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Private/Closed The Oscillation (RP Thread)

Adrian watched the fight with little indifference and sighed in annoyance at the irritating noise everyone made. Before he could turn to find a shady spot, the Gym doors opened to show what looked like a... giraffe? "Now I've seen everything..." He thought to himself before he reluctantly complied with his demands along with a few of the other students to kneel first and blinked in surprise at the real sight of the abomination who demanded them to stay quiet. "Okay... now I've seen everything..." Adrian thought to himself while he looked around to see if anyone else did what they were unfortunately told. As he remained quiet, his thoughts began to shift about his family, what if his parents were affected by this phenomenon or even his two sisters.
Orm was beginning to doze off, after his old literature teacher stopped the fight nothing was happening. He already had a bad attention span before becoming...whatever he is, but he was more bored out of his mind than ever before. He let out a sigh, if only something happened. Anything at all! After thinking those very words, someone ran across the gymnasium in not much more than their underwear. "I didn't ask for that, the hell?" His curiosity piqued when some kind of giraffe entered the gym, though his annoyment skyrocketed past his curiosity as soon as this newcomer began to speak. Demanding everyone here to kneel whilst calling themselves 'Uncle Ally'? Who did this circus freak think he was? Hissing from the back of his throat, he decided to stay coiled up and feign sleep. He hardly saw this freak worthy of his attention, but he'd be in for a treat if he thinks he can boss him around.


Iris' shoulders began to hurt, did she hunch over during reading again? It couldn't be, it hurt too much for it to be that. Maybe it had to do something with the nausea she felt. Seasickness, great. Just what she didn't need! Running to the edge of the boat, she hacked out her guts in the ocean as the pain in her shoulders not only got worse, but also spread to her ankles. Maybe this wasn't seasickness, but she wasn't due any time soon. What was going on here? When her stomach settled down, she wiped her mouth with her sleeve. Upon noticing her new garb and skin color, she recoiled violently and let out a scream. Why was her skin green?! What was she wearing? What was going on here?

After calming down a small bit, she stood up and looked in a nearby window. Her reflection scared her again, even after anticipating it. She looked like some kind of stereotypical pirate captain, what was the reasoning behind that? And were her shoulders and ankles....smoking? Nothing made sense, and it didn't get much better when she heard a voice in her head.

The Flying Dutchman.

Iris turned around so fast, she was surprised her neck didn't snap. Who said that? Was she imagining things? Forcing herself to calm down, she thought about her appearance and that voice as she came to an insane conclusion. "Am I the Flying Dutchman? That ship dad spoke about that went down near Cape Town? Am I the captain?" Gender issues aside, it checked out. She looked like a ghost captain, her last name was the same as that of the alleged captain and she had a Dutch parent. She couldn't shake the feeling of irony though, since the story originated from the 1700's, the time that Indonesia was a major reason behind the wealth of the Netherlands and she had an Indonesian mother.

She had gotten an answer, but it didn't bring her any relief. In fact, it just made her more annoyed. Why did she become the Flying Dutchman? Was she alone? Why did the transformation hurt so much? That's when she noticed that the ship was quiet, save for squelchy footsteps and the shriek of a woman that pierced the eerie silence. Running into the direction of the scream, the girl stopped dead in her tracks. Hideous fish-like men were walking around the ship, and by the looks of it they were attacking the passengers. Her anger and frustration reached a boiling point and she ran towards a fishman that was going towards her and threw a punch at its head. It was probably unorthodox that a captain would do something themselves, but she didn't have a crew or anything nearby anyway.
Time had allowed Yuying to obtain a better grip on the situation at hand. A constant throbbing in the back of her head helpfully informed her that she was a Huli Jing, it less helpfully went quiet when she tried to question it further. However, from what seemed to be occurring around her, she could glean a few things. This was either A) the most elaborate prank she'd ever seen and the crew, passengers and ship were all props and background actors or B) she'd just been reverse-isekai-ed...

There had been an option C, in which she was clearly dreaming, but after pinching her thigh, which hurt just as much as she expected it would, she concluded this was no dream. She noticed one guy, a rather flameboyant fellow, rushing into the throng of fishmen. Someone she vaguely recognized as the guy she'd been talking to earlier had also been supped up with magical new duds and was likewise engaging the fishy-folk.

Yuying thought maybe she'd join them, but then again, those tridents looked really sharp and she didn't have the demon's cloak of flames or the guy's surge of thunder. Though were reservations were blown away as she appeared to stare at a green-skinned girl who took to trying to punch the fish-men in the face; Yuying's mouth fell agape. It wasn't because of the girl and her profoundly reckless actions. No, it was because of the massive whale that had appeared from seemingly nowhere...

If the legend of Archimedes had been on board, he would've quickly predicted the following course of events.

The sudden appearance of over a hundred tons of whale did just what one would expect the sudden appearance of over a hundred tons of whale to do; it displaced water...over a hundred tons of it. Physics rushed to react to Augustus' feat of magic, and water was pushed away from his now-massive whale of a body. A miniature tidal wave was created and it would, inevitably, sweep across the deck of the cruise ship.

The ship lurched once again, though this time Yuying managed to maintain her balance by grabbing into the railing; her fingers were clenched into a death-grip. She stared wide-eyed and slack-jawed once more as the spontaneously created tidal wave approached. Other passengers that noticed the wave shrieked with renewed vigor, attempting to rush into the ship's interior. They wouldn't make it in time, but that certainly wasn't going to stop them from trying. Yuying's head whipped around in response to one particular scream. It was the same boy that she'd been playing with earlier. He all but collapsed in hopelessness as the wave crested over the ship's railings and began to crash over the deck.

The surge of water caught Yuying, not still hanging onto the rails, but rushing across the deck to wrap the boy in a wide-armed hug. The salty sea consumed her senses as the wave swallow both her and the boy, threatening to deposit them into the sea on the opposite end of the ship. Yuying just barely managed to grab onto the railing with a single-arm just before she was washed overboard; her other arm kept the frightened boy abreast.

After the wave subsided, all was briefly quiet. Then the screaming kicked back up again. Yuying looked down. From where she dangled, she could see dozens of people who'd been knocked overboard by the wave, and likewise, she could see fish-folk rapidly closing in on them and dragging them beneath the surf. The girl grimaced, but she focused on the task at hand, getting herself and the boy somewhere safe. She pulled them both back over the railed before she took careful stock of the situation. The deck was drenched and mostly emptied, a few people here and there had managed to snag something secure before the wave hit them, but most had been washed overboard.

'I have to do something.', was Yuying's first though.

'But what..?', her second thought followed up.

"For now...let's get you someplace safe."

Grabbing the boy by the hand she broke into a light job, headed for the ship's interior.

Fire Mana

Previously Top_Smug_
Axar hated being wet. In any form, for any reason. It was cold, uncomfortable, and just damn inconvenient. He wasn't afraid of the water, he just wasn't a fan. He refused to go swimming, hated being in the rain, and never willingly let his body touch water unless he was showering. Although this was probably not that uncommon of a sentiment, many of his classmates had berated him for it, confused as to how someone could NOT like swimming.

Evidently, whatever power he inherited just now hated being wet as well. This was made extremely obvious when, after knocking out a fishman with a solid right hook and throwing him overboard, the shadow of a massive wave eclipsed the deck of the ship. Axar raised his arms instinctively, the black and red claws covering his face. However, instead of the torrent of freezing water that he was fully expecting, he felt the same warmth on his face that you would sitting too close to a campfire. He could still hear the sound of water rushing over the deck of the ship, and the screams of people being swept into the ocean... but he never felt the water himself.

Axar opened his eyes slowly as he lowered his arms, and as he did, it was fire that greeted him instead of water. Even without being aware he was able to, the newly awakened teen managed to summon a wall of flames that had surrounded and engulfed him.

"How in the hell did that wave not extinguish the..."

Axar began to mutter to himself, utterly perplexed by the logistics of his new abilities and how a fire could still be burning after contact with that much water. It was then that suddenly a commanding, yet somber, voice rang out from the back of his head.

Kagutsuchi, God of Destrucive Fire.

"Wait... God of Destructive Fire? Am I a fucking god now?"
Despite the utter chaos above the surf, which was now complicated by the undying flames Axar had summoned, which were now steadily eating their way through the ship, beneath the surf managed to be even messier. The Fishmen, furious with Augustus' intrusion on their domain began to converge on the trickster turned baleen-whale. Their tridents were at the ready as they sought to turn him from whale to porcupine...
Just as Marcus was about to cross the threshold leading into the outer deck, his senses were overloaded with a deafening roar. He stepped out onto the deck for a mere moment, and muttered, "Oh shit!" upon seeing the biblically-proportioned wave bearing down on the ship. Marcus whipped his head around and realized that he wouldn't be able to make it to the safety of a room before the wave washed him away. He gripped the bench bar in his possession as hard as he could with both hands vertically, and began to smash it straight down into the floor below him.

The bar bounced off once, twice, three times before Marcus managed to smash through the wooden planks. He hunkered down as small as he could, clinging onto the bar for dear life, as the water rushed over him. If it weren't for his newfound strength, Marcus would never have been able to smash through the floor much less hold on as millions of gallons of water threatened to wash him away. After a few seconds of breath-holding, the water level began sinking as it dispersed through the ship.

Marcus gasped for air and let go of the bar, splashing into the ankle-deep water and looking out at the now-barren deck. "Where's everyone else?" He asked himself, as he was one of only a few people around. He stood up to get a better view, spreading his wings and wrenching the bar out of the floor. Marcus really did get a better view, only it was a better view of a whole lot of nothing. Aside from a massive fireball that began to lick and lap at the wooden floorboards, nothing of interest was on the deck. He quickly put two and two together, and furiously sprinted to the opposite end of the deck from where the wave had crashed down. On his way, Marcus passed by a girl and a child headed for the ship's interior. "It'll be alright," he called out to her, tapping her on the shoulder as he sprinted past.

Marcus peered over the side and saw most of the passengers from the deck were in the ocean, and that a lot of them were being attacked by some sort of creatures. Marcus looked at the passengers, then at the bar in his hand, then back at the passengers. I'm a fucking crazy person, he thought as he backed up a few paces. He flapped his new wings a few times to shake most of the water off, then sprinted to the railing. As he jumped up onto the railing, Marcus' trepidation was erased and a sense of calm and composure spread through him. If I don't do this, nobody will, he thought as he kicked off of the railing.

Marcus began plummeting extremely quickly, and he tried mimicking the movements of birds in real life and angels in video games. He spread his wings as flat and wide as he could, and as they caught the wind he slowed down considerably. Homing in on a pair of passengers splashing about in terror, Marcus slowed to a stop and began flapping his wings to "hover" in place. "Grab on!" He shouted, assuming a deadlift position and holding the bar down for them. They seemed even more terrified than before, so Marcus swooped down and grabbed one of their hands then wrapped it around the bar. The woman calmed down considerably and seemed to understand what he wanted her to do, as did her companion. They each grabbed hold of the bar, and it took damn near all of Marcus' strength to hoist them up out of the water, up the side of the ship, and over the railing.

Marcus looked back down to the water at the rest of the overboarded passengers. His body was already screaming in pain, but quickly rubbing the afflicted areas seemed to help somewhat. With a steely resolve, Marcus dove back down to save more people. Unbeknownst to him, it wasn't only extra muscle and a pairs of wings that had materialized in the gym. A faint halo made from golden light had also appeared around his head.
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"Giraffe?" Well, it wouldn't have been the strangest thing he'd seen today, what with the snakes and vampires and everything. That was all before it started talking. As soon as Alex heard the raspy hiss of its voice the illusion quickly fell away and Alex took a step back in surprise. A strange snake-headed leopard thing stood at the front end of the gym, screaming something about 'Uncle Ally' into a gym of silent students. He wasn't sure if it was another effect of his change or if he'd react to death threats this casually before, but his first instinct was to turn to Adrian and say (maybe a little loudly),
"Is this guy being serious?"
Erik had managed to bash a few fish-heads together and flung a handful of monsters off the cruise ship before the wave hit. The colossal shadow of water looming over him immediately caught his attention, and Erik instinctively brought his hands up above him, staring with wide open eyes at the tidal wave. However, to his surprise, the motion had summoned large blades of wind that tore through the water that was supposed to crash down on him, leaving him mostly dry save for a bit of water that splashed onto his face and arms. The violent shaking of the vessel that had resulted from the wave as well threw Erik off balance, and he stumbled about for a bit before quickly regaining his footing.

Watching the chaos around him, he noticed several new elements. For one, the boat was on fire, fire which didn't seem to be extinguished by the gallons of water splashing around it, and it probably wasn't long before the whole thing burned down, leaving everyone on board at the mercy of the creatures down below. Looking above him, Erik saw an angelic figure, having a bulky physique, pure white wings, and a golden halo hovering above his head. The sight of a baleen whale simply appearing out of thin air near the cruise ship was likely the cause of the wave, and while the majority of the abnormal fish-men continued to terrorize the civilians on (and off) board, some began to target the mammoth sea creature.

The familiar sound of slimy footsteps near him tore Erik's focus away from his surroundings and onto the handful of creatures that stood before him, tridents at the ready. From what he could see in his periphery, the angel-like person was flying down to the surface of the sea where most of the people were falling overboard, so he could only hope that the guy was attempting to save them. Entrusting that task to the angel, Erik struck his fists together with a loud crackle of electricity before once again running at the fish-men.
Ashley was shaken up, barely holding on to the side of the side of the ship.

"Augustus, you almost capsized the Cruise ship!" Ashley yelled out.

A loud humming noise came from not far away from the ship.

"How in Dun Scaith am I to understand whale!?" Ashley yelled.

Augustus had just lost his concentration and transformed into a minnow, dodging the tridents as he transformed into a dolphin. He then poked some of the Fishmen so the passengers can return to the surface.


Previously Swirled
At first, Jonah was running for his life, for he was under the belief that he was being chased by all 4 of the White Vipers. Eventually, he got tired out of running, so he turned around to look at his pursuers in the eye before they kill him. To his surprise, it turned out that only one member of the White Vipers was chasing him, and it was a giraffe. While others would probably laugh or scream in this situation, the young man just stood there dumbfounded.

I'm...not the only one who's seeing this right now, right?

Of course, that was before the "giraffe" opened his mouth. When he declared that everyone bowed to him, "Uncle Ally", that's when Jonah decided that he needed a double take on the whole situation.

"This is really fucking weird..." Jonah muttered to himself, though other people could hear what he was saying if they put in sufficient effort, "And this is coming from the dragon fish man..."
Iris' fist connected with its target and as the fishman stumbled and tried to recover from the sudden blow, she ripped the trident out of the fishy fingers of its previous owner and planted it in the face of her target, taking it out of its misery. "And stay down!" The girl said as she looked around, though she was not prepared for the wave that suddenly washed over the ship. Holding the trident in front of her in an attempt to decrease the force that was coming her way. The wave crashed into her as she crashed into a deck chair, staying on it before getting washed off. Coughing up sea water, she leaned on the trident to stay upright. The smell of smoke filled her nose, when she looked around she saw that the ship was on fire. Not the best way to end a cruise, but it was already ruined the moment I turned into whatever I am now!

Spotting a fishman harassing another passenger, she regathered herself and ran towards it, impaling its chest whilst trying to avoid hitting the person behind her target. "Get the others, and try to scavenge some tridents to protect yourselves. Get to a place you can easily defend and reach the lifeboats from. If this ship is going to explode, I want everyone to be ready." Handing the second trident to the terrified passenger, which she could understand given her appearance, she went to look for more fishmen. If I am the Flying Dutchman, shouldn't I have a crew? The legend speaks of an undead crew after all. Deciding to try her luck, she asked for her crew. "All hands on deck!" Nothing. Should've expected that really. She thought bitterly as she kept going.
Adrian turned his head to Alex who appeared to have appendages like that of some type of bird and simply shrugged. "Dunno, if it's a prank, I'll just test what abilities I have on him. If not... we'd have to be smart about this." He said in a somewhat softer tone compared to his usual volume, he figured a lot of newly transformed people here would have better hearing and the intruder being no exception, but he tried to stay somewhat quiet regardless.
Wren pressed herself against the cupboard walls, her face still buried in her knees and her eyes screwed shut. The screams and cries were hardly muffled, and twice she had heard a hard slam as someone tripped onto the ground right beside her, only to scream in terror as something yanked them away. She could do nothing but listen, before something stirred inside of her.
Distaste would be an understatement. Rarely did Wren hate something, but the feelings inside her were so unbelievably intense that she couldn't describe it any other way. She could feel the heat before it had spread anywhere near the dining hall. She felt her skin prickle, and the hairs on the nape of her neck rose. This was wrong. Something was very,
very wrong. Spurred by this weird, inexpiable hate, the girl nudged the cabinet door open with her foot, going rigid at the sounds that greeted her. The screams were louder, now; under any other circumstances, she would’ve hid again, but at that very moment she had one singular goal; get rid of that goddamn heat. The girl ducked out of the cabinet, her horns lightly scraping the top of the opening. She cringed softly, her nose scrunching slightly. She shook it off, deciding she would deal with her horniness later.
Wait, no. Not her horniness, that was… definitely not the right word.
She staggered up to her feet, booking it in the direction she felt the fire was. Strangely, she wasn’t moving based on any of her senses; she was moving on a feeling, an insight she couldn't describe. She couldn’t tell what it was, but something in her knew where the flames were.
Extinguish it. Extinguish the flames. Eradicate them.
It felt like her thoughts weren’t her own. Wren skidded onto the scene after a particular hard lurch of the ship, her white eyes stretching open as she tried to analyze the situation; virtually everything was on fire. The water sloshing over from the sides of the ship did nothing to extinguish it. She could feel the heat closing in on her, and for whatever reason this filled her with so much frustration that she felt herself trembling.
“Why’d it have to be fucking fire?!” she growled, and on that emphasized word, a small cloud formed over them, and a brief flash of rain came from it, pattering onto the deck. Strangely enough, this rain seemed to be getting rid of the fire just fine, and around her she heard occasional sizzles as steam lifted into the air. She blinked, stunned, taking a step back as she looked up at the now-dissipating cloud. The fire immediately took over the spot of temporary calmness, and her brow furrowed.
Was… did I…?
Before she had a moment to think, she whipped her head around to find one of those fish-men slithering towards her. Her eyes screwed shut and she immediately raised her arms over her face, and she cringed as she felt a wet, webbed hand grab her forearm. This was how she died.
Except it totally wasn’t, because nothing happened after that. Warily, Wren peeped an eye open, and found herself looking at a fish-man, encased in a thin shell of ice. The chill from her skin had shot up to his hand, freezing the moisture all over his body. Her jaw fell open, stunned, before she shook her head firmly to force herself to focus as she shoved him off of her, scrambling away.
It wasn't long before she found the source. She didn't necessarily know why, but that foreign feeling in her body knew it was him. The grey skin, tail, and blazes of fire atop his head were certainly new, but she recognized him as the sweaty workout boy immediately. The feeling of hatred in her gut coiled, as if it were alive, growling and snapping furiously, and her lip curled back almost by instinct.
That second inner monologue that she was positive didn't belong to her dropped the name in her mind, and for whatever reason she accepted it. She bit her tongue as another fish-man-thing scrambled towards her. He was armed, with a big fork. In her panic and confusion, it seemed that Wren had completely forgotten the word "trident". He barreled at her without hesitance, yet whatever gave her the horns and white hair apparently made her ridiculously quick, as she was able to duck past him with ease, reflexes she certainly didn't own before. He whirled around, charging at her again. She was fairly certain that, with these new sci-fi movie abilities, she would've been able to fend him off, but he had a long weapon, and the fire around them was really starting to upset her again. She gritted her teeth firmly, her knees buckling as the fish-man shoved against her chest with the handle of the fork. She yelped in surprise as she fell to the ground, scrambling backwards as he lunged at her with the fork. As the third prong grazed her forearm, she tumbled back, her bare legs being lapped at by the flames. Clenching her fists, she whirled around in the direction of who she could only assume was Katgutsuchi, based on that little voice in her ear. Beside him was a boy with silver hair, and it occurred to her that it might be the boy with the crossword puzzle.
"Can you please do something about your fucking fire problem?!" she snapped, feeling the bitter cold growing in her throat as her voice rang out loudly among the chaos. She couldn't necessarily wait for a reply, as she was quickly preoccupied in wrestling the fish-man for the trident.


Fire Mana

Previously Top_Smug_
For the next couple of minutes, Axar fought off more and more of the fishmen from the deck of the ship. At first he mostly used his fists and claws, not wanting to burn the entire cruise liner down to ashes. However, as more and more of the creatures rose from the water and found themselves on the deck, the harder it was to keep up with his body alone. Realizing that his newfound abilities and rampant pyromania were the best solution to this infestation of pescatarian freaks, he began relying more and more on his "firepower". Of course, this meant more and more of the ship would be engulfed in these inextinguishable flames as well.

Amazing. Seems I've acquired quite the talent for arson.

Thick coils smoke rose through the air, creating a thick plume of gray around him as his body temperature shot up higher and higher. Suddenly, from outside of the smoke, a voice rang out. He couldn't see who it was, but it was clearly female.

Fire problem? The hell? Who does this chick think she is, ordering me around like I'm some dog?!

Axar burst from the cloud, seeing a pale girl with small horns, claws, and equally pale eyes attempting to wrestle a trident from the fins of one of the slimey monstrosities.

"Don't you think I would control it if I could?!"

He dashed behind the girl, brushing past her as he quickly turned around and wrapped his clawed fingers around the throat of the fishman. Axar lifted slightly, just enough to get the creature off the floor, before slamming it's back down onto the deck. He tightened his grip as the monster struggled. He felt as the fish's scales melted, fusing with it's quickly softening flesh as his claws sunk into the newly gelatinous mixture. And finally, he realized it had stopped struggling as it's head rolled away from it's body, the flesh that connected the two now sludge on the deck and the bone cracked in Axar's palm.

"News flash you cold bitch, these powers are new for me too! How the hell do you expect me to completey comprehend what they do, let alone fully control them?!"

Erik turned in the direction of a sudden argument erupting between two transformed individuals, one whom he recognized as the demon guy from earlier. A girl with similar features -- horns protruding from her forehead, slightly sharpened canines, pale eyes, and claws -- seemed quite irritated about the fire currently engulfing the cruise ship, and the boy fired back, well, a "fiery" retort. They seemed to have a very clear distaste for the other, though the sudden change of many people's bodies coupled with the situation at hand would make even the most peaceful people on sharp edge; Erik could only assume such anger coupled with such... colorful words were the result of the entirety of what had occurred in a couple hours' time.

He himself had been occupied with sending a chain of bright electricity through a line of multiple fish-men, scorching their skin as the lightning surged through and around their bodies. As they crumpled to the floor, Erik then proceeded to grab a nearby trident, charging it with electricity before wielding the weapon as he once again plunged into the fray. He planned to mainly use the trident rather than his powers; though the latter would be much more effective, they were harder to control, and should only be used as a deterrent when provided with no other option. Whatever Erik couldn't reach with his trident, he used blasts of wind and electricity instead.
Wren stumbled back as the gym-guy shoved past her, watching as he took control of the situation. She would've been grateful, really, as she'd been struggling, but something about his action made her jaw set firmly in anger. His presence made her incredibly annoyed for virtually no reason, other than the fact that he was too… too warm. The heat he emitted simply by existing made her upset. Despite this, she watched as he picked the fish-man up before slamming him into the ground; and had to stop herself from gagging as he literally melted his throat, until his head rolled loosely across the deck. She shuddered. Not only was e a complete and total prick, he was way too murder-hungry if you asked her, and she had only known of his existence for a staggering twenty minutes or so. Her lip pursed into a scowl as he whirled around and started yelling at her, her teeth clenching tightly against one another in response. So much so that her newfound fang broke the skin of her lip; she aggressively wiped the blood away with the back of her hand and shot him a dagger-filled glare.
"That doesn't mean you light the entire boat on fire!" she shot back, taking a step forward and straightening her posture to meet his fiery gaze with her own icy one. The foreign feeling... almost like an entity in the back of her mind, thrashed and shouted.
Kill him, kill him, get rid of the fire forever-
She screwed her eyes shut, biting her inner cheek furrowing her brow. Trying her absolute best to focus despite the mayhem around her. Last time she'd gotten excruciatingly frustrated (approximately five minutes ago), that rain cloud had formed… she distinctly remembered putting emphasis on one specific word.
"Fuck," she stated flatly, immediately looking up to see if clouds were forming. She was greatly disappointed when she saw nothing but smoke. She tried once more, and then twice, before her fingers clenched into her palms, forming tiny red crescents in her flesh where her nails- er, claws- pressed. Some nearby fish-men had set their gazes on them, where they began slithering in their direction. She had to do it fast. The boat gave another mighty lurch, and she stumbled forward, her arm grazing the gym-boys. This seemed to be exactly what she needed, as she let out an exasperated shout in her frustration.
"Why isn't this goddamn rain forming?!"
Almost as soon as the words left her mouth, her request was granted, and a cloud much larger than the previous one formed over them, and a downpour ensued, instantly soaking anything or anyone it touched. A good majority of the flames, if not all of them, were extinguished. Large puddles formed on the deck. Wren's knees buckled under the exertion of the power, and she struggled to catch her breath. It felt like the wind had been knocked out of her, like someone had crashed a car straight into her stomach. She clenched her teeth in pain before the rain ceased in seconds, and she was finally able to suck in a gasp of a breath. She coughed harshly for a few moments, breathing hard as cold, cold water dripped off the sides of her face. The moisture remaining on her face froze almost immediately, leaving her with frost on the sides of her face. She slowly wobbled to her feet, her arm supporting her stomach as she stood.
Unfortunately, she didn't seem to have any time to compose herself, as she had to duck almost immediately to avoid a trident to the head. It didn't take long for her to compose herself again as she got to her feet, staring for a moment at the fish-man with his trident stuck on the rail. He was tugging for a moment before Wren kicked his legs out from under him. The man scrambled for a moment, and she yanked the trident out of the rail with a huff.
“Use this instead, you fucking psycho,” she growled hoarsely to the gym-guy, as she shoved the trident into his hands and stormed off.
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Fire Mana

Previously Top_Smug_
Axar had known of her for a collective 5 minutes, but this girl had already made it a point to insult him, order him around, treat him like an incompetent child, and she didn't even show a shred of thanks to him for practically saving her life. If it wasn't for the fact that for, whatever reason, he felt connected to the girl, he would have left her to deal with the chaos herself.

He saw the girl begin to stumble and fall to her knees next to him as a small storm materialized overhead. He started to reach out to her, despite the fact she had been a total bitch to him when he hadn't done anything to deserve such a volatile reaction, but quickly retracted his hand as she stood back up on her own. The frost forming from the raindrops on her skin merged with the smoke coming from his, creating some entirely unnatural mixture in the air around them. It was dark, and hot, and choked out the oxygen, but it was also light, and cold, and refreshing.

"I don't take orders from anyone, let alone someone who insults me after I help her!"

The trident that had been forced into his arms quickly found it's way into the side of the fishman that the girl had stolen it from and tripped. It wriggled on the floor for a moment like... well, a speared fish, before stopping lifeless next to the rails.

"If you want to keep being such a stuckup ice-queen then stay the hell away from me! You're making me cold and wet anyway!"
The sudden and magical disappearance of over a hundred tons of whale once again threw the laws of physics into chaos. Water rushed in from all directions, attempting to fill the void left by Augustus' transformation from whale to minnow; a decrease in mass by over ten thousand times. The rushing water created a vortex, the sudden powerful currently rag-dolling whatever creatures were unfortunate enough to be within range...

This happened to be more creatures that one would expect, both human and fish alike. The battle above the surf was getting rather bloody, and as the life drained from impaled fishmen, it bled into the ocean, attracting all manner of predators.


'Hmpf, they know what's good for them.', Aladd noted the lack of resistance with pleasure as all the students appeared to cower in his presence, as they should. He didn't want to waste any time on a bunch of children; they'd be obedient once you put the good fear of Uncle Ally in them. Aladd was only a bit disappointed that he wouldn't be able to make an example of anyone, but that disappointment soon turned to glee. One of who he assumed were the teachers stepped forward, a nobleman, surely, to have sacrificed himself like this.

The overly excited gangster hadn't even been paying attention to the man's words, he just couldn't wait to sink his claws into something...and so he did. Lashing out with an aggrandized blow, he slapped away the teacher with a paw to the chest. The feeling was heavenly. Was this why cats loved to sink their claws into furniture?

Aladd paid no more attention to the teacher as he landed in a heap somewhere, instead, his serpentine head lowered to his claws licking the droplets of blood from them.

"Hmmm, just a bit tangy...but the flavor is boring."

Figuring his job more or less done, the Serpopard began to swagger back through the doors, on his way to report to William.
"Hiyah!" Iris slammed her trident down on the head of a fishman before finishing it off as a rainstorm came out of nowhere. It caught her off guard, but she was too busy trying to not get caught to really be surprised by it. A sudden rainstorm was the least of her worries at the moment, those probably happened often out at sea. She didn't have much time to think about it though as the ship was getting sucked in by a vortex. "Woah! Help!" Unable to find stable footing, the girl fell and slid towards the edge of the boat, only barely hanging on by holding her trident horizontally against the railing as she hung above the surface. "Anyone out there? Help me before I become fish bait!" The Flying Dutchwoman tried to get back onto the ship, but was too afraid to let go of the trident and risk falling into the water.


Orm had kept a close eye on Aladd, though didn't really bother doing anything about him. Hell, he barely worried about why he was here. The sound of a resonating smack made him move his head though, and he saw the victim of his attack bleeding a bit too much for a regular fist fight. Disgust and resentment flowed through his veins and crashed against the sides like tidal waves slamming into a rock. Who did this guy think he was, walking around and attacking the staff like he owned the place? He might not've liked this school and dropped out, but he still respected the teachers for their knowledge and ability to deal with troublemakers and students who struggled whilst appearing motivated for the next class. The sound of something large getting dragged across the floor began to fill the ears of anyone listening as the boy-turned-world serpent raised himself to his full height and glared at Aladd with all the scorn and contempt he had inside of him.

"Aren't we so tough? Beating up a teacher after taking over a school? I'm not sure who or what the hell you are, Uncle Ally, but you're dead wrong if you think your scrawny ass is getting away with that! If you're really as high and mighty as you think you are, then you come back here right now!" The voice of Orm Skau broke through the relative silence that filled the room as he stuck his tongue out, letting it slide across his teeth after retracting it. His opponent might be taller, but he was heavier. That scrawny neck was an easy target and they had the numbers advantage. Baring his teeth, his fangs began to come down from the roof of his mouth as he started to taste the blood of this ruffian in advance.
Catherine figured everyone was just as stunned as she was; the overwhelming silence and the palpable confusion all seemed to come to afront when Mr. Whiteford stepped up.

"Well, Mr. Ally I don't think—"

The man had hardly gotten the words out of his mouth when Aladd struck. The Serpopard surged forward, bulky paws slamming into Mr. Whiteford's chest. Catherine observed the carnage in slow motion, she could hear the cracks, the sound of Mr. Whiteford's ribcage collapsing, then she could see the spray of blood as Aladd's claws tore through cloth and skin. The battered body of her teacher was thrown across the room where it landed, unmoving.

Catherine choked as she drew in a horrified breath. Was he...dead?

The pool of blood gathering beneath Mr. Whiteford's body seemed to answer that question. While Catherine hadn't liked Mr. Whiteford that much, the grumpy, miserly man had still been one of her favorites. (Perhaps only behind the History teacher Mrs. Leighla.) While Catherine stared down at the dying body of her teacher, she could feel her breathing quicken. Soon she wasn't breathing so much as she was huffing and then hyperventilating.

Once again that vile feeling arose within her, a thirst for vengeance and retribution. Her rational judgment quickly fell prey to the onslaught of raw emotion.

She could feel that foreign voice whispering at the back of her mind;

Born of grievances to live a life of revenge; the Nekomata never relents and rarely does it forgive.

As her malevolent nature was slowly fed, the Senior student came to a singular conclusion. Vengence was not an action. It was a way of life...and she embraced it. Catherine's claws lengthened, those on her toes tore through her shoes and found traction on the floor. Her body's newfound dexterity was put to good use as she accelerated to top speed within moments. The girl was a blur of feline fur and fury, rushing down her opponent with the force of blitzkrieg.


Aladd had barely gotten out the door when a heavy voice halted him in his tracks. It was probably some kid trying to act big, nothing to worry about. Still, whatever kid this was, they'd need to be taught a lesson in respect. Aladd's viper's head turned, facing Orm while his body remained facing the door.

"A big guy, eh?"

Facing Orm, even Aladd fell short, but the Serpopard didn't bat an eyelash at the kid's attempt to intimidate him. He was, after all, just a kid. A big, scaly bastard of a kid, but still a kid.

"Why don't you come get me you big pile of—"

His words were cut off as the wind was knocked from his lungs. Something or someone had blindsided him while his attention was on the big guy. Sharp claws found purchase in his fur, drawing blood from his chimeric body. The duo tumbled through the gym's doors, forming a violent ball of scale and fur.

Aladd had been caught off-guard, but instinct soon kicked in. You didn't survive in a gang without being tough, and that went double for Aladd who was one of the top members in the White Viper. Aladd regained his senses, tucking his legs inward and then kicking off whatever had attached itself to him. He let out a slightly pained his as patches of fur were ripped from his body by what he now recognized as a small girl with a pair of tails nearly longer than she was tall.

Slowly, Aladd got up facing his new playthings with mirth.

"Alright...two feisty ones. Good. At least now I've got fresh meat to sink my fangs into. I hope your blood tastes better than that boring teacher's."

Alex watched blood fly from his teacher's chest in vivid detail. Mr Whiteford may have not been his favorite teacher, but that fucker just killed somebody. Rage filled his body, but a different sort of rage than earlier; more controlled and focused on putting this thug in his place.

He made a running takeoff, quickly pulling himself into the air and flying towards the leopard snake thing. He recognised a few of the students from earlier, namely the big snake and the furball, but Alex had bigger things to worry about than their recent scuffle. Quickly traversing the distance to the gangster above the heads of other students, he started a dive towards them.

Though he couldn't muster up the same fire he shot earlier, Alex tried the next best thing: balling his hand into an old-fashioned fist and using his dive to put as much force behind it into the head of the snake while it was distracted.
Of the dozens of poor souls drowning in the red-stained water, Marcus had only been able to rescue twelve. At the same moment as he let the final two let go of the bar, Marcus collapsed onto the deck of the ship in agony. I...have...to keep...going, he thought, stabbing the bar into the deck to use as a support. He looked around wearily and for the first time took in the full scope of the chaos that had unfolded during his rescue operation.

Fires raged while localized storms pelted the deck with freezing rain. Half of the deck was colored red with the blood of fish-men and passengers alike, and a wide variety of people had been changed in ways both similar and different to himself. It's like a fucking sci-fi movie, Marcus thought as he staggered to his feet once more, only to be thrown off balance by the ship listing suddenly. The angel began to slip , losing his grip on the bar and tumbling down towards the surf. Gotta do something, fast! He thought frantically. Marcus thought back to when he had smashed through the wall, and had made his injuries better by applying pressure with his hands. Marcus folded his sore wings forward and grabbed them viciously, willing with all his...will...that they would be healed.

Almost immediately, the pain in his wings subsided but Marcus grew increasingly more exhausted. Rapidly approaching the railing of the ship, Marcus pressed his feet into the deck in a squat position and kicked off, doing a backflip in midair and catching himself with his wings just as he passed the railing.

As soon as Marcus regained his equilibrium, he heard a cry for help rise above the ones coming from the tides below. Whipping his head around, he spotted a girl, smoke plumes rising from her legs and shoulders and garbed in some sort of pirate costume. The getup made Marcus do a double take, but then again he had sprouted a pair of wings so he supposed it wasn't too far-off. He swooped toward the girl and landed roughly against the ship's deck, sliding down a few feet to land on the railing where the girl dangled from a trident. Marcus extended a hand down to her and called out, "Come on! Let's get out of here!"


Samson caught the tail end of Aladd's scuffle just in time. He knocked the gymnasium door off of it's hinges, sending it flying upwards in the direction of what looked to be a kid-turned-bird that was trying to get a cheap shot in on his fellow lieutenant. Samson assessed the situation quickly, and sized up each of the kid's stupid enough to try and fight Aladd. One girl, one giant snake-creature, plus the bird-man made three opponents for himself and the Serpopard.

"Let's start the introductions over again," He said in a booming voice. Samson stomped his feet against the linoleum floors, creating deep fissures and creating an intense localized earthquake. "My name is Samson. As in, White Viper Lieutenant Samson. And all of you," He continued, sweeping a pointed finger over the entirety of the gymnasium, "Are pretty much screwed."


Previously Swirled
At first, the room was still and silent. Though there wasn't much of a response that could be given to a man who told you to bow down to him like a God. As if to clear the silence, the snake-like creature decided to do something rather ungodly: kill an innocent teacher in cold blood. This display of senseless carnage slapped Jonah across the face like a wet paper towel. He was rather fond of Mr. Whiteford, mainly due to the witty comments that his grumpy disposition produced, but that wasn't the real reason why the senior's heart hurt at that moment.

I let those guys in here...I didn't even try to fight them off, and now Mr. Whiteford is dead...because of me.

However, he wasn't the only one who felt grief over the teacher's untimely death, for the three students who were locked in tight combat had united against this despicable foe. This inspired Jonah, turning his lamentations into rage. Unfourtunately, what this inspiration manifested into was his right palm getting sweaty, unnaturally so.

Really? Other guys get to shoot fire and shit and all I get are sweaty palms?

His thoughts were cut off when he noticed that an orb of that "sweat" had formed on his palm, as if he was holding it.

Wait a second, that's not sweat...it's water! Of course the "Patron God of the Sea" would be able to manipulate water!

A newfound zeal in his steps, he decided to approach the fight between Aladd and the others, gathering moisture from the air every second. Jonah needed to be careful not to hit any of his schoolmates when he launched his attack since that would no doubt cause unessecary confusion amongst them. He wasn't entirely unaware that Samson was present, it just didn't seem to concern him for the time being.

"Listen up you bastard son of a whore!" Jonah yelled towards Aladd, a hatred burning white hot lit up in his aqua green eyes, "I hope your thirsty," The Ryūjin fired his water attack, now forming a stream of pressurized water that was headed directly for his opponent.
As Adrian remained silent while the intruders made sure everyone was rounded up like sheep, he looked up when he heard the sounds of a protester get cut off when the teacher was impaled and thrown aside to let their life fade away and their blood to drain from the open wound, the smell of the blood hit Adrian's nostrils like a runaway train, he knew what blood smelled like before and he didn't like it... but in his new form, the blood smelled unimaginably delicious.

Adrian's breathing got heavy after the teacher's untimely demise along with the sounds of a few students attempt to avenge their fallen teacher, but the smell of blood caused Adrian to breathe even heavier as if he were in a strong sense of complete arousal, his jaw hung low to let a few streaks of drool suddenly leak from his mouth while his fangs glistened faintly.

"Feed... feed..."

The words rang within Adrian's mind as his eyes looked between the lifeless teacher and the conflict between delinquents and students, two different options tempted Adrian like nothing before; Feed on what created such a divine fragrance or kill the intruder who murdered one of the teachers in cold blood... blood he was more than tempted to get a taste of. Adrian looked at his hands which shook and looked as if his claws suddenly grew while he closed his eyes only for them to be opened once more, this time with his sclera adopt a sickly shade of blood red.
"I wish you luck, you abomination!" Hissing to fire himself up, Orm slithered over towards Aladd before tensing up to lunge. As he was about to strike though, fissures opened up in the floor as a very local earthquake struck. Looking around to find the source of the earthquake, he spotted someone who was too muscular to not be turned. Those earthquakes would be a big pain, and he had no real way to fight him. "Fly boy, find your own opponent! This one's mine!" He ordered Alex as he avoided some fissures and lunged at Aladd, mouth wide open.


Iris had almost found solace in her soon to be fate of death when quite literally an angel came down in front of her. Refusing to think about what was going on, she grabbed the extended hand and helped herself up on the deck. "Thanks, you saved my life there. I am not going though, there are people in danger here! We've got to help them until there is no one left we can help! We've been given powers, and I for one refuse to let these people fend for themselves whilst I can still fight!" To give her statement that bit of extra 'oomph', she stomped her foot on the deck. As if on que, a ghostly green mist rose from the deck and swirled around as it dissipated near the bottom, revealing a pair of bony green feet. When the mist was completely gone, a skeleton with the same 'skin' color as Iris stood at the ready. Iris her eyes were as wide as saucers and pointed at it before turning to Marcus. "D-did I do that?"
Marcus' eyes narrowed as he watched the skeleton materialize beside the girl. Something deep inside him had suddenly become incredibly agitated, and a voice began to seep into the corners of his mind. Blasphemous, it hissed on repeat. Sacrilegious, must annihilate. His wings twitched nervously, and it took more than a moment for Marcus to regain his composure at the development. "Yeah," he finally said. "I think you did." The voice never left, still hissing curses at the skeleton and it's...master?..., but Marcus' sense of calm had returned in full force.

The angel looked up at the tilted deck, then turned back to the girl. "I don't know how long this ship is gonna last like this," He said, thinking back on the beating it had taken from the wave and now the vortex. "But it would be best to get as many people inside as possible." He imagined the scenario playing out in his mind. He could rally people by flying up and down the deck, and the girl could help defend the survivors with her skeletons. Marcus turned back to the girl, and pointed at the mouth of the hallway leading into the main ship. "Get as many people as you can through there, and keep as many fish as you can out." He flapped his wings once, twice, before jumping and taking off. "We got this!" He shouted over his shoulder as he raced up into the air.

When Marcus had first pointed out the hallway's threshold, a couple of fish-men were milling about. I wonder how many have already gone hunting inside, Marcus thought grimly, swooping down to face the creatures. He came in hard and fast, tilting his wings and swinging his legs forward to kick one of the fish in the face as he landed. It worked like a charm, as the fish was sent flying a few feet and didn't get back up. Marcus spun around to face the other fish, and it raised it's trident before charging at him. He glanced up for a moment, improvising a strategy, and gave a mighty heave with his wings. Flipping around in midair, Marcus landed with his feet connected to the ceiling. With very little time for the fish to react, Marcus pushed off the ceiling and crashed into the creature's head, his fist smashing into it and pushing it down to the ground where it gave a small crunch!

"Now the hall is clear," Marcus muttered as he looked back out over the listing deck. "What next?"
The symbol of chaos; beyond the reaches of law and authority. The Serpopard was a creature of recalcitrance, its very existence spat in the face of all who followed law & order. It breathed contempt and bellicosity was its lifeblood.

Aladd, who’d inherited much of nature of the beast, was much the same. His derisive grin hadn’t broken, even as Catherine and Orm opposed him. His forked tongue swiped at the air; it was still a dark red, stained by Mr. Whiteford’s blood. The Serpopard was once again ready to sate his thirst for blood and violence, this time on the children that’d dared to oppose him, however, when Alex and Jonah joined the fray, Aladd’s grin fell.

Realization dawned on the man; his reckless actions had stirred them up.

They were a nest of hornets.

Rather than cowering in fear, the students seemed incensed; they'd been set abuzz, their apoplectic rage galvanizing the swarm of their emotions. One opponent had become two, and two quickly become four. Although his own numbers were doubled with the addition of Samson, the Serpopard was ill at ease. Who knows how many other children might get the bright-eyed idea to start fighting?

These kids needed to be crushed! His fury had been kindled; it burned along his back, licking up and down his spine. It dominated his senses, his vision had gone bright red. He could even taste it; eau de smoked flesh drifting on the wind. His emotions were vivid…too vivid.

The grin on Aladd’s face completely faltered as he desperately threw himself to the side; this had the side-effect of allowing him to evade lunges from Orm and Alex. Passing through the spot he’d just occupied was an orb of fire. The explosive hiss of steam followed the collision of the flame orb and Jonah’s stream of water.

“Aww, I missed…”

Through the shroud of steam, descending from the sky in a fit of ill-natured giggles was the third White Viper Lieutenant, Parsia. She defied gravity effortlessly, her posture lax as she lounged in complete comfort. The glare Aladd gave her for almost roasting him was very pointedly ignored while she instead leveled her gaze on the group of children. Assessing them.

“Your teachers haven’t been doing a good job with your education. Don’t you know the age-old adage?”

Flames lit along her fingers, casting an orange glow across her face as she continued.

“Children should be seen but not heard.”
"Oi, dickhead!" Alex yelled over the clamour towards the new arrival. "I've already taken fire, you're gonna have to cut that out." He'd completely missed the punch he threw against Aladd and ended up on the floor behind him, straight in front of this new women. Not only had she taken his earlier fireball gimmick, but she could fly?

"But hey, if you don't want to hear us, I should be able to help with that," Alex added. "It's hard to hear with a grilled up head after all." Despite his cheeky grin and cocky tone, he was still aware of his lack of control over his powers. He couldn't shoot fire or water anywhere near as consistently as the others he'd seen, his only experience had been an angry potshot at a snake.

However, focusing on his wings gave them a faint tingling sensation, and Alex could feel a faint heat on his back. He could only assume this was how he set his wings ablaze like he did earlier, and with this nugget of a fighting chance he charged Parsia. He pushed himself forwards faster with a few well-timed flaps, angling his wings as flat as possiblea twisting himself around once he felt he was close enough, making his best attempt to spice both wings through her. He wasn't sure how hot they burned or if they could even do any damage to her, but hey, it was for science.
δφδ°°▒ was ecstatic. It was almost done. They'd finally done it! Mind you, he didn't know what they'd done, but the high priest had ensured them that it was soon to be completed. Their assault on the Crusie ship had played into that; the humans on that ship had been critical to the completion of their great plan. There had been some struggle, what with the erratic and partially effective resistance that'd claimed many lives, but all who died did so in service of the Great Father and the Old Mother! Oh did they long await the day when the Father would emerge from the depths and consume the world in— Ow!

δφδ°°▒ bubbled with irritation. His quarry, a human he'd dragged beneath the surf, in her violent struggles had bitten his hand. His wide, unblinking eyes turned to meet her own panic-stricken ones. Her teeth hadn't made much progress on penetrating his slippery, glossy skin, which seemed to be wet with something other than the ocean. She had, however, managed to damage the webbings between his fingers.

δφδ°°▒'s grasp tightened, paying no more heed to her struggles as they dove deeper and deeper until she quietly went limp. Once he'd confirmed her loss of conscious he set about keeping her alive; for the great advent had no need for the dead, only the living would serve their purpose, giving their lives for the glory of their race! His thick, slimy lips closed over hers; with each draft of 'air', his gills extracted oxygen from the water, and he breathed into her lungs. Artificially respirating her. The woman needed to be delivered alive; many would need to be delivered before their endeavor was completed.


"Rargh!" Uttering a primal roar as he lunged, Orm didn't have the aerial maneuverability to correct himself after Aladd dodged. Still not used to his lack of feet, he fell down on his stomach and narrowly avoided a water blast. "Hey, watch it!" He snapped at the person behind him that shot the water blast, though his attention was soon drawn by a new voice getting added to the mix. Glaring at Parsia with eyes filled with venom, he yelled at the flying woman. "And you all clearly haven't heard the line 'you shall not kill' before, so I say we can ignore whatever you just said!" With renewed vigor and disgust surging through his veins, he slithered towards the murderer of a teacher he didn't particularly liked, but respected for dealing with all those students. "Eat shit!" The teenager roared as he lashed out at Aladd.


Still slightly dumbfounded by her new powers, Iris stomped three more times after summoning the first skeleton to no avail. Slightly disappointed but knowing she should've kept her expectations low, she shrugged and went around the ship trying to find people as according to the angel's plan. Something nagged in the back of her head when she thought back about the angel, she had the feeling that she knew him or someone similar to him and they got into a fight or something. Shaking her head to the thought, she focused on the task on hand with her skeleton right behind her. Making her way through a couple fishman with the aid of her new skeleton, who had a knack for twisting heads until they could twist no more, she managed to find a couple of children hidden away under deck chairs.

"Hello there, are you okay? I won't hurt you, even if I look a little scary. Just follow me, Mr. Bones and I will keep you safe." Naming her skeleton companion on the spot, the Flying Dutchwoman reached out her hands to the children underneath the deck chairs. Convincing them to leave their hiding spot, she made her skeleton stay at the back of the group whilst she took the front on her way to the hall towards the inner ship. "Hurry! You'll be safe in there!" Rushing the children inside, she made the skeleton stand at the entrance. "Stay here and finish off any fishmen who try to enter!" The skeleton nodded in understanding as Iris ran back onto the deck to find more people.
After ensuring the kids were safely below deck, Yuying herself returned to the top-side. She was calm now, oddly so; unwittingly she was being influenced by the pacifying effect of Marcus' earlier touch. Once she was back out on the deck she looked around, trying to figure out what had happened in the time she'd been gone. The deck was as empty as she'd left it, actually, it appeared even emptier as the remaining people had grouped into small islands of activity.

The guy she'd met earlier seemed to be one of the people who were acting solo, lightning and wind swirled around him as he led the offensive, a one-man thunderstorm that speared into his foes. If she was a spirit fox and she'd gained fox ears and a tail maybe his myth had something to do with storms...

Shifting her eyes elsewhere Yuying noticed another island of activity, this one a duo. The flame-boy she'd seen earlier had paired up with a girl she didn't recognize. Their pairing seemed...right. As if dictated by some heavenly law or fundamental truth of the universe the duo seemed to just...click. Normally, Yuying wouldn't have noticed something like that, she wasn't the best at reading people and she still wasn't but something instinctual within her was satisfied by their pairing. She shipped it.

She could see others as well, a green-skinned girl that was focusing on rescue operations and the angelic guy she'd met earlier in the halls. They were all doing their part, and it was about time she joined them. Yuying had noted the trident in Erik's hand and had been scouting for one of her own. She found her target buried in the body of a fish-face. Yuying grabbed the weapon by its handle and grimaced as she placed her slippered foot over the slimy, slippery skin. It took a few tries, but she eventually dislodged the weapon and she was just in time to intercept a fishman who'd decided she looked the weakest of the bunch.

Yuying parried a descending blow with the shaft of her trident. She was surprised at how weak the fishman was or rather, how strong she'd become. She threw the fishman off her before sweeping her trident around and cracking him in the side with its shaft. The slime-ball crumpled, broken, but still kicking. Yuying moved on, uninterested in dealing a fatal blow. Instead, she fought her way over to Marcus, battering her way through the fishmen, wielding her trident as a hefty staff.

She had an idea in mind, and maybe the angelic boy's wings would be her best chance of getting it done.

"Do you think you could air-drop life vests into the water? I'm sure the Cruise must have some of them stored somewhere..."


Previously Swirled
Jonah winced at almost hitting the snake man, the one he was allied with that is. To combat this, the Ryūjin focused on a new target: Parisa. The last time their respective elements came into combat, there was just a bunch of steam, but that was because the flying woman was just trying to protect her comrade. Besides, typical logic dictated that water put out fires, which is true when applied to Class A fires.

Hopefully, this is a Class A situation.

Without hesitation, he ran away from the main fight of Aladd so he could shoot his water without his allies being put in danger of being splashed. Of course, there was always the other flying being with the affinity for fire, but he would hope that the other flying guy would know where to pick his battles.

Gathering water in his palms, he proceeded to shoot two streams of water. Though they were marginally weaker than his initial blast, not only was he more focused on his target this time, but there was also two streams of water to deal with instead of one.

I should really come up with a mental list of witty one-liners to use if I'm going to be in more battles from here on out.
The White Viper wasn't the most seasoned gang in town, but its members had gone through more than a few scuffles together. Their teamwork wasn't perfect, but they were usually on the same page, and they certainly weren't about to let some high-school upstarts dictate the tempo of their fight. The kids weren't exactly subtle about their intentions, Orm squirmed with rage and slithered towards Aladd, while Jonah wanted to play firefighter with Parsia and Alex. The gangly duo had no such plans to allow this to come to pass.

From birth till death, the Huma bird lived a life on the wing. An Huma Bird was born amidst its mother flight, popped from her oviduct and sent hurtling to the ground as a hapless egg. With the clock ticking on an untimely demise, the Huma is hatched on the fall. The newborn chick's plummet towards the earth develops its eyes and the impending threat of death has given it a choice, learn to fly in a matter of seconds or become a smear on the ground. Most Huma chose the former, achieving flight not even a minute after they were born.

This feat of flight had manifested in Parsia and she, unlike Alex, was practically an expert on sky-travel.

"Wings are such clumsy things..."

Almost effortlessly she outmaneuvered the fledgling phoenix. She floated erratically as she dodged, knowing his wings could not accommodate such sharp turns or fine-tuned changes in altitude. Perhaps if he'd been the legend of the hummingbird then he might've stood a chance.

Her lips curled into a grin as two fireballs formed, one on each of her hands. She threw them at Jonah's pillars of water hoping to replicate her last move. She didn't want to overpower the streams. No, that would've been far too generous.

As the flames hit the pillars they were quickly doused, but once again a cloud of steam was created. Parsia took advantage of that and ducked away, hiding within the resulting steam-cloud. She used the steam to evade any further attacks and mayhaps, she hoped, it would even cause a little friendly fire in the confusion, but maybe that was hoping for too much.


Aladd, who was also keeping an eye on the situation, choose this moment to act. He braced his body for Orm's lunge, but as the hefty boy drew closer, Aladd revealed his feint. He quickly turned tail and leaped away from the serpent. Within a few powerful strides, he'd retreated into the cloud of steam.

He relied on his serpentine senses to navigate, locking onto Alex who's fiery glow was prominently displayed in his heat-vision. He'd prepared to leap at the phoenix, combining his powerful feline body and legs with the striking range of his serpentine head. Aladd leaped for Alex but was blind-sided by a pillar of water that sent him skittering across the ground.

Meanwhile Parsia came bursting through the steam, a devilish grin on her lips as she faced down Orm. Two new fireballs graced her hands and soon they were flying towards Orm.

"Naughty, Naughty, we'll need to burn all those vulgarities from that filthy mouth of yours!"

"It'll be okay! We've got things handled!" Marcus said as he high-fived the kids running through the hallway's threshold. It seemed almost inappropriate to tell these kids things were gonna be okay given the fact that some of their parents could already be drowned under the ocean, but nevertheless something deep within Marcus, deeper even than instinct, compelled him to reassure the pirate girl's quarry. The kids' savior didn't stay to chat, but commanded her skeleton to guard the entrance to the inner ship as she returned to the chaos of the deck.

The moment Marcus laid his golden eyes on the skeleton, the voice once again wormed it's way into the back of his mind. Blasphemous! it hissed, venom dripping from every syllable. Abomination! Must...be...eradicated! The angel's wings began to flap slowly but with great strength and malice. Even as the skeleton began to tear through fish-creatures in defense of the hall, Marcus began to stalk towards it, his mind focused on prioritizing it's destruction over that of the fish.

Marcus was suddenly snapped back to reality when a girl's voice said, "-air-drop life vests into the water? I'm sure the Cruise must have some of them stored somewhere..." Marcus turned to see the fox-girl whom he had passed by earlier, now wielding one of the fish-creature's tridents. Drop life vests into the water? Marcus echoed in his thoughts. Oh, I get it! With something other than the undead skeleton to focus on, Marcus' calm returned. "I can definitely do that," he responded.

Marcus took the first step out of the threshold and once again realized how tired he was. Not only did his body ache, but he felt physically tired and his eyes drooped slightly. Even though he was still in his calm-state, a seed of worry took hold in his mind. How much longer can I keep this up? He thought as he raced to a nearby supply closet. He had been chatting up one of the concession stand workers a few days prior, and she had told him that life jackets were often kept in closets behind the counters. Marcus grabbed as many as he could and took off in a sprint, flapping his wings as he went and taking flight after a few seconds.

Marcus found himself over the edge of the ship once more, gliding down to where a number of people were still fighting to stay afloat. "Take these!" The angel shouted down, dropping them as close to the overboarded passengers as he could.
"Get down from your little throne, you smug bastard! You might think you've risen to a higher level than us and that you're above us, but today you'll come crashing down to the hell you've made of this level!" If there was one thing Orm hated, it was people like these guys who thought so highly of themselves. Shred them to pieces, shed their blood until there's nothing left! Bloodlust slithered from his heart through his veins to his brain, clouding all clear thoughts and giving way to that primal instinct, killing to survive.. Coiling his body up into a spring-like contraption, Orm used his newly acquired muscles to jump over the fireballs and towards Parsia with his fangs ready to puncture her skin like a voodoo doll.


As Iris took a small breather behind a wall, she felt a small tinge on her hand. It appeared to be burnt, but how? She didn't come into contact with anyone but that angel, he didn't attack her and those fishmen didn't control fire. Did the angel control fire? She didn't know, but she'd ask him once they met. Exhaling deeply, she heard a bump inside of a cabinet. Opening it, she found a boy around her age with tear stains in his clothes.

"S-Stay away from me! Y-You monster!"

The reaction of the boy was understandable, but it hurt Iris' heart to hear those words. "I am not going to hurt you, everything will be fine. Go to the inner ship, there are more people there and we can defend you." Trying to pull the boy out of his hiding space, he tensed up. As much as Iris tried to get him out, she failed. It was as if the boy's muscles turned into steel as he was holding onto the edge of the cabinet for dear life. "Come out damn it!"

"N-no! It is not safe!" The boy cried out in fear, when his statement got proven as a fishman entered the room. "AHHHHH!"

Frustrated by just how effective fear could be in rooting someone in place, the Flying Dutchwoman slammed the side of her trident into the fishman, slamming her target against a nearby wall before finishing it off, causing a spray of blood to stain her clothes. "Come on, let's go!" Reluctantly, the boy left his safe space and followed his savior with legs that felt like lead. They managed to get to the hallway to the inner ship without too many interuptions and the boy ran inside, not even looking back to thank Iris. Crossing her arms, she scoffed. "You're welcome."
Erik cursed under his breath as he leapt at a fish-man, impaling it with his trident and giving his weapon a sharp twist before yanking it out. Why are there so many of these things? His eyes narrowed as he gripped his weapon, wiping a streak of green, slimy blood from his arm. He was about to continue to defend the cruise ship as more fish-people climbed up onto the deck before a small movement in his periphery caught his attention. Turning to investigate, Erik saw a particularly large fish-man looming over a feminine figure, trident in hand.

The girl seemed to have more fox-like features including whiskers, furry ears, and a tail, but through the clear vulpine traits, Erik was able to point out a familiar face: it was the girl who had been playing with the kids and addressed his crossword puzzle earlier. She had addressed an angel-looking guy, who flew away a few seconds ago and returned, dropping life-jackets into the ocean for the civilians who had fallen off the ship. However, with her attention on helping the people, she was at the mercy of the fish-man behind her, who now prepared to impale her with its trident.

"Watch out!"

Erik shouted a warning as he immediately began sprinting toward her, several fish-people scrambling after him. He hurled his trident at the creature behind the girl the moment the former jabbed the trident forward, which was set on a course through her back. The two weapons collided, knocking the fish-man's spear out of its hands just before it reached its target. Erik then aimed a lightning charged punch at the monster's jaw, knocking it upward before lashing out with both hands clenched into fists. Along with being struck in the stomach by Erik's fists, the fish-man was sent flying through the air, shot several meters away as Erik also fired a blast of wind. With that, he picked up one of the tridents that had fallen and turned back around to face the fish-men that had followed him.

"Sorry for bringing all of this here; it's about to get rather noisy."

Erik quickly apologized as he, now standing next to Yuying, tightened his grip on his weapon, white electricity crackling in his narrowed eyes.
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As if out of pure instinct, Adrian suddenly pounced much like a starving animal, the snarl he made sounded no similar to a wolf who pounced for it's prey. The vampire's target appeared to be Aladd's excessively long neck, his lower jaw hung to have his mouth wide open and completely expose his fangs while his hands reached out to grab the interloper.

"Feed! Feed on their blood! Slaughter the guilty like the livestock they are. Slaughter and feed on them all!!!"

The voice rang in Adrian's head once more, it angrily shouted at him as if it vainly demanded a million times over, Adrian wanted to kill this man for what happened to the now deceased teacher, but the emotion that overflowed in Adrian's body wasn't that of anger or hatred for the man he pounced at, it was hunger--the hunger of a man who hadn't eaten in several days only to be treated to one of the finest morsels, and this man and his friends were to be one hell of a banquet that he planned to slowly feed on.
Ashley had settled from the battle as Augustus, jumped over the ship, only for the transformation to run out and he landed on deck, hard.

"Augustus!" Ashley cried out, as the last Fishman that could be seen slashed her midsection.

"Why you..." Augustus concentrated his rage, and all of a sudden, transformed into a gorilla, charging the fishman, sending him overboard.

Ashley was breathing heavily, as that wound was messing with her.

"Can I get some help, we have an injured Legendkin!" Augustus yelled, tears hanging in his eyes, having transformed back from a gorilla.

"Augustus, please save yourself, not me." Ashley whispered.

Augustus tried to apply pressure to the wound so.it wouldn't bleed out any more.
Over the din of the slowly dwindling chaos, Marcus heard a cry for help from up above on the deck. He dropped the last of his life jackets and propelled himself upward, just over the railing and back onto the relative safety of the wooden planks. His performed a visual sweep of the deck, looking for the source of the plea for assistance, before he spotted a guy attempting to staunch a girl's bleeding midsection.

Marcus sprinted over to the pair and did a sort of half-slide on the slick surface, sliding down onto his knees and coming to a stop on the opposite side of the girl from the guy. Like earlier with the skeleton, something deeper than instinct was beginning to take over the edges of Marcus' mind. Guided by this strange sensation, Marcus grabbed the boy's hands and moved them off of the girl's midsection. "Hey, look at me." Marcus said softly to him as he pressed his own hands onto the girl's seeping wound. "She'll be alright." Marcus briefly thought back to when he had healed his wings a few minutes prior. He applied pressure in the same way he had before, and yet the girl's midsection continued to bleed.

Will it to be, a voice whispered from the back of Marcus' mind. It was the same voice that commanded the destruction of the skeleton, and yet it was much more...tranquil. "Will it to be," Marcus echoed softly, closing his eyes and murmuring a phrase that he had no reason to know. "Nirpa'im," he said, "Be healed." Immediately the girl's wound began to close, and after only a few moments her midsection was completely healed.

Marcus fell backwards in exhaustion, suddenly feeling as though he hadn't slept in days. The exertion of flight and healing the girl had pushed him well past his limits, and he recognized that up until then it could only have been pure adrenaline that was keeping him going. "Ugh," he groaned rolling over off of his wings. "Gotta get somewhere safe," he wheezed, "Or I'm gonna get put out of commission."


Samson stared in utter disbelief as the students began to rush the other lieutenants, dumbfounded at their apparent lack of care for his presence. They're gonna ignore me? ME? He thought angrily. Just as he brought his foot up to create another earthquake, Samson's eyes fell on the kid-turned-giant-snake. It was clearly the physically strongest of the lot, and it towered over both Aladd and himself by a fairly wide margin. Samson began to advance on the snake, wading through the chaos of battle, until it shouted a vow of victory began to coil up like...well...a snake.

Samson followed it's line of sight, and realized that it was set on Parsia. "No way," Samson muttered as he squatted down into a crouch. If the snake was indeed doing what he thought, and if he timed it right, Samson reckoned he might be able to take the brute out of commission. The snake sprung forward in a large arc, sailing over the fireballs that hung in the air and straight towards Parsia. Samson sprung up only two feet, stretching his arms upward just as the snake sailed overhead.

"Yes!" Samson exclaimed as he secured a grab on the end of the snake's tail. It took a huge amount of his strength to not be simply pulled along for the ride, and time seemed to slow down in during the half a second it took to drop back down to the ground. As soon as he planted his feet, Samson felt an immense strength coarse through his veins. Here we go! the man thought, his muscles straining and his mind filled with naught but exhilaration. He used his massive strength to swing the snake in a vertical arc, planning to slam it into the ground in front of him.
Alex doubled back, completely bewildered. How had she already managed to master her ability of flight this quickly? Her maneuverability far outmatched what he'd managed to figure out so far, and she also appeared competent in utilising her full powers, as did the other students. Looking back, he couldn't help but chuckle at the indiginence on the face of the adults as what looked like a small army of souped-up cosplayers charged them.

But that still brought him down to his own lack of mastery. Maybe some people were simply stronger, more gifted in their abilities? No, Alex couldn't let that stand. If one person was to be the strongest, it would be him, and he'd happily take on the power-tripping goons in front of him if that would place him above them.

His current opponent posed a problem, however. Her open arrogance was backed up by talent, though he may be able to play that to his advantage and get her angry enough to be irrational; a similar tactic he'd used with the bullies in his school. Especially seeing how these transformations cranked up everyone's emotional instability, that might be his best bet for dealing with a foe physically stronger than himself. He vaguely recalled Sun Tzu mentioning a similar idea, but he'd never really listened enough in English to be sure.

Focusing back onto Partia, he was surprised just how quickly he was able to come up with these long strings of thought. Birds needed to be fast after all, perhaps his mind received a similar buff to his body?

As Partia disappeared in a cloud of mist, Alex swung back round but instead of making another pass he pulled himself to a sudden stop in front of the cloud of mist. The resulting rush of air dispersed a large chunk of steam and a few strong wingbeats were enough to reveal the women inside. "Coward", he remarked to himself, and that smug burst of emotion was enough for him to feel something in his wings once again.

"I disagree, wings are pretty useful. They look cool and more importantly, they can get rid of any half-assed hiding spots."

However, instead of letting it naturally release from his wingtip, a feat that would require weeks worth of practice to aim properly while hovering, Alex instead focused on his hand, silently leaping for joy as a ball of fire quickly grew in size as his concentration stayed on it. Despite feeling he could increase its power further, Alex was satisfied with a fireball around the size of a fist which he quickly threw at the women with a mere second of warning. The reasons for his mind's speeding up were becoming more evident- processes such as these took barely a second, making them suited to fights and the like.