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Okay, let me explain real quick.

1. Devils Act will increasing a lot of his abilities he does have drawback, getting headaches the more he uses it. The only way to combat this is to turn Devils act off and on like switch to conserve that energy and to not get those headaches, Another Drawback is if he uses his darkness abilities to much he’ll start to throw up and feel sick for a while.

2. Akuma Kotei will make an appearance later on in the story.
Side note: Akuma Kotei Translates to Devil Emperor.

I see.

Now, about those fruity keywords...
Super secret codes: Strawberry, Banana and Mango

...nah dawg, those weren't the words I was looking for. I'll give you one last chance to read through that first post again and find the correct ones.
I know it might feel like a lot to read, but everyone else did it without complaint, so we'd all be on the same page.

I humbly ask you to do the same.

(mods, again, I apologize for the double post!)