuse for communication. Her newly enhanced hearing could pick up the underlying tone of what appeared to be...sorry? Transforming into a fish had done no favors for the boy's vocalization. None of that mattered to Catherine though; she glared at the boy, almost seething as her hands balled into fists.

Sorry? Did he really think sorry was enough to make up for what he'd done? At the very least he could've offered to let her step on his fins as a remittance. But sorry..? No —sorry wouldn't cut it. He would pay for what he'd done; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That was the way things worked, and if he wasn't willing to offer it up-front, then she would take it by forc—


Catherine jumped as she felt a piercing pain in her palms. She held up her arms to inspect them and noticed they'd been pierced. Her eyes followed her palms up to the tips of her fingers, where her nails had extended into wicked claws.

That was new...

A frown creased her lips, but she lowered her hands to her sides. As her attention returned to the boy, she could see he was already shuffling off along with the crowd. The catkin glared in her direction, but a moment later she jumped back in surprise. When had she become so petty? It wasn't like she needed to skin the poor bloke for stepping on her tail; much to the dismay of a nagging feeling inside her. The feeling made her uncomfortable, but Catherine shook it off.

She caught up with Grace as they entered the gym. If she'd thought the hallway was a freakshow before then a completely new word would be needed to describe the gymnasium situation. A number of people in the gym immediately stood out to her. They had a different feel to them. She spotted a hulking fellow with dashing silver hair and less appealing scaley skin. A set of fleshy wings protruded from her upper torso that made him seem all the more... un-aesthetically pleasing. Catherine turned her attention away from him as she spotted another head of silverish-hair, punctuated by black streaks. The owner was a boy unnaturally pale, and looking at him gave her the sense that he might suddenly drop dead at any point. He seemed to be muddling along just fine though and he didn't hold her attention for long; her attention had immediately been snatched by the boy next to him.

He looked suave and relaxed and gave the sense that he was completely unconcerned with the life-shattered changes that had occurred to him. Though if she looked like him then maybe she wouldn't have complained either. Vibrant, fiery eyes seemed to smolder with disinterest; they were framed behind by a curtain of light brown hair which seemed almost blond under the radiant glow of his massive wings. His appearance was striking in almost every right way. It was a far cry from her own ears and willowy tail, the latter of which had been slicked with some kind of slime that fish-boy had coating his skin.

"That isn't fair..."

But that was life. Some people got cat ears and others a spanking pair of wings.

Huffing irritatedly, Catherine turned to Grace.

"Come on, let's find somewhere to sit down. I think I see them taking attendance over there."

Gesturing over into the far corner of the gym, Catherine pointed to a location where the teachers seemed to be doing a head-count. The catkin imagined that once they'd ensured all the students were accounted for then school would be canceled for the day.



Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie hadn't really been paying attention she had been to busy being overwhelmed by the strength of some of the life forces in this room, so when Catherine spoke up she jumped slightly and almost as if out of instinct a pair of black feather raven wings materialised out of her back, once she steady herself and chilled out the wings melted into shadow, "sorry, I wasnt entirely focused but amidst did get what you said" she said as she walked over to find a seat, picking one she sat down and then she spoke up and said "are you sure you wanna sit with me, your not put off by whatever is putting off other people, I am not even sure what it is, but a lot of people have been giving me distasteful looks" she said, her usually cheerful demeanor fading.


Previously EeviumZ
Luna attempted to regain composure, only to be more startled that the boy she'd been speaking to seconds ago had.... transformed into a female? She was evidently startled, but quickly collected herself. To make things worse, she was obviously taller, her hair was longer, and she was wearing what seemed to be a suit of rather feminine armor.
"Y-yeah. Let's go.. to the gymnasium," she said quietly, her voice cracking.

Catherine turned to Grace as the girl stated her unease; her ghastly eyes looked up an down the pale-faced girl and over her newly greyed hairs. From the corner of her eyes, she could see people giving them looks of discomfort but she couldn't for the life of her figure out why. She figured they were just being douchebags and so she responded appropriately, shooting them the look of something fierce.

"Don't worry about them, they're just jealous they didn't get a cool sickle...are you some type of evil farmer?"



Previously Kid_Nukas
The reaction from Luna almost solidified for Sam that this was all just one big dream. While there was a slight reaction to his wings and change of gender, overall she didn’t seem too phased. As Sam through the large crowds with Luna, he began to think about the dream. He hadn’t read the Odyssey since his Freshman year, and even then he didn’t really pay attention so he didn’t really understand why his mind would come up with a Siren now. Maybe there was some ad he saw on tv that mentioned it or maybe his teacher got off on a tangent again in English, but that wouldn’t explain who his companion Luna was or why he would change into a she or why he was lucid while dreaming. Overall it was a very confusing situation that he would have to remember when he woke up, but right now he was mostly going with the flow.

The gymnasium was already full of students with other strange looking transformations. Most seemed to have some sort of animal traits while others had stranger transformations. It seemed like the teachers were already trying to get a full headcount, so the logical course of action was to find a place to sit and pass time until the teachers got to him and Luna. “So Luna, what’s up with the armor, are you supposed to be some sort of Amazonian princess?”


Previously EeviumZ
Luna glanced at herself in slightly unsettled confusion, staring at the armor for a moment. "I.... I-I don't... really know. There was a voice in my head that said something... Goddess of Wisdom or something like that? What was the name? I should have paid attention in History..." Her voice trailed off slightly. Suddenly, she realized it. "Athena. It was Athena."

She blinked, glancing at herself. "How did I know that?"


Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie looked at Catherine "oh, uh no, I think I'm Death, you know the Grim Reaper, but the other students don't know that so...wait maybe it's like an aura or something" she said, "oh and by the way, do you know what you are, I've been trying to figure it out but I can't", she added sitting with her arms crossed against her chest. She decided to check out her sythe so, pulled it from her back and examined the item, it was sleek and black with a burning purple flame at the base of the blade where it met the handle, it was perfectly weighted and felt right in her hands.