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Private/Closed Halo Reach RP Sign up/Discussion

Should we go to Halo by the end of this RP?

  • No. Reach is all I'm here for.

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I've noticed many Halo RPs continually die off here on this site, very early too, so I'm hoping, with a basic story already set here, we can get a nice Halo roleplay. This is set just after Jorge destroyed the Covenant Cruiser, and before Thel Vadamee's fleet arrives on Reach. Because Spartans are too OP, I'm allowing only 3 Spartans. I will have control over Noble Team, so that includes Noble 6. You can play (if all Spartans are taken) as an ODST or a Sanghieli, better known as an Elite.

Character Sheet---
Full Name:
Nickname (optional):
Skin Color:
Armor Type:
Primary Color (armor):
Secondary Color (armor):
Appearance (under armor):
Biography (optional):

Please be familiar with Halo if you are going to do this RP, so things don't move as slowly. You can have a maximum of three Characters, and if Spartans are not taken, you can only have one.

My Character sheet---

Character Sheet---
Full Name: Slade Joseph
Nickname: Jo
ID: E451
Race: Human UNSC
Skin Color: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Armor Type: ODST Standard Combat Armor
Rank: First Sergeant
Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: Black
Appearance: Still lookin very young for a 34 year old Sergeant. Standard buzz cut hair, a fine toned body and bright blue eyes.
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Full Name: Wrex 'Sarhiara
Nickname (optional):
Race: Sangheili
Skin Color: Classic SangHeili Skin Color.
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Armor Type: Zealot Armor.
Rank: Zealot Elite.
Primary Color (armor): Red Shoulder Pads, Middle Helm, Chestplate
Secondary Color (armor): Blue Side Help, Arms, And Legs
Appearance (under armor):Scales
Personality:To lazy to make one
Biography (optional):


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Ah... hmm... maybe I should have mentioned that no one can be the Arbiter. The Vadamee is only, what, two days from being publicly humiliated then made Arbiter? Sorry, but, the Arbiter is not an available option. That's just a little too special of a class.
Okay. Now you're accepted.
You can make a maximum of three characters. All original halo characters (Noble Team, Master Chief, The Covenant Hierarchs, Arbiter, Tartarus, Sgt. Johnson, etc.) Will be controlled by me unless I get someone desperate enough for each character, but they'd have to play those characters nicely. I'm still making my two extra OC's. But yeah, you can make two more characters if you like.

Full Name: Nitro Uzunato
Nickname (optional): "Blitz"
ID (UNSC):A223
Race: Human
Skin Color:White,.
Gender: M ale
Age: 26
Armor Type: Spartan MK.II
Rank: Spartan Apprentice
Primary Color (armor): Black Helm, Orange Visor, Black Shoulder Pads And Knee Guards.
Secondary Color (armor): Red Arm's, Green Legs, And Green Torso.
Appearance (under armor): White Hair, Black Sweatshirt And Military Fatigue's, Hat, Black Jeans, Nike's.
Personality: To lazy
Biography (optional):
Okay. That means 1 Spartan is in use. Only 2 slots left open for that. If you like, we could start the RP soon, get people interested and shit.
I actually came to the General RP discussion thread to start a Halo RP. But, now, that's unnecessary. (@Stormursa, @Crunchy-Cucumber, @Zcraftgaming, you're the only ones I remember off the top of my head from A SPARTAN'S STORY. Would you all be chill with joining this?)

Full Name: Caleb Magnus
Nickname (optional): Archangel
ID (UNSC): Sierra-818, Sierra-B818, S-818, S-B818, Caleb-818, Caleb-B818 (Whichever you prefer, lol)
Race: Human
Skin Color: Dark-Skinned, African American descent
Height: 7'2"
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Armor Type: Mixed SPARTAN-III Armor Variants (Specifics will be under the rest of the form)
Rank: Warrant Officer
Primary Color (armor): Steel
Secondary Color (armor): Green
Appearance (under armor): Caleb has short, black hair with a goatee. His eyes are two different colors, with his left being a sapphire blue and his right an emerald green.
Personality: One thing the SPARTAN-III program couldn't take away from Caleb was his sense of humor. He loves to crack jokes, especially at the most inappropriate times. Caleb has an overwhelming sense of calmness, and rarely ever gets mad. He places his squadmates and friends above all else. Despite the fact he was taught to hate the enemy, he doesn't. Caleb understands the necessity for fighting the Covenant, and doesn't disagree with it, but he still holds a great respect for the Covenant's warriors, especially the Sangheili.
Biography (optional): Born in a small colony, Caleb lost his family at the age of eight from a Covenant attack. At the age of eleven, he was recruited into the SPARTAN-III Program.

Helmet: EVA [C] Variant (Like Emile's)
L Shoulder: CQC Shoulder-Pad
R Shoulder: Security (With Knife)
Chest: Assault/Sapper
Knee-plates: FJ/PARA
Visor Color: Black (Save for the skull on it, which is white.)
Full Name: Tony Schmidt
Nickname (optional): The Alchemist
ID (UNSC): A-3763
Race: Human UNSC
Skin Color: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Armor Type: Spartan MK III (Visor Color: Silver)
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer
Primary Color (armor): Blue
Secondary Color (armor): Steel
Appearance (under armor): Tony has blue eyes and blond hair. He sweeps it to the right side and has Goatee and stubble.
Personality: He is relatively silent and has good sense of humor. He hates Unggoy and loves to crank out headshots on them his DMR. He respects Sangheili and loves to pick up an energy sword and duel with them on the battlefield.
*leaps into the RP* Finally! I've been wanting to solo RP my own Elite for a while now!

Full Name: Dydo Rokamee
Nickname (optional): N/A
Race: Sangheili
Skin Color: Dark coal sort of color turning slightly lighter on some areas, with a bluish tint. He isn't black but not blue either, neither shade is noticable.
Eyes: Ruby red/ Bronze
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Armor Type: Ultra Amor
Rank: Ultra Elite
Primary Color (armor): Silver
Secondary Color (armor): Red
Appearance (under armor): Dark violet scaled body suit, a durable pendant around his neck to remember his wife and family by. By his request a matching one will be given to his offspring. He stands at 8'7".
Personality: Dydo is a weather worn soldier, whose dedication to upholding honor is admired by quite a few Elites among him. He is calm, collected, open minded, and also firm in discipline and overall is a rather warm and open character.
Biography (optional): Dydo and his twin, Lydo, lived on Sangheilios all their life, but once in their adult years their paths separated. They used to be, figuratively, joined by the hip, until an aspiring and rather hot headed Lydo didn't give a second thought to enlisting in the Covenant while Dydo chose to remain on planet with his wife, Ruro, who was expecting a child at the time. Dydo was only caring for Ruro, and his two comrades wives Molo and Sawa, for a few months before said comrades Aha and Lag had returned with the news that Lydo had been assassinated with his back turned.

Outraged by his brother's less than honorable death, he set out to avenge him. Aha accompanied Dydo, but Lag remained behind so the three females wouldn't be left alone. Dydo quickly leapt through the ranks as soon as he joined, however, past events have loosened his firm belief in the Covenant's purpose. Not enough for him to be scepticle, but he is most certainly more anxious about each mission than most others.
Other: Dydo, in a display of honor, never kills off the wounded unless they had begged him to do so. He also, despite his incredible hatred towards the Spartans for unhonorably killing his twin, doesn't make the first move if they haven't drawn a weapon. He also does not attack civilians, especially children, after witnessing twins mercilessly shot through the head in front of him on his first mission. This was the event that made him question the honor involved in working with the Covenant, though he never voices these thoughts, even to Aha.
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Good to see some familiar faces around here, and some new ones as well. Let this rp live long and prosper

Full Name: Joseph Legkey
Nickname (optional): Zhatka (Russian for Reaper)
ID (UNSC): S-852
Race: Human
Skin Color: White
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Armor Type: ODST BDU
Rank: Sergeant
Primary Color (armor): Dark Grey
Secondary Color (armor): Light grey
Appearance (under armor): Joseph has neck length dark red hair and is mostly just looks messy no matter what, despite being from Russia his skin tone is a bit tan. Joseph has a phoenix emblem tattoo on his right shoulder (which will be explained later) and a snake twisting down his left arm in a way so the snake's head stops right in front of his ring finger. Underneath his hair on the left side he has a scar left by an elite's energy sword. His eyes are not a usual color but rather a bloody red.
Personality: Joseph is "chatty," no matter the situation, he doesn't crack jokes but he does talk, a lot. He has a very sturdy mind set and doesn't crack easily, however, experiences he had with his old team left him with Post-Traumatic Stress making it difficult for him to have attachments with others. He has an unhealthy emotional detachment in regards to the consequences of his actions. The only moment he feels alive, is behind the scope of a sniper-rifle
Eey, Crunchy, Mortem, good to see you two. Sorry I didn't tag you Mortem. I could only remember those three off the top of my head. Guess who else I'm bringing back?

Full Name: Dekan 'Kalimee
Nickname/Alias (optional): "Demon's Bane"
Race: Sangheili
Skin Color: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Armor Type: Elite Zealot (Reach Style, of course)
Rank: Zealot
Primary Color (armor): Forest Green
Secondary Color (armor): Forest Green
Appearance (under armor): A black body glove and a green eyes. Dekan is a monster in height, even among fellow Sangheili, standing at 9'10" by Human standards.
Personality: Dekan is an honorable sort. He never kills an unarmed enemy, or children. He's simply never believed it was right, especially for those who were supposedly on a holy journey. Recently, however, his faith in the Prophets has begun to waver. What honor was there in glassing worlds with thousands, perhaps millions, alive, and not even giving them a chance to fight? Although, Dekan does not say anything publicly. He has a deep respect for the Humans, especially their SPARTANs. He is extremely loyal to his family, his friends, and his men the most. Dekan loathes sitting around and doing nothing just because he doesn't HAVE to go out and bleed like his fellow Sangheili.
Biography (optional): Dekan was born to a high-ranking house back on Sangheilios. He lived a pampered life, although he wasn't fond of it. He didn't like that he could stay home while his brothers bled for their people. So, once he was twenty, he enlisted in the Covenant.

For sixteen years, Dekan 'Kalimee bled for his people, lost friends for them. And, over time, despite the Hierarchs' assurances that they were on the Holy path, Dekan's faith slowly shrank. He's almost come to the breaking point. But not just yet.
Holy shit. This took off today. After reading through all of your sheets, I great fully accept you all, as you seem to get grammar and get halo, which is really good for an rp.
I am glad that not every one here are COD fanatics. It's not a bad series, actually quite fun, but Halo will always have a place in my heart and soul forever.
Btw, just posted the RP. I'm using a phone, so I don't have a link, but it's posted in General Roleplay. Let's have some fun, shall we?
Character Sheet---
Full Name: Bri 'Filkomee
Nickname (optional): N/A
Race: Sangheili
Skin Color: Dark grey, with a hint of red
Gender: Male
Age: 89
Armor Type: Field Marshal
Rank: Field Marshal
Primary Color (armor): Gold
Secondary Color (armor): White
Appearance (under armor): Standing at nearly 9 feet tall, the older Elite is reaching his declining period, as he will be able to retire in a little over 10 years. With piercing golden eyes, and a missing mandible, it is clear that Bri has seen action.
Personality: Honorable and Righteous. He takes the Covenant oath to heart, as well as its beliefs. Bri will not settle for disobedience or heresy. He is not afraid to kill even those closest to him, but he does show compassion to those of his species. He despises the Jiralhanae, and laughs at the Canon fodder known as Unggoy. Bri is also an extremely skilled Soldier, who was offered the position of Zealot, but he declined, as he preferred to be on the front lines rather than infiltration and extraction.
Biography (optional): Born on Sangheilios and raised on High Charity, Bri has many sources and many friends in even higher places than he. The noble prophet of Truth considers Bri a close friend, at least that's what he says to him. Bri is one of the few Sangheili warriors to survive an encounter with a Spartan II, hence the missing mandible. He has served in battle on Harvest, the Eridanus system, and Onyx. Now in the mighty The 'Vadamee's fleet, Bri is leading a strike force of mostly fresh recruits to strike a Human home world known only as Reach.
"All who walk the blessed path will find salvation, even in death.
Out of darkness, these blades will light our way.
Glory and honor guide our ascension.
On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons.
The true devotee honors our name with actions, not words.
Victory is secured not from the throne, but from the frontlines.
With this sacrament of blood we journey into the divine beyond."

Just in case anyone doesn't know the full oath of the Covenant.
@Crunchy-Cucumber, would you mind editing your post? We're not nearly to the extraction of the package yet. 6 still has to arrive in New Alexandria,
Speaking of 6, I need to make a character sheet of her. Yes, my 6 is a female. She always has been.
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Character Sheet---
Full Name: N/A
Nickname (optional): Noble Six or Six for short.
ID (UNSC): B101
Race: Human UNSC
Skin Color: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Armor Type: SPARTAN-III Standard Recon Class Armor.
Rank: Lieutenant
Primary Color (armor): Red
Secondary Color (armor): White
Appearance (under armor): N/A
Personality: Open minded and very strict when in combat. Is curious and energetic, eager for action or something more. Usually calm and collected with a strict policy against unfair fights. A bit of a lone wolf, but is also a very good team player. When in battle, she doesn't utter a word until each opponent is dead.
Biography (optional): N/A
Ah, alright, I'll actually completely delete mine and maybe see if I can post another: I typed that on a phone while I was falling asleep so I am not happy with it either
I hope I can still join in:

Full Name: Daniel Harrison Pierce
Nickname (optional): Cutter (Gained from "Cutting the enemy to pieces")
ID (UNSC): 1199
Race: Human UNSC
Skin Color: Pale
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Armor Type: ODST standard armor.
Rank: Lieutenant.
Primary Color (armor): Black
Secondary Color (armor): Dark blue
Appearance (under armor): Short black hair, blue eyes, tall, muscular build, has a scar over his eye from an encounter with an elite on Arcadia.
Personality: Usually grim AF, tells puns, truly hates the covenant.
Biography (optional): [REDACTED]
Accepted. New Alexandria is about to be glassed, so I recommend holding off an intro until after. It's very close, so you don't have too long to wait.
So, I was thinking. Should we kill off Noble Team like in the original story, or spice things up a bit by having at least a few members surviving Reach and actually going to Halo? Jorge is obviously gone, and Kat's about to go. Plus, we never see Jun die, so he has a higher possibility of living than the others. Emile has a good chance too, if he paid attention to his radars, and Carter could as well. In turn, if more of Noble survives, Six would leave for The Pillar of Autumn like originally planned. We enter cryosleep upon departure, and the Reach story line ends.
I like the idea. The only question remaining is: Who stays behind to man the Mass Driver? My money would be on Carter. He obviously cares about his team, considering his Kamikaze on the Scarab, so it seems likely he'd be the one to stay behind so the rest of them could escape. Also, in the books, Jun survived to recruit and train the SPARTAN-IVs, although he never made another in-game appearance.
I need to read the new books. I've only read the older ones because I'm still into the older ones rather than the newer ones. Alright, well make some changes.