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gods and demons

  1. Clite of Dragonbow

    Ask to Join Midnight Hunters RP

    Interested? Feel free to join ^^- https://forums.pokecharms.com/threads/midnight-hunters.29498/#post-925452 Tuesday, 7:46 pm At the late evening, Stagecoaches were passing through the streets, while kids hold their Mommies' hands to not run off anywhere far from day. it seemed to be a normal...
  2. Clite of Dragonbow

    Ask to Join Anima Eques-Blaze of Soul never Fades.

    (Would want to join? I will be happy to see you among our ranks ^^- https://pokecharms.com/threads/anima-eques-blaze-of-soul-never-fades.27906/#post-915590 ) The young boy suddenly woke up on his bed when a loud bell rang throughout the stronghold. Although stronghold may be an overly...
  3. Clite of Dragonbow

    Ask to Join Anima Eques-Blaze of Soul (Discussion)

    Once upon a time... Humans Learned who they are... The power of their inner selfs... The power of soul... One can become transcendental... Transcend... Into something else. --- The black sky... Not dark.. Not cloudy... Black. There were no moon, nor stars, and yet everything was visible. Two men...
  4. Schrift

    Ask to Join The God of Highschool: New Key

    Before you read on, this role play has nothing to do with school or highschool. And it is also a heavy combat related rp, so if you're into writing fights and fighting then come along for this hectic train wreck. Now that we've got that cleared up It's a normal day for you, you're out doing...
  5. Clite of Dragonbow

    Ask to Join Boryia Tales, Heritage of the Bracia's Throne (RP)

    Link to the Discussion thread. https://pokecharms.com/threads/boryia-tales-heritage-of-the-bracias-throne.22806/ ~Six years ago~ "No, that won't do! Try again!" yelled Gunter, he was an old general, over sixty years old, but still he was truly strong and had a great tactic mind. Young skinny...
  6. kyuukestu

    Private/Closed The Oscillation (RP Thread)

    Catherine kept her eyes on the clock; she tracked the seconds as the clock's hand ticked them off, counting down ever so slowly to the end of the third period. The math teacher, Mr. Lionnes, was demonstrating the usage of yet another mathematical formula that would never see good use outside of...
  7. kyuukestu

    Private/Closed The Oscillation (Discussion)

    Monday, September 19th "You heard the rumors, right? What a lunatic! That girl...what was her name? Zola...? Yea, she's been going around telling everybody she saw the future. Ain't that crazy! What a psycho! I don't know about you, but there's no way any of that crazy talk she was spouting...