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Private/Closed The Oscillation (RP Thread)

"Stupid small hallways, of course no one thought about the vertically gifted people." Orm complained as he ducked as to not destroy a lamp. Entering the gymnasium, he noticed some people who he didn't recognise as staff or students. He'd only dropped out two weeks ago, and he never heard anything about new openings. It was probably none of his concerns though, maybe security or something. Shrugging his shoulders to the best of his capabilities, he tried to mingle with the other students. Whilst trying to do so, he bumped into a girl with two tails in a less than gentle way, basically shoving her aside. Instead of apologising, Orm just grunted and moved on.
"Hmmm, I think I liked it better when you were an evil farmer."

Being death sounded cool...if not disconcertingly ominous and foreboding. Catherine figured maybe that was why everyone was giving Grace the stink-eye. Go figure.

Though even then, that begged the question, why wasn't she put off by Grace? Maybe it had to do with whatever she'd become.

"Hmmm, it said I'm a Nekomata..? I don't know much about them though other than —ugh"

Catherine was cut-off as some dude, built like a brick wall, roughly shoved her from behind. She stumbled forward, almost bumping into Grace while she regained her balance. Unlike the first kid to have crossed her, this guy didn't even attempt to apologize. He instead started slithering off like she wasn't even there. Catherine wiped around to face him, fur bristling with fury. He was some kind of serpent, she could tell from the... well, from his everything. The scales skin, the long serpentine body, the slithering movements... He was somewhat intimidating, but the burning need for vengeance within the girl quickly won-out over her reservation.

"Oi! Watch where yer crawlin' ya overgrown worm!"
"Hrmm?" Hearing a voice call out to him, Orm turned around. The girl he just bumped into seemed to be angry, about what? A little shove? Nonsense! As dumb as the reason behind her anger was, he did not just let it slide. He was a giant serpent that had something to do with Jormunwhatever, for crying out loud! Rising to his full height, the boy stared down at Catherine. "Overgrown worm? Watch your mouth before I shut it for you, tiny housecat. Didn't your parents teach you to not mess with snakes or did you chew them out too?" His words had a bit of a hiss to them as his mouth stayed open, just wide enough for his teeth to show. Orm's lower body tensed up, he was ready to strike if need be.
Hearing shouting behind, Alex look back to see a small scuffle break out between some sort of twin-tailed catgirl and a far larger snake-man hybrid. Despite the size difference the girl didn't show any signs of fear, and Alex vaguely recognised her from one of his classes as Catherine. Though last time he'd seen her she didn't look like as much of a puffed-up furball.

Getting the feeling that this wasn't going to end well, especially after the snake started to get more aggressive, Alex decided to step in. Ideally this would be his time to try out how new wings and fly up to land between them, but it turned out his wings were a lot bigger than any of the other affected students that he'd seen so far and there was no way he'd be able to take off without causing a ruckus. Instead he decided to leave his vampiric friend alone for a while and ran betweens the two creatures.

"Hey, hey, chill! What's going on?"
"Wha— housecat!? Why I ought to..."

At this comeback, Catherine bristled into readiness; her claws had emerged, turning her fingernails into inch-long daggers and her whiskers and ears had flattened aggressively. Her tails billowed behind her animatedly, swishing and flicking in the air. Before Catherine could even get a roll on though, someone had come right between her and snake-guy. She recognized him somewhat, but couldn't bother to drag up his name. She did answer his question though.

"Well, kitty needs a new scratchpad! and he just signed up!"

Kicking off to a start, she leaped at her much larger opponent. Though the difference between them was comical, it would be less funny once she started scratching his face off.
Hearing a new voice, Orm turned his head to see some kind of bird-man-thing. Great, another person who couldn't mind their own business. "This little kitten considers herself too fragile to take a little push and instead decided to create a scene. This doesn't concern you, so get los-!" In his moments of unawareness, Catherine had jumped on his face! Anger surged through his veins much faster than it used to before and he began to hiss and thrash about, caring little about those around him. If the cat girl was attacking him, he didn't feel it, but that didn't mean that it just was okay to jump on his face! He snapped at one of Catherine's tails, hoping to grab it. "Get off me, you flea bag!" His voice reverbering throughout the gymnasium.
Oh lord." This altercation was going to be harder to deal with than was ideal. Normally he'd just let things like this happen, but the two didn't seen to have the best mix of personalities and ran a real risk of harm with their unknown amount of new strength. His suspicions turned out to be correct after the snake managed to grab the cat's tail, managing to knock over a canine onlooker with their frantic thrashing. He wasn't the type to normally get involved with stuff like this but he felt he had to prove his own strength in some way.

Alex pulled his wings above his head, barely managing to reach to the snake's head height before he pushed them forwards with a lot more force than he'd initially expected in an attempt to hit the cat mid-flight
"Snake oil, furball, break it up and get a grip. At least take it outside before a teacher notices."


Previously Kid_Nukas
Sam didn't remember much about Athena from when he learned about her, so he still didn't really understand the armor, but it was till cool to know a little more about his companion's new form. Then she seemed confused about why she had the knowledge she did. "You said Athena is a wisdom goddess right? Maybe that gives you some sort of heightened intuition or memory. Then again maybe I'm just looking into things too much. You probably just remembered what that voice told you when you turned."

Sam then heard the commotion behind him as the large snake dude and the cat-girl starting to fight as the large snake started to thrash about. When the snake started thrashing he obviously wasn't looking behind him as his tail was about to sweep Sam off his feet and onto his butt. Of course, Sam saw the tail coming and instinctively jumped over his tail and started hovering in the air using his wings. That's new, he thought as he went ahead and lowered himself as to not bring too much attention to himself "Do you want to go move somewhere else? I don't really feel like getting flattened by a big snake," He said nonchalantly, as if not caring whether the large boy heard him or not.
Catherine did have a grip, and a very solid one at that; her claws digging into the scales on snakey's face. It was a very strong grip, or so she'd thought until she felt a hand —far too tiny for the ridiculously large person it was attached to— grab her tail. The feeling of a hand over her newly grown appendage was beyond unpleasant, causing Catherine to hiss and stiffen.

Her grip was proved all too feebly when pit against the much greater strength of her opponent, and soon she'd been effortlessly ripped off his face and flailed through the air. The wind rushing over her ears pressed them flat against her skull muffling the din of voices and chaos around her, but her stint in the sky was over all too quickly. She slammed into something that had intercepted her in mid-air; she went flying one direction and it the other. She shrieked as pain bludgeoned her from the side.


The experience was profoundly disorienting and painful, but despite all of it, the girls still managed to land on her feet. The fury inside her burned even hotter and she was almost raring to jump right back in the fray, smarter this time. She could hear people scrambling about now, a few trying to get out of the way and even fewer trying to intervene. Though the sensible part of her told her to listen to them, it was quickly suppressed by some feral, feline instinct.

The feeling of complete liberation brought a quote to her mind; Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. She was both a woman and a cat, so wouldn't it go double for her?

Without another word she rushed back into the skirmish, trying to weave around the snakes...legs? torso? whatever. She needed to get behind him, where his hands couldn't reach her.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Grace stood up, completely forgetting she was holding a deadly weapon, she turned to the commotion and said "For f***k sake will the two of you quit it, your acting incredibly immature, everyone is just trying to figure out what the hell is going on and the two of you are fighting, Anake Boy you really should watch where your going and Catherine this didn't need to resort to violence, couldn't the two of you have dealt with this better" she was all in a huff and hadn't processed that her frustration had caused her uneasy and cold aura to spread and become stronger.
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After tossing away the cat girl and hitting the bird-man-thing with her on the way, Orm felt a smug sense of satisfaction wash over him before it receded as a third person talked to him. "Can't people just mind their own business these days?" He grumbled as he turned to Grace. "Who do you think you are, bossing me around? This is self-defense, she attacked me first! If she backs down, we can all move on with our lives." He glared at the young Grim Reaper, after deciding that her uneasy and cold aura must've been some strong updraft and had to with him being reptilian now. He turned around to see where Catherine was and discovered that the girl was trying something. "Oh for the love of-" Orm twisted and turned his body, eventually facing his opponent again.
Adrian hoped that the Gymnasium would have a bit of peace and quiet, but understood the many question people asked one another about what they became, as he looked at himself, he thought his transformation might not have been much compared to may other people who looked completely different from how they were before this phenomenon. He put his hands in his pockets and sighed as he walked towards what sounded like a group of individuals who appeared to argue to the point where a fight may happen at any moment only to see a few people try and calm them down. "And I thought my transformation was bad, gym looks like a monster convention." Adrian said in the hope to change the subject to a more friendly matter and end any hostilities.
As he flung his raised wings forward, Alex caught sight of his friend from earlier and waved a hand in greeting.

"Heya, turns out some people's transformations were a lot bigger than your-" Whack
Alex tumbled to the ground as something big flew into him, knocking him over in a whirl of yowls and a haughty yell from an unknown third party. He tried to climb back to his feet, but was quickly brought back to the ground as the snake turned around and continued his writhing, a stray coil taking Alex's legs out from under his as though he wasn't even there

Eyes burning with anger, Alex was unnaturally pissed. He paid no heed to the abnormally bright orange glow around his wings, nor was he interested in stopping the fight: he just wanted to get his own back. He acted on instinct, arching his wings above his head, a red glow beginning to form between the tips. "Scaley piece of shit won't know what hit him," he thought to himself, though the voice was quite unlike his own and some part of his brain was still questioning how he even knew to do any of this. "I'd much prefer to put him down a few pegs, that big ol' transformation probably gave him a lot more balls than he ought to have."


Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie frowned, "hey I'm not trying to tell you what to do exactly, I am simply advising. I just don't think everyone needs to be fighting each other.." she said before she saw a boy with wings shoot fire at the snake boy, some of the fire got a little close to comfort as she was stading quite close to the snake, she pulled up her scythe blocking the flames, "That's really not helpful and you should..oh screw it, I give up trying to defuse this situation" she was pissed now, everyone was basically ignoring her advise and now this flyboy had careless shot fire at the snake not considering that there might be people standing close to him, she lunged at the winged boy "You should watch wear you shoot, you idiot, I nearly caught fire, no one gets away with nearly setting me on fire" she said, similarly to Alex she had let her emotions take control and swung down at the boy savagely with her scythe "APOLOGISE!" she screamed.
"Oh, shit! Watch it!" Alex yelled out in surprise, as the previously unknown third party came at him with a fucking scythe. She appeared to be something akin to a reaper and judging by the slightly singed edges of her clothes, she'd come a bit closer to his fireball than was intended.

"Fireball? How the hell did I manage to shoot a fireball?" Alex asked himself in the back of his mind, but he was putting a lot less effort into pondering than he was into not being cut in half. He'd more or less got himself back under control but now he had a bigger problem than the snake, figuratively speaking at least. "You know, now would be a really good time to try and fly with these things."

The gymnasium ceiling was high and a big enough space had cleared in the crowd thanks to his fireball that Alex could finally attempt to use his wings fully. He quickly dashed to the side to avoid the blade and unfurled his wings, giving them a few experimental beats before launching himself into the air and sending a small wave of wind around his launch point. He was again surprised by his natural ability to respond to his own movement, managing to keep himself relatively stable while in mid-air and more or less hovering in place. Though he wasn't sure how much stamina he really had with this new form, it felt like he could beat his wings for far longer than his body should allow. Maybe his stamina also got a boost?

He brought himself down until he estimated he was just out of reach of his assailant's scythe- around eye level with the snake man.
"Hey, sorry about that!" he yelled over the sound of everyone in the gymnasium, scratching his head with a sheepish grin. "Don't know what got into me."
As Orm traced Catherine, a fireball struck him. It didn't do a lot of damage, but the force behind it made his neck sway before correcting his posture. "Who threw that?!" He turned his torso and saw the bird boy get reprimanded by the girl who just reprimanded him. Letting out a sigh, he turned to Catherine again as Alex apologised. "Seems you know your place now, good to now." He said to his second assaillant without looking at them.
"Know your place? Honestly, who does he think he is? This is what I get for good manners I guess, I'll handle him once we get outside." Alex barely managed to hold himself in check, reminding himself that he was still in school and would still preferably not want to get expelled from this one too, though considering everything that was happening school was the least of his problems. As of then, he elected to stay hovering out of reach of Little Reaper. Despite the fact the downwards bursts of wind from his wings must've been annoying to most of the people around him, it was pretty comfortable just staying above everything.
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Breath. Just breath. Windie paced back and forth on the rooftop of his school while slowly coming to grips with the reality of his situation.
Thankfully, the change had left his sarcastic sense of humor which he expressed his frustration through. “Apparently I’m the fucking god of knowledge, you’d think I’d at least have some idea of what’s happening.”

While lost in his thought, Windie had unconsciously walked over to the edge of the roof and barely came back to reality in time before he would’ve walked straight off. He looked down, his fear mere inches away from a 2 story drop, yet his usual sense of tingling that accompanied his fear of heights failed to manifest. Instead, he felt a very different type of rush, curiosity, almost excitement.

He turned around to see his grand green and red wings that looked as if they were aching for an opportunity to be used.
“For fucks sake.” Windie whispered to himself as he recalled that baby birds learned how to fly by simple being thrust from the nest as he stepped over the edge. “I guess it can’t get any worse.”

Almost instantly, the green-haired boy began to regret his choice. The courage that once consumed him dissipated with the platform below him. Windie kept his eyes clenched tightly as the air stung his skin during the fall, knowing he was mere moments before certain demise.

Windie, however, felt no pain. His vision remained dark, a cold gradually began to surround his body, and a wind seemed to rush up and out of him as if his soul was leaving his body. Is this death? Windie found comfort in the finality of things, expressing a small smile before beginning to feel a shortness of breath as his body left the realm it was familiar to. Breathing only became harder as the cold continually increased.

Eventually, the absence of oxygen caused him to gasp and forced his eyes open. Though the bright sun and the vision of clouds below him would indicate he had passed on to his next life, Windie knew he wasn’t in heaven.

Wind pushed up against his outstretched wings as if it naturally followed his desire to go up, and though he was struggling to breath and was losing himself to the cold, Windie felt a strange sense of calm as if it was natural for him to be soaring in the heavens above earth. A newfound feeling of clarity told Windie that despite everything that was going on, he was going to be alright.

He curled his wings and turned his body to plummet back towards the ground at a speed which had been unknown to him before and tore through the clouds, arriving back at the school in mere seconds. Just as he was about to open the door, and head back to class, the visible skin on his arm reminded Windie that his clothes had been torn by his wings and his high speed flight must’ve been too much for them to handle as he now found himself shirtless.

Well, I can’t go back to class like this. Guess I better go find some clothes. A sly smirk crossed his face as he jumped off the edge of the building once more and summoned wind to launch himself forwards.

Knowing his usual brands wouldn’t be accommodating to wings and their expensive value would be wasted on cutting slits, Windie opted to go to his favorite athletic brand, Adidas. Wind swirled around him as it slowed his descent and gradually set him outside of the Adidas outlet that appeared to have been abandoned during the events of the oscillation. The boy walked through the doors that remained unlocked and helped himself to a stroll around the vacant store.

In his endeavors, Windie only succeeded in finding one article of clothing that accommodated his new body, zip-up hoodie-tanks that ranged in colors of gunmetal, heather gray, and white. He grabbed three of each in addition to nine pairs of black athletic joggers with three white stripes running the full length on either side and a pair of olive green trainers that looked particularly cool before he headed over to the empty counter.

He made sure to scan every item, not being one to steal before charging his own credit card before he cut slits into the back of each hoodie that were just large enough to allow his wings to slip through.

With a new outfit and a now appreciative sense of his powers rather than his initial averse one, Windie thought he’d had back to school after picking up some boba for he and Sam.
Sam. Oh my god, Sam! Windie nearly dropped his bags as he remembered his best friend and instantly flew towards the school as fast as he could, praying his friend hadn’t fallen victim to one of the more unfortunate results of the oscillation.

He dropped his bags on the roof of the building and dashed into the school, scanning every classroom until he eventually ended up in the gym where there appeared to be a gathering of the newly turned freaks. He disregarded the tension between a group of students he somewhat recognized as his eagle eyes searched the room, hoping he didn’t see his friend. A feeling of fear took over him as he saw a harpy-like figure that closely resembled his friend but that worry was quickly dismissed as he noticed it was a girl. “Whew” he sighed, exiting the gym as strangely and abruptly as he had entered.

A sense of urgency was still present as he continued his search around the school, even checking the boys bathrooms. If something had happened to his closest friend while Windie had selfishly abandoned the building, he wasn’t going to forgive himself. Sam was nice and fairly well liked, but his status of not being overly popular and being one of the smaller, less assertive, guys would leave him susceptible to receiving a beating if some jerks decide to test out their new powers.


Previously Swirled
Not too long after Jonah told the teacher's that he was turned into the Ryujin, he noticed a fight break out between too many people for him to really care. Instead, he opted to address something much more important: his clothes. Without further hesitation, he walked over to one of the teachers to address this matter.

"Do you have any clothes that would fit me..?" Jonah asked with a twinge of anticipation that would come from ripping his old clothes off.

"I don't think we do, but try looking for some swimming trunks or something," The teacher's nonchalant response somewhat irritated Jonah, yet he was willing to at least hear him out. Using the gym exit, Jonah attempted to jog to the nearest swimwear store, but his efforts were stifled by his tight clothing. To his dismay, he had to settle for "walking" which shared more similarities to waddling than actual walking.

This is humiliating...


Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie managed to mostly calm herself, she focused and the shadowy black raven wings appeared on her back again, she flew up to the same level as the bird guy, "hey um I'm sorry about that, I let my emotions take control, I didn't hit you did I? Hang on I recognise you, I think I've seen you around, your..Alex right?" she said as her scythe vanished in a puff of black smoke. She held out a hand "I'm Grace, but you can call me Gracie" she said turning slightly, she was looking to see if Catherine was alright but had lost sight of her after the fireball incident.
Alex raised an eyebrow at seeing the girl's own wings appear, being about on par with all the strangeness he'd already seen. Thankfully she'd calmed down enough that Alex didn't need to risk trying something daring like moving horizontally, since her wings seemed to be a fair bit smaller than his own, making them presumably easier to use. Still, she appeared to be friendlier, and he hoped that sudden mood swings weren't something that affected everyone that was transformed.

"Heya. Nah, you didn't manage to hit me, don't worry about it, and I'm pretty sure we're in the same English class." Alex replied with a friendly grin. Shaking her hand, he couldn't help but ask, "So, what's with the scythe? You some sort of reaper thing?"


Previously Shadow_Pup
Gracie looked at him "oh yeah we are aren't we, oh and I'm pretty sure I'm Physical Embodiment of Death, you know the Grim Reaper. What are you? Some kind of Phoenix?" she thought as he scythe reapeared in her hand and she began to absently twirl it, "maybe I should give it a name, to make it easier to materialise it" she thought out loud, as she examined it for the second time, "Maybe, Harvester or Peace Bringer or something".
Every child is a bundle of joy; there's no picture so beautiful as a bright-eyed child; in every great artist is a great man and in every great man is a great child.

Some people called them words of wisdom. Ernest D. Whiteford, the school's resident expert in literature, called them a load of poppycock. Nary had there been a day where the teacher, in his early 40s, hadn't been driven up the wall by the unruly army of gremlin and hellspawn he was required to teach as part of his job description. The irony in many of them being turned into actual gremlins and hellspawn was not lost on him, but the fact that he had been one of those changed was a real damper. Ernie, as he was known among his colleagues, hadn't been changed physically to the extent of many of his students but the newbie Enchanter class had come with a fancy new luminescent pen, which allowed him to write enchantments directly onto objects or the air itself —not that he'd tried it, but that's what the voice in his head said.

Ernest had stepped out of the gym all too briefly to catch a whiff of peace and quiet when the complete opposite of that erupted in the gym. Groaning in resignation he broke into a brief jog. The fight that revealed itself to him as he re-entered the Gymnasium was not one he wanted to get involved in, but the desperate need to remain employed was more than enough impetus to change his mind. The man watched horrified, dodging out of the way as flames splashed across the area and one behemoth of a snake-man thrashed and a petite, sharply-endowed figure tried to slip around him.

A pair of winged figured faced off in an aerial dogfight, and a grim scythe equipped onto the smaller combatant.

"Ugh! Why can't these kids just shut up and sit down!"

Frustration built as the man wondered how to deal with this situation. Suddenly, he had the impression that he could do just that, make all the kids sit down. His enchanting pen flipped around his fingers with a dexterity that didn't agree with his budding arthritis. Light streaked through the air as he drew a strange and unrecognizable symbol. The atmosphere weighed heavily on Ernie's mind and in the face of impending crisis, he'd manifested his feelings...quite literally.

As the knowledge of what he'd just done flowed into his mind, Earnest dumbly muttered the name of the character before him.


Catherine bobbed from right to left, her body feeling impossibly light. She didn't run so much as she glided across the ground; her twin tails flagged behind her counter-balancing her body as it made turns sharper than the machete her mom kept under the sink for bushwhacking.

"You're gonna get it now you overgrown worm—urk"

Catherine was suddenly cut off as she choked; the air thickened like spoilt milk and the sudden sensation of weight crushed down on her. She crumbled to the ground, pinned and gasping for breath. Catherine had the sense that she was trying to breathe at the bottom of the world's muddiest swamp. The sensation lasted only a few seconds before the weight vanished just as quickly as it had come.

She could hear the familiar voice of Mr. Whiteford as he chastised them.

"That's enough of that... you little gremlins."

He brushed his hand through his sandy hair, "I get it, tensions are high and everyone's on edge...
not as much as me though.

He trailed off as he seemed to get over his own incredulity.

"But there's no need to start a fight. Just sit and wait for us to finish attendance... then I can finally get outta here."

With Thalia acting as the in-between, the White Vipers were able to coordinate rapidly and effectively. After a small discussion, the group decided their first target would be a local school. Why a school? The simple answer was Willaim had a petty grudge against a teacher who'd given him detention 5 years ago, but the official answer was practicality. Not only did a school abound with high-priority hostages with little to no ability to fight back, but it would also have several essential amenities: a large stock of food, water, medical supplies, and other miscellaneous equipment that facilitated courses.

Meeting up along the way with his three lieutenants and the rest of his gang, William's gang swaggered down the streets in a motorcade of painted bikes and cars. The group pulled up at Zenobia high just in time to see what could only be the unholy lovechild of Aquaman and a fishwoman of Lovecraftian horror as he tried to waddle past the school gates.

William stepped out of the leading car, his bow materializing in his hand. He took note of the humiliation apparent on the boy's scaley face and could imagine the sort of bullying the boy must've gone through since his change. Glancing over to the boy with a look of pity, William offered a few words of comfort.

"Look on the bright side kid, you couldn't possibly get any uglier."

He raised his hand, signaling to his gang. From the boy's appearance, he was clearly changed by the pulse and for all they knew he might suddenly start screeching the Call of Cthulu or some shit. Erring on the side of caution, William had signaled to his three power pieces, Parsia, Samson, and Aladd, to flank the boy along with him. Once that had been done, he turned his attention back to the kid.

"Sorry kid, but today is not your day."

Tilting his head in the boy's direction, William ordered.

"Get him."

The S.S. Celtic Sea's Silver Sailing Sylphid, or the SS too many as it was called among the passengers, was sailing back to Port Houston after its three-week pan-Caribbean trip. The various passengers, wanting to squeeze the most of the vacation right before it ended, had put the Cruise Ship's crew to the ultimate test; every restaurant, diner, movie theater, and bar on board had been booked to capacity and while the adults enjoyed fine dining with the most brilliant of ocean-views, their children swarmed the ship's pools and decks, disturbing yet other passengers who just wanted some R&R.

One such passenger was desperately trying to ignore the little bundles of chaos in favor of soak up enough sunlight to put the finishing shades on her natural tan; her once fair-skinned figure was clad in a simple black bikini as she attempted to expose as much of her as was modestly possible to the astral tanning machine. Her efforts to ignore the kids with music and a good book had, so far, been successful.

A medley of instruments, traditionally eastern and otherwise, sang score after score in veneration of the Xian. Coming from the old fairy tales of her maternal grandmother, Xian were Daoist immortals that could live on air and dew alone. They were reputed to have a number of magical and mythical powers and had been making a resurgence in popularity in novels and niche groups. Her interest in the Xian and the culture surrounding them had developed over time, from a passing interest to a full-blown hobby.

Where she had once resented her mother for giving such an uncommon name, she had now come to appreciate its uniqueness and the thought behind it. Her name was Zongying Yuying, and it meant—


A squirt of water from a misaimed water-gun cut off Yuying's thoughts by hitting her right in the face; she wiped the moisture from her features and turned to face the rowdy group of kids responsible for the 'accident'. Though they wore apologetic smiles, she could see some of them snickering in the back.

The little miscreants had planned it, she realized as she slowly set her book down and plucked the earbuds from her ears. Standing up and leveling a glare at the kids, Yuying slowly approached them. There was a rough edge to her voice as she almost growled out.

"Alright, which one of you brats did it?"

The kids giggled pointing at each other and 0scattered in all directions; it was an effort far too coordinated to have been mere coincidence. Not one to be outdone Yuying gave chase, and for the umpteenth time, she'd been baiting into a game of tag that would only end once all the kids had been captured. It had become a regular game over the last few weeks as the older girl had become somewhat of a baby sitter and playmate for this group of kids.

For all her attempts to ignore them, she'd become fast friends with the troupe of children and more often than not, played into their antics. The faithful friend of the children and chivalrous keeper of their parent's peace, yep, that was Zongying Yuying. A heroine in modern times. That was what her name meant after all — to take heroes and flowers as models.
When Marcus Kosika first began rowing, his coach would tell the team that if they took one day off of practice, it would take two days to get back to square one. That always seemed like a lot of work to the young Czech, so instead of putting a twenty one day hiatus on his training for his family's cruise, he took advantage of every amenity offered by the SS Something or Another's advanced gym. Every morning while his siblings played in the pools and their mother lazed about in the sun, Marcus figuratively killed himself on exercise machines and with free weights.

It was on one such morning that Marcus was halfway through a particularly vicious workout. As a naturally lanky individual, he had always found arm exercises to be particularly difficult, and as such he was instructed to push his arms even harder than his other muscle groups. By the time he had finished his bicep, tricep, and forearm routines, Marcus was exhausted. Still have my erg workout, Marcus thought as he racked the sixty five pounds dumbbells that he had been using.

The gym was sparsely populated this early in the day, so Marcus had enough quiet to return a missed phone call. He held his phone up to his ear and listened to it ring for a few seconds before connecting. "Yyyello?" A voice belonging to one of Marcus' teammates asked.
"Hey, man, you called?"
"Yeah, I did. Coach Pat is pissed that you're still gone."
Marcus was essentially unfazed. "What do you mean?"
"Well, you and Drew are the only two seniors still on the team. Since there are so many underclassmen this year, Drew and Pat can't make sure that everyone is doing what they're supposed to on their own."
"You say that like babysitting's my job."
"I never said it is, but Pat expects more of you now that you're a senior. If you want his exact words, he said you 'need to grow a pair and help beat some sense into the frosh'."
"Whatever, man." Marcus replied after a short pause. "I'll handle it when I get back, okay?"
"You always do."
Marcus cracked a small smile. "I guess you're right. See ya."
He hung up the phone and returned it to his pocket.

Marcus set an erg for a thirty minute steady state and got to work. He took a deep breath and drove his legs down, going through the entire motion of the stroke with perfect form. As part of the steady state, Marcus preferred to push harder for the first few strokes in order to get the fan moving faster than if he didn't. This allowed him to go for much longer, as he got to the speed he needed to be almost instantly compared to the length of the piece. Settling into the rhythm of his split and rate, Marcus let his mind go blank as all of his energy went into the exercise.
Samson cracked his knuckles with what most would call in inappropriate glee. Hopefully this kid[I][/I] can put up a good fight, he thought as he advanced on the creature alongside the other lieutenants. Samson wasn't so arrogant as to say he was the most handsome guy on the street, but at least he could say he definitely wasn't the ugliest. This kid was on another level, but Samson had been cautioned not to underestimate people who had undergone such changes. When Thalia had filled him in on what the hell an Antaeus was, she also told him some stories of what other people's...people were capable of. It seemed to Samson that the ugliest of the gang had also gotten some of the cooler abilities, so he could only hope that the same happened to the kid.
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Ashley Silver was sitting on the bow of the boat, reading a book about Irish Mythology. She looked up and found Augustus Dracolore on high alert.

"Augustus, I know you are worried, but please, you're worrying me!" Ashley called out.

Augustus heard Ashley, but prepared for Anything. Ashley continued reading her book, as Augustus sat down next to her. He sat closer to her, reading along with her.

A yawn escaped his lips as he sat, reclining on a cushioned chair that was supplied by an outdoor cafe.

Erik had attempted to drown out the noise going on around him -- which was the loud, shrill voices of hyperactive children running around, playing with inhumane stamina, and basically being the literal bane of serenity on the cruise ship -- with old school K-Pop from the 80s and 90s playing in his headphones as he nonchalantly worked through a crossword puzzle. The smell of brewing coffee from the cafe nearby helped Erik to relax even more, and he was about to lean back further and drift off to sleep under such comfortable conditions had it not been for the movement of a figure in his periphery; with his curiosity piqued, Erik turned down the volume on his headphones and watched.

What looked like a girl wearing a bikini had abruptly stood up to wipe something off her face, and her gaze seemed pointed in the direction of a few kids armed with water guns. It wasn't long before the children scattered and ran with playful smiles as the girl chased after them. The interaction had only grabbed Erik's attention for a short moment, however, as he returned to his puzzle quite shortly after. He had just come across an array that asked for a twelve letter word for "unsettling" when a kid suddenly appeared in his line of vision. The child had been part of the group running away from the girl and decided to take cover specifically behind Erik's chair; it was poetic, really. Erik let out a mental sigh of dismay before quickly writing "disconcerting" into the booklet. Despite his slight discomfort upon being used as cover, he promptly disregarded the thought and redirected his attention back to his puzzle and music as the noise once again began to fade out.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Before Gracie could say anymore to Alex, she was suddenly torn from the sky and sent straight to the ground, she landed hard and surprised her self about the fact that she wasn't winded. When the efect of excess grabity went away, she righted herself and turned to Catherine who she now spotted again, "Hey Catherine, your ok. For a moment there I thought the snake guy had finished you for a moment there, glad to see your ok" she said as he wings melted away and her scythe returned to the void. She looked at the teacher for a second before realising something, "oh crap, Alex was flying as well, so does that mean" she turned quickly to check if the boy was alright and whether he had been affected by the teachers thing.
@kyuukestu @Sky5372
Alex was about to reply when the air suddenly tightened around him, dragging him down at a terrifying pace. Instinctually he tried to adjust to the new weight, his wings giving a few flaps before he dropped to the ground like a rock. He couldn't exactly call it a graceful landing, landing on his legs before crumpling to the ground, but at least he didn't have any fractures. His legs seemed to deal with the shock fairly well, all things considered, but it wasn't something he'd go through again by choice.

Thankfully the air loosened after a few seconds, giving him a chance to breathe in a deep lungful of air and get to his feet.
"Yeah, I'm good, don't stress," Alex reassured the girl, giving her a thumbs up before turning to check who was responsible for his untimely grounding. "Right, of course. Couldn't be anybody else but Mr. Whiteford."

"Alright Sir, calm down, we were just having a chat up there. Plus, I wasn't even in the fight, it was just a little bit of fire," Alex said to the teacher, a hint of cheek in his tone. "What's the point in bringing everyone here anyway?"

Fire Mana

Previously Top_Smug_
"Ah, damn..."

Axar let out a sigh as he wiped the sweat off his brow and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He slowly took the red wrappings off of his hands and forearms as he draped his towel over his shoulder and chugged a good half of his water bottle. Finishing workouts always filled him with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, especially ones like this that left him exhausted. Still, he ignored the burning in his muscles and stepped out of the SS Whatever-the-hell's gym as someone else took a phone call.

The cruise itself had been fine so far. Axar's father only brought him because he had to,anyway. For him though, it was a free excuse to get away from responsibilities. They had won tickets for the cruise in a raffle at his father's work, the only rule being that his father had to bring a family member... of which Axar was currently the only one alive and avaliable to bring. If his dad had a choice, he wouldn't be here right now.

The deck of the ship was a little less crowded than it usually was, as most of the adults had disappeared into the ship's different facilities and restaurants. The children, however, were being general nuisances as per usual. Axar knew it wasn't their fault, they had no adult supervision and they were on a cruise ship. Still, he managed to exit the gym just in time to watch a group or the unruly youth spray a young woman in the face with a water gun... Luckily, she seemed more than willing to play along, the black-haired boy knew damn well that he wouldn't have been so nice with them.
'Poor thing.'

Parsia felt pity for the disfigured child as she floated beside her fellow lieutenants. The creature definitely wasn't her type. Not to say she was into younger boys in the first place. This woman had some standards. Fortunately, her natural beauty remained intact as she received no physical changes. Her medium length hair had an ombre effect with dark bronze-colored roots, blending together in the middle, and smoothly merging into a lighter golden blonde. The silky hair fell just past her shoulders, which were covered by a black hoodie with what appeared to be rainbow-colored feathers designed on the sleeves. Contrasting her well-covered upper body, the low rise jean shorts Parsia wore left her long legs visible for all to see.

While the rest of her body proportions weren't anything special, Parsia made up for it in some newfound generosity. Her hands raised in preparation for a fiery attack. They would be doing the boy a favor by stopping him from further humiliating himself with every step he took. Nice and quick to spare him the pain. At least Parsia would prefer it that way. Hazel eyes glanced briefly at Samson, wondering if he had his own ideas. It wouldn't surprise her if Samson wanted to see what the boy was made of. Either way, they still had their orders and this child would only be the first of many to face the wrath of the White Vipers!
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Orm hissed at Catherine. "Worm? The only worm here is you-ack!" He had prepared himself to strike the girl, his mouth open and two new fangs dangling from the roof his mouth when all of a sudden the air thickened around him. Finding himself struggling to breathe, he went down to the floor, aided by what seemed to be intensified gravity. He felt heavier than before, even when he just transformed he didn't feel this heavy. After a rough landing on the floor and miraculously not getting impaled by the large fangs that now rested against the roof of his mouth again, the feeling of getting crushed lifted and his lungs desperately filled themselves to the brim with air. As Mr. Whiteford spoke, he growled and coiled himself up, knowing that he would be left alone now. He'd love to lash out at both the girl and the teacher, just because they annoyed him, but he got what he wanted in the end and saw this as a victory.

"The name of Surabaya, Indonesia, is locally believed to be derived from the words "suro" (shark) and "boyo" (crocodile), two creatures which, in a local myth, fought each other in order to gain the title of "the strongest and most powerful animal" in the area. It was said that the two powerful animals agreed for a truce and set boundaries; that the shark's domain would be in the sea while the crocodile's domain would be on the land. However one day the shark swam into the river estuary to hunt, this angered the crocodile, who declared it his territory. The Shark argued that the river was a water-realm which meant that it was shark territory, while the crocodile argued that the river flowed deep inland, so it was therefore crocodile territory. A ferocious fight resumed as the two animals bit each other. Finally the shark was badly bitten and fled to the open sea, and the crocodile finally ruled the estuarine area that today is the city."

Iris read a book gifted to her by her mother, and was immediately engrossed in it. She always loved reading, and learning about not only her mother's native country, but also her hometown? This was like her birthday all over again! She could read this book all day until she learned it inside and out, but the Librarian had to reach shore some day. She knew the ship wasn't called that, but the liberal usage of the letter S made her think of a librarian she knew that would try and silence everyone who even made the tiniest noise. It was far from the most flattering nickname, but it was a fun one to her. In contrast to that librarian though, she actually liked this ship. The sea was never far away, she saw bottlenose dolphins breaching in the wake of the ship, the staff was always kind and polite and her suite was incredibly comfortable.

Letting out a sigh, Iris put a bookmark between the pages of her book and closed it. She shouldn't stay inside all day, who knew how long until the Librarian reached shore? She put the book in her suitcase and opened the door, breathing in the salty sea air. She was going to make the most of this day and there was nothing that could stop her, rain or thunderstorms be damned! With a goal in mind, she began to make her way to the pool, completely forgetting to bring her swimsuit with her.
Wren was beginning to sunburn.
She didn’t notice, of course; the girl was preoccupied in her thoroughly-enjoyable nap. Falling asleep in any situation was probably her greatest skill; in class, on road trips, on planes, and apparently on cruise ship deck chairs, Wrenna Dwinell could always find an ability to doze off. There on that lawn chair she napped, flat on her stomach, her face resting between her arms; hopelessly unaware of the growing redness on her skin. Her hair was up in a high ponytail, with stray hairs framing her face. She’d been there, slipping in and out of consciousness, for around four hours. Her shoulders resembled the ripest of cherries. The sound of loud, stomping footsteps of those still unsure on their legs washed over her, drummed her awake. Her eyes fluttered open, squinting against the harsh sunlight that greeted her. A few feet away she could hear a squabble of children giggling and whispering. What the children didn’t know was that they just invoked the wrath- the unbridled fury, the rage of those who were scorned by the sun-!
Ow, ow ow ow ow.”
Upon sitting up, Wren was finally made aware of the burning state of her skin. She winced, sitting up and immediately scooting to the shade, hiding from the sun like… well, like something that wanted to get away from the sun, she supposed. With tender fingers she grazed over the irritated skin, mumbling to herself. Her skin, which typically ran cold, was warm- no, hot- to the touch. Letting out a huff of discontent, she tried to direct her troubled mind elsewhere. She looked somewhat gratefully to the children who had awoken her; they seemed to be hiding from something as well, more likely someone, as they tried to hide their giggles and occasionally poked their heads up from the half wall they were hiding behind. Wren felt a tiny smile tug at the corners of her lips as their quiet giggles became loud laughter and squawks of surprise as they scampered away, a young woman following behind them in chase. Wren thought for a moment that she’d seen the girl before, maybe in a dining hall, but among all the faces on the cruise she honestly wasn’t sure.
Her gaze followed the children as they milled about, before they decided that hiding behind a chair would be their best bet- an occupied chair, at that. Present on that lounge chair was a boy around her age, who was scribbling some words into a paper booklet. He looked a tiny bit dissatisfied at his current situation, and Wren had to sympathize with him; silently, to any god that may be out there, she prayed that they didn’t find her chair their most suitable second option.
Next, she found herself looking curiously at another boy entering the scene, who was particularly damp. Her brow furrowed in thought, as she tried to piece together the cause. He wasn’t in swimwear or anything…
It was then that it occurred to her that he was stepping out of the gym, and that was not water, but sweat, and immediately her lips pursed into a tiny frown of discontent. If she wasn’t so unathletic, she would probably admire his commitment, but unfortunately for him, she was rather opposed to willing exercise.
Seriously, who works out on a vacation?
She shook her head to herself, scrunching up her nose in distaste. Wren was lucky; born with a high metabolism, she didn’t have to do much to maintain her slim figure, so she rarely exercised, if at all. Discontented with this stranger who had nothing to do with her, she turned away, laying down and muffling a cringe of discomfort at the burning on her shoulders. Luckily, she was now cloaked in the shade, and hoped she wouldn’t burn any worse than she had already.


Previously Swirled
It had occured to Jonah that he was being attacked by what looked to beat gang. The leader was right about one thing, this was not his day. However, that's where his correctness ended as the senior decided that decency was to be thrown out the window. Jonah discarded his tight clothing, leaving him uncovered save for his underwear. Now being able to move normally, Jonah did the only logical course of action and ran back to the school, which was a rather easy task since he didn't get very far from the building to begin with. Unfortunately for Jonah, the door was locked.

Shit! I gotta get in...

He banged on the door multiple times, mentally begging that someone would open the door. Eventually giving up, he busted the door open and ran further inside of the school, regretful that he had let essentially let gangsters inside.
"Don't ssssssweat it, boss man."

A serpentine head peaked out the window of the leading car; with thin and angular edges that topped a broad shovel-like snout, the face of the final lieutenant, Aladd, proved to be almost as sinister as his voice.

"I got thisssss."

Most certainly the most changed among the gang, Aladd had remained in the car to avoid unwarranted attention. With the school right before them, that was no longer a concern. Aladd pulled his snake-eyes back into the car, unlocking the door and stepping out into the street. A thick furry paw, speckled with spots and tipped with dagger-like claws, was the first sign of the monster to come. One more paw left the vehicle; then another, grasping onto the car's hood as Aladd pulled himself from the seat. The car's metallic frame groaned with relief, and Aladd shut the door behind him, carefully to avoid his tail. The chimera of a man stretched to his full height, his neck was a viper, winding through the air until it straightened with a snap. Easily clipping four meters, Aladd was the largest of the gang's members and he was most certainly the most intimidating.

He had the form and figure of Heracles, cloaked in the thick, unruly fur of the Nemean lion; where Heracles wore his fur cloak, Aladd's was attached to his powerful, feline form. His burly chest narrowed greatly as fur gave way to the scales along his neck, all 5 feet of scale. His viper's head, having now attainted a great new altitude, easily peered over the school's walls, locking onto the fleeing figure of the fish-boy.

"Run, Run, assss fassssst assss you can, if I catch you I'll swallow you whole."

Cackling with his impromptu corruption of ye old Gingerbreadman, Aladd sprang into motion. He surged through the gates with grace and power that befitted his kingly lower half.


"Well...whatever. Lockdown the exits, I don't wanna see any cops too soon. You guys round up the kids, I think I'm gonna visit some old teachers. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to see me, haha!"

Strutting into the school confidently after giving his orders, William muttered under his breath.

"Now...where was Mr. Lionnes Office again?"


"Hey! You know the rules, I'll play with you, but no disturbing the other guests."

Yuying noticed the boy as he darted behind an occupied deck-chair. Her voice had lost it's slightly jovial tone, replacing it with an edge of chastisement as she called the boy back to her side. After a tense few moments, the boy seemed to relent under her gaze, shyly extricating himself from Erik's chair and shuffling over to Yuying's side.

"Now come on, tell this Mister you're sorry and we can go back to playing in the pool."

After a swift apology the boy scampered off and the laughing and chaos started anew as the kids gathered. Rather than go back immediately, Yuying took a few moments to address the victim of the children's rowdy games.

"Sorry about that, you know how kids can get. I'll try to keep them in line next time..."

Her apology was brief but heartfelt, and she shuffled around closer, her curiosity getting the better of her as she peered into his book.

"Oh? A crossword puzzle...that's rather out of place on a cruise, don't you think?"

The crew of the cruise would probably die from aggravation had they known there was a person who found a simple crossword puzzle more enchanting than their cornucopia of services and entertainments —the oddity of it all caused Yuying to giggle. Even as she brought her hand up to stifle her laughs, she caught sight of one of the crossword questions. It read: 'An 11-letter word for vibration'.

"Oooh! I know that one, it's Oscillati—"

Yuying's words were cut off as the ship gave a mighty groan and shook violently. She was thrown to the ground, landing on her back. She didn't scream in pain, not because she was a particularly tough or hardened girl, but simply because she'd forgotten. It was hard not to forget such trivial things like bodily pain when the sky was having a rainbow-seizure. Yuying simply watched, stunned, wide-eyed, and transfixed, at the empyrean rave-party.

She hadn't noticed early —as it truly was hard to notice these things when one was being flung about like a ragdoll— but a pulse had passed through her. Her body oscillated back and forth, swapping between one form or another faster than the blink of an eye. As the sky seemed to calm down, so too did her changes. Her hair had lengthened exponentially, pooling across the ship's deck in oodles of black, with strands silver, and gold mixed in. She shifted around in discomfort, her new tail trapped beneath her body and the floor. The sound of the ocean seemed to be amplified, it surged and boiled angrily before it erupting repeatedly. The noise was kind of annoying, and her floofy fox ears instinctively folder over her skull.

The myriad of changes that had occurred had gone almost completely unnoticed by Yuying —Almost. Her senses were focused on the blissful feeling of sunlight penetrating her skin, soaking and saturating her body with a zesty warmth that left her spine-tingling. She had the sense that she was experiencing the best tan of her life, a tan that went straight down to the bone.

The sound of several wet squelches awakened her from her reverie, and she jerked to her feet.

"Damn...Best. Tanning Session. Ever!"

She was still pretty zoned out by whatever had just happened, but then the screaming started. Turning her head and staring out onto the main deck, Yuying could see where several slimy-looking fish people had boarded the ship. They looked emaciated, with large, round eyes that bulged grotesquely. Their every step squelched against the flooring of the cruise ship; in their wake, they left soggy steps and jagged scratch-lines, from where the tridents they held had scrapped across the floor.

Everyone seemed to be paralyzed in shock, as no one moved until the first fish-person had grabbed a woman and dragged her off the ship. Then all hell broke loose.


Catherine shook the feeling of heaviness from her body, leaping to her feet and taking her distance from Orm. She huffed in the snakeman's direction but didn't pursue the conflict.

"There's no way that worm could take me out, he should be lucky that I didn't—"

Acute feline ears twitched and Catherine's head snapped into the direction of the exit, she heard a few loud bangs on the door, before suddenly the doors were blasted open. The Nekomata raised an eyebrow at the less-than-dignified state of their fellow schoolmate as he entered clad in nothing but his undergarments.

"What's his problem..."

The question was answered for her when Aladd burst through the doors, hot on Jonah's heels. The man had the hulking frame of a leopard, but the slithering neck and head of a serpent. Catherine was confused for a few seconds, but she didn't even need to ask before her question was answered. Aladd straightened himself to his full height, surveying the room.

"Alright, you little freakssssss, if you play niccce Uncle Ally won't have to kill you. Get on your kneesssss!"

The man's voice thundered across the room with a hissing undertone. Catherine merely blinked, voicing the single most well-used word of the day.


Catherine was agog as what appeared to be a talking Giraffe burst into the gym and begun threatening them. It was only a moment afterward when the initial effects of Aladd's skill had worn off could Catherine see the true monstrosity.
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Fire Mana

Previously Top_Smug_
Axar wasn't ready.

In fact, he probably never would have been ready for the abrupt agony that swept through every part of his body as he stumbled back and slammed into the outer wall of the ship's gym. His skin felt like it was on fire, the entirety of his epidermis began to char and turn an ashen gray. He could feel his spine and tailbone expand, growing outwards as a somewhat thin tail sprouted from his lower back. He collapsed and writhed on the ground in pain as his outer changes finished with his hands stretching and turning an even darker gray, almost black. His fingertips elongated into wicked red claws, which he barely restrained himself from using to gouge out his eyes as they ignited. His sclera burnt as well, turning deep black, and his irises seemed to dance like cinders as they glowed an ominous red and orange. Finally, as he could begin to control his own body and stand again, two horns of pure flame erupted from his forehead. The tip of his tail ignited as well, and he could feel himself begin to breathe in jagged breaths as he struggled to stay on his own two feet. Thankfully, the pain subsided rather quickly and Axar could feel the newfound strength in his limbs. It was like a fire had ignited within him, spreading all the way to the tips of his fingers and toes.

As he spoke, the fire seemed to spread and bound across his tongue as thin trails smoke escaped his mouth.

"Alright... fine... I could get used to this."

Sure, turning into a demonic-looking monster with fiery horns, claws, and a tail wasn't exactly the best thing to happen to him... but, well, not much good had happened to him in his lifetime anyway.

That was when he heard the screaming.

Axar whipped his head around, watching wide-eyed as a small group of revolting fish-like men had boarded the ship and began to drag a woman overboard. He stood still for a moment, not fully grasping the situation until they began to turn towards more women and children. He felt the fire spread throughout his body heat up, his body giving off small amounts of smoke that showed just how hot he had gotten. The boy felt his legs moving before he had thought about running forward.

"Hey! God damnit, let them go!"
Erik had been preoccupied with thinking of an eleven-letter word for vibration, but his concentration was interrupted when the girl he noticed from earlier approached him, calling back the boy who hid behind his chair back to her side. Despite her stern tone and strict gaze as she chastised the kid, Erik smiled and dismissively waved away the girl's apology after removing his headphones.

"Don't worry about it; he wasn't much trouble."

After responding to her, he couldn't help but feel a bit of amusement upon the girl's sudden curiosity in his crossword puzzle once the small ordeal had been concluded. It was indeed strange to be immersed in a common puzzle rather than enjoy the various luxuries the cruise ship provided for the guests, but Erik personally preferred a more peaceful and calm atmosphere, and simply listening to music while working on crosswords provided just that. Suddenly, he was caught off guard when the girl revealed the word he was thinking of, and he would have thanked her before scribbling it down, but that was when it hit.

The ship lurched to the side abruptly, throwing Erik off balance though he was seated. He was flung out of his chair and unable to help the girl who had been standing next to him as he hit the floor face-down, wincing with pain. Just as he was about to push himself back to his feet, trying as hard as he could to regain his footing, a pulsating wave shot through him, causing his body to vibrate violently. Quickly fading into unconsciousness from the shock of such a sudden event, Erik finally came to several minutes later to the sound of strange footsteps belonging to those he couldn't see from his faded vision.

It wasn't long before he realized the feeling of different clothes on his skin, and a rather bright light surrounding his vision when it finally returned. After weakly getting to his feet, Erik noticed the traditional garments he was now wearing, recalling the clothes he so hated to wear every Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). He was now dressed in black robes under a navy blue vest, black pants, and black sneakers. Five golden, glowing dragon tattoos were visible through his clothing, wrapping around his body and face. The bangs in front of his eyes that slightly hindered his sight wouldn't have bothered him, had it not been for their color. Erik's hair was a bright silver, and unbeknownst to him, his eyes glowed with the same color. As if things couldn't get any more confusing, a deep voice suddenly boomed in his head.

"Cheonjiwang: The Celestial King."

Once the name was spoken, Erik heard the roar of a multitude of serpents along with the sound of violently rolling thunder ringing in his ears; sparks of electricity danced around his left hand, while strands of scarlet flame circled his right. The Celestial King did have four different Generals that aided him in battle, each embodying a different element. Finally taking in the full sight of his new form, he muttered a curse under his breath in Korean. To think, the one Korean myth Erik found himself slightly interested in after being scorned by his mother for "disregarding his Korean heritage" would be the same one he.. became? How did this even happen in the first place?

Erik was suddenly flung back into reality when the squelching footsteps grew louder and louder, and when he finally directed his gaze in front of him, he noticed the disgusting creatures that now stood on board the vessel. A handful of fish-human beasts began to wreak havoc, knocking civilians aside with large tridents and flinging others into the sea with their bare hands. Chaos filled the cruise ship as people attempted to escape, sprinting back toward their own quarters, and Erik simply stood there, taking in the sight. However, he finally shook away his stupor after a few more seconds as his gaze slowly twisted into an icy glare. Dealing with these monsters was obviously an infeasible task when he was... normal, but now... he still didn't know what was going on, but one thing was certain: he was stronger now, and with these new abilities, Erik couldn't stand by idly while the fish-men continued to breed chaos. It seemed someone else had the same idea, as a literal smoking-hot demonic monster lunged at the abnormal invaders.

Fueled by a newfound duty to protect those who hadn't been changed like he was now, Erik's eyes and dragon tattoos began to glow brighter, and he charged forward as well, quickly matching the pace of the aforementioned demon; his eyes crackled with white sparks as bright cyan electricity surged around him.
Even at the rate Marcus was rowing at, he felt it wasn't quite difficult enough. Might as well throw in a hard ten strokes, he thought as he began to ramp up his power. In three strokes the rate dropped from 1:45 to 1:35 (a difference Marcus was quite proud of), and the hard twenty started.

Only three strokes in and Marcus began to feel a lot more pain than usual.
Four! His feet began to feel as though they were straining against the straps that held them in place.
Five! Marcus' entire body began to ache, in a way entirely foreign to him, and he decided that he must've royally screwed something up while lifting.
Six! His shirt began to get incredibly tight, as if some massive object were trying to escape through the back. Still, Marcus remained calm, almost abnormally so. Am I about to pass out? he thought. The sense of not just calm but contentedness that overcame him was unlike anything he had ever felt, and in his mind's mind he could only come up with oxygen deprivation as the cause of this contentedness.
Seven! Marcus began to experience some new sensation in his back just as he heard the shirt rip and felt it once again go limp against his back. It felt as though he was growing an extra pair of limbs, and they weren't yet done. There was an incredible pain, the pain of sore muscles pushed to ten times their limit and the pain of fire across his body, yet still Marcus remained as calm and focused as when he began his exercise.
Eight! Marcus' shirt and shorts ripped in several places, as if there were more of him to be straining against the fabric.
Nine! Marcus gained even more feeling in what could only be his new limbs, and he could tell by the wind on his arms that they must have been wings of some sort.
Ten! With a strength that at the same time was and was not his own, Marcus gave the hardest stroke of his life. His legs, now wrapped what to him looked like enough muscle to feed a family of cannibals, strained against the rowing machine and the whole thing creaked briefly. His arms pulled harder than he thought possible, and his wings gave a mighty heave in tandem with the rest of his movement. At the finish, the words, "Raphael the Archangel" became the only thing he could visualize.

The straps holding Marcus' feet were broken with a SNAP, as was the chain that he had been pulling on. His entire body went flying backwards across the gym, five, ten, fifteen feet until he collided with the wall. Instinctively, Marcus wrapped his wings forward and around himself to shield his body from the impact, and the few studs and bit of drywall were all that had separated him from the hallway before he smashed straight through them. His body flared up with an agony near as bad as a few moments ago, and Marcus cried out as he hit the opposite wall and slumped to the ground.

Marcus pressed a hand to the small of his back, where most of the pain was localized. Almost immediately, the pain began to subside. "That's weird," he murmured aloud as the pain subsided. Suddenly incredibly sleepy, Marcus shook his head to stave off the unanticipated exhaustion. He looked to his left and right and softly flapped his wings, reaching up to feel the bright white feathers. "That's weirder," he said, a little louder.

The ringing in Marcus' ears was suddenly replaced with screams and...squelching footsteps? He looked to the far end of the hallway, where light from the deck was pouring in. While he couldn't make out what was going on outside, Marcus could most certainly hear it for whatever reason. A feeling of dread began to creep in and combat the calm, and Marcus heaved himself up off the ground and jumped through the hole he had made in the wall. Retrieving first a curl bar, then a bench bar, Marcus began sprinting out towards the light to face whatever danger was squelching about.


As the rest of the gang entered the school grounds, Samson turned his attention to the main gate. "Let's test some things out," He growled in anticipation. He grabbed hold of each side of the gate and began to savagely twist, bending and shaping the metal as easily as a child would with clay. In moments, the gate was twisted shut, and would need some serious manpower to break down. Marveling at his feat, Samson turned back to the rest of the gang and jogged to catch up, his foot falls heavy enough to leave fairly deep prints in the concrete path.
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Nothing could have prepared her for the cold.
It started off as a minor chill, as if a cloud had passed over the sun, or one of those little shivers one gets for virtually no reason, minus the shudder. Wren smiled in content, letting the coolness of the air around her soak into the cherry-red burns on her skin. Sighing happily, she leaned back into her chair, taking in a slow, peaceful breath. That calming cool lasted about thirty seconds seconds, and then it was gone.
And then a strange vibration took hold of her chest.
It felt as if she’d been dunked into freezing water, but at least three times worse.
A mangled scream ripped its way out of her throat, which felt like it was being restricted by shards of ice. The sound was completely drowned out by the ringing in her ears. She crumpled to the ground, her hands reaching into her scalp and grabbing tight fistfuls of hair. Massive shivers wracked her body, and she lay there, spasming periodically as the bitter cold washed over her in excruciatingly painful waves. It felt like ice was running through her veins, chilling her to the bone. A single word rang through her head.
Kuraokami. Okami. Okami. Okami. Okami. Okami.
Wren screwed her eyes shut, groaning in pain as the chill slowly ebbed away. Her chest rose as she took in shaky, ragged breaths, and the girl slumped against the chair as she placed her hand over her chest in an attempt to stabilize herself.
...Until a droplet of blood ran down the side of her face. Upon seeing it, she was suddenly aware of the splitting pain throbbing on her head. With trembling fingers, she reached up to her forehead, and felt along her hairline, where small, sharp horns had grown in and ruptured her skin. She clamped her jaw shut as she tried to comprehend what was happening, only to be stunned by the sudden discomfort in her mouth. Brow furrowed in confusion, she ran her tongue along her teeth, where her tongue met something sharp.
These next few minutes were the strangest of her entire life; where she discovered several new… changes.
Not only had horns sprouted from her forehead, but her canines sharpened into what she could only describe as little fangs. Her fingernails thickened from their usual brittle state, and also sharpened into short claws. She had yet to realize the state of her eyes, or even her hair; her scleroses had turned a pale blue, and her irises went a silvery white. Her hair had lightened from a deep brown to a sort of platinum white, and her eyelashes had done the same thing. She felt a bit skinnier, and also a bit taller, but she was obviously more concerned about the more severe changes. Needless to say, she wasn’t handling it particularly well. It felt like she was in shock, as for several moments she couldn’t move; she could only sit there, stunned. She was able to acknowledge, however, that the pain of her sunburn had faded, and was replaced by a calming coolness. Actually, now that she thought about it, her entire body felt significantly colder…
Before she could ponder on this occurrence any longer, she heard an ear-piercing scream sound behind her. She whipped around, her ponytail smacking the side of her head with the intensity that she whirled about. What met her eyes was one of the most grotesque things she’d ever seen: it was humanoid, at least, but fish-like in nature. It had a woman by the hair, pulling her across the deck. She was screaming, crying, and Wren could only stand and watch as she was dragged overboard. Her knees felt like they were about to buckle. She heard someone behind her scream something, but she was just… well, for a lack of better words, frozen. She watched as more of the figures came overboard. One of them set its eyes on her, and immediately made its way over to her, practically slithering over the deck. She reared back, her eyes clenching shut as she brought her arms over her face, bracing for impact.
When nothing happened, she opened a single eye, to find that a sheet of ice had appeared beneath him. He scrambled around, letting out a sort of strangled gurgle. The way he was lurching around sort of resembled the little dance one does when trying to recover from a wobble while ice-skating.
It would have been comical, if it weren’t for the fear that Wren was feeling.
Without a second thought, she booked it in the other direction, sprinting against the crowd. She ran right past someone, and from them she felt an immense heat being emitted; she paid this no heed, however, and scrambled into a different area of the deck. There were people milling about everywhere, screaming in horror. She’d found herself in the buffet area, with a surplus of counters, some open as a result of the chaos. Spotting an empty one, Wren scrambled forward, tucking herself into by bringing her knees up to her chest and closing the door swiftly. Unable to comprehend the situation in the slightest, she buried her face in her knees, listening helplessly to the wretched screams outside.
Kuraokami. Kuraokami. Okami. Okami. Okami.
As she shut the book at the moment Cuchulain entered battle with Aife, something strange happened. Her hair turned red, her eyes turned green, as she lurched in pain from growing an inch and a half instantly, and all of a sudden, armor formed, under her clothes, which ripped from the armor.

Aife, Rival of Scathach

"What happened?" Ashley asked Augustus.

"I don't know." Augustus asked, "I haven't changed at all?"

All of a sudden, Augustus transformed into a horse, a wolf, a fish, and then himself, in rapid succession.

Loki, God of Trickery

"What the!?" Augustus yelled, "I'm Loki!?"

"Am I Aife?" Ashley asked.

"Looks like it." Augustus answered.

All of a sudden, fish people appeared, taking passengers.

"Augustus, can try and concentrate, I'll try to fight them off while, if possible, transform into a blue whale?" Ashley asked.

"Understood." Augustus answered and concentrated.

Ashley immediately found something that resembled a sword or a spear, an oar from the looks of it. She distracted some of the fish people as Augustus finished his concentration, and jumped off the boat, transforming into a blue whale. He then started Rescuing some of the taken away passengers.


Previously Kid_Nukas
Sam was astounded by the things he was seeing around him. The students that were fighting earlier got grounded, quite literally, by Mr. Whiteford. He never liked Whiteford, going so far as to even call him Whiteman in class, but this was a little much even for him. He also noticed a slightly offputting girl jump into the fray of the fight before Whiteman shut it down. Sam was only slightly paying attention to that though. What really drew his attention was when he looked toward the entrance to the gym and he noticed a a figure with brightly colored feathered wings look around and make eye contact with him before dashing out. Windie?

After Sam deduced that the Winged figure was most likely the dream's version of WIndie, Sam decided to go and try to find him. "Hey Luna, I'm sorry to do this, but I think I just saw WIndie, the guy from earlier. I want to go see what's going on and why he didn't talk to me. I'll catch up with you later, but I want to go find him for now." With that, he bid adieu to his imaginary friend that he made up in his mind. He went up to Whiteman and was about to tell him to take his attendance and let him leave when something... strange, burst into the room.

What the hell?
Sam had to admit that nothing in this dream made the slightest bit of sense, the fact that he had been turned into a she, the fact that he made up a female friend who became an amazon compared to himself, the fact that a snake and a cat just fought as if they were wild animals, and the fact that his friend had just come in completely changed and upset about something; however none were more jarring and shocking, then the giraffe that came in making demands. This was incredibly strange, but definitely should’ve been expected from a dream as strange as this. Sam decided to dip while everyone's attention was on the giraffe. He spread his wings and attempted to fly out the door to the hallway.
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