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Okay, let me explain real quick.

1. Devils Act will increasing a lot of his abilities he does have drawback, getting headaches the more he uses it. The only way to combat this is to turn Devils act off and on like switch to conserve that energy and to not get those headaches, Another Drawback is if he uses his darkness abilities to much he’ll start to throw up and feel sick for a while.

2. Akuma Kotei will make an appearance later on in the story.
Side note: Akuma Kotei Translates to Devil Emperor.

I see.

Now, about those fruity keywords...
Super secret codes: Strawberry, Banana and Mango

...nah dawg, those weren't the words I was looking for. I'll give you one last chance to read through that first post again and find the correct ones.
I know it might feel like a lot to read, but everyone else did it without complaint, so we'd all be on the same page.

I humbly ask you to do the same.

(mods, again, I apologize for the double post!)
(Sorry for the double post...?)

Also if this counts as a 'necro' my apologies; I was looking back and thought this idea was just too cool to let go to waste. Is there anybody still interested in pulling off something like this?

(RP THREAD LINK -------> https://pokecharms.com/threads/gathers-under-night.28128/ (Ask to Join - [GATHERS UNDER NIGHT]))

To ye who hears my voice, you are broken...plagued...demented, and deformed. You feign happiness, blissful ignorance, false forgiveness...yet your heart cries in pain, silenced and hidden away by the fear of remembering. I shall put thee back together. I shall make thee whole once again.

This is an idea I had that is a mash up of Persona, Under Night In-Birth, and The World Ends With You.

If this sounds cool to you, then please read the spoilers below! I'm gonna hide a code in the [PLOT], [REALITY], and [HOLLOW NIGHT] spoilers each, so if you wanna join, MAKE SURE YOU GIVE 'EM A READ!

This'll make sure we're all on the same page, and it'll make the RP a lot more fun for us all.

We're gonna follow all the regular Pokecharms rules plus a few extras:

  • Romance is cool, but keep it PG
  • No excessive gore
  • No godmoding
  • Have fun. Seriously, I'm gonna kick you from this RP if you don't do this one.
  • ...plus any others we come up with along the way

Our story is based in Tokyo, Japan. Our characters are all students at Tenshi High School, a prep school located in Shibuya. While they live out their day to day lives as normal high school students, every night they will be pulled into a mysterious realm in their dreams, called the Hollow Night, where they are forced to play a cruel survival game in order to wake up the next morning.

During these nights, players can form a Pact with 1 other player, and are thus given the ability to channel EXS.

EXS is the source of a player's power and what the monsters roaming during the night, Noise, seek to consume. It is a form of energy present in all earthly matter, and is described as "the source of all things". By channeling EXS, players are given supernatural powers. These powers can come in all shapes and sizes, be it a magical weapon, control over a certain element, a transformation...sky's the limit! Just be reasonable.

Our characters will use their EXS Ability to defend themselves and their partners from Noise each night. Noise can similarly come in all different shapes and sizes. The code for this spoiler is pineapple. As the game continues, your character will gain more experience with their EXS Ability and will unlock new skills/parts of their ability.

It is also possible to further evolve your EXS Ability by defeating Noise or even other players, and then draining the EXS from them. EXS drained from defeated players will be in much larger amounts, but the drained player will be erased.

Our roleplay will be split into two separate sections; Reality and the Hollow Night.

Here, our characters will live out their daily lives as high school students - hanging out with friends, studying at the library, the code for this spoiler is orange, walking around town, etc.

...or perhaps, as your character goes about their school life, they begin to recognize some of their classmates from the strange dreams they've been having recently. Maybe they want to create alliances? Declare rivalries?

Who knows?

Every night, as your character goes to bed they will have a strange dream of being plunged into a mirrored nighttime version of Shibuya, except the moon is ominously much larger, redder in complexion, and the sky remains pitch black throughout.

In addition, there appears to be a massive tower at the edge of the city where Towa Records would normally be, almost tall enough to reach the sky.

While they're in this night, they will be forced to play a cruel game for survival by an unknown, masked dictator called "Juno", who gives them announcements through the various billboards.

Each night, the players as a cohort will be given a mission that is worth a set amount of points. Once the mission has been completed, the night will end. The code for this spoiler is kiwi. In this manner, not all players necessarily have to do the mission - as long as it is done by somebody, the night will end, though whoever does complete it takes all the points.

That said, each night on the announcement billboards there will be a leaderboard displaying the top 2 pairs of players with the most points. According to Juno, its in the players' best interests to claim a spot on this leaderboard, but why...?

Points can also be earned by erasing Noise and other players.

In order to awaken your EXS Ability, you must form a Pact with another player, and thus become a pair. Should anything happen to either of you that causes the Pact to become undone, each player will have 10 minutes to form another Pact or be erased.

Furthermore, sleep deprivation cannot save you. Once initiated into the game, if you miss a night whilst still alive you will suffer a heart attack and die. Supposedly, anyway...

As each night progresses, more areas will be unlocked, allowing players to get closer and closer to the mysterious tower at the edge of town. I wonder what secrets it holds...

Additionally, while in the Hollow Night, the cast will have different costumes.

According to Juno, the game will go on for a Week, and on Night 7 all the remaining players will be set free. Is this the truth? Or is there more to this...?

And what's the deal with the moon and that tower?


(Ripped right from TWEWY, edited by R1DDL3S at Neoseeker)

Name : Ren Minamimoto
Age : 17 (2nd Year)

Appearance : Ren is a tall, tan-skinned young man with grey spiky hair hanging down and intense, glowing amber eyes.

Personality : Ren is a young man defined by his logical, cold, and calculated approach to life. He sees life as game that must be played, and he seeks to make each move as effective and efficient as possible, even if it comes at the expense of others. Despite this, he has somewhat of an airhead quality about him, as though his mind is always somewhere else, tackling a completely unrelated problem elsewhere...

Despite his frosty exterior, Ren has a deep drive for self-improvement and seeks to improve at every opportunity he gets, and will also invest a lot of time and effort into someone else's development should he deem it a worthwhile endeavor.

EXS Ability : Master Of Magnetism~ Ren is able to make any object he touches an electromagnet temporarily. This also allows him to remotely switch these magnets on and off. Moreover, he is able to turn one part of his body into a magnet for a set period of time.

However, the time it takes for him to magnetize an object depends on it's mass - the heavier the object, the longer it'll take. Furthermore, the amount of time an object stays magnetized also depends on how long he has held physical contact with it. Making a part of his body a magnet for too long can also result in him losing feeling in that body part for a while.

As the game continues, Ren will learn to create Stasis Fields, new methods of mobility, control heavier objects, and eventually begin to even decompose and reconstruct metallic objects into different things.

Costume : During the Hollow Night, Ren wears black laced platform boots with a red inside and white buttons, grey joggers, a black shirt with a white zipper, a hooded dark gray trench coat with a reptilian pattern, a cap, and a crown pendant.

He always wears his hood up, which in combination with his cap serves to obscure his eyes completely. When he is staring at something intensely, however, his eyes give off an intimidating amber glow.

Backstory/fun facts (if any): Ren is very fond of math, and loves to speak in mathematical terms. He sometimes cannot refrain from making a calculation or from telling a math joke during conversation, to the point of obsession.

@| Korutesu |
Name : Kenjiro Hakagura (Hanasha)

Age : 15 (1st Year)

Appearance : Kenjiro is a pretty short teen, only 5'6 for his age. He has a slim build, because he dislikes athletics, Being also light-skinned. He has a blonde hair color, while his hair is pretty messy. He has teal-colored eyes, and he wears glasses. He wears pseudo-formal clothing, mostly with a color of gray as his undershirt, while he's wearing a coat on top with a light brown color. He wears black pants and black boots, along with a watch on his left wrist.

Personality : Kenjiro is a shy and docile person, not liking interactions though when you talk to him, he'll definitely answer back. Kenjiro is much more of a listener than a talker, and likes observing things before acting than acting recklessly .

Kenjiro is careful, in both what he says and does, and tries to help both sides of the coin, even if they're good or evil.

EXS Ability : Master in Psychic Creation - Kenjiro is able to create physical objects using psychic (kind of like Pokemon moves like Reflect or Mirror Move) which are very durable and can sustain hits. He can also use his power to move larger items with the use of psychic powers. The things that he creates are very durable and can sustain and hurt Noise and or other players, though he dislikes using his powers for offense, and instead uses it for defense. With the psychic he has, he can create small blasts of psychic energy, which takes away some energy from him (using too much will tire him out) and ultimately become weaker. It applies to both physical and ranged psychic creations by Kenjiro himself.

A downside of this, is that when a physical item created is broken or destroyed, Kenjiro's EXS ability will be disabled for a few minutes, and cannot use it. Another downside is that, depending on the strength or durability of the item he is creating, he will most likely tire himself out to fainting.

Costume : In Hollow Night, Kenjiro wears some very basic clothes, specifically, a red shirt, which has a black jacket on top (which is hoodless), with some bright amber boots. He also wears a type of watch which shows him the location of any person who is in Hollow Night that had been given a small device which tracks their location. In actuality, He does not wear a watch, but a compass, which is secretly hidden in a compartment under the clock. Since the Hollow Night has no actual time, the watch becomes very useful, as it doubles being a GPS and something to show the time during the day time.

Backstory/fun facts (if any): Kenjiro likes creating stuff, like the watch that he uses, which is why i also gave him the power to create physical items with psychic powers. He dislikes being out in public much, or in places where it's very crowded. In Hollow Night, he wouldn't hesitate to help out fellow players if it means helping almost everyone escape unscathed, even if it means him getting hurt in the process.

Name : Inja Kawasaki
Age : 16 (2nd year)
Gender : Female
Sexuality : Unsure
Codename: Cypher

Appearance : Inja has short hair hanging to her jaw, a dyed cyan fading into a coral color at the bottom. She has pale skin due to not getting out much and is extremely small in stature, usually swallowed up by jackets several sizes too large, hoods up and shrouding her head and face. Inja’s eyes are a pinkish color, large and innocent-looking, and she has a snaggletoothed canine that tends to stick out of her mouth when it’s closed.


Personality : Inja is essentially a recluse, socially awkward and shy, and hates to perform. (Though when playing video games over voice chat, she can get violently engaged haha) She loves all things introverted and geeky, like video games, coding, doodling, and Dungeons and Dragons. She’s good with her hands and scarily adept at picking locks, and she enjoys taking random scraps and putting them together into new, useful things. In private she will take trash from her lunch and make “robots” out of it— robots in quotes because she likes actually making working robots at home.

EXS Ability : Glitch Matrix: Inja’s EXS ability allows her to “glitch” her own “code” through the “game” of Hollow Night. This includes glitching herself in a form of semi-random, unpredictable teleportation, glitching her “gravity script” to reverse her own gravity, glitching jump code or speed code to increase, and more. Eventually, this will allow Inja to code helpful creatures into existence, gradually increasing in complexity as she becomes more adept at this ability.

Unfortunately, this ability also means that she suffers from lag occasionally, freezing in place or suddenly glitching uncontrollably. This can work for or against her, as it makes her movements unpredictable to her opponents, but also to herself, and she can’t plan on her movements being what she intended. It also causes Inja to be more susceptible to damage from fire, as though the flames are a firewall in Hollow Night’s “code”.

Costume : In Hollow Night, Inja takes on the attributes of the computers she loves so much. Her ears become hypersensitive, extending out into computerized mechanisms, and her eyes gain infrared sight, sclera going black. Antennae atop her head pick up internet connections and signals, and mechanical wings attach to a back harness. She wears a coral-colored cropped top underneath an unzipped black-and-white varsity-style jacket. Two computer panels float beside her hands for use of her EXS ability, to code her glitches, and her right hand has a haptic glove used to control the position of the panels.


Backstory/fun facts (if any):
-If Inja needs to talk in class, she will use a voice-synthesizing program she wrote herself using her own voice patterns so she doesn’t actually have to talk.
-Secretly, she’s a great singer, though she would never showcase it for anyone.
-Listening to music (especially Geometry Dash music) helps her to code faster.
-Her favorite food is something sweet and salty, like caramel corn or Reese’s cups.
-Inja lives alone with her dad, who works full time, resulting in her social awkwardness and love of introverted pastimes.
-In the beginning of Hollow Night, she’ll think it’s just like being thrust into a video game, and think it’s great! Once shit gets real though, breakdown incoming…

Fun fact!! Inja translates to “hermit” in Japanese haha

Name: Kin Takeda

Age: 17 (2nd Year)

Appearance: Kin Takeda has a pale, caucasian complexion and stands at 6'3" tall. He has long, messy autumn-orange hair that extends down to his shoulders and he typically walks around with his head hung at a semi-low angle and with a hunched back, making it look like he's smaller than he actually is. Takeda has coal-black eyes and often goes around wearing either a big sweater, a puffy jacket or a coat with many pockets, along with the typical pants/slacks and shoes. Kin doesn't have a theme of colours when it comes to the things he wears, so he often just wears what he likes and not things that he thinks could go together, often ending up with colours that don't match each other at all.

Personality: Kin keeps his emotions bottled up, often going reserved, calm and stone-faced in most situations. Although he certainly can show his emotions when time arrives or when he's forced to, Kin tries to just go by his day without ever using them much, often making him seem almost emotionless to others. Though he may seem that way, Kin keeps the friends he trusts close to him and will often help them out with anything he can help with.

EXS Ability: Master of Emotions - Kin's ability allows him to split his emotions into clones of him - for example, when splitting his anger, it turns into a clone of him that wears various shades of red. (From hair to eyes and even clothes). Notably, emotions that are split into clones have different speed, strength, intelligence, etc. specifically themed with the emotion they represent. When he splits all his emotions from him, Kin becomes the emotion 'Neutral'. The emotions have these changes applied to them respectively:

  • Anger: Red colour palette, is more brawn than speed and brains, easily agitated and very brutish, has glowing crimson eyes.
  • Sadness: Blue colour palette, lacks confidence and motivation, lacks physical strength and intellect but makes up for it in speed, has glowing blue eyes.
  • Love: White colour palette, often too merciful for his own good, lacks strength and speed but is very smart, has glowing yellow eyes.
  • Hatred: Black colour palette, MUCH more aggressive and hostile than Anger, is both powerful and speedy but even dumber than anger, has glowing blood-red eyes.
  • Courage: Purple colour palette, is both powerful and smart but not very fast, can get overconfident and cocky, has glowing white eyes.
  • Anxiety: Yellow colour palette, is both speedy and smart but not very powerful, very paranoid and is easily intimidated/scared, has glowing green eyes.
  • Neutral: Grey colour palette, evenly balanced between intellect, power and speed, the emotionless team leader, has empty, black eyes.

As the game progresses, Kin's emotion clones will eventually gain the ability to manipulate elements belonging to the emotion they represent. (So Anger is fire, Love is light, etc.) The first upgrade will have them be able to throw out small projectiles of their element, which will gradually upgrade to allow them to be more versatile than just launching weak attacks.

Naturally, when Kin splits an emotion into a clone, he won't be able to feel that emotion anymore until he merges it with himself again. Though they are all the same person, the different clones can get into fights if they can't decide over a common interest or a goal they can share. Neutral can manage to keep them together, so without Neutral, the team can get chaotic and often ends up doing their own thing instead of working together. The emotion clones can be damaged normally and, if they sustain enough damage, they become a ball of energy of the colour they represent and fly back into Kin, with him unable to re-summon that defeated emotion for a few hours. While those few hours still last, Kin will also unable to feel the defeated emotion for the entire duration of those hours.

Costume: Kin's outfit in Hollow Night resembles the outfit of a witch hunter - a tall, black hat with a matching scarf over his mouth that is tucked underneath the collar of a brown, belted leather shirt that is worn under a long, dark-brown leather coat. Kin has brown leather gauntlets on his wrists that go under the sleeves of his coat and wears a black belt attached to baggy, brown pants, whose ends are tucked into big, dark-brown boots. With this outfit, only Kin's black eyes are visible.

Backstory/fun facts:
  • Even though Courage could've been a leader, it is due to the fact how cocky and overconfident he can get that the others voted for Neutral to be their leader.
  • Hatred, though he won't attack allies and the other emotions/Kin, he still needs to be held back by others so he won't just go kill everything else on sight.
  • Despite how it may seem, Sadness and Anxiety do not share the same ideals of everything being a danger to them, but neither have the courage to actually say otherwise.
  • Neutral, emotionless as he may be, can be perfectly understood by the other emotion clones as to how Kin actually feels without even needing to own any other emotions.
  • Anger is still annoyed at Kin for bottling up his emotions. Sadness understands it though and Anxiety just encourages this behaviour, which Love actively advises against.

Name : "Goro-Goro" or Otoko Kemono
Age : 17
Appearance : A towering beast of a man, standing at 6'1 and plenty of muscle to go around. He's tan and dark in both (short) hair and (black) eyes. Typically wears a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots, not one to care for appearance.
Personality : Otoko is a delinquent, one that managed to intimidate even students from the year above. He's beat up an entire gang by himself, and does the same to any unlucky sap who so much as talks to him, unless he spares you. Then you owe him.
Or so are the rumors.
Really, Otoko is just really bad at reading the room. He's affable, if boisterous, and perfectly willing to befriend anyone, regardless of their past. Unfortunately, Otoko just doesn't know his own streagth, and combined with his general loudness, he can be just a smidge intimidating. His reputation at fighting is impressive, and while he's no slouch at it, having engaged in quite a few (mostly due to misunderstandings), he focuses more on raw power than finesse, as he's rather clumsy and lacks coordination. It does work out often, however.
EXS Ability : Animal Aura
Otoko can essentially double his body's...everything. Advanced streagth, reaction speed, hearing, smell, regeneration, you name it. That's not all, however, as he also gained a nifty, totally not stealthy red aura around himself. While it's mostly decorative starting off, Otoko will find he can manipulate it to form into animal-like shapes, such as claws, a tail, scales, spines, etc. With more practice, he can even have full body changes, mishmashes of animals, and other ways to mold his power.

However, it doesn't do much to his intellect, he still lacks finesse and focuses on raw power, and is far from invincible. He's clearly suited for close combat, and can easily sustain injuries in fights, and while his boost lessens it somewhat, it still takes time for wounds to heal.
Also the power boost is always double, though Otoko can technically increase it by growing stronger outside the Hollow Night
Costume : If his general being didn't shove the delinquent aesthetic at ya, this sure will. Jotaro I mean Otoko retains his T-shirt, but his pants become ripped and baggy, flaring at the ends, almost covering his metal studded boots. Otoko also get's a fabulous overcoat that clearly for decoration as it only hangs from his shoulders, and that's about it. He also gets a cool not-jojo inspired cap :D.
Backstory/fun facts (if any):
Really enjoys working out, though he's yet to be take up a sport, probably due to his clumsiness (and intimidation).
Was bullied in his younger years, sparking his need to grow stronger as a way to fight back. He ended up enjoying it more as a hobby, however, and gave up on that front, resulting in his forgive and forget mentality
Rather protective of his family, especially his younger brother.

Name: Kazemi Fujiki (Codename: Bunraku)
Age: 17 (2nd year)
Appearance: Kazemi is a fairly tall, pale skinned young man; coming in at a height of 5'11, which by no means anything too imposing when paired with his pretty thin frame. He sports a head of crimson coloured locks, always keeping his hair in the same medium-long messy style. To go along with this red hair of his, Kazemi has a pair of purple coloured eyes, although they are more pale in colour and come off as less striking when compared to his hair.
Personality: Kazemi is very easy going, perhaps being too easy going for his own good; with no motivation or aspirations to speak of. All that he ever wants to do is relax, making it a real up hill battle for anyone trying to get him out of bed in the morning, and he'll take the opportunity to kick back whenever he can. Despite his lazy attitude and lack of any real motivation, there are surprisingly still a few things that Kazemi is able derive a level of enjoyment from; he enjoys playing video games, listening to music, hanging out with friends and watching movies. It should also be noted that his laziness doesn't equate to him being completely bland and emotionless; he is still very much capable of having fun, and he often enjoys joking around with those who he considers friends.

EXS ability: Shadow Puppeteer: With this EXS ability, Kazemi is capable of emitting thread-like shadows from the tips of his fingers. These 'threads' are capable of controlling pretty much anything, ranging from the inanimate to the living. Once something (or someone lol) is caught by Kazemi's 'shadow strings', a dark purple-ish aura will cloak it, whilst glowing eyes form upon it, signalling that Kazemi has obtained full control. After something has been ensnared by his strings, he will have full control of it's movements, as long as he is able to stay focused keep a good hold on it.

Of course, this ability does have it's drawbacks. There is a limit when it comes to range, Kazemi's strings can only travel up to around 12 meters (39 feet) ahead of him, so he mostly has to stick to catching things in close proximity to him. Although he gains full control in terms of movement, if Kazemi is puppeteering a living being, whether that be an animal or human, they will still keep full sentience and will be able to break free of his control with enough force or willpower. The size and weight of what he is controlling will also factor in, small things will be much easier for Kazemi to manipulate, whilst larger objects/creatures will be much more of a struggle for him to control, and obviously he has a limit when it comes to the size of what he can use; for example, even though he is able to take control of inanimate objects an entire building would definitely exceed his limitations, as he obviously wouldn't be able to carry the weight, and it would just be too much for his shadows to envelop.
(Dear God, this explanation is all over the place. Lemme know if smth here needs a better explanation, or if smth is missing)

Costume: In Hollow Night, Kazemi wears an outfit that is definitely more on the 'fashionable' side of things, rather than the functional side. This costume consists of a dark purple shirt decorated by white pinstripe, and a black waistcoat overtop, with the pants matching it. On top of this rather 'snazzy' getup, he can be seen sporting a black long coat with a fair few pockets scattered about it, the coat's hood being outlined with a thick layer of white fur.

Backstory/fun facts (if any):
-Kazemi has two siblings; an Older Sister and Younger Brother.
-He lives with both of his two siblings, and his Father.
-Despite his aforementioned laziness, Kazemi recognises that staying fit is important, so he exercises whenever he finds the time...and can be bothered.

Name: Shinko Reihai (Selaphiel is what she calls herself in the Hollow Night)

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (1st year student)

Appearance: Shinko is a short, modest girl who's white composure and thin frame give her an almost ethereal look. Her ash-blonde hair is tied firmly in a bun, and her platinum eyes are framed with circular, black glasses. Sunken cheeks, narrow coal-black brows, and a straight nose give her a withdrawn, passive look. She is often clothed in simple, formal garments such as a white, ironed shirt with a black, smooth cardigan.

Personality: Shinko is a reclusive, devoted thinker. Her belief in a higher power and her conviction to follow a proper life often leads her to be engrossed in religion, politics and delusions mystical power. This has led he to become a social outcast. The Hollow Night acts as a catalyst for her delusion, and when situated in the dream world she has a callous conviction that she is a holy missionary. A lack of the usual tangible barriers of reality leads her to a radical change in personality - from shy, humble and distracted to chivalrous, vivacious, outspoken and occasionally belligerent. However, sometimes Shinko's confidence can be decimated which causes her to lose faith and inevitably strength.

EXS Ability: Archangel of Faith - Shinko's ability gives her divine powers fuelled by her faith, fidelity and belief, and that of those around her. She is capable of creating powerful arcs of light; her strength, speed and finesse are multiplied scores ahead of the normal level; she is capable of enacting certain rituals, rites, and spells of healing; she is much more resistant to physical harm; she is also capable of flight that is seemingly uninfluenced by the effects of gravity. The strength or access to these abilities varies depending on her level of experience and her level of faith.

Costume: When in Hollow Night, Shinko's physical appearance dramatically changes. She is considerably taller and her complexion becomes a perfect white. Her eyes are entirely a striking amber-gold that radiate as if miniature suns were shining fervently behind the sockets, and her pupils are replaced with symbols of stars that are of a more saturated colour than the surrounding iris. The brightness of these illuminated eyes changes with the exertion of her power. Her usually short hair is transformed into straight, waist-length strands of lavender purple. Powerful, defined eyebrows of the same coal-black colour hang protectively over the eyes. Directly behind her, a pair of classic "angelic" wings hover resoundingly, unmoving. They seemingly have no effect on her ability to fly, but scale to match the exertion and mastery of her power. Crusader's armour adorned with a red cross in the centre covers the entirety of her body (beneath the head) and a silken white material embroidered with elaborate patterns serves an underlayer. Burgundy gloves cover her hands and a matching collar forms a ring around her neck. A constant glowing aura subtly shimmers around her. Circumnavigating her waist, a brown leather belt straps the plates from her torso and legs together and holds a sheath on her left side. Gleaming mockingly, the hilt of a rapier rests in the black and white scabbard.

Backstory/fun facts (if any):

((may edit in some stuff))

Name: Akari Kaneko ("Shuiro")
Age: 16 (2nd Yr.)
Appearance: While not particularly tall, she has a strong build considering that she's an athlete, specifically in the martial arts and combat sports. Her dark hair is cropped into a short pixie cut, and her eyes are a warm brown. Her skin is quite tanned, but as she uses her ability it becomes increasingly pale and dark circles beneath her eyes are more pronounced.
Personality: While outgoing and willing to talk with just about anyone, she finds it a bit hard to keep friends due to her competitive and stubborn nature, as well as her recklessness. However, she gets attached easily to the people that do stick around and remains fiercely loyal. She hates bullies and people who are cruel for the sake of cruelty, and will usually try and step up to defend those who cannot or will not defend themselves.
EXS Ability: Sanguine Influence – She can manipulate her own blood in various ways; for example, she can initially clot it at will to quickly seal a bleeding wound, or increase bloodflow in specific muscles to increase her natural speed, stamina, strength, and so on. Eventually, she finds that she can manipulate the form of her blood outside her body and harden it into a crystalline substance to form weapons or small barriers. However, she needs to be careful using this part of her abilities; like anyone else, losing too much blood too quickly can cause negative health side effects or threaten her life. The more she practices with her ability, the faster her body will be able to replace lost blood in the future, but she'll need to compensate with a higher intake of water and food to do so.
Costume: Her costume prioritizes her mobility and warmth over armor or protection, considering that anemia can make her vulnerable to the cold. She wears loose black pants tucked into lightweight boots, and a long sleeved top that is also quite loose. Overall, it's quite similar to a gi. She also wears a tight black mask over her lower face, including her nose, mouth, and chin, as well as a gray hooded cowl that covers her head and neck. Her forearms are wrapped with white bandages, which she is able to remove and wrap her wounds with or use for any other purpose. Around her neck, she wears a pendant that is shaped like a small kunai. While she'd normally use it to draw her own blood, it can also be used as a weapon in a pinch.
Backstory/fun facts (if any): She's drawn to competitive sport as an outlet for her energy, particularly judo and escrima, the latter being her inspiration for later shaping weapons out of her crystalized blood. Her interest in sport and the human body also grant her some knowledge of anatomy, which helps her understand how her ability works and perform some basic first aid if needed.

Name : Asuna Ryugetsu
Age : 18
Codename: Kingyosō
Appearance : Asuna is 5'2" with flowing bright red hair, golden eyes on a well endowed Feminine frame, her frame has scars in several places along her midsection. She normally wears a standard uniform, her black belt would be revealed if she lifted the shirt a bit.
Personality : Asuna is a shy individual, being rather cautious around people as her power tends to damage surrounding areas, she is known to make friends, which is more so done during the day. She usually will talk when approached.
EXS Ability : Steam Engine: Asuna's power allows her to release steam in different ways, adding power to her close Range attacks, the steam releases through the skin pores, and she can eventually control which sections use it for precise movements, over use of this ability results in burns based on how much its used, in places. Her body gives off a cloud colored aura in sections not being used when her Ability is active. Her current use of this power is to accelerate her body, which can double her speed.
Costume : Asuna's Costume is very light, and very cooling, as she burns herself if she would use her EXS Ability too much. Her costume is like a normal shirt, but it has netlike mesh on the center of the chest, midsection and upper arms. She has more normal pants, but they're loose and made from mesh.
Backstory/fun facts (if any): Asuna is a Second Degree Black belt

@Red Gallade
Name: Taiyo Akibara
Codename: Helios
Age: 17
Appearance: Taiyo stands at 5'8" with fair colored skin, a slim body build with little signs of muscle or fat. His hair is short, smooth, tidy and Charcoal colored while his eyes are sky Blue. His casual attire usually consists of sci fi design t shirts, dark Blue jeans and Brown shoes, but his most notable piece of attire is a Black hooded jacket with Beige fur linings.
Personality: Taiyo is very friendly, laid back and very carefree, his main facial expression is a smile that either shows he's lazy or smug. He isn't afraid to talk back to anyone or throw sarcastic comments regardless of who the one he's talking to may be. In the Hollow Night however, he displays more confidence and a hint of sadism, taking cruel joy in killing, yet is aware on where or who he should kill, calling his sadistic tendencies a "bad habit."

EXS Ability: Fire manipulation - Taiyo is capable of creating and/or taking existing fire and manipulating it as he sees fit, either using it to direct at his enemies or changing it into any inorganic like item he desires, even capable of making the fire he possesses behave like a solid and wielding it like a weapon, shield, etc.

Despite this, his power does have drawbacks. Like all fire, it's nearly hopeless against vast amounts of water, although his "solid fire" can endure it for a while, but does get gradually weaker before dissipating. It costs more energy to create and manipulate his own fire than it does to manipulate already existing fire.

As he gets stronger, he will be able to create and control even more fire and create even greater objects with it along with much less limitations on energy usage.

Costume: His costume is a jet Black shirt and pants, knee high Black boots and gloves, all of which have metallic plating, mainly his chest and torso, lower legs and gloves, the latter roughly resembling claws. Above all this is a blood Red ankle long coat with a short cloak reaching down to the elbows, a thick Black fur collar and fur linings on the sleeves and bottom of the same color.
Backstory/fun facts (if any): His father runs a charming little cafe that he plans on getting a job at when done with his studies. He has three pet cats. (Might add more lil' details later, his backstory isn't anything special.)

Name: Asahi Miura ("Thorne")
Age: 17 (3rd Yr.)
Appearance: Asahi stands at an average height, with a lanky build, and dark green eyes. His black, medium-length hair is slightly curled and just long enough to tie back in a ponytail, but he chooses to leave it down even though it gets in his face and obscures much of it.
Personality: Asahi is fairly quiet, preferring to listen to other people's ideas and keep his opinions to himself, but opens himself up to those who are close. In the Hollow Night, his anonymity gives him more confidence, so he allows himself to smile and laugh more easily, and tends to try and ease tensions with humor. Having been bullied throughout much of his school life, however, he has trouble trusting people and typically assumes the worst about them. He values his own life above all else, and will go to any length to protect it even if the threat is a product of his own paranoia.
EXS Ability: Master of Flora: At first, he finds that he can only influence the movement of existing plants. For example, he can make a tree fall on demand, have branches reach down and hit others, or have existing vines grab people or objects. After some practice, he finds that he can cause plants to spontaneously grow, and then influence these. He can only use his ability if his skin comes into contact with the ground or plant that he's trying to control.
Costume: His is sort of a reverse costume; his shaggy hair is pulled back into a ponytail to show his full face, with only a few wisps falling free. Even so, his identity stays quite hidden considering that his hair typically covers his face in Reality and he doesn't interact much with others at school. He wears dark jeans, a short sleeve white t-shirt, and an olive green jacket made from a durable denim material.
Backstory/fun facts (if any): He likes to spend time outside rather than indoors, and has been bullied throughout school for his reclusive nature.

Name : Mizuko Shirogetsu
Codename: Yuki no Yūrei
Age : 16 (2nd Yr)
(15-16 = 1st Yr student, 16-17 = 2nd Yr, 17-18 = 3rd Yr)
Appearance : Mizuko stands about 5'5" with a slim build, she has long dark hair and blue eyes, and usually wears a school uniform. There is one tattoo on the left side of her chest, it is the Kanji for the word nurse, it has meaning, her mother was a nurse for the Army who was killed in the line of duty.
Personality : Mizuko is somewhat Reserved, and shy, but harder to approach than Asuna. She can usually be seen doodling, or something or other.
EXS Ability : Curse: Depending on what happens to Mizuko, Her EXS Ability will put a dampener on other EXS abilities if someone would hit her, the overall effect of that would be almost unnoticeable, but if someone left an injury, it would affect them in a negative way. One of four effects can occur if she was injured.

1. The attacker is treated as if under their own personal thunderstorm, it would rain on them and they may face a lightning bolt, the storm wears off when the lightning bolt strikes.

2. The attacker suddenly loses 5% EXS effect, this lasts the rest of the night.

3. The attacked suddenly is twice as strong and fast for the rest of the night.

4. The Attacker is suddenly a beacon, which can attract nearby others in the Hollow Night. This effect ends at the end of the night.

If Mizuko is killed in the Hollow Night, two things happen to the one who ends her life.

1. Yuki: The Killer is encased in snow, only those that are not her killer can see this.

2. Yūrei: Mizuko's spirit haunts the killer, making them see her as if she's still alive. She can possess objects near the killer, but not on the killer, and use them to attempt to stop the killer.

Her eyes glow Gengar Purple when effects activate.
Costume : Mizuko wears a short black shirt and short black shorts under an ominous purple cloak and wears a mask similar to the Phantom of the Opera.
Backstory/fun facts (if any): Mizuko has two Congenital Heart Defects, which can cause her shortness of breath when exercising, alongside the occasional headache, she can suddenly faint if things are severe.

Name :
Codename (to use in the Hollow Night, if you wish):
Age :
(15-16 = 1st Yr student, 16-17 = 2nd Yr, 17-18 = 3rd Yr)
Appearance :
Personality :
EXS Ability :
Costume :
Backstory/fun facts (if any):

Super secret codes:
Seems fun. I'll give it a try, I guess! XD

Name: Daisuke Kakashi
Codename: Scarecrow
Age: 17 (2nd year)
Appearance: Daisuke has spiky maroon hair, maroon eyes and well-tanned skin, and other than that he's average.
Personality: Daisuke likes to be alone. He's much more secretive than others and if he feels threatened, he can get violent and somewhat sadistic.
EXS Ability: Fear (No matter what his opponent is (human, Noise, etc.), he can channel their inner demons and scare them witless while he makes him escape or drains them of their energy. He can also use said energy to create giant weapons to fight using. (halberds, etc.))
Costume: A full-black jumpsuit decorated with a pair of goggles, a scarecrow hat and a bunch of belts gadgets on his waist, chest, arms and legs.
Backstory/fun facts: He enjoys seeing people he doesn't like suffering.

Super secret codes: pineapple, orange, kiwi
Seems fun. I'll give it a try, I guess! XD

Name: Daisuke Kakashi
Codename: Scarecrow
Age: 17 (2nd year)
Appearance: Daisuke has spiky maroon hair, maroon eyes and well-tanned skin, and other than that he's average.
Personality: Daisuke likes to be alone. He's much more secretive than others and if he feels threatened, he can get violent and somewhat sadistic.
EXS Ability: Fear (No matter what his opponent is (human, Noise, etc.), he can channel their inner demons and scare them witless while he makes him escape or drains them of their energy. He can also use said energy to create giant weapons to fight using. (halberds, etc.))
Costume: A full-black jumpsuit decorated with a pair of goggles, a scarecrow hat and a bunch of belts gadgets on his waist, chest, arms and legs.
Backstory/fun facts: He enjoys seeing people he doesn't like suffering.

Super secret codes: pineapple, orange, kiwi
Very cool concept; keep this stored and you can post it on the new thread when I get it up later today.
In the meantime, work on appropriate drawbacks and evolutions of the power as the rp progresses