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"You have something against civil war, Puresoulia's lady? Honestly, I think that man just said what would happen anyway... My Grandfather told me that power obtained without even a drop of blood isn't real power."

'Well said~'

Palladia concealed the grin that threatened to break on her lips. She refrained from stating her position as the Dragonheart and Tigrarian heirs took the stage, each stating their own opinions for all to hear. The Dragonheart's heir wasn't bad, but he had talked himself into a corner. As for the Tigrarian heir...? She was baffled. Where did he get the courage to make such bold claims when his own family had abandoned him?

He was so thorough in digging holes for himself, that Palladia suspected this was all an elaborate rouse designed to lower everyone's wariness of him. He would need to be watched for now. In any case, Palladia decided to take the stage once more.

"Foul Elven trickery? Pardon?"

She raised her voice, addressing the Tigrarian heir with incredulity.

"I'd tell you to speak for yourself and your house but...you've already admitted to their corruption. Bracia has always been a country that valued merit not race. Did you not notice how the ladies swooned when he walked in? Which part in that made you think anyone would be willing to drive a 'filthy elf' from our lands? The Tigrarans are unsuited to becoming the Royal family and you...your hatred is misguided. I dread the day when you command the Kingdom's armies."

She shook her head in disappointment but didn't comment any further. Instead, she shifted her attention to the Dragonheart Heir, fully intent on showing him the err in his words.

"Those are wise words...for a General. Of course, I have something against civil war! A ruler that would shed the blood of his subjects before his own is unworthy! Do you intend to pave your path to the throne with corpses and blood? Look around you. Look in the eye of each parent here and tell them you would kill their sons so that you could claim the throne."

She drew closer to the Dragonheart heir, who had clearly been groomed in the style of his ancient family. Her voice held like steel, unflinching, and unbending. However, as she neared Leo, her voice softened.

"To shed blood for the good of others is a glorious thing. If it were to drive invaders from out land or protect the people then, of course, we must take up arms. Your grand-father is wise. He has taught you an excellent way to wage war but a terrible way to rule. Though that is to be expected. The Dragonheart family is renown for producing great generals and it seems they've produced yet another one...You."

She extended her hand in greeting and offered her greetings.

"I'm Palladia-Secretia Amendöin Puresoulia, pleased to make your acquaintance. Would you not consider giving up the throne and instead, following the way of your family—warfare? I believe you'd make an excellent general and Bracia surely wants more excellent generals. The achievements you could make defending our borders far exceed any you could make on the throne. Won't you consider it?"

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Aloysius stomped towards Palladia and scowled at her words. "A second ago, you and I were on the same side and now you disagree with what I've said yet all it is a reiteration for what you started, woman! You idiot. You wouldn't know corruption if you saw it! You have been misguided, woman."

He paced around the room one more time. "So, you're a Puresoulia. That explains everything. It explains why you'd want to cause such a fuss, crying over spilt milk like a poor kitten. You ooze hypocrisy. And this hypocrisy is the reason our kingdom has fallen and taken the plunge into darkness and has failed against all odds against our outside enemies! Puresoulias as we know are relatively new, but also notoriously weak. They will be the last to send their knights, their forces for the patriotism of the nation and because of where they have gotten to in life, they will act with pride, unaware that that pride will be their downfall! They're so busy complementing themselves about how they were raised to become a noble family that they have forgotten who they serve, the people of this nation! Even you are not exempt! There will be consequences for all of this! This country will pay its dues eventually. And the mob will gather outside the doors of your castles! You shall be struck down by relatively unknown and untimely forces! Noone shall be safe! The eyes of the panther shall watch in the blackness! The roar of the lion and the claw of the tiger shall impose their wrath upon you all!!"

Al felt confident he had delivered the right message to the group. He wasn't sure what Ocarina thought.

"Anyway, why should I believe you in what you say, you're just a simple woman after all, women can't have meaningful opinions..."

Clay put his ear to the door and couldn't believe what he was hearing.
Lucy simply chuckled at Coalmore's comments of the Dragonheart heir, but her attention turned towards the on going argument between the three other heirs. It was clear from the Puresolian's heir's reaction to the Tigrorain heir's first monologue that Palladia-Secretia was trying to get under their skin, or that's what Lucy thought at least. The puresolian heir was Cleary very cunning and quite a sight to behold for a sore eye. She just stood there in silence and watched the 'show' and rolled her eyes with a scoff at the Tigrorain heir's last comment. The thing was that Lucy did agree with Palladia-Secretia, but was unsure if they were just empty and meaningless ramble to help the puresolian to weave her narrative.
"Palladia, you-" he was interrupted by Tigroran heir and now he really annoyed Dragonheart, he gave him a truly dragonic glare.
"Lord Tigroran, have you forgot the good manners? Or maybe thats just who you are? Now, allow me to speak with someone that at least know how people speak. I don't have a time for a wild animal" he said to him and turned to Palladia.
His voice and look soften "You really are smart, Heir of Puresoulia. Yes, I know that I wouldn't be a good fit to become a king, but none of you seem worth to be called king or queen either, with all respect to you two. I have a things that I know must be changed in this kingdom. I won't fight, but won't support either.. Lady Palladia.. My name is Leonard Dragonheart and I aim for a better kingdom, not bloodshed and throne, so I don't care who sit on it. This place is too crowded, if you want to talk with me about such matters, then be so nice and just visit me" said Leo.

"Now excuse me, I am tired of meaningless talk. You two need to give your words meanings first.. Your words, Palladia, are beautiful, but seem as for now plain to me" he said. "But I will see how far you can go.. Now, shall I search for a good retrainers.." he whispered to himself the last sentence and left other two heirs. As he walked he saw Nis and Taylor. He didn't know why, he just approached them. Man, Nis was really similar to Michaelis (Maybe he was as popular with girls...) and waved to him "You seem perfect for this role"


Nis wasn't calming down Tay, as he was himself getting pissed off, but he on the other hand, keep that for himself. Then Taylor asked, who is Logan.
"Oh, he is an Archmage of an Eastern Corridor.. Fought side by side with him, won.. That's long story short, I was 10 back then" he said with a smile.

"You seem perfect for this role"

He turned to Leo "Excuse me?" Nis asked turned and then in slight shock saw Leo standing next to him.
"Oh sorry... I was just thinking.. That you could be a really good retrainer or another sort of a friend" Leo said innocently, smiling as he didn't before, as it was probably him without the official voice.

@Night's Shadow


Previously 5DigitNeb
Arthur had been watching quietly, taking a note of what all the heirs had been doing in the funeral. Although not an heir himself he did see the value in allying himself with one of them. However the Dragonheart seemed rather... uninterested in the throne. The other three also didn't seem to get much support. The Tigrarian heir from the beginning antagonized seemingly everyone, and even more especially the people that would be quite useful. His goal seemed to be to reform the Kingdom, yet he immediately started discriminating against the Elven race, and treated the Puresoulia heir disrespectfully, something he suspected didn't seem to sit too well with the common folk considering the Puresoulia's reputation. However Aloysius still thought someone was going to be motivated by his words... perhaps he was trying to call upon the rebels of the kingdom who he had previously aligned with?

That left Puresoulia and Montiante's heirs to possibly want to go for the throne. The Montiante was rather quiet, mostly just observing. It would be good to hear her opinion since Arthur was related to them. Palladia didn't get any person actually agreeing with her but the others seemed open to her, except for Aloysius of course. Her words were definitely meant to improve her position though, that was easily noticeable. It would make sense for others to wonder if they were just lies, especially since the Puresoulia were known to be excellent speakers. All Arthur actually cared about was whoever would do a good job. He decided to walk to the Montiante's heir to find out her view on things as he had thought about before.

"Lady Lucinda, if I may. Have you thought of an opinion on who you're going to vote for? Or are you perhaps just seeing how you can convince the others to vote for you? I'd like to hear your thoughts."

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Yowa tried his absolute hardest not to burst into laughter. every word coming out of Aloysius's mouth sounded so venomous one would think he was rabid. Keep talking Tiger fool He thought. Only the craziest of nuts would follow your frenzy. At that thought, his inner laughter stopped.

As great of a scene was, only three of the heirs are causing a commotion. Yowa scanned for the most silent of the four, who also seemed to be the youngest. If it wasn't for the rules of this inheritance people probably would have forgotten her.

Another thing Yowa noted was of the three bickering it was Leo who left first. Every action of who went to who was sticking to his mind. a report card was slowly forming in Yowa's mind. A clear vision of should be done was also appearing.Yowa flicked his attention over to Andreas and whispered to him.

"So my good man. It seems you don't know what you're doing but that's okay. That's why I'm here, I need a favor from you. once the angry kitty loses his one-sided shouting match I will need you to stick with the Lady as much as possible. Follow but let her take the lead. You don't need to fight anyone but... your intimidating enough it hopefully won't come down to that. if she asks for me tell her that I'm out 'mingling'."

And with that, he slipped into the crowd and began his short mission.

@Clite of Dragonbow
Palladia's immediate response to Al's diatribe was scornful laughter. If the best he could come up with was an attack against her gender then she had no need to worry. Such a person would never find their way to the throne.

"You really are lacking in manners. Do the Tigraran's raise their heirs in the wild?" She scoffed, her indignation peaking through as she followed up.

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" She challenged.

"The Puresoulia may be new, but notoriously weak?" She was grossly offended by Al's wild claims, but wouldn't lower herself to his level. His arguments were full of holes and would collapse under the slightest scrutiny.

"Look at any map! The Puresoulia and Montiante families have always fought on the front lines because our lands
are the front lines! It's easy to talk about patriotism from your cushy position behind us."

She didn't even bother to address his ridiculous claims that her family had grown arrogant and self-serving. The entire Kingdom knew that the Puresoulia were beloved by the simple folk, and she'd already preserved the dignity of her house and irrefutably denied Al's claims that they were unpatriotic. If anything his words sounded like a criticism of his own house, situated behind the Puresoulia's and away from the Kingdom's borders; and, if that were the case...

"That explains everything. It explains why you'd want to cause such a fuss, crying over spilled milk like a poor kitten. You ooze hypocrisy. And this hypocrisy is the reason our kingdom has fallen and taken the plunge into darkness and has failed against all odds against our outside enemies!"

Palladia ended her retort by throwing Al's words right back at him. Now that she was finished, she more than agreed with Leonard. This talk was meaningless. The Tigraran heir was a raving fanatic, even if she left him alone no one would take him seriously.

"Believe what you want, I'm just a woman after all. Good day, Lord Tigraran." She pulled the hems of her dress into a final curtsey and excused herself from the conversation. She had already achieved her goal. The other nobles present were no doubt watching the interactions between the three heirs. The Dragonheart heir had all but declared himself neutral and the Tigraran heir was a lunatic. The words Leonard had left her with betrayed his true intentions. ' I aim for a better kingdom, not bloodshed and throne, so I don't care who sits on it.'

He hadn't taken her hand this time, but there was always next time. She decided to pay a visit to Leonard after the party; perhaps they could come to an agreement on what a 'better kingdom' entailed. If the Montiante heir was that amicable as well, she was confident in gaining both their support. As for the support of the Tigraran house? She would deal with them last.

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Previously RisingGarchomps
Al watched Palladia leave the conversation. "Bah" He spat. "Women were always cowards..."

He stood to the side. He had enough lecturing for one day. He looked to the others to see how they'd react and mostly whispered to himself from this point.

"I know why...she said what she said." Al's face was red and out of breath. He continued weak with energy. "All she was trying to do...was stir the pot...to find out what each of our stances on the kingdom was...to find the CAT amongst the pigeons."

He wandered around the room again. "Well I guess I am the cat!" He laughed. "I'll expose her fully in time...she is a intriguing one. I fear she is much more like me than she's catching on. She is holding back. I must find out more about her." He found himself half admiring her for her responses back.

He approached Ocarina and stood next to her. He looked in the direction of house Montiante and Lucinda. "She's a dark horse too..she hasn't said much yet she has dominating presence in the room, just like me and that Puresoulia wh..."
"It's been a few years, got tied up in a time rift for three years while you were gone, a war occurred in the Eastern Corridor, but a man by the Name of Salmon III slaughtered half the Royal army, Deposed Queen Sophia, and put Razan on trial, I couldn't stop him since I was sealed in the time rift." Logan explained, "I was sent as an Ambassador for the Rightful Queen of the Eastern Corridor, Sophia."

"What in the Realm of Dragons is going on here!? Logan prepared his pair of swords to intervene, drew them and lined them up like the letter 'X', walking up to Al and gave him a warning, "You definitely insulted Nis, and Sable, and enraged me, If you and I cross paths on the battlefield, I will use Grand Nexus."

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Wendy had been looking over the nobles and retainers, and spotted a familiar face, a deadly one as well.

"Rager," Wendy cursed under her breath, then overheard Al.

Her hand was on the handle of Anduril, and gave Al a glare that would translate as 'Try me.'



Previously RisingGarchomps
“Explain yourselves.” He looked at Logan and then Wendy. “Who are
you ragged ones and why do you care about the Elves? What makes you speak with so much authority?” His left hand was on his trusty long sword on his right side and he was about to unsheathe it should the pair of them attack. Al guessed they were going to try and assassinate him. Whilst doing that, he remembered how he was a left handed man. That should give him at least some advantage, plus his longsword was trustworthy Tigroran Metal.

- - -

Clay hobbled along and approached Lucinda. “Oh, here he goes again.” The dwarf stated, much like an amusing commentary. “Did he really say what he said about the Elves? Wonder what he thinks of us Dwarves...”

He looked up at Lucinda for approval. “You alright?” He whispered to her.

@Cmeriwether @IDKWhatUserNameToDo

While the heirs were argumentating on the main stage, Ocarina was sitting near the refreshment table with a small bowl of fruit slices on her laps while Bronya served her a cup of tea.

"Pardon my curiousity, milady." Bronya seemed hesitant but after a brief moment she decided to continue, "Your cousin just stated his hate towards the elf even though you seems quite fond of them. Are you really sure supporting him is a good idea?"

"Hmm. You don't like seeing blood, right, Bronya?" Ocarina replied Bronya's question with her own.

"... Yes."

"Yet you cook those meat for me with such care and love. Thank you."

"..." Bronya didn't ask any further. However, she took a mental note to watch over her mistress and her future shenanigans regarding this retainer stuffs.

The shows on the stage finally died down when the heirs started to go on their own way. Ocarina waved her hand so Aloysius can spot her better but it seems he was followed by a couple of uninvited guests. Ocarina seems to be as relaxed as usual, only watched with great interest at her cousin and the two strangers but Bronya instinctively put her hand on one of her sword.

@RisingGarchomps @Cmeriwether
"Emm, excuse me for a second, Lord Dragonheart" said Nis and quickly rushed to Logan and Wendy. "Logan, Wendy, knock it off! There is no need to make more ruckus than there is..." he placed his hand on Logan shoulder "I am not a 10 years old kid anymore, Logan. Let me speak for myself and get angry for myself. We are guests here, it would be bad to do something unnecasary or worse, to hurt someone" he said trying to calm Logan down. After that, he smiled softly to Al "Sorry for my friends over there. They emotions just got a control over them. We don't have to hurt each other, do we?" he said calmly.

Leo walked up to Taylor "Are you a friend of that elf over there?" he asked and pointed at Nis. "I may have a proposition for you two.."
@Night's Shadow
"Hm? Oh yeah. Palladia-Secretia does seem to know how to get to people, doesn't she," Lucy replied to her retainer and snickered at the thought of the "show" the three other heirs put on.

The Montante heir turned around at the sound of a familiar voice. Looked like her aunts husband was also attending the King's funeral.
"Greetings Arthur. I wasn't expecting to see you here," Lucy said and greeted the silver haired man, "And as for voting.. I know that I'm not going to vote the Tigrorain heir, that's for sure. The other heirs though.. I'm not so sure. I need to think about this more,"


Previously Night's Shadow
“Yeah, I’m a friend of Nis,” Taylor said, regarding the newcomer with cool suspicion. “A proposition, ay? Well, go on then.” She glanced over to where Nis was frantically trying to calm down Logan and Wendy, and smothered a laugh. “Sorry,” she apologized through a not-very-well-suppressed grin. “It’s like watching myself being scolded again. He really is a good person.”

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Previously 5DigitNeb
Arthur listened to the heir and nodded in agreement. Though he noted that she only talked about voting for other heirs.

Does she care about the throne? Maybe she thinks it will be too much work... she never seemed to be one for important duties in the past.

"Sir Leonard also seems to want to wait to learn more. What exactly do you wish from another heir if you were to vote for them and not yourself? What goals do you have in mind for the kingdom in the future, or, for yourself?"

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Logan calmed down after Nis talked, and turned back to Nis to explain events while he was gone.

"We were sent as originally Dignitaries, but the woman with the giant sword that could cleave you in two from a good ways is a mercenary by nature, and a powerful one." Logan explained, "I am the fortieth Archmage from The Eastern Corridor, in the Continent of Axlandor, a month's boat away, we are here to help restore our countries after their wars, there may be something that will help us."

Logan's dragon mark glowed blue, then stopped as he calmed down. Wendy had calmed down noticing Rager and Nis interacting, much like Travis and Natalie, or Her and John, according to Natalie.

@IDKWhatUserNameToDo @Clite of Dragonbow @RisingGarchomps
"Again?" Leo asked "Is your friend scolding you often? Well, nevermind..." he said with a small grin "I should have introduce myself" he turned to Tay with a smile "Leonard Dragonheart, I am the heir of Dragonheart family" he took a deep breath and continued "My proposition for you and your friend is... Would you two want to become my retrainers?"
@Night's Shadow

Nis calmly listened to Logan as he was talking about his reasons of being here, but...
"Well, if you will need anything then maybe I will be able to help" said Nis and decided to go back to Taylor. "Good luck on getting help" he waved to Logan with a smile and headed back to Tailor, who was talking with a noble. "Sorry Tay, I hope that you didn't wait too long"
@Night's Shadow

Andre simply nodded to Yowa as he said to keep close to Lia and didn't left her side for a second. He slowly learned how the court and nobility works. He was slowly getting used to and understand better Bracia's languege. All this time as he remained silent, Andre was learning and protecting his lady. He could sometime hear from random nobles, that their are disgusted by his being here or that he is just a barbarian from the islands. Andre thought that he wouldn't introduce himself to Tigroran's heir, as he would give on him even more hate, gain more support and Andre would have not as saint patience as the elfs. He simply followed and looked like an intimidating, wild and dumb warrior.. But he was told to look intimidating, so he didn't cared for the another two points, as long as he did his best.


Previously RisingGarchomps
Al laughed at Logan’s comments. He looked upon Wendy. “Since when does a woman get a gigantic sword...and how!?” He tried not to think about it.

“Never mind.” He said out loud accidentally. “What I say will be taken out of context anyway. I didn’t mean to incite in the way I did...archmage, you may visit the library if you please, the one us Tigrorans have...” That thought might distract them. “I need some time out... I... don’t feel good.”

He approached Ocarina. “Ignore what I said up there.” He said softly to her. “I merely said what I said to start the proceedings, to arouse opinions an discover what each house truly thinks in this civil war. I didn’t mean any of it. I fear that Palladia lady has beaten me to my own game. She is very clever. And I have made a great mistake today.” He seemed to sincere in comparison to his angry rant earlier.

“Where did the girl go? Do you know Ocarina? Could you find her for me please? I want to apologise to her, one on one.” He sniffed.

- - -

Clay laughed at each of the exchanges made throughout the room. It was entertaining for him, especially Al’s ridiculous comments which he disapproved of but still found funny he would actually try what he did.

Clay greeted Arthur with a single nod of acknowledgement.

Then, talking to Lucy, he would address Aloysius.
“If he says anything about th Dwarves and I find out, I’m gonna wallop him.” He whispered. Luckily his whisper was too quiet to be heard by Al.
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With her 'act' over, Palladia found herself with surprisingly little to do. The show was over and their audience had broken into smaller groups, conversing in hushed tones. She noticed the Dragonheart and Tigraran heirs had found their own niches; but, she wasn't close enough to overhear their conversations. That was...rather unfortunate. Palladia knew that she would need as much information as possible in order to plan her moves in the following days. She hoped that Yowa, in his absence, was mingling with the crowd and picking up the talk of the Kingdom. She mentally reminded herself to ask him later before she turned to make small-talk with her swarthy retainer.

"Don't you want to mingle with the party guests? There are people from all over the continent in attendance...maybe you can catch up with someone from your country?"

The origins of this—yet so far—silent aide were another curious mystery. She didn't suspect the man since he'd been brought in by Alfonso, but her lack of knowledge about him prevented her from interacting with him as freely as she would like. A noble's aides were supposed to be their closest confidantes and yet she knew little about either of her retainers. It was an issue Palladia thought to rectify with urgency.

@Clite of Dragonbow

Ocarina smiled as the conflict was prevented before it begin and Aloysius came back at her. A sigh of relief escaped her lips.

"Thank goodness it didn't escalate further. Anyway, Al, you don't need to worry about me, my full support will always be on you no matter what happens so you do what you need to do. Now, Bronya, did you see where the Puresoulian heir go?"

"I'm sure she went there." Bronya pointed to a direction.

"There you go, cousin. I will try to mingle for a bit and see what I can get."



Previously RisingGarchomps
"I uh...thanks..." Al walked up to Palladia.

"Palladia." He said to her. "Please may I have a word with you, in private? I've come to make amends. I've come to...apologise." There was water in one of his eyes.

He couldn't fight it any longer. He had to say sorry to her in some way. That way, he could win her over. After all, they did have some similar ideals, he thought. He'll let her see his 'true' side and then he'll get her. Then the others will have to follow.


- - -

Clay turned to Lucy as he saw Al approach Palladia. "Where's he going...oh. He's going over to her." He whispered.

Within the bustling of chatter, Yowa didn't engage anyone but kept picking up names. From one he heard basic knowledge of heiress Montiante. from another, he heard what could be presumed a baseless rumor about Dragonheart. most of what acquired was messy and would have to be cleared up later. while most of the small talk was interesting, his goal was of one man in particular.

It took a moment but there spotted the elf gentleman, of course he had his crowd of women swooning over him. But Yowa managed to squeeze himself through. with a smile and plate of fruits, he wryly initiated the conversation.

"I'm a little jealous of how a man like you could grab so many ladies. Tell me, what's your secret? Is it a flick of the eyes or do you have to master some erotic stance?"
"Yowa told me that I should stay by your side, also I doubt that I will find anyone from my home, Milady. I am from one of the southern islands tribes, those lands aren't seen as a country of any sort and alliance of the tribes protects their homes from Olceslandic Empire. We..." Andreas stopped, blushed slightly as he doubt that someone can like islanders much. "Nevermind.. I will tell you later, if you would want to hear, Lady Palladia" he looked at Al, who came to apologize to Palladia. Andre was on his guard, what was he playing. He didn't looked like a person that would apologize not so long ago.

Michaelis snickered as Yowa asked him for a secret "I don't have any special secret, at least I don't remember to have any" he said "But being successful with women is tiresome. When I go to the bath, I am often spyied by the women" he said.
"But you didn't came just to talk about girls, did you?"
"Oh yeah it must be soo awful to women in love with you day and night." sarcasm was oozing out of him. "I was genuinely hoping I could get a little bit of love advice. Unfortunately i dont have any elf in me to just turn on the charm." His smile slowly fades as he gathers his thoughts.

"I would like to clarify your rules. You mentioned a few things about how Bracia itself is supposed to stay neutral. To what extent are they spectators? If i were to have somone like you come over territory for a dinner party would that be sort of breach? Second would be out this neutral zone Bracia. do you just dont want us to dirty your fancy palace or is all of bracia's' personal territoy? and finally" Yowa takes a step closer, lowering his voice until only Michaelis could hear.

"If your so available to destroy the remaining heirs I assume you have an alternative if all them were to die. Are you truly willing to have a new leader?"

@Clite of Dragonbow
"Then we'll take later..."

Also taking notice of Aloysius' approach, Palladia tapered off her conversation with Andre. The Tigraran heir was quick to profess his intent to...apologize. It was an action so at odds with his previous stance that Palladia's eyes narrowed at the extreme contrast. The shift was sudden but not wholly unexpected. Palladia had formed her own suspicions against Al after seeing his acts, which to her were a little too inciting.

She paused, trying to guesstimate where his act might've begun. Did it only start after her mention of civil war or had it been an act from the very beginning? Her mind wandered back to the display she'd seen outside, the 'spat' between Aloysius and his father. Had that also been planned? If so, then the Tigraran's were more scheming than she'd first suspected; but, what were they getting at?

Sufficiently intrigued by this line of thought, Palladia saw no reason to deny the Tigraran heir his 'private' conversation. If his unruly behavior prior was truly an act and his motives and objectives were, at the very least, agreeable to her own, then she imagined she could present him an offer he couldn't easily refuse.

"Of course, Lord Tigraran. Since you've shown your hand then how could I decline your offer?"

Her words contained a hidden meaning: since Aloysius was willing to reveal his facade in front of her, then she would respond with corresponding sincerity. Of course, that also implied the opposite. If he were so bold as to attempt to fool her again, then they could only resign themselves to be opponents.

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Previously Night's Shadow
“Taylor Ray,” Taylor introduced herself. “No problem at all, Nis. And—“ She frowned as she rethought what Leo has told her. “Wait, what? Retrainer? Is that what all the other heirs have dogging their heels?” She began to mull it over, her brow furrowing. “What do you think, Nis? I mean, I don’t have anything against this guy, and your being an elf is sure to annoy that Tigroran guy, which I’m all for. I say we do it!” She grinned mischievously. “What say you?”
"As long as it is just dinner then it is fine. Neutral territory is just a palace..." Michaelis stopped as he heard fancy and glared with great killing intent at Yowa. "Listen well! This 'Fancy Palace' was a home of a great person that you weren't worthy to even kneel in front of, Yowa. Great King of Humans and Friend, so you will pay some respect and won't destroy it in any fight. Did I make myself clear enough?" As Michaelis calmed down, his killing intent dissapired.

"And now as for your last question, human. I met only two people worth to be called rulers. A good friend and a King of Bracia and Divine Queen of the entire Elven race. Although Casimir wasn't as smart and powerfull as her, but he really cared for your kind and I was honoured to serve under him. Comparing to them, those heirs are just a bunch of kids and I don't see them worth of the throne. Its not for me to decide however, but it was a will of the King!" He turned around as to not look Yowa in the eyes and whispered to himself "Why you just didn't tried a bit harder to have kids, Casimir..."

"Wha-.. Retrainers?" Nis stopped and thought for a while. If Tay didn't have anything against it... He didn't really either, but... "I don't have anything against you.. Hmm...And Tay doesn't see anything wrong either" after a while he puffed his cheeks and bowed to Tay "If my fair lady doesn't have anything against it, then I don't have too. We will join you, so don't screw it up and be a good leader"

Leo chuckled, placed his hand on Tay and Nis shoulder "Then I am more than happy to accept you to the ranks of Dragonheart family. But I don't want it to be a too mich of a lord-servant relationship.. More like friend-friend one... You help me and trust me and I will also trust and depend on you two"

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Yowa paused from the elf's flash of anger. it took him a moment to respond as he soaked in his words.

" I haven't kept up to date with the news" he started. "I've spent the latter portion of my life trying to figure out my own dad. The only time I've ever seen the name King Casimir was on some of my taxes. I have no idea what he looks like or why exactly he chose for an heir like this. My point is I don't know the guy at all. I cant grief for the loss of someone who I can't imagine." Yowa doesn't try to turn him around and doesn't even check if Michaelis can hear.

"But if you care so much you'll kill a kid for ruining his carpet he must have been an outstanding man." at this point Yowa spoke with the utmost sincerity. " I'm sorry for your loss. It ain't much but once I get back to drinking I'll pour one out in his name. Thank you for answering my questions. I'll get back to my duties."

With a nod goodbye, Yowa slinked back into the crowd. Finding more people to observe.

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"Your cousin left, so what do you want to do now, milady?" Bronya asked her mistress as she put away the empty plate where the fruit slices used to be.

"Let's meet the old man first. I want to give him one last prayer."

"The dead king? Do you personally know him?"

"He once visited the grand library while I was there and I told him he will die in six years. I feel a liitle bit guilty."

Both of them walked towards the crypt where the king's coffin was placed. The crypt was large and well-lit. The ceremony itself had ended but there's still people around talking with each other or paying respect to the king. Ocarina waddled towards the coffin where the king's body laid and held a weird wooden talisman in the shape of eight arrow sign going into eight different directions, .

"Chaos has claimed you, my king. Now you can rejoin and revel in the cosmos." Ocarina clasped both of her hands and started to recites a long-winded prayer about death, life and fate. After a few minutes passed she finished the ritual by putting the talisman down next to the buckets of flowers given by various people.
"Damn you... Catching me by my words.. You will life as long as me, then you will understand, why I care for a place with past so much.. " said Michaelis and sighed "Maybe I really overdid with that killing intent" He whispered and headed to the king.. For a last goodbye.

As he approached the coffin, he saw a person that he heard about once.. She was probably guarding Tigroran's library. He overheard her prayers and waited for her to end. "You are lady Ocarina Ocelota Tigroran, I persume.." he said as a form of greetings. He walked up next to her "Thank you.. For visiting my only friend in his final day. My race acknowledge existence of Deities.. However, I forgot how to pray a long time ago..." Michaelis said and kneeled in front of the coffin, He created an Ice Rose and placed it on the coffin. "As long as I am alive, this rose will accompany you, my lord" he whispered, get up and turned to Ocarina and her maid again "My king told me about a weird situation in library.. Someone told him that he will die in future. He didn't look sad or troubled.. Even when he was dying on his bed. Just don't overthink it, Lady Ocarina" said Michaelis softly, bowed slightly and kissed her hand as a proper greeting "He also told me about amazing books of your library. I hope that you won't mind if I read some"
@Spoiled Bread

Leonard sighed softly "Its great to have you two. Let's have a big party for you joining our ranks when this funeral is over. Excuse me now, friends. I gonna say my last prayer to the king" He said and headed to the King's coffin.

Nis inhaled and exhaled, then gave Taylor a big smile "Seems that we are involved again in something big. I really hope for a vacations, once this situation is solved" he said and as he looked at her, remind himself about something. "I probably didn't ask you before.. Why did you accepted my invitation to join me on the journey? Its not that I am not happy that you wanted to join, becouse I would ask you in a first place, if that was a reason. I was really happy... I am just curious,Tay" he told her, a bit shyly.
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Logan had noticed Nis talking to a few others and walked to find the other Elf, a Michaelis of the Same last name as Nis. He figured that it would be best to drag Wendy along to prevent another war. He found a room where the elf from the beginning of the Gathering, a young lady, and a coffin. Logan went to speak with the Elf, as Wendy went to Speak with the lady.

"I am the mercenary Wendy Star, of a far away land, was hired by the King Rocco of Dragon Island and King Leon Douglass of Quackosaur Island to talk with the king, but from what I see, he is dead, and it seems as you guys are deciding the next ruler, am I correct." Wendy explained her presence.

"Hi, Logan Maverick, Archmage of the Eastern Corridor, I was sent by Queen Sophia to talk with the King, but from what I can tell, he is dead, and this was a funeral, not a court meeting." Logan explained his presence towards the elf, "I also recognized your last name, had a trainee with the last name as well."

@Clite of Dragonbow (Logan) @Spoiled Bread (Wendy)

"I once thought that if I tell people the prediction of their death then I can save them... I once thought that people need to be saved from their fate..." Ocarina replied in a somber tone, she already finished her prayer but still had her eyes glued to the coffin. "I know that one's beliefs can change one's fate so sometimes I'm wondering whether they died because they believed what I said... Thank you for reassuring me. Knowing a person got a peaceful ending is soothing, Sir Michae- SIR MICHAELISS!!!!" Ocarina was shocked when she realized that she was talking with the former king's retainer. Getting her hand kissed was another pleasant surprise, she was thinking to not wash her hand for the rest of the day but she could feels Bronya's warning glare behind her.

"I-I would be very honored if you're willing to spare your time to visit me- I mean the grand library!"

Then they were interrupted by the approaching couple from before, the pair that followed Al and threatened him. She didn't know if she should be grateful for the interruption or not. On one hand, she wasn't ready to talk with Michaelis but on the other hand, she lose her chance to be alone with him, Bronya didn't count. At least the newcomers gave her chance to regain her composure.

"Ah, I see. Archmage Logan and mercenary Wendy. I am Ocarina Ocelota Tigroran, the current keeper of Tigroran's Grand Library. It's unfortunate that the current situation in Bracia isn't the most suitable for your quest, I might not be able offer help but feel free to visit the grand library. We have the biggest collection and I always interested to hear about faraway lands."

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Previously RisingGarchomps
Al attempted to lead Palladia to a private part of the castle. “This way.”
He said. “We don’t want other people to get in the way of our propositions”.

“Listen.” Al began. “I understand I’ve behaved awfully today towards you. To be frank, I shouldn’t have said what I had said about women or elves. I understand the contribution they make to the kingdom in a regular basis. I see it within that Michaelis’s eyes and I get it everyday with people like Ocarina. I can see you’re no different and that you’re to be commended. The way I acted back there...they were just jokes. I was trying to test the waters, see how people would react, get a good response to see what the other families would do and who they would rally behind.
I felt that if I were more dominant appearing people would instantly rally to me, the strong and stable leader...but that’s not how it works. I see you too were trying to test the waters with your comment...needless to say you did it better than me as you got not only the other families reactions but my own mess. You’ve pushed me because of what you said to apologise, something I rarely do unless I’m with my own family. Now I ask you to forgive me.” He begged.

“I see we actually have similar ideals and that as a relatively new family, you and the Puresoulias, who are easily underestimated for being weak and inexperienced, though they are the opposite, are looking for someone who has had past experiences in court. I feel I may be the one for that. I sense the true antagonism coming from that Leo fellow. I fear it May be a Dragonheart dominated show. We must work together to cement a regime that can stop the other houses from dominating so easily and put our houses back in the scales of balance! So, there must be one thing we can do!”

“We must marry.” He muttered. He couldn’t believe he was saying this so quickly.

After Leo gave his prayers, he listened to a people a while "She headed somewhere with Tigroran's heir..."
"Where Would our Lady Palladia go?"

He chuckled and went to a balcon, where he met Lucy to burst with laught. "Seriously? Haah... Better for Palladia, if that little intrigue between her and Tigroran finish without change. I won't let someone outsmart me. Tigroran split on a goals that I set for this country. Better for me to check on them"

He went to the hall, where he knew no one was around as that sound like good place for such thing. He noticed, someone was eavesdropping and looked as if he was about to crush the column. Leo couldn't hear anything from this distance, but he didn't need to. He walked back and started whistling as he got a new idea on mind.

Leo meet with Nis and Taylor after a while. As Nis still waited for Tay's answer. "Okay, guys, let's slowly leave this place. Nothing holds me here anymore"
@Night's Shadow
Andre followed Lia and Tigroran's heir as he was worried about her. "What kind of proposition?"
That was a question that behin to exist in his head as he followed and stopped next a door of the room, where they were talking. He didn't believe Tigroran, but he wanted to apologize, he also soinded to aim for Puresoulia and Montiante support and maybe shy Andre would just stand here, if he didn't hear one thing.

"We must marry"
Andre felt something crawling on his spine as he heard it and he almost destroy a wall as ge wanted to punch it as hard as he can. He stopped and quickly came out from hiding and walked up to them. He kneeled in front of Palladia "Lady Palladia, you... Cant accept this proposal!" he said loudly, but when he did it, then he slowly lost the courage. Who was he to complain, taken slave from another country should just shut up and listen to orders like a dog he should be. That's how he felt.. That's how he thought that all of those nobles in the palace think about him. At least if that was for Puresoulia... But he said that put of selfishness, out of pure jealously. He thought for a while and came up with idea.
"Its too early, we can't trust them with just their words, even if they have the purest intencions! It may be a-.. a.. Trap! Or something. Please don't accept or at least give it a thought for a few days. You don't have to accept it... I only think about your safety!.. My lady, my only wish after traveling here is to protect you and help you in anything you want from me, e-even... Even if it cost my life" he stated shyly, yet loud. He didn't raise his head and just continued to look at the ground "I am sorry for stating my mind out loud to a person with higher status" he said in the end, as he was just a slave.
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Michaelis smiled softly to Ocarina, as he didn't catched up with his hearing a fact that he changed from 'visiting her' to 'visiting library'. "When I only get time tommorow or after a two days, I will be really glad to pay a visit in a library" he said with a slight bow.
"Archmage and Mercenary, sorry for a trouble, but I don't think we can help with current situation, please wait patiently and you may stand with palace or go with me, as I am currently a person that have a reign as a regent under this place, untill our new Ruler won't be choosen. I also hope that you will spend a nice time in our country" he said and turned to Ocarina. "It seems lady Ocarina that we aren't allowed to speak our minds now, as you can see. I should take care of our guests. I hope to see you later, when I visit the library" He said and bowed one last time. Then he turned to the guests "Allow me to show you two your rooms" he said.

@Spoiled Bread
A cloaked figure had dropped in the castle, looking around for anywhere that might have some information on her father's sickness and her husband-to-be's curse. She had her invitation ready, given to her by her father, since he couldn't attend due to Magical illness. The princess assassin moved through the castle Courtyard without being noticed, and into a room, seemed to be the king's funeral room, she was told to meet an Alyosius from one of the four noble clans, she had to think fast, because she had ran into a room and spotted a very familiar girl and guy.

"Rager." Natalie hissed, but continued to try and find this Aloysius, having no idea who she was looking for by description.

She searched the palace more, but spotted a familiar face.

"I didn't know Wendy was here." Natalie whispered.


"Understood, Michaelis, show us the way, and one more thing, there's a foreign Princess in the castle." (Wendy)

"Alright," Logan remained calm, but spotted a Cloaked figure around the corner.

Natalie froze, being discovered was not supposed to happen, luckily, it was Wendy that discovered her.

"Hi, Wendy, did you just get here, I'm looking for a book about Curses, Alain Silversteel had placed a curse of Impending Blue on Travis shortly before Alain was sealed." Natalie explained to Wendy, "We're not sure if Travis.. Travis.. will..."

Natalie burst into tears at the sentence, not able to finish it because the thought of the event would be too much for her to bear.

"Oh Natalie," Wendy responded, looking on sadly.

Logan was standing as confused as a duck.

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Previously Night's Shadow
Taylor had been losing focus, gaze wandering, not really listening to Leo or noticing when he left, when someone caught her eye. Someone she knew, very well in fact. Someone who had tried to kill her and who she’d tried to kill several times before. Oh, boy. That’s exactly who I need to be here right now. Perfect. She caught Natalie’s eye for a second before the latter hurriedly moved on. Taylor turned away; she wasn’t looking to pick a fight, not at the moment at least.

Nis was looking at her expectantly when she turned back, and she quickly sifted through her memories to remember the question he’d asked. “What? Oh, um...” Her gaze dropped to the floor. She could feel her cheeks heating up. “Um... well... I, uh... I didn’t want to live by sacrificing the lives of others, I guess. And you... you helped me see that how I’d been living was wrong. I guess I... felt like we could continue to... help each other, that’s all...” She furiously tried and failed to drive the blush from her cheeks before Leo came back. Luckily, he didn’t seem to notice, and suggested they leave. Taylor seized on the opportunity to weasel out of the conversation like the flustered teenage girl she was. “Ah... yeah, that’s a good idea, cmon Nis, let’s go...”

@Clite of Dragonbow

"I will look forward to your visit, Sir Michaelis." Ocarina caught Michaelis' words as her cue to leave. Bronya had been calmly following her from behind, she was silent, but her senses were as vigilant as ever and she was able to overheard the conversation between Wendy and a mysterious newcomer. Bronya whispered to her mistress' ear.

"The cloaked figure sounds to be an acquiantenance of the mercenary and she is looking for a book about curse." Hearing this, Ocarina's ears perked up and she hastily turned and walked back to the group.

"Hello, hello. Did I heard someone is looking for a book about curse? Or even someone to remove a curse??" Ocarina asked, her excitement was in plain sight. "It's fortunate because not only I am the keeper for the biggest library in Bracia, but I'm also roughly a diviner so I can theoretically dispell curse."

@Clite of Dragonbow @Cmeriwether
"Like Leonard, I want to wait and see what the other heirs are like, but personally if I'd have to vote someone with similar ideals as me for the kingdoms future. Personally I would continue on with the the late king's plans to spread knowledge and culture, continue on with the county's development and growth, but also try and acquire new trading routes, resources and possibly also trading partners," Lucy replied to Arthur, but turned her attention to Clay, who pointed out that the Tigrorian heir was going somewhere with Palladia-Secretia.

"I wouldn't mind what their doing, but all I can say is good luck to her," She replied back to the dwarf and chuckled.
"Okay, then.. I will show you to the guest rooms fi-..." he stopped as a cloaked figure approach them and listened to Natalie and Wendy conversation "Curse? Well, I think we-..." he was interrupted... Again, but now by Ocarina that seemed that also heard conversation. He sighed, looked at everyone and when he was sure that he won't be interrupted anymore, sighed and said with soft voice "Well, for me it sounds that a problem is as good as solved, If it isn't a problem for you, Lady Ocarina. I will be very, very grateful, if you could help our guests with this" he said to Ocarina.
@Spoiled Bread

Nis was kind of shocked that Taylor had a slight problem as she told him his reason and didn't look him in the eyes. He wanted to mention that fact of her suddenly being shy, but Leo interrupted them and suddenly changed the topic of their conversation and Tay quickly escaped the previous subject and Nis could only sigh, resigned and then smile in his usual grin "Okay, let's go then. Lead the way, Lord L."

@Night's Shadow

Leo didn't comment that Lord L, just smiled and headed to the exit. He suddenly bumped at the boy with butler's clothes. He seemed slightly older than Leo, had a black hair and red eyes. "Oh~ Sowwy, Milord~
I didn't want to bump at youu~" the boy said in kinda weird way, as if he was trying to talk after a really long sleep. "I.. ~ will be on my way, then~" boy said and dissapired in the crowd.
Palladia raised an eyebrow after Aloysius' speech. She was surprised, not only at the Tigroran heir's odd conjecture but also at Andre's vehement opposition. She took a moment to gather her thoughts and then raised her hand, indicating to Andre that he could relax.

"Apology Accepted," She began, "but my retainer is right. I'm not opposed to marrying one of like-mind, the throne has space for two and there is still much I could do as Queen. However, we must discuss further. I do not see the Dragonheart in the same light as you do, their heir is as much a General as his forefather's before him. His ambition for the throne seems shallow and his desires seem reasonable—if not easily satisfied."

Rather than as a foe, it seemed to Palladia that the Dragonheart would become her first ally. Leo's desires for a 'better kingdom' seemed reasonable enough. Would he not cast his lot with her if she promised to make his ideas a reality? The definition of a 'better kingdom' was still rather vague, but Palladia imagined Leo would be more than happy to share it. In fact— "How about you visit me in Cidoviano? No, even better!"

She clapped her hands giddily, an enthusiastic gleam in her eye as she took a step back from Aloysius and spoke loudly.

"It would be wrong to leave our fellow heirs out of a discussion like this! I propose that we, the four heirs, meet next week in the city of Giupi! Let's be civil, perhaps we might work something out?"

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