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  1. N E G A N

    Open Halo: Combat Evolved Sign Up/Discussion

    (Continuation on the Halo Reach RP) Reach has fallen, and our cast has escaped on the Pillar of Autumn, on slip space en route to an unknown vector. Two Sangheili Warriors have defied the Covenant and changed loyalties, now with the UNSC aboard the Autumn. Their names, Dekan and Dydo. Also...
  2. N E G A N

    Ask to Join Halo RP

    Welcome to the Halo Reach Roleplay, let's get into it. This is, again, set just after Jorge's sacrifice. The UNSC believe they have fought off the Covenant. Fleet Commander The 'Vadamee has only just received transmission from the Covenant Cruiser over Reach, calling for reinforcements. The is...
  3. N E G A N

    Private/Closed Halo Reach RP Sign up/Discussion

    I've noticed many Halo RPs continually die off here on this site, very early too, so I'm hoping, with a basic story already set here, we can get a nice Halo roleplay. This is set just after Jorge destroyed the Covenant Cruiser, and before Thel Vadamee's fleet arrives on Reach. Because Spartans...