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~Six years ago~

"No, that won't do! Try again!" yelled Gunter, he was an old general, over sixty years old, but still he was truly strong and had a great tactic mind. Young skinny boy was laying on the ground, with a fresh wound under his cheek.
"You are this family future and your life purpose is to become the king! You can't be a king without trying really hard!" Gunter yelled at the boy. "Stand up, Prince Leo!"
Leo tried to stand, but all of his muscles hurt. "If you won't be a king, then it will be the end for noble Dragonheart family" said Gunter. Leo focused and manage to hold his pose, his wooden sword seemed to be so heavy, but it wasn't as heavy as burden of small boy's life. He grasped it tightly and rushed at the old general... Again.
Born with one purpose...

~present times~

Young man, with scar under his eye. Tall and muscular, with scarlet hair was sitting in the pool filled with water. Leo was taking his bath before the funeral. As a kid always dreamed to leave this castle from the black stone. Espesially becouse he often heard about other heirs and for example, Puresoulia's heir could travel across the whole vast world. He wasn't as lucky, closed in a castle, every day they bringed him new instructors, one of the bests, a various monsters to train a serious fighting. If he would lose his life, then it meant he wasn't worth either his family name, nor the 'heir' title. Each day they bringed new books about politics, stewardship, warfare...

But now he didn't want to leave, he didn't really want to fight for a throne. His purpose.. Ah, he didn't gave a crap. If he was about to be a king.. This place would definitly change.

"My lord! Is time for us to go for the funeral" said the Maid through the door, when she was in another room.
"Yeah.." said Leo and get up from the pool. Water was evaporating from him as he changed into his formal clothes. "Time to see king.. For first and last time"


Nis walked out from the ship, fresh breeze hit his face as he went to the port and he took deep breath. "So... This is Bracia, huh.." said Nis. He pulled out a letter from his pocket. It was an invitation to this country King's court. He turned around "Hey! Don't make me wait for you!"


Andreas was waiting for his lady and heir. Palladia-Secretia... He never met her and didn't know what to think. Young man with Icy Blue, messy hair was standing in front of Puresoulia's Palace with the rest of servants. He was next to a carriage that was about to take them to a capital. Other servants look at Andre, like if he was some sort of a monster or dumb animal. It wasn't that shocking as Andre was an Islander.. Or in other words a Tribalist. He sighed and simply waited as he had nothing better to do.


Leo finally arrived in the King's Castle, some of the guest were probably already inside, as some of the carriages were already outside. Leo never seen an outside world before, but he could say that King's Castle was the biggest at least in the Kingdom. Huge walls and Towers that reached the skies. He was leaded to a palace and the throne room. Huge room with a red-blue carpets, huge columns and a Golden Throne in the middle. The throne was between two huge statues, Previous Queen's and King's.
Leo stood in the middle of the hall, clueless what to do now. He looked arpund to see, if there is someone to talk with...

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Lucinda Montiante, the eldest of the two children of the noble Montiante family and a potential heir to the throne of Bracia. She sat in her room in front of a vanity and looked at herself in the mirror as a maid braided her hair, and prepared the heir of the Montiante family to attend the funeral of the recently deceased king. Lucinda didn't know what to think of the situation. Her grooming process to become a heir had already started from her early childhood with her receiving new books to study and skilled tutors to help along the way, but she didn't want this.. or at least wasn't sure about it, but her family kept insisting that this was something she wanted and that this was her purpose. She has almost rebelled against this her whole life, trying to escape her lessons and coming up with excuses to escape her studies and more, much to her parents dismay.

After a long carriage ride from the Montiane's city, the carriage that Lucy was in finally arrived at the King's Castle. It was quite rare for her to get to travel outside the Montiante city. She looked around her, clearly eager to explore the castle, but before she had the chance to escape she got escorted to throne room.


Previously RisingGarchomps
Behind Lucy, a hunched figure stomped. It seemed sinister at first but then once it stepped into the light it appeared slightly goofier. It was still muscular but terrifying to the ordinary eye. The looming man with bushy eyebrows but with a yet more handsome hair followed Lucy everywhere she went. He stepped once in front of her as the castle's grounds became clearer to them. He was determined to guide her and to protect her at all costs.

"Are you alright, Lucy?" The monstrous man grunted. "I think it's this way." He pointed to the grandiose room with the throne which was now in front of them, the one which the guards had been adamant they follow to. He had aroused suspicions as soon as he had stepped into the castle. No one liked him. No one knew what this 'thing' was doing in this castle, a place of beauty and of elegance. He stepped forward further, as if to guide the young Lucy with authority. He realised he was probably the furthest a 'commoner' had gotten in years. He didn't really consider himself to be a commoner. His history was embezzled with death and betrayal and tragedy. In some alternate reality, he or his father would be sitting on the throne. This ape of a man, was the hunchback known as Clay Coalmoore.

- - -

A large carriage with several people arrived outside the Castle. It was covered in engravings of animals, mainly big cats, such as Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Ocelots, Lynx, Leopards and more. There was clearly an obsession for the Eastern part of the world which had been visited so frequently by this family. However, the main overriding theme was the Tiger, as the carriage was adorned with large ears and a wide mouth with fangs pointing on the top of the carriage. It was orange and black and stood out quite significantly compared to the others. It parked itself a distance away from the other carriages.

An old man in rich noble clothing with a sword at his belt was met with a younger yet more athletic man. He was addressing him, lecturing him on things to do and not to do. The old man of course, was the head of the precious Tigroran family, known for their large extended list of heirs. As he finished his decisive and strict list of rules for the boy of his to do and not do he shook as he realised that the boy, the heir who shouldn't be an heir, was to enter the castle, alone.

"If anything happens, I will be straight away on the scene." He said to his child.

"And i'll cut you down...you'll be dead!" Came the response from the clearly defiant heir. All that disciplining him and strict Tiger parenting had done nothing for him.

"How dare you say that! I say, if you show any signs of being a rebel again, like you did with Felix whatsface, i'm going to lock you in your room forever this time."

"Yeah sure." He laughed. It hadn't phased him. The thought of punishment had lost his mind. He had been threatened so much in his life he didn't care. "And its Felix Strongpaw."

"Don't you dare be conspiring against the King and his subjects!" His father exclaimed.

"When I was apart of Black Fury, I learnt to question authority. When i'm with you, I know that its good to have some authority. Too much chaos corrupts the soul, too much order and it becomes unreasonable. I'm my own man now." He stormed off, up the steps towards the castle.

"Aloysius!" He cried. "Wait! At least let me come with you! What would your twin sister say if she was alive now?!"

"She'd say you are a lier, a bad father, an adulterer and a rapist." He stated. Aloysius's father was in a state of shock. In that shock, Aloysius pushed against him coming up towards him with all his might. The father went tumbling down the hill onto the stone floor and hit his head. Instantly a valet and butlers from the carriage came outside to tend to him. There was a cut on his head and one of his chest.

"Arrrrrrgh…" The father muttered. The valets stared at Aloysius's cruel smiling face.

"I was waiting for the opportune moment. Now I won't need you...ever." Aloysius cackled.

"Those...they were lies! Slander! My child, what have you become?!" Tears smeared the blood on his face.

"I am Aloysius Pride-Stripeclaw Tigroran, heir to the Tigroran line. Let it be known that I am here to fix the corruption within my family and the problems this fine kingdom faces! Greed! Lust! Sloth! Many more! When this King is gone, I shall inherit the throne and then I will rid this land of the wretched and make our people proud to be Bracian! Noone will be able to stop us!" He shouted.

Then, confidently, without care for his father, 'Al' as he was sometimes known, marched imperially into the castle with his longsword by his side.


Previously Night's Shadow
“Wait for me?” Taylor laughed. “As if.” She leaped lightly over the side of the ship after Nis, then straightened up to look around. She whistled under her breath. “Wow. Bracia, right? I still think it sounds like something you’d be forced to wear, but I can’t deny it’s beautiful.”

Percy would have loved this,
Taylor thought, her twin’s face popping into her mind. But he had stayed behind on Quackosaur Island to help with the repairs after the war, wishing her luck on her journey with a great many snide remarks. She shook her head with a grin, peering over Nis’s shoulder to read the letter. “Ooh, the king’s court? Did we become important alluva sudden?”

@Clite of Dragonbow
"Yeah It does" Nis chuckled softly as he thought about it. He thought for a while, he hoped that he will never return here. Well, its not that he doesn't like Boryia continent, but...

He was knocked from his thoughts by Tay and smiled softly "I don't really know.."
The invitation was send by Michaelis Inare... Nis didn't remember knowing him, but... He recognize the surname and it definitly wasn't an accident or joke.
"Okay, Taytay! Let us go and see the king of this country, we can also buy some snacks on the way!" Nis said and headed to a castle. He didn't expect to walk so long to the castle. But he finally menaged to lead to the castle of the Bracia's Capitol. He saw on the outside lot of carriages.
"Hmmm, they seem to have a lot of guests today? Some sort of party?" he looked down on his clothes. "Hey, Tay... You think that my clothes are worthy to go for a royal big party?" he asked her.
@Night's Shadow


Previously RisingGarchomps
Al's father gasped for air as he started to collapse. He put his hand into his wound and produced fresh blood. His valets were all around him trying to help. "Where's that blasted doctor?! He should be with me right now!"

"I'm here." A man in a white suit and jacket with a bony face appeared beside him. "You're hurt."

"I can see that! No need to...state the obvious!"

"Who did this to you?"

"My own son. He caught me off guard. I was weak."

"Him? But you told me his loyalties firmly lay with-"

"Enough! Patch me up already! This is not the first time he has done this!"

"Yes, sir!" He produced a bag of plasters and strange medieval medical devices. Each one did their limited effect before he plastered him up.

"Why didn't we call in the priests? I knew I should have paid a visit to the library!"

An advisor appeared beside him. "Master, we do not have the priests here because you said they should stay where they were. In addition, you were sceptical of them, even allowing your own son to say to them that they were 'rotten filth' and that they should change their ways."

"I see what's going on here." The doctor said. "You should never trust magic over science."

"I think I trust you less than them. At least I know what to expect from magic...your methods are pathetic! Tahris, send a letter to the librarians. Tell them I'm to meet their priests as soon as possible!"

The advisor appeared again. "Yes my lord." He began right away.

"You, young man!" He pointed to the shady doctor as the valets prepared the carriage for them. A single drop of blood came from the patches on his chest. "I'm reporting you, your methods are inadequate! What's your name?!"

"First of all, I'm in my 30s. Second, my methods are scientifically verified and the injections I've given you should ease the pain. Third,"

"Shut up you damn witch doctor! You're coming with me!"

"Wait a sec! The name's Doctor Lucian Goldheart. I took the middle name Lynx. I'm from Belfa, but I mainly worked with the Puresoulias.."

"I knew it! You're a sell out, a blasted Puresoulia!" He grabbed the doctor's ear. "You're coming with me!"

"I'm coming with you for the rest of my profession? This will be good for my career. I've wanted to do this all my life. To think i'm going to be made the permanent doctor of-"

He was suddenly pushed into the carriage. "Ocarina! Find my son!" Leopold yelled.

Bronya spreads out her mistress' hair then group them into eight different locks and tied each of them with hair clips on several spots. After making sure that the hair was neatly grouped, she carefully wrapped each locks around Ocarina's body, some across the torso and some across the shoulder. Then the hair was locked in place by specially-designed straps on the dress. A very rigorous process, with barely any benefit since Ocarina didn't even shows most of her hair to the outside world. As a simple person, Bronya never understand Ocarina's sentiment that made her refuse to cut the hair.

"It's finished." The maid stepped back. Ocarina's pale blonde hair was now blended in with her yellow dress. She slided into her oversized orange robe and she looks even smaller drowned in all those fabrics.

"My scarf." Ocarina ordered and Bronya gently wrapped the white scarf around her mistress' neck.

Staggering out of her carriage, Ocarina was met with the sight of the head of Tigroran family stumbled down a small hill and the ensuing conflict between the father and son. Quite a sight, really. She decided to retreat back into her carriage and peeked through the window. Only when Leopold yelled her name that she reappear.

"As you wish, uncle Leo." Ocarina replied readily, she didn't want to poke an angry lion so she signaled at Bronya and both of them walked briskly towards the entrance.

"Wait for me, Al." Ocarina called for the heir while she started to pants from being unable to keep up with Aloysius' pace. Bronya who had been walking right behind her immediately lifted Ocarina onto her back and they soon easily caught up with Al.

"You should wait for me, cousin. We're team now, teeaam. Team always together!" Ocarina pouted exaggeratedly in a teasing manner. "Also, you should thank me for taking this position. Your father wanted to assign one of his general to 'accompany' you but I decided to butt in. I can travel the land and you are free from your father's spy. Win-win for us, yay!"

Bronya just walked silently without any expression despite the wobbling noisy bundle on her back. She's so already used to this.



Previously Night's Shadow
Taytay. That nickname again. Taylor shook her head and followed Nis, mildly annoyed. At his question, she gave a teasing grin. “If your clothes aren’t suitable, then I’m totally screwed! I wonder if they’ll let me keep my knives on me or not. Hope I can keep them close in case something happens. You know, like how things always happen wherever we end up?” She shook her head again, her golden hair flaring out behind her. “Let’s just go. If they don’t let us in I could always make an illusion, make it look like we’re all glammed up.” She winked jokingly. “Though if you have a personal invite I doubt they could turn us away.”

@Clite of Dragonbow


Previously RisingGarchomps
Aloysius was already marching down one of the hallway corridors when he noticed Ocarina and Bronya. The very sight of her made him shiver. He wasn't very fond of the Akashic Wraith, often finding her annoying. "Ocarina? What are you doing here?! I thought you were supposed to be in the carriage?!"

He stopped for a second and stared at her, secretly admiring her dress. He was staring at her for a bit too long before he started speaking again. "So you were sent to be some sort of 'retainer'? Well, news has just come in. I don't need a retainer! At least my father's general would have been able to talk to me about more amusing topics like war..." He strode forward again. "And you brought your friend with you? This filthy one?" He pointed at Bronya. He sighed and continued walking.

He got to the end of the corridor and froze and turned back. Despite the hate for his family, there was something about Ocarina and her lowly maid that made big Al care about them and what they were doing, but it was a secret hidden thing. Al would never admit his feelings for her. He showed an element of this through the action of waiting for the two young women, but the snarl on his face depicted a different mood, a mood he wanted to show everyone else: his life was bad and he'd make other people suffer.

Outside, Leopold and his subjects were getting ready to leave in their carriage. "Horsemaster Chee, take us home." Leopold ordered to the loyal Tigroran horse tamer and carriage driver, Syd Chee.

"But sir, young master Aloysius hasn't returned." His voice was rough and working-class. "You said-"

"Forget what I said. Forget the plans. Our boy doesn't want us anymore. I've had enough of him. Let's give him a real punishment. Let's leave him alone here. Ocarina and that filthy maid are onto him. If they were as annoying as they were before, they'll give him a good time. He'll be running back to us in no time. And...hopefully he'll change his ways..." He snapped his fingers and Syd unleashed a whip onto the pack of horses which had taken them there.
"Now, Now.. This was quite a show, wasn't it?" said Leo aloud, he didn't knew much about Tigrorans relationships before, but he could see that Father and Son didn't see eye to eye.. Hmm, maybe he could use that to make one of them to join forces.
It was something that he needed to give a real think of.. He noticed from afar two people, girl and the boy and they seemed to be the only ones that didn't cared for that great arguing. He made a small smile and decided to also go back to a castle... And maybe talk with Tigroran Prince, he decided long time ago to talk with other heirs. Allies, enemies... Those things needed to be settled as first.
Leo went back to a castle.


"I think that you look great, Tay" said Nis and smiled softly to her. "Hey.. What do you mean, by wherever we end up?! Remember when-...Or that day, when we... But yesterday...
Okay, you got a point" he finally said. Then she mentioned invitation "Yeah, I bet that we are VIPs! Let us go and try to this place to not end up like... Every place that we visit" said Nis and he slowly made his way to Palace's doors.
@Night's Shadow
Lucy looked over her shoulder, as to try and find the source of a faint sound of arguing. She didn't recognize any of the voices, but determined that it probably came from the outside of the castle. It was getting a bit awkward in the throne room, as no one has said anything yet, but Lucy saw this as an opportunity to try and escape this situation.

"Oh my.. I wonder what's going on outside. Sounds like someone's arguing.." She spoke out with her now turned over to the entrance of the throne room," I hope everything is alright," she continued and heard voices getting louder as if more people were arriving to the throne room. Lucy saw this as a perfect opportunity to try and get away to explore the giant castle and tried to get sneakily, but quickly get away from Coalmore for at least a second by walking down the entrance hall for a bit and then turning a quick corner. It wasn't that she didn't like him, but she almost never get's the chance to be alone, like without any servants, guards, maids or other. For that she had to blame her overprotective parents for that, who weren't even attending the kings funeral. Probably because of some meeting or something like that, but truth be told Lucy didn't really know why the rest of her family didn't go with her, but she didn't care (or at least tried not to).

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Previously RisingGarchomps
Clay put his ear to a corner of the wall. "Somethin's definitely happening...an altercation? Might need to put a few guards out there to stop the commotion." When it had stopped he looked around. "It's stopped..." He observed the people in the room and noticed Lucy was gone.

"Come back!" He shouted. His eyebrows dropped. Why had she decided to bail on him? This was the first thought Clay had. It made him sad yet frustrated because he wanted to do everything in his power to 'save' the girl and impress her. He really thought he was a good retainer: strong, defensive of the person he was assigned to, loyal, at least to her. Why had she chosen to abandon him and use the sound from the outer walls as a distraction?

"Come back! Young Lady!" He yelled, but tried to keep his voice down in front of the throne guards.


Previously Night's Shadow
Taylor grinned smugly as Nis tried and failed to come up with a time when they hadn’t ended up in unprecedented circumstances. “Course I have a point. If I keep a hat on, no one’ll notice it.” She made a face as they approached the castle. “Kidding, of course. Here’s hoping this place doesn’t end up getting blown up or something. Though I wouldn’t be surprised, with my luck.” She followed close behind Nis as they drew near. She looked up at the elegant facade, keeping a lofty look on her face, but was secretly very impressed. “Wonder if it’ll be as nice inside as out,” she thought aloud. “Well, then. Only one way to find out.” She put on a pompous accent, unable to hide her grin. “After you, my good sir.”
Beyond the royal palace's walls, an elegant carriage lay parked. Four horses were bridled to its front, two majestic mares and two strapping stallions, with short fur coats and manes a vibrant brown. The horses grazed under the watchful eye of the stagecoach, a middle-aged and grisly man who, much like the carriage he directed, wore the emblem of Puresoulia.

"Shall we enter the castle, Milady?"

The Milady in-question was naturally the Heir Apparent of the Puresoulia family, a seemingly-demure young-lady who, despite arriving early, had refused to take a single step beyond the vibrant purple wood of her carriage. Owing to her recent return to Bracia, she was still woefully unfamiliar with the situation at hand and because of that, she had decided to take a passive approach.

"Not yet."

Palladia had decided to bide her time. She was in no rush to be first to enter the palace or pay her respects to the deceased King. Her priority right now was to study the competition and gain an understanding of the other heirs apparent. In order to achieve that, she had set out at the crack of dawn, well-ahead of the main Puresoulia delegation who would be following her tracks at the normal time.

As the time for the commemoration drew close, the other guests began to arrive. Palladia took notice of the noble crests and insignias emblazoned upon the arriving delegations: the red dancing dragons of the Dragonheart, the feral felines of the Tigroran, and the glittering glamor of the Montiante were prominent, but there were others as well. Most of them had headed into the castle, but those that remained outside became a peanut-gallery, bearing witness to the Tigraran's internal discord.

The commotion between the Tigroran heir and his father was exactly the kind of happenstance that Palladia was looking out for. She paid close attention to the proceedings up until the Tigroran head pulled off in his carriage, abandoning the Tigroran heir.

"The Tigrorans are quite brazen, aren't they afraid of attracting public ridicule?"

Palladia scoffed at the whole debacle. She didn't know what the Tigrorans were playing it: having a fight in front of the royal palace, and on a day of the King's funeral no less? They clearly had no respect for the royal family...not that Palladia blamed them. The royal family was no more, the last of its members had just passed after all; but, such blatant disrespect didn't paint a pretty picture.

Since all the other heirs seemed to have entered the palace already, Palladia decided that she should as well. She stepped down from her carriage and turned to survey the area. The main Puresoulia delegation should've arrived by now, and with them, her two retainers.

"Now, where are they?"
Nis almost burst with laught as Tay changed her accent and did it himself "Of course, My fair lady~" he said with a grin himself. They entered and went to a huge hallway. There were already lots of people and Nis was getting very confused. "Dear lord... That's why I hate big parties. Did you saw that, Lady Taylor. Yes, I also didn't.. I can't see anything" he said with a pompous accent and puffed his cheeks.
@Night's Shadow


"So thats how it is, Andreas. In exchange of me saving you from slavery and you will protect our lady from the danger" Asked Astolfo, one of the branch family members of Puresoulia's Family.
"So... From one slavery to another?" asked Andreas full of doubts.
"Don't think about it that way, you have free will and can decide for yourself. If you wouldn't want to serve our lady, then we won't force you" said Astolfo.

After a some time of riding in a carriege with silence, they reached the palace and stepped out. Astolfo quickly saw Palladia standing outside in front of the palace "Lady Palladia!" Astolfo said and quickly approached her, dragging an Icy haired boy with him. "This man is going to be one of your retrainers, Lady Palladia"
Andreas blushed slightly, Palladia was a really beautiful woman, like a real princess.. Well, she was a heir, but thats not connected. She looked really astonishing, at least for him and he made his decision. He was from a tribe and didn't know anything about manners, but tried his best. Young man bowed to her and said quietly "Andreas Unvalor, at your service, Milady" it was just this, short sentence..Was it awkward, weird... Or maube worth of a Heir Retrainer? He didn't know.. It was his best.
Not too distant from the gates stationed an elegant carriage that did not shine as much as the others nearby. In front was a chauffeur and servant talking about something mundane like the weather. Inside the carriage groaned the annoyance of an adult male. Yowashi Ranbell waddled out of the carriage as if he were drunk. His eyes barely opening from drowsiness.

"Ughh.... guys could you keep it down. my head hurts." The chauffeur did not apologize but merely walked away. "Whatever good enough." he to a moment to get his bearings. due to his Heir wanting to arrive early his branch decided he must arrive extra early in order to meet, establish setup, etc. due to the painstakingly long travel combined with the ricketing of a loose wagon wheel Yowas travel was the least of comfort possible. He would have had some kind of peace if the loud shouting didn't truly wake him. what he mistakes for the menial chatter was actually a bitter performance between one of the houses. From what he picked up mister "Aloysius Pride-Stripeclaw Tigroran, heir to the Tigroran line" was having a fit with his dad. a fraction of sympathy emanated from Yowa before turning to his original duties.

Even amongst the realm of multicolored show-offs, It took him no time to find who he was looking for. In fact, it would have been impossible not to find her, lady Palladia-Secretia Amendöin Puresoulia was present in her exaggerated and luxurious shades of purple. The man bowing before her seemed unfamiliar. Yowa's ability to keep up with other family members still had its faults. The blonde man strode the two as if a casual meeting between acquaintances.

"Well, if it ain't the future queen of Bracia and..newbie? Either way nice to meet ya. Names Yowa, the retainer of this purple hearted bunch." he extended his hand in expectance.
"Andreas Unvalor, at your service, Milady."

Palladia turned and was slightly taken back by the giant of a man that was to be her retainer. She had to tilt her head to look up at his 6 ft figure, which bulged with hulking musculature. She stepped back and allowed him room to bow without knocking her over. Her eyes flickered towards Astolfo, looking askance: 'Who is this guy?'

Her question was fated to go unanswered as another voice broke into the conversation casually.

"Well, if it ain't the future queen of Bracia and..newbie? Either way nice to meet ya. Names Yowa, the retainer of this purple hearted bunch."

At that Palladia's frowned. Yowa's words had made her even more curious about Andreas' origins. If Yowa, who was a long-time retainer of the Puresoulia's, didn't know him, then Andreas must've been a new addition. A very new addition. In consideration of her own recent return to Bracia, two-thirds of her group was unfamiliar with the situation at hand. Troubling.

Temporarily laying aside her worries, Palladia's frown turned upside-down and was replaced by a soft smile as she pinched the edges of her dress and gave both retainers a small curtsey.

"Well-met you two. I'm Palladia-Secretia Amendöin Puresoulia, and I'll be relying on you both."

After giving her own introduction, the heir apparent added another line somewhat apologetically.

"You can call me Tia but not in public."

She looked over at the other nobles, obviously referring to them. She was no stickler for protocol, but she had to maintain decorum as a formality.

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Andreas reached Yowa's extrended hand, but didn't shake it "Andreas Unvalor.." he said shortly, still kinda shy, maybe becouse of Palladia presence or maybe becouse of this entire situation.

Astolfo smiled "I am a simple family servant that returned to country after 20 years... Now excuse me, I have a matter to attend" and he left them. Well, he gave his lady probably a very useful tool in his eyes, so he wasn't needed anymore.

When Palladia said that when they aren't in public, they can call her Tia. Andreas simply looked up and thought about something for a while then said "Umm.. You may call me Andre, Lady Palladia. It is shorter..." after that he bit his tongue and turned to palace.

@kyuukestu @Sentorus67

"Fufufu. I see, Al. So you consider war as your favorite subject. If you desire to talk about war then you have the suitable person. Right here." Ocarina pointed at herself with her thumb. "I didn't spent 99% of my lifetime inside the library for nothing. I can recite all volumes of Art of War perfectly."

The two of them reached the throne room and it seems the quarrel before had drawn some attention towards them. Well, precisely towards Aloysius but Ocarina didn't want to be seen piggy-riding her maid so she urged Bronya to put her down, which the maid did in a very gentle manner.

"In all seriousnes, cousin. I hope you're ready to handle the incoming attention and able to capitalize on it. I will cheer for you." Ocarina gaves Al a thumb up.



Previously RisingGarchomps
That library? Isn’t it filled with dusty old books? I want to experience war firsthand, not read about it...” Al responded quickly before they approached the throne room.

He stared at Ocarina. Was that really necessary? Did Bromya really have to give her piggy back ride all the way to the throne room? He would have preferred it if Bronya wasn’t there. She made things awkward. Whilst she could be annoying, Al acknowledged that Ocarina did have the ability to calm the anger inside him.

As they entered Al whispered “Thanks for the endorsement...sometimes life is painful when no one endorses you. My old man will get what’s coming for him. I’ve never been his favourite...”

He stared at the sight in front of him: a dwarf hunchback who was tall enough to be a human, tapping away at the walls. It looked like he was waiting for someone. Al scowled at him. He wasn’t very fond of Dwarves.

“Excuse me, have either of you nobles seen a young lady of about 16 run around the castle?” Clay asked innocently. He was not going to get the answer he needed if he didn’t suck up to them.

@Spoiled Bread
With Astolfo's departure, only Palladia and her retainers remained. She took note of Andre's actions; and, from what she could see, he was a man of few words. He turned toward the palace, and Palladia figured he was just as curious as she was about what they were to face within its walls.

"Very well, I'll do just that, Andre."

She took the opportunity to shake hands with Yowa, not wanting to leave him hanging after Andre's subtle rejection.

"I haven't been in Bracia for the past few years, you'll have to forgive me for being unfamiliar with the current situation. If I'm to have any chance at the throne then I'll need to understand my opponents, the other heirs. The Puresoulias don't have the backing of the Military like the Dragonheart, or the wealth of the Montiante, we're also the youngest of the four families so our heritage isn't as deep. The odds are stacked against us but..."

She paused, allowing her eyes to wander the royal palace's walls.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll need you both to work with me, you shall lack for nothing when I'm Queen."

@Sentorus67 @Clite of Dragonbow
"Yeah, both of us". Yowa shifted his glance to the disappearing retainer. Didn't stick around in case she needed anything he thought. Definitely a newbie. His attention shifted back to his heir.

"Of course. Not a problem. I need to dust off my own Bracia history book. And the rest of the territories. But we have a voice and a bit of heart." He chuckled at his own joke

"So long as we put in effort things will just go our way."

He again glances over at the people gathering inside seeing if he could spot anyone worth speaking to first. "Anything you desire of me before we head into the halls of weeping women and opportunists?"

@kyuukestu @Clite of Dragonbow
Wendy Star and Logan Maverick had got off the ship when they spotted Nis and Taylor.

"I don't know what's going on, but we've been invited too."

Logan had spoken, since Wendy had recognized Taylor as Rager, but they had hopped on a carriage, so they took the next carriage to the castle.

"I've heard a lot about you from John Lance, my Dragon Island Counterpart, and ran into a pair of Travellers by the names of Travis Dragonfountain and Natalie of Quackosaur Island, they also told me about your adventures."

"I ran into The Berserker of the Silver Valley on my way through, who was one of your students." Wendy explained, "You accidentally summoned a Red Dancing Dragon?"

"It was on her Summoning Day." Logan explained.

"Ah, we're getting close, keep an eye out for the guards." Wendy told him.

Wendy and Logan watched the town, wondering why they were invited to the King's court.

"Now that's the spirit!" Ocarina was happy that she was able to make the Tigroran heir at least a bit more relaxed. She waddled through the door to the throne room and they were stopped by a hunched dwarf.

The dwarf asked whether they have seen someone but Ocarina's mind was too busy comparing the figure in front of her with dwarf's description from the book. Unlike with elf, this was her first time meeting a dwarf. Yep, he's as beardy as she expected.

"Blue eyes, silvery braided hair and tan-skinned? She went down the corridor then turned right. Short black hair, green eyes and wears tuxedo? She went to the toilet area. Curly brown hair, black eyes and carrying a briefcase? She went outside through the main entrance." Ocarina wasn't the one that replied the dwarf, but Bronya. The maid answered in flat but confidence tone.

"Ah, as expected of my assisstant. Sharp eyes like usual! It's like you have eyes on the back of your head." Bronya blushed a bit as Ocarina praised her.

"I hope the answer satisfy your need, mister." She proceed to address the dwarf.

Wendy and Logan's Carriage stopped where they needed to be, as they showed their invitations, and walked in, the two seeing a lot of people, for something big. Wendy kept her hand on Anduril, in case of a fight breaking out, some areas seem to be tense. Logan kept the hood of his cloak up, his dragon mark starting to glow, but it stopped shortly afterwards.

"I hope Alaina's doing well, there's been Rebellion in the Eastern Corridor, That's why I'm here, Sophia is leading a rebellion against Salmon III, who took over the corridor." Logan explained, "Maybe the king can help."

"Travis and Natalie are on their honeymoon, John is working Reconstruction, the king sent me to find a way to secure a peace treaty." Wendy explained.

They then walked around the castle courtyard until two guards came to get them.

"Logan Maverick, Wendy Star?"

"That is us." Logan explained.

"You should get ready for the heirs to come through, as dignitaries of another continent."

"Understood," Logan told the guards.

The two waited for anyone to come through.
Lucy snickered to herself when she heard her retainer shout after her. She knew she would get in a lot of trouble if she would continue with her little adventure, but she did commit to it already and she heard Coalmore ask if someone had seen her. She continued to scurry down the hallway and pinched up her dress a bit so she wouldn't accidentally fall. She turned right again and went up a staircase to.. well another hall way. She slowed down her pace, so she would actually have the time to look at things. Along the walls were some statues and many different paintings of past royalty, noble family members and some other people, most of which Lucy didn't recognize. She noticed a small balcony up ahead and decided to stop and take a look.
Leo listened with one ear that someone's lady has dissapire and tried his best not to laught, after that he noticed a girl close to his age that were heading somewhere in palace debths.
He has followed her and noticed that she was slowing down and stopping, when she saw a balcony.
"Quite a view, isn't it? Perfect when ypu try to hide from the entire world" said Leo as he approached her "Sorry if I scared you and don't worry, I won't tell them where you are"

"I already don't lack anything.." Andre thought.
Andre didn't knew anything about being a retrainer or a court, but he watched everyone and judged them by appearance, walking close to his lady. The tension on the air was so big for some parts that he could cut it with his glaive. He didn't say much as he was just shy. Imagine being a free man, then a slave, go to colloseum, being brought by some guy and after this serve a beautiful lady, that is a candidate for a throne. It was simply too much for him as it was now, but for her he wanted to try his best. Suddenly, he felt unimaginable cold and shivers went through his back, a powerfull killing intent as if someone wanted to anihilate every single person in the palace. He turned around, but didn't see anyone, he panted slightly, get a hold on yourself and catched up to Lady Palladia and Yowa.

"Beautiful Ladies and Chivalrous Gentelmen, here comes the first Retrainer of his majesty. Michaelis Inare!" One of the Maids annouced and Nis was once again hit with that surname. "Inares shouldn't exist anymore.." that was a question that was kept in his lips for so long.

In the middle of the hall appeard a person that seemed to be a twenty years old, but Nis had no doubts that he is older. Man had white, middle-long hair, purple eyes and he was wearing white butler clothes with King's emblem. What was the most standing out, however, were his pointy ears, an elf. Michalis seemed to be quite popular, as every maid or some other lady, that he passed next to, had a burning red faces and turned around. Michaelis looked at everyone and then he started speaking..

At the very same moment entire palace could hear him, even people on completely other side of palace. Leo, Andre and Nis at the very same time felt that powerfull killing intent. "I welcome all of you in the King's castle, Although many came here to mourn, there are some that eyes are turned to this. Michaelis pointed a throne with his finger. "Listen to an interesting story... 10 years ago there was a beautiful city, that exist thanks to the work of many. It was the greatest civilasation of the world with her knowledge, culture and power. What happend to them?..." He gave everyone a great silence" Wiped out, anihilated, killed and destroyed in one day, by just one entity! Hundreds of millions died and suffered! Thats the power of a one being!!" Nis almost ran from the palace, Michaelis killing intent dropped a little, but just a little..

Butler continued to speak "Heirs, you will soon aquire a similar power, of the beings that decision changes countries completely. I don't care, how you will get this power in the end. Now rules and how the new king will be chosen" He took a deep breath "After every week, heirs will come here to vote for a new king or queen. They, of course, can vote at yourself, if voting ends up in a draw then next voting will be after a week. If, unlucky, one of the heirs die, then their votes is always seen as a 'Pass'. Will you make alliance, one of you will force another, kill, conquer, make pacts... I don't care, just win! But there are few rules, first, Retrainers that were under king himself are staying neutral, second, no fighting against each other in the capital... If I notice that someone fought here..." in a matter of a second entire palace was frozen solid, such powerful magic and so fast... "I will kill them myself."
Palace quickly returned to its normal state, "That's everything, take it easy for today untill you can" said Michaelis and left the center of the hall.

@IDKWhatUserNameToDo, @Night's Shadow, @Cmeriwether, @RisingGarchomps, @kyuukestu, @Spoiled Bread, @Sentorus67

Nis wanted to find him, without a success.

Meanwhile, Andre just whispered to Lady Palladia "If I may... I would be wary around this Michaelis guy... He doesn't tell us everything.. No, that's a bad word to put it. He seems to be the most dangerous man for us here..." he didn't know why he said that, but he felt that and just wanted to warn her. @kyuukestu
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Previously RisingGarchomps
Clay heard the first description, 'Blue eyes, silvery braided hair and tan-skinned' and was instantly reminded of Lucinda. "The first one, yes! That's Lucy! She's supposed to be right here in the throne room! She's one of the heirs! Thank you." He winked at Bronya before hobbling off as fast as he could.

Clay ran up the stairs towards the balcony and approached Lucy, who he saw was with a young nobleman like herself. "Lucinda?! Is that you? Why are yer up there?! We're supposed to be in the throne room by now! An announcement was made!" He bellowed, his voice like that of a Dwarven Mountain god enraged with the selfishness of the greedy prospectors below him.

- - -

"She doesn't sound like a good heir then!" Al laughed as he saw Clay sprint off. "She'll definitely NOT be Queen. I doubt her abilities tremendously, even though we've probably not met. And besides, what's a dwarf doing in this damn court anyway?"

Al then proceeded to listen to the wise words of the elf who had just addressed the entire castle. Al considered his options. Maybe he wouldn't need to kill anyone after all. A good alliance could cement his regime.

Hearing about the 'hundreds of millions' who died all at once amused Al. This was more like it! People killing each other, armies being sent into big battles, it was all Al envisioned for his time on the throne! This elf was really up on his street, which surprised him because he didn't really rate elves much. When talk of the rules reached him his mood was more sombre. How can you expect someone to win the throne if they don't publicly humiliate someone and kill them in the capital?

"Yes, dragonheart's heir is as sheltered as me and the Pursoulia's heir is only recently came back from abroad. You're definitely the most fitting for the throne." Ocarina just nodded in agreement at Aloysius' conclusion at the other heir.

When Michaelis Inare entered the throne room, Ocarina was one of the girl that squealed at his appearance. She already heard about the former king's retainer from the other noble girls in the salon but only now she's able to see him in person. His looks didn't betray her expectation and just like many ladies that he passed, she could feels her face blushing.

"He is as dandy as they said! It's decided, the love interest for my next book will be an elf! So wise and bored of life that he gives everyone the cold shoulder, until the protagonist come and melts his heart." Ocarina pulled a notebook from her robe and started writing vigorously. Bronya kneeled and whispered on her ear.

"You know, milady. The man might be old enough to be your great grandfather."

"Bronya, don't break my muse now. Who cares about an elf's age, that's one of their charm!" Ocarina's small frame had been more energetic ever since she's gushing about Michaelis but suddenly she collapsed, as if her legs couldn't muster enough strength to support her weight. Fortunately the maid caught her before she hit the floor.

"You shouldn't let yourself getting overexcited here." Bronya lifted her mistress and once again put Ocarina on her back. The Tigroran girl could only let out weak grunts as dizziness temporarily assaulted her mind.

"Uh, oh.. Don't worry about me, Al. I just need a bit of rest. Go ahead and show yourself to the world. Keep your friend close and your enemy closer!"



Previously Night's Shadow
As Michaelis passed by, Taylor rolled her eyes at the swooning of other women, supremely unimpressed. But even she shivered slightly at the bloodlust in his tone as he spun a grandiose tale of death and destruction. She grabbed Nis’s arm, as if to steady him, but it was as much for herself as for him.

“Nis,” she whispered, trying to snap him out of it. “Nis, what is it?” She followed after him as he chased after Michaelis’s retreating form, but the crowd hindered them, and he faded from view. Once Nis stopped, Taylor grabbed his shoulders, spinning him around to face her. “Nis. Tell me. What’s the matter? Why does he have you all worked up like this?”

@Clite of Dragonbow
Logan and Wendy had listened to Michaelis, and the last name rang a very loud bell that seemed to be on fire to him.

"Where did I hear the name Inare before?" Logan thought out loud, "Nis! That's right!"

"We had a traveler named Nis come through Quackosaur Island, he was really pissed off when Alain Silversteel showed up and fired Cannons Straight into the inn he was staying." Wendy explained, "I didn't get there until later, when Alain thought it was a good idea to send Von Dragovich to the other side of the island, lost a princess there, and almost lost two others, along with Travis getting major injuries."

"Hold on, that boy looks like Nis, I'm going to find out." Logan explained.

Logan walked down to where the boy was, and was shocked to find him with... a girl? Logan hadn't been expecting that.


@Clite of Dragonbow
Yowashi's eyes raised hearing this man's speech. he was expecting the usual mourning of the king while keeping the pretense that this was nothing more. that was immediately dropped the moment he talked about the air. Having someone be so obvious about there intention is always refreshing. Yet the contents of the speech took away any refreshment that could be had. even the split-second stunt of magic raised the remaining strands of hair on his back.

At the end of the speech Yowa clapped his arm around the giant with a smile.

"Dangerous is an understatement, but for now let's hold onto to our evaluations of people until we get back home." He gave him an eye of both understanding and warning. "Think it's best if we just enjoy some delectable food, maybe avoid the wine, and observe this shshow that's supposed to be a funeral."
"Sorry, Tay.." said Nis quietly as she spinned him to talk face to face "It's just... This guy was the one to send us invitation and I wanted to talk with him and get answers to some questions. I just never met this person, but he is an elf too... And has the same surname as me" He took a deep breath and gave her a warm smile "I am okay now, thank you"

He suddenly heard a voice and raised his head, he knew this voice. He turned around to see someone that he didn't saw in six years.
"Mr. Logan?"
@Night's Shadow
"Now, now sir dwarf" said Leo with a calm voice. "Please calm down, your mistress was just taking a little break from this big crowd. I understand her completely, please don't be mad at her" he said and then turned around back to the view on the balcon "Its truly a wonderful view, don't you think, sir dwarf? So quiet and beautiful.. Can't you just let your mistress happily enjoy this time before fights between those four idiots called heirs start? Just think about it? We will fight and make intrigues, but its usually a bottom of the ladder, people that suffer. I wouldn't mind giving away throne to someone, if I knew that they are good enough to let this country be a kingdom, stay good for both nobility and peasants and simply protects this place... I just described a saint, such a person don't exist" He looked at Lucy.
"There is no wonder that Lady Lucinda wanted to escape it all"


Previously RisingGarchomps
The hunchback dwarf approached the balcony. "You're right, good sir. Great sights from here." He gazed around the open outside.

He hobbled back and looked at Lucy. "However. We've got to get to business. Lucy's got a throne to win. She'll need all the allies she can get so lots of lords to talk to!" He nodded at her. "Wouldn't you agree that was the plan, Lucy?" He sighed. "Listen young lady. You don't need to do anything! I was going to do all I could to get you where you needed to be. You can sit back and relax! I'll put in the work! After all, it was my family who put our heart and souls into working hard in the mines so we could get here!"

Clay turned to Leo. "You're right, good lord. There's no such thing as saints in this kingdom, but I believe there are people with the right traits. All they need to do is work together! Let us strong brothers take care of the hard work! Lucinda is a great lady, worthy of being Queen. I will back her with my strength! I will fight for her! But I wonder...who else will?!"

He offered a hand. "Come on, Princess. You coming? I'm sure that guy right there won't be standing there all day." He tried to be as respectful to Leo as possible, but he truthfully had no idea who he was. His mind was fully set on the young woman. Perhaps if he encouraged the man to come they would enjoy themselves amongst the circle of the other heirs.

@Clite of Dragonbow
Lucy almost jumped because of how startled she was when Leo appeared and it didn't take long for Clay to appear either. She looked back and forth as the scarlet haired boy and dwarf spoke. Somehow the boy had managed to inspire her, inspired to try and deal with the challenge at hand, but she didn't want to worry about right now.

"Alright, but let's not worry about this right now. Let's try and have some fun at the part! Even though it's the.. Past kings funeral.. Heh.. But! Let's not worry about it right now, but we might be able to plant some seeds of alliances with the other heirs if we're lucky, " Lucy replied with a bright smile on her face, " Oh, but how rude of me. I haven't even introduced my self yet. My name is Lucy Montiante and I'm assuming your also one of the heirs," she continued, walked past Clay without grabbing his hand and made her way back towards the throne room expecting the dwarf to follow after her back to the 'heart' of the party.


Previously RisingGarchomps
Clay was disappointed when Lucy charged past him but accepted that was what she was like for the time being. "Eh, she'll learn eventually..." He laughed. He looked towards the man Lucy was talking to, Leo. He seemed to have developed a fondness for the heir despite him fully introducing himself to the dwarf. Clay assumed he was a man of high power because of his clothes and the way he talked. He stared Leo in the face.

He's got potential. Maybe he should be marrying young Lucy here when she grows up... Clay thought about it.

He still wasn't fully sure who he was. He guessed from the colour of his clothes that he had something to do with one of the noble heir families but it had been a while since he had studied over the different prominent houses of Bracia. To be frank, he thought, he didn't really care how much power he had.

"Excuse me for asking but er...who are you?" Clay asked Leo. "You look like someone my mistress could count on!" He was more positive now, having doubts about what he was doing with Lucinda at first.
Palladia did in-fact want to ask something of her retainers before the ceremony started in full, but fate wasn't having it. Before she could even collect her thoughts the King's former retainer arrived, a dashing elf with a deceptively youthful appearance. He cut a striking figure, so much so that noble ladies from across the kingdom had thrown away their dignity at his entrance, swooning and pining like a lovesick Juliet who'd just met her Romeo. Palladia simply watched. Marriage was a tool designed to tie families together and strengthen bonds, nothing more, nothing less.

Her attention was arrested by Michaelis who gave a rather chilling speech, backed by terrifying amounts of magic power and inhumane killing intent. Goosebumps crawled all over Palladia's skin, and she bit her lower lip, betraying her frayed nerves. The atmosphere quickly returned to normal as the elven retainer took his leave, but Palladia still stirred over his words. The elf was immensely strong, which gave his threats substance, and both her retainers seemed to agree on that.

Speaking of her retainers, Palladia passively observed them and was pleased with Yowa's words. He seemed to have grasped the crux of this event. It wasn't the King's funeral, it was a testing grounds for the heirs apparent. The other nobles and guests were watching them and deciding who to side with. She wasn't to passively observe as Yowa had suggested, but she didn't want to be overly passive. Since that was the case, Palladia decided it was time to stir the pot.

"Feel free to observe the show; but, I'm one of the actors, so I should do my job."

Palladia took a deep breath and calmed her nerves. Then, she advanced toward the center of the room. It was time to act.

She pulled off one of her purple gloves and throw it to the floor with a resounding Pa!

"How ridiculous! We can use whatever methods we want to take the throne? Is he trying to start a civil war!?"

She had raised her voice loud enough to attract everyone's attention, but her words were clearly directed at the other heirs, the other participants in this would-be 'civil war'.

@Clite of Dragonbow @IDKWhatUserNameToDo @RisingGarchomps @Night's Shadow @Cmeriwether @Spoiled Bread
Michaelis looked at the Palladia with a small smile on his face "Is sge the first to test or to crack... Well, it doesn't matter, as long as they dance to a tune that was played for them..."

"I don't understand still that voting thing, if two of the four make alliance and vote then they automatically win" says another person.

"You really thought about voting like that? It isn't a republic! To be a king or queen... Heir need to have full support of all remaining 3..Its impossible, in the end... Power is corrupting"


Andreas simply followed Lady Palladia as he didn't know much about court, but he knew about people and thought that he should be watching closely anyone that approaches her.


Leo took gently Lucy's hand and gave it a kiss as some nobles do when they greet the lady "You assume right, Lady Lucy... My name is Leonard Dragonheart. We can be rivals for now, but we can remain being in a good terms" he turned to Clay "Sir dwarf, you have to protect your lady well.. You can count on me.. I hope that I could count on you also" he said and took his leave just to hear Palladia's making a show. He snickered and thought about joining her little game.
Leonard approached her calmly "You have something against civil war, Puresoulia's lady? Honestly, I think that man just said what would happen anyway.. My Grandfather told me that power obtained without even a drip of blood isn't real power" he said and continued "But thats probably just old man talking.. Dear princess of Puresoulia, how you imagine this kingdom to be?" He asked her simply, Leo learned that sometimes being just straight in your opinion can help you with learning about opponent view.


Previously RisingGarchomps
Aloysius walked closer to the centre of the room too, towards where Palladia was. He considered her. She was clearly an heir from one of the noble families. Why would she be here otherwise?

"You're right..." He said, for all to hear. He pointed to Michaelis. "That elf, is trying to start a war of all proportions!" He exclaimed. "This is the work of foul elven trickery! He is making us think that the late King would have wanted the nobility to fight!" He strode around the room with confidence. "Inciting violence, open rebellion to each other...letting the Kingdom fall into the chaos to the benefit of not those who do not inhabitant this country or wish it to do well?!" He was fired up.

This was it. Aloysius could feel the rage coming back to him again. "This kingdom MUST be ruled by those who are patriotic, who truly LOVE it! The elves will use this moment of 'civil war' to invade our homelands on the shore and it will be the inhabitants of this fair country, the ordinary people, who will be affected! We mustn't allow them to spread their propaganda! We need to stop them in their paths before it is too late! This is OUR chance! Rally under me, people! The newly reformed Tigroran house will welcome all so long as they aren't a FILTHY elf!"

He paced across the room again. "But who supports the elves? Who allows the plethora of corrupt governors and noblemen to take over? Who let them come here in the first place? The current establishment that is! That's right. The Dragonhearts, who claim to be the best of noblemen, the filthy rich Montiantes, my own corrupt house of Tigroran, we all know what went wrong with them and my father's adulterous behaviour, and even the newer family of Puresoulia, who claim to be the purest in the world! That's right, the current system has failed us! We must create a new system not based on houses submitting to each other or praising one person...unless the ruler is fair and just. I believe I may be the person for that role."

He then paced the room again. "But still...we MUST remove the issue from the room now before it corrupts us all! We cannot move on! We must do something about, THIS elf!" He pointed to Michaelis again.

He withdrew a large bow from his back. "One shot...that's all I need...one decisive moment, one killing blow...one death...and the Kingdom will be restored to its rightful owners..." The bow was aimed towards Michaelis. He quickly put it away before Michaelis could act.

As Leo left him, the dwarf bowed to show approval and politeness.

"We should get going back to the throne room, looks like an argument has broken out." Clay said to Lucy. "I think you should trust Leo. He seems like the right man for you. Heck, he might do my job of protecting ya much better!!" He chuckled at this thought as he walked down the stairs towards the throne room and he waited outside of it for Lucy, trying to home in on the comments the others were saying.


Previously Night's Shadow
Taylor frowned slightly. It was possible they were related, but somehow she couldn’t picture Nis in the same family as that bloodthirsty creep. At that point, the Tigroran heir had begun to make a scene, proclaiming human superiority and the need to drive out the elves. The more grandly he spoke, the more pissed Taylor became, her eyes narrowing to slits.

“That bastard,” she growled, barely containing the urge to leap at his throat. “That inhumane, discriminating, pious self-righteous bastard! He makes me sick. These Dragonhearts he spoke ill of seem a hell of a lot worthier to become the next royal family.“ She grit her teeth, full to brimming of righteous indignation on Nis’s behalf, glaring daggers at the Tigroran before turning away, unwilling to get caught up in politics. Instead, she shifted her attention to the newcomer, who Nis had called Logan. “Forgive my temper,” she said in forcibly clipped tones. “You know this guy, Nis?”

@Clite of Dragonbow